Joburg North – All the hype, but what’s the reality?

Half truth


Email & promo lines have recently been buzzing about Joburg North Ideal Org being DONE!


All the money needed to purchase “Fern Manor” (as it’s being coined) is in the bank!

Fern Manor JBGN Done


In another email, it is claimed that Africa is the first continent to own all it’s Ideal “Properties” (we will address this statement later on on the article).

SA First to own all Ideal Org Properties

And finally, another promo piece “5 Reasons it’s Ideal” – as seen below:

JBGN Building Promo


Now lets look at some facts:

  • This building, at a purchase price of R30 Million, is THE most expensive Ideal Org purchase to date – it outstrips Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban by far.
  • Notice the sleight of hand by saying “Africa is the first continent to own all its Ideal Org Properties!” – Of course they cannot state that they own all their Ideal Org buildings, because what was supposed to be Durban Ideal Org is now an empty lot.
  • “No renovations are needed on the exterior”. Carefully omitted is that in order to make this building an Ideal Org, extensive interior renovations will be needed. On top of this, they still have to pay for furniture, fittings, computer equipment and networking, IT & AV equipment, signage, GAT2 materials for the academies & qual, meters for every auditing room (2 each), Div6 displays, film room projectors, phone systems and staff uniforms. All told, they will probably need close to another R30 Million for this. If the public think they can heave a sigh of relief for a while – they have a rude awakening coming their way. The fundraising is going to continue unabated.
  • Our sources have informed us the current tenants of “Fern Manor” still have 2 years left on their lease. This data has not been made known to the public. Only once the tenants vacate the building can any interior work begin – so Joburg North will not be opening for business any time soon. So much for “all Ideal Orgs done in 2014 and the AO opening in 2015”. This “lie” has long ago become a never-ending pipe dream.
  • And as for a generator now being a qualifying factor in making a building into an “Ideal Org” – we have no words. Perhaps this is because Pretoria is sitting with a hefty outstanding account, and Joburg Org org now owes in excess of R2 Million for unpaid electricity.  So perhaps having a generator is a good thing in this case. But someone needs to tell them that in order to run, it will need fuel – and lots of it.
  • And last but not least, it’s being announced that on the 6th December there will be an event at Joburg Org where every single donor will be acknowledged. Does this include the many people who made large contributions and then became part of the “blitzkrieg declared apostate brigade”?  Somehow we think not.

Perhaps the donations by the “SPs” should be returned to them as not only will they not be recognised for their contributions, but they will never be allowed to enter the Ideal Org they helped create.

Just a thought.


29 thoughts on “Joburg North – All the hype, but what’s the reality?

  1. Come, come , come! With the price of petrol falling by the day I can see that generator being the deal breaker for this building! That itself shows what astute business minds we have in charge of our (or should I say Davey’s) property portfolio. What’s it worth now? Touching R200 million yet? I think that generator’s worth an extra few mill in donations easily. But with Walter Hex and Mark Corbett no longer listed among the whales, are the Duggans going to pay for everything?

    • Why is Walter Hex no longer listed among the whales? Please tell me its because he has seen the light and not because they cleaned him out. The man has a heart of gold……and that was used against him.
      R30 mill is nothing for the Duggans – a couple of million US dollars is small change for them. There is no way that the local public put up those funds. No way.

  2. Oh my Goodness the Never Ending Bullshite Story!

    This building will not be available for two years – I suppose
    you could look on the bright side, they have two years to collect
    donations for the renovations – or they will once again lie to the field and
    collect donations for renovations and this money will go else where
    most probably to pay for the legal costs for the hiring of Lawyers
    for the pending Court Cases!

    • Considering the ‘bright side’, this ‘ideal org’ is already making money (rent).
      Even with no staff, it is already leading the GI stats among ideal orgs.

  3. Do we really believe that Davey boy is going to leave the exterior and gardens as is? Not so much – he will find some reason to judge it “un-ideal” and order major renos so that he can stamp his personality on it. But in the mean time, he has tenants paying rent for the next 2 years. How ideal is that?

  4. This is ‘ass-back-wards’ – Ideal Organizations should create their selves through demand of local public participation and satisfaction that ENFORCES expansion not by some “beg & buy” process… If I were invited to their acknowledgement event I would expect to hit up for more ‘donations for renovation’ or some other catchy phrase.

    Who connects MisCaviage with Scientology’s stats?
    What is HIS production worth? What is it producing?
    Situations like what we have all over the world.
    Where are HIS STATISTICS? (we all know they are worse then low, they are negative by ALL MEASUREMENTS) We don’t even have to see the stats for Scientology World Wide, we can SENSE THEM we can FEEL THEM as being worse then bad they are negative… well obviously and obliviously HE MUST BE THE PERSON HOLDING THEM DOWN>
    Let’s get rid of him.
    Who keeps him in power?
    When is HE going to be railroaded to the RPF in South Africa and not in cozy Southern California sunshine, make him RPF in the WORSE Scientology environment that he was instrumental in creating!?

  5. Its absolutely astonishing that these idiots cannot see that there are almost no worthwhile products (auditing hours and trained auditors) yet they continue to support this ideal org purchasing nonsense .It’s buying a factory when you have nothing to produce and no intention to produce anything in it.
    I have just read about the interrogatory sent to the “OT” field at St Hill. They are required to answer and failing to do so is an ethics matter!! LRH promised freedom….how far have they strayed from that ideal. Just the idea that someone can force another to incriminate themselves by answering a loaded questionnaire is absolutely unacceptable.
    Look to yourselves you Sea Org and other staff. You are the ones chasing your public away. Read what LRH says and you will understand what is going on. Its not your Public causing the trouble ,its you!!
    Those staying in the “church” are contributing to the crime of supporting a group that has altered vital LRH tech, in my opinion, to the point of unworkability and a little study will make that as clear as a bell to you.

  6. The Kool-Aide doth the cerebral efficacy drain. 100% funds raised for a ‘Ponzi’ operation?
    “Forgive them o’Lord -for they (SURELY) knoweth not what they do?”

    Perhaps now’s the time for a unanimous, planetary shout out by the world’s ‘most influential’ former kool-aiders: (It’s going to HAVE to be really, really L-O-U-D though!!)

    Patrons, patrons, of the CO$,
    When you have had enough “DOS” (sleep)
    Time to wake up … and open your eyes,
    To see what’s behind “Ideal Orgs” in disguise.
    It was NEVER about 47 X expansion, you see,
    But rather DM’s personal Real Estate, at the cost of your pension, dummy!
    But “That is just the talk of squirrels,” we hear you say,
    So then, pray tell, just WHERE are all the Auditors today?
    Pull off the blinkers, trash the headsets, too!
    It’s time to find out what he’s been DOING to YOU!
    Milking you dry, till you are totally bent, buckled and spent,
    Was NEVER what LRH meant!
    You see, his underlying message with each and every book,
    Was simply to say, “All I am trying to teach you, is HOW to LOOK!”

    Like, huh? duh? 🙂

  7. ScnAfrica wrote:

    “Perhaps the donations by the “SPs” should be returned to them as not only will they not be recognised for their contributions, but they will never be allowed to enter the Ideal Org they helped create.

    Just a thought.

    You are all probably well ahead of me here, but I am wondering if there is any legal entrance to rectify this injustice.

    Like when you make a donation to an organization for a specific purpose, and then that organization bans you, and harms your business and your family and your personal relationships, and then tells you that you can never enter the buildings you donated for:

    Isn’t there a way to take legal action in South Africa to get restitution?


  8. I donated over $100,000 USD to the Idle Org and never was allowed to set foot in it. I guess I didn’t “make the grade”.

    • They lowered their standards so far the only ones’ to make the grade are full time kool aide drinkers, drunk on punch and blind as bats.

      • I really don’t think there is anything that can be done about it at this time in the USA. The protection of religion is hard to break through. Luis Garcia is taking some action but it isn’t about Idle Org dono’s, it’s about fraud with a cross he donated to I believe. I have no desire to spend even more money trying to fight these A-holes. In the end I know that those responsible will get their Karma.

        If there was a great chance of getting money from them then I think the lawyers would be all too willing to take on people and getting their share out of the winnings. The fact that they aren’t doing that tells me they don’t like the idea of taking on the cult legal team on this subject.

        In South Africa I think it’s a different situation legally. I don’t think religions are protected in the same way they are here in the USA.

  9. I think the bulletins always recommended produce-then-organize — which I take to mean get the product initially then organize to produce it more efficiently.
    The prevailing trend post-Miscavidge seems to be organize (build a super-duper org building) then produce — but the COS no longer seems to do the second part, which suggests the original sequence was correct.

  10. “Perhaps the donations by the “SPs” should be returned to them as not only will they not be recognised for their contributions, but they will never be allowed to enter the Ideal Org they helped create.

    Just a thought.”

    They should be returned indeed. And I fully agree with Alanzo : a legal means for redress of wrongs should be sought , and civil suits filed for “false representation”.

    The “donations” were given based on the fase idea of “correct expansion”. That Orgs worldwide would expand exponentially and the flow of publics would be immensely increased. That was never the case. So the “donations” were obtained under false claims and empty promises, just like the pyramidal schemes. The “profit” or “investment return” sought by the participants is “Scientology expansion and a closer approach to the ideal scene of a ‘Cleared planet’ ”

    That “Ideal Scene” was never approached and there is ample proof about that. Stats, real ones, always tells the tale. “Ideal Orgs” are empty morgues ; their own magazines are proof of that. There are less Clears and auditors being produced. The stats on that are clear enough.

    Magazines , being a source of data from the defendants themselves, are admissible as evidence. Many stats analysis have been done by many people at the Field including Rinder. Many of the “statements” uttered by Church representatives are fully recorded as well. We have the evidence enough for a civil action against the Church and the person who legally represents the CofS and the one who uttered all those false claims has a name : David Miscavige.

    The more people unites on a single coordinated effort to suit the Church, the more noise will be created enough to attract the attention of hundreds or may be thousands. It is of no consequence whether the suits prosper or not. The key element is : NOISE. Lots of it.

    My advice for all of you that have been wronged , used and then disposed of as “damaged merchandise” , is to fight. Get together, look for and find a reputable law firm that really wants to go against the Church, that don’t give a fuck about the Church’s “CIA methods”. Find 4-5 wealty Scientologist that are willing to invest their millions in a class legal suit even knowing that their investment probably won’t have any monetary return. The only return possibly being “Justice” , real Justice when the CofS is finally brought to its knees and exposed worldwide as the criminals they are.

    Fully use the Target Series and the PR Series to design a program with all its targets types and the terminals in charge of getting each of them done.
    Do that, and I guarantee you that results, excellent ones, will be obtained.

    Remember the Price of Freedom : “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back”. Don’t worry about the broken pieces. We’ll fix them and rehabilitate them. Sometimes the Temple has to be knocked down to be re-built then with the correct foundations.

    I know that many “KSW” fundamentalists “Scientologists” would probably disagree with my comments out of a misguided idea of loyalty to LRH or out of fear that their “comfortable life” earning a good living with Scn be disturbed. That their “comfort Zone” be altered some way. “They have no beef with the CofS” , they tell you. They put you on their “black list” and “dead file” you for “being there and communicating”. I can only pity them.

    They’ll tell you, ” But it is LRH’s Church , how can Peter advice the destruction of the Temple itself ?” “He turned to the ‘dark side’, he has somehow been contamined by Rinder and Rathbun”. “He crossed the line”.

    Well, I am afraid that I am already past the stage of caring about what others might think about me. I am a very realistic down-to-Earth individual. I follow only my Honor, Integrity and great care for the welfare of others.

    The CofS is being very destructive and suppressive. Human Rights are being violated left and right. They are stealing others their hard earned money and life savings ; yes, stealing “legally” it is called. Per the “Doubt formula” , step 3, the CofS as an institution should be suppressed , destroyed and re-built again. There is no other short term solution. It is beyond rehabilitation as it is presently structured. To create you sometimes need to destroy ; this is one of those cases. I am sorry if this sounds rude and too rough to confront ; the future of many, the misery of thousands, is even harder to confront.

    Get together, unite like the 2 million Egyptians that joined forces to knock down a suppressive government , and experience the true power of a causative, coordinated and fully agreed upon strategy. Do not underestimate the power of an idea, of a concept being pushed forward that carries with it TRUTH. As LRH said on one of his many inspirational articles, “times must change”. Well, the time is now fellows.


  11. Sounds to me like all this Rah, Rah should be a blow to the many African ex’s/apostates IMO. That’s one way OSA manipulates behind the scenes. Of course you are up on all that, just saying what struck me.

  12. What joy.

    All future donations we make go directly to improving ourselves. We go free, stay solvent and flow power to Ron’s auditors and Sups. Ron’s tech is seeping into all areas of our little round Earth-home.

    We can go free.
    Money left over to go on hollies – down to Plett, or to the bush, and, buy yummies. And our kids can go free, too.

    Whew! How cool is that!

    What a happy thought. Freedom and solvency and nice things for the family. All in the same lifetime. That’s Ron’s Orgs for you.

    The rest – the IAS, the Ideal Orgs, the … gone from our universe. Poof!

    We admit we were waylaid, went down the garden path but….We’re Back, and we have Teeth, and a Superior Viewpoint.

    Ron’s tech and Ron’s Bridge. Step on it and keep walking – like we originally intended.
    (And don’t forget, lots of yummies on the journey, don’t want to see any bargain biscuits)

      • Nah, you can download your own worksheets, checksheets, HCOB and HCOPL’s at your own wim. For a course room all you need is a roof, four walls, Sup and willingness. Too easy! Complications are added to make money off every step. More steps equals more money fleeced. End product confusion much?

  13. The only way to deal with the Dwarf and his minions is to take the money.

    Are the SA Brigade who got booted out going to talk or they going to take the Dwarf to court for a FULL refund of monies donated and services per policy?

    Or do they hope he will forgive them and take them back.

    I hope they go for his throat!

    Good luck all.

  14. If they keep our money how can they really be diconnected from us. Just a thought. So OSA people pay back all the money for services not taken and all donations to the IAS and buildings to your SP’s. Only then are you truly disconnected. Otherwise you are simply another brand of thieves. Ag shame, I guess confusion in your Universe is hard to cope with. David

    • Indeed they are Djelley !

      They are just another brand of thieves !

      Criminal exchange is defined as “receiving good and/or services w/out contributing anything in return. The Ideal Org “strategy” is the biggest , “legal” real estate scam that I have ever heard in my life. It is way beyond criminal as criminality is a least something generally agreed upon as something bad. People usually know and agree on what is criminal.

      But here you has a case of criminal activities being carried out under the nose of thousands and yet, being dismissed as “religious rights” protected under the First Amendment. Hundreds of people being regged for money for empty Idle Morgues w/out no exchange whatsoever. “Let’s all contribute to a noble cause of false expansion and negative freedom”. “Let’s pay huge quantities for ‘going free’ “. Only thing wrong with that is that you see dozens of OT VIIs and VIIIs with many PTPs , specially of a financial nature (how rare!) and of body ills. Individuals supposed to be “W/out case” and “Cause over life”. Gee , better “take a walk” around the block every day to its EP and run on yourself “Self-analysis lists” , or do “Six steps for better Beingness” , or “Hold the two back corners of the room and don’t think” for a few hrs each day. And you’ll be more cause than those “OTs” w/out paying a dime !

      Selling “Freedom” is a criminal act in my humble opinion. Exchange , yes, by all means. Orgs needs to run , staff need to live on s/g , you know. Something for something is my maxim , the one I live by. It has always worked for me.

      But making the “Route Out” (ANY ONE) unreachable , now that’s criminal. Freedom is for all who deserves it based on his good products in life ,specially his/her ability and willingness to help his fellows. NO entity or man holds nor should he attempt to hold a monopoly on Freedom. Freedom is not for sell. It is something you grant to yourselves when you feel your solutions to life’s problems are based on the greatest good. When your honor and integrity are a good company for anyone.

      These overprices only seeking to amass money and control , is only a way to get to the rich and wealthy to use them to keep oneself in “Power”.

      I thought the Church was only being , you know , wrong and suppressive. But the evil emanating from its walls is far , far more than your regular scientologist or ex-ones can possible imagine. As I have written before several times , we have Marcab happening all over again under our noses. Only a few are being capable or even willing to confront this. I only wish I could wake up thousands with just a theta beam , unfortunately I can’t. I am not that OT yet. This evil needs to be confronted now and stopped. We are not thinking here in the correct orders of magnitude.

      A legal suit here and there from time to time won’t do. Orders of magnitude , my friends , that’s what it takes. Are we going to just sit , audit and train others , and let the “still in(s)” rot in there ?

      To let them die a slow and painless death , but a sure death nevertheless ?

      Articles are fine. They help a lot . They inform and keep us alert. But it is time that we raise our general confront and take some very effective measures to pull this off. Personal security and self-preservation ; freedom from attacks and a quiet and comfortable life, is not an option anymore. Not if one really cares for our eternity and that of others.

      An strategy is needed now. A well thought one. Financing and a few very tough ones who doesn’t give a fuck about being attacked , harassed , lied about , bad PRed , etc. etc. I am one of those. So I am available , use me.



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