Generating Power

As we come to the end of the year the blog admins find themselves in holiday mode and things have slowed down which was partly planned, partly forced due to circumstance.

In any event we wish everyone a happy holiday season and bring you this story which was featured on Mike Rinder’s blog today. We are reposting it here so our local and regular commenting community have the opportunity to discuss it. (And for the sake of clarity the misspelled “Jobur” is deliberate – it comes from a misspelling on a fundraising promo from earlier this year).

We’ll just add that at the time of publishing this article the fundraiser to get the R500k needed for a generator would have just completed and it remains to be seen if they managed to extract this amount out of their public just days before Christmas. Our money is on “no”.

Lights Out At Jobur Org

Here is another chapter in the sad tale of the demise of Jobur Ideal Org.

To begin, let me remind you that this is the second “ideal org.” Dear Leader himself made the long trip to bless the “new org” and in finest shermanspeak, pronounced this the beginning of the new age in Africa and THE thing that would make S. Africa the first cleared country.  And the goodness would spread from there and overtake the entire continent.

Of course, no such thing happened and Jobur has struggled since. So much so that a Sea Org “Command Team” was dispatched to get things back “under control.”  They rolled into town and proceeded to declare the main opinion leaders in the area and as a result, things have gone from bad to worse. They even have a local blog that documents the demise of organized scientology in S. Africa with a steady stream of information exposing the ugly truth about just what a fail the orgs are in S. Africa and Zimbabwe.  Of course there are no other orgs in the entirety of the African continent — an area nearly 4 times bigger than the contiguous United States, with a population that now exceeds 1 billion — this despite the promises of Miscavige with his little arrows springing out of his ideal org graphic to indicted how they would “in turn” generate more and more groups and eventually more orgs. There aren’t even any new missions or groups in South Africa in 11 years since its opening,  let alone new orgs. And of course, NOTHING in all the rest of the vast expanse of Africa.

And now we received two reports concerning the problem of keeping the lights on in Jobur.

First, the org is being dunned by lawyers representing Eskom (the electrical utility company for S. Africa) demanding payment of their 2 million rand (about $200,000) backlogged unpaid electrical bill. They threaten to shut off their service, the church begs and offers a token payment and staves off the inevitable for a little while. As one S. African told me, the only entity with worse administrative inefficiency than the church is Eskom. But sooner or later they will bumble their way into terminating service to the idle org — and THEN the church will pay the bill and Comm Ev the executives, but the shoe will be on the other foot. The advantage of the inefficiency allowing them to continue getting electricity when they havent paid their bill for years will now become a liability as they try to persuade them to turn it back on when they pay the bill….

I wonder if Jobur ideal org has any air-conditioning now that summer is upon them?

But according to the latest begging email, that seems like a less urgent situation than buying a generator because “Eskom hasn’t been kind to our org lately.”  Strange priorities dictated by the pressures of scientology “admin tech.”  Because there are “rolling blackouts” that make it impossible to train and audit at night, this is affecting stats right now. Thus, it is PRIORITY. Ignore the fact that ALL the power may be permanently shut off, because “that hasn’t happened yet and so it isn’t affecting this week’s stats.” This is typical org “think.”

How is it possible that with an ideal org and the Golden Age of Dreck II — they are not making enough money to pay their utilities? Let alone their staff.  And they certainly don’t have a rand to spend on a generator.

The solution? Beg the public to give them money to buy a generator (and if that happens they will be begging them to buy fuel to run it).

Bad news on that front though — they declared a lot of the people they would normally have tapped for this sort of thing.

Here is their email:

From: Church of Scientology JBGD <>
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 17:32
Reply To: Church of Scientology JBGD

Subject: Eskom hasn’t been kind to our Org lately, Nobody wants to go free in the dark! So Joburg Org has come up with a solution but we need your help!…

Attend our Dark Knight Fundraiser and help Joburg Org buy its own Generator… after all you do need power to go free!

Since the rolling blackouts here in Johannesburg are going to keep on rolling for a long time, we needed to come up with a solution because we cannot deliver our service to our public in the dark, so we have decided to buy our own generator for the Org that will be able to replace Eskom when they switch off the power.

Please come and support Joburg Org at this fundraiser. The generator costs about R500 000. This cause is good for us but even better for you, because why are we here after all? to help you go CLEAR! and nobody wants to go free in the dark!


Time- 7:00 pm
Place- Chapel
Theme- Dress in white and bring the light!

Surprisingly, no typos or spelling mistakes.

But it raises some puzzling questions:

1. Are people supposed to fork over their money to buy a generator or support building more “ideal” orgs? Or the IAS? Or Planetary Dissemination? Or the AO Af? Or CCHR?

2. If Joburg is in such financial distress, what about the other orgs in Africa? This after all is the model. The leader. The “continental org.” The Sea Org are all over it. It’s the biggest, baddest org in all the land.

Once again, reality makes a mockery of the PR pronouncements of the church.

They continue to tell the clubbed seals that with GAG II and and Ideal Org they WILL clear their areas. It is the pitch repeated ad nauseum by everyone. But of course, that is a lie. Jobur is living proof of that fact.

A lot of the clubbed seals are kept in the dark. But there are PLENTY of people who know the truth — that “ideal orgs” are miserable failures. That GAG II is a miserable failure. That these programs are NOT improving anything. But they keep repeating the lies because to do otherwise would be “Counter Intentioned.” Those are the people who have karma to face. And sitting on top of that steaming pile is none other than Mr. David Miscavige, “COB,” “ecclesiastical leader,” Pope of scientology, dictator of command intention and king of  on-Sourciness.


33 thoughts on “Generating Power

  1. It’s a pretty sad scene when an organization can’t pay their electric bill. Are you sure they don’t want the generator to try and not pay the bill altogether?

  2. Laughter,

    But why are not all you ex scios or the declared not setting up your own fz orgs in appropriate places and promoting them and getting the job done?

    And not building new and better bridges too?

    And prosper!


  3. I can not help but to feel “verguenza ajena” (the embarrassment one feels at someone else’s blunder) about all this. Having to “fundraise” (another “PR” term for “criminal exchange”) to buy a genertor only means that they have no intention to pay the electricity bill. They have already pulled in their “Eskom hasn’t been kind to our Org lately” motivator ; “those ‘wogs’ are a pain in the ass” , they must be thinking.

    An institution supposedly having the greatest Admin Tech in the whole universe and yet , having to beg for money to cover the most basic organizational needs , is an admission of being in apathy and of a great incompetence.

    The Church as an institution has its days counted. Finance has its basic laws just as any human endeavor has ; and their violation of them will catch up with them sooner than later. The indicators already abound.

    Parishioners are “donating” each time less and less to these schemes , and the number of them willing to play are in a long danger trend. It is just a matter of time before the collapse occur. Do not make the mistake to compare Scn with Christianity in terms of donations. The general populace might have the “Heaven” and “R-6” implants in chronic restimulation ; but Scn is not part of their RIs (reliable items) and the line plot. Donations WILL stop, rest assure.

    I thought and had predicted the fall of the Church in a TM of 2 years ; but it seems to me that the new year 2015 will be doomsday for them. All indicators worldwide point to that. It is time to “clean the house” , knock the Temple down , and pour the correct fundations of Human Rights ; something LRH failed at doing as well as the Church. Perhaps a real Humanitarian , willing to be part of the world, will emerge to pick up the broken pieces. The world is waiting.


  4. This stuff really doesn’t add up. It was widely expected after the launch of GAT2 that there would be an influx of people redoing their Purif, Objectives, Student Hat, etc all at R10,000 a shot. I understand from various KA drinkers I’m in comm with that this is in fact happening. There are 27 or 28 people on the Purif, many on the SRD and I’m sure many more have paid for their fix. Even when I drive past the org these days there appear to be a lot more cars than we see at orgs overseas (according to visual reports on Mike Rinder’s Blog). We all know this is a bubble that will soon burst as all the sheeple are re-do’s – but the org should at least be swimming in cash at the moment, albeit temporarily. This was all expected.
    If they cannot pay their utility bills in this state of comparative affluence, then dark days indeed are ahead as that affluence inevitably sinks back to Emergency and beyond.

    • Unfortunately, all income is subjected to Financial Planning – and no matter how dire the local situation is, Management will take their cut off the top. Add to that all the expense of sending staff over for training, buying all the GAT2 materials, paying for the Sea Org Mission that infests the org, buying how ever many Mark8s are decreed as necessary by DeMon for an ideal org etc etc… it doesn’t leave much at all to run the place. And no matter how many people are currently on lines, Joburg has I am sure, a massive deficit of delivery from the past and some public would have used some of that to pay for the “new” stuff.

      I really don’t think they are flush with cash – and they never will be. The orgs are set up to supply cash uplines, not to prosper themselves. It has always been that way.

      • Hi Draco. Spot on! Well, you know, we all well remember the ol’ man’s famous words: “For God’s sakes, get busy and build a better bridge!”

        Only, we never thought it would wind up being built by a diminutive DMon, pass through the Gates of Hell, and have as its VFP, a severe form of paranoid mind-control called “DMadne$$”

        Never mind, Karma (bless her), has had him in her sights for quite a while, now………. silly boy… verrrrry silly boy!

        (pssst. she’s got a few lessons lined up for you, dear leadah!)

        Have a good, happy Xmas, Draco. 🙂

  5. Eskcom is now being Duped by the Church!
    So hope they become aware that the Church will have no
    intention of paying their BILL!

    If and a big if unless Mr Dugan pays for a generator – money
    raised should go to paying the Electricity Bill.
    Needs to be an article in the YOU magazine and it will be
    interesting how much the Church owes on their phone bills!

    I remember every week there used to be FLAPS!
    Bills needing urgently paying.
    Creditors given just enough to keep them happy until the
    next month.

    Financial Planning – never enough money to pay the bills once
    Flag got its share of the income first!
    Plus Jobur Org was supporting the SO as they never produced
    any income what so ever!

    I remember SO staff were eating Beans and Rice!

    Financial Planning such a JOKE!

    No Auditors – No public paying for intensives – No income.
    Empty Course rooms No public paying for courses – No income.
    No Products being made – No income.

    NO NEW PAID STARTS (first time on any service) – No income.

    Division 6 – Never any stats given – No report! – No income.

    Plenty of money being regged for Ideal Orgs – IAS – yet cannot
    pay the Electricity bill – I smell a BIG FAT RAT!

    2015 the Church is starting to CRACK!
    Court Cases Internationally starting to IMPINGE!

    The rebels will blow up headquarters with the TRUTH!
    Happy New Year OSA!

  6. Yeah I just love the image of the seals being clubbed with the one weapon that has the maximum impact- truth!

    For me what a bit of delightfull news, fundraising in the dark! Christmas by candlelight, heres a season to be jolly, tralalalalalalahh!

    Heres to 2015, may the bullet sweats to COB swell ever larger and the darkness spread to all infestested orgs! The purge is here, cant wait for a renaisance.

    Its gonna be good. I can feel it. Old friends and family reunited after the dust settles. Many thanks to all bloggers and revolutionaries keeping the dream alive. We are winning day by day. Thanks a zillion!

    Amandla awhetu! The power is ours!

    • Sorry, I didn’t finish and thought I cancelled! The difference is that my family supports their church and when they needed help the church supported them.

  7. Hey BICadmin, thanks for all the great effort making up some great intercommunication!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to a brighter 20151 (Eishkom not withstanding) 🙂

    BTW, my sincere apologies for lack of e-mails! We are still experiencing glitches with our changeover to a new server set up. Will follow up asap. 🙂

  8. To all you amazing, rebellious, zealots of true freedom. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive! We really are insignificant in numbers, though a powerhouse in potential and actual ability to understand and help, our fellow man. We are poised for a new chapter, stronger and wiser, for what we’ve been through.

    I’d like to take this opportunity, to wish each and every poster, near and far, a very merry Xmas and/or a happy holiday period, with a positive, successful New Year..

    — Calvin B. Duffield. Durban. 🙂

    • Calvin,

      You mean me too?

      When you disowned me, a while back?

      You should of said:

      I’d like to take this opportunity, to wish each and every poster, near and far, a very merry Xmas and/or a happy holiday period, with a positive, successful New Year..

      except Dio.


      • Correction:

        I used a wrong word there.

        I should of used the word “defriended” instead of “disowned”.

        Anyways, I was only being very sarcastically, acidically and pervertedly humourous.

        I also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Propserous New Year.

        Remember “Jesus is the reason for the season”.

        And scn and the bridge are missing the bible and “Jesus Factor”, at least for starters.

        Include the teachings of the bible (the principles of truth, wisdom, knowledge and understanding presented in the bible)

        and the teachings of Jesus and you take scn and the bridge to a whole new level, and there you have the beginnings of a “better bridge”.

        Read the old and new testaments over a few times and you will get the idea.

        And read a few different versions or translations. If you can read Hebrew, Aramic and Greek and the other old languages, that is better still.

        Read those too.

        There is a lot more that the bible and the teachings of Jesus, that needs to be added to complete a better bridge, too.

        Including a thorough evaluation and testing of every datum in scn and separating false and limiting data from true data. And replacing or correcting false and limiting data with true data.

        (I do not mean the way DM did it. There is a right way and wrong way to do almost everything. And DM and his minions are not qualified to do it. )

        Remember the datums:

        The truth is not determined by authority.

        Any datum is only as good as it has been evaluated.

        Any datum is only as good as it works.

        The value of a datum is only determined by the number of problems it solves and how well it solves them.

        And if scn was as good as it is claimed to be, the scn field would not be such a mess now,

        and the subject would not be in such a despicable, sickening state of disrepute now.


      • Dio : “Remember the datums:

        The truth is not determined by authority.

        Any datum is only as good as it has been evaluated.

        Any datum is only as good as it works.

        The value of a datum is only determined by the number of problems it solves and how well it solves them.

        And if scn was as good as it is claimed to be, the scn field would not be such a mess now,

        and the subject would not be in such a despicable, sickening state of disrepute now.” End of quote.

        Dear Dio,

        There is a lot of Truth in those statements of yours. I really like it when well thought arguments are put forth. Each datum has to be evaluated on its own and tested for general workability, leaving ANY authority alone, as “authority” has nothing to do with what works or not.

        Have a very merry Christmas !

        ARC PETER

      • Yes, Peter,

        The first problem with scn data is that is full of flaws and likely laced in false and limiting data.

        There is a truth:

        The most dangerous lies are the ones that are almost true. The more truth there is on a cognitive set up, the more the truth acts as a glue, to hold the embedded lie(s) in place, which is thereafter not inspected, but defended to death.

        The same applies to scn data.

        That is why I said, that every datum

        (every scn datum: every word, every thought, every phrase, every sentence, every paragraph)

        has to be evaluated and thorougly tested by some properly qualified to do so.

        To be properly qualified someone would have to be of at least comparable magnitude to Hubbard to do so.

        That means do a comparable amount of research and have the benefit of all that has been learned and experienced in scn since 1950.

        The more the better.

        It is a project of significant magnitude.

        But that is the only way it can be done, to purge scn of it’s flaws.

        Until that s done, scn will keep tripping over it’s own feet.

        Another truth is that, In knowledge alone, or data alone, there can never be absolute certainty, only increasing approximation. Only the religious soul of spiritual illumination knows the real truth and knows now. (Quote from Urantia)

        Now about laced in “false and limiting data”: I suspect that Hubbard, with his diabolical nature, deliberately laced in false and limiting data here and there, for one reason to keep control and then to simply throw a monkey wrench into the data and people’s minds.

        I have seen such instances where I suspect that has happened.

        Now on the other hand to give credit where credit is due, it was a momumental task to gather and articulate all scn data and put it into text.

        And there were lots of mistakes made in doing so, by him and by staff.

        It is also my hypothesis that there were other entities (one or more) channelling through Hubbard to get this job done to give this data to earthlings.

        I also see evidence of this in other’s viewpoints and commentaries.


  9. Thanks for the comm Dio,

    Sorry for the comm lag in acknowledging.

    I find your views very real and sensible. We only differ (which is quite alright with me) in your assessment of LRH’s personality. I don’t think that ‘diabolical” is a suitable adjective that makes him real justice. True, he was only a man, not an infallible god. He made, as many of us Humans do, many mistakes in attempting to protect the purity of the Tech and what he considered to be the only “route out”. But I am very positive that he meant well and had the survival of Humanity on his mind as his primary purpose.

    A man who can create so much workable Tech , even if failed at some points, just can’t be a “diabolical” individual. Use your obviouscommon sense and you’ll be able tosee it for yourself. I am neither fanatical nor fundamentalistic in my approach to Scientology or any other -ologies or -ism(s) ; Scn is not perfect and niether was LRH by a long ways. But it is a very workable system if you correct , as you very wisely pointed out, a few points here and there specially in the application of Justice including its long listsofits supposed”Suppressive acts” many of which are a gross violation of Human Rights.

    I understand that your affinity for Christianity, which is your right to have, might have been invalidated by some of LRH’s writting , and I am really sorry if that’s the case. LRH should have kept to himself some of his opinions, even if he considered it a reality, specially about the subject of religion , as he is an opinion leader to thousands and thus needed to be more careful with his utterances and handling ofPR.But thathe didn’t doesn’t necessarily makes him an antisocial or bad person. ; he wasn’t I assure you. He was a good man. He really cared about the wellfare of others.

    But he lacked brave friends willing to correct him and to assume responsibility for him. That’s the problem with leaders ; very few if any of his followers , are willing to set them straight when they deviate from sensible thinking. They see them (their leaders) as some kind of gods incapable of erring ; a very misguided attitude indeed. Few know what real power is ; nothing to do with money , or with having thousands of followers. Power , real power, is about kindness, tolerance and a huge understanding and respect for your fellow beings. It is not about imposingourviews on others orabout rigid and absolute adherence to doctrine. It is about free thinking and power of choice over data.

    I hope that you can discover the true nature of LRH on your own , free from any interference. I did my own soul searching about it and my own unbiased evaluation and found him to be quite an incredible individual.

    But in any case, I hope that the true path to enlightment be available to you , and please, keep up that excellent mind of yours and ability to think for yourself . Take care.


    • Thanks for your reply and compliments, Peter.

      I am a truthologist, a truth scientist. I study the works of a lot of great minds.

      I “follow” no one. No one is my guru.

      I have a good baloney detector.

      I “as is” everything, and call a spade a spade.

      I was doing my own version of scientology research defined as; searching for the meaning of life and searching for solutions to the problems of life and the mind for 27 yrs before I learned about Dianetics from a TV commercial in 97. I soaked it up like a dry sponge.

      I have taken an impartial (fly on the wall) VP and read all the scn texts and used the tech on my own for 17 yrs, with great success. Read a lot of fz material, too. Commed with a lot of fzners.

      I love the data in principle. But, because of my extensive prior research, and knowledge base, I can see flaws.

      I have also read a lot of the writings of critics of Hubbard.

      One good one is: Dianetics in Limbo, by Helen O’Brian.

      It is my evaluation and conclusion, he was as evil and wicked as he was genius.

      He had multiple personality disorder. He was bi polar.

      He was often very mean, very ruthless, and most unreasonable.

      His secret postulate was that everyone was his slave.

      It appears to me that he laced in false and limiting data as traps in the tech to make slaves for him.

      Anyone who would abuse people and make them work for practically nothing and sign billion yr contracts, is quite diabolical in my opinion.

      It is my hypothesis that the majority of data and tech was from one or more entities channelling through him.



      • Thanks for the comm Dio,

        I am glad you can separate the philosophy from the man and avail yourself of the excellent workability of the subject. Well done on not following any “Authorities” ; a very workable motto that a friend carries with him says, “Question authority”.

        I don’t share your views on LRH but I can respect your assessment as it seems to me you are being honest to your own observations. I certainly will not try to impose my views on you , but I think that you might be missing some angles from where to look further , but I wouldn’t like to discuss it here in detail out of respect from some of our readers.

        You are very welcome to comm with me any time you like. Dear BIC Admin , please provide Dio with my e-mail address if you be so kind.

        Take care Dio. It is always a pleasure to exchange comms with you.

        ARC PETER

      • Thanks for the comm Dio,

        I am glad you can separate the philosophy from the man and avail yourself of the excellent workability of the subject. Well done on not following any “Authorities” ; a very workable motto that a friend carries with him says, “Question authority”.

        I don’t share your views on LRH but I can respect your assessment as it seems to me you are being honest to your own observations. I certainly will not try to impose my views on you , but I think that you might be missing some angles from where to look further , but I wouldn’t like to discuss it here in detail out of respect from some of our readers.

        You are very welcome to comm with me any time you like. Dear BIC Admin , please provide Dio with my e-mail address if you be so kind.

        Take care Dio. It is always a pleasure to exchange comms with you.

        ARC PETER

      • Peter,
        Thanks for your reply.

        Reading the 8-8008 6 to 10 times is quite a feat. I have read it a couple of times, and that was along time ago. I would like to read all the books over again, but my ability to read is not what it used to be.

        I have listened to the PDC tapes 2 to 3 times too.

        I asked the question because of your aversion to Christianity.

        If you look in the intro page on credits, Hubbard credits Jesus of Nazareth as one of his sources.

        I wonder if you realized that?

        My email is: diogeneseii at


      • Thanks for the comm Dio,

        I am not against Christiany at such ; my apologies if any previous comments in this thread or any earlier ones offended your beliefs.

        I was quite a fundamentalist Dio ; one with a fanatical adherence to the Scn scriptures. I am no longer. I found a much better purpose in fostering the Human Rights specially a deep respect for people’s religious beliefs and their right to practice them free from interference and personal attacks.

        I can’t say though , that I agree with all the tenets of Christianity and with all the points of its scriptures ; nor I can state as a fact the humanitarian qualities or lack of the indiviadual called Christ ; I simply don’t have enough information to properly evaluate that. But if I did, still I don’t think that I would utter any critics regardless of any unfavourable findings that I might find if that was the case. I wouldn’t , as I found a much greater happiness in allowing others to be and freely practicing their beliefs w/out having anyone evaluate for them what is right or not about their religion.

        I am a peace now with all denominations. I welcome all views that foster free will , Human Rights , and a strong urge to help our fellows regardless of their beliefs. By the way, I find excellent ideas and moral teachings in the scriptures of Christiany even though that I disagree with other points. But I think that disagreeing is also healthy and part of the human nature.

        My apologies again if I offended your beliefs in any way.

        My e-mail is

        You have a friend here.

        BIC Admin, I am ok with posting my e-mail address if it is alright with you.

        ARC PETER

  10. To the blogs owner….. maybe you can wonder-bounder ask many questions-point finger of blame: why the church has fallen apart, why DM is the leader but there are no co-incidents in this Universe, the faith of the church was established before it has materialized in the so called Solid Universe.
    The answers to all your questions can be found by you in sessions if you decide you would really like to know the truth. The mystery is nor really a mystery but mystery is only a denial to know.
    Elizabeth Hamre.

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