Pretoria Org – Still in trouble

Deserted Church


Since opening it’s ideal doors in 2013, Pretoria org has made a valiant effort in keeping up the facade of a thriving and expanding Ideal Org.  BIC published several reports which clearly revealed Pretoria to be in deep trouble long before it opened for business in its new location.

For those new to this blog, the links below will give you an idea of the history of Pretoria org.

The building of an Ideal Org – Pretoria

Pretoria – idling along

Pretoria – straight up and vertically in debt

Not that this should be surprising to anyone. Pretoria, like most orgs in South Africa, has been a small struggling concern for years.

As has been stated on this and many other blogs, the act of putting up huge lavish buildings and expecting formerly struggling orgs to suddenly expand and flourish is pure lunacy. But when you’re playing with other people’s money, anything goes.

Recent news would indicate nothing has changed for Pretoria.

Willem Jacobsz – the ED of Pretoria for many years – was sent to LA for “executive training” prior to Pretoria becoming an ideal org. This apprenticeship program is yet one more of DM’s hair-brained yet utterly failing schemes. Actual statistics worldwide indicate this has not made one iota of difference when it comes to expanding ideal orgs.

Certainly this was true for Joburg org who sent ED Albert De Beer and 4 of his execs to LA in 2011. These execs arrived back all bright-eyed and bushy tailed to expand their org and instead proceeded to violate virtually every Admin policy in existence. The result? Just two years later Joburg was the source of massive upheaval across the country resulting in OSA witch-hunts, instant SP declares (without comm-evs or any Justice Procedures being followed – covered in this article) and the top Sea Org CMO/CLO being removed from their posts overnight (covered in this article) .

And the reason for all this heavy ethics and massacre of old-timers, OT’s and long-standing Scientologists? Joburg org was in serious trouble with mounting debts, dissenting public and staff morale at an all-time low. Something drastic had to happen to halt the impending crash of the org. Of course being true to type, the REAL SP habitually selects the wrong target and so Joburg org lost it’s biggest support base overnight.

Back to Willem – the ED of Pretoria. BIC was recently informed Willem has been sent back to LA for further training. This is the acceptable truth version given to the staff. The actual truth is in all probability to address the issue of Pretoria org not doing so well  (no surprise there) and Willem is getting his “SRA” (Severe Reality Adjustment). You can bet your bottom dollar that if he were in the Sea Org, he’d be headed for the RPF now.

For those not familiar with Willem and his family, here’s a little background:

Prior to Pretoria going ideal the org was really no larger than a small mission – situated in a house in the suburbs. Most staff had jobs during the day and only came on post at night – many on a part-time schedule only. The org never officially had separate DAY/FDN orgs – they were both mushed into one. From Joburg’s point of view, Pretoria was never considered  a “serious org” – even in the Birthday Game they never posed a threat – none of the South African orgs did. Albert getting the trophy every year for Joburg winning the Bday Game was a bit of an inside joke.

And so, after Pretoria went Ideal Org in Feb 2013, the same “mushed up” schedule continued.   But on the 18th February this year all that changed when the new CO CMO briefed Pretoria that the org was officially splitting into two orgs – Day and Foundation. (Perhaps this was done to cover up the orgs DM shut down). This probably didn’t go down too well with the staff who were used to the previous lackadaisical schedule.

In 2012 Pretoria org was in the throes of recruitment to man up their future ideal org. Both Willem’s wife (Marianna) and son (Thinus) joined staff. As Marianna had always been the breadwinner for the family, she could only be on post in the evenings – she holds the post of LC PTA. Their son Thinus was one of the GATII trainees sent off to flag to do his tech training for delivery in Pretoria. He was just 15 years old when he was recruited for staff and sent to Flag – another kid denied the right of completing his high-school education (never mind University or any other “wog” qualification). Joining SCN staff and working for a pittance in a job that will be utterly useless outside the confines of the church is “for the greater good”.


Jacobsz Family

Jacobsz family: L-R: Dad Willem, son Thinus and mom Marianna


Middle: Simone Licht (SO staff permanently posted at PTA org) and Thinus Jacobsz – pic taken at Flag while they were on GATII training

So we have dad Willem as the ED, Mum Marianna holding the post of LC and son Thinus the Word Clearer AND Course Supervisor of Pretoria org (as stated on his own facebook page).

Imagine our surprise when we received the following:

FB Post Thinus Jacobsz re Qual Sec announcement.jpg

Now, we understand that English is not Thinus’ first language. However, everything he has studied in SCN has been in English. This chap did his GATII training at “the mecca of technical perfection”.  One would assume it was RTC standard – as close to perfect as you can get (per DM claims).  On his return he held the posts of Word Clearer AND Course Sup for over a year.

How many times has this guy read, M9’d or *rated materials with the word “qualification”? What about his Staff Status courses which involves going over the org-board with a fine tooth comb & supposedly clearing all the post definitions? This guy did the new Student Hat – twice over! And he’s been supervising the same course for more than a year now.

Yet he publicly announces that he’s now the Qualifucations secretary?

Oh boy.

And then this:

FB Post Thinus re start Purif

And this:

FB Post Thinus About Purif being better than old one

So the “old” (LRH version) purif was not so good was it? Tech Degrades anyone? And as for the remark that this purif works deeper and better…… we’ll leave that up to our readers’ imaginations as to what this is supposed to mean.

And then this:

FB Post Thinus re finish  Purif

And this:

Thinus Jacbosz Purif Comp


Thinus is the son of two Scientologists – obviously they haven’t been force-feeding him drugs or exposing him to other harmful toxins all his life. At the age of 17, he’s done the Purif twice? And the second time round took him 5 weeks to complete? There is something very, very wrong with this situation. Has anyone even tested the safety or effect of swallowing 5000 i.u. Niacin daily by a young body?  What effect does this have on the liver that has to process these mega doses of Niacin and other vitamins?

As for the rest of Pretoria org, we were sent a couple of gems which we’d like to share:

First up, the DSA Pretoria Maurithius Meiring is going hell-for-leather on the Drug Free World and Youth for Human Rights campaigns. We have to give credit where it’s due – this guy is taking his mission seriously and seems to have pulled off some great products in these areas.

But then we see things like this:

FB Post YFHR event - xenophobia

The picture in the above post was taken off the official Scientology website and used to promote the event at Pretoria org.

It is actually a photo of  Quando Jazz Fa Pop (When Jazz Goes Pop), performing at the Teatro Carcano in Milan and comes from an article about the United for Africa concert which took place in 2013 in Milan.

Pretoria Org have “pinched” the picture and used it to promote their own “How to prevent Xenophobia” event under the banner of Youth for Human Rights. Pinching a picture from your own group is one thing, but putting it under an entirely different banner for an entirely unrelated purpose is something else. The mixed message is a violation of the marketing & PR series – but who reads those these days? They’re old! Just like the “old” purif and the “old” Student Hat and all the other “old” technology that’s no longer valid.

And there’s that Xenophobia word again. This word is not mentioned in the YFHR booklet – this “problem” was a short-lived situation that reared it’s ugly head in April and is now over. So why is this problem still being “promoted”? Someone needs to be checked out on the Chaos Merchant policy. And this: “You get what you put your attention on”.

And talking of “pinching” pictures, here they go again with breach of trademark & copyright by using Justin Timberlake’s image for their Drug Free World fundraising dinner. We highly doubt that Mr. Timberlake or his promoters would have endorsed this.

FB Drub Free Wolrd event Justin Timberlake


And last but not least, this came from the Pretoria Ideal Org Facebook page:


FB Post YFHR event blurb re xenophobia



In today’s world of having spell-check and grammar correction applications at your fingertips there is NO reason for this kind of shoddy penmanship. Whoever wrote this is obviously trying to make a point but it is totally lost when trying to read past the misspelling, weird positions of apostrophes and capitals Jumping Up In the Middle of Sentences.

It’s clear the person who wrote this hasn’t the foggiest clue about very basic English grammar rules. As a group claiming to have the ONLY workable study technology on the planet and the importance of not passing nor feeding anyone misunderstoods, this is just downright embarrassing.

We did have a chuckle at the Shermanspeak “moreover” slipped in there though.

If this is the calibre or literacy level of the best that Pretoria has to offer, then this org is headed for some serious trouble indeed.

Their knew Qualifucations’ secretary is going to have his work cut out for him.

If you have similar examples or are receiving org promo from any South African orgs, please feel free to share them with us:



38 thoughts on “Pretoria Org – Still in trouble

  1. I still receive invitations in the post for scientology events which happened two weeks earlier and I gave up on trying to get my address removed from the scientology data base, many many years ago.
    Speaking to church staff is futile as I was once told that your details are never removed. I guess its bad for the stats?

    I don’t receive emails as I have blocked them on our server.

    What you describe above is a sad indictment to the ineffectiveness of scientology management and their management tech.

    I recall that I did my purif over 30 years ago and I went the whole 30 days, so did my twin who is also no longer a scientologist. What we concluded independent of each other, is that any results gained from the Purif are subjective.

    There is a misconception which is promoted by scientologists that this purification program will remove drugs from the body, especially LSD. The theory is that LSD remains in the body for years, logged in the fatty tissues. Pity Hubbard didn’t undertake thorough research on LSD,as it is a water based chemical and cannot remain in the body or be stored in the fatty tissues.

    In the current environment of the internet and with the free flow of information,scientology is on a hiding to nothing.

    • Just curious, Old Timer. Is there a reason that you de-capitalized the words, ‘Scientology’, and ‘Scientologist’?

      • Ronnie, I don’t know about other people, but the reason I sometimes de-capitalize scientology – meaning the core subject – is in an attempt to differentiate it from the CHURCH of Scientology – which many people lump together as the same thing, even former members.

        It’s kind of like the word “gnostic” which can be capitalized or not, depending on whether or not you are talking about a religious sect:

        1. pertaining to knowledge.
        2. possessing knowledge, especially esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters.
        3. (initial capital letter) pertaining to or characteristic of the Gnostics.
        4. (initial capital letter) a member of any of certain sects among the early Christians who claimed to have superior knowledge of spiritual matters, and explained the world as created by powers or agencies arising as emanations from the Godhead.

      • Hi Ronnie,

        I guess a lack of the appreciation for the finer points of grammar contributed to the de-capitalization. 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply, Old Timer. I do know that de-capitalizing the word, ‘Scientology’, has become somewhat of a trend among those who wish to demote, malign, or make less of the subject (not just the organization).

        Much appreciated.

  2. As someone qwalified in writin’ de Eenglishh langwidge I once offered my remarkable skills to the org with public promo. Went down like a led baloon. Jest Dev Tea, bru.

  3. Great article.. if you dont mind if I say this reading was fun..
    Just think how the hell they could make it go right build something when the foundation was missing? Build on what?
    They haven’t duplicated what scientology meant to be in the first place: auditing to attain freedom from unwanted what ever!
    Purification program which I to have done is should be labeled as HEALTH HAZARD.
    Scientology was doomed from the beginning… to bad you folks cant see that.
    LRH and his group of researchers did accomplish what scientology meant to do: complied the Auditing Technology and the rest was just addition and its existence including DM as the cherry on the top dont amount to hot air.
    We who continue know this,
    Elizabeth Hamre.

  4. Many of the Human Rights are entrenched in our Constitution too. I could really get behind this programme –

    The “you” below is addressed to the CoS and those still in.

    Do you know you have a right to privacy? And so if you tell something to an auditor on the basis that it is private, it should not be accessed by others (and do you know that it is accessed?).

    Do you know you have a right to believe whatever you want to believe? And so if you don’t believe something that you are told by the CoS – that is your right – and if you believe in Scientology even when you are not with the CoS – that is also your right.

    Do you know you have a right to freedom of association? And so someone else should not tell you who you should be disconnected from. And no-one should complain about who you are connected with. And you should not be declared because of who you are connected with. And no-one should stop you from seeing your son who has just died (Karen de la Carriere), or split up families (TOO MANY TO NAME…)

    Do you know you have a right to your liberty? So no-one should be sent to the “hole” or supervised so they don’t blow, or get chased (blow drill) when they do leave, or have to go through some lengthy routing out when they want to leave.

    Do you know you have a right to your bodily integrity, that you have a right not to be harmed or treated inhumanely? So there should be no-one physically assaulted, slapped, verbally humiliated, sleep or food deprived, (Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins, Mark Fisher, Claire Headley, Debbie Cook, Heber Jenztsch, Guillaume LeServe, Scott Campbell …to name but a few…) denied medical treatment (Lisa McPherson) or be subjected to nearly 200 days of harassment and publicly bullied at airports (Marty and Monique Rathbun) or doctor’s parking lots (Mike Rinder), there should be no undue influence brought to bear to have an abortion (Laura de Crescenzo and many others….),there should be no undue influence brought to bear to get divorced……

    Do you know you have a right to be treated equally before the law? So no Church is above the law (at least not in South Africa).

    So Pretoria Org, yes please do go ahead with this programme and make sure everyone knows their rights.

    • Wendy, as I believe you are the sole practicing attorney gracing our pages (as a recently declared Indie), I feel that your take on anything of legal connotation/s, should be regarded as having the necessary ‘bite’, to stand up to any process of possible court examination. (Not that you would necessarily bother yourself with these latest CO$ Circus side shows! LOL!)

      It feels really good, to have you ‘aboard’, just as much as being able to frequently read your ‘legal eagle’ opinions.

      Keep up the ‘sharp work, will you!! 🙂

      — Calvin.

    • W….. What you point out is what LRH said ”Allowing beingness.”
      I have found that is the most difficult to do when the communication is verbal, because to each individual the same word has a very different meaning.
      Example: on apple…. I have no idea what comes to your mind when I would ask to recall that apple, even when you would say it is sweet, I to know that apples can taste sweet, but I never will know how YOU EXPERIENCE THAT SWEETNESS.
      My point is, that allowing beingness is impassible, oh we can say I agree with your reality that the apple is sweet, but that agreement still not given the experience you would have tasting that apple.
      Marildi here and her friend Calvin always agree yet neither really knows how and what the other experiences , their agreement is based on mutual liking, wanting to belong, taking side and with that showing I am smart as you are because you know your English and when I agree with you that shows I am smart as you.
      Learning English was difficult for me, but that did not stop me understanding the concept of LRH’s work and to continue with Solo auditing after I left the group.
      So those who are got stuck because some person haven’t put the DOT the right way, well their intelligence and awareness stops right there…
      For the past 5 years the readers of my posts [ there are hundreds of them] not once complained of my English… and that shows their awareness is much higher than getting boiled-stopping because the technically incorrectness, bless them all.
      Good for you W…. Have a lovely day!
      Elizabeth Hamre

    • Wendy by writing to you have given me a further reality what agreement is.
      So far I have explored in session this consideration and connected concepts but now I can say because of you and thank you for your existing realities I have again gained a new view on WHAT CAUSE ON AGREEMENT.
      When we get into communication first of all WE EXPERIENCE that persons Space= energy flow.
      If we like that experience that energy vibration than no matter what we would be reading we would continue and most likely we would agree even if some of the ideas-thoughts were off, not like ours, yet we would tolerate it and let it go.. In other words we are allowing that person ”beingness”.
      And why are we allowing that? Simply because we are not stimulated by the persons personal energy flows, by no stimulated I mean, not being irritated by that energy vibration.
      Example; One of the poster here is a PERFECT 1.1 on the tone scale, the words this person writes are so smooth, so perfect and they come through to the reader as FUN.. joking only, yet when I read them I do experience the prickly vibration and I know those written words: each of them is a poisoned arrow.

      What all these has to do with the head liner here? Not much.. But thank you for writing it because I have gained insight + a cognition!
      It has been a great day, thank you.
      Elizabeth Hamre.

  5. Er, sorry to mention this BIC, but you need to do a bit of word-checking yourselves: in your very first line you used “it’s” (short for “it is”) instead of the correct possessive “its”. And it’s probably better to say “hare-brained” (having no more sense than a mad March hare) rather than “hair-brained” (having a brain the size of a hair)—but as that mis-spelling goes back at least 500 years, we’ll let it pass. Still, your points on the preponderance of illiteracy among poorly-educated Scientology offspring are well made… 😉

    • Many staff need the Key to Life course, and it was supposed to be delivered to all of them. But I think Miscavige has basically wiped it out of existence.

      • Oh, I’m sure he does think it’s sophisticated. If he only knew how much – in the eyes of many people – it actually defeats his purposes of self-glorification.

    • Er, Dear Doctor….sorry to mention this out loud (on BIC nog al), but your (ahem) condescension is also ‘showing’, quite noticeably. Admittedly, typo’s do infuriate some of us (beyond tolerance it seems), but in mitigation, are we not unduly saddled with the clamor for equal representation in ALL 11 (eleven) ‘official’ languages? (post-apartheid era State policy!)

      As far as I am able to discern, are we are not still ‘here’, Sir? Presently enjoying the remaining vestiges of Nelson Mandela’s “Rainbow nation?”

      Counting our blessings, could just as well include having a balanced perspective on our need to grant beingness, (or at least a little leeway) to those responsible for the multitude of tasks performed, by “Keeping things going.” ie: presenting this blog, for example!

      In short, your corrections are noted. However, just to turn this around– imagine having someone BEGIN a conversation with you, by publicly drawing attention to a pinhead sized ink-spot on your freshly laundered white shirt?

      — Would you, Sir, deem that a great conversation opener, likely to enable you to relax and focus on the topic at hand?

      A few salient points made by LRH upon which to reflect, perhaps? —

      “Judge men from what they think of help…. The good can help. The bad will not. Or if they do, they “help” only to betray. — “Help” (CHANGE magazine)

      “The ability to assume or to grant beingness is probably the highest of human virtues.” — Scientology: A New Slant On Life.

      “It is even more important to permit (allow) other people to have beingness than to be able, oneself, to assume it.” — Scientology. A New Slant On Life.

      Before signing off, I am reminded of a lesson learned a while back (I am a professional artist) when dealing with an engraving specialist, who got highly annoyed with me, in being so “pernickety”.I only realized the value of the remark, when I returned home to look up the word: dfn — overly fastidious; fussy.

      — No offence intended,

      –regards, Calvin.

      • Aw, Calvin, I thought he did it in a nice way. Like someone at lunch with a friend who is otherwise immaculate in his appearance would tell him he had gotten a little spot on his shirt. The BIC editor is obviously quite literate but this mistake between “its” and “it’s” is an easy one to make, even when you know better. As a copy editor, I see it and correct it often – and yet I still do it myself(!) once in a while, unthinkingly. For that matter, I am still learning little points of grammar and punctuation.

        But anyway, nice of you to want to stick up for the BIC guys!

      • BIC, I had a response to (redacted) rude and, to me, embarrassing reply to (redacted). (Redacted) is 1.1, yet you allow his comments but refuse mine. I used the correct tone level but you seem to prefer 1.1 to 2.0 or don’t recognise what any of it is.

        You won’t print anything if it’s not said how you’d like it said, or it something you don’t like or approve of – if an opinion opposes yours. You violate the Creed of the Church that you punt as your motto and this is hypocracy. You don’t allow freedom of speech at all. It’s like being back in the church.

      • Dear DiscoQueen,

        We sent you an email about this at the time – our apologies if it didn’t reach you.

        As right as you feel about publicly calling out someone on BIC, we cannot allow ad-hominem slurs against posters purely for the sake of attacking and invalidating each other. If we allowed your comment it would be only fair to allow your target an opportunity to respond, thus derailing the discussion thread and allowing posters to duke it out on the blog. This is wrong-target and against our moderation policy.

        Communicating an opposing opinion/view on the topic is fine, but we cannot allow personal attacks like “you are sarcastic and condescending in the extreme, an interfering busy body, 1.1”. etc.

        We have reviewed the person’s comment and cannot see why his reply would invoke such a response from you. Other posters also addressed this comment, but you singled out only one person. Is there perhaps an ongoing personal upset between you? If so, we are happy to put the two of you in touch with each other and you can handle it privately.


  6. Yea. Dam! If I’d had only nown my human rites when I allowed this cherch to mentally and phinancially torment me for the last 5 years in it.
    Wow, my life would be completely different. Maybe I wouldn’t wake up every day in pain.
    Well, can’t say I didn’t learn a few things about my human rites – I mean writes.

  7. Thank goodness they’re opening Joburg North – the crush and queues at the Pretoria and Joburg orgs must have been unbearable! Imagine…TWO huge buildings pumping with so many people going up the bridge that they need a third … For goodness sake somebody smack these sheeple!!!

  8. Hi Scn Africa

    In response to you note to discoqueen and you mentioning that we shouldn’t vere from the topic. I’ve noticed on all other blogs, Mike Rinder’s, Marty’s and Tony’s, that the bloggers do this all the time and no one gives a continental. People argue with each other, many times completely off topic. It’s a free for all. Neither Mike, Marty or Tony interferes. Why do you feel you need to control the input on this blog?

    I understand you’ve got a moderation policy, which, by the way, IMO, is outdated and somewhat inhibiting.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding Jan. Thanks for your comment. We are not Mike, Tony or Marty’s blog. We respect those blog authors immensely and have worked closely with Mike & Tony in the past. We do not allow ad-hominem attacks against other commentors on this blog. We believe we have given a lot of lee-way in accommodating those who have opposing views, but personally attacking someone for having a viewpoint is where we draw the line.

  9. “And the reason for all this heavy ethics and massacre of old-timers, OT’s and long-standing Scientologists?”

    Ummm, because the Sea Organization will never be able to admit they have been a total liability and they have an inherent need to blame everyone else? The S.P.s, the out ethics public,the psychs, the plants, the media, blah blah blah. They have beggars keeping the front doors open, by putting the customers into “making amends”, and they think they are the only hope for mankind?

    • To Oracle….By now we all know the Tone Scale and we all know that TO BLAME is a low tone act, and Accusations never corrected the wrong and made it right.
      IF accusation would work by now most ex scientologists problems-their ARCB’s would have vanished.
      Perhaps it would help if each accuser would take responsibility for self and not leave that in the hands of ‘’beggars’’. When that happens that simply means ‘’assigned power’’ by blaming others sure leaves the self, powerless feeble ,incapable helpless sitting in total heap of accumulated ARCB’s crocodile tears falling.
      OHHHH but being a victim feels so good, gets loads and loads of sympathy from every one, patting each other on the shoulder going into agreement and with that the solidity is established and the drama becomes stronger and increases the already existing re-stimulation.
      The many articles I have read from Ex-scientologist that includes the highly trained as CL XII auditor-C/S, their communications put fort is but constant ACCUSATIONS —POINTING FINGERS TOWARD EVERY DIRECTION BUT to SELF! Victims of their own making! OH look what they have done to me…
      Reaching for the e-meter, getting into sessions and handle those ARCB’s than these people not only would take responsibility for self but leave the failed purpose behind and get on with the original plan they all have had.
      Well the TECHNOLOGY IS STILL THERE and IT WORKS BUT HAVE TO BE USED in order to achieve ones original intention, why entered into scientology in the first place.
      There are many out there who quietly continue: they have the power because they understood the value of LRH’s gift, LRH also given beside the Tech one more incredible valuable knowledge what no other person ever has written in understandable form us what is needed in our daily life and order to continue is CONFRONTATION and what CONFRONTATION CAN DO.
      When person wants something really-really wants something, nothing and nobody can stop that person to achieve that goal. That is an established fact!
      ‘’HOPE FOR MAN KIND?” first and foremost each individual has to take responsibility for self and when that happens mankind would be doing very well… Elizabeth Hamre.

    • Thanks, TO…..It’s really just soooo, soooo, sad. The individuals involved themselves, are totally ‘mind-controlled’ into a sickness that lingers and lingers, and becomes more painfully ‘solid’, with each passing day.
      An agonizingly painful stripping away of any last vestiges of hope and sanity. “Total failure” is what awaits them, at the bottom end of the tone scale, since there is NONE of the original free spirited Scn being practiced in the CO$ any longer! Just a pseudo, counterfeit version, designed to ultimately crush them in every way imaginable. Tragic all round!

      “Friends of LRH” (Googled up), freely available to anyone interested, spells it out loud and clear, as to just WHAT has infiltrated and ruined Scientology.

    • Oracle..
      PS: Believing that self is better than others because the reality both parties view not agreed on because self believes that the other person’s reality is not the fact, well, that is a consideration and that the self-arrives at by evaluating accordingly their personal understanding.
      In my reality, there is no better or worse, truth or falsehoods but different realities…
      It appears if the self-have different realities than the other person than that other terminal automatically labeled as; Wrong, stupid, ignorant, crazy, out of their mind, and in many instances believed that those have ‘’mental problems’’ or LABELED SUPRESIVES. BIG WORDS.. very big!
      You who believe that you have all the answers it seem you haven’t confronted the word and its related meanings in session: this word is “SUPRESIVE”… which is so easily thrown around by those who haven on idea-reality that SUPRESIVE person do not exist.. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS SUORESSING OTHER, BUT THERE IS NONECONFRONT FROM ON THE PART WHO CANT FACE THE INCOMING REALITIES- EXPERIENCES!!!!!!
      Of course it is easy to ‘’blame others for the plight self is in self’s plight and say OH THIS ARCB I AM SITTING IN IS THE FAULT OF THE SUPRESIVE PERSON….well, Oracle that only speaks of none-confront: can’t face the experience therefore to make self look good that self puts the blame on others.
      You who call your self “ORACLE” = prophesy, vision, revelation, forewarning, answer, truth, advise but you are still in hiding and we all know where that is in the tone scale.
      OH.. I know ‘’Oracle’’ sounds so much better that a regular ordinary name, Oracle was in the past on our track someone special, a leader of a community, so Lady if you really want to live up to that title than LEAD Promote by giving example, continue with solo auditing and post your wins-cognitions that would help not only you but many others who are reading the blogs looking for answers.
      I only post and have my own blog to promote the Auditing Technology: to start get auditing and for those who know how jump into solo audit again.
      Elizabeth Hamre.

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