Durban Idle Org – Find out where they are – UPDATED

Church Lost1


An Estate Agent from Durban just contacted our correspondent with a strange tale: Some time ago Cameron Wade (SCN from PE but not sure if he’s joined the SO) approached the agency re selling the Durban Ideal Parking lot (this after we heard Elmien was boasting the Church had sold the property for double what they paid – we knew this was bunk at the time).  

Selling price was discussed, and a value of R7 Million was affixed, with a maximum of R10 Million owing to the corner stand.  Cameron then disappeared and the estate agent has battled to get hold of anyone since. Our contact told him to contact Elmien Lochner with a caution that he will be messed around somewhat.  

For those new to this blog and as a bit of background, we published an article in October 2013 called “Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot” revealing the story of how the Church had paid R16 Million for a building, a further R2 Million for Phase 1 (architect plans, consultant fees etc) and then decided the building was unsuitable for an Ideal Org and demolished it in 2010.

As stated in that article, “Scientology in South Africa owns the most expensive parking lot in the country and possibly the world at a grand value of R18 Million Rand”.

Interestingly, after the announcement of Joburg North finally purchasing a building, Africa claimed to be “done” and positioned themselves as the “actual 1st Ideal Continent”.

Pictured below is the T-Shirt they designed in celebration of this suspicious auspicious milestone. The fact that Durban doesn’t “ak-choo-uhl-ee” have a building is probably a minor detail, but they do have Ideal Containers, so maybe that counts.

And as for their incorrect pronunciation and butchered definition of the word *actual* – well, there’s nothing quite like deliberately forcing an MU on public, now is there?

IAS Shirt

So what’s been happening with Durban Org since it demolished it’s future Ideal Org?

Ideal Orgs Africa has focused mainly on Pretoria and Joburg North over the last few years.

As one of the smallest orgs in South Africa, Durban was left to their own devices to create on fundraising activities.  Below are some pics to give you an idea of the popularity of these events – bearing in mind the pics include staff and public:

Beach Party1

                                                  Beach Party!

Dbn Fundraiser Pic Sep 2013 Pirates

                                     Pirates Fundraiser – Sep 2013

Dbn Fundraiser Racing cars Jan 2015

                                    Remote Control Racing Cars!


By late 2013/ early 2014, reports were filtering in that Durban org was in serious financial trouble. This was not necessarily new news – Durban has been a small struggling org for decades. Very few staff servicing a tiny field. Without constant straight donations to cover their rent, utilities and other overheads, Durban org would not exist. It was rumoured that Louis Peens (a wealthy SCN in Natal) and Dr. Lawrence Retief  were virtually “keeping Durban Org alive”.

Early in 2014 Durban was in serious danger of being evicted from it’s premises. Lawrence Retief had been declared in Oct 2013. His daughter Taryn (Sea Org CMO staff posted as ED DBN) had to disconnect and of course it also resulted in the end of his financial support of the org.  The situation was dire.

Not long after this we were informed that a “new” building had been found for Durban. Apparently the building had been bought outright and donated to the org. (The name “Peens” was once again bandied about, but we’re not sure if others were involved).

Much excitement ensued in preparation for their move, and we caught these pics of their “operation sort out” party. These are the Ideal Containers mentioned earlier. From the pics, it’s clear these containers are filled with filing cabinets and goodness knows what else.

DBN Decluge

Seeing all those filing cabinets and boxes is rather concerning. Heaven forbid there are CF, student or even worse, PC folders in those storage containers.  We shudder to think. This is South Africa – those containers and all the paper would make a rather cosy squatter abode with plenty fuel for a winter’s fire.

The org’s imminent move and opening event to their new premises was announced on their facebook page – note the red ring. No report or pics showing how many people were really at the opening, but hopefully it wasn’t only 6.

Dbn Fbook Announce re Opening 67 Florida Rd

And so, on the 12th April 2014, Durban Org opened their new premises. A quaint little building described as “the stepping stone on the way to our Ideal Org”. This despite the fact that Ideal Orgs Africa have consistently insisted that that ALL Ideal Orgs WILL be done AND opened this year (2015).

DBN new Org opening april 2014

                                                       “New” Durban Org

Curiously, when one visits the Durban org’s facebook page, the cover picture is the original artist’s rendering based on the old building. Anyone seeing the picture below and then visiting the ak-choo-uhl org is likely to be highly confused:

Durban Mock-up Pic of Org

                                      Durban Org Facebook Cover Photo

Sort of reminds us of another organisation famous for mastering the the art of deception:

Big Mac


Okay, so WHERE is Durban Org now?

When we set about looking for an address of the new location, the only refernce we couold find was on the events page announcing the opening. There is no address listed on the main page or the “about” page where one would expect to find it – only a telephone number is listed.

Taking the view of a “raw meat” public trying to find Scientology in Durban, we started on our Google journey. And this is what we found:

Google Search DBN

The Google search shows 3 links to “church of scientology durban”. The first two point to, and the third link to

In fact all 3 links go straight to the international CoS website.

Both addresses above (shown next to the 2 links) are incorrect.

The first address is 245 Florida Road, Morningside. In fact this is the OLD Durban org address. When one clicks on this address link, this is what your’re presented with:

DBN Org - Google Map 245 Florida Rd Morningside Photo

            244/5 Florida Road Morningside – Durban’s old org premises

The second listed address is for “Church of Scientology Mission of Durban North” located at 527 Anton Lembede Street Durban. Clicking on this link gets one a blank pink wall, but move over a little and voila!

DBN Mission - Google Map 527 Anton Lembede Street PhotoScientology Durban – aka Fortress of Hope Church


So having totally failed to find the Durban org by using the local Google map search, we went to the website and finally got the current physical address:


RCS Website DBN - 67 Florida RdBack to Google maps, enter 67 Florida Road, and this is the street view of the current org, which shows the building as some kind of “Life Clinic”. We were somewhat amused to see the building to the left is a “Christian Science” building! (This map is pretty outdated so not sure if this is still the case, but this is what people will see in real-time if they enter this address into Google maps).

DBN Org 67 Florida Rd street view

Left Building: Christian Science. Right Building: Durban Org

And there you have it. Anyone looking for Scientology Durban will either arrive at a building they vacated almost a year ago, or find themselves tickled pink in the Fortress of Hope. Or, lacking all hope, they will end up at the Christian Science place and think they’ve finally found Scientology (like that’s never been confused by people before).

Is it any wonder then that Durban org calls this a “packed academy”:

Packed Academy


And that brings us full circle back to the Ideal Parking lot – the property that makes Africa the “1st actual Ideal Continent”. Our Durban correspondent was kind enough to take some updated pics for BIC, and here they are:

DBN Lot Feb 2015

We see the Ideal Containers are still in evidence. Wonder what’s in them?

And right outside the desolate lot stands a forlorn Dianetics sign with a web link to a page that is no longer available.


Perhaps a prophetic message of what’s to come for Ideal Orgs in Africa.

Dianetics link

 As the *actual* saying goes ……. It is what it is.


28 thoughts on “Durban Idle Org – Find out where they are – UPDATED

  1. eeey mien, whatkind ekse? Even a local bunny chow caravan has more activity den this?? Why don’t they empty doze containers, make one two coupla stress test centres at least? Free samosas for every address given, one bunny for buying a book? Bring an cum, don’t fcuk around buy a whole round.. of courses of course!

    Durban slang aside, this is an activity desert! My home city could do with some real tech help, Calvin whatkind? Put you in as the recruitment officer, search the hopefuls first, if they don’t have a knife, give them one! Heard crime is skyrocketing in Durbs, never used to be that bad! The decay is really sad. Everyone is fleeing North up the coast to their self contained fortress villages. The org should’ve surveyed their target market and found a more suitable venue if they expected to do their usual fleecing. As it stands or in this case pretty legless, 18 million bucks of nothing, making nothing equals- well nothing! What people will do with hope is astounding. What certain charlatans will do with your good intent is ever more appalling!

    DM was so sure he would conquer the world and make Scientology RCS style the new world order religion. He has failed utterly. Witness his ruin, his promises and orgs are empty..

  2. Well this is what it is. Durban Org was the first org I went to in this lifetime. Different address but same old staff of 6 or so. Public active of maybe 10 on a busy week. And yet the few who went there (1961) were able to find some Scientology. Oh for the good old days! In 54 years we are on a flat line emergency trend. Oh well! Surf ‘ s up!

  3. So if I get this right. .. Durban is now R18M for the parking lot/container storage plus another M or two for the current One ideal Org. NOW WHAT’S THE BET there is not a single property or piece of real estate registered in the name of Church of Scientology in Durban. Between Bunker Hills and Mahogany Rose there are some assets which could sell for a small fraction of the purchase price. But who cares if it was paid for by the lowly public? Mere mortal fundraiser attendees! And if they bitch about it they can be declared so all is well. As long as we can report a stat to the COB showing the ” value” of property owned we are safe from the RPF for the next week at least. WOO HOO!

  4. ‘Ere. Oi fink you goiys ‘ave summed it up totally. nuffink to add, oither.

    “Hey, what you tuuunning, an all? We making a plan dere by Havenside , We got some shuppp deals for you, my bru’. Just pull in by my pozzy, and I making you a good price.
    You know my pozzy, lahnee? You turnoff dere by Havenside off ramp, and ten left, ten right go straight , ten right. chek the bamboo trees on the left at number 715. you can chek the six red flag flags on the bamboos. That’s my pozzy! My Huncle is still grafting on his souped up chevvy V8, in the driveway, but you can puk between the Green mamba and his gunston orange Ford Mustang. My Hanti makes the best brianni in Chatsworth, my bru’. You must bring your vrou and all, I’m tuuuunning you. My sisters will spoil her after the chow, with some swweet meats and Fanta. You can joining me and my Huncle for some cane and coke and all.. Then we can doing the deal an’ all. You can bring your credit card , but for cash, we beat all those ou’s lahnee. I’m tuuunning you.”

    (BTW, these ou’s STILL make a plan to beat all prices, I’m tuuning you. LOL)

    You reckon we pull in there, to see what they can do, bru’?

  5. Congrats on another well written article. Every day the cult of corporate scientology gets exposed more and more.

    And just when you think there can’t be any more wrongdoings and brass-neckology tech at play, we learn another scam at the hands of David Miscavige. What a tiny little excuse for a man.

  6. First time Iwent into Durban ORG was in 1957. Did my HPA in 1961 and joined evening staff the same year. It was opend by Peter Green an original Docter of Scientology. To the best of my knowledge he was declared in 1982 as one of the mission holders. Met my wife Molly who was the D of P, my boss and married her a year later. It was a great little ORG with high ARC amongst the staff. In later years it was successfully run by Rodney Corbett and after that by Gaye Corbett. Today we are all declared, Rodney, Gaye, Ernest, Molly and I. As they say in South Africa “Ag Shame”. The truth is we are all still having a lot of fun. So Durban staff if you want to be successfull once again get declared and join the Freezone or the independents. Best Wishes David

    • What you say reminds me of a saying. “the two best days on a scientologist time track are the day he joined the church and the day he leaves the church.”

  7. When people begin to think that God is on their side, expect their thoughts and actions to become radical.
    When people become indoctrinated into the belief that they are the upper 10% of the upper 10% of the population, that they are the only ones who can help mankind, expect their thoughts and actions to be even more radical. Toss in some cheap pantomime navy uniforms then give them unlimited powers and you can sit back and watch the mayhem unfold.
    Its crazy articles like this one which keeps me coming back to your blog.
    Scientology, its always worse than I think!

    • What’s really crazy, Old Timer, is when we have forgotten that we once had a worthwhile purpose, (doing) and now that we no longer have such a purpose (aborted), draw perverse satisfaction in denigrating and invalidating those who still do (pathetic) Get over it, or get a life, man.

      • Ja, worthwhile purpose those SO member have, um, like tossing people into the hole or standing by and WATCHING people getting locked up.
        Here is another worthwhile purpose. Getting your members to donate 18 bar to buy a building which is worth half, then demolishing it and putting it back on the market for 8 bar, according to articles published here.
        Hey, another worthwhile purpose. Arriving in my town at night, unannounced with nowhere to stay. So, I put you up in my home and feed you.Then you try to extort 100K out of me for some building.
        When you leave in the morning, you take(steal) ALL the toilet rolls out of my bathroom!!!

        And you call me pathetic with a perverse satisfaction in denigrating and invalidating those with a worthwhile purpose? Thiefs have a purpose too, Calvin, so do Racketeers, Con men and Charlatans.So do ISIS members.According to them, its all worthwhile.
        You should read my post again.
        With God on their side, Christians started the Crusades. With Allah on their side, The Taliban destroyed a nation.
        With “the tech” under their belts,The Sea Org are destroying an organisation, families and lives. If you object, you are denigrated and invalidated with labels. SP,DB,PTS,Out-ethics, NCG,raw meat,glib.
        Worthwhile purposes – yeah right! They need to get a life, a better one.

      • 100% agree with you, OT.

        When a staff member of a Church claiming to be “the most ethical group on the planet” forms up gang-bang reg cycles which carry on for hours and hours, lie to you about what the money will be used for, feeds you blatant false stats in an attempt to con money out of you and makes you “pay” your way out of ethics (etc etc) this is not a good purpose. It’s 100% evil – plain and simple. Trust me, reg’s & SO staff perpetrating these despicable deeds ALL know this. They couldn’t give a continental about your wellbeing. All they want is to meet their quota and they will resort to criminal behaviour if necessary to achieve this because they know that you will NEVER report them. And woe betide you if you balk or complain – they will take all your money in restitution for your “attitude” and then kick you to the curb, sneer behind your back and refer to you as a DB, ethics particle, dilettante and the like. And declare you for good measure if you get too noisy.

        They have absolutely no conscience when it comes to placing people at risk financially and they don’t care who suffers in the process – as long as they get their product, it’s “the greatest good”.

        I speak from experience – I saw it happening, watched and listened to senior Church and SO management speaking about public behind their backs, and I experienced this treatment from them first-hand.

        I am sorry, but these people are lower than low. They make petty criminals and sophisticated con-men alike look like angels in comparison. The fact that they do this “in the name of help” makes them worse than pond scum in my book.

      • Hi Shelley,
        I was once contacted by some random SO member on the phone. They wanted to set up a meeting with me, I refused as nothing good could come of it. I recall the persons response vividly. “Its not a reg or recruit cycle”. So I agreed.
        At the meeting, they unleashed their new tactic, donations for buildings.
        I received a phone call from an “old friend” in the SO. She had been at Flag for many,many years and was back in SA. She was wanting to catch-up with me and get back into comm. She was in the local Org and asked if I would join her for lunch.
        Sure, there’s no harm in that.
        When I arrived, she was very happy to see me. After some brief catching up, we headed into a room for lunch, err sec-checking.
        I could go on but you get my drift. Unfortunately, the SO cannot be upfront and honest with their target market. They believe that they must operate with subterfuge and be deceitful. In my opinion,this is why they are failing.

    • Old Timer, first up, clearly you were coming from a different set of circumstances, which understandably pissed you off, and left you with the bitterness that you have described. Crazier it doesn’t get than that.

      My sincere apologies for not reading between your lines. Your follow up certainly fleshed out your pain and how you were deceived by the DMons mafiOSA..

      My own earlier experiences contained nothing akin to what you blanketed as Scientology, so we were definitely comparing apples to oranges.

      Duplication, i hope, has now taken place on both sides?

      I still hope that you CAN get a life after that, OT!

      For me at least, I have found that the secret is to quit taking things, (especially Scientology), so seriously. 🙂

      — Calvin.

      • Hi Calvin.
        Thank you.
        I have indeed moved on. For me, scientology was a wrong turn on my spiritual journey. Your mileage may vary. I appreciate that.

      • I don’t get it that Old Timer is bitter, Racing. I get that he’s just commenting on this blog. From what I’ve read formerly from Old Timer, he got a life long ago.

        I’ve notice other rather antagonistic comments towards other people, too. Why is this necessary?

  8. Nice article and thanks for the research and trouble to put it all together.

    It is somewhat gobsmacking in the sheer boneheadedness of it all. To pull this mess off requires some serious ability. I tuck the article away and move off to more mundane matters.

    Not soon after, as a decent contrast, I had a conversation with someone on lines and active, and she stated very succinctly that miscavige has done and is doing such a great job, and how grateful she is that he is the one in charge.

    Welcome to my life. Ah, one day it will all iron itself out……

  9. The current “new” org premises look attractive and based on the numbers are definitely all they actually need. Scn has got some tools to help people in life, had they stuck to selling people these and providing real help rather than insisting that everyone become hard core lifetime members of the church of scientology they may have got somewhere. You can see it in L Ron’s work – in the early days it was a case of get a person helped with scientology, later it is “if they are not on board on the same terms…” Put yourself in the mindset of a visitor; they arrive, do some courses which help and so tell their friends about it, when they have done what they want they move on, or decide to stick around and do more. As we all know the reality is that once you approach scientology to buy a book or show any other type of interest they DO NOT leave you alone: phone calls, uninvited visitors, constant junk mail, spam email, “interviews” it is just constant harassment. Any gains you may have had get lost in this and you are too ashamed to tell anyone about the subject as you don’t want them to have to go through this themselves.

    • Gimpy – you raise a very good point here. Time and again I tried (and failed) to “protect” Div6 and raw (new) public who had not grasped the subject or had so little to do with it there was NO WAYS they were ready for heavy reg cycles, circling IAS sharks, or, even worse (and my pet hate), getting bookbuyers and raw pubic to attend Int events just for the sake of pushing stats.

      I just about freaked out when senior execs demanded that staff use Div6 and book-buyer lists for call-in for events. I often raised this as being a high-crime but I was ignored. No amount of trying to explain what a disservice we were doing to these people by subjecting them to seeing us “SCN fanatics” jumping up and clapping every 5 minutes, the Jeff Pomerantz ranting intro and hours of “Shermanspeak” was just too out-gradient. If the guy wasn’t virtually unconscious from MU’s or totally freaked out and electrified at the end of the event, one thing I knew for sure was “he aint coming back”. I have met TONS of people who have related some encounter with SCN and one for one, every one of them told me about some off-the-wall bizarre story that made them think SCN is a cult and being run by a bunch of zealous idiots (and correctly so, because that is exactly what the RCS has become).

      And yet the SCN ethics section on “Ethics and Study Tech” is VERY clear about this “Any Public Division staff, person, staff member or Scientologist found using terms, circumstances or data on raw public in public lectures or promotion or PR beyond the public ability to grasp without stressing Study Tech or at once taking effective measures to clarify, or releasing materials broadly to a wrong public may be summoned to a Court of Ethics if any flap or upset results”

      Sound familiar?

      And then…… “Whenever these points are found to be out in areas and not enforced, there can be no plea of ignorance a and the seniors of the area are themselves liable to Comm Ev”

      And then the last section of this chapter reads: “The matter has been regarded too lightly and has caused great losses, blows and has impeded progress on this planet”.

      And there you have it – because of their OWN crazed stat-push actions, they are going down that dwindling spiral to oblivion. It has absolutely F-all to do with conjured up “SP’s” or “counter intention” or whatever wrong target they choose as the flavour of the week – THEY are killing themselves and have been over a long period of time.

      • Good point Shelley. To add a crinkle to what you say, these points are listed as high crimes. Not just a court or a committee of evidence, but accused of high crimes.

        “5. Any Public Division person, staff member or Scientologist
        found using terms, circumstances or data on raw public in
        public lectures or promotion or in public relations (PR) beyond
        the public ability to grasp without stressing study tech or at once
        taking effective measures to clarify, or releasing materials broadly
        to a wrong public may be summoned to a Court of Ethics if any
        flap or upset results.”

  10. Barely there and hardly ideal. Durban has book clubs with more members than this religion. There are some Durban families who have given all their money to this ‘church’ and even donated their children to the sea org. For what? Oh just wake up for goodness sake!

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