Wacky Wednesday Report

Wacky Wednesday

BIC is grateful for the tons of information flowing in from our eagle-beagles.

In addition to the wonderful articles being contributed, we also receive daily alerts covering current events in RCS – both local and international.  There is a lot of information flooding in from all over the place – ranging from the intriguing to the downright bizarre. One thing for sure when it comes to all things RCS: It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Due to the sheer volume of information we have been receiving, we’ve decided to create a “Wacky Wednesday Report” to keep everyone updated on these events.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the information flowing in. We appreciate your contributions – keep it up!

In this week’s report we cover CAPE TOWN and their most recent Ideal Org fundraising events. We can’t help but observe how the Ideal Orgs Africa campaign is getting more and more desperate as time goes on.

The date for completion of Ideal Orgs Africa has become a moving target every year. The latest target was all Ideal Orgs DONE by 2014 and AO AF opening in 2015.  We’ll let you be the judge of just how realistic this is.

So sit back, relax and join us for this week’s Wacky Wednesday Report.


First up, a fundraiser on the 31st January – the CAPE TOWN IDEAL ORG MET. A horse-race in the org? Obviously not, but the mind boggles. Not to mention that horse-racing is straight-out gambling – something that was deemed a BIG no-no by the Church not too long ago.


This was the next promo sent out about the same fundraiser. Spot how this event went from being a “Met” to “The Fashion Event of 2015!!!”. Mixed message much?

Ideal Org promo for 31st Jan event

 “Don’t forget the hat!”

Horse Derby2


A couple of weeks later, a Valentines fundraiser complete with poem, laughable pick-up lines (they said laughable, not us – but we agree).

Aaaaaand…….. the auction of a Love Potion………! 

Disclaimer: This potion will work only AFTER you have pledged a donation – then we will love you very much indeed!. 


After the Valentines event, they report having met their target of 200 kisses! (Don’t ask – we have NO idea what this means in monetary terms)

27 people in attendance including staff. Interesting to note Elmien Lochner is no longer the Cont Fin Dir, and is now referred to as “The Africa Landlord”.

No mention of who won the Love Potion – how disappointing.



For some reason, Ideal Orgs has decided to start another “fun facts” campaign. We remember them doing similar with Pretoria.

Below is a promo recently sent out:


Firstly, this promo says “Fun facts about CAPE TOWN” and then goes on to state “facts” about the CAPE PENINSULA (50 km’s away from Cape Town).

Instead of “fun facts”, BIC presents the “actual” facts:

“Cape of Storms” refers to the southernmost tip of Africa (named the Cape Point today – 68km’s from Cape Town).

It was named by the first European known to set foot on South African soil  (Bartholomew (or Bartolomeu) Dias).  In December 1487 Dias sailed down the African coast, landing in among other places present-day Angola and Walvis Bay, Namibia. During this voyage, strong winds forced him to sail over a thousand kilometers off-course, and thus he sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa . He named this “the Cape of Storms” (Cabo das Tormentas), but King John II of Portugal later renamed it Cabo de Boa Esperanca (Cape of Good Hope).

The lighthouse appearing in the above promo is actually a lighthouse in Kalk Bay – 34km’s away from Cape Point. See pics below:

Cape Point & Lighthouse

Cape Point – distance from Kalk Bay Lighthouse


Cape Point Lighthouse

This is the ACTUAL Cape Point Lighthouse



This is the Lighthouse at Cape Point – aka The Cape of Storms!



Oy vey!

But that’s not all……………….

We’ve kept the best for last:

Remember the furore over the copyright breach of using a Blue Bulls Rugby promo for Pretoria Org?

Well, it would seems Ideal Orgs’ arrogance knows no bounds – this time they have stolen the official copyrighted artwork & logo from the Cape Town Carnival 2015

First we will show the promo from Ideal Orgs, and then the official promo

Note: Not only have they stolen the logo, but they’ve gone one step further by fraudulently copyrighting this to CSSA! 


© CSSA 2015. All Rights Reserved. Created in RSA.


And below we present the official Cape Town Carnival Logo.

Note the names of the sponsors of this event – wonder how they’re going to react when they are notified that their logo has been hijacked by the Church of Scientology?

(Note: we said when, not if).

CT Carnival - Official Poster 2015-Elemental-Poster-Final-Lo-Res-620x865


And there you have it.

Horse racing, love potions and hijacked Carnivals.

What’s next Cape Town?

How about a Beauty Pageant?

Fundraiser pics3

15 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday Report

  1. Not only did the RCS use the City of Cape Town (and others) image for their flyer (and appropriate the copyright), but they are also competing – same day, same time – for the same local audience. Funny enough (not really) the City of Cape Town flyer says “Free Event” whereas the org flyer says “Cape Town Ideal Org Fund Raising Event.” And as you say BIC, if the RCS thinks you have overstepped their copyright, they are ready to pounce. Most ethical people on the planet……yeah right.

  2. Oh my god. This is so exciting. I want to just reach out and grab my cheque book.
    Magic – read Larry Soffer.
    Salsa dancing – in the Cape Carnival?
    Celebrity singer – either a mystery or (more likely) no actual celeb has been closed or confirmed yet.

    oh damn. I just realised I’m washing my hair that night…

  3. Hmmm, Sunday Funnies at the Bunker, Thursday Funnies at Rinder’s, and now Wacky Wednesdays here. And you know what the best part is? We’ll run out of days of the week before we run out of material. They just keep churning it out, and they have no idea how stupid they look.

    Scientology is now exhibiting so many disorders out of DSM-V that if it were a human, it would be the subject of a court custodial order.

    • They will send you a gallon of love potion, a race horse and a free trip around the lighthouse………….. not.

    • Hi BA – Which people do you feel affinity for? The guys attending these events or those running them? Just trying to get what you are referring to here.

      • Hi Shelly, I would guess, in varying degree, both. IMHO, the solution lies with ‘tough love’.
        As for the regging and whatever, the more one harms oneself and others, the deeper the hole they will eventually have to climb out of. Eventually, they all need salvaging. (The price that they will eventually have to pay will not be pretty.)

  4. Sheeple shearing extravaganza! Count me in – as an observer of course! Interesting watching people willingly get fleeced with forced smiles and Rah Rahs! Truthfully the thought grimace must be hard to bare for these poor folk. Dressing up as carnies, clowns or pirates can be fun but being broker afterwards AINT!

    Cape Town org surprised me 3 yrs ago after my Joburg gauntlet. The staff and public seemed more generous, less greedy and genuine. I wouldve been pretty happy if it wasnt for the truth of COB and RCS hitting me in the teeth like a Mike Tyson sucker punch.. Once you know it you cant unknow something. We voiced a sad goodbye to some new friends explaining why we had to go. They cut us off immediately and that was that. I managed to leave causatively without being declared. Ironic as I had faced two stressful attempts by Sandra De Beer to get me iced into SP hood while in Joburg. All because I wanted to leave staff.

    If there is any city with higher theta/entheta ratio, my money is on Skaapstad. This is a beautiful environment in which I have made my adventure into the advanced levels. Its been free from the suppressive yoke of the church and given me more than I had hoped for. What a place, a groovy space, to perhaps feel free while you persue ultimate freedom! See you all here soon I hope. 🙂

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