South African ex-RCS members gather together

Indy Event  8th Feb Attendees1 Crop

Event Hall at the beautiful Helderfontein Estate


On Sunday 8th February ex-members of the church of Scientology came together to celebrate a landmark event – the first “South African Indy/SP gathering” – hopefully the first of many to come.

Out of the 106 people confirmed, 98 people arrived – a scene unheard of within the hallowed Church walls whose average event attendance vs confirms is at best 30%.

Of special mention is that people travelled from as far as Cape Town and Bloemfontein to join in, and attendees comprised of people who left the church years ago, those recently resigned and/or declared, people still UTR and even some new folk who have never done a service in the Church but found the subject through one of the many Indy groups.

The event was for everyone, no matter their stance on the subject of SCN – those who had/have no interest in carrying on with the subject to those doing their advanced levels right here in South Africa – and everyone in-between. Everyone was granted the right to their own viewpoint and it was noticeable in the buzz and friendliness of people chattering away with each other like long-lost friends.

The morning kicked off with a welcome and introduction by the MC of the day Ryan Hogarth, followed with a presentation by Dani & Tami Lemberger of the infamous Dror Centre in Israel who declared their independence from the Church in 2012. Dani gave some history of how their departure from the Church came about, and briefed the audience on their “Story of Success”, including how their Centre is run, what services they offer and the success they are enjoying from correct application of LRH tech. For those of you new to the story of the Lembergers, you can read their story at this link on Mike Rinder’s blog.

Following the Lembergers, Mark Shreffler (no stranger to South African Scientologists who have enjoyed many hours of his talks in the past) delivered an up-beat briefing on “Having FUN in the field”  – covering the fundamentals of life being a game, doing away with “seriousness” and giving one the tools of handling life while having a “whole lotta fun”.

And so ended the formal part of the event on a very high note, followed by a delicious tea and lovely snacks while people caught up with each other, made new friends and had a jolly good time. In stark contrast to Church events where people make a bee-line for the exit for fear of being collared by a reg or staff member, people stayed around for ages –  chatting away, catching up and reminiscing on good times with tons of high-ARC interaction. And amazingly, all of this happened while credit cards stayed safely tucked away in wallets and purses.

Also in attendance were a number of trained technical terminals on hand to answer people’s questions.  We believe we set some kind of record with no less than 42 OT’s in attendance and many highly-trained auditors –  right up to Class 8, trained under LRH himself.

The universal message and feedback from people attending the event was “we want more of this”. And of course, there will definitely be more in the future. One cannot have too much of a good thing, now can they?

A couple of pictures were taken which we present below. One of these photos shows 5 people who all worked with and knew LRH from the early days. We believe there are more people OUTSIDE the Church who knew & worked with LRH personally than there are left in the Church today.


MC & Speakers

Pic of talkers Feb event

L to R:  Tami Lemberger,  Mark Shreffler,  Ryan Hogarth,  Dani Lemberger



Knew & worked with LRH

Pic of LRH Old Timers

L to R:  Travers Harris,  Joe Van Staden,  Andrew Jackson,  Molly Jelly



Gracious Hosts & Guest Speakers

Pic of Lembergers & Corbetts

L to R:  Ernest Corbett,  Tami Lemberger,  Dani Lemberger,  Gaye Corbett,  Mark Shreffler


 “And again, I want to thank you for all the support, old timers and newcomers alike, that you have given Scientology and its activities in South Africa.

This touches me deeply and I wish to make a public statement that I appreciate it to the bottom of my heart what you have done over these years.

Thank you”.

L. Ron Hubbard

(South African Anatomy Congress, January 1961 – lecture “The Future of South Africa”)

56 thoughts on “South African ex-RCS members gather together

  1. So great to see all of you enjoying time together. Nothing better than the experience of true friends. A special shout out to my friend and man of international acclaim, Mark Shreffler. Miss you stateside. Love to all from Texas.

    • Hello Yvonne! It’s wonderful to hear from you. You and Ken really need to plan a trip here and experience the theta of this incredible country. The event was really cool, and things are prospering very nicely. Stay in touch! :))

  2. How wonderful! I wish I could have attended, to be honest, and met so many awesome people coming together to just be friends and have the companionship so missing in the “formal” CofS. My best wishes to everyone there. Looks like it was an event that rivaled the best attended events Scn Inc puts on there, which just goes to show you what a disastrous mistake they are making with their tidal wave of declares.

    • Chris, it was awesome. I remember back in the 70’s LRH’s Birthday was a PARTY. There was no such thing as public sitting like a bunch of in-flowed zombies watching a video on max volume for 3 hours while DM drones on and on and on about the false stats and golden arrows flying everywhere followed by the gaudy Jockey Jerseys, over-the-top trophies with golden horses zooming around the screen (LRH would have HATED that). It’s like a Grammy/Oscar nightmare on steroids. And they DO insist on having Div6 public in attendance just to ensure the guys run for their lives never to be seen again. Yuk.

      Nope, in the good ‘ol days, an event was a party with booze flowing, music blaring and people getting it down on the academy dance floor. That’s how I met my true love in 1976 – a couple of champagnes in and he asked me to dance. I remember that night like it happened yesterday – even down to the pretty white dress my dad bought for me. Of course we both went off and made a hash of our love lives without each other years later, but it all came right when it finally clicked back into place in 2002. But I will never forget – it all started at an LRH Birthday PARTY!

      • Exactly, Shelley, I remember those early days well and always looked forward to those ‘get-togethers’ with happy anticipation.

        But more importantly we are creating a new history of happiness now!
        Yes, our event was a huge success. I loved this one and it was wonderful to get back in comm with those I knew way back in those early days of the 60’s. Such fun to renew old friendships and to discover who else has moved into their new life outside the church.

        I loved meeting our new Israeli friends. They are both such wise beings – Dani with his honest business experience and how he used this knowledge to set up the DROR Centre, and Tami with her huge ARC and tech expertise, I loved my comm I had with her, such a delightful person. and I look forward to being real friends in the future. Thank you both so much for coming to share time with us in SA.
        And then there was our dear friend Shreffy in all his glory, lifting up everyone in to the true spirit of play in his usual way – such a delight to have him back in our midst. Thank you Shreffy for all you do and I hope we shall share much more time with you in the future too.

        And of course, a very special thank you to Ernest and Gaye for giving us this lovely event. What a gift, and so enjoyed by all. Lastly, thanks to all those who contributed behind the scenes towards making it a success, you are all stars.

        Love, Wendy B

    • Hello Chris and thank you for posting here. It is exciting to be re-creating Scientology, like hitting the reset button on your computer after it was all bugged. I watch your superb videos and learn a lot from what you say. Some friends in Israel have recently translated into Hebrew your open message to DM. You can see it at DM can’t stop himself from his game of self-destruction. Only consolation is that we flourish and prosper.

    • Dear Wendy and Alan,
      Thank you for your kind words of praise. We had a great time in beautiful South Africa and are proud to have contributed to your efforts in creating a new boom for Scientology.
      It is people like yourself & Alan and Molly & David and Karl & Sandy and Gaye & Ernest who have been at it for 40-50 years that are proving the timeless value of the Tech. It is our honor to be considered your friends.
      We will see you again soon. Love, TamiDani

  3. Dear Jo’burgian friends,
    Tami and I did have a wonderful time in South Africa. Never have we made so many friends in such a short time in such a theta environment.
    The event of 8th Feb is a milestone in our progress towards free and open Scientology world-wide. The truth of the Tech, its workability, make it unstoppable.
    We have met in SA devoted Scientologists, some who’ve been around since the 1960’s who worked and trained with Ron and many newcomers who come to benefit from the Tech. Top Tech terminals are busy over their heads delivering the complete Bridge in SA, as we now do in Israel and throughout the Planet.
    Dror Center, oops, I mean, Centre, is continuing its boom. We have people here from Europe and a constant trickle of ex-churchies coming our way. We have now recruited a full-time Academy supervisor-in-training to make auditor training a priority. The planet needs lots more auditors and our four auditors are complaining they can no longer handle this workload.
    Our special gratitude to Gaye & Ernest Corbett, the hosts of the event. They are true visionaries, leaders of magnitude, thanks to whom Scientology will prosper in South Africa and beyond.
    Love to all who helped and participated. We will see you again soon, TamiDani

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for the news! Great photos! I am so happy to see people”Finally getting together”! (Like the song).

    If I do walk the middle road, it is because I remember my friends, and the people who created good memories for me.

    I have been friends with many Scientologists. Being a friend carries a duty. I grew up in a time and place where standing by your friends was standing order number one.

    I still consider myself a friend to all of the people I knew in Scientology. I still value them in the same way. I still respect them in the same way. My love and support for them has not diminished with my own disappointments.

    My friendships transcend the curiosity surrounding Hubbard and his ideas. I still have friends in there. Which is why I do not attack the entire structure. The entire system. Every idea and every person.

    I may be reasonable. But I am also grateful and loyal.

    This event and these photos remind me, of the cost of being a friend, against the backdrop of the penalties. And I can see I am still in a good place.

    XXOO My love to the people in South Africa.

    Maximum creation, minimum destruction. Works for me.

    • I mean, many of those people I befriended would consider me an “S.P.” right now. I even support that. At the end of the day, I have to live with myself. I have to know what kind of friend I was. If I do have friends that have been taken in, in some way, it does not help them for me to make it harder on them.

      Love is a very difficult to manage. A much larger burden, than hate.

      Yet, I got in in my mind at an early age, that only love can conquer hate. I think Marvin Gaye had it right.

      • I love your musings. T.O. I’d like to drive past the CLO with that Marvin Gaye song blaring on a megaphone. So true – “Only love can conquer hate”. And right now, that’s all I see and hear when it comes to the Church. Declaring war on their own public – hate. Declaring war on falsely labelled SP’s – hate. Declaring war on anyone who is not in lock-step with DM’s regime – hate. It’s a Church filled with hate. Terror that someone might find out and when they do, hate them.

        Whatever happened to “What is Greatness”? Dead and gone, just like LRH and everything he stood for.

      • Shelly, Thank you, and, I hear you.

        There used to be a Soap Opera my grandmother used to watch on television called, “As The World Turns”.

        I think of all of social theater as, “As The Pendulum Swings”.

        I think Hubbard’s thing was to stay “Three feet behind societies head”. That never clicked for me. The idea of standing three feet behind someone seems stand offish, even sneaky to me.

        I like to position myself a few decades ahead of the pendulum swings. You know, to when the pendulum comes to rest. Think about where I will be standing when the pendulum comes to rest.

        Because I will still have to live with myself after the pendulum swing. Go into other worlds, other universes. Have a fate there waiting for me. Other paths, other friends, different times. Different pendulums.

        All I really have to gain from all of it, is the good memories I made for myself or others. The good memories they made for me.

        Once a person discounts these things they are really bankrupt. That is all we ever have to gain from any adventure. As long as one’s good memories of them self and others out weigh the bad ones, a being is still solvent.

        Everyone in this world, comes into this world covered in someone else’s blood. And you both take it from there. Turn it into a good thing, if you can.

        There are people that just run with the herd after that point. There are people that veer off the path and new paths are forged.

        There are people that live their entire lives without ever stepping off the pendulum swing of a society, to even determine if they have a voice of their own.

        “Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains”.

        Highly recommended reading: Have a look inside! The anatomy of a society.

      • I think, many people can not traverse into a parallel universe, with out being covered in someone else’s blood. But it is just a habit they become used to.

        Everything that can and did go wrong in the Scientology society, was laid on the table by a man in 1762.

      • I would end this by adding, if you do find yourself being attacked for having been part of a Scientology society, or for dabbling in a Scientology society, or visiting a Scientology society, your attacker will most likely be someone who helped to create a Scientology society sometime in their past. And finds it hard to move into another society or parallel universe, without being covered in some one else’s blood. Many of those people did not come into a Scientology society with out being covered in someone else’s blood. Usually, the people they disconnected from to fit in to a Scientology society or blamed for their need for a Scientology society at all.

        It is just a “right of passage” to tear out of a womb in a violent way. To do that to fight for a life. To cause another suffering so that you may live. So that you may breathe. It is a heavy burden to place on an infant. Their first act of social intercourse, to cause pain and suffering to another human being.

        You can only rise above it when you then create good memories for others that make your entrance, justifiable.

        Everyone here is very capable of still bringing joy, laughter, and good memories to their fellow man. And out creating the losses or disappointments.

        Punishing through brutality can be a one time incident. Unless you are cornered into self defense.

  5. This was what any event should be like – fun! I enjoyed being there seeing everyone just be themselves freely communicating about whatever took their fancy. Its nice to know real help is on offer to those that choose it. I met one or two chaps who mentioned they had gone ahead and applied the tech thenselves in ways pretty uncoventional. Now that was fascinating! There really is no limit to what people can do if they are willing!

    I can really see the difference between Rons way of having a group compared to DM’s version. His is so remenisent of the SS, Nazi type affair with all its punitive force activities going on! What torture! Our event was like sunshine at dawn after a night of long knives! Some ex RCSers must really feel as if they escaped the concentration camps or got sent home from the front lines after a major offensive – it was that different from a church event!

    Many, many thanks to the event sponsors, speakers and fellow holocaust survivors haha! It was awesome to catch up with some of you and keep it real! There is so much life yet to live now that we are all free to do so!

    See y’all sooner rather than later!

    P.s. my cottage is open to anyone who visits from Joblegg to the modders se stad – pull in bru! Cant garentee we will sleep much though bending each others ears all night hehe! Much to talk about indeed!

    OSA you can take pictures from my huge ridgebacks kennel (cars are so boring), he’s a friendly guy my ridgeback on account of his lovers balls, you may get on. Who knows? 😉

  6. Yes – We had a great time!!!
    I am very happy to meet new friends and have expanded comm-lines across the globe!
    Many thanks to the organizers of the event and our hosts – Gaye and Ernest Corbett – you really made our first trip to SA a very unique experience, which left us with a desire for more…
    Much love,
    Tami Lemberger

  7. It was an awesome gathering indeed. I was literally blown away by the people there. So many people were saying to each other “oh wow! you too?” with much happiness and hugging carrying on.

    I personally had a fantastic win. I saw someone with whom I had not parted on very good terms when we were in the church, and I walked up to this person, hugged them really hard and said “I am sorry”. I got this quizzical look in response and I said “we were all part of one huge valence, and I am sorry if I treated you unfairly or upset you” (which I know I had done). I got the biggest smile, a slight tearing up, and a big hug in response. All that upset and charge “poof” – gone in a nano-second. That alone made the event worthwhile for me.

    Thanks very much to the organisers and people behind this – you guys rock!

    • Shelly wrote:

      I said “we were all part of one huge valence, and I am sorry if I treated you unfairly or upset you

      Excellent way to put it, Shelley.


  8. It’s great to see such a flourishing Scientology field in South Africa. Thanks to Ernest and Gaye Corbett for hosting Dani and Tami. Dani and Tami told me they had a great time in South Africa and enjoyed their stay a lot.
    Israel and South Africa has a long history of cooperation and I think now we can cooperate in the field of Scientology as well.



  9. Wow – what a wonderful time we all had.
    So great and no regging!
    So great to go to a tech terminal on my OWN determinism!
    So great to be able to stay behind afterwards on my own
    determinism and Chat and have coffee.

    Oh the Freedom in the Indie Field.
    To Be who I am.
    To Communicate with others freely.
    To have viewpoints!

    To be able to carry on up the Bridge with NO DURESS!
    To belong to a Theta and Flourishing Group.

    Thank you to all involved in arranging this amazing get together.


  10. This is amazing! well done for the organizing the event. I am very happy to see more and mor free people!
    Staff of Dror Center

  11. What a great event it was! Just one point I don’t think has come through clearly: all this emphasis on ‘the good ol’ days’ makes it half sound it was a get-together for old farts waxing nostalgic. Not at all – from my recall most of the people still had hair and were pretty young. The old timers who knew Ron have obviously had to be turfed out of the RCS because they know too much and recall how the tech actually produces wins, but the youngsters who weren’t brainwashed early on are equally looking for a tech that works. This is a group with a bright future.
    Another point and forgive my bias. But I got the distinct impression this was a group of ‘winners’. Most were raving about how well they’re doing both in life and in processing. The last time I was at the org I couldn’t help but notice the ‘losers’ apathetically lining up for their five hours of objectives, desperately hoping to turn their lives around. Speak to an RCS auditor and all they do is moan about the cost of retraining. Of course, they end by saying how brilliant everything is today. My response is: “Tell your face about it, not me!”

    • Hahaha as usual Woden you tickle my funny bone!

      Us as winners? Never thought of it that way really. That we are winning individually I’d say the percentages are way higher than theirs though. They seem to be in a winning Sp’s valence, DM’s valence of some sort thats for sure. Hardly breathing in enough oxygen never mind actually succeeding for sure. To them a grimace is as good as a smile perhaps? I wish they could all see whats out here in the big bad world beyond the scientology fotress. Its good and bad and full of more choices. Which makes it rather more good then afterall! But they dont know that do they.

      I guess freedoms true currency is choice, amount of. So when you get some twat chopping up peoples choices everywhere you know he has to be the big chop who needs chopping pronto! I guess I needed to flesh that out quick.

      I feel that as long as no single person in the indie movement decides to own it all and control it all the movement will flourish. Seeing all these messages of love and support makes me feel a surge of hope and fellowship. This is how it should be forever. Lets keep it so!

    • So glad to hear that you guys still have some hair and are waxing enthusiastic between your old knowledge troves and your young farts! Bound to bring wins by the droves.

  12. Ernest & Gaye, PLEASE say hullo back to us will you? We shared in your wins, (L’s etc), way back when you returned to Durban Org, (from the ship), in the late 70’s, beginning 80’s. We had obviously lost touch when you guys moved down to Knysna and since.

    I do recall your enthusiastic success stories, as vividly as yesterday, btw! 🙂

    Great to see you two out of the mind-trap. Only wish we could reach Richie Bizzell, Clive Trent, and others who just refuse to look. Oh well, —differing comm lags, I suppose — sigh!

    — Calvin. 🙂

    • Hi there Calvin, it is great to hear from you and your comm sure brings back memories of the good old days. I have such a great photo of all of us with all the kids after a Sunday service. You remember Mike Moretti doing drills with the kids on a Sunday. As you say it is such a pity about the poor guys still stuck in the bubble, maybe they too will get pushed too hard one day and they will pop out and see what the real game is.
      Gaye and Ernest

      • Lovely to have your acks, Gaye & Ernie. :). Yes indeed, those fabulous early days really were filled with magic, as much as the excitement of following our dreams of brighter tomorrows with the promise of greater awareness & freedom, for those who reached for it.

        And picking up on the pity, (perhaps more of a tragedy!) of the guys still stuck in the bubble, the irony of it all, comes down to simply this;

        Direct quote from LRH: : “All I have been trying to do, is teach people how to look.” — (perhaps they have had THAT ability erased, by the CO$?)

        Calvin & Dot.

  13. Wonderful, absolutely!
    So nice to hear about that theta, happy gathering. Being with a theta Indie group (Dror, Israel), for a long time now, this kind of happy, full of fun and friendship, get together, and free of any covert hidden intentions – is the most natural thing to have and observe. This is how free life truly is.
    This is what spiritual beings, seeking freedom and wisdom DO! Or any beings seeking to better their and their friends lot. So simple. They gather in FREEDOM, they work/help each other in FREEDOM, and they continue that way. Add a bit of wisdom, a bit of tech (in our case “huge bit” of tech) intelligence, (very important), ARC (always), smiles, fun, and there’s the ideal and only org/group which can and will work…! I know , because I have experienced just that as an Indie for 2.5 years, and it is great. And it is FREE. If I cannot come to a gathering, nobody even thinks anything about it. I am a free being, to come and go, period. And of course here’s the funny thing: I never wish to miss our gatherings, they are so much fun!! And nothing else!
    And of course when these simple elements are there, SURPRISE SURPRISE, work on SELF can truly take place, and one’s incredible universe can be explored step by step. That’s what we all wanted in the 1st place, is it not? It is not an easy work, we are so huge and complex and f—d and stupid/silly and wonderful…we need a clean, loving, able and FREE work environment.
    The one element that cannot be cut down, EVER, only enhanced, is Freedom.
    Shelley wrote, so beautifully, “All that upset and charge “poof” – gone in a nano-second”, and made my own eyes wet too. This and endless nano-seconds wins over big problems, can and will happen in abundance, in and within FREEDOM. This is why we all left. Doesn’t work otherwise!
    Well done you wonderful people,
    Much love,

    • Hemi,
      I am again deeply indebted to you for your moving post and for your incredible friendship. You know well, that without your support and participation, we would not have been where we are. You are a model to many of those who progress up the Bridge at Dror. Honest!
      Only free and courageous beings can travel the road to spiritual freedom. It is not an easy journey, we know. It requires sacrifice, hard work and tenacity. But the rewards are infinite. Literally infinite.
      One can only traverse it with comrades one can totally give faith in. We are creating these alliances now. My gratitude to our many friends who are walking this path with us.
      It is a real joy watching it happen across the Planet.

      • Thanks Dani,
        I totally agree, I am absolutely great, and please mail the check by quick post… 🙂 ha ha, kidding. We spend so much time kidding at Dror, its ridiculous.. ‘Jokers & upgraders’ that we are…it does slow ‘production’ many times. And there we have, luckily, our ED and senior Ethics terminal, Dani Lemberger, eyes glazing, rushing to handle this atrocity with… more joking and kidding!! Goodness me! No wonder they chucked you out the RCS man. All those Chrome faces smiling? Or God forbids, laughing?? Spoils the spotless shine. Very bad.
        Kidding aside, to those who still don’t have reality nowadays on the vast difference between a good Indie operation and a CoS one, read this, fresh from this week:
        After ages at Dror, doing much and incredible work, I never did Ethics. No Ethics office, no Ethics officer (that I know of..). Not necessary. Then few days ago I did get a tech suggestion to do an Ethics special program. My 1st reaction was: “Incredible, I’ve been feeling the need for just that recently. Wow, Bingo!!
        Ok, compliments to the Dror tech terminals, they are bloody good! But that isn’t the point here. The point is that true Ethics is wonder of wonders, when done correctly, at a correct point and with the correct intention.Something that got lost long ago in the CoS, sadly! And the results: pure joy. Arriving one morning in real bad shape, very rare, but happens, life’s a joker&kidder itself sometimes, and leaving a few ours later totally relieved with dramatic change of attitude and tone. Ethics…
        And the Ethics work, with a class 9 top auditor, if someone was to listen near the door, he would have been convinced we were watching top comedy, marx brothers/Chaplin or similar. So much laughter, and great comm. And of course so much depth, wisdom and true care, only for one thing: ME, the service receiver.
        Coming out of one such session, and meeting Tami my great friend and who happens to be the C/S, feeling great, I said: “sure, this stuff is awesome, but what so fantastic here, for me, is the INTELLIGENCE of that ethics-auditor. (And of everybody here!) We did things intelligently, wisely, and that is for me a life channel. While doing this kind of work rote, robotic, no ARC, is for me a killer, makes me wither and fade.
        I am writing all this, because I know that so many of us, abused by wrong attitudes and wrong terminals, much of the time the total opposite of everything I write here, lost trust that it can be done right, and bring back joy and wisdom back without enslaving or betraying. Well, it can be done differently! But don’t take my word for it. Try and see for yourselves.
        With Love,

  14. Ooh, need to do a bit of word-clearing there, scnafrica: the only people to whom the marvellous Dror Centre could possibly be “infamous” are surely a certain diminutive money-mad psychopath and his sycophants. I bet he’s grinding his expensively-veneered fangs in enraged jealousy at your straight-up-and-vertical attendance stats! 🙂

  15. It was great! A little nostalgia seeing old friends. I met with someone who was a close friend in the late ’70s and who is doing well and looking great. But more than that there was a strong sense of new beginnings and people doing well now and into the future. And the word is out: your real bridge awaits you outside the confines of the Corporate Church of Squirrels. Those out of the church today are out for similar reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they are dangerous to the church because they know the church is fake Scientology. It seems pretty much that the EP of the church’s bridge is: To leave the Church and probably join the indies.

  16. One of the great losses that Ernest and I had when we were declared Supressive by our so called group, was that we had many life long and very good friends that disconnected from us without even getting our viewpoint as to why we disagreed with the RCS and our friend David Miscavage. But it wasn’t long before we realized that there are so many great OTs out of the church and we have been able to reach out to new and very special friends and connect up with people who are not completely robotic and PTS to the powers that be inside the church.
    Dani and Tami are two of these very special people and new friends, it was really special to be able to connect up with them and we look forward to many years of true friendship with people who have integrity and can think for themselves. Thank you both for taking the time and effort to come and tell us your story.
    Another such friend is Mark, the churches loss is our gain and we just love having the benefit of hearing him speak again. He brings everyone uptone…. In fact out the top. We love you Shreff.
    Thanks to all the guys that came and it is the start of great times to come.
    All OSA spies are welcome to the next one, may the force be with you too.
    Ernest and Gaye

    • Thank you Gaye for your kind words.
      We too had a similar experience when leaving the Church, having lost many friends and worse, realizing they are not true friends but cowardly robots.
      We reached out across the globe and created wonderful new relationships with courageous beings, of integrity and fortitude, who like us stood up to tyranny and insanity. Individuals who are loyal to Ron, who know that the Tech can be applied with fun and for lasting gains.
      We now have close, loving, friends in Brescia, Italy, Los Angeles, Idaho, Berlin, Switzerland, Florida, Georgia, Moscow, Munich, Bremen, Portland, Oregon, Texas, Tel Aviv and all over. These are people we can trust, who share our goal of making the Tech available for all.
      And recently our new partners in South Africa. A gold mine of pure theta. What joy to be part of this vast movement, rekindling purposes we thought lost.
      Thank you G & E for making this possible, gratitude to those organizing and participating.

  17. Those were the days, my friends….
    Through the door there came familiar laughter, I saw your face and heard you call my name; today we’re older but no wiser, For in our hearts the dreams are still the same…

    • That song is the perfect sentiment, the best line being “For in our hearts the dreams are still the same…”

      Those were the days – all over again. 🙂

  18. Did anyone know Ivor Norris, and if so, do you know where he might be reached? We were friends in Miami after he did the CC at St. Hill and stayed in comm for several years after he left the States.

    Editor Comment: For security reasons BIC does not publish email addresses. If anyone knows Ivor, please send BIC a message to and we will forward Elli’s details to you.

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