We’re celebrating and YOU are invited





BIC is pleased to announce a special event which is being hosted on the 8th February 2015 – and you’re invited!

The purpose of this occasion is to bring folk together to rekindle comm-lines, meet new friends and enjoy a social gathering that is uplifting, enlightening and a whole lot of fun!

As a teaser in the interim, we are delighted to announce that some very special guests will be joining us:

Mark Shreffler

Mark Shreffler

Mark will be chatting to us about “Having FUN in the Field”



Dani & Tami Lemberger

Dani & Tami will be sharing “Our Story of Success” 

A detailed notification covering all the nitty-gritty (time, place etc)  will be posted on the blog within the next day or two.

In the meantime, save the date, clear your calender and watch this space!

Please note that entry to the venue will only be granted to those who have registered their attendance in advance. If you’d like to RSVP now, you can do so by sending an email with the full name/s and contact details of each attendee to the following address:



25 thoughts on “We’re celebrating and YOU are invited

  1. Can you hold in in a central location – like Northern California? 😀

    Kidding – the rest of us will be there in spirit!

  2. Sounds great – but I’m not coming. Communication (of an up tone sort) is the universal solvent. And its lovely when it is face to face and not through a moderator 🙂 . I expect a lot of good will come out of it. I remember for ten years they held yearly conferences in England which I did go to, and they were great. (Ant in Denmark)

  3. What a wonderful idea and initiative. True to the motto of this blog and to the hearts of so many.
    Of course I will be there, and even plan to have a vintage view 100 feet from above… 🙂
    My body…is needed and stays here though, but that’s a minor point.
    Will be with you in spirit!! have much fun!
    Hemi 🙂

  4. This is great!
    No phone calls – no asking for donations – no dressing up in ridiculous costumes.
    Just oodles of ARC – Theta and Lots of Communication.
    Just like the old days.
    love it – will be there.

  5. Well done I am sure this will be a success and will be fun and positive for all.
    Corporate scientology sounds like a boring, life-sucking drag. What a bunch of pedantic soul-suckers.

    Being spiritual can and should be enjoyable, not a fearful punishing ordeal to be endured out of fear of blackmail.

  6. That’s just great BIC.

    I always wanted to meet Mark and the Lembergers in person , and you guys as well. It is a pity I am in the opposite side of the planet. Do you plan on videotaping the party, specially the speeches ?

    I wish all of you a great time and a lot of ARC and spirit of play.


  7. Great, let this gathering be a show of good faith for all in the freezone! The best thing is a united front. The church would like nothing better than to seed division between us. A church outside the RCS version would be ill advised perhaps. We all know how visible big organisations can be infiltrated and chopped up from within. Lots of smaller groups with great auditors kept the freezone alive since the eightees. However maintaining loose connections with other groups is still valuable.

    In summary, some basic organisation is needed to coordinate our vectors toward clearing. But some caution should be used in not making another beast like RCS. I say this because I would like to keep away from any orthodoxy. Lets keep the freezone, free from power plays, dictatorships and cliques. If we do that and deliver good results we will show the church how its done. All without regging, insane clapping and navy uniforms with little kids dressed up like adults you have to call Sir!

    So many blessings to have such esteemed guests in our country. I hope they blow the rooftops off with some theta not seen before. Cant wait!!

  8. Dear Backincomm Readers and Commenters,

    Ronit and I just learned that you have published our story. We deeply appreciate it and very thankful for that (sorry for the comm lag). We also appreciate all the good wishers and read other comments as well. It’s great to know your website is a true expression of free speech and a platform to voice any opinion.

    Since going independent, we lost, due to disconnection,many people whom we considered friends, but we gained way more new friendships that welcomed us with open arms. Ronit is fulfilling her goals by applying her auditing skills on a full time basis. She delivers auditing at the location we reside – Portland, Oregon and also travels the world. To reiterate the statement we made in our announcement -The Tech IS available outside the Church and it is delivered with great wins and gains.

    So nice to hear a huge event in the Indie Field is happening on Feb.8, 2015. We congratulate all the attendees and can’t wait to hear all the good news that will come from that event. Feel free to write to us with any questions.

    We are very happy we have a great group in South Africa.
    Keep the torch of free communication high and visible to all.
    With Love
    Ronit & Yossi Charny

  9. I have missed out on, what I imagine was some wonderful events, of gatherings of old-timers and my old shipmates due to the USA being way over there and SA being here. So my thanks and gratitude to BIC for arranging this event. I most certainly will be attending.

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