WARNING: OSA trolls are at it again


Troll:  (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Disinformation intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. (Wikipedia).

OSA Trolls,  Disinformation & Scaremongers Par Excellence 

In recent weeks BIC has been alerted to a number of strange incidents which seem to indicate yet another wave of OSA skulduggery is underway.

The people being targeted are the church-labeled “SPs” and many UTR public who have seemingly been singled out or flagged as potential threats or risk to the church.

Many years ago at the time of the Anonymous protests/attacks and the Marty/Mike big reveal, it became practice for orgs to categorize their public into different groups:

  • Public who are regularly on service, attend org events and are supporting (financially) org activities. These guys are considered safe and fully on board with “Command Intention”.


  • Public who are not necessarily active on service but none-the-less on board with church activities, regularly attend events and in good comm with the org. (Good comm also translates into copious flows of money!)
  • Public who are ARC broken or disaffected for some reason. These guys are absent from events, very rarely contribute to org activities and seen as “not with the program”. Although not overtly communicating any upset, their absence (and lack of financial support) speaks volumes.  These guys are considered in danger of “being turned by the big bad SP’s out there” – and it is these people who come under the HCO or OSA spotlight at times of trouble – which nowadays is pretty much around the clock.   


Some examples of OSA tactics to weed out UTR/disaffected public & their comm-lines are as follows:

Using the OTC by allocating names of people needing “recovery”  – typically the OTC member is supposed to get in comm with the person and try salvage him/her by positioning themselves as “safe terminals”.  Although the OTC member may be genuine in his/her desire to help, the actual intention is to establish exactly how much of a threat the target is – are they likely to jump the fence, what are their intentions and who are their comm-lines (to weed out further possible disaffection).

Public who are in ethics trouble are used to spy on, infiltrate and expose activities of UTR, Indy or disaffected public. This is done by various means – through facebook policing, befriending the person with the guise of helping them, and in some cases, even luring their target into spilling their guts by pretending to be mutually disaffected. Anything the target says goes straight back to OSA. The public is then let off the hook insofar as any ethics condition as he/she has “delivered an effective blow”.  This exact tactic has been used on a number of UTR public and others who have tried to quietly leave the church but been “bust” by taking a “friend” into their confidence.

Another common OSA tactic is the spreading of disinformation & libel about “SPs” or ARCx public, using threats and other scare tactics to terrorise public into acquiescence for fear of dire consequences if they fail to comply. There are many recent instances of this occurring in the JBG field.

Some public have reported suddenly being contacted by phone or email out of the blue by old comm-lines just to “find out how they’re doing”. There has been a marked increase in attempts to get in comm with public who haven’t heard from the org for months/years.

And then there is the constant facebook policing – a number of public have recently been invited to come see the ethics officer “due to undesirable facebook contacts”. This is perhaps one of the most insidious & suppressive tactics of the church – and an outright case of invasion of privacy, cutting up people’s comm lines and just plain despicable behaviour which has no place in a group that claims to uphold one’s right to communicate freely.

Some recent reports BIC has received on OSA activities are as follows:

  • Suddenly pitching up at people’s homes or businesses to interrogate them about connections or comm lines with people deemed “undesirable” by the church. In two cases that we know of, Scientologists were instructed to cough up names of their clients – this is utterly illegal and even requesting this information could land the church in very hot water.
  • Sending an OSA plant to infiltrate one of the Indy practitioners – claiming she was disaffected with the church and wanting to know what alternative services there were on offer in the Indy field. Pure fishing expedition on behalf of OSA.
  • Rumours that certain SP’s had recanted, come to their senses and requested they be allowed to do their A-E steps for re-entry into the Church. None of these are true.
  • CJC spreading a story that enough evidence has been gathered against certain SPs to send them to jail.
  • OTC members contacting former comm-lines claiming to be really concerned as they “heard on the grapevine” that such-and-such is connected to “so and so SP” (all very vague and refusing to give exact time, place form and event). Fishing expedition  – again under direct orders from OSA.
  • Getting SCN’s to contact suspected UTR people and threatening to end business dealings with them unless they cut comm with “undesirables” or com einto the org to get their situation handled.
  • Bringing pressure to bear on SCN-owned businesses to fire people from their jobs for being connected (no matter how remotely) to someone no longer deemed in good standing with the church.


All of the above activities were coincidental around the time of the release of the HBO documentary Going Clear and the barrage of negative press this has resulted in for the church.

One thing is for sure – the renewed upsurge of witch-hunts suggest irrefutable evidence the church is madly scrambling to stem yet another tide of members from waking up and exiting the troll-inhabited cave.

If anyone has other examples or personal accounts of sudden increased attempts to get them into the org or being subjected to OSA visits, being fed disinformation & subjected to any underhanded tactics, please share your story with us.

Our next step is to name and shame those who have been caught red-handed in spreading libelous disinformation or trying to cause trouble for people who are getting on with their lives outside of the church.

Enough is enough.

106 thoughts on “WARNING: OSA trolls are at it again

  1. It is interesting to note that the only real weapon that the church has is the despicable weapon of disconnection. They use it to break up families, friends and businesses. Why are they so afraid of communication? They know that if they allow free comm between church members there would be nobody left ” under the whip” .

    They would lose that tight grip of control that they apparently have by the threat that ” you will lose your Ethernity”. Such rubbish, because anyone Brave enough to follow LRH’s advice of look don’t listen, the tech is freely available and is fully applied outside the church and has not been altered by Mr Miscavage with his ” golden ages” which was the biggest scam of all and done purely to try and get back the copyrights on the books that the Church had lost due to mismanagement.. Look at the website ‘www.new slant on fraud ‘ for the data on this subject.

    The church is losing their iron fist grip and they know it, that is why they are making sure nobody finds the truth, it would come crashing down like a house made of cards which is exactly what it is!

    If the field realized that the tech especially the OT levels are freely available at a tenth of the price, they would leave the church in droves so the disconnection policy is the only thing that is keeping people inside the bubble. OT 8 in the church is a hardly an LRH OT level……it was certainly not the great level that achieved a state of truth revealed, more like a hurried process to keep the OTs on the hook.

    So guys look don’t listen!

    • Ah well said Gaye. There are wins galore to be found outside the Church where Scientology has become fun once again. David

      • Excellent article, BIC. Many of the things you site have been done on me. It helped to see it more clearly when I read your article and cognited on what tactics were used on me. It’s despicable.

    • Yes. I have a good friend who speaks to me again, says it does without saying it to anyone but still being a bit withdrown from me. Actually maybe he has the Ok to do so, and collect information. What am I up to, am I dangerous ? I imagine that OSA want to know the risk. At one point, I said that I was not in the mood to attack the church, and I felt a sort of relief and VGI’s from my friend. Probably it is what he certainly said to the terminals of OSA when they ask him to contact me, and it makes him right. People who are spying might be on the position to have a desire to communicate with someone they were made to disconnect from, while giving data to OSA, just to protect the church.
      They consider us like being ill. Got the virus. And because ill went on the other side of the fence. So they like us as a being, but we have been had by the SPs. They secretly want us to fail, maybe to die, it would prove them right, about the terrible fate of those who betrayed the church. Their flow is a PTSness for us. They actually, I don’t know how, spread trouble in the independant field. Maybe am I paranoid ? As OSA guys… 30 yars of third party between scientologists. If someone wanted to destroy scientology, he almost succed.

      • Good response, FG.

        It may be quite helpful to realize just how perverse the thinking has become, for those who are still in, yet go about the business of collecting this info.

        How perverse? Well, how about bordering on, or ACTUAL insanity?

        There are a whole stack of complete definitions of “insanity” in the original Tech Dictionary for a full reference directly from the Ol’ man, so won’t repeat them here.

        IMHO, duplicating where someone is at, is necessary, in understanding their plight and can thereby as-is any charge present toward that person.

        Understanding (ARC), remains the most consistently reliable tool when dealing with and handling human aberration.

        Thus, FG, we prevail — while others have lost their ‘marbles’, still caught up in playing a ‘game’ they are ‘other-determined’ in.

        dfn: Aberration – from aberro (Latin) – go stray, deviate from a straight line.

        Thanks for your always sharp observations, bro! 🙂

    • That’s right Gaye! These are the manifestations of a group that is hiding something(s). These are the manifestations of a group that is dying.

      • What amazes me is the fact that everything is NOT hunky dory in the church, eg, service sucks, they either can’t give it to you because they don’t have auditors or an auditor trained in what you need, eg, FPRD, etc; and everyone is going down and around the grade chart. |The fundraiser is ludicrous. From personal experience, the service from individuals (staff) is non-existent. I was supposed to be scheduled for a specif action and was supposed to be contacted each time to set it up. Well, it NEVER happened. I had to make the contact and then there was a run around to find the relevant person and/or for the relevant person, once found, to have another run around to find out if the CS had CSed. This was the state of affairs EVERY time, not once off. And I’m talking Bob Petrie, here, who was wearing the hat, apart from ED, of scheduling for the HGC. The org was always empty when I was in it, I never saw another public and hardly any staff, so what was Bob Petrie doing that he couldn’t pick up the phone? It was appalling and I was appalled. The whole process just broke down and I was a paying pc! I just never went back. I’ve not gone back.

        Before I received Debbie Cook’s email, I’d already decided I was not going contribute a cent more to anything else other than my bridge. I’d contributed to Idle Orgs and the IAS but fortunately, it was contained. I looked at how one keeps spreading oneself thin, finding money for this, for that and one’s bridge progress was hampered.

        My point is that I left BEFORE I’d looked at any Internet information or anti-church blogs or read any books. That came later, in some instances, much later. I left because I was disenchanted and fed up. I’m not one to indulge in self abuse in any form.

        Now, I can’t be the only one who has experienced this type of thing. I don’t believe that. There must be others, even tens or dozens of other people who are having or have had similar experiences. BUT THEY’RE STILL IN. THEY ARE STILL THERE LISTENING TO THE BULLSHIT AND PAYING FOR MORE. I’m non-plussed.

        I know of someone who is regularly bullied by Albert de Beer and she just accepts it. She’s an OT on the OTC but she lets him intimidate her. Albert de Beer is chronically out-2D with both the public and staff. How come, those still-ins don’t know that? And if they do, they just accept it? And permit him to bully them? I would tell him where to get off. Why can’t they?

        Okay, this is a local level and can be explained away as, “Well, that’s Africa for you.” I’ve heard this.

        But, what about OT8s redoing the Purif? The EP of OT8 is Cause Over Life, isn’t it? Doesn’t that include the body? And study. Why are OT8s doing SRD – if they’re Cause Over Life? That was my first thought. Why, indeed? But those still-ins don’t seem to ask such questions.

        I’ve always felt compassion for the still-ins, tried to understand their complicity. But more and more, I’m losing patience.

        SURELY those still-in MUST see all this or have experienced what I’ve experienced, and/or have cognited that something is radically, seriously out?

        I listened to a full interview yesterday with Jason Beghe (I hope the spelling is correct) and, like me, he came to his own conclusions before looking at the Internet or reading books. He couldn’t add up what was happening with what should be happening, just by observation. He says that people DO know, “They know.” On a level, they know.

        I don’t know about anyone else on this blog, but I got fed up when I couldn’t get the services I wanted. There was no auditor at my case level or with the training on what I needed, a simple Class V org action. Also, there was no one to twin with me on a course essential to my moving up the bridge – for years!

        Joburg Org is supposed to be an Ideal Org! My goodness! They can’t service the public and lower bridge actions and haven’t been able to do so for years, decades, now! Hey? You mean, the still-ins haven’t noticed this?

    • Hi Gaye. Nice to be ‘back in comm’, hey?

      We’ve known one another for nigh on 40 years, and been on our respective roads seeking ‘truth/s’ for even longer.

      IMHO, by successfully having done The Bridge, you and Ernest have served as exemplary role models, as to how ‘causative-ness’ (OT) can live. 🙂

      My best friend, Allen Cook, who left the body 11 months back, would often refer to his mantra; Axiom ONE — “Life is basically a static.” — and add on his contribution: “You are an immortal, indestructible being.”

      To me, Allen also lived a really exemplary life too. Courageous, wise, straightforward, but always willing to lend a hand without expecting compensation. He would apply the auditing tech to anyone in need without hesitation. In a word, his life could be summarized thus: “Help”

      As a real life role model for TR’s, his other oft repeated advice to anyone in trouble, would be simply — “Just stop and begin to look around you.”

      I have been doing just that intensively, for the past 3 years, having the greatest gains ever.

      ARC, Calvin. 🙂

  2. I came close to being pulled back into the CoS, but wised up almost too late. I’ve tried to maintain comm lines with my old clubbed seal friends, but every comm cycle ends with “you must go into the org, see HCO and sort out your status with the org”. After a few of these I was actually convinced i could go in have a pleasant little chat and all would be happiness. However, another clubbed seal warned me against saying anything at all, and I began to look at this ‘reach and withdraw’ tactic. Finally it struck me – I really don’t want anything to do with CoS at all, and anyone who remains a clubbed seal is never going to be a true friend to me – hence as I said every comm cycle ends with an invitation to what?? Arrive for endless sec checks, impoverish myself (again) and relearn how to stop thinking for myself. There is no upside to speaking to the CoS.

    • I had a somewhat similar experience. A couple years ago, I told a friend of mine about some things I had read on the internet, including the data about DM’s violence. Her immediate response was to say, “I believe it.” She had a negative experience with DM one time and got a strong sense of his suppressive beingness.

      Eventually, that comm cycle with me came up in an ethics interview and my friend was told to get me into the org to see the Ethics Officer. My response was to say there there was no sense in my doing that because there was no way any EO was going to accept the viewpoint I have – which is stated in the Creed of the Church:

      “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

      Not long after I said that to her, she was given a verbal order to disconnect from me – apparently, these days not even a bogus Declare is needed. I had even told her that Scientology can be done outside the church, if it comes to that, but I soon learned that she is so well indoctrinated into the “prison of belief” that she was obviously afraid to take the chance.

      I think the eventual handling of the church will come about when enough church members refuse to toe the line, and then more and more of them will have the courage to do the same.

    • Yes. I made the mistake of going in to talk about it with the agreement that I wouldn’t be holding the cans. (I had enough psychological torment doing that.)
      Alas, after going in and talking for a bit, the MAA demanded I hold the cans. After a back and forth about that, I walked out. The rest is my hellish history of torment in my final months as a “scientologist in good standing.”

    • Excellent comment Dr. Mac. I also liked Racinginttheblood’s too above and others as well. Great comments.
      I had still a couple Klingons who said they were “out” but wanted to stay “low profile”. This kind of made sense to me except they were not very much in comm and this didn’t make sense to me. Most people really out, are OUT. They don’t have any ambivalence. Even if they are the “quiet type” they usually say anything they want and use their own name. Personally I don’t really trust people under the radar if they have been that way for a long time and they don’t post much. To me these people are suspect of being plants, informants, whatever you might want to call it. People still in cannot be trusted and those on the fence are questionable and I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt any more. I see them as being in a lower condition. As use this term relatively as I think the conditions have some workability if used sanely.

  3. Been experiencing a lot of what appears to be amends-related Tweets lately. The level of real-world ignorance most of these Twitter accounts demonstrates that the people are at least on the surface, still dedicated to Miscavige. It would take A LOT of cognitive dissonance for an UTR to post some of the stuff I’ve been reading.

  4. Here in California, my Chiro Holistic guy who I have used for 20 + years is getting comm eved because he is treating me and my wife and had us on his Facebook page. Crazy.

    • I think the number of departures and disconnections far exceeds the number of new members that buy into KSW, pay a lot of money and focus/dedicate their lives to going up the bridge, as I did for 40 years.

      With the existence of the internet it is impossible to get new, ignorant members…in fact most new people today can only be audited by an OT III auditor because they know what is on OT III before they walk in the door.

      Let’s see, how many OT III auditors are at missions and Orgs today? Ouch…. Well, Miscavige solved this problem by putting all the public on Objective Processes so no one has to talk to each other… how crazy can you get??? The entrance to the Bridge is blocked inside the squirrel cage Co$.

  5. The libelous behavior of people from the rcs is their greatest weakness. Most people have smart phones, record any contact you have with them. Make notes, get witnesses. Then take legal action against the staff member in particular, the church will be a harder take. Just fuck one over and the rest will quiet right down

    • Spot on, Pied. This is what keeps those one time ‘dreaded’ golden rods, being personally or publicly issued. The resulting unwanted public attention from the going ‘viral’, just develops into another huge arrow pointing directly at the CO$, and more specifically, the self-titled cob!

      Of course, with all the self defensive ‘mind-control’ efforts and resources now focused on holding onto ‘the whales’, that solitary life-boat (packed with loot) just HAS TO be preserved at all costs, otherwise the sinking Titanic (CO$), may swallow said life-boat in it’s wake. Drowning in a sea full of enemy sp’s out to get ‘him’, via the return of their own monies, is not allowed to happen!!
      — by order of THE (mealie)cob!!!!!!

  6. AWESOME post BIC. I love this blog.

    Yesterday, the Org had a new staff member call me to invite me to come to an event. I have been on the “dead filed” list for years.

    I was so excited that I could get in comm with an active member – it was really theta.

    By the time I was done, I am confident the staff member BLEW staff. I told them they did not have to pay the freeloader debt. They were relieved.

    While we were discussing WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY today, He/She said she/he was walking outside and they were listening to everything I said. One hour later – he/she got an earful. I told them about your blog and all the SP Declares in our Org and yours.

    If OSA had him/her call me to find out if I was defected and committing SUPPRESSIVE acts against Scientology (telling the truth about the fraud, deception, crimes etc) – they will lose their staff members. I am good – I use the tech to get people out. ARC and KRC works when applied with the TRUTH.

    Set the slaves free – talk to them – tell them some truths. They shatter their bubbles and eventually everyone will leave.

    • Very Well Done on getting that staff member out, Idle Morgue. Yes, if they are going to send staff members to attempt to handle and recover big, bad SP’s, you can in turn tell them some truths with ARC and KRC and we’ll see the outcome of which side wins that squirmish. You saved someone the day you told them your truth and they blew. Again, VWD. Maybe “Clearing the Planet” means clearing the SO out of the SO and into the fresh light of day without the suppression.

  7. The church is petrified. The tragedy is that most of the people still in think they are right and don’t realise the truth. Most the people who are doing call in still think they are saving the planet. That is the tradedy.

    • Yes, every time I start feeling nasty about the koolaiders, this truth flares up in my face. Sad, sad, sad.

      We need another “Debbie Cook” email. I believe it “turned” the majority of us, or at least started The Turn.

  8. I experienced something like you describe as OSA tactics: About 6 months ago I was contacted by someone I know well from the local org, he claimed to have read most of the internet stuff I had and wanted to talk to me as an “unbiased” party. I refused point blank to discuss scn with him for any reason. Afterwards I knew I had done the right thing, this guy is ex SO and given his background is exactly the person OSA would use to try and test the water with me. Something else that occurred to me is that he was clearly lying about having read everything I had, unless he is completely brain washed there is no way he would have read about scn and still be involved with them.

  9. Thank you very much for posting this. I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to talk about something I’ve wanted to for a long time.
    Chrissie Carnell did this to me. Now her names Chrissie Bixler. In 2010 out of simple curiosity I looked up Chrissie’s FaceBook page. I saw she’d posted photographs of me taken at a party while she knew me. This was around 2000 that the photos were taken. After this time period I had to stop being friends with Chrissie, even while we were scientologists, because she made out with Jason one night at my house after I’d gone to sleep. This was a betrayal I wasn’t gonna tolerate. She got him to go into the guest bedroom with her. The next day, even after Jason told me the truth about what happened and felt bad, Chrissie over the phone to me still lied through her teeth. Saying she did nothing. I didnt speak a word to Chrissie after this, except for a year later when she called me out of the blue pretending to seek my forgiveness. I thought it was about what happened that night. But no, she explained to me that she felt horrible for “setting Jason up with her best friend Beth and they getting married and madly in love.” It was low but I wouldnt give her the pleasure of hurting me.
    10 years later she’s on her FaceBook posting pictures of me like it was yesterday. I saw under the photographs how she wrote, laughing with her friends, that I would end up dead just like Anna Nicole Smith. Calling me a pill head and a worthless stripper. Her favorite word is twerker though. She thinks she’s a comedic genius for that one. Asking people if they had seen me because I was a missing person. She spent so much time on this it was unbelieveable and it was hard for me to imagine that a woman who made a living using her beauty and body as a model could be so God damned ugly.
    Then all of a sudden, she tries last year to speak to me on Twitter. I remember thinking what a bizarre coincidence, I had just had a conversation about Chrissie with my husband and hadn’t thought about her in years. And here she comes, all friendly like and once again completely out of the blue. She had no idea that I knew about what she’d done. At least I thought she didnt because who in their right mind could come at somebody as a “friend” with good intentions knowing how disgusting they behaved? Do normal people do that who have good intentions? Probably not. So I gave her a chance. (which I felt was very generous.) Since I felt really wronged by what Chrissie did and there was no way I could be friendly with her until I got an explanation or at least an apology, I confronted her. She of course quickly denied it, saying I was crazy and she’d been out of scientology for years. She said I was delusional and some other names I’m sure she thought might make her look tough. She even took up for the church, saying they never bothered her and she left quietly. Then tells me how she’s hanging out with Juliette Lewis everyday. I knew she was full of it. But did I expect her to act honorably? Not for a second. She’s a complete coward. She ended the comm by uttering some insinuation about how she feels sorry for my children. Something she’s knows nothing about is me or my children.
    Well, she need not waste her precious time on people she reviled as “worthless.” Chrissie is the product of scientology. She dehumanizes for entertainment. I’ve come to terms with this situation at least knowing that no matter what mistakes I’ve made in my life, I AM NOT NOR WILL I EVER BE ANYTHING LIKE HER. And thank God for that. I’d love for Chrissie to sue me. The discovery process alone would be worth everything to me.
    And from this lesson about trust Chrissie taught me, I should probably be grateful. It saves me from the trolls who think theyre getting away with it now.

    • Hi Carmen,
      Thanks for your story. Keep this girl right out of your life. If you can, get your upset and actions cleaned up by a good auditor [someone out side the church ] then get on and fun with your husband and kids. Chrissie is no product whatsoever. Stay strong David

  10. I know that this might sound a little “cliché” to some , but the best weapon against OSA is “Personal Integrity”. Before violating our own personal integrity there is no PTSness possible ; that is just no possible. The truth of the matter is that OSA has as much “power” over us as we let them ; plain and simple. They use the only button available to them to push people’s anchor points in : FEAR .

    Fear of consequences , fear of being found out , fear of losing a job , fear of disconnection. The mechanism of PTS/SP is at play here. For those of you whose certainty in the Tech is taken for granted , you know that there is only one possible way to go PTS to anybody or anything : through overts and withholds against the terminals that represent the area of difficulty. LRH describes this fully in his lecture 3 Jan 1960 , “Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments” from the “State of Man” congress lectures. Here are some quotes from it :

    “You know some zone of life – right this minute – you know some zone of life that apparently has the power to injure you. Let’s just think about it for a minute. Do you do you know of such a zone?”

    “Well, all right. The exact mechanic is that you committed overt acts against the terminals representing that zone that you now don’t know about; you’ve buried them. All you see is the menace. But the overt acts are there. On a reciprocal, that area can now do something harmful to you. And horribly enough, it becomes more harmful the less responsibility you take for it. You really want to get caved in, just back off totally from an area.”

    ” And when a man finds out he’s harmful to various zones of influence, he withdraws from them. If he finds that he can commit overt acts against areas that he really doesn’t want to commit, he’ll withdraw. He has to withdraw from those zones, that’s all.

    He’s protecting them against himself – from himself, you see? He’s protecting others and the other dynamics from his own influence.

    Well, now the second that he gets off his overts, he can reestablish his control and reassert his responsibility for those areas which he has previously deserted.”

    ” Zone of influence is terrifically important. You want to know why we have not influenced further than we have? You want to know how we could influence further than we do? Well, the answer is there, with that triangle of knowledge, control and responsibility. All we have to do to straighten it out is get off our overts against any area we wish to control, and we’ll control it again.”

    “By recovering a zone of influence, you will be able – very, very thoroughly – by recovering this zone of influence to take responsibility for that zone and to guide it right. And anything you’re protesting about going wrong, you have the power to make go right, providing you get your overts off against that zone.

    Well, this zone of responsibility and zone of influence is also, reversely, the zone of injury. When you’ve dropped responsibility – when you’ve dropped responsibility for a certain zone, it can hurt you.”

    ” But we are saying just this and I am telling you just this: True recovery of one’s beingness goes along with one’s realization that he has been the cause of any difficulty he has ever had. And that’s an awful tough bullet. That’s so tough that you probably won’t make it for hundreds of hours of auditing.” LRH

    I have a lot of reality with the above statements , and more so with all the soul-searching that I’ve been doing since quite a while ago. I already “knew” this data , only I really never got it to its full extend. Because let me tell you dear friends , it IS an all-encompassing datum.

    I know that this post won’t make me very popular here ; but I am only for effectiveness and not for admiration , praise , or anything else.

    If anyone feel persecuted , harassed , attacked ; better find out your condition on your 1st dynamic and handle the hell out of it. Cause it is YOUR condition. As I said at the beginning of the post , by only violating our Personal Integrity and self-respect can one possibly go PTS to anyone or anything. Why give OSA the pleasure?

    It is your choice ; you can control your own life and destiny . You can if you keep your personal integrity in , and keep as well your basic kind attitude towards your fellow beings. Do not surrender to hate and HE&R ; just don’t. Do not surrender to “Mutual Out-Rudness” ( see “Mutual Out-Ruds” in Tech Dic). When you assign others or anything the Cause of one’s difficulties , state of case or emotions ; one assign that entity power over your life. One becomes a puppet capable of being controlled by other-determinisms. Why do that to yourselves ?

    It is not about OSA ; It never is. It about flourishing and prospering and always keeping your eye on the goal ; the Theta goal which is never “stop attacks” or “let’s destroy our enemies”. It is about getting trained and processed ourselves , and being willing to let the dogs bark all they want. Do a favor to yourselves , and get trained and processed , and grant you the greatest gift of all : FREEDOM


      • Thanks for your kind words , dear FG.

        Yes , Grades are indeed something unique , and are in fact harmonics to OT. And they can be received at any point in the Bridge , if one never had them. They are “miracle workers”. And the best thing about them is that they are uniquely addressed to YOU , and not to an “entity”  :-))) For me, assigning “entities” any authorship was always sort of a wrong indication. It was never real , even thought I have met many of them head-on , and not just by “meter read” , you know ? , but in actuality. Many of them actually have sort of “fatal attraction” with me. :-))) That they cause problems for the person and gives you unwanted thoughts , attitudes , and reactions to life ? Of course they do. But they are not the “Basic” of any of those items. W/out our own related items , goals and false purposes , they have no power at all ; none.  That’s why I never had much affinity for NOTs. It just never indicated to me , and in fact , I sort of find the action of assigning any power to “them” , some kind of “Service Fac” ; a “reason” to explain away why one is failing , failed , or acted wrongly. To hell with that ; I want to deal with my own case. My own evil purps , my own out-Ruds , my own goals.

        So yes , do the Grades if you can. Forget about time as a factor , just do them no matter how many hours takes to finish each one to an honest 100% certainty , EP. And many things will just fall in its right place.

        Take care , my friend. Talk to you soon.

        ARC , Peter

    • State of man was always a lazer beam of truth for me. I sure did commit some heinous, horrendous and mighty harmfull acts on the time track!

      Reading the segments you posted Peter was great, I just loved it! I pulled a real gem recently on solo ruds that threatened to splinter the pin on dial!! The whole universe and its atoms practically missed it!! Yeah one goes the effect of life very easily if you didnt want to know what you did and thereafter refused to know about it! 😉 Spells BIG Trouble always!

      • I am glad you liked it , my dear friend.

        L-10 deals directly with that data on the State of Man , from various angles ; and look what they can do for others.

        I have a practice in life : when things are not going ok , or life seems just too much for me , too overwhelming ,you know ; I always look for what have I done in the area I am having trouble with , or the terminal(s) I am having trouble with. It always work. Right now I am testing a theory regarding that. If my hypothesis is true , I should have a new life real soon , better than L-11 itself. We’ll see how deep those LRH statements really dig. I’ll keep you posted.

        Take care , my friend.

        ARC ,

  11. Any sane group would either ignore people that have left their group or counter any stories with truth. The idea of slandering people who must be “criminal” for “attacking” $cientology is just so crazy it is really hard to think with. The only people who believe any of this are those still in the bubble and they will wake up eventually. (at least some of them) I am so happy to be out of that nut house.

  12. My local org has sent some people in on me that act like they are “under the radar” but actually they are informants. One is the son of some dedicated bots who used to work in HCO and thinks he’s slick. The fat lady who runs OSA in Seattle also thinks she is slick but she is as dumb as a bag of rocks. If she wasn’t in a cult she would be, do and have nothing. Not that what she has now is all that great.

  13. Very aware of the investigation in the field right now!
    Does OSA really think it does not come back to us!

    Most guys under the radar report who has visited them
    and when!

    The Trolls such an amazing label as they really are dark.
    Evil creatures – try to scare you with Force if you do not
    attend events and part with your money.

    I even had some one tell me he was told by his mother to
    attend some events to keep everyone happy so it looked as
    if they were not disaffected and play poverty – this way the
    mother would not have to confront her son was disaffected
    and be answerable to OSA!

    Gaye is so right Look don’t Listen the tech is out there and
    so are your true friends.

  14. Current Scientology especially in Joburg is full of very stupid people who think they are very slick. The saddest bunch are the ‘kids’! Some of this small group are now pushing 30 and have nothing to show for their life in the Church but a series of arranged romances with each others brothers and sisters, some have no recognized education and no one to employ them or feed them but their Scientology families. Now how can immature, inbred losers like this persuade anyone that Scientology is the key to success and power?

  15. I have found the definition of delusion. I was having coffee at gym with two other scios. The one was raving about how great scn was post-GAT2, the wins were beyond belief and even “that movie” had apparently bombed out “and was already off the circuit”, he said. I asked him what proof he had of all this, and he said, ‘Just lookkee here – here’s three scientologists in this space alone. We’re a majority – we’re taking over!’
    Poor deluded fool. Of those three, two are UTR. The only reason we couldn’t tell him to go F himself is he and the rest of his gang would use the criminal tool of disconnection against us (and we both have scio families). He also doesn’t know but the others at this gym he enthusiastically greets as fellows are also UTR and taking responsibility for their dynamics by not announcing they’ve stepped off the bus. In my suburb, every single scio bar one is UTR or disconnected. And that one person KNOWS – she’d just too connected and committed to take the plunge.
    Truely, if HCO knew just how many of ‘their field’ were under the radar, they’d shit a brick and volunteer for the RPF.

    • The CO$ goes to great length to find out who is and who is no longer on board with their ‘Kim Ung’ program. Why should we help them with that? It’s the UTRs that keep them paranoid looking for boogeymen in every crevice. They even have their parishioners strike up convos with people not currently on-line to find out if they’ve joined the dark side of the force. Keep them guessing, don’t make it easy for them.

  16. I hate to tell everyone this,but the worst and most dangerous O.S.A.plants are more covert than you know. I have been set back in a very bad way by five of them posing as “victims”. They “were homeless”, needed money, “caved in by the Church”, came with hat in hand pretending to be desperate and took me for one big ride.

    This is an art that OSA has perfected. Finding your weak spot and prodding it to take you down.

    I finally set up a nanny camera to bust EVERYONE. And that is how I got them off my back.

    They are like cock roaches. Once you turn the light on them they run for cover and hide. Just repelling entities. You have to ask yourself, who or what kind of entity lives like a snake in the grass?

    I honestly think OSA scours P.C.folders for rock slammers and criminals and recruits these people.

  17. The “Church” are trying to use control and intimidation to control the flock. These actions are designed to make everyone keep their opinions to themselves.

    If everyone in an event or fundraiser just sits there thinking this is not right, but will not open their mouths, then maybe everyone else in the room is doing the same thing. Maybe everyone thinks this is wrong, but also thinks that they are the only one who thinks so.

    If no one speaks up about things that almost everyone else also thinks about, then the people who run the Orgs can pretend all is fine and that everyone is with the program.

    Here is an excellent explanation of this phenomena:

  18. In the posted article “the HBO documentary Beyond Belief” is mentioned. Is this correct? Or did the author mean to write “the HBO documentary Going Clear”?

    I ask because if there is a documentary called Beyond Belief I have not yet seen it and I want to look for it.

  19. As much as I feel for people under the radar. I feel that they can be legit or that they can be informants or worse. The truth is that they are still connected to the cult in some way and are still being manipulated in some way by the cult, otherwise they would be free. It is okay to help them if you want. I was helping one and then I found out he was an informant or at least being used by OSA. I don’t like being spied on and I don’t like people pretending to be my friend when they are slimy scum suckers. Therefore for me, I will not consider any person who is under the radar as a friend because they are not reliable until they make the full break.

    • Well that’s a very uncompromising attitude. Most of the people I know are UTR, yet I trust them as they trust me. I’m talking of face to face relationships and not this form of anonymous dialogue over the web. I have often considered making some bold public statement, but then think: it’s not just my life I’m messing with but I’m splitting my family. I would certainly have to answer to other people (who themselves don’t care one way or another about the CoS) for my decision.
      Most importantly, I’m looking to walk away from scn. The longer I’m out the less I feel inclined to do any services even in the Indie field. So I don’t need to strike any blow (as per a liability formula). As to why I’m still here, reading and posting – it’s a macabre interest in something that occupied many years of my life. I don’t have the anger and betrayal of many ex-SO members. I’m quite happy with the wins I had – I just don’t think the upper levels are worth the price and I’d like to be able to think for myself from here on out. I THINK like a scientologist just like I always did.

      • Hi Dr.
        It is uncompromising. I found that I don’t like being stuck with little maybes. Or little nagging doubts. I still think like a Scientologist too. I don’t see how you can’t after being in for 30 + years. I still talk to people under the radar. All I am saying is that they cannot be fully trusted until they come all the way out. This is not an absolute there are shades of grey. Some can be trusted more than others. I have a person who does a lot of talking but shows other indicators that I won’t go into here that are very odd. Knowing how covert the cult is (and I know this quite well) I feel that people still UTR just can’t be fully trusted until they have come fully into the light. A post further down says that I am making them wrong. Not at all. I am not saying they are bad, just that they cannot be fully trusted until they come out into the light. I know many ex Sea Org members who came out at extreme hardship and spoke against the abuses and it cost them plenty. It’s easy to want to play it safe. There are varying degrees of heroism in this game. It’s not a make wrong to say that I don’t fully trust someone who is on my lines that is in hiding. They may be gathering info for the cult for different reasons. Each person can make their own call. I knew one guy who was very out spoken and then the cult blackmailed him with his family members disconnecting and then he turned on all the people he was in communication with. He flipped back into the cult and did amends. It has happened.

      • Tony: All I am saying is that they cannot be fully trusted until they come all the way out.

        Far from foolproof.

        Been quite a few under OSA marching orders “coming out” nattering and whining sprinkled with plenty of heart-sobbing tears quickly getting the trust of those “under the radar” to flush them out, not something you might notice because you are already in the open and thus not likely a target for further investigation along that line. They even pose as ex-Scientologists who had been out for decades who have nothing to do with the CO$ or FZ. I’m a UTR, and I’ve had lots of CO$ bait tossed my way. Mind you, I met you previously in Seattle for a local neighborhood gathering tagging along with Roy Selby and Ervin Scott back in 2011. I also, like many others, have good and sensible reasons to remain out of the headlights, but then that’s not for everybody … I realize that. But then I’m looking to get anyone’s trust either.

      • @Foremost,
        Good points. People that come out can go back in as well and the cult can use many ploys. All I am saying is that if a person comes out into the open they to me have more credibility. If they blow it from there then they are outed permanently as a traitor. Anyone UTR should only trust people that have established themselves as trustworthy . A person that comes out and makes public statements against dm and his cult is VERY unlikely to be a cult bot.

      • Tony: A person that comes out and makes public statements against dm and his cult is VERY unlikely to be a cult bot.

        True. That can be queried, although some people are completely attention-fixed on DM whereas others have moved on, and in my case nothing about the CO$ is of any interest to me whatsoever since I’m very happy getting auditing out here. I have no fish to fry with them, all done with them, and if something gets me upset it’s the people being starved by the Ethiopian Gov’t and other serious and heinous crimes. Cults are of no interest to me, no matter which one(s). So much bad out there, where do you start?

        Tony:By the way Foremost, can you name any of these people that “came out” and then betrayed others? You said there were several?

        I’d have to go back on my mails. They were persons I had never heard of but stated they were so and so as per my post above. I don’t know if they succeeded, since I have no idea who else they had contacted or betrayed. A number of them made some offbeat inquiries (which I don’t care to get into and one of the reasons I’m UTR) which aroused my suspicions and I just never responded back to them. They were investigatory in nature in respect to a general overall scene within the Scientology technical delivery movement out here. There are all sorts of games they can run off on Indie auditors scheduling appointments and then not show up, etc. generating DEV-T.

        I’ve usually found the CO$ bots give themselves away after a while if you talk to them long enough.

    • Well said, Tony! For you, me and anyone else who has come out with the attitude –” to hell with the consequences!” — there is the first step in taking responsibility for one’s freedom!!!!! That simply ISN’T up to anyone else!

      I am NOT one to be intimidated by cowards, who attack me from behind a nom de plume. For God’s sake — there are genuine life threatening dangers out there, (I’ve had my fair share of those too!) But to be paranoid from the likes of OSA, just turns on my predator juices, that’s all they accomplish with me. LOL!

      Tony, I know we share the same sentiment these days. The reality is that life is short too! So why would one waste it dealing with DMonic automatons, who have handed over their self-determinism to a slave master ??

      As a mental activity… can it get any dumber than that ???

      Hardly, me thinks!

      IMHO life is FAR more enjoyable up-scale from the 1.1 zone!!

      — Calvin. 🙂

    • With all due respect Tonny, that’s too much of a generalization, and in fact, a sort of “make wrong”. The amount of scientologists UTR surpasses by a long ways those who have publicly departed. That’s a fact very easy to prove. Many still have family members as still-ins, either as public or as staff members, and they don’t want to just have to disconnect from them. They (the UTRs) rather do services in the Filed while they gradiently get their Scientologists family (or friends) to come up to confronting truth. Then, they can be together.

      To even think that there is something wrong with that, is to think like RTC members, and in fact, a violation of Human Rights of some sort. There are also those (like me) with Intelligence strategies that requieres anonymity to correctly bring about effective cause.

      Friendship is not determined by affiliations or lack thereof ; they are determined by factors like loyalty, honesty, mutual help, forgiveness , ability to grant beingness, tolerance, patience, and a lot more of those nice life’s qualities. And being an “Under the radar” or not should have no bearing on that.

      By the way, I have nobody as a “still-in” but living 2 lives, have great Intelligence benefits which only someone really trained on Intelligence Actions could be able to understand. I’ll certainly take advantage of it while it last , as I can become (HAVE become) a relay point to the Field of what’s really going on inside.

      Many UTRs are PTS, and needs help, not criticism and exclusion. That’s our hat as Scientologists ; one I proudly wear. Let’s not swtich valences here, and become another RTC of the Field. My previous post on this thread adequately explain the mechanics of all this. Some will duplicate it ; others won’t ; it’ll be over their heads, unfortunately.

      As I said before ; it is not about OSA, DM, the cat, the balloon, the dog and the wives ; it is about our Personal Integrity ; that’s all this amount to. The WHY is never God ; it never is. It is THAT item over which you have a total control over from your current position and authority level. Thus any real WHY always lies within ourselves. This mess is a matter of Personal Integrity, self-esteem, self-respect, and the willingness to be your own authority about anything in life. There will always be others DMs of life ; there will always be another cult raising. Get rid of one, and another will take his/its place. Thus going after OSA, DM or his minions is never a lasting and workable solution.

      Increase the Observation capacity of a being , handle his Integrity to himself, make him recover his belief in himself and his self-respect, get him to trust his own observations and evaluations about things ; and you would have handled all this mess and confusion for good. It would be a permanent solution ; cause the real WHY lies in what I just mentioned above. Those things one can control and do something about.

      Concentrate on goals ans purposes instead of barriers. Concentrare on getting trained and going up the Bridge instead of fighting the enemy. The enemy is Ignorance, non-understanding, and unkindness towards our fellows. The solution to all this dilema has always been within our reach, if only we care to reach for it.

      Forget about OSA, forget about the CofS and DM. Those terminals are not important at all. They are as important or as “powerful” as we ourselves makes them. The game of “attack the attackers” is just a silly game that only leads down scale. It foster the “Overt-Motivator Sequence” , something that just put an end to all games.

      Let’s enjoy what we have ; let’s make something out of nothing, instead of attempting to make nothing out of something. Your choice, my friends.

      ARC, PETER

      • Peter all very well said, indeed! However, at the same time, I feel pressed to give a blunt reminder here … that probably the MOST important attribute to have, (yet most shied away from) in dealing with the totality of ‘the silly game’ you mention, is FEARLESSNESS!.

        It’s paralyzing opposite, FEAR, can be overcome through TR-O, applied to the end of increasing one’s confront of fear! (on a gradient, if necessary!)

        Having to operate on the tone level of fear (1.0), just shuts down (suppresses) one’s body functions and endocrine systems, to a point where they can become chronic (the organism becomes inhibited in it’s survival efforts) and one’s thinking would reflect that ( “let’s not rock the boat..”)

        All well covered in The Ol’ mans SOS.

        Living at 2.0 and above, after all, — IS survival!

        After all, the inherent coldness of Earth is only warmed by the mighty Sun above, not so?? Let us live in the sunshine, bro. Bold & Unafraid to do so!

        Cheers, ARC, Calvin. 🙂

      • :-)))

        Not at all, my friend ; sorry for the misspelling. I am still battling with my English as my 2nd language. We can certainly disagree ; that’s healthy unlike in the CofS. All I was saying is that your comments just seems too general and all-encompassing , and it certainly acts as a “make wrong” and evaluation for many , regardless of your good intentions about it.

        I’ll answer dear Calvin during the day, and will expand on my views about it on my reply to him. My biggest asset is my courage level. I live by this motto : “Even though I walk through the shallows of the valley of Death , I shall fear no evil, cause I am the strongest son of a bitch on this whole fucking planet”.

        The ones who personally know me can attest to that. My many fallen enemies can as well. But life is not a “white or black” proposition dear Tony, as your comments suggest. There are many shades, each one of them with its unique survival value. As I said, I’ll explain this further when I reply to Calvin later on. Stay tuned.

        ARC, PETER

      • I’m not saying they can’t do whatever strategy they want. I’m just saying that I don’t totally trust anyone who is not fully out. They can be someone I talk to. That’s just me. Results may vary. Don’t try this at home.

      • Thanks Antonny ; I totally got your point. However, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that point. But I can respect your views on that. Take care.

        ARC, PETER

      • Sorry for the misspelling of your name , Tony ; that post was before I had read your comment about it. Take care.

        ARC, PETER

      • Peter,
        You seem to want to misduplicate me. I stated in my above comment that it’s not a black and white matter.

      • Oh no Tony , I duplicated you just right the first time ; you said what you said , even if you “corrected” it later on , and tried to “tone it down”. I have no duplications problems at all ; never had any. ARC ,Peter

    • I will not consider any person who is under the radar as a friend because they are not reliable until they make the full break.

      I’m with you, Tony.

      Like many ex-churchies, I’ve got family members in the church. I stood to lose them to disconnection when I resigned, but I chose to do what I thought was the most honest path, and came out publicly when I left.

      Predictably, every one of my Scientologist family members shut off comm with me, and so did a fair number of dear friends, but I can bear the pain of those disconnections much easier than the pain of having compromised my reality and my Code of Honor by skulking away in the dead of night, or hiding in plain sight by pretending that I’m still ‘with the program’, when I’m not.

      I needed to stand up and speak the truth before God and everyone, if I was going to have any hope of living with myself and my decision.

      From the very beginning, it’s been my consideration that, if every single Scientologist would simply get their personal integrity hat on, the tide against the criminal regime within the church would have turned a long time ago. If every UTR and silent disaffected, spoke out with their real names tomorrow, the charade would end immediately. The sheer weight of disagreement and indictment would blow the cult apart in an instant.

      • Keerect, Ronnie!

        It’s been said many times over, in similar script. All based on the Code of Honor. IMHO, that uncompromising tone, ‘fear’ alone, keeps ’em cemented in their tracks!

        It figures out that there is just tooooo much “Aaaaaggghhh no!! Loss of eternity? “– Nooooo!!! — I could never, ever let that happen!”

        Just stuck in the mud. Horrible, mate! 🙂

        Using their eyeballs for their intended purpose — therein lays their only TRUE salvation!!!!

        Cheers, Calvin.

      • This reply is for Calvin (Racingintheblood39). I couldn’t find the reply button under his post

        Greetings dear Calvin ; and thanks for the comm. I got your points , thank you.

        I can understand the need to confront our situations with the CofS , and that courage is an essential element to all of this. W/out courage nothing gets accomplished ; I am quite aware of that. Having said that , confront is an acquired ability usually obtained in gradients. Beings have different degrees of confronting according to case , training level , and theta endowment. Not two beings are alike ; the beauty of life itself , its variety and multiple viewpoints.

        All of us , “Indies” , have our specific track with the Church , and our own individual “familial situation” regarding it. Some have many family members in, some have just a few or one, some have none. Some are currently working for Scientologists who own different businesses, and have no other means of support. So the risk assessment is unique for each one of us, as regards to going “publicly independent”.

        Pretending to force the “Under the Radar(s)” (UTRs) , to just show courage and come forward , is not just an unkind act but an enforced ARC as well , and a violation of various Human Rights. To illustrate by example , I had my own particular reason some time ago. I’ve been a scientologist since the ’80s this life-time , and have an unique past-track with Scn totally unsuspected by most of my own close friends , and even by my formers 2Ds before I went into “priesthood”. That past-track is my greatest weapon.

        I have a kid as a result of the last 2D relationship I had. The mother is a Scientologist. I had been off-lines since aprox 12 years ago when I became aware that inside a Scn Org I wouldn’t be able to learn real Scientology, and would not be able to really help others due to this misguided effort on Stats ; what actually sent Scn down the chute.

        I had totally forgotten about the CofS , but attended to Int events occasionally. So I wasn’t exactly aware of all the changes brought about by DM. I already knew about the Field , but not in detail. I had heard many stories about DM’s beatings of others , about this and that ; none of which I truly and fully believed. I am a skeptic by nature as most scientists are , so for me it is always, “show me the evidence, so that I can take a look by myself”.

        I read most blogs , but never participated in them. I learned all about the key players in the Field , and read all their writings and articles. Then I isolated a list of out-points from all articles that I had read. The hard facts from the mere opinions were separated, and to that I applied the Data Series. I then started participating in various blogs mostly to find out how the Indies felt about different subjects ; what were their exact views on Scn, LRH, and the Tech. The blogs became my “testing ground” , and my source of survey buttons.

        While all that happened , I was still un-decisive about the CofS and DM. Many of the utterances about that were mostly natter and “fault-finding” approaches only indicative of at least a few Missed Withholds. Other of those utterances seemed honest and factual , presented in a impartial , unbiased way, like those contained in the “Friends Of LRH” website ; the site that finally blew away the false data that had me hung up at Doubt.

        The point is, that it took what it took for me to finally “cross the fence”. I finally considered me an “Independent” , truly and completely. The final push, was delivered by a dear friend of mine , with his great wisdom and capacity to grant beingness as only he could do. It took me a whole year with an intense research , a lot of soul-searching , the handling of the big loss of all my stable data , and the cold application of the Data Series to all the mess. W/out pretending to sound presumptuous here , a year for me (the way I research things) means 5 for another, easily.

        Once I was no longer in Doubt , I began to gradiently start to opening the eyes of my kid’s mother regarding the debacle at the CofS. I used VERY light touch, and a sort of “reach & withdraw” approach , never giving her more that she could handle ; using the Tech of Scn Zero , cause this IS a Scn Zero problem. She usually got easily overwhelmed by all this. You have a terminal that you considers that is the mirror-image of LRH – COB – and a highly trained super “OT” , whose hat as a Scn Leader, was directly turned over by LRH himself (so many of us thought that way). This being allegedly fought many battles against mighty “SPs” to “save” Scn , like the war against IRS where Scn sold its soul to the USA government. And then somebody comes along and tell you that such a “Leader” is just a criminal who lives like a king (while others barely live) , and beat his juniors ? Not only that , you are told that the Scn Tech has been altered by this “Leader” in many insidious ways.

        How exactly is one supposed to react to those statements ? If one were to immediately believe in all that , our life would be totally upside-down , and into a state of utter confusion. The mind attempts to protect itself against too much plus-randomity. A mind function better by gradient approaches to Truth. By gradients approaches to confront a subject. So that’s what I did with my ex-2D. I patiently waited for quite some time till she was finally ready to listen. Then I began to slowly pour data to her , just enough that she could easily confront. Then I did a Standard PTS handling as only I could give , modesty apart , and end of story ; she is an Independent.

        So when I hear “UTRs can’t be trusted” , or “they are not reliable friends until they are fully out” , I just laugh at those comments ; so much unreality. In my case , I never had to lose a kid and a good friend. I played my cards well.

        I hear all this stories of High-profile ex-SOs who publicly spoken against the CofS and their life became a hell. Come on , I know most of them. I know their stories quite well. They just didn’t do it as soon as they became aware ; most of them endured it for years or decades in some cases. They went through the RPF (most of them) for years! for Christ Sakes. Me, I stayed in the SO a VERY short while until an asshole high-profile CMO officer shouted at a lowly SO like me. I almost moped the floor with his body. I showed him that nobody fucks with me. I was heavily scolded in front of others by my senior. I told him that I would gladly do it all over again. When everybody had gone , he told me “he is an asshole, he totally deserved, but be careful with those CMO guys”. I asked to route out in the next few days. Routed out properly, and end of story.

        See, I was never nobody’s slave ; I just never put off with nobody’s shit. I’ll break the neck of whoever asshole comes to shout at me and attempt to suppress me. His head will roll through the floor. So these ex-So stories doesn’t impress me at all. Not a bit. I wouldn’t have never accepted any humiliation like the RPF from no asshole at all. Not me.

        If one has kids that are part of the CofS , one has a responsibility to them. To hell with this “Integrity” thing , that “honor before family” , that’s just plain stupid. For me my kids come BEFORE anything in life. Family and their welfare is always first priority to me. This “martyr-type” of statements like , “I stood up to my code of honor , and risked disconnection to my kids” , is not bravery at all from my perspective , but just the easy route out. I love my kid just too much , I would never , ever abandon her. Fuck my honor it that means turning my back on her. Fuck my honor if that means leaving my family there to rot , w/out any means to comm with them and de-PTS them. How exactly is one supposed to de-PTS them and get them to cause , by fucking mental telepathy ? By waiting 10-20 years until the Cof F crumbles ?

        I am really sorry if this comes as an evaluation to many posters here , but that’s not bravery at all ; that’s just cowardice and thinking only in yourselves. I have endured a lot of shit from others in life just enough to get my family to safety. I don’t care about being harasses , humiliated , or attacked if that means being close enough to my family to rescue them. THAT is being really honorable. The other way around is just playing safe. To have the ball to endure while you work out your strategy to get them out , that’s being smart and the greatest good. I am not into admiring reactive bravery. A scientologist by definition is someone who is not a victim. So don’t be a victim and endure , strategize , and act intelligently.

        What about the UTR that has a job in a Scientology-owned business upon which his family depend on to eat. What the hell does he do ? Does he goes to his Scientologist boss and tells him, “Hey Joe, I just want to inform you, that I just became an Independent, but my ‘honor’ comes first that my job in case you decide to disconnect from me”. Oh please, that’s all bullshit. What about his fucking family that he has to support ? Are they going to eat damn rocks ? They are not edible , you know. They would have to be smart in handling that situation. They would have to correctly apply Danger to that, you know ; be clever about it , not stupid about it.

        What the UTRs need is a guiding hand and help, not criticism and , exclusion or suspicion. They need a Standard PTS handling by a competent terminal who works for THEM, not towards handling his own case. If they decide to go back to the CofS as part of the handling so be it. What are we now , fucking authoritarian pastoral “counselors” ? The other side of a cult ? To hell with that. I will help any UTR to handle his unique sit with all the tools I have, which are quite a lot , and I only expect of them to be true to THEMSELVES , not to me. As long as they are being true to themselves, I am totally happy and Ok with it, regardless of their decision. Be it , becoming an Independent, a member of the CofS, an ex-scientologist , a Christian or whatever.

        So UTRs out there, take whatever time you need to come to a clean decision ; do things in a wise way always giving each of your dynamics an optimum solution ; and seek the help of competent scientologist trained in the SP/PTS Tech and Ethics Tech as well. I am here should you need me. And you don’t have to be loyal to me ; only to yourselves , cause it is YOU who would have to live with the decision you make.

        ARC ,

        Dear Calvin, all my bad-mouth utterances weren’t directed at you, my friend ; I know you are a VERY cool guy. They were directed at whoever they apply to , which seems quite a few people here. I can respect different viewpoints about things ; I always do ; but don’t ask me to admire giving up on your family to keep your “honor” intact. That goes against who I am. Enough said.

      • Ronnie and Calvin,

        I would agree that it’s “all based on the Code of Honor” (quoting Calvin). And for that very reason, I’d have to say that each person needs to be true to their “own reality”, as per the Code. Plus, of course, there is the fundamental ethics principle that ethics is a personal thing – i.e. there is no absolute.

        Some people stay UTR for reasons that do lack personal integrity, as you’ve basically indicated. But for others, I would say the reasons are entirely ethical in that they consider it would do more harm than good across the dynamics. And the decision of whom to communicate with is also a Code point.

        My 2 cents.

      • Wow, Marildi ; you just said in just a few sentences what it took me almost a whole article to articulate !

        You really have the gift of communication, dear.

        Well said ; I was beginning to get tired of all this “macho bravery” , and “my ‘honor’ before the survival of my dynamics” shit. Sorry my manners , dear ; I just don’t have your level of patience for fixed ideas.

        Take care.

        ARC, PETER

      • Thanks for the nice ack, Peter. We mostly agree, you and I, but I myself would not characterize any of the viewpoints on this thread as “macho bravery.” That might very well be the correct evaluation according to many people’s Code of Honor – but for others, it wouldn’t. For some people, it might actually be the greatest good to apply the Code point of “Be true to your own goals” by not remaining UTR – as they would be miserable living a life which from their viewpoint would be a lie. And, as you know, if the first dynamic (or any dynamic) is in a lower condition, the other dynamics will be brought down too. Thus, in the end, they would not be doing any good to their families and friends. On the other hand, no one should invalidate your decision either.

        Per my understanding, this is the whole essence of why Ron says the Code can’t be enforced. The different points on the Code can appear to conflict with each other, and therefore it requires each individual to decide which point is immediately relevant to THEIR dynamics – which in the end will actually get in all the other points (such as “Never desert…”) and will accomplish the greatest good.

        Another 2 cents worth for you. 🙂


      • Hi guys n gals! The endless debate of are you out(but really in) or in(but really out) has warmed up again I see! It is a spy vs spy “mad comic” strip rendition at times, neither side knows who they really are until they decide. Too many play a double crossing game that backfires! Wearing a rugby kit with half colours of each opposing side may get you pummelled from all directions! Yet still many play this way! Odd. The game holds much interest evidently.

        What if we just got on with a good game without interference,sabotage and malice? Would it still be good enough to hold everyones attention I have to ponder?

      • Ronnie and Marildi. You’re totally accurate with what you have highlighted re our UTR kinsfolk, of course!

        It occurred to me that there are also other elements at work here too.
        Especially affecting the long suffering CO$ adherents ($heeple!)

        a) Value systems.
        b) Admiration.

        Any adroit manipulator of minds, is certainly capable of tinkering with one, or the other, or both — to achieve a so called ‘reality adjustment’. In the case of the self-titled ‘cob’, — make that a ‘SEVERE reality adjustment’!!

        So we have to appreciate that the perceived ’cause’ terminal, delivers this (subjugation) effect– upon the unwitting / unquestioning / re-adjusted minds
        of the hapless UTR’s./ $heeple.

        The WHY is simply not recognized, since it consists entirely of a WHO!
        — A WHO who has instilled the above ( a & b) implants, while posing as the SOURCE ‘successor’

        All surreptitiously superglued in place with that hypnotic drug –‘FEAR’

        The good news, of course, is that it is all simply, only illusion, held in place with a shadow emotion — fear. Fear, like anything else, CAN be confronted, and eliminated. More on that to follow.
        (Incidentally, Theta Clear (Peter) has indicated that he is to make a submission on his take of handling ‘fear’ — look forward to that!)


      • Peter! Okay, okay, okay. you win that round , bro’! With a KO! 🙂

        You certainly are a master strategist yourself, dear soul. I found myself totally absorbed in your gentle, measured approach, to a decades old problem, that has drained the attention of sooooo many, for sooo long.

        — How to get people to LOOK?

        Your eloquent post will certainly appeal to the more ‘sensitive’ UTR’s, out there. The gradient approach IS simply mandatory, where one is dealing with a ton of bpc, where every offer of ‘help’ to get one out of the fearful quagmire of confusion, is viewed with paranoid suspicion.

        On the other hand, what when one is dealing with posters who simply lack the patience to pursue the painstaking approach you are advocating?

        Are they wrong, for being blunt and honest about their direct decision, as ‘insensitive’ as that appears to be?

        To be frank with you Peter, I believe the ‘best solution’ , can only be the one that ‘fits’ the situation.at hand. No one size fits all.

        If you don’t mind me saying so, you appear to operate much as the ‘bespoke tailor’, who strives (painstakingly) to make a suit that fits your client perfectly every time! 🙂

        Courage, Peter? Well that’s another topic too, with extensive aspects to it. The acquiring of courage though (surprisingly) still takes courage! LOL!

        One can, for example, stare at that ice cold water in the swimming pool, for ages, — procrastinating, deliberating, rationalizing, justifying excuses, etc, in order to AVOID diving in!! Or if as you pointed out, you were already possessed of, or learned the necessary courage, (through discipline), —– why, you just dive in!!!

        IMHO, there’s a little secret to this oh-so-slippery critter called ‘courage’, though, Peter….. Only it certainly ISN’T a secret at all!!
        —– It’s already very well known to most scientologists!

        — One’s NECESSITY LEVEL ! That bypass switch which let’s ANYONE dive into that ice cold water!!! Ironically, it’s that self same switch, which propels people to dive out of a burning building, regardless of how high, (remember 9/11?) rather than being roasted alive!!!

        So if there is one element which may turn out to be the switch in this horrible mind control exercise perpetrated by ‘the controller’, n/level may be it.

        There is another, too, which I intend to introduce in an upcoming article.

        I’m guessing this topic will serialize for considerable blog time in the foreseeable future, mon ami??

        Cheers, Calvin. 🙂

      • Thanks for your kind words, dear Calvin. As always, you are a master at communicating your views!

        I can’t really disagree with any of your points ; they all contain truth.

        And you are right ; no one size fit them all. My “sacrifice level” for others has always been a lot higher than the average. A friend of mine considers it a weakness in my character ; but I can’t see it that way. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I just never believes that something harmful can really be done to me. I could never run Flow 1 (something happening to self) ; it always made me feel funny, you know? I can’t never run ARCxs with others properly ; the session gets easly stuck , as for me running an ARCx with another is just an admission of being the Effect of another, something which is never a basic Truth at all.

        I am never worry about what others “do” to me ; I just never am. Thus my viewpoint in all this UTR stuff is apparently quite different than most here. I am perfectly ok with it as long as the discussion doesn’t degenerate into invalidating and evaluating the UTRs ; cause I am ready to defend them against any terminal here.

        I don’t want another situation arising here in the field like the many that have been happening for decades : “He is a Squirrel” , “He is just a bitter ex-scientologist” , “he is a hater” , he might be an OSA spy” , etc, etc, etc.

        I don’t want a new item in the Field such as, “UTRs are lepers not to be ever approached” . Or, “Be careful with him/her, he/she is an UTR”. Or , “He/She is not loyal enough cause he/she still has connections with the Church”. I don’t want any of that bullshit occuring out-here. And with all due respect to Tony, that’s exactly what his original comments appear to me : a shunning, an exclusion. And I just won’t have that ; I won’t. And I’ll be very attentive about how this subject develops.

        As long as basic Human Rights are not violated , I am perfectly fine with any and all viewpoints. That’s exactly where I stand in all of this. I am not much into Rinder’s blog style even though I hold a very high respect for him. I hope this clarify for anybody.

        Always a pleasure exchanging comms with smart individuals like you, dear Calvin. Take care, amigo.

        ARC, PETER

      • This reply is intended for Marildi. I couldn’t find a reply button under her reply to me.

        Hi Marildi,

        I got all your points , thank you. Can’t disagree with any of them. As always, your wisdom is evident. Take care, dear.

        ARC, Peter

      • Hi Peter,

        Thanks for the duplication. 🙂

        You take care too!


        p.s. Btw, if you want to reply to someone’s comment that has no reply button, you can do so by using the reply button at the bottom of the email notification of their comment. When you click on that, it will take you to the bottom of the thread, but after you push the “Send” button your post will show up in the right place.

  20. Dr mac,

    Ive always liked these rights that were given to us thetans long ago and then snatched away. I humbly offer them up to you once again for your thoughtfull consideration:

    1. The right to your own sanity.
    2. The right to leave a game.
    3. The right to make or choose or not make or not choose your own game to play.

    If you can, avoid others who make you violate the above soul rights. Or more importantly now that you are aware of these items, keep them close to your heart. Have fun!

  21. I’ve known Tony DePhillips since the early 80’s.

    I too was under the radar from 2009-12 until my wife and I ultimately got expelled. I get his point of view regarding under the radar people. I understand those who still have family particularly still in the Sea Org. They really have no choice. My policy I will communicate to them but if they start asking me questions I am playing dumb. It is a hard difficult decision to come out and I respect that, I don’t believe that you should force this idea on one, but don’t expect trust from one on the other side.

    On the flip side, I have made the choice of not being publicly vocal media wise because of my profession where I get constantly googled. I am very vocal on other avenue’s against the abuses of the Scn and will continue to be so.

  22. If anyone remember IGN 28, in 1998 where scientologists were supposed (especially in Europe where they were heavily suppressed) to tell they are scientologist to handle PTS ness. Of course it did the opposite. “Standing tall” and loosing your job, partcularely in Germany!
    I know some idiot who wrote to their boss and got trouble. Why not write to the gestapo that your are jew and stand tall in the gaz chamber?
    And If you witheld that you are scientologist, you were PTS! The idiot who wrote this issue should have been hanged!
    But UTR buisness is same shit. Standing tall! to hell with integrity. This is pure bullshit, it’s not even a scientological idea. More soldier type of behaviour, definitly homo sapiens.
    I started to read blogs in 2009. Took me 3 years gradiently to tell my wife and kids. They all went indy. It was not “heroic”. And for those of you who are a little trained, remember 10 aug 73. Handling PTS ness is gentle, not heroic.
    “We stand tall” is the most unscientologic song I have never heard.

    • A person who is PTS is effect of suppression. The handling to get someone back at cause varies. Some people never handle it. Some people handle it fast. They are POTENTIAL trouble sources. Now I don’t take this term totally seriously. It is just a term used to convey an idea. Someone who is the effect of suppression. I think the Gestapo was much worse than the cult of radical Scientology. If a person doesn’t have the guts to speak out about about the cult then for sure they wouldn’t against Nazi Germany. The people in Nazi Germany who were caught and very fearful would probably turn in their friends to the Nazi’s. Same with Scientology. The people that are most afraid of some bad consequences if they were “found out” that they weren’t “down with the program” are the ones who would turn over their friends to the ethics officer. They are the ones who might plug back into the matrix. There are many different situations so it’s hard to lump them all into one statement. But I still say that the main idea is that someone who cannot speak out against the cult in their own name is afraid of some consequence and that until they handle that thing, whatever it is, they to some degree cannot be trusted. This doesn’t mean that you have to write a book about it or anything like that. All it means to me is at some point if you were part of that group and have decided that it isn’t a good group anymore, then publicly state that you aren’t part of it and why you aren’t part of it.

      The bad thing about being in the grey zone (UTR) is that the cult could be using them as informants or they might get scared and start squealing. I am already out into the open so they really can’t do anything to me. They can be a risk to others who might be trying to deliver the tech as an Indie or to others who are UTR. I also think that some of these UTR like to post on blogs and spread disinformation or get others to be quiet. It is very possible that some of these UTR’s are actually OSA bots pretending to be UTR when in actual fact they are always working to bring others back into the fold and create fractures in the “opposition”. The opposition being those that are trying to shine the light on the abuses within that cult.

      It took me a few months to be able to speak out in my name. Everyone has different time lines. While I was UTR the same thing applied to me. People that had openly came out didn’t totally trust me and I understood that.

      I told my wife right away when I read the Truth Rundown from the St Petersburg Times. I was mid Solo Nots and had immense pressure on me not to spread “entheta”. If my wife would have gone bonkers on me then that would have been a problem and potentially a divorce if she wouldn’t have agreed with me and wanted me to shut up about it. People are actually being hurt. Some Sea Org people have been thrown out like bums in the street because they wouldn’t suck up the the COB.

      I can honestly say that if I had kids and they were still into the cult that I would speak my mind to them. If they didn’t understand me and decided to disconnect from me then that would be their bad, not mine. Sure I would talk to them as much as I could to try to get them to understand but I really fail to see the value of reducing my own right to communicate lower than someone else’s. It is like saying they have the right to be involved in the cult and be proud of it but I do not have the right to disagree with that and I need to be very careful about saying what I believe or they might abandon me. Sure, if that is something that cannot be confronted then by all means do what you have to. But if you were suspected of being disaffected by the EO and questioned about it and found out, who knows what you might do to prevent those consequences from happening?

    • Actually in Germany they had it right to a large degree. They realized that the cult of Scientology (organized $cientology) was a danger to their people and were doing what they could to try and stamp it out there. They have this opinion due to the awful things that $cientology has done over the years. So the cult telling you to “stand tall” was idiotic. It was like saying I am proud to be part of a criminal organization!!
      Telling someone that you are not part of a criminal organization is what I am recommending. Say it loud and proud!! I am NOT part of that group and my name is ________!!! I am proud not to be part of that.
      I guess in South Africa there must have been a time where people had to decide am I with Apartheid or against it?? If you were against it and you worked for someone who loved it, would you lie about your views so as to keep your job?? Life is ever changing and you have to make changes sometimes and ultimately you will try and do the right thing. At least most will.

    • Great answer, dear FG ; great answer indeed.

      It is all about gradients and intellligent decisions. About exactly what LRH says in that policy you mentioned ; getting the individual gradiently to level Cause over the situation.

      I don’t think that Tony’s reply to you applies at all. Not at all. If one is in a job with a person who support a group that is doing wrong things, one needs to plan how to get out of it in a clever and well-thought way. The CofS might be considered a “criminal” group in that they lie to people and violates Human Rights like Free Speech and others. But then again, that happens in a lot of families out-there. Does that means that we should sent our family to hell and shoot them ? Not at all. The thing to do is to HANDLE ; what de-PTSing actions are all about ; about HANDLING.

      I mean, it is not like the CofS is killing people , or physically injuring them, or getting your money by force of a gun. People in there are accepting the Church’s activities, and are gladly paying for services. They are being there in their own “self-determinism” sort of speaking. A twisted “self-determinism , but still is being their individual decisions.

      So if anybody support that group (which I am against totally) , it is not like they are supporting the Mafia, or the “Drug dealer group” , or, a group of “bank robbers” or anything like that. So let’s not be so extreme here, and bring up examples and datums which clearly are not of comparable magnitute. That’s actually playing with unrelated arguments, and are only an attempt to just win an argument rather than be willing to inspect things.

      My educated opinion.

      ARC, PETER

      • Dear Peter. IMHO, your last paragraph would garner wide disagreement, if you asked for THEIR educated opinions. In point of fact, many might argue vociferously, that YOU are actually playing with very MUCH related arguments.

        What I’m trying to say, in fact, is that it is only when we have “walked a mile in the other man’s shoes”, do we begin to appreciate the severity (or lack) of the experience firsthand.

        I am advocating that one really DOES need a broad, uncompromising willingness to duplicate, in order to appreciate this.

        Understanding, as you know so thoroughly well, is only achieved AFTER duplication has occurred.

        And per LRH — “Understanding washes away everything.” (as-ised)

        Peace on this, bro? 🙂

        ARC2, Calvin.

      • I post anonymously because I live in Europe. They would consider me a scientologist. If you are OTVII, some sutpid ass has copied you name from Source and you are registred as a scientologist on google. And let me tell you, “wogs” at 99% think scientology is shit. And if you are to some degree a public person, people google you and they know you are a scientologist but don’t dare to question you, so they have a whithold from you, and that’s bad.
        Aside, I have lost all my friends with disconnection even those who didn’t like so much “COB”.
        Since Marty Rathbun has erased from his blog the 31 factors (yes he did), Miscavige is more in peace. But Hubbard is attacked. And the Kool aid stay in the church. And you’re right they upgrade their condition and might spy on us. I understand your point Tony, but without friends and family one would feel lonely. With a gradient, you save them from the church, without, they stay. They stand tall as scientologists and we stand tall as Indies. We are all standing tall (like stupids soldiers in a war).

  23. If someone is so afraid to speak their minds to their own families and don’t do so in an effort to “save” their family then they have big problems. I would never allow myself to not have my opinion and speak it to my own family. What kind of life would that be?

    Go ahead and keep hiding, anyone who wants to do so. It’s your life. I’m just saying that people that want to have trustworthy friends should keep you at arms reach.

    • Hi Tony,

      I’ll give you a run for your money. 🙂

      Firstly, I don’t have a problem with the viewpoint that being out in the open is exercising one’s right to free speech – and for some people, doing so would definitely be a matter of personal integrity. But I don’t think you can say what would amount to personal integrity for someone else – or, in this case, characterize their viewpoint as “AFRAID to speak their minds” and assume that they have “big problems.”

      I actually don’t disagree that people under the radar are likely to be untrustworthy. However, “likely” doesn’t mean always – and to me, it’s a shade authoritarian to say “people who want to have trustworthy friends should keep you at arms reach”. That is telling others what their judgment should be in all circumstances – which comes across as dogmatic. And dogmatism is the essence of fundamentalism – which, as you know, can lead to totalitarianism.

      That has been the course of the CoS, as you pointed out in another post. So to a degree, it’s defeating your own principles to express an absolutist point of view as to what someone should or shouldn’t choose to communicate, or what the greatest good or personal integrity is for that person. IMHO

      • Marildi, me heart. ‘Duplicating’ is the EP of this thread. Whether for thee, mee, Petee, or even Tonee. Getee? LOL! 🙂 “Understanding washes away everything.” — L Ronnee.

      • Well no, Cal – I’m not sure the EP of duplication with understanding was achieved quite yet. Perhaps the “process” was ended too soon.

        With all due respect to the BIC Admins. I didn’t see that the discussion was getting too hot – only that strong feelings were being expressed. And that can happen in a true and open discussion, so I don’t think it should necessarily be discouraged. JMO.

      • No dear calvin ; I am afraid that “duplication” is not the EP of this thread ; it is UNJUSTICE and violations of Human Rights. I’ll explain myself.

        I don’t even know if this will get posted or not as apparently I have already been moderated by dear BIC Admin as he felt that my comments to Tony were too “harsh” apparently. I disagree 100% but then this is not my blog ; I am just another poster like everyone in here. Perhaps my comments did were harsh enough, but I don’t really care. My integrity is not for sell, fortunately.

        But if the BIC Admin hold the same respect that I has always hold for him, he will post this respectful and possible my last post here, regardless if he has already closed this thread. To do otherwise will be very sad indeed.

        This thread, originally a very interesting one about the subject of OSA vs the Field, was turned into a “Character Assassination” of UTRs by Tony.

        I am quite known here for defending the basic Human Right of “Free Speech”. Anyone who doubts that, either hasn’t read my many posts here and my articles, or has a hidden agenda.

        But, the point that has been missed in all this thread is that for a Right to exist in the first place, its dichotomy, The Duty To, must exist as well.

        Everyone is entittled of his/her opinion , and the exersice of Free Speech as long as the comments don’t go in line with Human Rights violations, invalidations, evaluations, harsh unfounded criticisim, unkindness , and just general accusations.

        People often forgets their “Duty to” , and stress too much their Rights instead. UTRs have a right to decide what to do with their lives, with whom to comm to or not, and to whom be connected to or not. This incredible amount of posts from Tony making UTRs wrong for remaining anonymously participating in Field’s activities , Tony’s attempts to discredit them, to make them appear as mere cowards, is unkind, unhuman, and hostile in the extreme, and the BIC Admin allowed it.

        He could have stopped it any time he wanted to. He could has expressed his opinion about it. Instead he just let it roll. What about the rights of all the UTRs who participate in this blog ? What about them? Are we now going to push their anchor points in , and make them feel unwelcome to the Field ? Many of them are new to all this Field stuff. Many are scared as hell about the Field. I was, I know exactly how it feels. Many of those new UTRs are looking for stable data to hold on to.

        They don’t know who to trust in ; they have heard just too many false stories from the CofS. About all the “SP” characters that we all Indies are. About our “Squirreling” practices that will “damage” their cases forever. And Now they come here, secretly reading this blog and what they find ? They find Tony, a Solo-NOTs completion himself and a veteran scientologist , denigrating them, making them look as mere cowards not to be trusted in, like lepers to be shunned and excluded. Don’t think even for a minute that he has been doing anything else here.

        And to make it worse, many posters here bank-agreed with all this bull-shit. People I thought had more consideration towards the Rights and welfare of others. People that has let me down.

        I can’t possibly continue to participate here. Not anymore. This has turned into a games condition of “We” v/s “Them” ; about “conspiracies” and “espionage”. About “courage” dressed as “reactive bravery”.

        As long as this blog has supported the basic Human Rights, I has remained a frequent poster and a contributor of many liberating ideas, fostering every time, human decency , understanding , kindness, and respect for the rights of others. The ones who personally know me can attest about my integrity, my great care for the welfare of others. And thus , I can no longer support this blog anymore. It turned, in this thread, into something that doesn’t represent my values.

        So, this is a goodbye. It was good while it lasted. I really had great experiences here, and a lot of fun as well. I learned many things in my journey here, one of many being tolerance and patience for divergent viewpoints. That, dear BIC Admin had a LOT to do with it. He is my friend ; he’ll always be. But tolerance and patience does not include accepting plain natter and unfounded criticism, destroying the reputation of others, who doesn’t have a voice out here to defend them. That’s not right at all. This isn’t a matter of “Free Speech”. It is about basic human decency, and respect for others.

        So good-bye my friend. Farewell, live long and prosper. We’ll meet some other way. Thanks for all the support that I have had from many here.

        ARC, PETER

      • Yeah, true Marildi…..especially if one NEEDS to continue a / the ‘game’.

        Otherwise, one can just let oneself / the other person ‘be right’ and that ends said ‘game’.

        Question is, whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t,
        — you’re right!

        — Any F/N’s on the dial with this session ….. yet? 🙂

  24. I think some people don’t get how corrupt this group called Scientology has become. I like the LRH reference where he talks about confront of evil. (lack thereof) The people in OSA are some of the slimiest people that I have ever met. I can see them now in their sweat stained uniforms having stayed up all night trying to find ways to infiltrate some group or enturbulated someone. They use and feed off of the UTR’s if given the chance. They also like to pretend to be UTR. They want everyone to go slow….think things out…maybe it’s not that bad in the “church”. Look at all the upsets out here outside of the cult…wouldn’t you want to be back in your nice fuzzy cocoon??

    I’m just giving my opinion about things. Nobody has to listen to me. The truth is that what you do will have very little effect on me personally. I just say things sometimes because I feel like it. I enjoy my freedom of speech..

  25. I felt extreme relief when I fully disconnected from the cult. When I spoke out in my own name and told the world what I thought it was liberating and awesome. I distanced myself from the slime that oozes out of that pathetic group of pretenders and spiritual hacks. I have also experienced relief by thinking my own thoughts and vocalizing them. It doesn’t matter if people agree with me or not. Hey if I’m wrong that’s okay too. It is a good way to establish critical thinking skills again. Speak your mind and don’t let people stop you. If you think that the cult of $cientology isn’t that bad then you need to do some more research. There are a lot of good books and very interesting stories from ex-high ranking Sea Org members available in the internet.

  26. Another thing I wanted to say is that the current brand of Scientology being dispensed in “official”$cientology world is really a form of sick fundamentalism. The cult will stop at nothing to have control of the planet. This I’m sure emanates from dm but LRH also had a major hand in this kind of thinking. Not that they have a chance to take over the world. I seriously doubt that would ever happen. But when you read articles talking about Scientologists working behind the scenes to get certain politicians into office and the money they have accumulated you can see that they have a game plan.
    Try to imagine the kind of world you would have if $cientology got into power. If you were deemed an SP you probably would have no rights. In fact if Scientology really had it’s way they would probably have a work camp where they would send the malcontents. This kind of totalitarian thinking is what North Korea has devolved into. In some ways Scientology reminds me of Islamic fundamentalism where they kill people for drawing Allah. $cientology has it’s own weaker version of this. If you say anything bad enough then they try to discredit you to your friends inside of the cocoon. They might do other things too, all pretty weak. The point is that they will try to shut down your free speech. Some nut who wants the world to be the way they want it to be wants to be able to shut you up.

    • Yes Tony, it feels good to speak freely your mind. Scientology going in power (you mean DM) he would execute us, with guns!
      But what will happen is that scientology will at the end be discredited completely.

  27. Hi all – comments on this thread are now closed – the discussion re UTR was getting a bit hot under the collar. We have decided to address this in a separate article – coming up soon. Regards BIC Admins

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