Wisdom Learnt – A story shared

Article by “Wisdom Learnt”

Triumph Story

This is part of the story of an old timer, a dedicated Scientologist, who became disaffected and was ultimately declared as part of the group of 18.


I was told a few times in the past that I was disaffected by the likes of Ken Krieger and others and in truth he was right. My dissatisfaction with those in authority, particularly Sea Org management, started in the late sixties but it was only when I received Debbie Cook’s letter that I realised others around the world felt the same way I did.

I was not a computer person and had never followed the developments on the internet. At the beginning of 2013 I had no idea that any Independent / Freezone Scientology group even existed.

I did my first course in Scientology in 1957 after my mother had heard about it from her Yoga teacher. Hell, I never did anything my mother told me but for some reason best known to the spirits of the time, I was fascinated. I went to an intro lecture and straight onto a comm course done the hard way. TR’s 0 to 9 with no mercy at all. It changed my life.
Prior to this I could hardly pick up a phone to ask a girl out. It sure cured that. I was a junior clerk in a financial firm at the time with stark prospects. My father had died while I was still at school so there was no money for university and I had to get a job to help support the family.
Well this comm course, (I think it was called the HAS course in those days), shoved me off my backside and got me to cognite I was more than just a body. I decided whilst on the course to study further, so off to night school I went to study Management Accounting and soon found a better job. Many years later I ended up as the General Manger / Director of a large division of an International Company.
In the process I also worked some 16 years on evening staff of orgs and missions. The good old comm course is unique, it starts with TR0, individuals have been known to pop out of their head whilst doing this TR, and it alone can bring about major change.  If you ask any old timer they will tell you the comm course run tough and hard with high ARC makes Scientologists so if you are Independent or Freezone please use it.
About the end of 1958 Peter Green, an old time Scientologist trained by LRH, arrived in Durban and formed the Durban Org. I was still studying for my Accounting Diploma at the time so it was a few years later in 1961 before I had the funds and the time to further my studies in Scientology.
I bought some auditing and the Hubbard Professional Auditors Course which started and ended on specific dates. It lasted for plus/minus 6 months, three evenings a week and Saturday afternoons. This course gave me an edge in life which I have to acknowledge. Not only did we learn to audit both with and without an e-meter but we were also trained as Personal Efficiency Lecturers.
 I well recall a talk I had to give to the other 23 students plus the course instructor. The subject given to me just before I was due to do my stint in front of the rest was “How I landed on the moon in my maiden form bra”. Well for a young guy talking about this took some confront, especially with 23 other students bullbaiting you. Thank heavens I had heard about the subject of cross-dressing during earlier bullbaiting and I used this as part of my talk. It was fun and I was teased for a good period after that.
Scientology courses and even working in orgs was fun in those days, insouciant to say the least, nothing of the seriousness you have seen in recent times.
Recently I have come across individuals who feel they are doomed for eternity if they leave the church. Don’t fall for that rubbish, it is an old trick perpetuated by religions down the ages.
For example –  Pope Leo the 10th was reputed to have raised money to finish the BASILICA in Rome by selling Catholics “Get out of hell free cards”.  The famous phrase used at the time was: “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the Soul from purgatory springs”.
The SCN Church fundraisers haven’t come up with any thing quite as good as that yet but they sure are good at making you feel guilty.
LRH always stated that Scientology is an Empire of Wisdom. His job was to wake us up and through his tech to get us on the road to full understanding. He fully understood that the church could in time be taken over as is the case and made sure that most of his knowledge was passed on to a number of individuals.
If you look for it there is very good tech right up to OTVII and beyond out there.
Keep going, stay strong, have Fun.

34 thoughts on “Wisdom Learnt – A story shared

  1. These stories from the Earlies are great. We often tend to forget the wins (well I know I do) in all the carping about the direction scn has taken (to becoming a de facto commercial bank, of all things, as is well proven on Mike Rinder’s blog).

    My first scn experience was the STCC. I was twinned with this very pretty girl, which made it a lot more enjoyable. She was in HR and had to speak to groups of people and just couldn’t cut. I don’t particularly recall OT TR0 but boy as soon as we opened our eyes and got eyeball to eyeball on TR0 she just fell apart, couldn’t control herself. It was so interesting watching her blush, giggle and squirm that I had no time to introvert myself. She had an incredible win in finally being able to ‘be there’ and for myself I got over some considerable social clumsiness.

    How did we get to the point where these vital courses are downplayed, and denied the people of the world? I remember thinking while doing these introductory courses 20 years ago – these should be compulsory for all schoolkids! Now these courses are just regarded as the bait of an avaricious cult.

  2. I was only in the COS for a few days. But long story short, I instantly developed a affinity and hunger for the data, and aquired all the books on my own, mostly from used sources. I have to say they were invaluable. I can’t imagine I would be alive today if it were not for what I learned from scn and the auditing I got. I only had a dianetics demo in the cos. The rest I got in the fz.

    I suggest that everyone in the fz go on a campaign to contact everyone they know that is in the cos and tell them that they are being lied to and stolen from, and that they should get out as asap and join a fz org of their choice. Tell them they do not owe the cos anything. Not one penny for anything. Tell them that the COS and DM is a criminal organization. They do not owe any loyalty or freeloaders debts or any of that garbage. The fact is the opposite. The cos and DM owes everyone that has been in the cos under his time, big time. We need lots more fz orgs and people need to do things right and build a new and better bridge.


    • Wow Dio – what a wonderful success story of someone who was never “in” or part of the RCS craziness and yet still had good wins and gains from the tech in the FZ. And I fully agree that everyone should be shouting from the rooftops about COS & DM – many of us have given more than our fair share of blood, sweat and tears (literally) – enough is enough. We owe him/them NOTHING. Thanks for sharing that. 🙂

      • Thanks Shelley,

        Yes, I could write a book on my wins with the data and auditing.

        That all began on Easter Weekend of 1997.

        Long story short,
        I saw a dianetics commercial on tv on Good Friday.

        Happened to have the book in my library, but never read it. It was actually a gift.

        But the commercial caused me to read it.

        Read about a third of it .
        I realized this was the first book I ever read that made any real sense to me.
        Prior to this, I read hundreds of books on self help and related stuff, but none of it did any good, to solve the problems of life and the mind.

        This author seemed to know the cause of how the mind gets screwed up and how to unscrew it.

        I was more than interested.

        Somehow I found a number. I did not know anything about the cos, other than it was some kind of cult, who got raided by the police some years earlier. I called it on Saturday night, and to my surprise someone answered, and I asked for more info, and I said I want more info on Dianetics.

        The guy asked me if I wanted to come in for a demo.

        I said sure and we made an appointment for the next day Easter Sunday,

        Long story short, I got good auditor and had a two hour or so session and had a release.

        It was amazing.

        Following that win, in a few days, I realized the majority of the staff were coo coo, and things did not go well after.

        I did ups and downs and personal ethics and integrity courses. It was an aberrating experience. Courses were VG. But crazy staff made me upset and leary.

        I was then interviewed by several staff. On one interview I was told to watch a video of DM ranting aobut something.

        The staff asked me what I thought of him?

        I said I think there is something wrong with him.

        That did not go over well with them either.

        And while being sec checked numerous times, I asked qual why he was still coo coo after being in the cos for 19 yrs, if scn was so good?

        He did not like that and the stuff hit the fan.

        I was declared soon after.

        Again long story short:

        Five months later I met someone that told me about the fz and the Free Spirit Journal. He gave me his latest copy and I connected with an auditor there,

        and then bought all the books from guys who were selling their book collections and I read them all. I read most more than once and some more than twice.

        That and as much fz stuff I could find on line, plus FSJ and IVy mags were my bridge.


      • Dio, I think that is probably the sanest introduction and then exit of (the church) I have ever read, and quickest!

        “I said I think there is something wrong with him.” LOL!!! well spotted! I would have loved to have seen their faces on that one!

      • 4a, At the time, with all the aberration around me, I was not sure what to say or think or do. But i decided to tell the truth. At the time it was not funny to me. In fact I was quite afraid. Today in hind sight, and having live to tell the tale, I often laugh at the situation too.


  3. “Just because you know a lot of these things puts a responsibility on you, but just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know, to use it as you think it ought to be used, to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That’s a wide license, isn’t it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it.”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    550606 The Game Called Man
    Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress

  4. Great story Wisdom Learnt !

    Thanks for sharing it with us. I didn’t started that early this time around, but I do remember , toughness, simplicity and ARC ; 3 vital ingredients totally missing from
    the current scene at the Church.


  5. i came in on the comm course and can only recommend it. Would love to hear what appealed to others about Scientology or as in Dio’s case Dianetics. Also what was it in the subject, as Tony pointed out , that encouraged you to live a more full life or to never give up despite poor handling. David

    • Comm. Course was my first exposure and I certainly gain more self confidence as result.
      What kept me in scientology was the belief that it would increase and further develop my already existing ability to operate on the seventh dynamic.

      Unfortunately, scientology failed to assist me in furthering these abilities, although I did benefit in other areas.

      IMHO, scientologys’ shortcomings are in its indoctrinations of how to interact with discarnate spiritual beings. The lower bridge has value.

      • Hi Old Timer,

        You wrote that in your view “scientologys’ shortcomings are in its indoctrinations of how to interact with discarnate spiritual beings.”

        Would you mind stating how you would characterize those indoctrinations (in a general way)? And are you familiar with David St. Lawrence’s views on this subject?

      • Hi Old Timer,
        Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
        The history of independent processing activities is an interesting one.
        It seems that there’s always been a clash between the central organization and individuals seeking to do processing, freely, without all the “red tape.”
        A quick chronological look includes Dr. J.A. Winter and John Campbell, both of whom left the Organization in 1951 to pursue their processing interests independently.
        Then there was the establishment of the independent California Association of Dianetic Auditors (CADA) in the early 1950s.
        Then came ‘Aberree magazine’, which was published from 1954 to 1964, perhaps the earliest independent publication.
        And there were a number of independent groups begun in the 1960s, including Eductivism.
        Then came the schism of the early 1980s, and many groups were started, plus many publications. Perhaps the best known publication was the ‘Free Spirit’.
        All the individual and group independent activities were met with disapproval and often attack by corporate Scientology.
        With the search function of a computer – which is easy to use once one gets the hang of it – you’ll find a lot of fascinating history and background.
        Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and insights.

      • Note: The just posted message was mainly meant for the old time Scientologist who is the topic of the article, but it also includes all old timers.

      • I was expecting ridicule and people picking up their pitch fork after I made this comment. 🙂

        Thanks for the tips and advice. As a pro- LRH blog, we would not be allowed to discuss any perceived shortcomings of Nots auditing here but I regard you as a kindered spirit.

        Are you suggesting that Winter and Campbell expanded upon Dianetics? My only knowledge of their fall from grace was over how the early Foundations were run.

        I am familiar with David St Lawrences’ works and views on this topic as well as Alan C Walters approach too.

        ” ENTITIES, ridges on which facssimiles are planted. Each on of those things can be a thinking ENTITY. It thinks its alive. It can think its a being,as long as energy is fed to it” PDC 36.

        “ENTITY:noun. A spiritual being.2. Something which exists independantly. 3.a particular and discrete unit, an entirety” Alan Walters.

      • Thanks very much, O.T.

        LRH also used the term “spiritual entities,” so the word “entity” was used by him in that sense too. And from the materials I’ve studied, I got that the way to “interact with discarnate beings” (as you worded it above) was to view them as pc’s and treat them accordingly.

        My understanding of the upper OT levels (the “New” ones) is that in the years after they first came out, pre-OT’s were commonly having incredible wins – i.e. OT gains – but that in the years to follow there were many changes made and the “success stories” changed for the worse. I’m curious if you as an “old timer” did an earlier version or one that came later.

        I appreciate getting your data – it helps to put the puzzle pieces together!

      • Moderator, the last reply I wrote to Old Timer may have been missed, because I see it is still in moderation. Thanks ahead.

      • Marildi.

        The more I ” progressed” up the Bridge, the less OT / psychic phenomenon I experienced and the degree of control which I once displayed over this diminished.

        I have also observed the same in others. I pulled the plug and left, others continue ” up the bridge” in the hope that the next level or the next materials release would handle them.

        Once I left, my skills/ abilities began to rehabilitate and with the help of ” other practices ” has increased.

        IMHO, NOTs auditing is destructive, this blog is not the place to discuss such.
        Objectives and grade auditing appears to be where most people have the most wins.

      • Thanks, Old Timer.

        Yes, I have read similar viewpoints from others on the internet, and it made me wonder what year(s) they did the upper OT levels. Because, I also heard that as the years went on, DM kept making changes to that particular tech. This would include the 6-month “refreshers” and other out-tech, as well as the use of essentially Black Dianetics practices in the area of ethics, etc. So my main question concerned which year(s) you were auditing on NOTs, if you wouldn’t mind saying), and not to discuss it further than that.

        Very glad to hear you regained your lost abilities. And I do think other practices can be workable, depending on the person. I appreciate your data!

      • With regard to Standard Tech treating the subject matter of NOTs like pcs, that’s true, except that it’s a bit like going to a pc’s home and auditing him, them, when the session is done, evicting him.
        (Editor comment: Redacted this para as it refers to upper level content. Above description will be understood by those familiar to the subject).

        Responding to Old Timers question about if Winter and Campbell expanded upon Dianetics: I think they thought they were. Mainly, though, they wanted to do their own thing.

      • Thanks, Boggle.

        You wrote: “…it’s a bit like going to a pc’s home and auditing him, them, when the session is done, evicting him.”

        As I just commented to Old Timer, there seem to be different understandings of how the auditing works. My idea was that the pc’s who got audited had no choice about where they were but were simply stuck there, and that after the auditing they left of their own volition.

        It’s amazing how many sites you can find on a Google search, which are on the topic of discarnate beings – referring to them as guardian angels, demons, and other terms. A couple months ago I found a 2008 article titled “Depossession Healing: A Comparison of William Baldwin’s ‘Spirit Releasement Therapy’ and Dae Mo Nim’s Ancestor Liberation.”

        Here’s a quote:

        “For numerous reasons, it is safe to suggest that Baldwin and Dae Mo Nim had no knowledge of each other’s efforts. Yet, they arrived at stunningly similar understandings of the nature of attached, i.e., possessing, earthbound spirits, as well as of how their liberation can be affected. http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Publications/JournalUnificationStudies9/JUS9-07.html

        You and Old Timer (and others) might find that article interesting. Thanks again for your input.

    • Marildi, I was fortunate enough not to have been exposed to NOTS in the church.
      On the outside, I studied the materials and realised that for me, it is not the direct I wish to follow. My reality on ” this area ” is not in agreement with LrH.

      As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult to describe without contravening the moderation policy of this blog. Boggle has a good description above. My description is when you are auditing ” that ” on NOTs, where does it go? The answer is it goes somewhere you are not willing to BE! It goes into a space you are not willing to occupy.

      The above are my experiences and yours and others may have different experiences to mine.

      • Old Timer, thanks. I have a better understanding of where you are coming from now. It’s interesting how much people vary on their experiences, from those with views like yours to those who talk of having great personal gains – and appear to others to have had them, by observation of their big jump in ARC, if nothing else. Also, it’s hard to know if the version of materials each of us read was actually LRH’s version – whether they were read in the church or outside of it.

        Another point is that there are many individuals, and cultures past and present, who consider that there are both evil and good discarnate beings. And many of them feel they are able to perceive them directly.

        I had a “reading” one time from a medium, given to me as a gift by a caring friend, so I graciously accepted. The medium was pretty impressive in that she knew so many specifics about my loved one who had passed away, things she had no way of knowing other than through spiritual knowingness of one kind or another. An interesting thing occurred, which relates to this exchange, was her telling me “You have a big team!” – and I got that she looked at this quite favorably.

        Getting back to the topic at hand, I have worked out my own ideas, based on the data I have, as to what LRH was originally trying to achieve with NOTs – and I can’t help but think that if he had lived longer he would have done additional research and corrected whatever mistakes me may have made, just as he had always done with research and revisions of the tech.

        I do know from a post of Dan Koon’s (who was on LRH Research and Technical lines when NOTs came out and for some years thereafter) that LRH wanted a pilot done to have pc’s go from OT II straight onto NOTs. Apparently, Miscavige never did that pilot.

        Once again, thanks!

      • Hi Miraldi,
        According to David Mayo, it was he who ordered that pilot done and, according to Mayo, it was shot down by LRH.
        No one was in a position to shoot down what LRH wanted in 1978 or 1979.
        The solution to NOTs was originated by LRH in his 1980 OT 8 theory, the much discussed confidential HCOB, that was briefly on the OT 8 course on the Freewinds before Miscavige removed it. In that HCOB, it’s obvious that LRH has not dropped OT 3 from the Grade Chart.
        Also, LRH C/Sed Annie Breoker on OT 3 in the early 1980s.
        The 1980 OT 8 HCOB theory was taken up by Bill Robertson, and became the inspiration for his OT 8 at his Ron’s Orgs.
        Hopefully this background information will be helpful.

      • “According to David Mayo, it was he who ordered that pilot done and, according to Mayo, it was shot down by LRH.”

        I’ve read a lot by Mayo and I’ve never seen that. Do you have a quote and the link?

        Dan Koon, who was in RTRC (LRH Technical Research and Compilations) for many years and was the head of it for some of those years, stated at least a couple of times (that I know of) that it was LRH who requested that pilot:

        “…LRH wanted David Mayo to pilot sending Clears right onto NOTs, skipping OT III, but Miscavige got Mayo shitcanned before he had a chance to do the pilot.” http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/deconstructing-the-mayo-myth/#comment-117001

        “…LRH advised some pcs be put directly onto NOTs bypassing OT III as a pilot to see how it ran.” http://isene.me/2012/07/10/my-current-stance-on-scientology/#comment-20409

  6. Well, it´s quite interesting all the news and info i have had access to, knowing some of you personally, i am still sitting on the fence, have been trying to find a suitable Independent group to join, i want to get trained, I have some auditor training.
    The group i aproached belonging to the FZ did not seem to accept me and i felt as if i was not trusted, I have only met one person, on OT (edited by moderator) levels i believe, the reason given is that i was an ex-executive of OSA.
    So what do i do next? Any suggestions are wellcome.
    I feel i need the tech badly, although i did recently have many wins as if there was some kind of magic, relationships that i had previously had difficulty with, being solved.
    I had an exteriorization experience, still don´t know if it was a dream, a went exterior and out of the body and was accompanied by an OT very Theta being who showed how to move objects with my postulates, very real, still i can´t believe it!

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