EXCLUSIVE!!! YOU Magazine puts RCS under the spotlight

You Mag Cover page

YOU  – a weekly publication in South Africa and the 2nd biggest circulating consumer magazine in this country (155,125) has featured a double-page spread about the RCS – including the Corbett’s lawsuit, enforced disconnections and families destroyed by the Church.

Following on from the Mail & Guardian exposè last month, we were approached by YOU for more information and were happy to oblige. We also suggested the Church be approached for comment and were somewhat amused to hear that they agreed to an interview. Of course their response was pretty predictable – as you will read below.


The fact that the Church agreed to see the journalist probably came about as a result of the foot-bullet “deny deny deny” and antagonistic response given to the Mail & Guardian last month, The journalist covering that article told us Gaetane was “an extremely aggressive person”. This did NOT go down well with M&G.

The pic above is this week’s cover page – we found it amusing that J-Lo is featured in the same edition. She was one of the few people that publicly supported her good friend Leah Remini when Leah publicly departed the Church earlier this year.

Below is a two-page spread of the article, and beneath that we have printed each page in larger format so that it can be read easily. For our overseas visitors, you can order a once-off digital edition of the magazine by clicking here. In dollar/Rand exchange rate you will pay about $2 (R21) which is a bargain for an online copy. You can then forward this to your own friends and family.

If you’d like to leave a comment on YOU magazine’s Facebook page about the article, you can do so here – Their FB page has been liked by 114,148 people so comments will reach many people – the more the merrier. We also intend cross-posting to the BIC blog.

Without further ado, here’s the article:


You mag - both pages small


 You Mag - Page 1


You Mag - Page 2


We asked Shelley for a response to the allegations made against her by Gaetane. She explained that it’s a complex situation needing much background data and a thorough accounting of what happened. She has agreed to write an in-depth article of the role the Church played in tearing Rhona’s family apart. It is sure to be an interesting read.


38 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE!!! YOU Magazine puts RCS under the spotlight

  1. Excellent article.
    I feel the magazine was very fair and I can’t wait for Shelley’s response to the “church’s” distortion of reality and not too subtle innuendo.

  2. Ms Asselin’s response wasn’t bad, but very clearly reflects the underlying emotional blackmail in the disconnection policy. I myself have been under the radar for some years because of the precise point she mentions: I felt I would be responsible for breaking up my family if I knowingly provoked an excommunication. So I’m not going to call her an ass if I have some agreement (however wrong) with her. However, I am increasingly coming to see that no relationship in fact exists if it has to be based on me utterly sacrificing my integrity and agreeing to the rules and mores of the RCS by proxy through my still-in family. Relationship is by nature two-way – that form of relationship dominated by fear of disconnection is entirely one-sided. It isn’t a relationship, it’s handcuffs.

    • I guess I should emphasise my apparent ‘approval’ of what she says relates ONLY to my agreement with responsibility for disconnection, and not the rest which is just lies. And as I said – I’ve basically changed my mind on my ‘responsibility’ anyway. I don’t want you to think I’m a complete fool! Maybe nobody should read it.

      • How can you be responsible for disconnection if it is a third party that creates and enforces it? Friends and family do fall out, but usually over things said and done between them, which is what Ms Asselin is implying. It is not natural, however, to have your “church” write and enforce policy on who you can or cannot talk to. So the church makes you responsible for something that it will not let you control. How is that supposed to work? It is part of this group’s hidden viciousness.

    • I thought her statement was rather twisted.

      “Stabbing in the back” … ‘equates to’ … asking Qs about off-policy fundraising.

      Pointing out fundraising is in violation of policy … ‘equates to’ … Besmirching the good names of higher church authorities.

      “A person will be let go” … ‘equates to’ … separation from his family and friends.

      “Refusing to follow the basic rules, they are the ones that put their families at risk” which pretty much says if you don’t dance the squirrely way the CO$ wants you to, you’ll lose them.

      “When an on-the-way-out member doubts the technology, he is the one destroying his own family.” (If this doesn’t say it all …)

      All covert blackmail plainly admitted to.

      • “All covert blackmail plainly admitted to.”

        Exactly so FM !

        It was plainly admitted to as this time around (after Tomy Davies’s national televised fuck-up on the denial of the practice of disconnection) they need to justify some way the massive family separations that are so obvious for others now.

        Their “tactics” seems to be now how to justify it all away. If more and more disconnection stories are told (not only in the Web but at national magazines , newspapers and T.V ) by members and ex-members, this out-PR point alone by itself, would be the Church’s “Achilles’s heel”.

        This is the “hot button” to use to get others to “hear the message”. Forget about “big donations for empty buildings”. Many Churches has done so throughout the decades. Even if looked at with great suspicion, still it is a point easy brushed off as just more “fanaticism”. But forced disconnections as a result for expressing your disagreements and protesting about Human Rights violations including the right to protect our religion and practice it according to its founded tenets , THAT item most people just won’t take. That is an “attention puller” that will get many civic and Human Right protector groups to join the fight. The government will really start to listen then out of public opinion pressure.

        We must concentrate on strategy ;on getting these things broadly known at different media chanels. We need 50-60 stories like that , very well documented and published. The connections are there. I know the comm lines of those who has them. We just need the stories and the willingness to come forward.

        ARC TC

      • It was plainly admitted to as this time around (after Tomy Davies’s national televised fuck-up on the denial of the practice of disconnection) they need to justify some way the massive family separations that are so obvious for others now.

        In no uncertain terms she states family relationships are at risk when one is no longer willing to play along with the CO$ fiddle, which should be construed for what it is — as a red flag, not as rationalization of fault or blame.

        Her entire statement is completely out-PR, it’s justified spin. To the average YOU reader it’s merely ‘internal garble’ that doesn’t make clear sense.

    • Dear Debbie ,

      You are right about that : “it isn’t a relationship, it’s handcuffs”.

      I suggest you get hatted in the “PR Series” found at the MS1 and use that Tech to gradiently make your family aware of the many out-points occurring at the Church.

      The problem with many “still in(s)” or “under the radar(s)” is that they fail to properly apply the PTS/SP Tech to the sit. They either do nothing ( which is suppression by definition and this will get you to R/C as a case) or they try to do it all heroically in one shot with no gradients involved , and thus fall on their face.

      Any scientologist with family still in, who is “under the radar” is PTS by definition as he is under “suppression” : “A harmful intention or act against which one can not fight back”.

      It is a “postulate vs postulate” proposition that causes R/C.

      I handled a similar sit with a family of mine a long time ago. I started by talking to him about things that were a little off with some of the Church programs (The Basics , GAT 1 , etc) . Just some random comments here and there and finding out his opinion about it. You have to study and W/C the LRH refs that DA (Dead Agent) the false data they are being subjected to so you can show it to them. But only one thing at a time and noting their reactions, specially what outpoints they “spit out” when trying to justify the Church so you can 2WC the false data and refer them to specific refs.

      Don’t tell them you got the data from a website. Don’t tell them about Rinder or Debbie Cook’s e-mail , etc, etc. Omit all that. The source of your concern should be only you as fas as they are concerned.

      Discuss with them the refs that you think that are being alter-issed. Reach and withdraw from the subject, don’t try to convince them at once, be patient. Do not engage in any verbal Tech or any “hidden data line” yourself. “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true” should be your primary maxim toghether with “there is no hidden data lines” (everything is in an HCOB, HCOPL, book or lecture).

      How do you know when to offer them more data ? When they come to you and originate themselves about the subject w/out you bringing it up. By gradiently bringing to their attention the outpoints and alterations, one thing at a time, using the proper refs covering the subjec, they’ll start reaching for more data by themselves and star using you as a stable datum.

      Then when they are ready, you can have “heart to heart” talk with them and show them some good “Dead Agent” sites like “Friends Of LRH”. Don’t throw them at once to all the noise of the Web. That’s out-gradient. Be gentle, go easy on them. The above mentioned website covers all points of alterations with a “datum of comparable magnitude” approach (COB vs LRH) that gradiently “FDS” you and “Dead Agent” as well. It contain no misemotion, no natter, no HE&R , no “COB is a criminal” (too out-gradient at that stage) , an no stories of “beatings”.

      The basic principle is to start “doing something about it”.

      Review the “PTS/SP materials as contain in the ITSE book. W/C or review the PR series, specially “How to Handle Black PR” HCOPL. Review also “Hang up at Doubt” in the ITSE book so you can understand their sit.

      I hope that this helps. You are welcome to contact me should you desire my assistance. Just say so and I’ll have BIC Admin send you my e-mail address.

      Take care. I wish you the best and a prompt sol to your sit.


  3. I am very good with photos ; Geatane’s picture tell me all I need to know.

    I’ll use my undeveloped gift just for amusement, alright ?

    What we have here is a lady with a very masked hatred for “dissenters”. She knows she is lying while she is uttering her comments but she is of the opinion that “wogs” can be lied to as it is “the greatest good”. “Wogs” , specially reporters, has no real value anyway, according to her.

    She is a very stern person, an inplacable senior. People are afraid to make mistakes around her , including her close family.

    She took Scientology as her religion as she blew from her previous one due to many O/Ws . She became very critical of her fellow parishioners then.

    She has no desires for the rehabilitation of the “apostates” ; as far as she is concerned, she doesn’t want them back. They pretty much deserve their “fate” as the ruined their “only chance at ‘salvation’ ” according to her. She doesn’t believe much in A-I steps as she thinks there are “SPs” who are “beyond redemption” this lifetime. Your “crimes” according to her are just “too much”.

    She is a hypocrite in the extreme. Not even your “regular Scientologist” type. She was chosen for that purpose ; becuse of her “who gives a fuck” nature ; the same reason why the chose Tomy Davies.

    She is a fanatic fundamentalist even by “good scientologists” standards.

    And she is an “is always right” case.

    There you have it. I am already amused.


  4. Basically the rep of the cult is saying to ex members that they “didn’t make the grade” and thus brought these actions upon themselves.. The truth is that many of those who “didn’t make the grade” did much more for that “church” than those who apparently “made the grade”.

    The way to make the grade is to lie and be quiet about observing out-points in your own “church”. The way to “make the grade” is to ignore everything you learned about integrity and cleaning up out-ethics behavior in order to stay safe. That is how you make the grade in this “church”.

    • You said it exactly right Tony.
      I got declared because I’d had enough of the extortionistic style regging, criminal and rip-off auditing programming and then finding out about the felony assaults, false imprisonment at the top. I was just not allowed to disagree with any of it. And that IS what makes it a cult.
      Can’t wait to read your response to the church Shelley.
      This is the church’s witching and I couldn’t be happier about that.

  5. I have a lot intimate knowledge of Shelley’s story, and there is so much more to it than what YOU wrote.

    I was there on one of the occasions (before Shelley was declared by the Church) and the way in which Carol behaved with her – even to the point of getting physical with Shelley- was astonishing. It was this evening that Carol had decided that she was disconnecting from her mother Rhona because of her ‘association’ with Shelley. In the meantime Rhona lived with Shelley and was mostly being supported by her – so where was she supposed to go? Carol constantly dangled a carrot in front of Rhona and insisted on “exchange” if she was to help support Rhona – after Rhona has raised her, put her through staff contracts and supported her and her husband Robin for years when they had no money. I even witnessed Carol giving Rhona birthday or Christmas gifts and saying “but when you die this comes back to me”. I was disgusted.

    If Rhona had bowed down to Carol, it would have meant that she had to find another place to stay (rent free, food etc all free), and she would have to disconnect from Jean (my husband and her grandson, myself and our son Caleb – her great-grandson and her granddaughter). So for her to stay connected to her one daughter (who treated her like dirt and who I witnessed screaming and swearing at her many times) Rhona would have to give up 6 other members of her family who she loved dearly. What kind of “Church” imposes this disgusting treatment on an 81 year-old person who supported a religion for 50 years – 20 of which were spent on staff?

    My personal experience with Gaetane is that she actually has no idea what she is doing. When my husband and I approached her regarding information we needed (her department), she had no idea how to answer our questions. She was rude and obnoxious and had NO ARC in her comm. Either she was jut playing dumb or she really didn’t have a clue. I can just imagine the gibberish she spoke when interviewed by YOU!

    I guess if they tried to write the whole story, they wouldn’t have any space left in the magazine for other articles! 😂

  6. “We asked Shelley for a response to the allegations made against her by Gaetane. She explained that it’s a complex situation needing much background data and a thorough accounting of what happened. She has agreed to write an in-depth article of the role the Church played in tearing Rhona’s family apart. It is sure to be an interesting read.”

    It’s so funny that a group that at first teaches about the importance of communication, and creates drills and TRs and auditing to increase communication, later teaches that some people need to be “shuddered into silence”.


    It doesn’t work that way.

    And any staff member who thinks it does work that way, such as Gaetane (no matter how many standard references she has to back her up) will someday learn this.

    And then we will see her out here on this blog, communicating away.

    I’ve been around long enough to see this cycle. This is how it works.

    Gaetane’s position is unsustainable. It is Anti-Life.

    Some day she will wake up to this.

    Great work, South Africans!


      • So true. Hubbard said the common denominator between all losers is incorrect estimation of force. Some people didn’t figure in ARC.. as a potent force. It is a force. An awesome force.

        Every time the church creates a new enemy, they are creating a new danger situation for themselves. And they never bother to take responsibility for that. It’s all “dedex” (They deserved it).

        What is the spokesperson for the Church in the article saying…. that you posted? “They didn’t “make the grade””.

        Dramatizing “spiritual supremacy”, that is a ser fac.

        The fundamentalists can not think with Scientology or apply it.

    • The Church of Scientology has risen above the United States Marines, the Navy Seals, the Catholic Church, the Farmers across the globe that keep people from starving, Easter Seals, the Red Cross, and every member of the planet’s governments and healing and learning institutions in importance!

      All other religions and groups are insignificant!

      The Church of Scientology is the rock and fortress of humanity!

      And this claim is screaming and streaming across front page top and center Yahoo!

  7. Debbie Jones said: “Relationship is by nature two-way – that form of relationship dominated by fear of disconnection is entirely one-sided. It isn’t a relationship, it’s handcuffs.”

    I can’t agree more.

    Thank you Debbie for being there and communicating. And thank you BIC for helping make it possible.

    Like water, communication IS the universal solvent. Nothing so stifling as threats of disconnection will stand up to free and loving communication.

    I believe all Scientologists started with the intention to help their friends and family. The fact that Miscavige perverted that intention into these “handcuffs” does not change intentions… it is a temporary situation that is soon to crumble under the full weight of Hollywood. BBC and HBO will do a lot to re-connect people…. and “under the radar” will soon be a term of the past.

  8. “They Destroyed My Family” could be the headline for hundreds and hundreds of articles. Utterly fantastic that YOU magazine put the cult under the headlamp. It’s about time.

  9. 2015 is gonna be the veld (bush) ring of fire year. Prior to that the fires swept in a line that smoked out plenty snakes and lizards- DM being our resident viper! Next year promises a raging circle of crimson justice that will engulf these bastards once and for all! Face it, there is no where to hide for these creeps. Too many know. The sheeple feel restless, original thoughts are rising up out of nowhere and the murmur of descent looms! You cant bury your head in the sand for too long when your ass is scalding from being rodgered by DM’s volcanic hot poker command penetration of money lust!! At some point, no really means no.

      • Yup, lets see DM burn in a ring of fire soon! I grow restless. People I love and care about are behind that iron curtain of lies and need to be freed. The more time they spend there the more likely they can be subjected to overrun objectives, out tech and pure suppression. I dont like the thought of any good, well intentioned person turned into punch drunk zombies used as slave labour! I want them all to see how wonderful and clean it is out here, free from DM’s clutches. It truly is a wonder to behold!

  10. I for one thank YOU magazine for having the balls to write
    this article.

    It would be great if they were inundated with stories relating
    to the disconnection policy which does not EXIST true stories
    exposing what happens if Church members do not disconnect
    from friends and loved ones basically the BLACKMAIL!
    The BLACKMAIL tactics which are well hidden making the Churchie think
    he or she is disconnecting for the Greatest Good and on their OWN

    NO-ONE should be put in the DESPICABLE position of having to choose
    between their RELIGION / FAMILY AND FRIENDS It is not only against our

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