A bridge over troubled waters


Bridge over troubled water1


The build-up to the much anticipated documentary Going Clear which aired on HBO yesterday (29th March 2015) took on epic proportions. Now that the show has aired, the media feeding frenzy is in full swing.

Certainly this event deserves it’s place among other crucial milestones in “project expose RCS”  –  right up there with The Truth Rundown and Debbie Cook’s email.

BIC has, up until this point, not joined in the fray.

This has not been due to our indifference – conversely so. In view of how broadly and comprehensively this has been covered by numerous other blogs, facebook groups and other forums, we felt it not necessary to add our voice to the many out there who have done a wonderful job of keeping us updated. We acknowledge all the efforts in this regard.


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The REAL reason people leave Scientology

Why people leave3

(Article submitted by Kent Bengtsson)


A while ago I received a “friend request” on Facebook from Bill Franks.  My first impulse was to ignore it from the accounts I had heard of when he was ED Int, back in the early eighties. But then I thought; many people who are today outside, were doing bad things back when they were on high pressure posts in the SO, so why not give him a chance.

So I looked at his profile and my attention got caught by a Blog article called “The real reason people leave Scientology – ARC Breaks” (Link supplied at end of article)

This is the part of it written by Bill Franks himself, and it appears he wants this to be spread, for many to see, so I have taken the liberty to copy it here:

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On Human Rights and Fundamentalism


On Human Rights And Fundamentalism –  An Analysis Of The Conflict In The Field

by Theta Clear

Human Rights is a subject unknown to many  and alter-ised by many more. They  were  fully sketched and explained in 1948 in the famous but yet unfamiliar to the general populace , “Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” (UDHR) . It was adopted by the newly formed (1945)  ONU, and ratified by 48 countries.

During World War II , the “Four Freedoms” were created by the Allies in an attempt to establish some basis with which conflicts could be handled by the use of Reason.  They were  : freedom of speech , freedom of religion , freedom from fear, and freedom from want ( this one is understood to establish a minimum entitlement to food, clothing and housing at an adequate level). A new era for the encouragement of the Human Rights and respect for the dignity and worth of the Human Being had been born ; and all w/out distinction to race , sex, language or religious belief.

After  the atrocities of The Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany, the world  community found  it  necessary to define and list more accurately the inherent rights of the human being and state them as a broadly agreed upon policy to detect  and  prevent  the  same atrocities from happening again. And  thus, “The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” was created by an international committee of 18 delegates of different countries including the USA represented by the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee ,  the heroin Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Wacky Wednesday Report

Wacky Money


Our apologies – this is a day late. A gremlin got into our publishing schedule, but we figured it’s still Wednesday somewhere on the planet, so we’re good to go  🙂

We present this week’s weird ‘n wacky collection, this time focusing on an assortment of Idle Morgues campaigns.

First up is this oddity – a promo piece which landed in the email of a South African Scientologist who has never put his foot anywhere near the UK. Really odd positioning of two Roman/Greek columns accompanied by the question “What do you Get?”.

Whatever the message was, we didn’t get it.

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Truth is a variable, Perception is everything

Joe Van Staden3

        Joe Van Staden





Perhaps at this juncture in the unfolding saga of Scientology it will be useful to pause for a moment, stand back and view developments from a different angle – a wider perspective – so to speak.



Whatever one’s position – in, out, in-between or never in – two issues seem to be at the heart of the matter; freedom and truth.  Some out or never in will tell you that the C of S undermines individual freedom.  Those still in will argue that without Scientology there can be no freedom – the Scientology Bridge is the only way to real freedom.  As for the truth, just about everyone with a point of view on the matter will believe that the way they see it is the way it is.

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Wacky Wednesday Report

Wacky Wednesday

BIC is grateful for the tons of information flowing in from our eagle-beagles.

In addition to the wonderful articles being contributed, we also receive daily alerts covering current events in RCS – both local and international.  There is a lot of information flooding in from all over the place – ranging from the intriguing to the downright bizarre. One thing for sure when it comes to all things RCS: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Due to the sheer volume of information we have been receiving, we’ve decided to create a “Wacky Wednesday Report” to keep everyone updated on these events.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the information flowing in. We appreciate your contributions – keep it up!

In this week’s report we cover CAPE TOWN and their most recent Ideal Org fundraising events. We can’t help but observe how the Ideal Orgs Africa campaign is getting more and more desperate as time goes on.

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