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Editor Comment: Many thanks to Dave LaCroix for sending BIC this wonderfully lighthearted success story. In the article he mentions a video – we have included it at the end and found it interesting and thought-provoking.
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Over to Dave:
Daile Le Croix

Dave Le Croix

S**t Happens – by Dave LaCroix

I have a Life Repair PC who showed up for session recently all concerned about being a bit late due to having to handle work and life stuff. He’s a very interesting guy and very upstat in life – wife, kids, high randomity and high responsibility job etc. – and I could tell he was concerned about making me wait.

I told him there’s a Scientology technical datum that applies to this type of thing…

“Sh*t Happens”

We both laughed and went on with the session.

This PC is fun to audit because he sought me out after having been reading about Scientology for ten years. He’d read everything on the Internet about the crazy church, had never been in an org nor received any services, yet he found my video “What Happened To Scientology” and my web page, and wanted to get some auditing in spite of all he’d read.

Remember, he’s never been in an org and doesn’t know any Scientologists personally. After a session recently he was very keyed out and originated he should now probably be routed to the reg for re-sign. lol  (he does stand-up gigs at clubs too)

He’s also told me a couple times that he hopes I don’t get hit by a bus because he’d hate to have to try to find another auditor he likes as much as me. lol

I assured him I did my best to avoid stepping in front of buses.

The second point of this post – the first was how a lighthearted attitude wins out over seriousness – is that there are millions and millions of people (billions actually) who don’t give a rat’s ass about corporate Scientology, they just want solutions – like my pc.

So in addition to the idea we can revive and enjoy a lighthearted approach to the subject and it’s applications, I wanted to confirm or reaffirm the notion that despite the dog’s breakfast the church has become and despite the hardships people have endured in their attempts at spiritual advancement and despite the overwhelming quantity of bad news about Scientology on the Internet – in spite of everything – people will still find the threads of truth in it all and respond quite positively once they are “delivered what was promised”.

Scientolipedia has tried to provide some historical context to the story of Scientology. If you’ve read the biography of Yvonnne Gillham Jentzsch – founder of Celebrity Centre’s – you know we haven’t pulled our punches.  And we believe that by doing so, people WILL find that thread of truth without the need for out-of-valence artificial narratives.

The story of the great people, subject, technology and founder needs to be told as honestly as possible and trust that people will find their own truth therein.

I know one PC did. It’s likely there are others.

Dave LaCroix


The video my PC was referring to:

(Please forgive the sound glitches in the vid, the Gold guys were busy with an Ideal Org opening and not available at the time of the shoot). The  “three strikes” leading to the downfall of the church start at about the halfway point – quite important to understand imo.


For Dave’s full biography on the SCIENTOLiPEDIA site, you can read it here

If you’d like to join the facebook page, you can do so here


6 thoughts on “S**T HAPPENS

  1. We found Scientology:
    When it lived in aging, paint-flaking premises with no resources, and we washed the tea cups after tea time.
    We studied Scientology with no Tech or Admin dictionaries, when lectures were on reel-to-reel, with a Belgium course sup helping decipher what the foreign American voice was saying!
    Such is the power of Ron’s tech.
    Thanks Dave – your piece reminds us of what we have.

  2. David wrote:

    “The story of the great people, subject, technology and founder needs to be told as honestly as possible and trust that people will find their own truth therein.”



  3. Great stuff. The story of Scn is a very pervasive one. It has been through more than most other philosophies put together in mere decades. It has challenged every fixed idea of history, science or belief. Nothing I know of has comparible magnitude of effects good and bad (mostly great for me).

    Despite takeover, agencies attacks, and the matter of being taken over by a true psychotic, it is still here. People are eternally fascinated and drawn to it. It may not be the fastest growing religeon by any means, but it is defintely the most talked about on the internet. Clearly there must be something about this scientology stuff. Well there is. Thats why Im here and so are you.

    Great video. Keep em coming. People need to know this.

  4. Thanks Dave! Interesting and informative video!
    You mentioned Paulette Cooper and the Snow White affair, I would like to emphasize 1 thing about this. The powers that be at the time, and you get the odd person who still does, squeal like a stuck pig about this. (Doth overt speak loudest). But these 2 activities absolutely pale in comparision when compared to the actions take against the Hubbards, Ron and the church at the time.

    We are seeing, with the whistle blowers coming out now the underhanded and despicable actions some Governments and their spy agencies are engaged in. These agencies are actually becoming more overt about what they do than they used to be, which indicates to me they have gotten away with it before, many times, and really dont think they will be pulled up now.

    Just one example of this is the global financial crisis. This was caused basically by a relatively small number of people, who were going to be, but never have been prosecuted. I dont know about anyone elses country, but its made a hell of an impact where I live and will do for many years to come. This was such an overt abuse of power, causing so much devastation, and no-one brought to justice for it.

    There is a power struggle going on, Ron walked unsuspectingly headlong into it, and dealt with it the best way he could!

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