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Good News


Our last two articles received great response & attention from readers. We were pleased to see the number of folk enthusiastically engaging with each other despite wide and varied viewpoints on the issues at hand. It was encouraging to see people granting others the right to communicate their viewpoints – with very little moderation needed.

The common viewpoint of most folk following this blog is that DM has all but performed a hostile takeover of the church, engaging in a reign of terror and securing his position as “the Pope of Scientology” by getting rid of top church management and anyone who questions “Command Intention” including former top Church execs, OT8’s and other church OL’s.

Furthermore, he has repeatedly altered, re-packaged and re-sold the bridge whilst having successfully changed the focus of the church from delivering the tech into a money-hungry cult engaged mainly in amassing huge slush funds through the IAS and other campaigns including acquiring a fortune in real-estate paid for by the parishioners of the church. This has been a long-term carefully orchestrated PR caper aided by an army of lawyers permanently employed to protect & defend DM whilst he continues to make mincemeat from everything that was once good in the church.

A number of people who have left want nothing further to do with SCN and no longer consider themselves Scientologists. Some have taken a more extreme view and are very anti SCN, LRH and anything to do with the subject.

Many are still making their way through the labyrinth as they disentangle themselves from the church’s tentacles.  Some have quietly slipped out the back door, others have publicly announced their departure and many brave folk have put themselves at great risk by continuing to whistle-blow by shining the spotlight of truth on DM & RCS.

And then there are those people who, having discovered the horrible truth, are disillusioned and feeling a great sense of loss. Although they still believe in and want to continue their SCN journey, they realise the church is no longer a safe space to do so. They are asking  “what now?”.

This article is aimed at such people.

We have covered this topic previously, but we feel it bears repeating in view of the ongoing numbers of people leaving the church and the growing number of inquiries we are receiving from people seeking alternatives. Our South African readership has doubled since this blog started – this alone speaks for itself.

The good news is that the tech is alive and prospering outside the Church. Not only have many Scientologists fixed up their stalled cases and out-tech in very quick order, but they are now happily progressing up the bridge in a safe environment, free from crush-regging, incessant events and fundraisers.

BIC is pleased to announce that the full bridge is available and being delivered in South Africa. Below are two success stories – the one is from someone brand new to the subject (they have never been in an org) and the other is from someone who recently attested to Advanced Level 1 (Yes, the Advanced Levels levels are being delivered right here in South Africa!).

Success Story 1

“When I arrived in the course-room I was completely withdrawn and very, very low emotionally and physically. 

I had been dumped by my girlfriend and I thought the entire world had come to an end. I could not understand how this course could help me.

After the first session and learning about the two golden rules to happiness, I immediately woke up to the fact that these guys are onto something.

Working through all the different understandings of integrity, ethics and the Code of Honour, I have discovered that I was failing in many aspects of my relationship. I have discovered that I was always blaming the other person for all the wrong-doings without actually looking at my own integrity.

Writing up my overts and discovering where I went wrong in the relationship and then taking the responsibility to acknowledge that the relationship failed, was a very sorry thought until I took ownership of my own misdoings.

Confronting my overts has freed me from guilt and shame. I now hold my head up high in the knowing and understanding that those faults were my own, and I am convinced that I shall never repeat the same mistakes again.

My ethics, morals and integrity now shine brightly. I am proud to own them, proud to put them out there and now wear them on my chest”.


Success Story 2

“What a remarkably simple yet powerful level. Such beauty in simplicity. I had an amazing time really! 

My viewpoint shifted from singular body inflow perception to multiple viewpoint reality. That’s quite a change of perspective. We have been VERY conditioned to be a meat body – everything in society is so well crafted to keep us in it.

Advanced Level 1 helps to break all that. I feel more me, less restrained, have much more space. Space and the ability to mock it up and permeate it is a vital ability. Also a new fresh viewpoint on bodies and a high havingness in them without fixation is a wonderful bonus too!

LRH, you are a genius. To the staff, thank you for all your support – it’s well and truly appreciated so thanks a million”.


And finally, from further afield, our friends at Dror Centre in Israel continue to deliver miracles on a daily basis.

Below is an article and video they recently posted on their blog:

Moving UP the Bridge… from Flag to Dror Center » Free to do Scientology

In the short video below, Aviv Bershadsky, the Advanced Org I/C of Dror Center, presents Alexander Dantser, who is currently doing the Advanced Levels at Dror.

Alexander Dantser is the owner of a Russian cable communications company.He started doing Scientology seven years ago at the Moscow Org and later went to the Saint Petersburg Org.

Alexander attested to the state of Clear at AOSH EU in 2011 and was ready to start his OT Levels. However, instead of going up the Bridge, he was returned to the bottom of the Bridge for TWO years of various “flattenings”. And still he was not allowed to embark on the OT Levels.

In desperation, Alexander went to Flag to do the L Rundowns. However, even there the Church succeeded to upset him to such a degree, that he would never consider doing another auditing action within the Church.

After some research, Alexander found Dror Center and went there for a short visit to do his “Doubt Formula”. He liked what he saw and shortly came back for a much longer stay.

And guess what? He is now rolling on the Advanced Levels with great wins.

Here is what he has to say:


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  1. “Stops all occur because of failed purposes. Behind every stop there is a failed purpose. There is a law about this—all you have to do to restore life and action is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.” (from “OT Orgs”, HCOPL 14 Jan 69)

    Wonderful blog post. BIC is doing a great job of rekindling purposes. 🙂

    • Failed purpose is a failed purpose – on an admin scale. Looking at an entire admin scale is instructive, not because it ‘wraps things up in details’ (it doesn’t), but because there may be some points on it that the individual didn’t think of, and an admin scale shows the interrelationships of parts – such as specifying VPF’s or putting a plan and program together. It also shows inconsistencies or illogics very quickly, so it very useful in debugging activities. So the rekindled purpose can be implemented with plans and projects – and mistakes that led to failure can be examined, and second or third failures can be avoided.

      An admin scale is really intuitive, but all the interrelationships with other admin scales, and the connections between admin scales, are not so intuitive. E.g. An admin scale “Make A Cup of Coffee” is pretty easy to line up and execute. And it’s a good exercise in learning to use an admin scale. Usually it will contain something like “put ground coffee in ….” But there is a whole interrelationship of admin scales there, when one considers “Grow A Coffee Bush.” For those who are big on pan-determinism, a look at how the admin scales of growers are structured, and how those interrelate with the admin scales of buyers and roasters, shippers and packagers, supermarkets and so on, might be of deeper interest. (For the insufferably nerdy, the purpose of a coffee bush might be considered … it is a life, right?)

      Specific to those who may have been affected by disconnection, a look at all the admin scales functioning within a family unit, and all the supporting (interrelated) scales there might clarify, and possibly even suggest solutions.

      • “So the rekindled purpose can be implemented with plans and projects – and mistakes that led to failure can be examined, and second or third failures can be avoided.”

        Nickname, very good post. I have to agree that the Admin Scale is a marvel as a basic piece of administrative/management tech.

        And the above quote from your post is of the essence now, for the preservation and continued use of the tech. Good contribution.

      • Hi! Agreed with you both! Admin Scale is imho a Wonderful and Very Powerful tool able to align all our Creative Power for a Full “Tone 40” Causality.

        More than this, I bet that if we could align all our Admin Scale, we would work “shoulder by shoulder” “and take this planet just as much as we are” (this idea may say something to few of you all 😉 … ).

  2. When I first entered Scientology 50 years ago I did not want auditing. I was a bit afraid and was not going to let anybody mess around with my mind. I wanted to know everything about auditing before I would let anyone mess around with my thoughts so I purchased the HPA and started studying the tech. The HPA cost me a small fortune at R150.00 and the e-meter was going on special for R25.00 which I purchased from Heather Herman who was the HCO exec. at the time.

    I think I went release on all those levels just by studying the tech. 3 Months later I joined staff and became the staff auditor. I was terrified when I got my first PC and extremely nervous. I eventually overcame that and I am sure my confront increased a million times just by auditing. Since then I audited PCs in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Rhodesia, Northern Africa, Europe and at the flag land base in Clearwater.

    Auditing another being has its own benefits and I encourage others to also become auditors.

    • “Auditing another being has its own benefits and I encourage others to also become auditors.” Major truth. Major. Would you say that once one gets the hang of auditing, it’s not so terrifying?

  3. “BIC is pleased to announce that the full bridge is available and being delivered in South Africa… (Yes, the OT levels are being delivered right here in South Africa!).”

    This is something I have looked forward to hearing for quite a while, ever since about 18 months ago my spouse told me that the full bridge was available at a fraction of the cost and not to bother with doing OT levels at an RCS AO but to rather check out the alternatives.

    Those words were immediately seared into my brain as a message of hope of what is now happening. Even back then I knew I would never return to Flag to become a ‘controlled particle’, sec checked to hell and back and generally told I’m some kind of DB because I couldn’t afford one R70,000 intensive (when was it EVER just one?) never mind the month off work, accommos, donations, etc, etc and more etc.

    Back then (18 months ago) it was important to me to know there was an independent field I could turn to. My journey out of RCS means today that it’s less important – but I still like to know it’s there and I’m open to finding out more.

  4. BIC I like your style! Balanced views are always a happy standard to strive for I believe. Especially with regards to Scientology.

    The world doesnt need another guru, peace polititian or messiah! We need good solutions, mutual cooperation and sensible responsibility spread around the table without being force fed anything! Indigestion busting philosophical application minus human rights violations can and does improve our lot. Lets forgive the mistakes and move on with what we know works.

    I look forward to more wins and successes in 2015. The year of truths revealed and emancipation from any organisation who seeks to dominate for profit and power! Only the individuals can choose this for themselves. Many are, many have already. Lets help as many as we can move on out from the suppressive yoke we all felt not long ago.

    My more balanced experience of Scn, LRH and life has given me the most amazing freedoms yet! I feel indebted to a number of individuals for speaking their minds, offering their say and making a valid contribution. The information age preceeds spiritual renaisance it seems. That is exciting!

  5. The superiority of Sci is found in the data and knowledge that when combined with case gain, make a reliable synergy of of understanding and power – not to mention that useful and probably underrated Chart of Human Evaluation from Science of Survival. Now, that’s a ‘bloggy-type post’ !

    • “The superiority of Sci is found in the data and knowledge that when combined with case gain, make a reliable synergy of understanding and power…”

      That is very well expressed – the two sides of the Bridge could be said to be “a reliable synergy”.

      Or, as Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

  6. BIC blog admins: Well done on a great post!

    For me this was a point of great concern when facing the reality of leaving the church.

    I did not come into Scientology via the route of reading a book, or having some ruin I wanted handled. I was born into a Scientology family and it was the same as a kid being born into a Jewish family and becoming a Jew.
    You grew up that way and you picked things up from hearing parents talking and by hanging around orgs etc. Events took place from 1 to 3 times a year and were a great opportunity for kids to get up to mischief while the adults attended the meaty stuff.

    I did the comm course at Saint Hill in 1966 and attended lectures of the various developments as they happened. Fun and exciting times indeed.

    But scientology, orgs and auditing and training were always there and available when you needed or wanted them. It was very reassuring to have that in the background, almost like being well insured. There have been times during my life when I really needed help and reaching out and grabbing an auditor was easy and natural. All fixed up and off you went again. But those days are long gone. If you need help now they will oblige by relieving you of money and then failing to deliver (as they did to my wife and I on numerous ocassions in the last decade).

    So the concept of leaving the church and no longer being able to have services as and when you need or want them was of great concern to me. That’s understating it quite a bit.

    Even before starting down the road of leaving the church, I felt that Scientology as such was indestructible in that even if it was banned (or the church was banned) somewhere or everywhere, people who liked it and wanted it would simply continue to practice it even if they had to go “underground” to do it.

    I am so pleased that this is indeed the case. The church pf RCS is the biggest obstacle to Scientology practice and furtherance that exists today.

    Thank you BIC for making this known and especially thank you to all those valuable people free of the church who continue to practice the real tech and keep it pure. (Which is of course the stated purpose of RTC).

    I am really glad to be witnessing this renaissance in progress.

    • “The church pf RCS is the biggest obstacle to Scientology practice and furtherance that exists today.”
      I can remember having that realization when I was still active and on lines in the corporate church. It was one of the darkest, coldest, reality adjustments I’d ever had.
      For a long time afterwards, I was completely hopeless about ever being able to do the Bridge. It wasn’t just for myself that I felt that way. I also felt that the single best ‘way out’ for all of mankind had been shut. The depth of my despair over this was immense.
      It was only after leaving the church and discovering independent Scientology, that I finally began to have that hope rekindled. Over the last three years of independence, I’ve discovered that it’s even better than that. In the independent field, one can finally practice and receive pure and standard Scientology — something that hasn’t existed in the church for decades now.

      • Ronnie – I can vaguely imagine how you must have felt, and I appreciate your disclosure of that reality, of your thoughts and feelings. It gives some insight into the mind-frame of those still in the Co$, I guess. I have a question for you – did you hear of Mayo’s ouster from the Co$ (he was Senior C/S International), and what did you make of that?

      • Nickname: “– did you hear of Mayo’s ouster from the Co$ (he was Senior C/S International), and what did you make of that?”
        That was eons ago, my friend. As a public person who wasn’t active with training or auditing at the time (and busy with a thousand other things in life), I only knew the official corporate version of what happened to David Mayo.
        That wasn’t much – only that he was a really bad man, and a mean ol’ SP who’d been kicked out of the church because he was….um….bad. We didn’t know it at the time, but we public Scientologists were treated like mushrooms .. kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t. I never saw a published Sp Declare with Mayo’s name on it and particulars of his crimes. You would have thought with him being LRH’s right hand man in the tech realm, that the church would have made sure that every Scientologist had the complete facts surrounding his expulsion, but no. It was all word of mouth from what I remember.
        What was also hushed up on public lines at the time, was that Mayo’s ouster created an enormous schism in the ranks, and that hundreds (maybe thousands) of Scientologists fled the church with him. I never knew about the center he opened in Santa Barbara until 2012. That’s how firmly shut the information channels are in corporate Scientology.
        As for what I thought about it, I trusted what info I did receive from church terminals and others. At that point in time, I had no reason to distrust them. As they say, “If I only knew then, what I know now.”

      • Ronnie,
        Your reality as you state here is very real and true, and many many share it and have gone a similar path.Well done for holding on and not loosing faith totally as could and has happened to many!! This horror story has, I believe, a happy ending. Later I will post here some more evidence to that, my humble take on life and wins after the RCS, avoiding suppression and using the tech.
        Cheers, flourish and prosper.

      • Ronnie –

        Thanks for explaining that. I too heard that thousands left when Mayo did. I also heard they had to sue to get back money they had on account – and it was easily tens of millions. It surprises me how clamped down the comm lines were. (I spoke at length with two people who had been in the Co$ and left when Mayo did.) The Co$ then attacked Mayo legally, and with harassment. The legal cost shut down his AAC, but almost a decade later they (AAC) prevailed in courts and won over eight million (which included legal fees). Mayo apparently signed an agreement to not speak out.

        There are probably people in the Co$ today, and even outside it, who have never heard of Mayo. And people in the Co$ who have never heard of Dror.

  7. Thank you my BIC friends for this great post.

    Yes, Scientology is alive and well outside the stranglehold of DM and his cronies.

    This post comes on the day Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder publish the church’s ads “preparing” for HBO’s upcoming documentary. I pity the church, what desperate lies and contradictions they have to resort to in covering up their crimes and their destruction of LRH’s legacy. Both Tony and Mike are exposing the frantic hysteria as DM’s ship is sinking. When his lies don’t work, he cannot but resort to more wild falsehoods.

    Dror Centre is booming two years after leaving the church. I am in comm with many “indie” auditors around the world. They are all very busy and having a ball delivering the Tech with a smile, and even making a decent living at it. No need for fundraisers or moonlighting.

    So the direction is clear, we rise as they sink. The tragic end of the church is inevitable. Lies and a handful of “whales” will not keep them afloat.

    The Tech is available for all to use and enjoy around the globe, let’s splurge on it!

    • Dani – You have succeeded in placing yourself in the unenviable position of “leader.” Many people are looking at you and all you brave souls at Dror with admiration. More power to you!

  8. Well done to those delivering. Those looking in here need to know this. Good news. Also to Dror Centre. Well done on all that you do. It has impacts way beyond your own borders.

    • People reading here should also be aware that those receiving auditing are not “regged” for it. These are people who come to auditors they may have heard of, and demand (supply/demand) auditing. I would like to see more training available.

    • We will be happy to grant you space on our blog as soon as you stop attempting to hi-jack us with off-topic comments and insistent urges to “edit & correct” articles with your own version of the “truth” (which is always accompanied by denigration of LRH and/or the tech).

      • Happy to read this. I thought the guy made some trolling comment to one of my infrequent posts He totally ignored [the stunning brilliance of] what I wrote, and tried some data mining of personal information. I actually wrote something to that effect, but I don’t read everything and it occurred to me he might be one of you – so I didn’t post. The ‘superiority complex’ thing appears to affect him. There are some people posting on Scn blogs whom I would like to slap silly. I don’t envy you your job as moderator, and appreciate your discretion. It’s very kind of you to post reasons why to the poster.

    • “Tolerance”?
      I think the word you’re looking for is, ‘surrender’. The word, ‘succumb’, also comes to mind.
      No, Boggle, you’re demanding the people of this group accept your incessant, hostile invalidation of a spiritual practice that most of them have found to be of great and lasting value in their lives. Where is your ‘tolerance’ for their viewpoints and personal experiences?
      Do you not understand that the people here are living through the catastrophic loss of their once stable religious community, and that they’re now part of a diaspora of sorts? We independent Scientologists are not unlike the Jews of Exodus in many ways. The fabric of everything we built, over decades of mutual create, is being ripped apart in front of our eyes, while those who are destroying it, are scattering us to the four winds. How about a little tolerance for those of us who are persevering through that group tragedy?
      It’s hard enough enduring the loss of lifelong friendships, the sense of being part of a stable community, and the willful disintegration of even families, but to endure attacks upon our fundamental realities of life — realities that held us all together to begin with – is adding insult to injury.
      No one’s demanding that you accept Scientology – or any other religious beliefs or practices. Believe and practice whatever works for you, but try to extend the same level of tolerance to others, that you expect of them.

      • +100 Ronnie. Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks. This guy is like the kindergarten bully who jumps into the sandbox and throws sand on all the other kids who were happily playing together before he came and spoilt their game.

    • David Miscavige embroils Scientology in more drama than the Kennedy family. Front page Yahoo news feed 2 X today, one headline, “…the cult of Scientology…”. The IAS beggars must be pounding on doors begging for donations because of this HBO special, which isn’t even about Scientology, it is about David Miscavige’s crimes against humanity. He will generate noise, distractions, drama, wars, and real estate projects and emergencies 24/7 to keep people off the practice. It is good news to hear that some people can remain focused with their curiosities.

  9. Great Post. I am an old timer and a post such as this truly cheers my heart. I am a Scientologist and will always be one. Yes I dislike what has happened in the Church and the damage Miscavage and some others have caused to many beings. The tech works when used as LRH intended and it is great to hear the wins some are having. David

  10. Always boggles me that Boggle AKA BV.Orts still tries his best to bend the the rules and slip one in. Reminds me of my year old son getting hold of my cell phone and blazing off nappie in the wind hoping to get away- fast! Barrier testing always!

    Boggle let it go man. Understanding in this here blog cant be had with the R being as you see it. Apply basic ARC perhaps and it may yield better results. Once again this may not be the correct platform for your views. Why do you like BIC so much I wonder? We are trying to pick up the pieces so to speak, its irritating when someone comes along and starts pea shooting our new lego blocks we are trying to build up again. Do you realise this?

    • Sheeple,
      Not all auditors want to recreate an outside the Church of Scientology version of the Church of Scientology, circa 1979.
      Should Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder “let it go” too?
      What you’re saying is: “Go away.”

      • Boggle: “Not all auditors want to recreate an outside the Church of Scientology version of the Church of Scientology, circa 1979.”

        Marty Rathbun wrote about that era in his book *Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior*, and what he had to say has quite a bearing on WHY that period of time was not “on the lighter side” and should be taken into consideration in the present.

        In the chapter titled “Preparing for War”, Marty wrote about his experience as part of what was called “Special Project” in the late 70’s. For 6 months, he was assigned to study “tens of thousands of pages of government and private agency/association documents” that had been stolen by the GO. Here are some excerpted paragraphs which describe the severity of the attacks on LRH and Scientology that went on relentlessly for decades – and it also gives a pretty plausible reason for what happened that caused the change in LRH from earlier years.

        “The documents told an incredible saga. And the story was told in the words of those conducting the crusade against Hubbard, not by Hubbard himself, nor by the church.

        “Within weeks of the May 9 1950 publication of Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, vested pharmaceutical and medical interests declared war on L. Ron Hubbard. For the next 20 years, the AMA’s then-mighty Department of Investigation would take clandestine action against Hubbard and his organizations. Two successive heads of investigation for the AMA, Oliver Field (1950s) and Thomas Spinelli (1960s and 1970s) would work hand-in-glove with several governmental agencies to infiltrate Hubbard’s lectures and organizations…

        “In the early 1960s, the FDA sent an agent to Hubbard’s home at St Hill Manor near East Grinstead, Sussex, England, posing as a reporter for one of America’s then-leading magazines, the *Saturday Evening Post*. The reporter spent days at St. Hill as Hubbard’s guest. The reporter gained Ron’s trust by swearing he would clear up some of the more outlandish accusations the mainstream media had used to sully his reputation over more than a decade.

        “Documents taken from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) files by the GO included daily cables from this reporter/agent, reporting Hubbard’s every move and utterance to the FDA. To add insult to injury, the reporter wrote a damning indictment of Hubbard, which was published in the *Post*. According to a once-prominent Scientology promoter, Alan Walters, who was studying under Hubbard in England at the time, Hubbard’s disposition notably – and permanently – changed for the worse after this betrayal…

        “That Hubbard had hit so close to the quick with his disclosures of what Dianetics and Scientology processes had uncovered about the dirty work of the CIA and the very best psychiatrists [i.e. the PDH incidents LRH wrote about in SOS], it is a wonder he was not physically assassinated.

        “Perhaps because of his high profile, and the growing ranks of dedicated religionists surrounding him, the APA, AMA, CIA, FBI and FDA and friendly media alliances would have to settle for old-fashioned (albeit of unprecedented intensity) character assassination. The documents demonstrated that the ranks of the massive government and private agencies arrayed against Hubbard and Scientology were swelled by other military and intelligence groups also involved in mind control experiments, including Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence and Army Intelligence.

        “The truth of Hubbard’s 1951 pronouncements about our government’s dirty activities would not be corroborated publicly until the mid to late seventies, with the advent of the Freedom of Information Act and the U.S. Congress Church Committee Hearings into unlawful CIA domestic intelligence operations. That Ron was twenty years ahead of his time in recognizing what the CIA and psychiatrists were up to was acknowledged by author Walter Bowart in one of the first popular exposures of that activity, *Operation Mind Control* (Dell, 1978). By then, Hubbard had been so discredited by establishment campaigns, and his church subjected to such intense fire for scandals of its [establishment’s] own manufacture, that nary a person would listen to the longer history, the bigger picture…

        “Now Hubbard’s writings took on a markedly different tone than most of what he had written before. Rather than speak of turning the other cheek and dealing with establishment attacks with a healthy insouciance, Hubbard prepared the GO to do what the enemy was doing, but to do it better.”

      • What I am saying is go away from here, meaning this platform if you have obvious disagreements. Why persist in derailing the efforts of most who are here trying to get on with it?

        I dont want another church outside the church whatsoever! That is a poor assumption indeed! What I want is great tech delivery, minus the human rights violations and autocracy!! Is this that difficult to duplicate? Where is the held down 7?

        What help do you need?

  11. Lovely post BIC. There’s the Independent Bridge – you don’t need millions of $s to go up it.

    The only thing that can stop us is allowing ourselves to be side-tracked. So let’s not.

    We are aware, thinking, not-afraid-to-disagree people. The people who are delivering the Bridge are the same.

    We have access to pure tech.

    What a fantastic place and point for us to be in our lives.

  12. Wonderful and great post. Thanks!
    To all of you who read this important and beautiful post, please note: It is all true!! spiritual work outside the CoS is not only possible, but a great reality, with potentially much better results.
    This is important news for anybody wishing to receive auditing, true auditing without any bullshit attached, and go free. But these news are even more important to auditors within the ‘prison camps’ of the RCS. Being usually wonderful beings willing so much to help others, they live in terror that leaving the CoS will end their ability and careers as auditors, which is the most important activity in their lives. They should mark that notion as fallacy enforced by the CoS to keep them in line and enslaved. Auditing outside, is not only possible, but easier and gets better results (if done right, and professionally of course) because there’s nothing there to ruin the results…!
    Here is few words I wrote on life and spiritual work as an Indie, outside the CoS. And 2 wins (out of countless others).
    **please note, some of the materials in these wins, cannot and will not be permitted in the CoS. For example, Actually becoming more tolerant, (not in PR human rights videos..), is too dangerous for that regime. Another example, criticizing even the old man, Ron, for something, as part of a win. So what? I am sure he would have loved it. Or not. It doesn’t matter… Here:

    I have been with Dror as Indies right from their Indie start. If I had to sum it in a few words, it would be: Happiness, joy, truth, peace, love, care, deep breath, integrity, being right, Home coming. And…FUN FUN FUN, the likes of Chaplin, Marx brothers and…worse…Ha ha.
    It is so simple: come grow, learn, transcend if you wish, as you wish, when you wish. Nothing forced. No clouds no heavy dark ridges or ghosts floating in the corridors, peeping from Ethics offices or RTC chrome type auras. Nope. Sorry. Niente, Nada, not here. The Tech? Yes it is here. Must be. Dani says it is standard, sure, it seems so.
    I am not the best of experts on that. But it is never enforced! This is crucial. Whenever I think any part of it sucks or not true to me, I am not sent to Ethics, (I wouldn’t know where to go anyway), but I am given a genuine smile and a truly open discussion, until a true understanding is reached, and work can resume. And it has been so every time. Freedom, at long last.
    I read in many blogs recently vicious invalidations on anything to do with the subject, by former Scientologists. It makes me sad. They refer to the Tech wrongly and suppressively practiced. Had they done it the Dror way, or any quality Indie way, they surely would have changed much of their concepts. I have no doubt. It is a point difficult to believe until tried… I know. Scnt is a tool, so to get starry eyed fanatic about a tool is…foolish. The day I discover a better tool, I’ll take it, any day. THIS IS EXACTLY THE MEANING OF SCIENTOLOGY. But until/if that happens, I enjoy and grow and rejoice with it. And you know, doing it that way, integration with society and other “truth seekers” is a daily routine and is so nice and easy! I get much respect, because I give it fully too, and to be right I don’t need anybody else to be wrong, and when I tell some Buddhist friends some wins, their eyes glow and they wish to hear more. And tell me more too. Is this the way to paradise? It sure feels great. To complete my inside story here are 2 recent wins after NOTS auditing day at Dror, written spontaneously:

    WIN – Auditing on NOTS Oct 4 – as an Indie: free, full ARC no “agendas” but help/love/respect.

    What a week I’ve had, incredible! An intensive auditing week…hard and complex work. Not all is easy on that level. But every time, I came better and stronger. Yes, the greater the difficulty, the greater the happiness in overcoming.
    I’ve written before about this amazing, crazy, interesting, charming, lunatic, and enchanting level. And this kind of things repeat over and over. And now and then, after confronting and releasing necessary elements, a great and enchanting miracle occurs: connecting to an inside deep flowing, clear spring of pure bliss, happiness, and great love. The heart opens up, and the spirit, me, grows and overflows. And the happiness, yes, yes, that happiness deep inside, about which poets write great poems, and legends and hair-raising tales are told, describing attempts to obtain it through dangerous journeys to mounts of doom or through spells by the witch from the dark forest…but in the end everybody knows it is the inner bliss of being oneself. Who is a Warrior and a Hero? One who conquers himself. I discover territories in me, huge, fertile, flourishing, and most important Loving, and I give up alien ones, pretending to be mine but are not such at all. Ones which I don’t really want, but can and need to let go. And so, more and more peace treaties are signed within me, and war declarations dumped away, to happy cheers and beautiful, colorful fireworks. And I really like this process of peace and Love, and am continuing with it. Because there is much more work. And much more peace. And an ocean of Love. Thanks Ron, how the hell did you discover and do this? Huge thanks to the “witch” from the auditing room up there in the clouds, at Dror Center, Tami Lemberger!! Well, white fairy, rather…Her will to help, enormous knowledge, ability, and above all a vast Love for people and beings, are spells which nothing can resist.
    Happy, full of Love, for all of you.

    Or this:

    WIN – Auditing on NOTS Oct. 27 – as an Indie:

    On the mental, spiritual level, apart from the many wins I have had recently, as a spirit – this is important – I realize that I am becoming more and more tolerant, relaxed, less argumentative, less “needing to be right”. These are important things and I am proud of them. And I need these kind of wins. For years I have not been tolerant enough, too argument happy, and over needing to be right. The reasons for these shifts:
    * This wonderful auditing: which peels more and more layers and phobias and nonsense and other
    vegetables, which do not belong to me, but which I bought and even paid for.
    * The fact that I feel good, more and more: this automatically gives more space to those around
    me, and makes me truly wishing them well too.
    * The work as an Indie: This is a very very important element, especially for me, on the whole
    subject of patience and tolerance and accepting others no matter what.
    This was a problematic area in the CoS and its way, also under part of Ron’s Policy to which I object, namely, that we know it all and others are Zero. Doesn’t work. And wonder of wonders, suddenly people are listening to me more and more, and respect and appreciate much more. Because I explain mainly by Being, and setting example and granting beingness…and I am not a foreign body in any group of people but a part of it. So much Funnnnn too! Reminds me of the saying: “Endless patience, brings immediate results…”
    Deep Thanks to my auditor and the incredible team work we do, the like of which I have never encountered before. To my charming C/S too – thank you both for working exclusively for ME, I understand this and it I am deeply touched. and thanks to all this Indie group which creates this atmosphere of truth and freedom. Cheers to you all.

    • Beautiful wins Hemi, thanks for posting!! I think Ive read where LRH says theta is ARC, (or words to that effect), and going up the Bridge sure does bring that about, and how wonderful that is!

    • Thanks for the uplifting wins. Interesting to see how they focus on philosophy and admi … oh, OK. What I like about auditing outside the iron bars is that you can speak freely about anything. No withholding.

    • Spot on Hemi.

      Auditors audit because the LOVE it.
      Now they can continue to do what they love in a sane environment…Bliss.
      Lots of PCs available.

      Lovely to hear your wins. Real wins are there for the taking. Real change, real joy.

      Wow, what a GROUP!

  13. I love your post and all its answers. I was a bit low tone and it cheered me up.
    We are missing those gains we had for so many years before the church under “COB” became more and more greddy and totalitarian. Sometime I felt between the hater and the zealot there was no room for me. Like this viewpoint of freedom with the tech was disseapearing.
    Some antogonist ex scientologist are actually ARC broken PC. On the Not’s level they have been denied their FN, say the charge was there when it was gone, continued to audit a charge when it already was another charge. And so on.
    Fast PC and PreOThave seen their ability to AS IS invalidated. Clear were invalidated. Overrun occured with the need to redo already EPed steps. I had all that, and without auditor who rehabbed me I couldn’t get out of it. To go back to the state I reached previously.
    Under the overrun and denying sessions EP, the case become more solid. The PC and PreOT start to think his case is unhandlable… goes out of valence and finally doesnt want to hear of scientology.
    Read the HCOB “the reason for blows” The first 3 are Out-list, No auditing, Invalidation of case or gain.
    This is why people misemote. And if you have experienced it plus some other more fascistic suppression and extorsion from the church you can understand the feeling.
    The church will never clean the ARC broken field. To some degree it’s left to us. So we have to be patient with antagonist people, we may one day find their BPC.
    A full CS or programming should be done to handle those case who have been invalidated in the church by the alterations introduced by the SP Miscavige.

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