RCS – Money Laundering & the Celebrity Connection

Leah Remini Money


Just when we thought we’d reached rock bottom with the Church of Scientology’s desperate fundraising activities from its ever diminishing pond of gullible public, we received the following communication from an Under The Radar reader showing that things have gotten way weirder than we ever suspected.

In reading the commentary below always bear in mind the ‘fundraise’ prospect has no connection with Scientology whatsoever:

“I had an interesting conversation yesterday afternoon.

I have an acquaintance with whom I have never discussed scientology or even mentioned my connection. Late Saturday afternoon, I have my feet up, a glass of wine within easy reach and I’m listening to arguably the greatest rock song of all time, The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ (geddit?) when this acquaintance hoves into view with an aggrieved look on his face.

“Do you know a George or a Natalia (from Hungary) of the church of scientology?” he demands. “Yes, I know a George and I know a Natalia,” I respond, “but what of it?”

It transpires that over the past month he had been bombarded with phone call requests for a substantial donation from these individuals. [Editor: note, no emails with their embarrassing paper trails].

These calls take the form of suggestions that he agree to be picked up by George and Natalia, escorted to RCS Joburg to be briefed on scientology’s activities and thereafter to discuss the size of his donation. At this time the only George I knew of (and therefore acknowledged) was George Yiangou, but it appears the George mentioned is the senior of Natalia – both I understand are in WISE. Whether Natalia is from Hungary I don’t know but she’s certainly East European.

To me, this definitely had the hallmark of RCS and the ring of truth, but the mystery was how come RCS made the connection with somebody who has no links to scientology other than a very tenuous and never announced one via me, and got his phone number? As some of the under-mentioned details will explain, he keeps his phone details very private for business reasons.

I probed, but first some background on this chap.

He trades Bitcoin and apparently has something in the order of 5-million British sterling in it, most of which he can’t access as it’s not yet legal tender in most jurisdictions. He is one of a handful of people apparently with the right to open accounts, and to effect transactions literally at the click of a mouse/key. For this reason, nobody is given his phone details as with it apparently a hacker could access, well, everything. Furthermore, developed countries are beginning to clamp down on Bitcoin trading (and other digital currencies of which there are now a large number) for tax purposes and apparently the UK taxman is claiming 3-million sterling from him. He’s therefore always shifting the moolah around and looking for homes to hide it away until that happy day comes when local banks will recognise it and cash it.

This activity sounds pretty borderline in terms of legality, though which side of the border I’m not sure. Regulation of this industry is apparently imminent within the year, though not I think in BRICS countries like South Africa [Editor: BRICS – acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa]

Meantime, what he gets up to apparently leaves some kind of a recognisable internet trail that authorities and those in the know could follow, and he explained to me that in his personal opinion this is what RCS has done to identify him and try get him to part with some of his Bitcoin. This guy, who is part genius and part nutter (but isn’t every genius?) then goes on to tell me some interesting stuff:

He knows a lot more about scientology than I had ever suspected: none of the tech, only the political, organisational side – and salubrious details of LRH’s murky history with Alistair Crowley, celebrities and the Freemasons, etc. Make of that what you will. He tells me wealthy people have always used churches to hide their wealth from the taxman, and scientology has simply cottoned on to this.

Apparently RCS has a big footprint in the international music industry for precisely this reason – people with more money than they know what to do with stash their money temporarily in the RCS (or any church) coffers. He then went into a Who’s Who of the British music industry. This is a guy who has a strong music industry background – he also tells me he has the publishing rights to Syd Barrett’s final recoding (Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd fame). He claims the supposed affiliation of stars like Tom Cruise is for this reason only and nothing to do with the Bridge to Everlasting Servitude.

I don’t know. Any thoughts?”


Under the Radar


This revelation comes in the light of increasing demands for RCS’s tax exemption to be reviewed.

This past Sunday’s release of the HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’ at the Sundance Film Festival is certainly going to give renewed impetus to these calls.

We quote from Tony Ortego’s Sunday blog regarding ‘Going Clear’:

“All in all, a devastating portrayal of a totalitarian organization whose tax exemption should be under question, and whose celebrities need to be called out for their complicity. This will hit hard when it plays on HBO. We can hardly wait.”

And this from “The Scientology Money Project” blog:

“The documentary is a broadside against the controversial religion. It argues that Scientology exploits its tax exempt status to amass millions of dollars in property and donations, behaving more like a business than a charity.”


Give us your money


At BIC, we doubt if Scientology in South Africa has the expertise to do what is claimed in this article in terms of tracking his internet trail – but the likely alternative is potentially even more disturbing.

We think it likely that someone knowing the acquaintance’s activities and our exe’s past affiliation with RCS (who knows, maybe names were mentioned in passing – as Winston Churchill once said: “the walls have ears”) joined some dots and informed RCS of this individual’s murky (but private and confidential!) activities, and vindictively set the RCS onto his trail in what would essentially be a money-laundering scam.

Given all the details now emerging about how RCS uses confidential material from the ethics and even PC folders of reg prospects, the above cycle seems less off the wall and totally in line with today’s RCS regging modus operandi.

So if any of you South African Apostates and Esspees out there suddenly get dirty looks from your wealthy friends, try asking:

‘Do you know a George or Natalia?’



28 thoughts on “RCS – Money Laundering & the Celebrity Connection

  1. Oops. Pressed the wrong button and posted an incomplete comment. Here’s the whole comment…

    I don’t know where to begin here you guys.

    The story has holes so big could drive a truck through them.

    People from the church called someone who is not a Scientologist and asked when they could be brought into the church to discuss a donation? And the church wanted the donation in Bitcoin? And the purpose was to launder money?

    So for some reason the church wanted to help this guy launder his money?

    And this guy engages in presumably illegal activity on the Internet but, oops, leaves a trail online that authorities could follow if they wanted to?

    So the church is tracking people down who are in need of money laundering services so that they can help them out for a fee?

    Would someone at church who’s trying to get someone to come into the church for a “briefing” tell that individual that the purpose of bringing them into the church is to extract a donation from them?

    And are we to believe that someone who’s never had anything to do with Scientology would put up with phone calls like this for a month before mentioning it to the person that allegedly gave this person’s name to the church?

    I’m a big fan of this blog, but I have to say this story has no place on this blog in my opinion.

    This story seems to just be a conspiratorial rambling of a mentally unstable person.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Yes, but the writer actually has a bit of a sense of humor. “The publishing rights to the final recording of Syd Barrett” – and he goes on to explain “of Pink Floyd” for those who didn’t recognize the name.

      Barrett was well known, of course, to be the actual “Pink” – as in the famous (or infamous) quotation “By the way, which one is……”

      Given that poor Syd hadn’t been doing very well for quite some time prior to those final recordings of his, I’d imagine their publishing value ranks right up there alongside all those Bitcoins.

      Softly rising music: “The lunatic is in the yard……….”

      • I agree – I actually enjoyed the “tongue in cheek” insouciance of this article.

        Fact is the Church is up to who-knows-what these days. I wouldn’t put it past them, but then again he does say this guy is a bit of a nutter, so who knows.

        It’s just strange he specifically named Natalia. The only Natalia I know of is Natalia Choukri – CO WISE AF, married to the FBO of Joburg Org. And believe me, she is hell on wheels when she cottons onto a possible deal. I would put her on a par with Peach, Albert, Ken – up there with the best of them.

        Being regged by Natalia? No thanks. Not an experience I wish to repeat anytime soon.

        Natalia was the one who crush-regged me into paying for a family Patron – which I only later discovered was a pre-requisite so that Robin Hogarth (my brother-in-law) could get onto OT8. (Yet one more RCS hidden data line).

        She could ONLY have received this instruction (to Reg me for Robin’s Patron status) from Flag – so perhaps this “fantastical” article has a ring of truth after all.

        BTW: Robin was first in line to disconnect from me BEFORE I had even appeared in front a “comm-ev” – despite me having coughed up big moola for him to reach “Spiritual Freedom”. He knew me for over 40 years, and after all that time of going up the bridge and becoming more spiritually aware, he never once spotted I was in fact a raving SP. Fancy that 🙂

    • Hi Michael. Whereas I agree this story may sound like something out of a conspiracy theory novel, it actually doesn’t surprise me. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get financial data on people – and if you’re an accredited merchant (as the RCS is) you can do the most amazing s**t with people’s credit and banking records – I know this as I worked in an industry where getting credit card details and increasing their limit was necessary and a cinch. All you need is a person’s name and ID number – the rest is child’s play. Perhaps more difficult with FICA these days, but still possible. This is one of the reasons for the recent promulgation of the POPI Act – to try close the door on this type of “borderline” activity.

      That being said, I had two very similar and interesting encounters within recent months:

      I have become good friends with a chap a couple of houses away from me. One day during casual conversation, I mentioned I had been in SCN but was now “shunned” (for want of a better word). This guy was gobsmacked and told me about a time he had filled in and returned an OCA test he got in his post-box. A couple of days later he got a call to come fetch his results “from the foundation”. Please note, at no time did he have an inkling that this was SCN. When he got to the org (it was still located in Joburg City Centre, so no “C of S” signs anywhere) he was besieged by 3 people – one of whom he named – this person is still on JBG staff. Within short order he was in a crush-reg cycle from hell – they knew the EXACT limit on his Credit Card and down to the cent in his current account (this guy is pretty wealthy). They wanted it all – IAS membership, training package, auditing and the like – they had it all worked out before he got there. He told me he felt like he had stepped into a twilight zone and couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

      In yet another cycle, a lady I had recent dealings with and upon hearing my story about no longer being a SCN, told me that a number of years ago she was put onto the purif (paid for by her company as she had a slight Psych drug history). She had never heard the word SCN and honestly thought she was doing a “detox program” – she was not told this was a “church” or anything of the like. She did think it rather weird that she had to hold onto “jam tins” (as she put it) to answer questions about her drug history etc, but her attitude was “I’m not paying, so what the hell”. A week into her running/sauna regime, she was collared in the parking lot as she arrived for her next “sweat-out session” (her words) and asked to come see someone before she got into the sauna. She duly followed this person and was confronted by “a tall man with grey hair and another chap dressed in a blue uniform” . These two men proceeded to crush-reg the living hell out of her. She was horrified when she was told they knew what her credit card limit was, AND had got approval from her bank to increase it so she could pay for what they were trying to flog her. She walked out, got in her car and never went back. She told me she was so freaked out she nearly had a very bad accident on her way home that day. She also never returned to the company.

      So you tell me – does this story still sound so strange?

      • Honestly, yes it does still sound so strange. At least in the two examples you just cited the Church was hounding someone who had at least reached, or was on premises. And these two examples have nothing to do with laundering money; much less a virtual currency.

        The Church would have no way to launder Bitcoin. And if they could, the risk/reward of doing so is unheard of.

        It’s certainly not my place to decide what goes on this blog, and I’m not interested in stirrup up trouble, but this blog has been quite true to it’s original stated purpose of getting people back in comm, and given that context, I just feel that this post is wildly out of place and brings the blog down a notch.

        It’s so far fetched (in my opinion) and really has nothing to bringing people back in comm. It’s not from any kind of credible source. Again, just my personal thoughts.

      • Hi Michael. Your point is well noted – thank you. The author of this article is well known to the BIC blog. We trust this person’s integrity implicitly and have no reason to believe she/he would submit a piece of fanciful fiction for the mere sake of sensationalism. The author acknowledged this chap is a bit of a “nutter” and thus makes no assertion about the accuracy or truthfulness of his financial portfolio and/or illicit dealings. However something we felt gave this story credence (and hence our decision to publish) was that this person specifically named a “Natalia”. There is indeed a Natalia on post in the CLO AF – she is the CO WISE, and she is renowned for sniffing out reg cycles with a fair deal of voraciousness. In addition to her WISE duties, she does reg cycles for Ideal Orgs and the IAS – often under direct orders from Int. And we can confirm she is Hungarian – a detail not known by the author. It should not be overlooked that CLO AF operates directly under Int Mgmnt and perhaps this is how the Church came by this person’s details. We don’t know. But we do know that stranger things have and are happening in the world of RCS

      • Whether this article is full of holes or not, I believe Scn Africa is right to publish it. For one, he named names and an identity (Hungarian) and her boss, George.

        Secondly, it’s a warning to us. At one time or another we’ve all provided the RCS with either our bank account numbers or our credit card details. They don’t even have to hack or get these illegally.

        If you haven’t got the *”Notify Me” facility on your cards and/or bank accounts, make sure you get these organised post haste. And check your statements with a fine tooth comb every month. We are dealing with unscrupulous and desperate people here.

        *SMS notifications every time there is any movement on your account; deposits and withdrawals with running balances. I’m sure you all know this but just in case.

        People like Albert, Gaby and Natalia have no scruples. I can personally vouch for this with the regards the first two.

        I know how Albert operates with the banks. He befriends the staff and gets them to give him confidential information about peoples’ accounts and asks them to increase limits prior to his contacting you. He’s an old, old hand at this; and, for sure, the others are doing it, too. He/they possible offer bribes. I know. He did this with me over and over again. At the time, I considered that he was doing me a favour!

        Gaby has used my credit card without my prior approval. Granted, I had willingly given her the details a few days before but on strict instructions not to go ahead with anything before I’d agreed to it! I’m embarrassed to remember how pliable I was in those days!

        Haven’t we all given these details to Shaun from Pubs or others when we’ve purchase our Basics and Lectures/ACCs, etc?

        I know that many of you have much hairier, personal stories to tell about RCS embezzlement and fraud; and mine may not be so bad.

        Let this article be a wake up call for us. Watch your financial back closely.

  2. As the writer of the comment which inspired this article, I tend to agree with your comment on it being word of mouth. It prompted a juicy recollection which I never thought of when first writing to you. This has happened to him before – and much more forcefully. Despite having a considerable amount of money, the guy has a big mouth. Of all things, he once explained all his activities to a bunch of illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe. A few days later he was kidnapped and tied up in a room in Yeoville and threatened with violence unless he gave them access to his accounts.

    When he refused, they poured petrol over him and while they wandered off to find a lighter he managed to alert someone and escape. I was there when he was dropped off back home by the police. Now that’s something RCS hasn’t yet thought off (yet)! But at least they’re keeping good company.

  3. I see they ‘the church’ produced an old Liability Formula of Marty Rathbun in court for him to read out loud into the record. Surely that should be under confidential documents? How can a ‘parisioner’ make case gain or achieve ethics change if these documents are for broad public consumption.

    After this precedent, to level the playing field, could Marty or anyone else not demand all Tiny Times ethics folder, or at least his condition write ups?

    • Hi Connie – this has not gone unnoticed by the legal fraternity, nor Ted Babbit (the Garcia’s lawyer). The Church has just proven that there is no such thing as priest/penitent privilege in RCS. This is a direct contravention of their own policy and ecclesiastical agreement with all parishioners – that “all” folders and other parishioner information is kept in the strictest confidence.

      I saw with my own eyes Int Missionaires, and other JBG Org management going through PC folders to get “buttons” on people for recruit & reg purposes. I was not the only person who witnessed this. It was even done to me – during one recruit interview, I was told that because I had done the SA Rundown (back in 1995) I should be flat on the subject of help – how did the recruiter know this without having gone through my folders? (And no, they didn’t get it from my CF data as I personally went through my own CF folder when on the project CF when JBG org moved to their new premises and that data wasn’t in my CF folder, nor had it been loaded onto the computer-managed parishioner system)..

      If you for one minute think they’re not using PC and Ethics data against you – especially if you’re being watched or already declared “fair-gamed” – think again.

      • Ask for the folders back. They are Yours. They were held in Trust for us when we were part of the Church. Now when we are not, that Trust relationship has been broken (by them) and they have no reason to hold our information any more. You will have Data Protection Laws on your side.
        There is a court case one could win without even trying (unless they just hand over the folders first).

    • Hi Ant – HBO : “HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Home Box Office Inc., an operating subsidiary of Time Warner. HBO’s programming consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television series, along with made-for-cable movies and documentaries……….” “HBO is the oldest and longest continuously operating pay television service (basic or premium) in the United States, having been in operation since November 8, 1972” (Ref: Wikipedia)

      On Sunday 25th February there was a premiere viewing of a documentary called “Going Clear” – this documentary is based on the best-selling book by Lawrence Wright “Going Clear – Scientology and the prison of belief”. The film, directed by Alex Gibney, alleges that the religion enforces physical and psychological abuse, among other bombshell reports including a number of allegations against celebrities (esp John Travolta and Tom Cruise) & their complicit involvement in these allegations. It is due for release on the 16th March 2015.

      You can search HBO + Scientology in Google – you will see many links to various stories and news items on this latest development. It is currently a hot subject in the US.

  4. Im sure RCS could do with another land base somewhere in Sicily!

    They could swap war stories, extortion racket strategies, legal purjury case methods and perhaps conspiracy to commit murders even!

    One things for sure. If RCS celebrities do decide to leave and spill all, what would COB do to keep them quiet? The caged tiger is a dangerous animal, if wounded – lethal!

    I have a feeling critical mass is here. Evil and confront of it is building exponentially for RCS. The bell tolls. As Miscavige bunkers down ever more, the rats may scuttle the corsairs ship with more stories to come as they swim for shore!

    Justice can be the sweetest thing and revenge is a dish best served cold, so they say!

    Expect many lost RCS lambs after the fallout. But at least the restoration can begin free of tyranny.

  5. The way this story is told, if you are wealthy you can “park” money in a church for tax evasion purposes and retrieve it again. This is where my belief fails. The church of scientology takes money no problem. But return it? I’m not so sure.

    If anyone has actual, tangible insight into this kind of scheme, please provide a step by step logical explanation of the process, before this discussion goes off the deep end of conspiracy theory.

    • I personally don’t know of any such activities, but honestly – given everything else that’s been uncovered and which we all disbelieved (beatings, forced abortions, slush funds, etc) – who knows – anything is possible. Can you remember how you first felt when you realised these allegations had to be true? Disbelief, incredulity and finally, total betrayal. Too many people with too many similar stories – where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

      Remember 10 years ago people out there alleging all sorts of strange goings on in the Church? We (as in those of us still in) scoffed, sneered, declared & fair-gamed them – we all did. “Never” we said – “it’s all BS – these guys are paid by the Psychs to say this stuff – blah blah blah”.

      And then that horrible truth landed on South African shores with their hob-nail boots laying waste to our heroes and other good people who had blazed the trail and held the flame aloft for SCN in Africa for decades. Gone. In an instant. OT8’s are now raving SP’s – overnight. The ex-President of our Church, his wife and son – combined service on staff in excess of 50 years – declared by phone. Really?

      What do we have to say for ourselves now?

      I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I was once a zealous “we must be expanding because the SP’s are screaming” believers. Don’t I feel the fool now that I’ve been on the receiving end of that stick?

      So do I believe the story? I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that I wouldn’t put anything past the RCS anymore.

      • I’m not discounting that the story might be true – I am simply unwilling to dive headlong into believing claims not backed up by any verifiable information. That I cannot see how this type of scheme would work does not mean it doesn’t exist. It’s just that I’ve had it with riding bandwaggons unwarranted. Even if scientology, as Jenna’s book title says, is beyond belief. Just so long as it’s not beyond proof.

    • I echo your thoughts.

      It is a story which is told by an unnamed person about another unnamed person about an alleged scheme.

      The article has no credible facts which can be verified. It is at best a rumour.

      If I was BICs moderator I would not have allowed them to publish. 🙂

      (Sorry BIC – I still love your work though………………)

  6. I appreciate the replies. Probably my final word on this, and tell I’ll put it to rest, is that I’m certainly not questioning the integrity of the BIC terminal who FORWARDED the story, and I’m certainly not questioning anyone’s RIGHT to publish such a story.

    The title of this post is “RCS – Money Laundering”…and the only data in the post on the subject of money laundering are very broad generalities from someone who never had any involvement with the Church, and is a bit loopy.

    I love this blog, I love the people associated with it. We all have a right to communicate; that’s why this blog is here.

    Protect your bank accounts and credit cards? Of course! But money laundering?

    If the data provided to support the headline had even one detail or came from someone who actually spent time on Church finance lines in the Church, you’d have my attention and interest.

    The detail of providing the SO members name could indicate the guy really did get regged. But the few statements about money laundering are broad generalities:

    — The reason Tom Cruise is in SCN is to launder his money
    — The church has cottoned on to helping wealthy people hide their money
    — RCS has a big footprint in the international music industry precisely to help people launder money
    — People with tons of money temporarily hid their cash in Church accounts.

    We here all have decades of experience in the Church, most of it as staff. We have massive amounts of first-hand observation. We’re really going to entertain broad sweeping generalities from someone who has never spent even one day in the Church?

    I guess it’s just the headline that bothers me. It’s a tabloid headline. Not worthy of this blog in my opinion.

  7. I agree Shelly.

    Hiding things by making them seem utterly fantastic has been turned into a pure art-form by the church! Part of the reason the world at large didn’t take too much notice of the rank human rights violations occurring is precisely for that reason too.

    No sane being can face evil easily because it seems inconceivable. Normal people don’t kill, steal and plot systematic destruction. I wouldn’t, you wouldn’t but fantastically there are some few who work extremely hard at it.

    We read about it, movies display it, but when you come face to face with it, a part of you switches off..

  8. I just want to make one comment here.

    Bitcoin is a virtual currency that does not exist under the jurisdiction of a specific nation or international body (like EU). It falls under the LRH definition “An idea, backed by confidence.” To call it illegal is incorrect. It is in it’s own right. It is a fiction and has no backing in substance – except for what you can buy with it, (just like most of the stuff called money or credit in most jurisdictions today). It is a mock-up. It is an agreed upon thing. It can and is being used as a medium of exchange, and unfortunately for speculation.

    Bitcoin can be exchanged for the local currency in many jurisdictions (Countries), so the RCS would have no problem converting it to dollars one way or another.

    The concepts of “Money Laundering”, “Tax Evasion”, etc. are invented “crimes” by a group of people who believe they have some kind of moral or justified right to grab the fruits of our labour, with or without our consent, to spend or waste as they see fit.

    But that is outside the subject of this blog.

    It just irritates me when people who should know they are free thetans, who are not slaves, who have some idea of what is right and what is wrong, buys into this idea called “The State” and talk about Tax Evasion, and how RCS is evading taxes by being a Church and all that.

    Maybe they need, like the example in Shelley’s comment above, to raise their confront of evil and see what Governments actually do.

  9. The RCS has been involved in money laundering per Micky Bockelman. In 2000, when she was the FSC in SA, she told me she was pissed off with Meir Ezra as the SARB (South African Reserve Bank) had relaxed its exchange control proof requirements for parishioner donations to Flag until Meir Ezra abused this facility sending millions out of SA on this channel. Some for the RCS and some for himself. RSC had agreed to this but he abused it and SARB stepped up exchange control. That was one of of the reasons for his fall from Hero to Zero. He had overdone the scam and had put the RCS in jeopardy. From the Penthouse Suite to not allowed on the base. So the practice is apparently an old one.

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