Ideal Org$ Africa update

Fundraiser pics


Now that the Festive Season is over, the never-ending-Ideal-Org$-Silly-Season is back in full swing. With a vengeance.

Many thanks to our alert readers for sharing these priceless gems with the rest of us.

Joburg North 

A couple of weeks ago BIC were informed that the ED of Joburg North, Ian Hammond, had been “transferred” to Joburg Org to take up the position of ED FDN. This came about because the current ED JBG FDN (Bob Petrie) had “demoted himself” to OES FDN. Unconfirmed reports state that Bob cited “work pressure” as his reason for stepping down. This has not been corroborated, and if anyone can shed more light on this, please drop us a line.

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RCS – Money Laundering & the Celebrity Connection

Leah Remini Money


Just when we thought we’d reached rock bottom with the Church of Scientology’s desperate fundraising activities from its ever diminishing pond of gullible public, we received the following communication from an Under The Radar reader showing that things have gotten way weirder than we ever suspected.

In reading the commentary below always bear in mind the ‘fundraise’ prospect has no connection with Scientology whatsoever:

“I had an interesting conversation yesterday afternoon.

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On free will, fundamentalism and the workability of Scientology

Free will


Editor comment: Many thanks to Theta Clear for submitting this article of his personal viewpoints, observations and experiences with Scientology. 



By Theta Clear

Free will is a quality tied to self-determinism and the ability/willingness to “think for yourself” and decide based on your own observations, what works and what doesn’t, what is true for you or not.

Without “Free will”, you only have robotism under the spell of authoritarianism with its consequential neglect of actual OBSERVATION ; a slow and painless death of reason and consciousness, but a death nevertheless.

For whatever the reasons, this planet is plagued with fundamentalism and a fanatical approach to religious knowledge.

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We’re celebrating and YOU are invited





BIC is pleased to announce a special event which is being hosted on the 8th February 2015 – and you’re invited!

The purpose of this occasion is to bring folk together to rekindle comm-lines, meet new friends and enjoy a social gathering that is uplifting, enlightening and a whole lot of fun!

As a teaser in the interim, we are delighted to announce that some very special guests will be joining us:

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On the lighter side……

Good News


Our last two articles received great response & attention from readers. We were pleased to see the number of folk enthusiastically engaging with each other despite wide and varied viewpoints on the issues at hand. It was encouraging to see people granting others the right to communicate their viewpoints – with very little moderation needed.

The common viewpoint of most folk following this blog is that DM has all but performed a hostile takeover of the church, engaging in a reign of terror and securing his position as “the Pope of Scientology” by getting rid of top church management and anyone who questions “Command Intention” including former top Church execs, OT8’s and other church OL’s. Continue reading

RCS & 4D scampaigns – help or hype?



Below is a story by a former Church member of her VM experience during the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake .

The PR of RCS is currently at an all-time low. As Mike Rinder so succinctly stated during a recent interview with Jeffrey Augustine, 2015 is going to be a year of pain for the Church.

With multiple court cases, negative media articles, the imminent release of two major tell-all documentaries and an explosive book by Tony Ortega scheduled for release in May, this year is not starting well for the church. Much discussion has taken place about how the church is going to react. Speculation is that they will try bolster their PR by diverting attention onto “good works” by various ABLE and 4D campaigns.

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