What Miscavige is doing and why



Article by Morris Adams

Here are some thoughts on what Miscavige is doing and the reasons why.

First some facts (or at least I think they are facts):

  1. Miscavige is accumulating a lot of money and wealth by conning people and fooling people.

  2. Miscavige is destroying the Church of Scientology.

  3. Miscavige does not want to help anyone but himself.

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South African ex-RCS members gather together

Indy Event  8th Feb Attendees1 Crop

Event Hall at the beautiful Helderfontein Estate


On Sunday 8th February ex-members of the church of Scientology came together to celebrate a landmark event – the first “South African Indy/SP gathering” – hopefully the first of many to come.

Out of the 106 people confirmed, 98 people arrived – a scene unheard of within the hallowed Church walls whose average event attendance vs confirms is at best 30%.

Of special mention is that people travelled from as far as Cape Town and Bloemfontein to join in, and attendees comprised of people who left the church years ago, those recently resigned and/or declared, people still UTR and even some new folk who have never done a service in the Church but found the subject through one of the many Indy groups.

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Durban Idle Org – Find out where they are – UPDATED

Church Lost1


An Estate Agent from Durban just contacted our correspondent with a strange tale: Some time ago Cameron Wade (SCN from PE but not sure if he’s joined the SO) approached the agency re selling the Durban Ideal Parking lot (this after we heard Elmien was boasting the Church had sold the property for double what they paid – we knew this was bunk at the time).  

Selling price was discussed, and a value of R7 Million was affixed, with a maximum of R10 Million owing to the corner stand.  Cameron then disappeared and the estate agent has battled to get hold of anyone since. Our contact told him to contact Elmien Lochner with a caution that he will be messed around somewhat.  

For those new to this blog and as a bit of background, we published an article in October 2013 called “Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot” revealing the story of how the Church had paid R16 Million for a building, a further R2 Million for Phase 1 (architect plans, consultant fees etc) and then decided the building was unsuitable for an Ideal Org and demolished it in 2010.

As stated in that article, “Scientology in South Africa owns the most expensive parking lot in the country and possibly the world at a grand value of R18 Million Rand”.

Interestingly, after the announcement of Joburg North finally purchasing a building, Africa claimed to be “done” and positioned themselves as the “actual 1st Ideal Continent”.

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The Great Divide

Great Divide2

 by ‘Special Correspondent’

(Editor Comment: Many thanks to SC for this highly informative and comprehensive article. We recommend this as a valuable resource for everyone – whether already out of the church, those who are just looking for answers  or people who wish to offer support and help to friends and loved ones still stuck in the church). 



This may be of interest to those who are outside but still in, and looking, or it may be of interest to those who have left and may want to continue the game of disseminating and delivering Scientology.

To the “we want to close it all down” group, this article is just another sign of how things are.

A lot of this may have been covered before in various forums, but it is a worthwhile summary.

It seems as if we have three great sides to this tragedy.

  • Current members or the field on one side
  • The Church is in the middle
  • Potential new public on the other side

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Ideal Morgue Cape Town – old, old news

Old news


 (Editor: Today we celebrated a landmark event of a get-together of many South African Indy/Sp/ and other ex-RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) members. Approximately 90 people attended the function and without fail, everyone agreed they had a fantastic time, leaving the venue smiling and happy, clutching notes with contact details of new friends and old relationships rekindled.  

As soon as we have all the photos, report back and video material together, we will put together a comprehensive article on BIC for everyone to share.)

* * * * * * * * *

And now next in our series of reporting on the status quo of African Ideal Morgues:


CT Ideal Org Logo

Last week we were forwarded an HONOUR ROLL of the Cape Town Ideal Morgue donors list:

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RCS – Church of Hypocrisy



RCS is currently at the receiving end of one of the worst media lambasting episodes in it’s history. Of course we’re referring to the furore over Alex Gibney’s HBO Documentary “Going Clear”, due for release on the 16th March.

A quick Google search for Scientology + HBO returns 500,000 results in 0.17 seconds. So sensational is this issue that Wikipedia has already published a page chronicling the unfolding drama. The church is literally firing missiles in every direction possible – and this when the film has not yet been released. We can only imagine the crescendo of misery for the Church by the time 16th March rolls around.

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Scientology loses another soldier



In the early hours of yesterday morning the 1st of Feb 2015 Gavin Slender passed away after losing a battle to brain cancer.

Our sincere condolences go to his family and his wife Maria.

Gavin was a long battling soldier of Scientology for over 35 years.

Those who should most appropriately pay tribute to him will not do so on this forum.  It is hoped that a proper and fitting memorial will be held by the friends he had in the church but many here knew Gavin and remember him fondly – and it is thus important we pay our respects.

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