Copyright & Trademark issues

Copyright cancelled


In November last year we published an article about the website where LRH materials are available for free.

STSS stands for  (True Source Scientology Foundation / Stichting True Source Scientology). The website was set up by Max Hauri, the Chairman of STSS. When you first visit the site there is a disclaimer that you will have to agree to before being allowed access. You basically agree to use the material for personal spiritual gain and that you are not a member of the church or any of its organisations. Once you click the “accept” button you will be able to download everything. And it does seem like everything: All LRH books, Scientology dictionaries, the OEC volumes, the Tech volumes, course packs for training and specialist course packs.

From their “about” section:

  •  “The STSS (Stichting True Source Scientology; Stichting being a dutch word meaning foundation) is a foundation under Dutch Law that was founded because Scientologists world-wide need every form of support and protection they can get when they want to follow their religious beliefs outside the Church of Scientology (CoS).”

A number of our readers and others who intend carrying on with their Scientology journey outside the RCS have raised the issue of copyright and how this might affect them. An enquiry was made to Max regarding this and he responded with the following letter. He gave permission for it to be published it on BIC:

Dear friends

Sometimes I’m asked about it, sometimes I hear that people are afraid of being sued by the Church of Scientology for copyright infringements. Let me share the experiences we have had with the CofS due to our project of the STSS.
The Stiching True Source Scientology was founded for the purpose that everyone who wants to study or to apply Scientology has the possibility to have access to the unaltered materials as they were written or spoken by L. Ron Hubbard. You can read about it all on the page itself.
We went online with the page at the end of January 2010. Although we had ourselves prepared and had been thinking of all possible holes in our set up we had an uneasy feeling when we went online. What would the RTC do?
For 13 months nothing did happen. The page was online, people were using it.
Finally on 23 February 2011, I got a letter of a very prominent patent and copyright attorney from Zurich. It is also the company which had registered for the RTC about 150 trademarks.
The letter was impressive. It was addressed to me, as a private person, claimed that I was infringing 57 trademarks, beginning with the assumption that I am not permitted to use the words “Scientology”, “Dianetics”, “LRH”, ending with “Mark Super VII Quantum”. It contained a long list of all my crimes, and of course that I could end up one year in prison and being fined up to CHF 5’000’000.00. They wanted me to sign a paper that in case of infringing any of those TMs I would have to pay CHF 30’000.00 for each instance.
About one month later, 25 March 2011, I got a similar letter from a Dutch attorney, only 3 instead of 8 pages, additionally accusing me for copyright infringements. They also wanted me to sign a paper and to take down the page on and, starting from 9 April 2011, I would have to pay ¤ 5’000.00 for each day I would leave the page online.
A bit more than a month later I got a letter from a German attorney from Munich, somehow similar. We were really wondering, why from Munich, Germany?
We answered all those letters explaining our viewpoint and that was the end of the story. The expenses for stamps were really small. (If you are interested why our claim that this form of making the materials accessible is not only legitimate, but also legal, you can read all about it on the page itself, in the section “legal”.)
We didn’t change anything on the STSS, and it was online all the time since January 2010. There never was a lawsuit, I never had to pay any fine much less was I in prison.
Remember the book Self Analysis with the story of the Lake Tanganyika were the natives are fishing, using the shadow of wood and ropes?
Let me assure you the tech is free. Free to study and especially free to apply, exactly how LRH postulated and wanted it.
Please be aware the that trademarks are a different subject. Take care of the TMs, take a look what is registered in your country and rename those services, especially when you put it on your website. Some of the registrations are ridiculous, for example “Scientology” and “Dianetics” and also the name of L. Ron Hubbard.
The main reason why we did all the work and took the risk with the STSS was that you can deliver, that there are no stops in it. And we have achieved that point: Wherever you are on this planet, as long as you have access to the internet, you have the tech. If you are in doubt about the copyright laws in your country and you know little or nothing, ask your student to download it for himself and come with it to the course room. In that case the org has no risk at all, it is the student who did it. But don’t worry, no one will do anything to him! If they cannot attack me, with full evidence present, how can they attack someone who only downloaded it and the church has no knowledge of it?
If you want you can make some donations for keeping the page there, but the real exchange you can give is by applying Ron’s legacy. We need everyone! Please audit, train and disseminate, it is really a call to get show on the road.
Max Hauri,
Chairman STSS
So there you have it – Max makes a good point about students downloading the materials themselves and taking these to the academy or group they are studying with. This way you are not putting anyone at risk.

And a last word form LRH –  excerpted from “My Philosophy”:

“So my own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead. One should also ignore catcalls from the selfish intellectual who cries “Don’t expose the mystery. Keep it all for ourselves”. The people cannot understand”………… “For I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.”

– L. Ron Hubbard



12 thoughts on “Copyright & Trademark issues

  1. Praise be! The tech should be free for all. Scientology makes its own enemies, and the money factor is a big part of that. The number of people who have become financially ruined or enslaved to obtain the tech (which should be available for whatever one is willing to pay) is a MAJOR reason why the Church is contracting. I live in CW, and the field here is falling to shit. We need more indie field auditors around here to handle the number of OTs leaving the Church!

  2. As far as I know, all the materials on the website are the original editions. The current editions have corrected a lot of inadvertent errors, I have to admit, and they can be referred to when there’s a question in the original version. But having the originals to check against in the event of possible alteration is invaluable.

    I’ve downloaded a lot of the materials, and can search them on my computer for references I’m looking for. Many thanks to Max Hauri!

  3. Very nice article. Thanks for publishing it.It is especially beneficial to note that the “church’ uses bluster and threats. One has to be able to differentiate between the attempts to intimidate and the real threats which would involve verifiable copyright infringement or dirty tricks. But even the latter can be dealt with if one understands the tactics.
    I must say that, in truth, since being “declared” (completely in violation of LRH’s written policy ) over a year ago I have experienced a peace and calm that is astonishing. I can only liken it to having had an unobserved threat to my very existence suddenly permanently removed from my space. A year later I know SO much more about the perversion of the tech and the agenda to destroy any possibility of anyone achieving the state of OT. My only sadness is that so many fine people are trapped by the lie that the tech and ones “eternity” would be lost to one, should one walk away from this “church”
    If you are still in or under the radar then do everything possible to walk away.
    It is a de PTSing process of considerable power.

  4. This is good information to know. Having just come out of the RCS, my spouse went on course at the local indie group and had to download his/her own checksheet. I thought it was a bit petty, and with all our experiences in RCS thought WTF are we getting into now. So its trivial but slightly restimulative – now I have the explanation. Thanks!

  5. Bah Humbug to all the Threats!

    Max I have huge admiration for!
    The Thousands of hours he has spent in researching
    the Original materials written by LRH.
    Tracking down the alterations done by RTC!

    He really has been on the Front Lines in getting this data
    made available to the public!

    He woke up and did something about it and I truly thank him
    for enabling me to move on the bridge as I
    continue to achieving my goal of attaining the state of FULL OT!

    The Indie field in South Africa is expanding and the Truth on this blog
    is being read by South African Indies and International Indies who
    refuse to be slaves to the Church.

    OSA robots have not been programmed to duplicate that their
    continual Lies will bring down the Church and us rebels will blow up
    headquarters by exposing these lies just as LRH asked us to do!

  6. Max, you’re awesome. You have remained so sane despite all that you may have gone through. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for marching ahead strong.

  7. Thank you for this most important post. Our gratitude to Max Hauri and many, many others who have worked years on gathering all of LRH’s materials and making them available to all. The CoS’s monopoly is over, we can all use the Tech for the benefit of Mankind. This is exactly what Ron would expect of us, in pursuing his vision of a Cleared Planet.

  8. Wow. This is VERY good news – awesome. Thanks for putting this up – one more reason for those sitting on the fence or not sure whether they should take the leap: JUST DO IT (as Nike says). Things are starting to snowball. Soon there will be too many little fires for the Church to stamp out, and this is going to end up in a runaway brushfire that they just will no longer be able to contain.

  9. Three hurrahs for those great individuals who have kept the Tech available for us in spite of personal threats from the unduly !!!

    My hat off to all of them. You are really a testimony of the Price Of Freedom : “Constant alertness , constant willingness to fight back”



    In 1976, Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman first described the notion of a digital signature scheme, although they only conjectured that such schemes existed.[6][7] Soon afterwards, Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Len Adleman invented the RSA algorithm, which could be used to produce primitive digital signatures[8] (although only as a proof-of-concept – “plain” RSA signatures are not secure[9]). The first widely marketed software package to offer digital signature was Lotus Notes 1.0, released in 1989, which used the RSA algorithm.[10]

    so since 1989 it’s been possible to maintain indisputable data integrity, nobody has done this with hubbards writings that I know of, it should be done for research and historical purposes if nothing else

    take the church to court, get this sorted out, it’s probably not even legal to copyright and trademark scripture and religions, I don’t think any other religions do this

    there should be no non profit religions on earth with confidential scripture that they charge money for, that’s called a corporation or a cult

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