Co$ – Masters of the bandwagon


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Bandwagon meaning: “An activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular”.

It’s no secret the church is notorious for seizing fundraising and PR opportunities when tragedies result in human suffering and misery. As Tom Cruise famously stated in the leaked IAS video “because being a Scientologist……you know you’re the only one that can help”.

Although using such situations for PR purposes has been a long-standing strategy of the church, it was steeply increased following the tragedy of 9/11. The church acknowledged this in numerous self-generated press releases such as this one which states: “The work of these volunteers at Ground Zero New York inspired a movement that now circles the globe—Scientology Volunteer Minister Disaster Response teams on call 24/7 in times of disaster”. 

The press release further blows the church’s horn with: “They served in the aftermath of the 2004 South Asian tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2011 Japan tsunami and hundreds of disasters great and small in countries around the world”.

Interestingly, if one does a Google search of these disasters coupled with the word/s “Scientology” “Volunteer Ministers” “church of scientology” or any other combination, the majority articles generated are by the church themselves (PR Web, GlobeNewswire etc). The tiny number of articles not generated by the church contain dubious reports/stories questioning the intentions insofar as the “help” being offered. In January this blog published an article detailing just how much “help” the VM’s delivered during the Christchurch earthquakes.

In 2008 South Africa was gripped by xenophobic attacks resulting in mass media coverage and a period of mourning and shame for South Africa who just 14 years prior had bid farewell to apartheid.

True to type, the church jumped on the xenophobia bandwagon with great gusto. Scientologists were heavily regged for WTH booklets, IAS fundraisers were quickly organised and Joburg org had a collection point for clothes, food and supplies – all in the name of  “helping the victims of xenophobia”. The result? Absolutely nothing. Not a word. No report from the church at all – no accounting for the money donated, no stats on the impact of the booklets handed out and, more importantly, not a single word about the “good works of the church” mentioned in any press.

Just last month in April another spate of xenophobic attacks broke out in South Africa – a situation that has once again seen extensive attention and coverage in local & international media.

Not surprisingly, the church has once again grabbed this opportunity to forward its own agenda:

First up was this bizarre email sent out by Joburg org on the 18th April:

VM Appeal for Xenophobia help

We’re not sure where to start with this, but bear with us.

The Joburg Org Volunteer Ministers (which don’t exist) are issuing a “Call to Arms” (an internal situation which is ONLY used at times when the church is under heavy attack or at severe risk – clearly not the case here).  Now that you’ve been summoned,  deposit your money into a Way To Happiness account at Nedbank after you’ve spoken to Ciaran Ryan (the LAST person in SA whose name should appear on the same page as “money for scientology campaigns”).  If you don’t have money, then no need to bother Ciaran – rather phone Fiona for “other contributions” (none of which are specified).

Confused? Mixed message much? Absolutely.

Surprised? Nope, not in the least.

Not to be outdone, 5 days later Shaun Hanekom (Bridge/PUBS CLO AF) decided he also wanted part of the xenophobia action and sent out this email (red print highlighted by BIC):

Xenophobia Email S Hannekom

Firstly, the word “xenophobia” is not a pronoun – but for some reason, Shaun thinks it looks better that way.  The litany of typos and poor grammar is just embarrassing.  As is denigrating the President of South Africa by referring to him simply as “Jacob Zuma” – not to mention ridiculing his decision to deploy military & accusing him of  “throwing guns at the problem”. This kind of trash-talk against the President of a country is conduct unbecoming in the extreme – a prime example of Scientology arrogance.

“People are electrified” – really? Has Shaun bothered stepping out of the CLO office bubble to observe 97.5% of the population are continuing with their daily lives? The church makes a big deal against media and other  “SP chaos merchants” and yet here is one of their own donning a virtual sandwich board blazoned with THE END IS NIGH message.

Of course it’s no surprise that money is the focal point here.  $50,000 to be exact. At today’s exchange rate that’s R600,000 for a bunch of DVDs that will probably never reach their destination.  Besides which, in the history of TWTH campaigns in this country, what has changed? Where are the stats? Which war was ended “with a single booklet”? How come a Google search for WTH + South Africa turns up absolutely nothing besides the church’s own press releases? By the church’s own accounts, literally hundreds of thousands of WTH paraphernalia have been distributed to every corner of this country. To what end?


And then to crown it all, one of our eagle-eye correspondents alerted us to a Facebook page “Drug Free World Africa” who posted this on their page on the 24th April:

“Peaceful protests against Xenophobia attacks & for Equal Rights & Justice is important for all South Africans

“Good day, Please be advised that Drug Free World South Africa is in full support and will be attending the peaceful protest”.

Drug Free World on Xenophobia

Dear Readers/Subscribers

The peaceful protests the past week is a clear indication that South Africans are Opposed to the inhumanity and violent attacks on any foreign national.We thank our communities, religious leaders and government for having staged these Anti-Xenophobia protests to try and help restore the damage these attacks have done and seriously implicated our nation and our economy.

There are reported incidents that even some South Africans were assaulted during these xenophobia attack, by those criminal elements.We have also been informed that the KhoiSan and Colored people will be staging a public protest on Freedom Day, Monday, 27th April 2015.

The gathering will start at 10am from the Wits University, Origin Center, Cnr Yale & Enoch Sontoga Avenue, Braamfontein. The marchers will proceed to hand over Memorandums to the South African Human Rights Commission and the Commission for the Promotion & Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic at Braampark, in Hoofd Street, Braamfontein.

From there the protesters will head towards Constitutional Hill in Kotze Street, Braamfontein, where they have requested that the Commission for Gender Equality & The Constitutional Court receive the memorandum.

It seems that some of the concerns and challenges that the KhoiSan and Colored people are raising constitute very serious human right violations and neglect and it challenges the current Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Stay Blessed

Carmen Margro
Executive Director Drug Free World South Africa


Firstly, why on earth is Drug Free World aligning themselves with Human Rights & Equal Justice? What does this have to do with the issue of drug abuse?

Secondly, they go on to state their opposition to xenophobia – again, not a drug-related issue (but given half a chance, the church will position ANYTHING to meet their hidden agendas).

And then incredulously, Carmen mentions a peaceful protest march against xenophobia by aligning this with a march by the KhoiSan and Coloured people addressing their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS????

In fact, there was indeed a peaceful exchange of a memorandum by the Gauteng Khoi and San Council to the Gauteng Government. Among their demands are the reclassification of the KhoiSan people’s race and the inclusion of their indigenous language to the official languages of the country.  But this protest actually took place in March. See this article.

After scouring the internet we could find absolutely no reference to ANY peaceful protest taking place in Joburg on the 27th April. The march against xenophobia in Johannesburg took place on the 23rd April.

For crying out loud, how did they get this so utterly twisted?

And if they did indeed take part in this protest/march – where is the report-back and photos of the event?

Perhaps this picture (pulled directly off their FB page) says it all:

Drug Free World They lied

 (FYI: The  young lady is a stock photo freely available on the internet)

Maybe someone needs to drop Carmen a line about their stance of “anti xenophobia” and “for Equal Rights & Justice for all South Africans” when their organisation is a front group for the church of scientology – a group which engages in the following activities:

  • Mass-declares of “SPs”
  • Enforced disconnection
  • Ripping families apart
  • Slave labour, enforced abortions and child labour abuses
  • Outright & aggressive discrimination against those who don’t agree with the church
  • Policies of fair game, witch-hunts and black-ops campaigns against former members or others speaking out against church abuses
  • Publishing disgusting smear websites against anyone who dares speak or write freely their own opinions and viewpoints regarding current church affairs 

We’re sure there are other examples of the church jumping on the bandwagon – feel free to contribute your own observations.


22 thoughts on “Co$ – Masters of the bandwagon

  1. The more things change, the more they stay the same it seems.

    The old problem-reaction-solution effect being sold here. The church doesnt have to invent the problem in this case, merely jump on it, twist it a bit and then sell one shot solutions that dont work to make some dough! Too simple.

    Xenophobia is something being used by certain groups as a weapon of Mass dis-traction. It sucks attention away from what is really going on that needs a big WW2 spot light to chase away the shadows! It doesnt however detract from the human rights violations that do occur under its banner. Xenophobia should be out created with tollerance, peace and goodwill. Dont forget to add some truth too.

  2. You’re right in your comment about Ciaran Ryan – the ONLY way he’s involved will be to rake off his FSM commish. There’s an old expression: FOLLOW THE MONEY!
    As to one WTH booklet stopping a war, well that too has been written up here on BIC when Freddy Pendl famously followed in the footsteps of others and went into Congo to dish out a few booklets and returned to proclaim the war was over. Your own article demonstrated that the cessation of hostilities did in fact coincide with that time (more or less), but hostilities have since broken out time and again up until present time. But the sheeple have learned to believe their own BS.
    The CoS is indeed the biggest merchant of chaos in the world today, treasonously (that is, treason to the ideals of LRH) prostituting itself with every local or global tragedy to rake in the moolah. What’s most sickening: the fact they do this or the blind eye its corrupt membership turn to this characteristic?

    • Hardly the biggest Merchant of Chaos, at all. The Church is busy destroying itself and is a lot smaller today than in the seventies and eighties.

  3. Oh yes I agree it is the most sickening fact that they
    bleed the field dry – promoting all their good works verbally
    but no real proof.

    The tragedy is the sheeples do not doubt a word they say.
    The Church are very skilled at making the bullshit believable.
    Experts at pointing the finger at anyone who dares to look and
    God forbid communicate!
    Masters at fraud and Corruption.
    Supreme at Third Party.

    The South African rebels are exposing the TRUTH and it will set you
    free from the shackles of the Corporate Church.

    The Indi field is expanding, flourishing and prospering and how can
    that BE – because we are FREE!.

    Long live the SP’s!

  4. They are simply disgusting. Most horrible people ever. If Miscavige had political power he would open concentration lager. And early in the morning chrome steel ethics officers would knock at our door. Like all totalitarian group, they have an “uptone” and smiling propaganda. It should cease one day, this little Goebbels should one day be dimissed, put in shame,and finally in jail.
    But one can rest assure that he wouldn’t stay too long. He would then become an antiscientologist (which he is since the begining) But using the idea that he “repent” he would put all the blame to LRH, he would write a book “when I was COB” and make a lot of money. He just is one of the biggest son of a bitch who ever existed.

  5. One gets the impression the IAS eagerly await the next natural disaster, as it gives the next reason for “humanitarian donations”. We had the Tsunami devastation back in 2005 or so. Huge donations drive went in and funds collected. When we had to send out a bunch of volunteers from SA to go and help, we found we had to pay the airfares ourselves. We were allowed to do our own private fund-raising on the side to get help on paying the airfares, but that was totally in addition to the funds given to the IAS. They take money for the 4D scampaigns, and then never spend it on the campaign. Same thing for the Volunteer Ministers Cavalcade in 2004. This is an IAS project, and of course it was run from the Freewinds. We had to pay our own airfares and accommodation, and were forced to take at least one course while doing the Seminar, and were corralled into IAS fundraising sessions in the Starlight Lounge repeatedly. I realised afterwards, it was mainly to get Freewinds stats up. It cost the IAS nothing. It got them a lot of money, and helped the Freewinds too.
    When Mocambique was flooded in about 2006, again VM’s were sent, who found they had to use borrowed vehicles, donated petrol money, their own equipment. We raised money for food and blankets for the stricken people, and I wonder if any of it ever got over the border into the right hands, or what actually happened.
    And to think I was taken in by this, and helped and forwarded the effort, and paid in time and money to “save the day” when it was all a rip-off!

    • Even their local VM campaigns using the yellow truck – my spouse once wanted to help out but found out there was an enrollment process as involved as joining the SO. Wanted to know the entire life history and made it so unpleasant my spouse just gave up. EVERY obstacle is put in one’s path to doing anything that doesn’t directly flow to the CoS. It’s all a sham from beginning to end, to create the appearance of being something people might recognise as a religion. It isn’t a religion. It isn’t even an ethical business.

  6. so they have the cure to what ails the people in the those areas but unless someone gives them 5 grand for it the Xenophobia can just keep raging.

    quite the humanitarians.

    what difference does it make anyway since “planetary clearing is now a reality”.

    Islands are becoming oceans. like wildfire blazing through a prairie GATII is obliterating entheta at unprecedented and never before seen rate, theta waves of epic proportions rippling across the muddy tundra eviscerating then disintegrating the very roots of degradation .

    how can any of us lose?

    the grand high exalted mystic chairman and his chorus of communicators has communicated it so and i fully duplicate it as is.

    thanks to COB and all that he does i’m going clear the automatic way, all this expansion means SPs can kick back and relax.

  7. Until the day comes when someone somewhere delivers to mankind a few REAL OT’S as per the Scn Dict Definition nothing much will change on this planet (in fact spiritually they going to get worst) and all the COMM and ARC in the world etc etc etc until then is just HOT air. If you do not believe me ask yourself that question 5 Minutes before you are about to leave your body (DIE).

    • Well, well, Mike. It’s interesting that you said this. I spent some of the last minutes of Allan Cook’s life with him. Glad I did. So was he. He even shared that with us after his departure.

      I can assure you, that the only thing that matters to MOST people i have spoken to, about those last 5 minutes you mention, IS the ARC (love) that you share, or even shared during that life.

      OT? To me, THAT is just simply (H)OT air.

      TRY to practice sincere ARC with anyone you choose, and you may find that the genuine ones will respond in kind.

      IMHO, that is what changes things on this planet.

      Good luck with your aspirations.


  8. There has been a lot of research into why some of the most caring and intelligent individuals get involved – and continue their dedicated involvement – in harmful cults. Or, in the case of the CoS, groups that have degenerated into harmful cults.

    Even the recent documentary *Going Clear* points out that the author of the book the film was based on decided to write it because he was intrigued by the high qualities of Scientologists. Unfortunately, CoS members won’t even watch that film – which many of them have probably heard about as it has gotten a lot of publicity. Ironically, their refusal to watch it – “apparently” SELF-originated – is actually due to the beliefs that have slowly but surely been indoctrinated into them.

    Not just with regard to that film but in general, the indoctrination accounts for why it’s almost impossible to get those still in to see the trap they’ve fallen into. They’ve had life-changing gains from the tech, so they naturally assume that everything in “Scientology” must be valid – and they aren’t able to differentiate between the actions of the organization and the basic principles and tech itself.

    This is why I don’t think we can necessarily conclude that the ones who remain are just weak and/or stupid. Even the rare few who might dare to watch the *Going Clear* film would more than likely discount it for the simple reason that it barely, if at all, acknowledges the incredible gains that can be had with core Scientology as a practice. That fact alone immediately discredits the film.

    When I think back to my own Reality when I was a church member, the above is how I see the “R” of those still in. Part of my thinking (and justification) back then was that management terminals must know what they’re doing – after all, they must have gone well up the Bridge and also be highly trained in tech and admin principles. And they “obviously” were operating on the Optimum Solution – greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Hah!

    It never occurred to me, for example, that the required application of ethics tech was in violation of the LRH datum that no one dynamic is more important than any other – and that to arrive at an ethical solution involves the individual’s OWN dynamics. In the CoS, ethics is essentially based on what forwards so-called “Scientology”. Period.

    It took my being out of the environment of that kind of indoctrinated think, along with reading about the experiences of many former church members (especially the highly trained and experienced ones, in both tech and admin), before I could fully see what Ron himself had warned against – the assumptions and fixed ideas and group think I had agreed to for too long, instead of paying the “price of freedom: constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.” (AHMC-1, 6012C31)

    I guess the main point I’m trying to make is that I think the way to help those still involved in the church come to see that it has gone astray from the core principles of Scientology, is by staying in ARC with them. That would involve not invalidating but understanding their current reality and communicating with that in mind.

    • On second thought, I should qualify that last sentence about “not invalidating” by putting it in the same context as the Supervisor’s Code where it says “The Supervisor should invalidate a student’s mistake ruthlessly and use good ARC while doing it.”

      • Welll, dear lassie, nooooo y’uve g’un ‘n d’ne y’self prooooud!

        Yoooose whiteverrr it take’s t’ git the job d’ne. ‘spec’llly th’ Sooooperrrvis’rrrrs Code. Neverrrr forgetttttn’ t’ yoooooose ARRRC, uf’ couuurse. Said lyyyyk a trrrruue devoteeee t’ the leggggaseee u’f the oooold Mannnnn.

        Koooooodooo’s t’ y’ lassssie.

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Thanks, laddie. 😉

        To put it another way, application of ARC and KRC are what “it take’s t’ git the job d’ne”. Those are the basic guidelines. That’s the whole of the legacy of LRH, in a nutshell.

        And as the Scots would say, “Were it not for hope, the heart would break.” (Scottish proverb.)

    • Yes marildi, what you say is so right. But sometime when they disconnect from you, you feel suddenly tired to try to communicate. You have a wall. You send a mail : “Hey how are you?” no answer. Or a call, not returned. You may even handle some charge hoping you get a suppress pers RD effect (sometime it seems to work). But mostly a wall of silence.
      I crossed the way of a good friend (a real good friend he used to be). He turned his head. I said hello! No answer. Like if I was a ghost. They are obeying to the rule. They think they are an island of sanity in a mad world. We have got the illness. They know it. It’s an agreed consideration. We are traitor. In another time they would put us against a wall and gun us, with charity.
      And they only go on the other side when they experiment a big horrible injustice and out list. Then it push them out. And we are here to listen, and patch up their wound. I have myself some wound of crazy handling, violently out tech, ridiculously stupid.
      All this stand on earlier similar experience. They are restimulated by earlier similar third dynamic. Their trangression against rules of totalitarian group. Propitiating to supressive groups. Think of the XX century, really being a citizen of Soviet Union… or a member of nazi germany, or earlier similar, under the yoke of the inquisition. Make you out valence, in the viewpoint of the SP.
      Miscavige is a totalitarian style. A very strange thing, not from our time. And like communism before it fell, you feel he will be forever. He must be in good health, his heart will not fail, and he is not the sort of person who create a cancer. LRH was overweight, smoked too much, was in bad health. The little punk is built to live 100 years. He is the oppterm to any PTS with his nice blue eyes. Clean little man. God I hate him!
      But one day he will be out. And for bringing that, despite all, we can continue to try to communicate with those still under his yoke.

      • Hi FG,

        Thanks for your poignant comment – I was moved! Your straightforward communication went beyond the gradient I had in mind, but I believe the heartfelt honesty of it might very well reach a church member who happened to read it. By “reach”, I mean reach the person, the thetan, rather than his/her indoctrinated viewpoints.

        And your insightful views of how the church’s actions compare to events in history – and also relate to an individual’s own past experiences – just might give church members a whole different perspective. What you wrote was a great example of “invalidating their mistakes ruthlessly – and using good ARC while doing it.”

        Yes, it’s disheartening and useless trying to communicate directly to anyone who has been made to disconnect from you – emphasis on “made” to disconnect. This is a primary example of how these individuals are trapped. By their own “agreement”, they are forced to go along with the “rules”, because otherwise they will “lose their eternity” – along with their friends and family. Not only that, but they’ve been convinced that they are HELPING YOU to supposedly come to your senses, by cutting you off.

        Hopefully, these unfortunate souls will come to see the bigger picture, one way or another, and realize it is of no help to anyone to give up one’s own self-determinism – which is not true Scientology in any case. And as you said, when they finally start to see the light, we can be there for them – by continuing to maintain the ARC as best we can.

      • Ironically, “The Way to Happiness Booklet” – which the church is (allegedly) promoting a campaign to distribute in order to supposedly help with the violence in South Africa – would be a good reference and source of help for the church’s own members, by using the precepts in the booklet as a method of exposing the violent actions (figuratively and literally) of the church itself. Here’s a relevant quote from the booklet:
        “The most flagrant lies can be punctured, the greatest pretenses can be exposed, the most intricate puzzles can be resolved and the most remarkable revelations can occur simply by gently insisting that someone look.

        “When another finds things almost too confusing and difficult to bear, when his or her wits are going around and around, get the person to just stand back and look.

        “What they find is usually very obvious when they see it. Then they can go on and handle things. But if they don’t see it themselves, observe it for themselves, it may have little reality for them and all the directives and orders and punishment in the world will not resolve their muddle.

        “While one can indicate what direction to look and suggest that they do look, the conclusions are up to them.

        “A child or adult sees what he himself sees and that is reality for him.

        “True competence is based on one’s own ability to observe. With that as reality, only then can one be deft and sure.”

      • Goodo people! Well, kudos for DMon. At least he gets a few nods of recognition from ya ex-CO$’s even if ever-so-begrudgingly! 🙂

        Hey, have you heard that it’s an an ABUNDANT universe?? With scrillions of viewpoints making up those with whom we have/may/do come into contact??

        So wot if a couple of ‘valuable’ ones have become supa-glued with cyanoacrylate, to the “Church o’ THE DMented one”??

        Now if we were only capable of making that ‘huge leap of faith’ — just simply, ‘l-e-t i-t g-o’, we may immediately find that we actually begin to feel better!

        Yessir/ma’m, adding in the ‘glue factor’ may be useful in holding the mystery intact, but just ‘hold’ on a sec….

        Wasn’t it that very ‘holding-on’, that kept us in the CO$’s clutches, convincing ourselves that all those trying to warn us to get out, were just Ess-Pees, unaware, or worse — ‘the enemy’???

        Just for good measures, wasn’t it YOU, who finally decided to actually LOOK for yourself??

        Was it not the Ol’ man hisself wot said: “All I’m trying to do is teach you is how to look.”

        At the end of the day then, my friends, if you do decide to abandon the ‘holders-on’, to their choice (physically entrapped excluded) then that leaves them with only their (other)’self’-determined decision and a comm-lag, as the preferred game in town they wish to play!!

        Thank God it turns out to be an abundant universe, after all hey??

        Nasty, nasty me 🙂

  9. I spoke to a friend still in. Actually he had to hide from his wife that he spoke to me. He said about disconnection, that that was the rule, and I should know it. So, it’s normal people follow the rules! Scientologist are obeying to all the rules. Since 1982 and the return of sec check with a vengeance, they are “ethics” and follow the rules. They play being the most honnest and ethics people on earth (set up a good exemple). Obeying the law, any law.
    In an advanced org I heard this story. A guy went for his OTlevels. And there was a young sea org member, 17, very sweet and sexy. She had nothing to do in the sea org but her parents were here. She was a bit of a lolita. Had some flirt wth the guy who fell for her. He kissed her. My Got! It went grim. The girl was thrown out in the street with no help from her parents (she had to some degree prostitute to survive) and they put the guy off lines and ethics wanted him to turn himself to the police and confess that he had a relation with a minor, that the church doesn’t take the condition. Don’t know if he did it…
    Another guy couldn’t have an okay from eligibility on OT levels because he practiced oral sex with his wife. It was “pain and sex”, 1,1 activity… They had to fuck straight and right!
    A friend of mine was debarred from services because he didn’t pay his parking fine. That was out ethics. He had to report to the taxes, apologise and pay before to be accepted again on lines.
    Another was an homosexual. That was a terrible thing! An OT homosexual, what a shame! He had 2 years probation without any flinching (even no masturbation) before he could be accepted on lines again.
    So the disconnection rule? Of course they follow it. They learned to be obediant, conformist. To live by the rules. To be 100% ethics!
    When Robertson says that the Markabien took over the church, well it doesn’t seems so crazy!

  10. There are some very very good Points…..Precepts…..Ideas….. etc within the subject of Scientology, as well as some very aberrated ones…………….. But unless I am totally wrong Scientology has not yet (nor do I see that it will ever do) deliver to an individual and to mankind its ultimate product …. the state of full OT as per the definition in the Scientology dictionary so well stated. (THIS RELIGION……..)

    Other RELIGIONS also have very good points and bad ones…..they too profess a similar outstanding goal not un-similar to the full state of OT……………. BUT one as to die first in order to find out.

    WILL The INDIES ……with all their good intentions give it to us??????

    Personally I maintain that the VERY absence of the non delivery of this state is the TRUE cause of Scientology’s downfall, and the loss of faith being experienced by other religions.

  11. Yes Marildi, it’s right, it simply all in Way to Happiness, but they can’t think these apply to the church.
    Oddly enough they never apply the tech (PTS, data series) to actual situation. They are playing applying the tech, they are actors of the tech under the watch of some terminal representing the church. They mostly accomplish a technical ritual.
    When they audit, of course they want to help the PC, but have to accomplish the ritual, the perfect one that they have full approval to be 100% in tech.They have attention on themselves, being self centered, like a kid who want to please his parents. Affraid that anything they do would be an overt.
    Actually it fits exactly the definition of robotism. And LRH says that this occurs when they have been painfully endoctrinated. Yes, it’s exactly per the bulletin. They act like super PTS.
    Between a long time track exprerience to obey to SP’s. And Miscavige in PT, who is as SP than any totalitarian SPs known in history.
    So whatever they learn, they don’t use it as self determined knowledge. They do a kind of gesture to pretend they appy the data.
    When they have a family PTS situation, they usually make it worse in applying the data robotically. Wog family at the end don’t get “handled” they simply pity them, are become nice to them like if they are ill. And they believe they have handled.
    To apply data series to the church, I tried. I did the course in the 1980. And I was per the checksheet supposed to eval my org. The CO was suddenly affraid. He telexed to CLO who returned a telex with a cancellation of the checksheet prerequisite. It was ok not to do it. So, I had to eval my own business but not the org.
    I actually eval the org, first outpoint was that they were hiding most of the informations.

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