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When LRH wrote the Way to Happiness, little did he or anyone predict that attempts to apply the precepts contained in the book would be extremely difficult if not impossible. within the confines of the official Church.

This despite the fact that the Church never misses a beat for any opportunity to reg vast fortunes “to distribute WTH booklets in troubled areas” as was recently witnessed during the Soccer World Cup, Palestine/Israel debacle and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

It would stand to reason that any group promoting “a common sense guide to better living” would themselves be fine examples of applying that which they are promoting.  The reality however is that the Church violates so many of the WTH precepts, it’s somewhat difficult to find any that they do apply.

A couple of examples:

“Take care of yourself” – Eat properly and get rest”. Ask any Sea Org member if this is being applied. Unless Class V Org staff have a moonlight job, there is no way they would have the means to eat properly – the rest issue is somewhat of a joke when there is an “all hands” for events, new releases and other flaps needing handling.

“Love and help Children” – again, impossible to do if you’re a Sea Org member who ends up pregnant & thus needing an abortion. Ironically, the Church fought tooth and nail against legalising abortion in South Africa under the banner of the Religious Defence League in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

“Set a good example” – Like the recent display Jenny Linson and her troupe put on in public with their insane ranting while ambushing Marty at LAX recently?

“Seek to live with the truth”. Hmmmm. “We don’t enforce disconnection” “We have no such thing as fair game”. “DM has never beaten anyone – we know this because we saw every inch of our husbands bodies and never saw ONE bruise on them”.

“Don’t do anything illegal” – Phone tapping, hacking people’s computers and email accounts,  not paying amenity bills, blackmailing apostates with threats of publishing confidential PC data, paying exiting SO members hush money  – the list goes on.

Not to belabour the point, but there are many other examples such as “Do not harm a person of goodwill”; “Be worthy of Trust”; “Fulfill your obligations”; “Be competent”; “Respect the religious beliefs of others” and last but not least, “Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you”

We are sure our readers will have their own examples to add, and we welcome your contributions.

Which brings us to the subject of this article – “A Way to Happiness that really works”

Today (9th August) Tony Ortega published an article on his blog which he has kindly allowed us to re-publish on BIC.

Here it is:

Jefferson Hawkins provides Scientology a way to happiness that actually works

Jefferson Hawkins


Twelve lessons every ex-Scientologist needs to learn

  1. The world outside Scientology is not a dangerous or degraded or hostile place. You’ll find that on the whole, people are pretty nice, and you’re likely to encounter more kindness, empathy, and friendliness — and less judgment — than you did inside Scientology.
  1. You have your own ideas and opinions separate from those of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. Learn to differentiate. Ask yourself, “is this really what I personally think or believe, or is this just what I was taught in Scientology?” Stop putting everything through a Scientology filter to determine if it is good or bad, true or false. Make your own decisions. And it’s OK to disagree with Hubbard and Scientology.
  1. You have the right to privacy and to your own personal space. Your private life, your activities, your lifestyle are your own choice and no one has the right to pry or invade your space or pass judgment. You do not have to reveal or confess everything about your life to anyone. People in general do not care or judge you.
  1. Learn to relax and live your life. You don’t have to be “productive” every moment. Take the time to relax, go for long walks, daydream, read a book, hang out with friends and family. You are not on the clock and you don’t have to measure every minute of your life against some arbitrary standard of “production.”
  1. Make an effort to overcome any prejudices instilled by Scientology. Gays are not “covertly hostile.” Psychiatrists are not evil. Journalists are not “merchants of chaos.” “Wogs” are not degraded or out-ethics. And they are not “wogs.” Try to re-examine generalities like this and see people and institutions for who they actually are, not what Scientology told you they are.
  1. People who disagree with you are not “enemies.” People who challenge your opinions are not “attacking” you. Loosen up. Try to see other viewpoints. Re-examine your own opinions and conclusions. You will never learn anything if you only reactively defend your own position and demonize those who disagree.
  1. It’s important to take care of yourself. See a doctor regularly. Get a checkup. See the dentist. Take needed medication. Get over any preconception that doctors, dentists, or medicine are bad, scary, invalid, or unnecessary.
  1. Emotion is a good thing. It is not a sign of a weak person or a “lesser being.” Emotions are a part of life, and everyone feels them. It is not shameful to feel anger, grief, or depression, and it does not make you less of a person. If you try to suppress your so-called “lower” emotions, you may end up being unable to feel anything.
  1. Whatever wins you have had, remember that nothing in Scientology has made you superior to others. Get over any sense of superiority or entitlement. Realize that Scientologists have the same hang-ups, problems, foibles, and faults as anyone else. They make the same mistakes and commit the same sins. Scientologists have not reached a “higher state” where they have super powers or are morally or intellectually or spiritually superior to others. Try to see yourself objectively and with humility. Do not approach others with arrogance or condescension.
  1. Get over the idea that your life only has meaning if you are “serving a higher purpose.” Just living your life with love, tolerance, kindness, and charity is what gives it meaning. If the world is to be improved, it will be through individual acts of kindness, friendship, and generosity, not some organized international movement to “save the planet.”
  1. You don’t need to follow someone else on your life’s journey. You don’t need a leader or a guru or a “source.” You don’t need an “ism” or “ology.” Get over the idea that Scientology — or anyone for that matter — has all the answers. Broaden your horizons. If you are interested in learning more about the mind and spirit, read or study broadly. You don’t need someone else to define truth for you. You are fully capable of coming up with your own ideas, opinions, and conclusions. Blaze your own trail to your own truth.
  1. You don’t need to be constantly “fixed” or corrected. You don’t need constant auditing or interviews or therapy to survive. Scientology only exists by constantly “finding people’s ruins” and convincing them of their failings and imperfections all the way up the line. In all likelihood, there is not as much wrong with you as you might have been led to believe and you are pretty much fine just as you are.

— Jefferson Hawkins


Jefferson Hawkins is a man who is very well known among people who have left the Church. He has authored two books about his experiences as a Scientologist. In Counterfeit Dreams we learn how Jeff was Scientology’s top marketing expert, and was responsible for the famous “volcano” television commercials of the 1980s that helped the organization reach its greatest extent.

Hawkins is also known for another book, Leaving Scientology, which has proved to be a valuable asset for people trying to adjust from life in Scientology (especially in its controlling “Sea Org”) to the modern world.



42 thoughts on “A way to happiness that really works

  1. Thank you Jefferson Hawkins for writing that, and thank you Scnafrica for posting it.
    As an historical background note on the 1980 ‘Way to Happiness’, it was written in the aftermath of the court ordered release of thousands of pages of very damning, secret, documentation that put Scientology in a very bad light.
    As with the 1966 essay ‘What is Greatness’ – which extoled the virtue of love – and was published concurrent with the establishing of the Guardians Office, it served, mainly, a PR purpose.
    David Mayo made the Way to Happiness into a Rundown and some Scientologists became conflicted between the Way to Happiness precepts and the rules of Scientology Ethics.
    Finally, according to an affidavit of David Mayo, LRH had David Mayo kidnapped and taken to the southern California desert where he was forced to run around a pole, incidentally while C/Sed – remotely – by LRH. Soon after, Mayo, a declared SP, was no longer a member of Scientology.
    Adjustments to the Way to Happiness RD followed.
    The Way to Happiness was always subordinate to Scientology Ethics, and was essentially PR. It was also to be used as a front group “particle,” one that discreetly mentioned L. Ron Hubbard – in small print – at the back of the booklet.
    In Scientology, confidential Ethics trumps non-confidential Ethics, and all Scientology Ethics trumps the (for distribution to non Scientologists) Way to Happiness.
    That said, I like Jefferson Hawkins’ Way to Happiness very much. It’s much needed wisdom, and wisdom written with no ulterior motive.
    The discussion stemming from its appearance on BIC should be interesting.

    • “Finally, according to an affidavit, of David Mayo, LRH had David Mayo kidnapped and taken to a southern California where he was forced to run around a pole, incidentally while C/Sed-remotely-by LRH. Soon after, Mayo a declared SP, was no longer a member of Scientology.”

      This is a classic David Miscavage caper. Get rid of Scientologists and put the blame on LRH. It was done on Mary Sue. It was done on Mission holders in 1982. It has been repeated many times since.

      • David Mayo wrote in a legal affidavit that LRH ordered it.
        That LRH C/Sed the running around a pole was confirmed by another Class XII.
        The Mission holders from 1982 who have spoken out, plus Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, and others who were there, say that LRH ordered what was done to the Mission Holders.
        The same goes for the “throwing of Mary Sue under the bus,” to quote Marty Rathbun. Many others, who were in positions to know, agree with Marty Rathbun.
        None of these people, above, are “making LRH wrong.” They are just telling the truth.

        Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder

      • That last line didn’t completely take for some reason.
        It should read, “Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have evolved over the last couple of years. Both their blogs are linked here. I highly recommend reading them.”

  2. The Way to Happiness, the Crede of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, the Auditor Code are all well written documents which mean absolutely nothing in the face of “Offenses and Penalties”. The latter is a fascistic manifesto which could have been written by Musolini.

    In Co$ today, if you quote any of the above, you immediately become an ethics target.

    • Altered importance. Organizational ethics is necessary – call it a necessary evil. You find it in all organizations, in all societies. It’s mild: dress appropriately, don’t park in red-zones, feed the meter, learn to read and write, etc.. and when you see the logic, it’s a piece of cake. But organizational ethics are NOT personal ethics. Personal ethics is more along the lines of seeing the logic of agreements, and wishing to be a good, logical, and productive individual. In short, wishing to be agreeable. Ultimately, personal ethics are, or align with, truth.

      Scientology is all about developing personal ethics, and THAT is the correct order of importances. Religions are all about developing personal ethics. One’s own ethics, one’s own decisions, based on truth and reason, goodness and logic. This was almost entirely overlooked, and disaster walked in to seize “control” and create chaos. What has come to pass in the church is a preponderance of agreements over truth.

      This rubs people the wrong way, but Scientology isn’t about groups and agreements. Agreements are by their nature, lies. The truth is not subject to agreements. (The truth is there, regardless of anyone’s views or agreements about it. It does not change because someone says so.) Another way of looking at that: people seek to solve problems on their 2D (second Dynamic, sex and family) which are really 1D (survival for self) problems. Resolving the 1D is ethics. It isn’t “the Dynamics,” it is “one’s Dynamics.” One has to be functional as oneself, an immortal spiritual being, before one can expand those concentric circles of Dynamics beyond 1D to establish one’s own 2D, and one’s own 3D (groups), and so forth. Accepting group ethics as one’s own ethics is a) ridiculous, and b) other-determinism. “Other-determined personal ethics” is an oxymoron, but some people don’t see that, because their 1D is in trouble. Really that’s the whole of the goal of Scientology, to get an individual to find and establish his own 1D, and thereby, his own ethics.

  3. Thanks for the reference to Jeff Hawkins second book. I didn’t know about it, and have now downloaded to my Kindle. I was on Pubs Org staff in Edinburgh, when Jeff joined.
    Interesting account, Boggles, some of which I was not aware of.
    The two versions on the Happiness Rundown (HRD) together with the Bulletin canceling the 1981 one (but without David Mayo’s talk – if any one has that I would appreciate it) are at http://www.antology.info/storage/HRD/ .
    I did the first HRD course and internship, and my comments (incomplete) on the production of a new one are at http://www.antology.info/articledetails.php?id_art=23 .
    I have been flourishing and prospering outside the socalled church for 30 years (including more than ten years producing a “free Scientology” magazine – see http://articles.ivymag.org/pdfs.html ) and reading the above blog is a little like being forced to interiorize into an engram which has been successfully run out and forgotten 🙂
    All best wishes,

    • Greetings Ant(ony) ,

      I enjoy your magazine very much. Its articles are incredible and by very smart free thinkers.

      Do you know what happened with Otto Roos that used to write many articles for you ? I never heard of him again after the early ’90s.

      Do you know how I can get copies of “The Free Spirit” ? I tried Google searching for them to no avail.

      And last , how can I get a hold of an original version of “Dianasis” ?

      Much success in yours endeavors.


      • No. I have written to Otto (a private address I must tell no one) and not got a reply.
        Regarding copies of Free Spirit (Journal). I encouraged Hank Levin to put them on the net (like IVy is on the net) but he did not want to (print was small and on newspaper quality paper, so I doubt if it would scan in well). He has set up a Free Spirit Internet group which you can join. I have a number of copies here, but postage is high. I do not know about Dianasis – it is in the hands of Peter Shepherd. Write to me at ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk and I will see if I can find out for you. All best wishes, Ant(ony)

      • Greetings Antony,

        Thanks for the comm and the information , and for offering your e-mail ; most kind of you.

        I’ll get back to you on your personal address.

        Take care.

        ARC, PETER

      • Tell Hank that a modern scanner could do the scan and produce a readable product.
        There’s no reason not to scan at least the first several years of issues, especially their covers.
        It’s of historical importance.

  4. Of course all this would be avoided by referencing to ex-followers and slaves alike the definition of the right hand path in magic, because, absurd as it sounds to those who believe they’ve never been exposed to the subject and who will no doubt mock based on their cavemen IQ levels, (and why would you be told the true purpose of your belief system which enslaves all Scientologists for life, whether they ‘leave’ or not – a neat trick – “I still apply the tech but am “independent” – no you’re not). Case in point: You never had a reactive mind until Ron pointed it out for you.

    Dianetics and Scientoloy both fall under the right hand path template which equates to a “herd mentality of submission to a religious authority in religion and any authority in the secular world”. This applies to all mainstream and not so mainstream religions and belief systems. Jeff Hawkins is a fine example of a being realising he’s been duped all along by this imposed viewpoint and has thus awakened his true sovereignty within, as we all have.

    So before you all kick off with your knee jerk responses based on what “you know” doing a little research into my statement may actually help you, and I hope it does because I believe we all have the right to believe what we like, only we must take responsibility for the consequences, something the ‘Church’ has never done. I think all ex’s should one day hold a unique protest outside gold base, consisting of the protesters merely belly laughing in the direction of the little frightened man in the big house, sorry ‘operations center’, he spent millions on. Pathetic.

    • The problem that I have with the “left-hand path” Alice is that , whereas it promotes free will and lack of submission to “Authorities” and “tyrannical gods” , it is too fixated with self-preservation and on individuation to the extent of failing to work on optimum solutions. It is too extremist in my opinion , and lack the proper balance for true enlightenment. But then again, I am no expert on the subject .


    • “Case in point: You never had a reactive mind until Ron pointed it out for you.”

      Alice, I don’t know how you personally came to that conclusion, but it is one of the ideas I’ve seen around the Net that seems to me to have spread from one person to another and become an “everybody knows”. (Basically, the critics seem to have their own “group think” – something they criticize in scientologists, ironically.)

      The notion that Ron “invented” the reactive mind has been debunked many times in various ways – for example, by Book One sessions, where it becomes obvious that there is a stimulus-response nature to the mind when somatics from the past get turned on – often to the great surprise of a pc who has not been told anything about this mechanism. There are also people who are already aware of some of their own stimulus responses – and the fact that that they can’t control them.

      Ron simply gave this phenomenon a name – the reactive mind. But others have observed and talked about it too, using different terms for it. Eckhart Tolle, author of *The Power of Now*, is one of them. A fundamental construct of his is what he calls “the pain-body.” Here’s a quote from his website:

      “The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity.” http://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Awakening-Your-Spiritual-Lifes-Purpose

      • Editor Comment: ST – we have redacted your comment as it was off-topic and in violation of our moderation policy. Whereas we do try to be lenient at times, the person you specifically quoted is a well-known LRH hater and is vehemently derisive of SCN tech. We have a responsibility to provide a safe platform for those readers who still consider themselves Scientologists and others who are embarking on their journey out of the corporate church. As such, we cannot allow content that is out-reality, out-gradient and/or upsetting to these readers.

      • Hi Marildi – Yes, good references. And others have spoken of the reactive mind, notable amongst them Socrates who spoke of “demons” in his head. Schizophrenia is in the field of psychology but is better explained in Dianetics (valence shifts) and Scientology (entities or BTs). People who oppose Scn seem to never have anything at all positive to offer – just reactive make-wrong / it’s bad / you’re deluded / it’s hypnotism etc. (*Oh, and buy my book explaining how Hubbard was after money”), and these cave-man IQ people do repeat what they think are “hot-buttons” like parrots while claiming to be some kind of superior independent thinkers. The truth is that these do-do’s are really very damaged beings – histories of failed attempts to straighten things out for themselves through psychologists, or psychiatrists – some may be crippled adults, some under-age, some drug addicts, some alcoholics, some adult children of alcoholics (very negative and acerbic), some unemployed, some just generally hateful people in their everyday lives, high school dropouts, or just fat and ugly. None of that is visible on blogs. I wonder why anyone bothers to post their bile on the excuse that everyone has a right to free speech, when it is obvious there is no logical argument, but only accusations.

      • Thanks, Nickname. There’s a lot to be said about the importance of a person’s intentions. Some do have bad intentions – others are simply misinformed, IMO. They may be misinformed because they don’t differentiate between (1) scientology as a body of tech based on a system of principles and (2) what the CHURCH of scientology has been practicing – regardless of how much of that practice did or didn’t come from Ron.

        Even with Jeff Hawkins’ “Way to Happiness”, although I don’t disagree with anything he wrote, there is an obvious implication, in every point he lists out, that it is the opposite of “scientology”. That may be true for the CoS brand but is not the case with regard to the basic principles and tech. What I’ve learned from reading and participating in forum discussions is that there is a lot of just plain misunderstanding of even basics! And a large part of that is due to false ideas being spread – whether or not it was intentional (because of bad intentions) or simply a matter of the person’s own lack of duplication of the materials.

        I found an amazing quote a while back on one of the PDC tapes, which comes to mind. Here it is:

        “…at any one time on Earth there were not more than about 10,000 people of a caliber, that was sufficient to do a little steering or leading.

        “…There’s only about 10,000 of them really.

        “…And below that level you have something in the neighborhood of about 100,000 or 150,000, 200,000 people who have a competence of assimilation. That’s about all.

        “You can count, then, on those people directing others or leading them…

        “And if you have a savage enough truth, or a beautiful enough truth, they can go through, but don’t ever try to get a reasonable enough truth, because you won’t ever talk to reason…

        “So therefore you have two levels of appeal which are quite direct and quite direct indeed is you just go ahead and you work; you don’t try to tell anybody anything beyond perhaps you intimate to them once in a while that you might be able to do something for them.”


      • Marildi : “Even with Jeff Hawkins’ “Way to Happiness”, although I don’t disagree with anything he wrote, there is an obvious implication, in every point he lists out, that it is the opposite of “scientology”. That may be true for the CoS brand but is not the case with regard to the basic principles and tech.”

        Dear Marildi,

        Sorry for stepping in , but I wouldn’t go so far as stating that as a “fact”. Many items that Jeff points out , DOES describe many basic principles of Scientology as written by LRH. Here are some of them just to name a few :

        1. Any attempt from a Scientologists in seeking additional knowledge from other sources besides Scientology , is interpreted as “Squirreling” or “mixing practices” by LRH himself. “Altering Scn” is even clasified as a high crime in the Scn scriptures. In fact , “any violation of any of the 10 points of KSW” IS considered by Policicy, from LRH’s own writings, as a “Suppressive Act” ; an obvious “enforce have” and authoritarian approach to teach a subject.

        Therefore, any Scientologist found seeking additional sources is heavily shunned from the group , and even thought of as a “rebel” and “service fac(ky)” type of individual.

        LRH is aparently ALWAYS right and his Tech not to be questioned at all, as any disagreements with any part of it are TOTALLY caused by your “own M/Us and ‘false’ data on the subject”, you are indoctrinted to think.

        2. According to the famous and yet fundamentalistic KSW #1 , if you dare to alter Scn and fail to completely adhere to its scriptures, you’ll face “eternal oblivion trapped into a complete darkness”. Fear instead of increased understandings is used to keep us on the road to “Total Freedom” ; a none existent one as evidenced by the so called “mystery” surrounding LRH’s death and his obvious incapacity to defeat body sickness (he died of a stroke after having had a previous disabling one just 7-8 months prior to his death).

        A supposedly “Full Operating Thetan” left many of his followers completely in the dark w/out properly turning his hat over ; something he clearly established in the Power Formula , the lecture “The Five Conditions” ,and his essay on Simon Bolivar. His “one day before his last” will can’t possibly be construed as a “hat turn over” but as an “assets, property and copyrights” turn over, benefiting mostly the Church , as his wife and kids got only peanuts.

        A supposedly “perfet” route out and yet , no text-book Book One Clear has ever been produced. Read the Chapter, “The Clear” on DMSMH (a book I have read probably 10x cover to cover and from which I audited for thousand of hrs ) and compare any NED or C.C. Clears to it and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

        Listen as well to all the PDC lectures, the best description in existence of a true Operating Thetan, and show me just ONE example of such an individual produced by NOTs or NEW OT VIII. Not even LRH at his end could demostrate such a state.

        I just hate it when a very much incomplete and faulty “route out” is disseminated to others as the “best this ‘universe’ has ever had” ; a complete falsity. A very much workable road in many ways, yes. The “best there is” ? I have no evidence to support that , as it is one with many holes in it and many overrated results.

        The route out is VERY far from being complete. The faster we realize about that , the quickest many improvements to it can be properly researched by highly trained auditors who have freed themselves of the submission to “Authority”.

        My dream is that someday such a research will be seriously taken by a group of high toned, trained and humanitarian type of individuals, and the actual road to “Total Freedom” will be paved at last and completed.

        I might be able help others to bring it about ; I don’t know. It seems like a too gigantic task for a totally unkown individual like me. I have the good will, that’s for sure , and the greatest good in my heart. The future will tell.

        ARC PETER

      • thetaclear, I was using “BASIC principles” to mean the kinds of things you find in Scientology 0-8, *The Book of Basics*. That is, the discoveries of how the mind works and how thetans operate in this universe – all of which underlie a tech that can, and in fact does, raise people up spiritually even though they still have further to go. As for all the points you listed out – I’m in full agreement with your views, especially this one:

        “The route out is VERY far from being complete. The faster we realize about that, the quickest many improvements to it can be properly researched by highly trained auditors who have freed themselves of the submission to ‘Authority’.”

        Shortly before his death, LRH himself said that he had “failed”. Yes, it’s true that he fell short of the “star-high goal”, but I feel he did make a very big contribution to this world – and that others can and will pick up the ball from there. I’m glad you intend to be one of them. 🙂

        Btw, you might be interested in checking out David St. Lawrence’s forum – “Independent Spiritual Technology”. That is where you can find discussions on various tech improvements and also on spiritual technology from other sources. Here’s the link for you: http://independent-spiritual-technology.com/


      • Thanks for the comm Marildi ,

        Your point about what you meant by “Basics” is well understood and fully agreed upon ; thanks for the clarification.

        And yes, I am quite aware of LRH’s incredible contributions to starting so many of us in the route out. His great genius can’t never be doubted indeed.

        Thanks for the link on David’s forum. I was quite aware of his Tech developments but didn’t know about his forum.

        Take care and much success in all your endeavors.

        ARC PETER

      • thetaclear,

        Just so you know, David’s forum has many other topics in addition to the Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) that David developed. There are other members of the forum who have researched and made other types of improvements on the tech, and they have their own topic threads about what they do. David’s SRT is an improvement on OT levels as they are delivered in the CoS (note: the NOTs tech in the church has apparently been altered a few times since it was first released). I think everything on the Bridge has been researched and extended or improved, and pretty much all of them, from the Pilot’s work on up to PT, are posted topics there on the forum, always open to comments.

        Actually, there are postings about all kinds of spiritual findings and methodologies that exist on the planet, not just scientology. If you go there, check out both the “public” and “private” topics listed. For the private ones you have to register, a simple matter of stating your posting name and email address.

        Thank you, Peter! Best wishes to you too. 🙂

      • Got it Marildi,

        Thanks for referring me to the forum ; I’ll definitively look into it , thank you.

        My best wishes to you too. :-))

        ARC, PETER

      • You’re welcome, Nickname. When I first read that, it took me aback. Glad you appreciated it too.

      • Marildi – What you explained is exactly right. Sorry I didn’t address it. I’ve wondered if the “smishing together” of Scientology and the Church is just to simplify for political ends, based on the notion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The problem I have with that piece of nutshell philosophy is that if you win, you then do not know who is standing right next to you. There are also people who have been badly hurt by the church, and never knew Scientology. They now blame Scientology, when the correct target is the church’s misapplications. I have met and talked to people who (smart people) saw the chaos developing, and just walked away. They took whatever they could get while the getting was good. and it did them good – they do not allow their insight and ethics to be alloyed.

      • “…they do not allow their insight and ethics to be alloyed.”

        Nickname, you made some good points, including the above. That is just one of a wide spectrum of “lessons” that have been learned from “scientology”, using the word to mean the organization and its history as well as the basic meaning – a system of spiritual advancement. The whole experience was/is a combination of “good” and “bad”. But I think we can take heart in what LRH said in this famous quote:

        “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth. Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16 inch armor plate. ”

        My view is that the truths of scientology will survive, even if under a different name (or names). Because truth is truth.

        I’ve evolved in my views, and that’s what I finally came to. So the critics who don’t know basic or core scientology don’t really bother me that much anymore. What’s true for them is true for them. But I still have the urge to speak up when they put forth what seem to me to be flat-out MU’s or false data. We all do our part. 🙂

  5. Jefferson Hawkins 12 points are brilliant. Along with so many articles he has written on his blog and his book Counterfeit Dreams. He has done a great service to many exes of any cult.
    Also, your original point on Way to Happiness is great. I have frequently thought of individual precepts the church does not practice but stupidly never just look at the pamphlet and all the precepts as a whole. Besides the fact that this phamphlet is no great philopsophical revelation, it is NOT something the church truly believes – evidenced by its own behaviour, abuses and human rights violations.
    Thanks once again.

    • Tony, ‘Jeff is a smart guy’ – probably, but I would qualify all evaluations with common sense. It is not totally ‘Rosy’ out here. (Granted, it is freer than inside.)
      ie, #5, ‘Journalists are not “merchants of chaos”.’ No, not all, but some are. (As Will Rogers said, ‘If you don’t read the newspaper, you are not informed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed”. There is also ‘If it bleeds, it leads’.)

  6. Fantastic article – thanks.

    I remember having this exact realisation during my most recent staff stint. One day while touring a new person around the AV displays, she stopped at the Way to Happiness segment. As I was standing with her watching the DVD, I felt like a cheat and hypocrite. Here I was in staff uniform representative of a religious group who claimed to ascribe to this “code of ethical conduct” when I knew damn well we were in violation of nearly every single precept. And then we moved onto the YFHR display – same thing.

    As the old adage goes “practice what you preach”. It really takes a special kind of thick-skinned con-artist to lie to public like this. Handing out WTH booklets and championing for Human Rights while your own house is in such disarray and clearly in breach of everything you are PR’ing is either incredibly stupid or very thick-skinned (probably both). I find it incomprehensible that those left in the Church (and particularly staff dealing with these 4D campaigns) are able to ignore or even worse, not see this glaring outpoint. Goes to show just how “ethical” these people are and is proof positive of gross overts sitting at the root of stupidity, inability to observe and brazen hypocrisy to boot.

    I loved Jefferson’s 12 points – every one of them resonated with me in a big way and blew chunks of charge. I read Counterfeit Dreams (actually read the whole story in segment-format before it was published into a book) – it was a major factor in my decision to end cycle with the Church.

  7. Jeff has such a sane viewpoint on the subject of how to correctly use and view Scn. I love his writing style. I started to read his “Counterfeit Dreams” book and is such a page turner! , an excellent writer indeed. And a very uptone one, I may add.


  8. Brilliant article.
    Jeff writes beautifully and like Shelley I also read Counterfeit Dreams before it was published. I am an ex SO member and of course could relate completely to what he wrote about. It was an amazing read and contributed to my decision to leave the cult completely.
    Leaving scientology is a process and Jeff’s article is so true and so sane. His advice is invaluable in every sense.

  9. I challenge the Church to answer this question. If TWTH is so effective, then why is the block around the PAC base considered so dangerous? if TWTH is such an effective solution, then why isn’t it handed out non-stop in the area around the PAC Base…like NONSTOP…every day, every week, for years on end….FOR FREE? This would cost almost nothing.

    You know how I now that the C of S doesn’t care about improving the environment? Because they don’t do Social Betterment activities FOR FREE or even AT COST. They have to turn a profit.

    Oh and by the way…to all the kids out there who were raised in the cadet org or various “ranch” schools around the world, I have a little secret for you.

    If the Church tries to give you heat about who you’re hanging with, or talking to, or what you’re reading, or why you’re not on course, or how hard you’re partying…just tell them you have a little autobiography you’ve started putting together about all the child abuse and neglect that occurred at the ranch, you know, little things like the isolation, labor, beatings, punishments, no food, no parents, etc. etc.

    You’ll find out that OSA and the MAAs will leave you alone right quick like a bunny!


  10. WTH is true. WTH while being in the S.O. is difficult but for other reasons. Let’s not forget that Sci has historically been infiltrated by agents and informers inside and out, I can’t tell you all the times in LA we were evacuated in the early 80’s after ‘bomb threats’.

  11. Good list of things Scns should know. His book is first class.

    Just a comment on the WTH link to the article, I do not think this was Jefferson’ phrase, but was rather Tony’s. There is no attempt by Jeff to say this has anything to do with WTH.

    One can, on the other hand, as Tony seems to have done, say that the list Jeff has created is some kind of a series of steps or things one can follow to a happier state of mind regarding your Scn orientation.

    WTH addresses a whole different perspective as a general code in life, whether one agrees with it or not.

    Just rambling along here.

    • The WTH reference in the article was penned by the BIC admins as an example of how it’s not and cannot be applied within the RCS. The list from Jess is for those who are no longer in the Church.

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