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Our apologies – this is a day late. A gremlin got into our publishing schedule, but we figured it’s still Wednesday somewhere on the planet, so we’re good to go  🙂

We present this week’s weird ‘n wacky collection, this time focusing on an assortment of Idle Morgues campaigns.

First up is this oddity – a promo piece which landed in the email of a South African Scientologist who has never put his foot anywhere near the UK. Really odd positioning of two Roman/Greek columns accompanied by the question “What do you Get?”.

Whatever the message was, we didn’t get it.

UK Promo new-civilization


“Shumba the Ideal Org Lion” who first made an appearance at fundraisers some years ago, visited Kensington to help “a group of theta kids raise funds for Joburg North”. This picture appeared on the Joburg North facebook page.

We don’t have any funny quips about this – except to say that in our opinion, using children for fundraising is just all kinds of wrong.

Shumba & Kids


Next up, Ideal Orgs has an ongoing “Why we donate” campaign – featuring SCN’s moving up in donation status. Now, it’s pretty much a guarantee that 90% of SCN’s receiving these mails don’t even read them, but we at BIC do. If these people honestly believe what they are originating, this is just scary. The kool-aid is indeed strong.


Featured below is Philippa Sondergaard who routed out of the SO some time back. She’s obviously still in the fold and playing the game. She states the new Joburg North Org is ideally situated to reach many people. What is preventing them from doing this in their current building? Another classic example of “having to have before you can do”. JBG North has always been a small struggling org, and no amount of fancy marble, expensive AV displays, a generator and 2x state-of-the-art R57,000 e-meters per auditing room will make an iota difference to the org’s stats. All Philippa has to do is visit Joburg and Pretoria orgs – preferably with her eyes open.   Being an ex-SO member, she knows damn well that the Idle Morgue campaign is a massive FAIL.

Philipa Sondergaard


Next up, a couple very familiar to the BIC blog. Robin & Carol Hogarth who reached notoriety when their weird arrangement with Scientology’s biggest whales was exposed – that of taking one of the Duggan’s fostered children off their hands. This story appeared on Tony Ortega’s blog last year and was followed up by the BIC Blog.

Interesting to note they have only made it to Platinum when one considers their income from the Duggans alone is rumoured to be $9,000 per month. Per the current exchange rate, this  equates to around R1,3 Million per annum.

robin and carol


And then this fellow who either wasn’t available or declined to be photographed for some reason. This didn’t deter Ideal Orgs from making the announcement anyway.

Stephen Mphomane


And then we have family Diamond who recently made Diamond status! Their story is quite a study in ignorant arrogance peppered with doomsday predictions.  Classic chaos merchant tactic – make the environment seem dangerous, frighten people into believing the only way “out” is by erecting massive buildings for SCN to save the day. Sheer lunacy.

From the first sentence of “When you do your upper OT level you get an idea of the mess the beings in this universe are in” – Not this country, this continent or this planet but the whole universe? Well, bugger the buildings, save your money and go jump off the closest cliff. This universe is screwed!

Then “Ideal Orgs are the ideal that Ron put there for us Scientologists”. Huh? Have they actually seen this written by LRH or are they just parroting the same old garbage that is regurgitated time and again, snippets of LRH totally out of context and carefully scripted to justify this scam which was dreamed up by DM 16 years after LRH died?

And then this: “The stats in an Ideal Org with the help of a dedicated staff usually booms! New people flood in and we cause the spiritual freedom to be possible for so many beings”

Well, Derek & Desiree, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but perhaps you’d better demand a refund or, failing that, minimally a re-do of your “Upper OT Levels” which seem to have destroyed your powers of observation and ability to LOOK at what is in front of your nose.  Every single Ideal Org on the planet is struggling and in deep trouble. This is not propaganda – all you have to do is some simple obnosis.



And for those of you who haven’t made it into a splashy promo piece yet. Not to worry, if you’re feeling adrift and abandoned, this is our message of reassurance:


Church Money funny

15 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday Report

  1. “The stats in an Ideal Org with the help of a dedicated staff usually booms!”
    I hate to break it to you, but ALL of the stats in ANY org is result of the actions of the staff.

    “New people flood in and we cause the spiritual freedom to be possible for so many beings”
    Heard this one many times. It has a magical air about it. The doors open, the clouds part, the theta/entheta ratio shifts and people suddenly realize they need Scn. There is just absolutely nothing to backup this claim. It has never happened, nor can anyone explain exactly why such a phenomenon would occur. I suspect this may come from the false premise that there is an infinite demand for Scn training and processing. That EVERYONE deep down, secretly yearns for Scn.

  2. “…. a study in ignorant arrogance peppered with doomsday predictions.” What a brilliant description, Scn Africa. This is marvellous penmanship!

    “Not this country, this continent or this planet but the whole universe? Well, bugger the buildings, save your money and go jump off the closest cliff. This universe is screwed!”

    And this, it’s had me giggling for while now. Well said.

  3. Excuse me while I up-chuck into my coffee:

    Robin & Carol’s statement “The answer is to remain organised with mutual assistance and integrity and not lose touch with or responsibility for all levels of life forms and societies”.

    Wow. The PR machine is well oiled with these two.

    My two cents:

    Please explain how it was that neither of you put your foot near my property to visit OUR mother once you heard I was “rumour declared”?

    Robin, you came to my house the morning BEFORE my comm-ev to disconnect from me and refused to let me explain my side of things. Both you and Carol had already decided I was guilty when Cindy phoned you to tell you I was named on the Bill of Particulars. And Carol, you assigned our mother a condition of doubt to decide which daughter she wanted to remain in touch with. What kind of a debased human being would say something like to their own mother? She was living with and being supported (in large) by me – your occasional pittance of an allowance was pathetic, to say the least (despite the fact that you were creaming it with Duggan money and managed to buy your maid a car, put her through the Purif and pay R51k for her lifetime IAS membership while your own mother lived in a damp-infested cottage and had mounting medical debts and outstanding credit card debt that YOU had racked up and never reconciled with her). Never mind all of that, but the fact that you actually told your mother she had to choose between her daughters beggars belief. How could you say something like this to your MOTHER???? Where was your “integrity” that you speak of in this Ideal Org promo?

    Where was your “mutual assistance and not losing touch with or responsibility for all levels of life forms” when you couldn’t even muster up the confront to listen to my side of the story? No – like true Koolaiders, you utterly ignored all the outpoints (and Robin, as an ex-GO staff and B1 member you KNOW what is going on is NOT OK). But no, without any personal obnosis and despite having just attested to OT8, your view was the Church was “right” and I deserved the gallows along with the rest of my family. And this, after I had coughed up thousands to contribute towards YOUR IAS Patron Family status so that your could be invited onto the level (yes, I know about that little hidden data line).

    Robin did not once put his foot on this property to visit his mother-in-law who had loved and supported him (including financially for many years while he was on staff) for more than 3 decades? And Carol,arriving at my house, hooting like a lunatic, screaming at our 81 year-old mother to “HURRY UP”. Refusing to unpack her groceries, dumping her in the driveway with all her packets and expecting her to manage alone – after she had suffered a stroke and was unsteady on her feet at best. (And me hiding behind the corner so that the minute she pulled off, I could go and help our mother get her luggage to her cottage). Pathetic.

    And how do both of you explain luring my mother to your house in Dec 2013 to walk into a reg cycle with Elmien with whom you’d agreed to “oh so benevolently” pay for an IAS lifetime membership for an 81 year-old woman (using Duggan money no doubt). So here you were, willing to fork out R51,000 to the IAS when you knew damn well our mother was struggling to survive, counting her pennies, needing increased medical care and other needs. Did you offer to pay for this? No. But you had the money to give to the IAS?

    And you, Carol – disconnecting from our mother “by proxy” and via sms because she had the nerve (and no choice really) to continue living with and being supported by me after I had been “rumour-declared” (I am yet to be contacted by the Church to officially be told that I am indeed declared). What “responsibility” where you taking when you told our mother that you were taking her on a “last trip to Cape Town” after which you were disconnecting from her. Your 81 year-old ailing mother who had loved, supported and dedicated her life to you and later Robin – all your life.

    And despite seeing the state she was in when you fetched her to go to the airport, instead of rushing her to hospital, you dragged her onto a plane while deathly ill and she died as the plane landed in Cape Town. Do you have ANY conscience or sense of responsibility about your contribution to our mother’s death at all? I somehow don’t think so. Your callousness and downright cruelty knows no bounds, because now you’re holding her personal possessions hostage, refused to give me the death certificate and have done everything in your power to prevent me from wrapping up our mother’s estate with the dignity and care she deserves. And to add insult to injury, you’ve refused to share mom’s ashes with me and her son Andre (who has done you no harm but for some reason is now also your enemy).

    So I am sorry, Carol and Robin – when I saw your write up in this promo, the gorge rose in my mouth. What hypocrisy. The sad part of this is that your arrogance prevents you from confronting what you did to your family and the hand you played in bringing about the tragic death of my mother. And all of this thanks to your support of “the most ethical group on the planet” who engages in declares by rumour, fair game tactics and enforcement of disconnection. Even if you do wake up one day, don’t come knocking on my door – you nuked that bridge a long time ago.

    You guys are right where you belong.

    • Thank you Shelley, for pouring your heart out, with reservations being damned.

      That a mental prison can be as treacherous as you have just described, (of its two inmates, Robin & Carol), hardly begins to show the extent of the complete mind control over these two inmates.

      That the captor, David Miscavige, has reduced their sense of compassion, to that of mere robotic zombies, is stereotypical of this evil monster from hell.

      All I can say, in mitigation of all you and your mom have been put through, is to repeat the words of Christ on the cross: “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”

      And in the light of all the pain cause by this pair of unwittingly hypnotized ‘subjects’, you may thus decide that “forgiveness”, is the tool of choice to allow YOU to ‘let this go’ and move on. We can’t always control what others dish out to us. But we CAN self-determinedly decide our attitude toward it.

      It is also wise to remember, that certainly you are in a position to move on.

      Robin and Carol? A long, torturous road awaits them. (after waking up!)

      Chin up pal!

      – Calvin. 🙂

      • It takes a big personal loss before anyone wakes up.
        I popped into a scn-owned shop in Kensington the other day to get some vits. A scio was giving a lecture to some salespeople on vits and healthcare. This is a subject dear to my own heart so I listened in while awaiting my vits. Initially I was quite proud – there’s scn in action the way she were meant to be did. Full use of the comm cycle, ARC and a pro-survival subject matter. Then – foolish wannabe salesperson! – someone asked a question. You’ll note this was all done in the main body of the shop in full public view. The trainer launches into a vitriolic anti-psych, anti-pharma, anti frigging everything harangue that had all his students rolling their eyes and picking their noses, and even me in a state of shock.
        Apparently (went to diatribe) the SAME people (LRH’s 12?) own all the media, all pharma, all politicians (and a hell of a lot more besides, but I wasn’t taking notes) – and the proof of this is that Mbeki was ousted by global pharma when he didn’t want to provide ARV drugs to AIDS sufferers. OK, that’s about a dozen words – he was still vomiting out this crap in full flow as I left 15 minutes later.
        I’ve never been so glad I left scn. I agreed with all that conspiracy shit a few years ago, and I’m afraid to say that many Indies seem to agree with it still, perhaps even more vehemently so. More than anything, that makes me want to find the exit door for the entire subject. I believe in good nutrition – but hell I’ve seem medication solve some medical problems, and people forget even LRH said visit a medico as your first action when there’s a physical problem.

      • Wow, Maven – I wonder if this is the same person who contacted me after my “rumour/facebook/hush-hush declare and told me that I was no longer welcome in their shop? Never mind that I used to spend over R1,000 per month at that shop – never mind the in-your-face transgression of the Constitution of this country by religious discrimination. Blah blah. Of course I wrote an official letter of complaint to Centre Management and VERY quickly got a reply that “owner of shop” said I was welcome anytime and I must have misunderstood (idiot – I recorded the conversation – Ha ha). Like I’ll ever put a foot near the place again anyway.

        So of course since then I have been actively campaigning against this shop (word of mouth of is pretty powerful advertising). and instead sending them to that fantastic new health shop “Wellness Warehouse” in Bedfordview. Personal attention, tons of advice and a real “care” being given to shoppers.

      • Maven trying to play water polo and soccer at the same time is sheer lunacy! Tell me friend, why are you doing it??

        Pick a side wont you? Fence sitting is dangerous didnt you know? If you get caught in the crossfire neither side will be gracious! Your indicision clouds your vision. Stand up to the church or rejoin them, godknows they need all the intelligent help they can get right now.

        Good luck!

      • Thanks, Maven. Your points are taken.

        As a log time professional in the gym and nutrition field, I naturally share with you, an affinity in what it really takes to keep a human body in good shape and operating at it’s sharpest.

        Though the one issue I have, is your view that: ” It takes a big personal loss before anyone wakes up.”

        I personally feel that all it actually takes, Maven, is a REALLY GOOD LOOK!
        (Remember, they are commanded repeatedly, that they may NOT!) 🙂

      • I take your point RTB (and SB’s). When I was still drinking the KA I of course knew there was a great deal of BS associated with scn, but I never really gave a damn until I had a personal loss (of all my money, inevitably) and what were ‘outnesses’ I felt I could live became ones I could no longer tolerate. I guess I’m just giving my own perspective – when I look back at scn the out points were all obvious but I chose NOT to look at them. It wasn’t something intellectual – I personally had to get kicked in the balls first (as Hitler would say).
        And Sheeplebane, good observation. I can only say I must be wearing my heart on my sleeve at the moment because you’re the second person to say exactly that to me just today! My pendulum swing is speeding up.

      • Maven you are a nice affable chap! I enjoy your posts immensely. When we chatted at the recent gathering you were reaching. What changed? Was it something someone else did, or was it something you did? Either way, get it handled. You have another chance, donna blow it when ye arre this close matee!! Pull up yer socks, jump into the beastie pit and slay the Jabbawokkie! Otherwise he will hunt you slow and roast you slower 😉

        Sure there is complications and consequences. But this type of purgatory you live in must be hell, surely?

        Gimme a shout via my wifes email wont
        you. Its time we had a good chinwag.

      • Maven. Good job, man. BTW, just like to indicate that the cavalry has arrived! Yes! And who might that be? — Well, truth be told, ol’ chap, that would simply be …… YOU!

        Yup, lil’ ol’ you! Just gets on with the job of aiming yo’ built-in Truth Laser, at all the lies and BS that got added into your bag of un-inspected experiences.

        —– As-is …. Pffft! as-is… pffft!… as-is… pffft!

        Boring, hey? 🙂

    • Oh Shelly!

      What vile betrayers these people truly are. Seriously – and they are blood relatives….. Have they never read or duplicated the Creed of Scientology?

      In signing up for Scientology way back when, the then new idea that one could be part of a group of people – dedicated to ‘create a new civilization’ – as envisioned and expressed in the Creed of Scientology was for me at least an actuality.

      Or are these just hypocritical words written on a piece of paper, or now in present time – advertised in cyberspace for all the world to see – to impress and entrap people of good will?

      People who will be lured in by the idea that ‘we believe – that all human being no matter what colour or creed – have equal and inalienable rights – to one’s own defence, to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely, and ‘that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly’ and that the laws of God forbid Man – to destroy his own kind, to destroy the sanity of another, to destroy or enslave another’s soul, to destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions.

      What utter blasphemy!!

      What irks greatly – is their promo of creating ‘a new civilization’ or that they are ‘civilisation builders’….. What sort of ‘civilisation’ are they building? One dotted with psychopaths devoid of soul, empathy, or compassion – yet driven by STATUS this, and STATUS that? What delusional fool will think that one can buy status, and by implication ‘respect’ of some sort… other than the Mafia?

      $cientology is an expert manufacturer, on an unimaginable scale of deception and abhorrent conduct, and I wonder if any $cientologist has ever fully cleared the word ‘civilisation’ and its twin word ‘civil’.

      And seeing that they consider $cientology to be a ‘religion’ and use God’s name in vain – this is sobering advice from the Bible:

      > You Will Know Them by Their Fruits <

      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

      Matthew 7:15-20 New King James Version.

  4. Wow(pause)..(pause)

    A cold place in hell for Carol and her darling husband who puts up with her promiscuity, lies and mayhem! I shudder to think of how deep the taint of evil is upon them. Whats worse Shelly you have not told all. The terrible duo are not done yet, I forsee someone whistling past their graveyard soon once the conscience catches up. It always does. How do you live with yourself? I guess most churchies get to that threshold question. Do I forsake all shreds of humanity and compassion to persue the bridge to total freedom? Or do I say NO, this is enough, no more, no frikken way! Im afraid those who have long past that threshold are lost in a hurricane of obliteration! Utterly, lost! They will be given no quarter when this house of cards comes flitting down. They made their gruesome choice!

    Cudos to the many who made it out bruised, battered but not broken! You know who you are. Warm congrats, the devil failed to harvest your soul.

  5. LRH: don’t do fundraising. Miscavige and all local management: fundraiser at every opportunity you get.

    Shelley, thanks for giving us the dope. Here you are letting people know. Karma is a bitch folks. It’ll come around for sure.

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