Black Panther vs Grey Wolf

 Article by Antony Phillips

Panther & wolf

 Editor comment: This is a repeat article which was posted late year. Owing to new people joining and visiting this blog some may have missed it so we decided to re-publish it while we are waiting for some “breaking news”


We are free of ‘Scientology dictatorship’.

We are free to make heretical statements – and to discuss them.

I was thrown out in 1983, when Ron was supposedly then still alive. I say ‘supposedly’ because we were uncertain of that at the time and confused as to why Scientology had recently gone so ‘wonky’. The Internet did not yet exist, but someone produced a little magazine and called it The Heretic.

Here is an article that appeared in it:

The Black Panther Mechanism: A Dangerous Omission


 One possible explanation for the Church’s persistent world view of US vs. THEM, borne out by continual attacks, etc. when TRs and ARC would handle most situations, can be found in the Tech Dictionary under ‘Black Panther Mechanism’, which outlines the possible methods for coping with the environment.

Anything that prevents Gus from getting upstairs can, by this definition, only be handled by attack, flee, avoid, neglect or succumb. While this certainly is quite an improvement over the psych’s ‘fight or flight’ response, it still is missing vital viewpoints.

The selection of “a particularly bad-tempered black panther” as a model and placing him in the artificial environment of a home obscures other options. Just in case the Gentle Reader might try to think up any other option, the definition goes on to say: “All actions can be seen to fall within these courses”. Where some see only problems, others see solutions or opportunities.

I propose a new name and definition.

The Grey Wolf Options: There are several ways in which a human being reacts toward a possible source of danger. Let us suppose that a man named Sam and a grey wolf inhabit the same wood. Both people and wolves are pretty dangerous critters and they compete for food and cave space. How can Sam resolve this situation?
  1.  He could attack the grey wolf;
  2.  He could flee from the grey wolf;
  3.  He could stay in parts of the wood to avoid the grey wolf;
  4.  He could neglect the grey wolf;
  5.  He could succumb to the grey wolf; or
  6.  He could cooperate with the grey wolf.


Recognizing that the problem is not the wolf, that the problem is staying alive in the woods, and that the wolf shares the problem, allows the man and the wolf to form an alliance. The wolf brings his intelligence, keen sense of smell and swiftness into the bargain. Sam adds his intelligence, thumb, ‘ability to use tools’ and fire. Together, they survive much better than either could alone. Indeed, over time, what could just as easily have been Sam’s worst enemy turns into Man’s Best Friend.

This blind spot on cooperation is clearer in the definition of ‘ally’ in the Tech Dictionary. According to these definitions, an ally is someone who helps you when you are weak (and we are never weak, are we?), and is someone whose beingness takes over the PC. In other words, that with which you ally, you alloy. An ally is something found in active engrams, not in analytical thought. 

So now, what can or should be done about this? Perhaps an auditing rundown or series of drills could be developed to bolster the being’s ability to recognize situations where cooperation is appropriate and to exercise that option.

A model Grey Wolf process might start off with word clearing on the above definition. This could be followed by having the PC spot times when cooperation could have occurred, should have occurred, would have occurred or did occur (a ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ rundown). R3R any reading items in order of read.

Perhaps this could be played against the CDEINR scale, the Know-to-Mystery Scale or the Prepcheck buttons. Another possibility would be to have the PC spot the shared problem on the coulda, shoulda, woulda rundown. This kills the wrong targeting on the grey wolf terminal.

This, of course, is only a rough outline. I invite you to generate and test other rundowns that smooth over a PC’s handling of his environment.


You can see the article, reproduced with two pictures added, as issued in International Viewpoints number 1 of May 1991 – an issue which was aimed for people just escaped from the ‘Church’.  Go to and work down to page 9.

Best wishes to those starting on an era free from Scientology authoritarianism, with freedom to think and act unilaterally. I have had thirty years of it, and would like another thirty!


Antony Phillips

26 thoughts on “Black Panther vs Grey Wolf

  1. Hi Ant,

    What you are proposing is harmony, a topic which is missing in todays church of scientology. There is also a case to be argued that it never existed within the subject in the first place, certainly not when you are “running engrams” which is what the black panther mechanism refers to, namely Dianetic auditing and the preclears’ potential manifestations.

    Practicing harmony within your enivronment will not clear you.Engrams need to be “attacked” or confronted, including taking responsibility for what you did and the black panther mechanism is a great analogy for this. Expanding it into living is when it becomes less effective.

    The higher tone scale positions have no use for attack,flee,neglect,avoid,succumb and as you pointed out in the begining of your article, ARC can solve most situations.

    Of interest is the observation that others helping others is an activity which cannot really happen according to scn doctrines. Unless they are using “the tech”. If you received help when in need, the ally could be attempting to dominate and subjugate you. If you were helping another……..

    Making the BP Mechanism part of your living will keep you low toned. Was this intentional?

    Adopting the scn definition of Ally will make you suspicious of any attempts at help. Except the churchs’ acts of help which are always “where everyone wins”.

  2. Yes, but it wouldn’t be scientology then would it? Where would scientology be without excessive antagonism, confrontation and an over-the-ramparts cry to do battle with anyone and everyone? Cooperation? That’s for pussies!
    Should Ciaran Ryan, Warren Bruckman and Peter Cook cooperate with people they defrauded of millions, or tell them to go f**k themselves for being pathetic ‘victims’ while Messrs C, R and B are busy clearing the planet, dammit? I think you know the answer.
    Nonetheless, a great different view on a piece of the tech which shows a different path scn could have taken, and had it done so in many other ways too maybe we’d all still be there now.

    • Well the Scientology I knew in the dim and distant past did not have “excessive antagonism, confrontation and an over-the-ramparts cry to do battle with anyone and everyone” which is why “Exys” shun me when I say I’m a Scientologist 🙂

  3. “We are free of ‘Scientology dictatorship’.

    We are free to make heretical statements – and to discuss them.”

    We are indeed Antony, we are !!!
    Great article , excellent viewpoints !

    Personally , I like the “Sam-grey wolf” type of alliances. Their pandeterministic character , goes more in line with the human nature and the proper fostering of Human Rights as opposed to a slave-master, control-submission relationship.

    Take for example the issue of “Psychiatry”. True that the subject itself has been with us since before “Helatrobus” implants. Almost every implant that we have ever received , has the “psychiatry signature” with it :
    right-wrong dichotomies evaluations attempting to confuse and overwhelm a being to subdue him into obedience. Psych drugs restimulate the NOTs case and past implants and the “GE” takes over with its dramatizing psychosis.

    But , not every Psychiatrist is a monster trying to “do everybody in”. You have MANY of them heavily against drugging the patient and using any “invasive procedures” such as “lobotomies” and “electric shocks”.

    One example is Dr. Peter R. Breggin , a Psychiatrist himself and a strong opponent against the use of Psychotropic drugs for our children. He has even testified in court against the practice of government officials attempting to “legally” force parents to drug their offsprings .

    Another example is CCHR Co-founder, Dr. Thomas Szasz Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus. His books are masterpieces fostering Human Rights.
    And like them, there are many, many more. Just do some Google search for yourselves.

    But for Scientology, specially for Corporare Scientology, Pychiatrists equals all psychiatrists equals evil equals bad people. It has always been, Scientology vs Psychiatry” ; it has never ever been, “Scientology educating Psychiatry”. Heaven forbid any Scientologist talking to any Psychiatrist. You are liable to be declared. I mean, how Fundamentalist can one gets.

    We made them our #1 enemies. We ourselves w/out any external help. Have we ever attempted to educate any of them individually at least ?
    No way. LRH approached the World Association of Mental Health (correct me if I have the name wrong, please) back in the eaely ’50s and that was it as far as I know. Now , an Association does not equal its individual members necessarily. Not at all. The Association as an institution (due to its SP directors) could be in fact suppressive , but it doesn’t mean that every practicing psychiatrist is an SP.

    There are many of them that go against the established theory and diagnostic procedure, who don’t drug and use invasive procedures. People that didn’t know of any better Tech but had as their purpose to help their fellow men. But we just decide to put all of them in the same category and just concentrate in ATTACK , not in “help” , or “educate towards an understanding”. No, we must crush them ALL.

    Same with the concept of “The government”. “All are bad, all are equal” according to most “fundamentalist Scientologists”. Same with the “Police”. Same with “every school” ; they are no good, “you might as well get your kid to become SO member, cause anyway they are not going to learn anything useful at school”. “Just give them some ‘home schooling’ to avoid trouble with the suppressive government and put them on staff to ‘clear’ the planet while starving to death and remaining unhatted on how to survive the real world”. Great solution indeed !

    My biggests mistake this lifetime is having allowed to get brainwashed and abandoning a very promising career (the one I was offered back then) as a top NASA scientists to play the hero at “Salvaging the planet” while lacking the wherewithal to survive. Damn me a thousand times. I spent the better part of my life at palying a game that got me no products beyond the immense satisfaction of having help hundreds. But the planet is not only not Cleared, it is far, far worse.

    So I have a unique experince at all those faulty sols, at this insidious fanaticism and fundamentalism that corrodes our judgement and blurs our discernment.

    No more of that for me. Times must change and so do we with it.

    Today is my independence day. Free of religious fundamentalism, free of “they vs me”.; free of authoritarism , censorship , and exclusion. Free of fanaticism and intolerance for other views and opinions. Free of hate and refusal to let others be. Today if Freedom for me , real one. Today I am free at last.


      • DollarMorgue: “Including the bit about antidepressants restimulating the NOTs case?”. My heretical opinion on the NOTs case should not be voiced in polite society. There was no such thing before 1967, and we got on quite well so long as we were not trying to dominate the world and be total cause over it. Ant

      • Greetings Dollar Morgue ,

        Did you find something a lillte off about my comment ?

        I am afraid I am not following you here. Please expand.

        ARC PETER

      • antphillips, I was expecting a response from Alanzo, whose all-encompassing agreement to thetaclear (Peter) included a remark about antidepressants allegedly restimulating the NOTs case. No doubt you read Peter’s comment in full. I am sure Alanzo is capable of answering without upsetting polite society.

      • Incidentally, antphillips, I have a feeling Alanzo’s thoughts are similarly heretical. I was just so surprised I wanted to hear it from him.

      • thetaclear, or Peter, I was merely surprised at Alanzo’s apparent agreement to i.a. your statement re antidepressants restimulating the NOTs case. I don’t object to you saying that, although I would appreciate evidence to back up that claim (and I understand that exceeds the scope of this blog). As it stands, I wonder if those who rail against or severely disapprove of antidepressants are fully in touch with their own feelings or have ever been seriously depressed over long periods. However, that also exceeds the scope and purpose of this blog. I was asking Alanzo to clarify his own position in that regard for my own curiosity, and not to incite a pointless debate.

      • Thanks for the clarification DollarMorgue ,

        Point understood.

        My apologies if criticizing the use of antidepressants was a button for anyone. Forget about they being capable or not of restimulating the NOTs case or whether NOTs is real or not. There is ample evidence (scientific and medical as well ) about the incredible harmful side effects of phychotropic drugs. I don’t even understand how it is possible that anyone can possible doubt that.

        It is not the Church that holds that evidence , it is the PDR itself !!! Get any copy of it.

        I understand how difficult is to undergo a severe depression, I had several myself in the past. But psychotropic drugs are not the solution either. Many natural and alternative remedies exist short of believing in Scn remedies. Any good easily assimilated and digested magnesium treatment is better as a tranquilazer than a thousand pills of psychotropic drug. Walk everyday looking at things, really, really looking at things while you walk, putting your attention out.

        Do the same in populated areas looking at people (not staring at them) instead of MEST. Do this everyday. Take 3x a day 500 B-1, 400IU E , and 500 mg of C.

        Change from environment (the one the depressed person is living at is too restimulative) . Move to another deparment.

        Look if anybody in your life is diminishing you in any way, making less of your abilities or success and learn to handle that person or have less contact with her (or him).

        Anybody depressed, just do all of the above and I assure you things will get better. Please, I am not talking out of Fundamentalist , fanatical adherence to any -ology(s) , I know what I am talking about as a competent researcher and scientist. Do not fall for the trap of the easy “solution” of psychotropic drugs. If anyone did, seek an alternative solution and get the drugs out of your system with any workabke detox program and diet.

        I am not trying to be a smart-ass here. I really care for the welfere of others. I don’t give a rat’s ass if anybody believe or not in Scn. I leave that to corporate Scn. Believing in Scn is not a pre-requisite for me to help anybody. My soul and free mind is not for sell.

        I hope this clarifies for anybody.

        ARC PETER

    • Thanks. Again, the actual article was not mine – it inspired me when I first saw it and it has been stored at the bottom of my bank (where I forget it for long periods). But “We are free to make heretical statements – and to discuss them.” is mine. In the early days Granting Beingness to the preclear was something that meant something. More recently writing down what the preclear said, where it can be used “as evidence against you” (phrase from old English crime and police films) rather takes the power out of it. Also the aim of total cause is not the way Sam worked with the wolf. Reminds me of a service facsimile.
      Best wishes,

  4. Nice article Antony, indeed this option is never mentioned in the original LRH issue, but it is what Man and dogs ended up doing – co-operating, and it is an option we should consider more often than not.

    Thanks for your view points Peter, interestingly I know of many people who abandoned careers or University degrees because saving the world through scn seemed like a much bigger game at the time.

    • Yes. I gave up a career as an Optician (optometrist). But I certainly do not regret it. Looking back, I doubt whether I would have done well. But then I did not leave it to save the world, but to save myself, and I was not “Reged” into it. Scientology was very different then in 1954.
      All the best, Ant

      • Ant –

        I know a few people who were involved in Dn in the 1950’s. All Americans I’m afraid.

        Did you ever meet George Seidler or Lyle Sudrow?

        George was my mission holder in the 1980s and I often stayed at Lyle’s house in Los Angeles when I was being “handled” as a staff member at Scientology Missions International (Sea Org). Lyle was George’s friend and was an actor on “The Secret Storm”, attended the PDC, and was a leading light in Dn in the US.

        After a long day of Maoist reconditioning from my SMI handlers, Lyle, being from the 50’s, would undo all that and would remind me what Scientology was always supposed to be about.

        It’s too bad that the ideals from the 1950’s were able to be erased in Scientology.

        It’s good to have you around to remind us of them.


      • Alanzo . I’m afraid I did not know those people. I was very narrow minded – British insularity! Ant

  5. Thanks for posting that article, Ant.

    Good to see you still at it and wanting to go at it for another 30 yrs.

    The more the better.

    You are a valuable terminal and source.

    Ron said in, I think it was Dianetics 55 something to the effect, that the only reason we get old and die is from accumulating too many engrams and GPMs.

    That sure seems true to me.

    If that is true, then all scntgists who died, did not apply scn, or apply it properly.

    I would add from burning the candle at both ends, over doing it, and basically abusing and wearing out the body and GE.

    In other words lack of TLC.


  6. I allways understood the Black Panther mechanism as a reactive dictated choice. Not as what a sentient and unrestimulated being would do. Below 2.0 on the scale a being starts to attack, then flee, a bit lower he avoid, neglect and down to the bottom just above 0 can let himself die.

    • Yes. Wise you. However some Scientologists are a little robotic, and note that (in my tech dictionary) it says “All actions fall within these [5 named] courses”. Scientology was sort of once meant to be a benevolent dictatorship. Despite early advice to think for yourself what I have noticed is a tendency to follow what Ron said.

      • Oooh you are right, and a very wise man too. I left the SO back in 1981 when THEY started this craziness. Requesting a Fitness Board, THEY just handed me the Golden Rod. So I was holding my first price for saying no. Then back on lines in 1985 after a B of R cancelling the SPD. From that time I just observed cycling similar drama were THEY used force and coercition on everyone. Until I ‘blew for good’ when I could decide that no total freedom would ever be reached in THAT group. Now I’m rumor declared. All this is that THEY use any and all piece of Tech or anything LRH said to assertain their power over the group individuals. Lie, deceit, half-truth, commanding attention/respect etc…. This just created robotics. Those duplicating an LRH tone 1.5 and playing it against others as a mean to control are either out valence or working for that stupid Psych-Intelligence-services- mentality which is a flag pointing to the source of the PTSness.
        But you are right, many used any piece of Tech or LRH word of mouth literally. So many were PTS and still are. I’ve been too.

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