BIC – we’re back!

2014 to 2015 leap


Hello and welcome to this, our first post of 2015.

After a most welcome break over the festive season, we are pleased to announce that BIC is back on track and looking forward to taking our readers on a rocket-ride into 2015.  We believe this year will prove to be the most illuminating yet as the spotlight shines brightly on RCS like never before.

2014 saw an unprecedented number of court cases lodged against the Church and its various entities. This resulted in a plethora of media attention (including 2 major  exposés in top South African publications) which in turn resulted in even more whistle-blowers stepping forward.

In South Africa alone, this has seen in excess of 100 known SCN public step away from the Church – many publicly so, and many more UTR for one or other reason.  On average, this blog is visited by over 200 South Africans on a daily basis.

In all, 2014 was possibly the worst year to date for Corporate Scientology and there is no sign of this abating in 2015.

As a kick-off to 2015 and to round-off 2014, we were very pleased to receive our annual WordPress blog stat report which reads as follows:

197 new posts with over 500,000 views from 144 different countries. 

Individual views from South Africa for the year – 124,030

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 500,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 21 days for that many people to see it.


The top referring site to our blog was Mike Rinder’s blog. Since inception of BIC Mike Rinder and many others have unconditionally supported and assisted BIC.

With this in mind and in keeping with the spirit of giving thanks,  we would like to take this opportunity of thanking EVERYONE for their ongoing support of the BIC blog. The list of names is endless, but you all know who you are – from the admins of facebook groups and other blogs promoting/linking to BIC to everyone who has unselfishly promoted, advised and guided us. To our many stalwart supporters, readers and special correspondents, and of course those of you who have supported BIC by providing the energy needed to continue putting this blog there as a safe platform for others. So, to all of you, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Without you, the BIC blog would not exist.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

We have a number of articles and updates in the wings so watch this space.

As a reminder, we welcome submissions to the blog. Please drop us an email if you have something to say –

We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you all a wonderful year ahead.


10 thoughts on “BIC – we’re back!

  1. Welcome back. Good stats for 2014 so let’s grow some more in 2015. Thanks for the thanks. BIC has a great place in the world outside official scn. We look forward to the stories and observations to come.

  2. Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people. We missed Back in Comm too!

    May this be the year David Miscavige gets caught and exposed!

  3. Happy New Year and YES David Miscavige and all who support him
    Caught and Exposed!
    Get ready OSA to do battle with the rebels and we will bring you to Justice!

  4. Welcome back, thanks for all your good work, you do make a difference.
    And wonderful, happy, wise, creative and funny 2015 to all of us !!!

  5. Thank you for your great work and lively attitude. I appreciate the quality of your articles and the courage of southafricans who stood tall and defied the cult of greed.

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