Ideal Org$ Africa update

Fundraiser pics


Now that the Festive Season is over, the never-ending-Ideal-Org$-Silly-Season is back in full swing. With a vengeance.

Many thanks to our alert readers for sharing these priceless gems with the rest of us.

Joburg North 

A couple of weeks ago BIC were informed that the ED of Joburg North, Ian Hammond, had been “transferred” to Joburg Org to take up the position of ED FDN. This came about because the current ED JBG FDN (Bob Petrie) had “demoted himself” to OES FDN. Unconfirmed reports state that Bob cited “work pressure” as his reason for stepping down. This has not been corroborated, and if anyone can shed more light on this, please drop us a line.

Greg Gunner (formerly the PES of Joburg North) is now ED JBGN, and Queeneth (stalwart staff member of JBG North for many years) left staff and is now working at PCS (a company owned by Phillip Park – JBG North public, whale donor to Ideal Orgs and owner of a personnel placement company).

This is quite an interesting turn of events. Ian Hammond has literally sunk Millions of his personal money into Joburg North – this was covered in an article by BIC last year. And now that the building is finally purchased, he’s been moved out of the org he has made great personal sacrifice to.

We’re not sure if this is a temporary arrangement, but we’ll keep our eye on things and update you as news flows in.

Now on with the fundraising update:

As a reminder – on the 28th November 2014 it was announced that Joburg North was “finally done and purchased”. Much fanfare was made of this and the BIC blog covered this momentous occasion in an article on the 2nd December.

And now, on the 19th January 2015 (nearly two months later), this is their “latest update”:

From: Ideal Orgs [] On Behalf Of Ideal Orgs
Sent: 19 January 2015
Subject: Joburg North – where are we at?

Future Home Purchased

We at BIC are not quite sure what to make of this. We guess no news is…… well, no news!

But wait………….. there’s more!

In the article published in December, we reminded people that although the building had been purchased, public would not be sitting on their laurels for very long before the next wave would hit – this time to fund the interior renovations, furniture & fittings, computers, AV equipment, Div6 Displays and no less than 2 x mega-whoopee-super-duper-calafragalistic E-Meters per auditing room. Our conservative estimate was they would need another R30 Million or so.

And they have not disappointed. On the 24th January this email arrived in hapless victim’s people’s in-boxes:

From: Joburg North [] On Behalf Of Joburg North
Sent: 24 January 2015

Subject: Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire

This is just weird. The irony seems to have completely missed “the famous Game Makers of Johannesburg North Org”.

Asking people to attend a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” fundraiser when the purpose of this event is not only for anyone NOT to win any money but in fact to be PARTED from it is somewhat incongruous. As is the fact that they have to PAY R100 for the privilege of having their money taken off them.

Come on, guys – let’s have a bit of honesty for once. This promo piece should read:

 WE WANT TO BE MILLIONAIRES – and we’re gonna do it by taking your money”.

Of course, we won’t whisper a word about the trademark infringement of the famous game show which states as follows:

"Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is a federally
registered trademark (registration number 2650948) in the United
States, currently owned by CELADOR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, 39 LONG

But wait……… there’s even more!


Not to be outdone, “Ideal Orgs Africa” decided they also needed to promote the event, and this is what their email looked like:

From: Ideal Orgs Africa <>
Date: 23/01/2015

Subject: Is that your FINAL answer?

Is that your final answer

This time the email is headed “is that your FINAL answer?” – but pretty much the same concept.

The person who forwarded this to us added his own little quip which we thought was pretty darn hilarious and had the BIC team rolling around on the floor for a while:

“They forgot to give an option E: Not a F****K”


And there you have it, folks.

If you’re bored this weekend and have a couple of Million lying around, pop on over to Joburg Org on Saturday night and offload some of that dosh.

To the rest of you, we say this:

Church Money 1

Have a great weekend!



16 thoughts on “Ideal Org$ Africa update

  1. That is hilarious.

    For some reason even though we have been declared Supressive People, Ernest and I are suddenly back on the mailing list for the Ideal org fundraiser events. We were wondering if they have decided that they can take money from SPs and the usual policy of the CSR that ” the ends justifies the means” is OK as long as they don’t tell anyone that they are promoting to the SPs. There are just sooooo many people ” out ” now that they are resorting to beg from SPs. The guys inside the bubble have ignored LRH policy so many times now that they don’t even get embarrassed at their blatant violations.

    I wonder how many people that are still inside the church are reading this blog? ( that is beside OSA of course who religiously watch who is commenting and then quickly handle them or start the usual whisper campaign against them) well to those inside you must surely have your doubts, …. Everyone has to start the bridge again( back to objectives we go ) , everyone has to give up their hard earned money for the cause, everyone must obey ” command intention”, LRH is no longer Source, Mr Miscarrage has become that with his GAT 1 and 2. and everyone is afraid to look.

    I would like to ask them one question …” How can you go free in a condition of fear”? The answer is you can’t! So I say to them – Look don’t Listen to the rubbish. Take a look across the planet and see that the ” Ideal orgs” have failed, it is not only in your area, it is everywhere. The whole hype of how well the church is doing is just smoke and mirrors, go into your own local org and see for yourself , it is like that across the planet so where is this incredible expansion that you keep hearing about?

    If you looked you would see the truth.

    We did!

  2. Gaye, you speak the truth.
    Funnily enough you are one of many SP’s who are suddenly receiving the email promo for fund raising etc.
    Either as you say, someone has put the names back on, or also likely is there is a new kid on the block. He’s probably been instructed to really push this, as it’s vital to planetary clearing and command intention! Promote to every single possible person who ever supported in the past and squeeze them hard. Also the policy of getting your call -in lists from your up-to-date CF files may have been attempted. But CF is as up to date as 1998 computer technology.
    I am afraid the culprit may now be in trouble for sending to everybody including SP’s when he was told to send to everybody.
    So I think this is another indication of no hat write-up and also too little too late combined with fear and overwhelm.
    Basically a condition of normal in the church.

  3. Mike Rinder has a Thursday funnies on his blog.
    I had a good laugh at this one this morning!

    When I came into Scientology in 1972 – We were briefed on the
    importance of COMMUNICATION AND DUPLICATION!!!!!!!!!!!

    The biggest JOKE is the Church and it’s mailing lists and Call In
    lists – AND now sending mail to declared SP’s and Gaye is not the
    first I have heard this from!

    F…. real, live, think for yourself Beings – have left the building – only
    the Robots are left and the programmers are so PTS they make mistakes!

    This mailing list debacle is priceless so it would be good if OSA
    actually sorted this out and stop posting this JUNK MAIL.

    The SP List should be sent to Central files and the SP’s get deleted like they were
    promised. OSA – the list is on this blog so half the F….work has been
    done for you!

    It will be interesting how long it takes them to correct this error.

    I love this Blog – you never know what lunacy will be reported next!

  4. I was actually getting real live phone calls to attend an event a couple of months ago, and they only stopped when I said yes I’ll attend. I guess when my name was up on the list on the hallway (if they still do that) the calls stopped. Not that I’m declared, but the security guards at the gate certainly have my registration number as someone not be be let through the hallowed entrance.

  5. Hehe. Let us all confirm to come to the f***raiser. We all invited right? Lol. I remember how scared I would be when I read about suppressive people. Now I am one.

  6. As a former PES of Joburg Org, I can tell you that the CF (Central Files) of RCS is in a state of mass confusion.

    There is a “held down 7” regarding the CF: “No-one is EVER deleted off the system”.

    On top of this, anyone who was ever vaguely trained on the INCOMM custom-designed Parishioner Contact System is long gone. Never mind that, the system has NEVER worked properly since inception.

    The idea was for this pgm to be “linked” to all other CF systems and then uplinked to “big brother” (Int). This was to be THE database of RCS – everything to do with anyone who has ever had any contact with SCN (including people who only bought a book). Any interaction from anywhere in the world with a parishioner or Div6/book-buyer was supposed to be live-updated with summaries of calls made, information & address changes noted and the current status of the person such as ARCx, scheduled for service, person is disinterest/deceased/declared/disaffected – etc etc. This would also prevent people from being called multiple times for the same event thereby cutting down phone costs and preventing upset public with multiple time-wasting calls.

    Great idea in theory – utter disaster in reality. The system kept “freezing”, losing data and falling over. It was totally unreliable and useless, aggravated by untrained staff trying & failing to use the system which was user-unfriendly and confusing. The data sitting on the system in Joburg org totally differed to that at the CLO – and vice versa. A classic case of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).

    It would stand to reason that if the MAIN ACTIVITY AND FUNCTION of orgs is now “all-hands call-in for events and fundraisers” then equitable attention and emphasis should be put on ensuring their database is current, streamlined and in good operating order. And, more importantly, they have a single-hatted competent person whose sole function is keeping CF in excellent shape.

    But no. Enter yet another held down seven. “Always post from the top of the org-board down” (regardless of the suitability or competence of the person being posted). This is just nuts. So because the post of CF Officer is way down the list, this post remains unmanned (or at best partially and poorly manned).

    So what happens is that for EVERY event (which is close to every other weekend), a new call-in list has to be generated manually – extracting the information from the FINANCE system which, although also totally outdated, is nevertheless better than the defunct Parishioner Contact System.

    And so someone has to sit for hours extracting names & converting them into an excel spread sheet for call-in to occur. Only those who have a “finance log-on” can access this information. As at 2012, only 4 people were able to do this in Joburg org.

    Various public contact lists are extracted in 3 main categories – Bookbuyers, Div6 Public and Div4 Public. But this poses a new problem because every person who had done the Purif falls under the category of Div4 public given that this is the first step on the bridge. Hundreds of people ONLY ever did a purif and were never seen again. An example would be a SCN-owned company forwarding a stat-push by sending all their non-SCN staff to do the purif. Less than 5% of these people ever went on to do anything else because 95% of them fled for the hills when they realised they were being sent to a Church for a weird detox program – something they never reached for, but went along with it because the boss ordered it. And now you have a call-inner speaking the lingo to his prospect as if they’re a seasoned Scientologist. Out reality = ARCx and yet another person with the opinion that RCS is nutty.

    At the end of the day, a “CF” list of 4,000 Div4 public (this was the actual figure claimed by Joburg org in 2012) in actual fact contained at best 500 contactable public. The rest were outer org trainees, overseas public, once-off people who never came back, dead, deceased, declared and long gone (if you’ve ever paid RCS for anything you are on the system, and will be in perpetuity).

    In 2011 I was handed a call-in list of public to contact for the re-opening of Joburg Org after the addition of the new Div6 wing. Imagine my amusement when I saw my father’s name on the list. He died in 2004.

    And that is exactly how SP’s get circulated back onto lists. Of course now that this has come to light, there will be a mad flurry to get all the black-hats dead-filed again. But don’t hold your breath. Give it a couple of months. Slowly but surely the calls, emails and mail will start trickling in again.

    And so the RCS goes – a crazy carousel of people circulating around and around and around – much the same as the OT’s currently doing the purif. It seems to go unnoticed that with each repeating revolution, they lose more and more people who hopped off the ride in search of better amusements.

    • Your figure of 500 interests me. I frequently inform people that at most there were ever only about 300 red hot dedicated scientologist public in Joburg (based on my observation of events and BIS etc. The rest are all some version of Albert’s ‘useless eaters’ bussed in from some township, or as you say reluctant employees of Freddy Pendl and others. I love the stories about delivering the PE course to non-English speaking individuals who were just there for free food. I reckon half of that 300 are now out, whether full on declared, UTR, impoverished/bankrupt or disillusioned because, dare I say it, they didn’t get the promised gains. I’m sure BIC must be able to determine how many of their regular readers (of whom I imagine only a small number have the balls to post) are local scientologists and thereby work out which is the bigger field.

  7. I am another “SP” who is back on the mailing list. My guess is that there is someone new sending out the emails. Oh dear. He/she will be crushed when he/she discovers how many are “persona non grata”. Oops.

    • Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      I remember a couple of years back Robert Bockelmann was on a project to recover former SP’s.

      A number of SP’s came back into the fold but I observed these guys were not required to go through the necessary A-E steps. One big fat donation to IAS/Ideal Orgs or Library campaigns and, voila! SP declare cancelled.

      When I asked him why this was happening, he said it was covered somewhere in policy that “it’s easier to recover SP’s (or dropped off ARcx people) than making a new Scientologist”.

  8. Some staff members apparently can’t seem to get enough of fundraising. I was speaking to one recently who was briefing me on all the exciting developments and how work on the new AO AF would start shortly. Being a CICS I asked sourly if that meant more fundraising. “HELL YEAH!” came the enthusiastic response. Seems like the squirrel version of OT levels will also soon be available.

  9. ”The aberrative personality is so badly off that he can lead only a parasitic existence. You will understand, then, that people going down Tone Scale do not immediately and automatically become aberrative personalities, in our definition as here used. People become aberrative personalities out of a malevolence which insists on a high level of survival without the production of anything.” — L. Ron Hubbard

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