Ernest Corbett – a personal perspective


Editors comment: Many thanks to Ernest Corbett for contributing the following article to the BIC blog. .

The Real Current Church Situation

While in the Church, all of 44 years, I heard of OSA attacks on “non-believers” from time to time. Underhand and often devious but apparently effective to stunt the growth of the “squirrels” – so it looked!

Having come into Scientology in 1970, LRH having personally C/sed my OT3 and L10 at the first Land Base at Daytona Beach Florida, been on staff for 5 years and experienced huge wins from Standard LRH Tech and revelled in being part of a group with compassion, caring and excitement, It sure looked like the Church was the only custodian of Standard LRH Tech.


Over the years, as all of the Senior Management of the Church disappeared, the IAS became more demanding and the Ideal Org Programme upright and vertical – the compassion disappeared and so did the caring. The Church became a business.

I kept donating and going up the Bridge to OT8 – on completion I was disillusioned and disappointed. I felt introverted and harassed – something was very wrong – but it was Standard Tech being applied – or was it?

As the top Execs and Tech Terminals left, or were removed, especially those personally trained by LRH, the wins from the OT Levels became less apparent and more and more OT8’s got ill and did poorly in business. OSA’s attacks against the “independents” continued unabated.

Then one day I began to look and not listen and to my utter amazement I found there were more practising Scientologists out of the church than in, that tech prior to 1982 was the only Standard LRH Tech on the planet and that the bridge outside of the Church has results and wins not dreamed of by the church management and its parishioners.

Then I had the cog – current SO staff are young – none ever knew LRH and the early golden years of LRH’s bridge – all they knew was “command intention” and that Miscavige, and he alone, was Source and that it was ok that the Founder’s Tech had twice been changed by Miscavige.

The next cog was that OSA was losing the battle of killing off the independent field, as it has grown exponentially since all LRH tech prior to 1982 was put on the internet for all to access freely or apply freely. No more copyright controls and paying out exchange prices for services.

So I now understand OSA’s new game – keep parishioners subdued and terrified to look for fear of being declared with the horrendous aftermath of church enforced disconnection of family and friends. Most times unacceptable consequences. Gone is the compassion, freedom and power of choice. In is submission control and PTSness of parishioners.

Ernest Corbett


29 thoughts on “Ernest Corbett – a personal perspective

  1. Nice to hear from you Ernest! Last I saw you was in an admin briefing. Spirit of play was abundant always. I and many saw you and your wife as role models. Successful, on policy and bucket loads of ARC! Thats the tech product I hoped to achieve. When you guys left, the churches central support pillar crumbled! The church lost its greatest asset indeed! It makes me so glad knowing you are getting what you deserve out in the field and fighting the good fight against the right target. It wont be long now. We are winning.

    Thanks for doing what you have done and for what you are doing now. South Africa and the world is taking note! Keep flourishing and prospering friend!

  2. Well that puts the tail on the donkey. Thank you, Ernest. I just had an incredible ruds session that handled the remnants of this travesty in my own universe. I highly recommend the action for everyone, and God knows there are many fine auditors in the field who can do this – the only ones who can. Flourish and Prosper!

  3. Ernest very interesting and I fully agree. Today there is a political situation in the world especially the USA. What is happening there is as as you say, “THE CHURCH HAS BECOME A BUSINESS”. Many comments I have heard on Facebook and news channels is that what is wrong with the USA political scene is that their government support large Corporates and not the peple, it has become a business.

  4. That sounds right to me. I think there have been a few write-ups where people have talked about how dm has systematically gotten rid of anyone who worked with Ron and also look at the way he dismantled the mission network which was the biggest feeder line that Scientology had. Truly suppressive.

    Good luck in your fight trying to get your money back from the “church”. I really hope that you win!

  5. A key point. The tech, prior to 1982 is available. Very key point. Thanks Ernest.

    The more we hear of wins outside the church the less we are afraid of OSA stopping our only route to infinity. If we can get to OTVIII outside the church, why contribute to the IAS and Ideal Orgs? A strategy far removed from the one laid down by Ron.

    Why protect a tech changed twice?

    Here we have Ron’s tech, prior to 1982, completely available.

    Here we have Ernest, a person that fully immersed himself in the tech. A heavy weight that experienced wins and gains while under LRH’s direct control.

    There is nothing to stop us from going up the bridge.

    Just OSA and fear of our family disconnecting.

    However, as our families and friends do worse and worse with altered tech, and they go more and more into debt, for Ideal Orgs and the IAS, we too have begun to use our big inquisitive eyes.

    We went to look at the Test Centre in Braamfontein. Is it booming? Not even close.
    We went to JHB org. Is it boomimg? Twenty students on course in a multi million rand building.
    The above assets were obtained by the church from donations. Free, mahala – handed to them on a plate. We looked at the definition of OT. Lots of parishioners were OT. The church? Not so much.

    We went to the Waterfall area in Midrand.
    We looked at the development – as far as the eye could see. Homes, roads, trees, gardens. All
    produced by the Corbett’s and their partners.
    The above assets created through hard work, determination, planning, negotiating, adapting, and lots of forward thinking. We re-looked at the definition of OT.

    We looked at the vision, vision, vision behind Waterfall. We had heard that when E and G bought the land long ago it was dirt, miles from anywhere, in the back of beyond where the rabbits played.

    We looked directly at Gaye and Ernest.

    Their businesses are booming.
    Their family glued together – a powerful theta team.
    They think freely. They question what they like.
    None of them are bitter, in deep regret, or introverted.
    They love Ron’s tech and soak themselves in it.

    How many Scientologists connected to the Church could we describe with 100% certainty as the above?

    We are not brave enough to lose our family if we have to disconnect. But we are ecstatic that the real route out is strong, vibrant and growing.

    The Corbett’s, despite EVERYTHING, get to hand Ron’s gift to their family. That’s OT.

  6. Hello Ernest,
    I believe this is the best analysis of the current situation with The CoS I’ve come across.
    Also a very well done on taking the CoS to court demanding your money back. I’d like to see more people doing that in future 😉
    If all families would stick together as yours has done, perhaps the “church” would not be existing any more.
    Wishing you all fun and games in future, love
    Karin Adolf

  7. Earnest, thank you for your write-up, the most concise yet complete seen so far, loved it!
    Thank you for doing what you are doing!

  8. Earnest
    Excellent write up. Most pithy I have seen so far… Should be posted on the front door of the SP building….. if you could get past the guards. Ha… (Church’s don’t have guards, banks do.)

    We need a biographical book about Miscavige’s rise from “the camera boy who told LRH no” to the “Pope of one of the largest and most disgraceful businesses in the world..”

    There are plenty of eyewitness accounts from 1982 forward to base the book on, including Dianna Hubbard’s 1982 attempt oust DM as an SP because he was destroying the Mission Network. (After failing to do that she got an SRA and has never recovered..)

    Maybe after the upcoming BBC and HBO documentaries there might be a larger audience that is interested in that little worm’s life story. Ha..

  9. Hello Ernest,
    Thank you for the concise yet complete summary of your personal story and what has happened to the Church. It is a tragedy, yet out of the ashes a new reality is born, that of proud, brave Scientologists, breaking the monopoly and applying the Tech precisely and for the good of their communities.
    The islands are quickly connecting, because we are now free to be back in comm!
    Hundreds all over the world are just doing Scientology. DM and his OSA stooges can but explode in frustration, while we flourish and prosper.

    • Dani,
      Excuse the evaluation, but you are a true pioneer with a big heart. As an American, I think the toughness and character of Israel and South Africa share a common bond. They are not about to be pushed into the dirt by untrained, jack-booted, OSA robots.

  10. Ernest you echo my thoughts exactly. As OSA is nothing more than a black-ops operation, it seems they more than just failed. They are actually doing the reverse of what they should be doing. They should out Miscarriage and restore people like Diana. The oldies can compare what it was and what it now is. All the newbies have no comparison so they accept it is LRH. Actually that it is Miscavige . Apparently the same thing these days.

    • Hey Andrew! Of course, de ‘Church’ of DMadne$$ just couldn’t hold out indefinitely, against de facts, now could dey? 🙂 De ability to ‘differentiate’ between de genuine THETA activity of original LRH Scn and de MIND-CONTROL TRAP of de COB, is only available to those who are willing to quit listening and start LOOKING!

      “All I’m trying to teach you… is how to LOOK!” — L. Ron Hubbard 🙂

  11. Hi Ernest ,

    Thanks for the write up. More and more Scientologists will be inspired by your example and Dani’s , and will join forces forming a vector pointing towards the same direction. As its momentum keeps growing , it will reach the minds of thousands forming a voice too loud to go unheard.

    As I had mentioned in precivious threads , the TM for this is two years or less. More surprises are coming soon , besides the HBO documentary. If you put your attention beam out you’ll be able to feel it , the tension of it , the ridges forming up.

    Soon the Human Rights will be a subject pulling the attention of many people worldwide. The ones not aligned with it will suffer for their crimes. They are digging their own grave. The CofS , specifically DM and his SP supporters , are going the down part of the inverted parabola ( Y = -X ) .

    They were climbing first just as Hitler was , the Climb started in 1982 more or less, then they reached the highest part of the inverted parabola by GAT 1 and “The Basic” release. Then, by the implementation programs of both releases, they slightly started going down the other side of the parabola. But at a slow speed, not much acceleration. But with GAT 2 , acceleration set in and now it will be just like gravity , gaining more and more speed as time goes by. They are at the self-destruct stage. That’s why you see so obvious mistakes. That’s why no more Tomy Davies. That’s why so empty “Ideal Orgs” and low attendance at International events.

    That’s why they even e-mailed me offering “financing Aid” for the e-meter VIII and the ACCs. I have got the original. It is happening fellows , it is happening as we speak. The CofS soon will be ashes from which the name Scientology will be reborn like the Phoenix Bird and re-position itself to its rightful place again.

    The clock is ticking.


  12. Hi, Ernest
    You hit the nail on the head. we are so proud to be your friend and thank you for making sure that others have a chance to go free using the real LRH tech.
    We need to use the tech to our fullest advantage and Flourish.

  13. I have had cause recently to compare some of the earlier generation OTs to the current breed, and I think the difference is startling. The main characteristic and differentiator of the older generation (essentially typified by the Declared 18 and more) is that they granted beingness. Anyone who spoke to a Corbett or a Kruger, a Jelly or a Bowman felt that granting of beingness. They were interested in helping the person in front of them.
    The current generation of OTs (and I now don’t just mean the case level of OT but the leaders of the RCS, the people who make things happen, appear to my eyes to view the ‘field’ as their private plaything, their marks to be hit, squeezed dry, bled to death and spat out when they have no more life to give. They are quite simply raping the field (and I don’t mean that ONLY figuratively).
    Phrased more simply: the older generation of OTs were gentlemen and ladies – the current are conmen. Personally I think the difference is that the past generation actually got some case gain. Today, the OT levels have been so squirrelled that graduates only put on a valance (as per A Letter to Clears).

  14. Thank you Ernest for your great article
    Short and Sweet and Straight to the Point!

    I am also happy to be a friend and refused to disconnect
    based on your loyalty and commitment you once had to the Church!.

    Such a BETRAYAL to Excommunicate their most LOYAL PATRONS
    for communicating their concern for LRH’s TECH being ALTERED and
    the Churches PARISHIONERS being RIPPED OFF and to TOP it all to
    be BLACKMAILED if they do not disconnect!
    The Church CANNOT deliver
    the UPPER Bridge because they cannot deliver what they promise
    FULL OT!

    Out in the Indie field We have the full Tech!

    Oh heads must be rolling as OSA gets more bad press and this is
    only the beginning – the LIES will tighten the noose around their
    necks as more and more readers around the world come forward
    and write articles like yours Ernest.
    OSA CAN DENY DENY DENY and the public will still get to hear
    the Truth from the various blogs and also from the PRESS!

    OH 2015 is going to be a SPECTACULAR New Year!

  15. Dear Ernest

    I am sorry to ear (hear) of your plight, I am also sorry that you have had to resort to going legal against the Church (as I personally have very low esteem/opinion of such establishment as the justice system).

    As we have known each other for many many years (with our own individual idiosyncrasies of course) and as I have (personally) always looked upon you as a brother rather than a friend. (The Roman Empire?), I feel the need to express a personal view point.

    I get the feeling that LRH (while still with us) MUST have looked ahead in time as to what might one day afflict Scientology, as it is happening today, and must have had the confidence that come hell or high water the very few (relatively speaking) people that he trained in the early days, or knew him, while he was still with us, were definitely imbued with (not necessarily the knowledge) but the INTENTION HE HAD which was to SALVAGE MANKIND from the abyss it is busy falling into.

    THESE people (TRUE OT’S) like YOU and I and the rest of the INDIE FIELD out there, would MARCH ON FLAG HELD HIGH till the end of our days, as there is NO better purpose worth living for that to truly HELP MAN RISE TO BETTER HEIGHTS (in my opinion)

    Further it is my belief that the Church was taken over many moons ago, and David is only a lackey to some FACELESS- BOSS/es, bent on creating wars, drugging us all, and doing their outmost to keep us as slaves, in order to prevent us all from flourishing and prospering.

    Many more of our true friends (and believers like us) are still IN.. or UTR, but mark my words.. SANITY will prevail and in time to come they too will see the light.

    A new orizon (horizon) is about to germinate where a new RE-BORN (type of) Scientology WILL play a major role in helping man on PLANET EARTH.

    SO…. Much love to you Ernest, Gaye, Mark, Tracy and Lisa also to all….. IN….. or OUT….. or under the radar….. even to David and the men at OSA.

    The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.
    And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.
    And a primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate. LRH

    Mike Moretti

  16. The Church of Scientology in social media psycho war fare. They position their plants on the Internet to rail against “every” and “all” religions, comparing and grouping Scientology with “all religions” , to obtain allies in defense.

    “All religions are cults”… etc etc. is what they publish. Laughter! Kind of flimsy “thought control” efforts.

  17. Hello Ernest,
    Very true and correct observation. In fact the Church under DM stripped away the entire field of auditors so they become “more Standard”. The field of the true standard Tech is expending.
    Don’t know if you remember me, but I was your Solo NOT’s D of P at Flag when you have completed OT7. And for your wife as well. My wife Ronit and I left the SO in 2008 and in June 2014 officially left the church. Ronit is now full time auditing in the field and the gains people experience are huge without any arbitraries. I read how you and Gaye broke your silence and fought back and I salute you. Please give my best regards to Gaye. If you haven’t read our story here is the link to Mike Rinders blog:
    It also has our e-mail addresses. Feel free to drop a note.
    Best Wishes to you and your entire Family.

    • Thanks for keeping the tech alive Yossi. I read your story. I am delighted that your wife is auditing and helping us Earth people improve our selves. It seems that everywhere one turns these days there is a tech-trained person delivering lovely wins to happy PCs. Ron’s tech is indeed flowing out like he intended. Shalom.

  18. Dear all, thanks for your comments and validation – really appreciate it.
    How wonderful that the original purpose of this blog is being achieved daily. Thank you to the creators and all who have contributed. Ernest Corbett

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