Storm clouds gathering – Idle Orgs Africa

Storm clouds over church


BIC has periodically updated readers on the dismal status-quo of Ideal Orgs Africa.

This continent is not unique – it’s a worldwide phenomena. Mike Rinder recently published an article on Nashville Ideal Org, which he followed up a day later with this update. Same story, different continent.

With Joburg’s grand opening in 2003 and fundraising for this project having started around 2000, South African scientologists have now been in fundraising mode for 15 years. In that time, only 2 Ideal Orgs have opened for business, both of them now bankrupt. Joburg Org was in serious financial trouble within 3 years of their grand opening and Pretoria was in the red BEFORE they opened their doors for business.

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Why you can’t get case gain in the church


Article by Morris Adams



Probably the most telling failure of RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) or what is today laughably still called the “Church of Scientology”, is that a person cannot get any significant case gain while he or she is a part of it.

Tremendous gain is available from doing Scientology – beyond your wildest dreams. But you can’t get it by receiving auditing or doing training as a member of the Church of Scientology. The best you can do there is get just a small taste of it.

Here are the reasons:

  • The church is being run by an SP. All staff are PTS, Sea Org most of all. If you are on lines at an org, you are, or soon will be, PTS. “And may you never be the same again.” This used to be a good thing, but today in the “church” it means you will never be yourself again.

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