Storm clouds gathering – Idle Orgs Africa

Storm clouds over church


BIC has periodically updated readers on the dismal status-quo of Ideal Orgs Africa.

This continent is not unique – it’s a worldwide phenomena. Mike Rinder recently published an article on Nashville Ideal Org, which he followed up a day later with this update. Same story, different continent.

With Joburg’s grand opening in 2003 and fundraising for this project having started around 2000, South African scientologists have now been in fundraising mode for 15 years. In that time, only 2 Ideal Orgs have opened for business, both of them now bankrupt. Joburg Org was in serious financial trouble within 3 years of their grand opening and Pretoria was in the red BEFORE they opened their doors for business.

The only other “ideal building” opened in the last 15 years was the Braamfontein Test Centre in March 2010. Later on in the same year, CO CLO Ken Krieger claimed the test centre had resulted in unprecedented expansion for Joburg Org – stating  “200 new Scientologists were made in 8 weeks”.  In the same publication, this graphic was published:

Test Centre Bar Graph

This begs the question: Where ARE all these people? If only 10% of these claims contained an iota of truth, Scientology in Africa would be booming. That’s obviously not the case, and it thus goes without question that these stats were bald-faced lies.

The fact that the “most ethical group on the planet”  continues with these fanciful fabrications for the sole purpose of continuing to ebmbezzle funds from it’s own parishioners beggars belief.

The sad truth is that by July 2011 the test centre had been closed for 4 months after its only staff member (Michelle Babich) was beaten up by a disgruntled former security guard (UPDATE: Correction – Michelle has informed BIC that it was actually an ex-staff member of the centre – see comments).

Michelle’s story can be read here (although she left out the part about the beating and how the infamous LC JBG Sandra DM De Beer took the decision to declare her for opting to route off staff after this traumatic event).

In a sporadic burst of sheer insanity, the test centre was forcibly re-opened by order of an Int Mission who arrived at Joburg Org in July 2011 to re-re-re-establish Joburg Org. Despite not having enough staff to man the main org’s Div6 properly, it’s resources were further stretched by the insistence the test centre be opened every day. And so a complement of 4 or 5 staff would trudge off to the test centre every afternoon for the mere sake of keeping up appearances.

By mid 2012 the test centre was again limping along and only being opened on some afternoons by Gavin Slender (RIP) and maybe one or two other hapless staff.

Four years on and the “new” Div6 wing of Joburg Org remains utterly under-utilised with 10 of the 11 course rooms gathering dust and having never seen a single student.

By the time we reported on the test centre in December 2013, it was once again on the verge of closing it’s doors completely.

On the 26th March 2015 at 13h45 this picture was taken of the test centre:


Doors chained up, weeds sprouting out of the pavement, the electrical box bedecked with graffiti & a lone vagabond scratching in the trash for a morsel.


The photographer reports having peered in the doors and seeing a vase of flowers that were wilted and dried out  – obviously from some event long past – and not a soul to be seen since.

All of this for a mere R9 Million (not forgetting the scam pulled when R3 Million was siphoned off the test centre funds to purchase the Durban Ideal building vacant lot).

Which brings us to the most recent acquisition in the Idle Morgue campaign – Joburg North. Much fanfare was made last year in November when they reported having raised 100% of the funds necessary to purchase the building. After this, the Africa Ideal Org team asserted Africa to be the “1st actual Ideal Continent” (USA claims to hold this prestigious position as well).

Having purchased the building, the fundraising continued with the new tag-line of needing funds for “the design and planning” stage.

Their most recent fundraiser was promoted thus:

Ideal Orgs Storm event for JBG N

And thus:

Ideal Orgs Storm event for JBG N - 2nd Promo


Interesting to note that once again they’re charging people for the privilege of attending a fundraiser.  As has been previously reported, the org has to pay for the costs of these events as it is forbidden to take the expenses off the top of raised funds. So public cannot even expect to be given a measly meal in exchange for their donation/s.  It’s a wonder they don’t make people pay for the printing costs of their commendations as well.

The fundraiser that followed was, in a word, embarrassing. In the history of this blog never before have we reported on an event as appalling. From the poor composition & quality of photographs (did someone use their cell phone?) to the tacky décor and cheesy “entertainment” – not to mention the hall lined with surly SO staff looking on.  And this event was announced as being a “big deal”  – to be filmed for the Maiden Voyage event?

These pictures were taken straight off the Facebook page for Johannesburg North Ideal Org which can be seen here. They were accompanied by the following caption: “Another huge step towards the fundraising for the design and planning stage of the Joburg North Ideal Org building! and done in such a high tone!” (sic)

Storm Fundraiser13

Cardboard cutouts, gaudy draping, sideways signage and African Drums?

Storm Fundraiser1

Note the SO staff lining the perimeter walls with arms folded – unfriendly body language. LOVE the storm clouds raining down on the staff standing at the door! Not one smile to be seen. 

Storm Fundraiser10

Albert and ? in typical fundraiser mode. Two staff (or public?) at the tally board in the background looking rather uncomfortable & out of place.

Storm Fundraiser5

Entertainment: Mpumulelo (JBG Staff), Chris Reid (JBG N Public) & Graham Holm (JBGN Staff) with “Simba the lion” playing a lightning bolt. Thunder and lightening – VERY VERY frightening!

Storm Fundraiser3

Grand total of 9 commendations handed out to public for previous fundraisers. This is always a good ruse to get people to attend the next event – tell them they will be getting “something special” at the next one ……………..

Storm Fundraiser2

Attendees. Only one “whale” (Walter Hex) to be seen. Minus kids and staff, this is a terrible turnout.  More JBG public than JBG North – the benefactors of this event. 


And then to top it off, just last week we were sent this email from Ideal Orgs Africa – an “invitation” (as long as you pay R200 to attend, that is) to the “Africa Ideal Org Convention”.

In the very first sentence they falsely claim having acquired all Ideal Buildings. Durban anyone? And the “imminent opening of AOSH AF later this year”. Say what?

2015 Ideal Org convention


The propensity of DM & his die-hard minions to continue with this farcical tragedy is paralleled only by the gullibility of bubble-dwelling sheeple still buying into this outrageously shameless scam.

At this point of the game anyone who has not honestly LOOKED and observed for themselves that this Idle Morgue campaign is an utter failure quite frankly deserves to have their well-earned coin lifted from them.

The storm clouds are indeed gathering………..



60 thoughts on “Storm clouds gathering – Idle Orgs Africa

  1. Hilarious but not just Africa. The tragic absurdity is everywhere
    I saw a van parked outside Hollywood, California post office — four flat tires, cracked windshield, door hanging off, rusted paint, light dangling out, filthy, ten parking tickets under the wipers — I wouldn’t even have kept chickens in it.
    And on the back the bumper sticker read RESPECT YOURSELF — READ DIANETICS

  2. Hi BIC, – sorry to have to correct your info on the Braamfontein Test Centre, but I was attacked by an ex-staff member, not one of the security guards. We were so desperate for staff that we hired anyone, many of whom could barely read, and even after they were “trained” they were practically useless. Obviously, we weren’t too fussy about their levels of sanity either. By that stage there was no money for security, and all but one of the Centre’s staff had left. I’m not surprised to hear the blame was transferred to an outsider – God forbid a COS’er should have to accept responsibility for something!

    By the way, I don’t say it often enough, but you guys are doing a great job. I look forward to my Back in Comm email, knowing I will get an honest update. As I’m sure many ex-staff are doing, I’m working on putting my life back together and making up for lost time, but I appreciate the connection you provide more than I can say. There was a lot of “incredible” in amoungst the “oh no, not again”, and you remind me of it all the time. Thank you.

  3. Looking at these people’s faces, posture and general tone I feel like crying for them. It now went past embarrassment for them, it is heart breaking. Not a tone level I care for much but never the less what I get when putting attention there. I want to run “I am sorry, I love you” on them.

    The 2 rights of a thetan: You have the right to your own sanity and the right to leave a game.

    • For me, the real tragedy of fund raising is the destroyed lives. It really isn’t funny. CRB looms large in this story. Take the story of Gaye Raphael. Maybe not many people know it – and maybe less care as she worked for CRB and probably should have known more than most of us. Years before, she bought a house together with Ciaran Ryan (of the CRB fund-raising swindle) and for many years everything was fine.
      Then fund raising for the Braamfontein Test Centre started, and the fate of the world was in our sweaty hands, so people like Ciaran, Warren and Peter Cooke decided they were Big Thetans, and started up CRB not of course to make money but to forward planetary clearing!.
      To pay for his bridge progress and IAS donations, Ciaran massively upped the bond on his home (by multiples, or millions, secured by the cash flow that was temporarily going through CRB). He forget (and didn’t seem to think it important) to tell Gaye about this, who signed nothing though she was now responsible for half that debt.
      When things started going bad for CRB and they could no longer afford the massive salaries they took out of the business (also forgetting to tell their creditors about their exorbitant salaries and other perks in the form of donations) Ciaran simply stopped paying his mortgage.
      Gaye all along had continued to pay her portion on the original amount she borrowed from the bank, directly to Ciaran in the form of cash. Ciaran, who refused to adjust his lifestyle for anything (and still refuses to do so) took that cash and handed it over not to the bank but to his TWO domestic servants for their pay.
      The scale of the fraud perpetrated in the name of fundraising continues to stagger me, and these people believe it or not still regard themselves as BIG BEINGS – the rest of us, I guess, just can’t understand what Big Beings get up to.
      Gaye essentially lives on charity now and refuses to speak to the Big Beings. But then, she must have overts.

  4. Wonderful write up!
    The more doom and Gloom is what it is!
    The more lies exposed!
    The more false statistics exposed!
    The more TRUTH exposed.

    Those involved are definately halucinating!

    I feel nothing for those who part with their money and get conned!
    There is enough truth out in the field and those who choose to ignore
    the warnings go down with the rotten Ship!
    It is their CHOICE!

    Well done to the Blog which really does expose the insanity of those who are at the helm of this
    CORRUPT organization!

    • Sad but true for them, we all are exactly where we are right here and now because of our decisions.

      I however hate to see beings get trapped, to look onto them and see the knee jerking and the absolute black mass of stupidity and confusion surrounding them.

  5. Thanks for the update BIC. You mentioned Mike Rinders report on the Nashville Org. He followed up ‘Nashville Paranoia’ with a post about the Valley Ideal Org (one that they are doing some hardcore fundraising for) with pictures from Douglas D. Douglas. I think the Demented Midget should word-clear “expansion” 🙂

    Link to Mikes post:

    Best to you and yours.

  6. You know, in some ways I am torn when I read something like this. On the one hand I feel deeply sorry for some of those people standing there, trying so hard to believe in something that doesn’t exist. On the other hand – COME ON people!! How much shit are you going to eat before you admit it tastes horrible?!
    Why does not ONE person stand up and say, “If the Ideal Org programme is so good, why are the 2 that have opened in SA struggling? Where are all the people you talk about in the mountains of promo I get every week? What happened to the St Hill size Jhb Org? Why not try and make the 2 Ideal Orgs viable before asking for more money?”
    But no, in between the false “happy”, all you hear are crickets.

    • I understand how you feel Draco, but my patience with some of these people is wearing very thin. Especially SO Management, OT’s and long-time SCN’s who should know better. They know the truth and they have chosen NOT TO LOOK. They are pretending that all’s well in the land of Oz when they know damn well it isn’t. And what’s worse is some of them have sold their own families and friends down the river. And that says a lot for their integrity – or lack thereof.

      • I suppose those still inside only have the church line to go by.  You can see on their faces at these events that they’re trying to process what it is they’re looking at — and how they can sort of see that the rah-rah-rah doesn’t quite match the reality.  You can only believe what you know and they don’t know that there is a whole new saner Scn world out here.  Probably ex-Scientologists outnumber those still inside by at least a hundred to one.I’m old enough to remember when I thought Paulette Cooper was in the same class as Stalin or Hitler — and you couldn’t have told me any different. In fact if you had I’d have probably attacked you.But reality will ultimately assert itself — it always does.

  7. I believe the picture of the Test Centre is a forewarning of where Joburg Org is going. If it costs R 100000 – R 150000 per month to run the place and the income is R5000 – R10000 per week then mathematically they are heading for the end. If you run an organisation in a building which was bought and paid for, by generous idiots and you are essentially bond free and rent free, then you should at least be able to pay the water and lights, phones, and toilet paper. I wager the phone bill is higher than the staff pay. Because it is the Church of Fundraising. And you have to phone 1000 people to get 10 to arrive.
    It saddens me that we worked so hard for so long on that test centre and sacrificed food sleep and profits for so long , only to see the place derelict.

  8. New information delivered with pics and DOX. Classic Post. Thank you.

    . . . Which brings us to the most recent acquisition in the Idle Morgue campaign – Joburg North. Much fanfare was made last year in November when they reported having raised 100% of the funds necessary to purchase the building. After this, the Africa Ideal Org team asserted Africa to be the “1st actual Ideal Continent” (USA claims to hold this prestigious position as well) . . .

    How cunning. No doubt, the word “actual” is one a Scientologist would have had to atomise the concept it carries into a thousand shades of grey. I wonder if there will be subsequent tweaks to the Idle Morgue fraud whereby other clusters of Scientologists can be teased with the implant that there is something special about their particular Morgue. I can see an OT Committee somewhere on this planet already organising a fund-raiser to announce that their one will be the “1st real Ideal Continent”.

    . . . The fact that the “most ethical group on the planet” continues with these fanciful fabrications for the sole purpose of continuing to ebmbezzle funds from it’s own parishioners beggars belief . . .

    ^^^ QFT.

    • D’oh!

      Shoulda realised, they’re already on to it. I see the email from Ideal Orgs Africa states it might also be the “1st truly Ideal Continent”.

  9. What I cannot understand when I see photos like these – and similar photos of fund raising gatherings in the U.S. – is WHAT exactly do the people who attend think is going on? Do they not look around and see how few people are in attendance and say to themselves “Wow, there are never many people at these events. Never. And those who ARE here are the same few who are always here. Never, ever any new faces.”

    Is there some kind of “shore story” given by the higher-ups for the lack of attendance at these events?

    • “…WHAT exactly do the people who attend think is going on?…Is there some kind of ‘shore story’ given by the higher-ups for the lack of attendance at these events?”

      Yes, Deeana – if they question it, I’m sure they do get a “shore story”. They’re probably told that Scientology is being suppressed more than ever – because of its “expansion”, ironic as that is. And then they’re asked for more donations!

      It’s an insidious trap these poor souls are in – because, no matter which way they turn or what they observe, there is a devious “answer” given to them. And the whole basis of this trap is that, no matter how many outpoints they observe, they’re still convinced that Scientology is the only way out. That’s why they even turn against their own family members – they believe that they’re ultimately saving the person, along with everybody else including themselves.

      I just remembered something from *The Way to Happiness*:

      “The most flagrant lies can be punctured, the greatest pretenses can be exposed, the most intricate puzzles can be resolved and the most remarkable revelations can occur simply by gently insisting that someone look.”

      Thanks to this blog and to everyone who is working to forward truth!

    • Deena, Draco, Shelley…
      Yeah, one of the shore stories that I was given (not in S.A., but I don’t think that makes a difference) was “Those that are not here, aren’t here because they feel bad. And why do they feel bad? The reason they feel bad is because they really feel they should be contributing more.”
      And guess what, my friend. I freaking believed it. Well, sort of. I just shoved it in that corner of ‘doesn’t quite jibe’. And believe me, I’m not dumb.
      Digest that.

  10. Great article BIC!!
    This would of course be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The insanity that people tolerate is truly mind boggling. I am so glad to be out of that trap and living with real freedom. I am happy to be dealing with people out in society who are trying to do better. There is insanity in many groups but for a group to espouse that they want to bring sanity to an insane world and to act the way they do is total hypocrisy and they should be very embarrassed. It’s getting to the point where most of Earth know how crazy they are but they themselves can’t confront it. To handle any problem the first step is to know that it exists… I think that is a paraphrase of some LRH.

    • “The insanity that people tolerate is truly mind boggling.”

      That is typical of people who are hypnotized.
      They always find the rationale for the most bizarre events.

      As scientologists, we have all been hypnotized.
      For example objective processes are trance inducing techniques, according to the textbooks of hypnotists.

      • I agree that as Scientologists, we’ve all been hypnotized – that is now obvious to most of us. But I don’t think objective processes (or other auditing) is the reason – no matter how they may be characterized as “trance inducing” by hypnotists who wouldn’t know what objectives actually do. Neither can they be characterized by anybody else who hasn’t studied and observed their results enough to know how and why they get the person into present time and increase self-determinism – in other words, the opposite of being hypnotized.

      • I object to the suggestion that I was “hypnotised” by objective processing.

        I personally experienced HUGE wins with these processes – both receiving and delivering them. This was back in the 70’s doing the LRH version. And no, it needn’t take 150+ hours either. The only person I know of needing this amount is DM himself – which is probably one of the reasons he blanket C/S’ed EVERYONE to do his version. I can quite see how THIS could result in a “mindless zombie” – especially putting Clears and OT’s through this. It’s just criminal.

        When I was re-C/S’d for objectives in 2012 I told the reg, auditor and C/S exactly where to stick it. Not one person was able to show me an LRH reference justifying this. I got my certificate of completion of this action decades ago. Why the hell would I allow anyone to invalidate that?

        I do believe that most Scientologists joined up because they were enthusiastic and hopeful about the possibility of achieving spiritual freedom for themselves and others, to live in harmony with their fellow man and desirous of creating a safe planet free from war, insanity and criminality. Who doesn’t want this?

        The fact that the Church claims these ideals as the “aims of Scientology” but then utterly fails to deliver (in fact producing the opposite) is quite another issue. And why people stay is not because of being hypnotised – it’s because they are either too afraid to look or have looked and now, knowing the truth, have chosen to ignore what they’ve observed. No integrity and zero courage.

      • Shelley: “And why people stay is not because of being hypnotised – it’s because they are either too afraid to look or have looked and now, knowing the truth, have chosen to ignore what they’ve observed. No integrity and zero courage.”

        I think you’re right that it isn’t hypnotism that keeps people from leaving. “Hypnotism” is actually the wrong word. Rather, there is a type of mind control going on. For example, according to the reports of many, the way sec checks are being done is actually a form of Black Dianetics – and that is mind control.

        You also wrote: “When I was re-C/S’d for objectives in 2012 I told the reg, auditor and C/S exactly where to stick it. Not one person was able to show me an LRH reference justifying this.”

        Amazing – the fact that they couldn’t give you a references is something that should have put up a red flag for those staff you talked to. I think the cognition they need to have is that even if they believe Scientology is the only road out – THIS is not Scientology.

      • p.s. I should add that it’s not just sec checks but general ethics interviews as well that are used to control people. I’ve heard that these interviews are even used to find out personal financial information or whether the person is withholding any sources of money they could donate.

      • I actually had huge wins on objectives also.
        I smoked a lot of reefer in hIgh school so I was out of present time. The objectives, even though they might look odd, and couldn’t possible help anyone ,did wonders for me. They were actually some of my biggest wins.

        As far as “hypnosis” goes, I am no expert, but I would say that I don’t think auditing hypnotized me, at least not in the sense that I think about hypnosis. I would call it more of a thought control in some cases but not in all cases. There was good and bad in the processing. For me the sec checks were more of a mind control operation. They really indoctrinated me into the idea of introverting on anything that went “bad” and that if I got critical then I should look for overts. I never fully bought into this idea that critical thoughts equals overts. I think it is mostly hog wash now. Sure I think if you have an overt on someone you may become critical of them. I also think you can be critical of things for lots of other reasons. Just like the other discussion we had here about why people leave an org? They leave for lots of reasons. The same with critical behavior. Things are not black or white. “Everything” about Scientology isn’t bad. You have to differentiate and if you don’t know the subject it is hard to do this accurately.

      • Marildi – 100% agree on the control factor. Over the years the Church has become more and more tyrannical and as you correctly stated, using “reverse or black DN” procedures on people. One example is roll-backs which was NEVER intended for public – it was strictly a confidential SO thing. Now it’s used freely as a tool to control the masses. Same with TAQ (troubled area questionnaire), random interrogatories on people because they’re “not with the program”, demands to come in to see the EO because of “undesirable facebook contacts”, confronting people about “reports” on them but refusing to show such reports to the person, whispering campaigns, ambush visits by OSA at people’s homes and businesses (this is going on right now in Joburg). They rule by fear and terror tactics. That’s all they have left. Anyone with an iota of hutzpah has long gone – the criminal, pliable and weak-minded are left – many have mutual out-ruds and have taken on the SP valence of DM minions (many of those still in are in this state). Others are in such terror of losing family/friends/business and/or having something terrible exposed about them – or worse. “The church of fear” is a very apt description.

      • Good post, Shelley. That’s a pretty thorough listing of what’s going on in the orgs. The only thing I would add is that I imagine some staff and public figure any Scientology is better than no Scientology, so they hang in there – good hearted but naïve. Some of them still believe that sooner or later all the out-tech and off-policy will get handled – by someone uplines. (Hah!) They go on hoping because they just can’t imagine that the leaders of Scientology could be anything but well trained, well audited and in-ethics – and will eventually fix everything. It’s amazing how some of the best people can be the ones who take the longest to give up on a cause that has become a lost cause. Worse than a lost cause, in fact, it’s a cause that is the opposite of what they think it is. What a tragedy.

      • Wins and hypnosis are quite compatible. Hypnotism can actually be used to heal people.

        CCH1 is an example of objective processing that can induce hypnotic trance.
        “Give me your hand. Thank you” is an example of “handshake induction” technique that is used by hypnotists.

        The principle is to approach someone and offer to shake hands, and as they go to complete the handshake you do something unexpected.

        With the CCH1, the unexpected thing is that the auditor holds the PC hand more than expected and that is enough for the PC to obey the auditor.

        That is the principle of pattern interrupt induction. When an automatic pattern is interrupted, the mind is confused and suggestible.

        The handshake induction technique was invented by Dave Elman in the forties, and as Hubbard was a master at hypnotism, he probably had some knowledge of this technique.

        Another technique from Erickson is the confusion technique. You create a confusion, then you can inject your stable datum in the mind of the other person. That is a classical way to implant hypnotic commands. For example the FSM drill is using the confusion technique.

        According to Hubbard, Dianetics can also have hypnotic effects and you should end a session with a “canceller” that is cancelling the trance.

        But later, the canceller was cancelled. There is no canceller in the New Era Dianetics, so the hypnotic effects of NED are left rampant in the PC’s mind.

      • Curiosus, what are the hypnotic commands that are supposedly given to the pc on CCH1 or on other objectives? I have audited and received objectives auditing and can’t imagine what you mean by “implant hypnotic commands”.

        As for the Dianetics “canceller”, that was discontinued as early as 1951 in *Science of Survival* and thereafter, when auditing techniques changed and the canceller was no longer needed, as the techniques themselves accomplished the cancelling.

      • Interesting, isn’t it, Marildi? Hypnosis, as most of us know, is not only an ancient human practice, but used convincingly by animals as well!

        The entire purpose, of course, being that of “mind-control” of the subject person, whether objectively, or subjectively, as in “self-hypnosis.”

        I can vouch for the definite healing capacity of hypnosis, as in the case of my wife, Dorothy (a Class V Auditor, to boot!), who had suffered panic attacks, from an early age, which her auditing was unsuccessful in resolving.

        A SINGLE one hour session, with a local renowned hypnotherapist, put an end to those panic attacks, without any recurrence for several years now.

        Results, especially concerning those with an immediate and long lasting, benefit as I have witnessed for myself first hand, speak for themselves.

        “Mind-Control” after all, is what we ALL intrinsically seek, isn’t it?

        Methods aside, I believe it is the INTENTION, that counts, more than the method!

        LRH, famously said: “Judge people by what they think of help. The good can help. The bad can’t. Or if they do, they help only to betray!”

      • Hi Calvin,

        I’m happy for your wife that she was helped with hypnosis (panic attacks are pretty unpleasant!).

        I agree with what you say about “mind control” being essentially what we all seek. But, obviously, that doesn’t mean we seek someone else being in control – which would be other-determined rather than self-determined. The problem with associating hypnosis with auditing is that those who do so are usually implying (some of them even say so directly) that auditing is a type of mind control of the pc which is unknown to him and not for his benefit but that of the practitioner.

        As far as I know, the basic problem LRH had with the use of hypnotic commands, even those intended to help the pc, was that they might be resting on an engram and thus cause trouble for the pc. This was stated in the very first publication about auditing, *The Original Thesis*.

      • “Curiosus, what are the hypnotic commands that are supposedly given to the pc on CCH1 or on other objectives?”

        Objective processes are using several techniques that have hypnotic effects :
        – The principle of pattern interrupt induction, see my message above
        – Repetitive patterns. Hypnotists are using “the hypnotic triple – state the suggestion at least three times to accumulate the effect.” Objective processes are “flat” when there is no change for 3 commands in a row, but 3 commands is also the minimum for the implant to work.
        – Mimicry (CCH3). Mimicry is used by hypnotists to implant subconscious rapports.

        With objective processing, you don’t implant sentences, but patterns of obedience and subconscious ARC.

        That is possibly one of the reasons why scientologists obey the most horrific orders without resistance, such as to disconnect from their loved ones.

      • Curiosus, thanks for the explanation.

        You wrote: “With objective processing, you don’t implant sentences, but patterns of obedience and subconscious ARC. That is possibly one of the reasons why scientologists obey the most horrific orders without resistance, such as to disconnect from their loved ones.”

        I would agree with you that the pc feels ARC for the auditor – as would be the case with any practitioner (or even a friend) who gave one great relief or some other much appreciated gain. But the ARC in this case isn’t “unconscious”, which means that it would not be something that wasn’t under the pc’s control and self-determinism.

        As for “patterns of obedience”, this would relate to the hypnotist, in the case of hypnosis – or, in the case of auditing objectives, to the auditor IF such auditing did amount to hypnosis. However, I never experienced any such feeling or attitude towards my auditors, or observed it on other flows.

        That said, I will grant that what I did observe and personally experience – that would be fair to describe as “obedience” – was the indoctrinated mindset that came about with various policies initiated by LRH (and of course taken to whole new levels by others). IMO, this is the underlying reason why Scientologists take horrific orders such as disconnecting from loved ones – i.e. they have a firm belief, or “faith”, that what they’re doing is for “the greatest good” and that it’s even for the greatest good of the loved one. They believe it’s “the only hope” of getting them back into the fold. And I’m sure that all of us, one lifetime or another, have fallen into the same kind of traps – because of “faith”.

        In any case, that aspect of Scientology as an organized religion is a separate matter from the tech of auditing itself – just as the Inquisition (much worse than what happens in the CoS!) had no real relationship to the principles of core Christianity. Even Marty Rathbun, who is a pretty harsh critic but who also knows the tech well, is of the opinion that if the tech is used without including the cult-type indoctrination, it is entirely workable.

      • I totally agree with you, Curiosus. It’s the first step, the Objecitve Processors, towards Zombiism. And I was asked to do them again! I said, No.

  11. Went from this post to Michelle Babich’s story. In spite of the length, I read it all. Wanted to acknowledge her here in the hopes she will get it…what a persistent and brave being, I salute you all the way from San Diego, California…

  12. I just found this interesting link on the JHB Live website – it’s a real side-swipe at the Braamfontein Test Centre & SCN (they need an updated photo).

    “Clothes cost money – but religion is free (well, except for Scientology!). Explore the city with the aim of devoting yourself to a new deity or two. Start off at the Hindu temple in Melrose where you’ll be spoilt for choice. Then move to the St Mary’s Cathedral in the CBD and round off your recon mission at the Vajrapani Buddhist Centre in Blairgowrie. If you do visit the Scientology Life Improvement Centre in Braamfontein, be sure to bring all trauma experienced in past lifetimes with you (and a bit of cash)”.

    Booyah 🙂

    See Link:

  13. Thanks for this update. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    This is true for all ideal org activities around the world. The only place I hear better things, is Taiwan.

    Pushing this ideal org fundraising is purly and simply a crime. At the very least, it is a crime against their founder.

    OSA staff only need to sit quietly and search for ALL references that justify this current illegal strategy. Nothing written supports this strategy. Nothing in all the thousands of references both written and taped.

    The strategy is invented.

    If they push this strategy down on the field, has been done for so long, those that understand LRH and his references, will know this is criminal, and will stop supporting it. They will withdraw, leave, talk amongst themselves. The strategy will decimate the field.

    Welcome to the scene in 2015. Based upon this ideal org strategy, this process of destroying the subject and the field is fully predictable and understandable.

    Now, no mention yet of IAS, disconnection, arbitrary and whimsical and criminal use of justice references…………just ideal org strategy.

    My sympathy goes to every single person, thousands upon thousands, who have pushed and supported and helped, due to their good nature and innate compassion for others, to make the orgs successful.

    To be now thoroughly betrayed.


  14. Dear BIC,

    All of us applying the Tech know that the problem is NOT with the Tech. The Tech works perfectly well, consistently producing miracles, when applied for the individual before you, with love and care.
    It has been very long since “love and care” have existed in the church. It has become a real-estate business to ensure the power of one insane individual.
    See the following LRH quote, posted today on the Milestone Two blog:

    ““There is only one thing that could happen to Scientology, and that is to say that it would be buried. The remedy would be buried. If it ever went out of sight, this world’s done. All you’ve got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it, and it’ll come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, and mankind will find itself a slave.
    “So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques, is himself actually under a certain responsibility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.
    “This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.”
    (excerpt from PDC Lecture #20)

    And my comment there:

    “Luckily we are here, making sure there is no “sole proprietor” and that the Tech is used to free Man, not enslave.
    “But hasn’t anyone in the Church ever read this quote? don’t they understand what it says? The agreement of the church members to become slaves still amazes me.
    “I am grateful to all those, around the world, who keep Scientology working, who keep it free of any monopoly, who use it to help their fellow Man.”

    It is quite a tragedy what has happened to these once brave individuals. How heroes have fallen. How they have agreed to become slaves, ant laborers for a slavemaster building cathedrals he believes will guarantee his eternity.

    We, the “Free Scientologists” breaking the monopoly and fraud, are growing steadily in numbers. The church’s demise is inevitable, even if not imminent. We see fun and fortune in our enterprise.

    My gratitude to the BIC blog, it’s staff, readers and supporters.

    • Dani Lemberger:

      Just because Hubbard said that something was the case doesn’t make it so.

      In the quote above he says that invalidation of Scientology will lead to world slavery.

      You seem to take this as being self-evidently true. I take it to mean that he wanted to stop people criticizing.

      Thank God for discussion and debate and criticism and the invalidation of things that need invalidating.

    • “That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.”

      Said the guy who went out of his way to maintain a monopoly on the subject!! I really don’t understand why some still quote Hubbard on matters where he was clearly hypocritical.

      • “Said the guy who went out of his way to maintain a monopoly on the subject!! I really don’t understand why some still quote Hubbard on matters where he was clearly hypocritical.”

        Mwesten, you point is well taken. Recently, I read an article titled “The Rise and Fall of Ken Wilber”. Wilber is world renowned and considered by many people to be the most influential of modern American philosophers. When I read this article about him, I couldn’t believe the the parallels between him and LRH. Below are some excerpts that, for me, shed some light on what happened to LRH – who, after all, was just a human being – and why it is that we still “quote Hubbard on matters where he was clearly hypocritical”:

        “Wilber’s story is a cautionary tale. His intellectual understanding was immense, as much as I’ve ever come across in a single person. He also tapped into some of the farthest reaches of consciousness, spiritual or not, that humans have self-reported. I do believe that. But ultimately, he was done in by his pride, his need for control and, well, ironically his ego.

        “The point is, if Wilber can succumb to it, any of us can. No one is immune. No matter how brilliant and how ‘enlightened’ we are…

        “Wilber also showed me that a brilliant mind does not necessarily make a brilliant leader. Wilber bragged in an interview that he never planned anything at Integral Institute, because planning would not represent a ‘second-tier’ leadership. Despite massive funding, enthusiasm, brain power and demand, Integral Institute found a way to fail.

        “The grand irony here is that Wilber’s model itself, the Integral framework, accounts for and describes everything I said in the paragraphs above. Wilber failed in the exact ways his own model predicted…he would succumb to the same faults he warned us about…

        “No one is immune.

        “As humans, we have a tendency to cling to ideologies. Any positive set of beliefs can quickly turn malevolent once treated as ideology and not an honest intellectual or experiential pursuit of greater truth. Ideology ‘does in’ entire economic systems and countries, causes religions to massacre thousands, turns human rights movements into authoritarian sects and makes fools out of humanity’s most brilliant minds. Einstein famously wasted the second half of his career trying to calculate a cosmological constant that didn’t exist because ‘God doesn’t play dice.’

        “Wilber’s brilliance will always be a part of me. But what he really taught me is this: There is no ideology. There is no guru. There is only us, and this, and the silence.”

  15. About two years ago, when I was going through the PDC lectures, I listened to something in #20 that struck a chord. I forget what prompted me to check, but I did and asked someone who had the original audio tapes of this lecture to transcribe a certain section. That section included the above quote and another about Black Dianetics. The more recent CD had been edited and these words were removed, from the CD and accompanying transcript. Perhaps this is why current Scientologists are not seeing this.

    But even if they did, the current group has been so brainwashed with the misadventures of the evil Transcriptionist, that I doubt they could muster the cogntive horsepower needed to understand the outpoint. It isn’t what is being said by DM, or by extension other church members, that is important, it’s that “they” are saying it. Which makes it an automatic truth and something to forward.

    The mechanism unfortunately is not that arcane. Gossip and/or other malicious rumors spread about anyone, operate on the same principles. People pass along unbelievably false data (as in, has anyone even thought about this shit?) without inspection or comparison to anything they already know.

    A few years back, some info circulated around the LA SCN community about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) death camps that were being built around the US. This was reported to me (by several different people) to have been relayed by the CO at CC Int, (last name Petit). Death Camps! Of course this was the kind of information relayed during intimate fund raising and recruiting events. In one case, trying to recruit the fourteen year-old daugther of someone I woked with.

    The magnitude of the lie is proportional to the need for dollars.

    I fear that reason alone can no longer extricate anyone currently left in the church. It will take a shock or revelation of equal force to that which is keeping them in a fixed position.


  16. the event announcing LRH’s passing had to be perhaps the most important event for a scientologist, if one was ever going to attend an event it would likely be that one. the “war is over” event was another one. my point is, from those type events you can guesstimate the size of scientology’s member base at it’s peak.

    the cannot miss superpower event drew a few thousand. how can any of the orgs be filled? that event alone should have drawn 100,000 if the amount of orgs is supposed to correlate with membership.

    can one of you “guys” comment on the notion of “willful ignorance”? was that part of how you managed to get along and stay out of trouble?
    because in some measure that has to be going on. because how can even a deeply in hardcore scientologist not wonder the same thing, “where are all the people?”

    i know the corbetts decided to “go look” at the real scene org by org and that really started to open their eyes. maybe they wondered “why didn’t we look sooner” , maybe they realized they didn’t want to or were afraid to look.
    i know they are drilled on blocking entheta but looking at their own stats and orgs isn’t entheta. so how does one deal with that? the only thing i come up with is they don’t want to know on purpose.
    is that kinda right?

    • The numbers were always nonsense WhiteStar even when I was in during the 70s.
      There was a tape of LRH about 1965 in which he was asked how many Scios there were in the world. He replied that it was in terms of millions. I was button-holed by a starry-eyed registrar in 1977 who was flouting LRH’s estimate and also saying that Scientology was growing by 2.4 times every year !!!
      She didn’t realize how ignorant her statement was. Even if I was conservative and assumed LRH meant TWO million in 1965 and was further conservative by assuming Scn grew by 2 times a year the numbers were just silly.
      1965-2 million, 1966-4 million, 1967-8m, 1968-16m, 1969-32m, 1970-64m, 1971-128m, 1972-256m, 1973-500m, 1974-1 billion, 1975-2 billion, 1976- 4 billion and 1977, the year we were in, the planet was cleared.
      When I pointed this out I was accused of being entheta.
      Numbers in the org were always fanciful, believed only because people generally don’t understand them

  17. Very intriguing article indeed. Many peripheral topics spinning therefrom, inviting yet more of same.

    The question arising from the plethora of comments on this blog, highlights the motivations of people, both in terms of personal and by way of their convictions about the workability of Scientology and / or related subjects, — or not!

    For example, some are decidedly defensive, to the point of ‘fundamentalist belief’, while others are more inclined to a practical understanding, preferring to “use” the subject as a tool to accomplish their objective, sans any “belief/s” being involved. Still others, of course, have become decidedly “anti”, for their own agendas or convictions.

    ‘Granting beingness’, seems to offer the most tolerant of all viewpoints imaginable and indeed, allows for flexibility in becoming free enough, to shift to the view of another.

    When I mentioned “mind-control” to Marildi, in a reply above, this can be seen to trigger definite negative connotations, which tend to arise in the minds of many people. (More on this to follow below…)

    In simplistic terms, of course, as Marildi has gone to great pains to explain, (I’m with you, btw, Marildi!), no one in their ‘right mind’, would seek to have another in control (other-determined) of their most intimate, private, ultimate ‘personal computer’, unless it had become worrisomely problematic. Especially to the degree that it needed fixing,or ‘controlling’ (pray tell, of course, to whom would we entrust such control? Certainly NOT a CO$ auditor , hey?? 🙂

    At once, the entire subject of ‘mind-control’ (pragmatically NOT referred to as such, by LRH), is actually fully addressed in his introductory book called “Dianetics – The Evolution Of A ScIence.” (DTEOAS)

    In the above reference, LRH does a superb job of bringing the entire basic workings of the mind into clear view, and imo, permits almost any person of sufficient intelligence, to grasp and understand ‘the mind’, for the very FIRST time!

    Indeed, lest we lose sight of that major breakthrough, in DTEOAS (p51), it was only through this particular discovery, by LRH; (‘the held-down-seven’), (aka, ‘the engram’), that we have come to know about the existence of such. To such an extent, that the eradication of these anomalies, ‘held-down-sevens’ (engrams), previously thought to be ‘hidden’ influences, demons, and the work of the devil, etc,etc., can be seen to be resolvable (to a large extent,) via standard auditing technology. (if / when rigorously applied.)

    The remaining question, then (assuming the ‘tech’ to be thoroughly workable and validated as such), is why it (the tech) has run into difficulties, (when it has), in NOT being able (or capable), of delivering on its promises. (As covered in the EP’s and / or abilities gained on the grade chart), (Perhaps, just PERHAPS, one-size-does (NOT) fit-all?)

    Perhaps then, the equivocal answer to these questions, lays in the fact that indeed, there may be many ‘unexplored’ solutions, that are yet available to the still ‘curious’ among us, regarding the somewhat ‘reactive’ subject of ‘mind-control’

    Oh, and of course, I’m referring to the ‘pan-determined’ version of the subject, free of the mental shackles, implants and intent to enslave, (such as those of the CO$,) naturally!!

    Anyone like to share their views on this NOW distorted, one-time apparent aim of Dianetics and its commandeered $uccessor, $cientology? Idle Orgs? Schmidle Morgues?

    DMind Control, anyone?

    • Good post, Calvin. I would just like to add that some posters have thrown out generalizations about auditing being mind control, but they don’t seem to be willing or able to explain just what they mean by that, even when directly asked about it. This is when I start to think they are just parroting others – who are probably also parroting, or else they have no other purpose but to spread an anti-Scientology mindset.

      • So true, Marildi. I also suspect that the parroting really just stems from a simple case of misduplication, (the usual culprit) which only inhibits understanding in the first place. Like.. um, huh? Um, er …. duh? 🙂

      • Absolutely, Calvin. I would even go so far as to say that jumping on the critics bandwagon by mere parroting is probably second to the lack of duplication of even the basics of Scientology. This is obvious in many comments, IMHO. And then, the misduplications and misunderstandings get spread around even more. Nevertheless, I believe it will all come out in the wash – or shall we say in the bath water. 😉

      • Thanks Marildi, for yet more of your incisive style of observations. I’m convinced that it’s the love of dancing that keeps you on your toes 🙂

        And yet, lest you too, actually do miss something invaluable about “that bathwater”, the way I see it, it is actually loaded with incredible ‘mind’ and ‘theta’ nutrients, that have only become sullied and soiled with silly mistakes of the ol’ man and sh*t loads of particles of misduplication added by those who simply couldn’t/wouldn’t refused to dooplicate in de foist place!!! 🙂

      • Marildi, just to expand on the concepts of mind-control we touched on earlier, I believe that this topic definitely deserves a place as an OP, where perhaps some of the misconceptions could be aired with ultimate benefit to all.

        Hypnosis, for example, is viewed with much suspicion, ever since it was {purposely?) tainted as such by the Ol’ man.

        Looking at some well known celebrities, I’ll mention one here. David Blaine, unquestionably one of the most successful magicians and performers of all time.

        Just one of many who have made use of self-hypnosis to break through human barriers to prove a point that it CAN be done.

        Whetting the appetite of what ‘pan-determined’ mind-control is capable of, when viewed as a tool for positive accomplishment, rather than suspicion.?

        Hmm? 🙂

      • Hi Calvin,

        You know Valkov from Geir’s blog, right? I believe he worked many years in the “psych” field and has done a lot of reading on related subjects, including hypnosis. He wrote a post one time where he stated that the subject of hypnosis has been extensively redefined since 1950 and that the 1950 definition of it was the one LRH used. Here’s the definition LRH gave in *Science of Survival*:

        “Hypnotism is an address to the reactive mind. It reduces self-determinism by interposing the commands of another below the analytical level of an individual’s mind..”

        The key point, then, is that in referring to hypnosis, LRH was talking about “interposing the commands of another” and without his analytical awareness. With this in mind, the blog comments which state that the tech is hypnosis make no sense.

        On the other hand, there is definitely truth to the idea that there has been and still is heavy indoctrination/mind control going on in the church. And we could even concede that this is related to auditing in the sense that the wins of auditing (and training, for that matter) cause people to be susceptible to assuming/believing that everything else in Scientology must be true.

        This is why, IMO, the solution isn’t to eliminate the tech and its benefits but to educate people on the subjects of indoctrination/mind control. Actually, there is indoctrination going on everywhere, including the news media, advertising, etc. In fact, the whole culture and subcultures one happens to grow up in or be part of carry out indoctrination, which accounts for all the different belief systems of the different ethnic groups.

        My conclusion is that there needs to be a lot more education on this topic, in the schools and in the media – especially with respect to the way authoritarian cults that are not well meaning can achieve the end of controlling the minds of its members to their detriment. That would be a needed starting point. And once this is common knowledge, we citizens of planet Earth can start looking at all the ideologies we’ve unknowingly adopted. We could call it another bridge (or bridge over) to freedom. 😉

      • I agree wholeheartedly, Marildi.

        The importance of these two subject matters, hypnotism, mind control, is also a very daunting one. I believe many who encounter these, are at a loss when it comes to understanding them! (No duplication, no comprehendo! )

        And yet it is these very subjects that are covertly employed to amass votes, the blind obedience to religion and other fanaticism.

        Having personally shed some of those shortcomings myself, over the last couple of years, It is so refreshing to be able to freely explore the landscape without encumbering prejudices. (other determined “mind-control”)

        Don”t get me wrong on this one point though. I am still a devout user of the tech and its originating axioms, scales, and other working ‘tools’, that cram my thoroughly used ‘toolbox’. To me, I am still very comfortable with the notion that they were all developed and tested for workability by the Ol’ man.

        In the next breath, I want to say that I am considering inviting a renowned local hypnotherapist, to do a short article for the blog. I believe that this aspect of healing may prove useful to some readers, who are open to learning of this approach, first hand!

        Of course, this would be subject to the admissibility of the moderators.

        Admin? Are you okay on this?

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