Exclusive! Dror Center vs RCS – National TV coverage


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 BIC is proud to present this important  article covering a recent documentary by   Channel 10 TV – our thanks to special correspondents in Israel. 

Recently BIC reported that a lawsuit has been brought against the Church by Dani & Tami Lemberger of the Dror Center in Israel. As a refresher, you can read that article here.

This lawsuit has generated much interest which recently resulted in a documentary about the Lembergers and the church’s disconnection policy, prepared by one of Israel’s top TV channels, Channel 10. This aired on prime time, Saturday evening of 29 Nov 2014. There have also been several newspaper articles.

For a bit of background:

Dani & Tami started doing Scientology in San Francisco in 1980 and progressed up both sides of the Bridge rapidly. During 1989 -1991 they were on lines at Flag. During this time Tami trained at Flag as a Grad V auditor and C/S. Dani did Admin and Ethics training. They both got onto OT 7, Solo NOTs, in November 1991. 

In 1992 they returned to their hometown, Haifa, in Israel and opened Dror Center (Dror means “Freedom” in Hebrew), first as a field group then as as a Mission under the Church. Their mission expanded steadily and became one of the largest missions on the planet. (When they were still a field group, in 2000 and 2002, Tami was twice awarded “Top field auditor of the World”).

After years of observing severe outpoints they left the church in June 2012, with all the mission staff and most public leaving with them.

Since 2012 Dror has been delivering the full Bridge, including OT levels. Dror is continuing to expand and now caters to public arriving from Russia, Germany and the U.S. Also, many Israeli Scientologists who left the church are now moving up the Bridge at Dror.

Following their declare in June 2012, the church began a campaign to damage them personally and destroy Dror Center. The Lembergers turned to the courts and on 2nd November 2014 filed a lawsuit against the church at the Tel Aviv District Court.

The lawsuit documents can be seen here.

Also featured in the documentary are Professor of Physics, Aharon Friedman and his wife Ofra (not shown, she was shy).  Aharon and Ofra have been Scientologists since the 1970’s. They lived in the USA for about 30 years – the last 20 years in Clearwater. Their daughter, Noah, is in the SO at Flag, their son Gal is on lines at the New York Org. Aharon has become vocal in his criticism of Miscavige and they were declared SP’s about two months ago. Their two children have now disconnected from them.

Here’s the full documentary:

45 thoughts on “Exclusive! Dror Center vs RCS – National TV coverage

  1. Some comments from a Hebrew speaker…
    * Millions of adherents… that’s questionable.
    * “In Israel Scientology was declared a problematic sect” – no it wasn’t. There was never any official declaration of this kind by the government. There was a parliamentary commission on cults in the 1980s, but it didn’t make any significant decisions. Scientology operates as a buisness in Tel-Aviv, and has several missions.
    * “The largest sect in Israel” – a meaningless statement, which is not based on any numbers. I’d more readily call some Jewish, Christian and Muslim organization “sects”.
    * “Domineering building” – just an Ideal Org, not even that big compared to other Ideal Orgs around the world or to the buildings on the same street. And anybody who follows news about Scientology in recent years knows that the size of the Church’s buildings is meaningless anyway.
    * Filmed auditing! That’s pretty neat. Something that you don’t see much anywhere. It’s very short, it’s probably not a real session, but it’s still better than anything that the Church’s over-slick videos show.
    * “Research done together with Scientology didn’t prove its efficacy” – huh? What research was done about Scientology’s efficacy? I’d love to read it, whether it’s negative or positive. When I say “research” I of course mean a peer-reviewed university-level research, and not success stories or LRH’s research, with all due respect.
    * I’m curious whether they actually built anything illegally. It would be nice of that TV channel to at least clarify what do Tami and Dani have to say about the real estate accusations.
    * But you know what’s the most important thing? I had the pleasure of meeting Tami and Dani. They are unbelievably charming, nice and open people, and this video shows it well.

    • Moshe: “They are unbelievably charming, nice and open people, and this video shows it well.”

      I agree! And in general this documentary described well how the CoS operates to heavily coerce money from their members and to otherwise keep them under complete control.

      There was one thing that was said in the video which may not have been the best translation into English, and you might be able to shed some light on it. A few minutes into it, the Lembergers tell how they first got into Scientology. Then, at about 3:15, the reporter says, “From that moment on you got caught.”

      Dani answers, “We got caught strongly and we’re still in it, to this very day. We are not yet free of it.”

      Then he laughed, but I thought the phrase “not yet free of it” still might have come across in a way he didn’t mean – if it were to be interpreted as relating to cult-type indoctrination they still needed to handle. On the other hand, maybe he did mean that! Anyway, since you speak both Hebrew and English fluently, can you please comment on this?

      • I wasn’t actually thinking the BIC admins did the translations or that Moshe might be one of them (if he is). But okay, gotcha. Thanks.

      • The translation there is OK, it misses some words, but they aren’t very impotant. Here’s how I would translate it:

        “From that moment you were caught?”
        “We were caught strongly, and we continued to this very day, we haven’t broke free from the grip.”

        Dani says this with laughter. Because of the editing it’s hard to say whether he refers to the Church’s grip that comes in forms of legal threats and disconnection from friends, or to the philosophy of Scientology, which he still supports and practices. My guess is that it’s the latter.

        They discuss it quite nicely towards the end of the video, but unfortunately, that is edited and made too brief as well. The tight boundaries of prime-time television.

        Despite all the shortcomings, it’s nice to see a video that gives any time and attention at all to independent Scientology.

        I should also comment that the female presenter is Oshrat Kotler. She is one of the best known and most respected journalists and news readers in Israel. Recently she has being producing a series about Kabbalah, and this may explain her interest in comparable groups such as Scientology. Though the philosophy and the sources of Kabbalah and Scientology are clearly different, I can easily see superficial similarities between the Church of Scientology and the big modernized Kabbalah organizations, such as Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Center and Michael Laitman’s Bnei Baruch: posh buildings, celebrity followers, and pressure to buy a lot of books.

    • Hi Moshe. I didn’t get an email notification of your last post so I’m using the earlier reply button. (I think this is a WordPress problem, because it has been happening on another blog too, where not all email notifications go out.)

      You wrote: “Because of the editing it’s hard to say whether he [Dani] refers to the Church’s grip that comes in forms of legal threats and disconnection from friends, or to the philosophy of Scientology, which he still supports and practices. My guess is that it’s the latter.”

      The latter was what I thought too, but I know there are people who would like to read it as the former, so it’s good that Dani clarified what he meant – and that even before he did, you as a Hebrew speaker stated your impression, which was correct.

      Also, thanks for all the additional data that gives the bigger context! Very good contribution.

  2. Shalom aleichem, Scientology is Free, use it,practice it, save lives and better yourself and others, we want freedom, we want to break free from ………………….

  3. In the church’s response they’ve labeled the original decades-long extant LRH Tech the Lambergers use as “Altered Tech”.

    Altered in comparison to what? The GAT squirrely-do that was cancelled last year only to be replaced by yet another remake of the tech?

    CO$ PR hypocrisy has no limits … yet again accusing others what they themselves have been doing.

  4. Awesome documentary!!

    My hat is off to Dani and Tami for confronting these nuts head on.
    The cult does use confidential data against it’s critics. They just lie about not doing it the same way they lie about not having and enforcing disconnection.

  5. BIC guys – that is a very good post and very well presented. Well done!

    About the documentary, there are a few points to observe. Some in it and some in the context of the whole TV broadcast.

    The Tami & Dani vs CoS story was broadcasted in a week-summary news magazine. Top prime time, as mentioned.

    In that broadcast, there were 5 other main items, all very important:
    1. The acquittal of Egyptian ex-president and vital ramifications – 3:59 mins.
    2. The Israeli government collapsing coalition and crisis – 4:13 mins.
    3. Nominating the next Chief of staff (incredibly important issue in Israel) – 5:45 mins.
    4. The national water crisis and corruption in its management – 10:55 mins.
    5. A big item on a past terror attack and the consequences – 12:41 mins.

    All very important issues!

    And finally, Tami & Dani vs. CoS – 18:27 mins.

    Not bad. In fact quite impressive!

    And what’s even more impressive: it is a supportive, ARC coverage. Not perfect, not paid PR, not all lovey-dovey, but has high ARC, care and empathy.This is interesting. A few days later there was an article in another newspaper on same subject, also very nice benevolent article.

    We were indoctrinated in the past to believe all media people were Ogres, eating all their articles subjects alive. Well as we can see here and in other many cases, this does not have to be the case. Theta, truth, transparency and good ethics permeate, go long way and can be contagious. And the press is not all SPs or anti-social, not by a long shot. Like anything else, it has a full rainbow qualities: Good, bad, ugly and wonderful too. And the media can be of great service in our troubled world.

    And since Tami, Dani, Aviv, Moti, Carmela, Dima, and the rest of Dror, are not robotic farts, detached from reality and true life, but WARM, NICE, VERY NICE, GENUINE, CARING, LOVING, FUNNY, open to criticism, and truly open and never condescending – well, what kind of stuff can anybody write or say about them, except good things???

    Well, that is of course if you are not the CoS and its servants…having the whole truth! And nothing but the truth…ha!

    Well done Tami & Dani, for these great actions, bravery, theta and wonderful spirit. Great inspiration to us all.

    With much, much love,

    • Wow Hemi !

      I love this post of yours. So many good points stressed , like the thing about the Media not necessarily being “Ogres SPs”. So true.

      The documentay was indeed very balanced , a great piece. It actually helped Scn in more ways that meets the eye.


    • Hemi, excellent post. Thanks for the data that put the documentary into perspective as regards what an outstanding media event it actually was. It is truly heartening that, to anyone watching it, Tami and Dani (and the others at Dror Center, too) are obviously not the kind of servile robots DM has made out of those still in the CoS. I had a cog recently about the basic difference between LRH and Miscavige, and it actually centers around two words you used – robotic and servants.

      LRH viewed people as live beings, naturally capable of ARC for others and of being self-determined, NOT mere effect points which would make them mest. If he had seen people as robots or machines, I don’t think he would have been able to develop the tech he did – which in its essence implies trust in people, their basic goodness and their ability to think for themselves and make their own decisions.

      Miscavige, on the other hand, doesn’t trust people because he doesn’t see them as beings who have the ability to observe, understand and have judgment – in either the practice of scientology or in life. He sees them as pieces of mest to be manipulated in order to get the “best” out of them (he so misguidedly thinks). And thus he considers that people need to be heavily regimented and controlled – which, most unfortunately, shows up in the various tech changes he has brought about.

      His approach is “one size fits all,” which he deems valid and necessary due to not seeing people as spiritual beings with inherent ability and power. Seeing his “worldview” this way would actually be casting him in the best possible light and giving him the benefit of the doubt as regards his intentions for the tech and for management. Whether or not he is a true SP, it’s indisputable that his actions are suppressive.

      Wouldn’t it be great if this watershed documentary inspired other CoS Missions and groups, in Israel and around the world, to break free and start a whole new phase of history for scientology? It could happen! 🙂

      • Marildi, excellent post yourself!!
        Well said, well coged. And very true. Viewing people as Beings, and letting them Be, each one as whatever he/she is, is a huge gift, without which spiritual work and transformation cannot take place. Absolutely.

      • Thanks, Hemi.

        Yes, I got a better insight about trust and what it actually signifies about a person’s attitude towards others, and also how having it (or not having it) affects their treatment of others. Bless LRH. 😉

      • p.s. I just remembered that Trust/Faith is at the top of one of the columns of the Chart of Attitudes. 🙂

    • Hemi, much, much love to you too!

      A very informative and well considered response, to an equally well considered article.

      What many persons ( including some in the media, “understandably” ) have apparently not quite gotten their heads around, is the stark reality of “the boiling a frog in a pot” syndrome. That analogy where a frog sitting in a pot of cold water (on the stove), cold have the temperature increased ever so gradually, and not notice, thus ending up being cooked without even attempting to escape!

      This IMHO, IS the actuality of the ‘patrons’ (sheeple, frogs) — who, like wise,. remain in the cooking pot of de Church of DMadness!
      — And likewise, they have become sooooo conditioned, to the increase in “temperature”, (that ever increasing pressure to “donate”), that they too, do not realize their “thetans”, are being cooked as well! LOL!

      Oh, sorry Hemi, forgot to mention DMadness’ water additive of choice:
      Kool- Aide! THAT mind control substance, which, when consumed with the relish of a true believer in DMadness, renders ‘patrons” (sheeple, frogs) actually mentally RESISTANT to what is being done to them! And explains also, WHY they are so TOTALLY resistant to any of this being pointed out to them!!!!

      (This anomaly, as described above, could certainly be a major causative factor in the now muddled rift between the original LRH philosophy, tech, auditor training and the spectacular results obtained therefrom, when compared to those of the “grand imposter”, his lofty Supreme Eminence, DMadness!)

      This fact alone, deserves a special place in “Ripley’s Believe it Or Not”. don’cha think Hemi??

      Just saying!

      Love all your comms btw. They are always packed full of ARC. 🙂

      Best, — Calvin.

  6. Wow !

    My hat off to you Dami and Tami ,Very well done.

    What I like most about this documentary is the way Scientology as a philosophy is differentiated from the CofS, specially on the documentaty’s closing argument. This can be emulated by others suing the “Church of Perversion” so that the subject itself can be repositioned in the public minds.

    There is absolutely nothing cult(ish) about Dani and Tami. They project this unique sanity, this incredible spirit of play , that is actually very difficult to place them as cult adherents.

    They looked incredible professional and yet, very accessible , friendly and incredible high toned. We need more great protectors of Human Rights like them to join in the fight. That’s the way to go to handle once and for all this 3rd and 4th dynamic engram. A lot of suits from people that really care about LRH’s legacy but at the same time are free from any fundamentalistic approach to the subject so as to not promote whatever parts of it that are against the Human Rights.

    That’s a very powerfull combination indeed : Scientology used by free minds and by free people who thinks by themselves.

    Great documentary indeed !


    • Peter, on the differentiation between the philosophy and the CoS – well observed! It is stated all along, but in the end, that female presenter, the senior journalist, being less familiar with the details, asks “how comes, after all these events, that Tami & Dani still practice scientology?” Missing this point entirely. But then, the reporter himself, having understood the point (another well done Dani/Tami), corrects her and explains the phenomena of Indies and the difference they represent. And this, at the very end, drives that idea home to all viewers.
      Another excellent observation of yours:
      “There is absolutely nothing cult(ish) about Dani and Tami. They project this unique sanity, this incredible spirit of play , that is actually very difficult to place them as cult adherents.”
      Absolutely true, Peter!! Stated rom personal experience.

  7. Dear friends,

    Allow me a few comments and clarifications:

    1. My gratitude to the BIC site for posting the documentary. Well done for your initiative to locate the documentary and have it translated. Yes, I agree that some points are not clear.

    2. Comment by Moshe Levi: Clearly this is not the writer’s real name. You say you visited here, please call me so I know who you are, I promise to keep the secret. Thanks for saying we are charming, nice and open. We have nothing to hide and are active, proud Scientologists, so it’s easy to be open. Being nice & charming? Maybe, depends on the viewpoint. I will say, though, that having gotten thousands of hours of auditing and hundreds of hours of FPRD does help one raise confidence and ARC.

    I have discovered, through personal application of LRH’s Tech, that I can create boundless love, can imbue my environment with it, give it away without limit and can continue to create more of it, so I never run out of love.

    3. When I said, “We are still not free of the grip”, and laughed, I was refering to the Tech, to Scientology itself. We are still ardent Scientologists, we know the Tech works and does miracles. This is easily proven daily at Dror Center where people come from around the world for auditing and are enjoying wonderful results. Results are easy to accomplish when it’s done in a free environment, no forcing of anything, no membership, no enslavement. One pays for services, some are expensive, but one does get exchange in abundance. We even have a cafeteria with free tea and coffee and sometimes cookies.

    4. The Church continues to lie blatantly. They have no shame, no respect for the truth and no fear of justice. They say, in their reply, “The plaintiffs (Lembergers), who were previously members of Scientology, left after starting to disseminate an altered and falsified version of Scientology…”. This is more libel for which they can be sued. Pure lies, and I can easily prove it. They still believe people are idiot or afraid of them.

    Thank you all for contributing your comments. Please feel free to ask questions, I will do my best to respond.

    Love, Dani

    • Hi Dani,

      You wrote, “When I said, ‘We are still not free of the grip’, and laughed, I was referring to the Tech, to Scientology itself. We are still ardent Scientologists, we know the Tech works and does miracles.”

      Thanks for the clarification. I was quite sure that’s what you meant, but thought it would be good to have it “in writing” in case anyone got the wrong idea (as some viewers might want to do). And it’s especially good that you yourself clarified it.

      Also, what you wrote here was inspiring to read:

      “I have discovered, through personal application of LRH’s Tech, that I can create boundless love, can imbue my environment with it, give it away without limit and can continue to create more of it, so I never run out of love.”

      That says a lot, IMHO. I don’t think there’s a higher spiritual ability than what you described there. And btw, the “love story” part of the documentary was wonderful to hear about too. I can just see a future movie being made, with all elements of the adventure in and out of the CoS – including the eternal “boy meets girl” part. 🙂

      Wishing you and Tami all the best!

    • Dani and Tami.

      Thank you for the clarifications. You guys radiate soooo much ARC, courage and purpose, that it is probably your best PR, without even trying! LOL 🙂

      People pick this up, make no mistake and certainly will continue to be your strongest ‘selling point’, in the battles that lay ahead.

      All strength to you both, as you continue to flourish and prosper, with Dror Academy! 🙂

  8. I have a question Dani. I assume you are suing them in Israel? Does Israel protect religions the way the USA does? How long do you think this will take?

  9. Dear Dani, Tami and all staff of Dror Center:

    This is an incredible win and I believe a historical event in terms of recent media coverage regarding the RCS vs Scientology Tech (two opposite poles, IMO).

    Most documentaries or media coverage of recent times are focused on the negative things that are happening in the RCS today (which ARE relevant and important to expose). This documentary was revolutionary in that it clearly delineated the difference between “Corporate RCS” and the SCN TECH as founded by LRH.

    I believe this was a HUGE win for promoting LRH and his Tech.

    If the Church had half a brain, they would come begging on bended knee for you to keep promoting SCN in such a good light as this is something they are clearly incapable of doing despite slush-fund billions and mega PR campaigns. The money for their “PR” has been extorted from the very people who with good intention donated funds to “further the aims of Scientology”, only to see the reputation of their religion and philosophy hammered into the ground. A real SP product.

    Well done to all of you for a truly triumphant win! May you go from strength to strength as you continue to flourish and prosper.

    Love & ARC

    • Oh, Shelley,
      I was going to post exactly same comment, with that exact idea on good and bad PR and by whom…but couldn’t write it any better or even come close. well stated, I loved this:
      “If the Church had half a brain, they would come begging on bended knee for you to keep promoting SCN in such a good light as this is something they are clearly incapable of doing despite slush-fund billions and mega PR campaigns”
      Spot on, absolute truth !!!

      • Thanks for the ack Hemi – you have also had some awesome comments on this article. We need more of the same from good folks out there who refuse to see LRH’s reputation and Tech being dragged through the mud by DM and the RCS.

        I have no problem with anyone who has chosen to walk away, close the chapter on SCN and get on with their life – there are many that have done this, and I wish them the very best. They are good people who gave blood sweat and tears, and have the right to walk away. There are other heroes out there (Mike, Karen, Jeff and many others) who continue daily to expose the RCS abuses and criminal activities – these people are also vitally important too and deserve our support.

        And there are those who choose to continue on their SCN journey – which ever path that may be (Ron’s Org/FZ/Indy – etc). I love the fact that this blog grants beingness to everyone and refuses to be dragged into in-fighting between extreme “haters” and/or zealous fundamentalist viewpoints being pushed on anybody. I truly hope that the Indy/FZ/alternate groups out there will work together on this – once we are united in exposing the RCS (whilst continuing to do good works), I think things will move a lot faster.

  10. Dear Dani and Tami,

    Thank you for continuing to be yourselves, to be your own council, for not disparaging yourselves, for not minimizing yourselves or your strength or power.
    For not needing praise or approval from David Miscavige about your lives or the way you choose to live it. For not compromising with your own reality. For not permitting your affinity with one another, your family and friends to be alloyed.

    You have every right, even a duty, to fight back and defend yourselves.

    The Sea Org is NOT putting ethics in on the planet. The planet is putting ethics in on the Sea Org.

  11. The charm of Dani and (mostly (-: ) Tami must have influanced the reporter significantly. Without any direct guidence he pointed the most important thing: that Scientology is available to everyone and it is available fully out of the church. Both Scientologists and non- scientologists could get the message. Includinge those who are not (allowed) exploring the internet… The very few negative remarks about it were almost unfelt. Dani and Tami, you are awesome!

  12. Tami and Dani,

    Very well done for the good work that you are doing on the daily basis. This documentary came out great because you are genuinely good people and you care for others.

    For the first time in Israel, people heard what Scientology is all about instead of hearing about bad deeds of the CoS.

    I’m proud to be working with you at Dror and to be fulfilling LRH vision of making OTs.



  13. Great job Dani and Tami! I am reminded of the Code of a Scientologist:

    “1. To keep Scientologists, the Public and Press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of Mental Health and society” LRH

    Under Dave the church is dying, the next battle will be untangling LRHs techs from the church as it is run today. Some people are linking the techs to the slavery we see in the church now. It does not make any sense, that a person who put so much time, effort and personal peril into figuring out how to free man, and succeeding, to then use it to enslave! I believe,to be able to continue to use the Techs of Ron after the church has bit the dust, we need to make this distinction very clearly.

    Thanks to Dani and Tami for doing this!

  14. Slightly O/T, I noticed that Dani and Tami have added their names to the Scientology Indie 500 list:


    If you haven’t discovered it already, this is a roster of former COS members who have broken free and have been courageous enough to publish their names publicly. It was created by Steve Hall (a.k.a. Thoughtful) a few years ago. The site is pretty much self-explanatory, including instructions for adding your own name.

    Steve has said that picked the number 500 not because he thought there was anything special or important about it, per se, but because he had the feeling that when the day comes that 500 Scientologists have been willing to step out in a public forum and declare their freedom from the church, a “tipping point” will have been reached.

    When I just checked, the list has 488 names (including a number of South African ones).

    • Timely reminder Richard, so thanks.

      Yes, indeed. So sorry we are no longer included as members of the SS.
      (Sissy Scientologists LOL!)

      301. Calvin B. Duffield.
      302. Dorothy Duffield

      So come on guys, (hint, hint!) Only 13 positions left. Be the ones to make the final Indie 500 tally! (not for members of the SS, though! 🙂

  15. Dani and Tami you guys rock!! Awesome work, I loved watching you explain things clearly and with good humour!

    To Shelly I agree 100%! There is no room for my tech is more standard than yours amoung the indies! Unite or fall in division! Simple enough? The church IS the target. Allow them room to cause trouble and DM breathes for longer!

    We all want the same thing and extremist, puristic fundamentalism is a formula for war. Our right to be free can only be won together.

    Im thinking its time to add my name to the first 500..

  16. Does anybody know, is this a scientology company? This complaint from a customer seems eerily familiar!

    “Dear Waldo {complaints},

    I recently visited Design Quarter for a business meeting. Normally I look forward [to] the experience because Design Quarter is lovely and prestigious this time of year. Little did I know that I would be accosted by a 5’3” female lunatic with a crazed look in her eye. After the initial shock-wave of terror ripped through my body, I came to my senses and realised that this “femme fatale” was, in fact, a paid employee of a cosmetics company called “Obey Your Body.” With military precision, this group of cut-throat sales mercenaries temporarily occupies a strategic position in various shopping centres around the country. Once they set-up camp, they launch a full-scale attack on innocent passers-by. Their primary objective is to forcibly extract as much money from them as humanly possible.

    I should point out that the victims are usually male.

    The particular encampment relating to my story is strategically located in the main corridor of Design Quarter. It is the only way in and out of the shopping centre, which means that the approaching victim has no escape. The moment eye-contact is made with the black widow spider-ess (they eat males alive), you are forced into their web-like clutches. It is an ambush, pure and simple. The victim is bled dry of every penny they have… in return they receive beauty products which apparently contain a rare and special “dead sea salt.”

    Now, alarm bells should already be ringing. Anyone with a Grade 8 knows that the Dead Sea is FULL OF SALT. There is so much salt in the Dead Sea, that if all the remaining salt was to vanish from the earth tomorrow, there would be still be enough for the next 17 generations. That is why the sea is dead – it is full of ****ing salt!

    But back to my personal story. The truth is that I should have been more prepared. A year ago I dropped R3,000 when a very pretty sales vampiress for Obey Your Body in Cape Town executed a precise and devious sales offensive against me. I was simply not allowed to say “no!”

    This time round, at Design Quarter, I tried again to say “no.” It didn’t work. The genetically modified clone grabbed me firmly by the hand, as if she was holding an AK-47. She demanded to rub some kind of ointment on my “strong, working man’s hands” (her words, even though I work in IT). I insisted that I was late for a meeting, but she seemed to be genetically altered not to hear me.

    These women are trained / bred to ignore important phrases like “no thank you” or “bugger off.” I screamed like a girl that I was “late for my meeting” and by sheer chance I managed to break away from her unrelenting grip. Unfortunately, the coffee shop where my meeting was scheduled just happened to be located right next to the compound where she was stationed. My companion had not yet arrived (I was actually early) which forced me to make for an unrelated coffee shop, some 50m further away. I then had to leopard crawl through the crowd, hiding in corners and shadows almost exactly like The Hobbit when he escaped from the dragon. At one point, she glanced in my general direction, so I pretended to be a waiter. Eventually I made it back to a well-fortified position where I could have my meeting in peace.

    Then, to get back to my car I had to walk past her again! I managed to stay about 30m away, walking sideways along the wall, when she summoned me with that wicked index finger of hers! This was not unlike the summoning I received from Officer Selebe last week at 3am in a road block on William Nicol Drive. One could try to make a run for it, but these people have a very unique set of skills… they will find you and they will kill you if you don’t buy Obey Your Body bath salts.

    I am now terrified of returning to Design Quarter, at least without a female chaperone. A woman would know what to do in these situations. I am simply not trained for this kind of psychological subterfuge. These people clearly have not caught on that “no” really does mean “no.” I feel abused, Waldo, I feel abused!

    Why do you allow the enemy to infiltrate us so easily Waldo? Why would you disgrace your country and Design Quarter and put your customers lives at risk? These people must be stopped! I hope that Design Quarter takes a stand against them! We must unite Waldo! We must take action! We must not fear them! I will stand with you and together we will form an army to bring down the dark ones.

    Kind regards,

    {name withheld}

    PS. Please do not use my name in this complaint. I fear they may come for me.”

    I think we should get some of these cloned black widow spiders and march on CoS!

    • Oh man, please! What’s the problem with this guy that he cannot hold his stance, say “no thank you” and go on his way? For all intents and purposes, he needs to learn to do so. It is of no interest to anyone whether this company is owned by Scientologists or not.

      • Gotcha. Frankly I only posted the comment as a joke and to try kickstart this blog which has been dormant for a week!

    • Dear name withheld,

      Next time try immediately stating (in a loud voice) “NO! Stand BACK! Don’t TOUCH me! I’ve been diagnosed with a COMMUNICABLE disease! Don’t even come NEAR me! Let me pass!”

      This has worked for me in similar situations.

  17. Merry Christmas BIC. Enjoy the hollies. In 2015 we look forward to lots of stories of South Africans going free in Indie and Ron’s Orgs.

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