We’re back & kicking off with good news!


BIC has returned from a lengthy sabbatical , the reasons for which will become known in due course.

To celebrate our return, we’re kicking off with some great news – another first for South African independents.

This last Saturday 20th June 2015, a graduation event was hosted by a Joburg group to celebrate those who have either embarked on their journey for the first time or those who have continued with their journey outside of corporate scientology.

Most impressive was that over 95 people arrived to congratulate the 46 recipients of certificates for varying completions of life skill courses and other personal spiritual milestones.

Below are some pictures showing friends mingling, chatting and thoroughly enjoying the day. Curiously, people were in no hurry to leave!   We were also given a couple of success stories – these have been included below the pics.



Communication Skills

“I managed to get out of that shell that no one could crack. Finally I can get my life moving. Starting from one of those days in January I had to stay after my course and help my mom with her course. Even though I missed out on so many things I guess it was worth it. I can communicate better with my friends, parents, teachers and people around me. The bull baiting part has helped me a lot because I’m not easily brought down by people’s negative talks. You can yell, scream, and shout as loud as you want but I still won’t draw my attention to you since I finally know how to focus on one thing I’m doing. So you can’t distract me. Doing the drill got me knowing how to be there and focus.

I look at myself in the mirror every morning and say, you can do this, keep it up”  

(13 year-old).

Study Skills

“This has been a wonderful learning experience, I have learnt so much about study over the past course! My ability to study has improved a huge amount! I feel I can cover huge amounts of information without any incompletion or blowing as I now have the skills to study.

The course gave me workable ideas all round on so many viewpoints of application of study and where society has gone wrong that I can’t help but feel so excited to be able to help myself and so many others with this data of mine! What’s incredible is I feel the data really is mine!  For the first time ever I had no anxiety to write an exam as I understood and took ownership! What an amazing skill to have. 

The tech will change my life 🙂 The best is still to come”.

Training Camp

“What an absolute pleasure it has been being part of the training camp. The uptoned people and space has made progress easy and fun. Having so much experienced coaches and their certainty! What a comfort. This has been a really big win for me as my first major step back on the bridge. Thanks to all for making this possible”.

* * * * *

“A lovely safe space to learn Mr Hubbard’s technology. Excellent coaching, care and lots of help”.

* * * * * *

“I was involved in a fast flow training camp getting people moving up the bridge to their Upper Levels.

There were students who had given up on the Upper Levels. It is simply too daunting.

Now this is no Mickey Mouse camp. We have only the best there is to offer – supervisor, C/S, and Qual Sec’s who are all flag trained. But there is one difference. We only use LRH data prior to 1981. What came afterwards is questionable. Furthermore only LRH original checksheets and books are used. What we did in this training camp was to twin people through their courses on a one-to-one basis. More than once I was told “I never believed that I can now see a clear road to the Upper Levels”. What a win for all of us.

There are plenty of us old timers who were also on the original CLVIII course on the ship, who twinned the students through their courses.

The place was like in the old days – an F/N’ing course room.

These students saw that there is a route outside of the church that runs standardly. Not just here in South Africa, but across the world under the “squirrel” label? (A joke).

Thanks to LRH – without him, this is simply not possible”.

* * * *

And so another milestone for the South African independents has been reached. BIC wishes you all the very best as you continue your journey outside the confines of the church.

To those who have chosen not to continue their SCN journey please remember you are still very much part of the BIC family and we’d love to hear from you.

Sharing your stories of transition out of the church and how you’re doing now is of enormous benefit to those still stuck on the other side.

Let’s get that message out loud and clear that stepping out into the sunshine is well worth the effort! 

Sun Welcome


40 thoughts on “We’re back & kicking off with good news!

  1. To all my South African friends – This is great! Continue your valuable work to help self and others with LRH Tech !
    Tami Lemberger, Israel

  2. Hello BIC, so good to have you back!

    Tami and I just got back from a three-week long visit to Jo’burg, where we participated in the activities of the local Scientology Center. We had a great time! What wonderful people, what precise application of Standard Tech.

    It was a joy to meet tens of people doing Scientology in an environment of theta, unlimited space, friendliness and excellent service. Many of the friends we met are old-timers who worked with Ron in the 1960-70’s. He would be proud of what his buddies in South Africa are now accomplishing.

    Undoubtedly, the way UP the Bridge, is the way OUT of the church.

    Well done, warmest regards, Dani

    • What a great post. I’m so glad you have a thriving group there and people are having wins with the tech. And loved your “Welcome” sign.

    • Yes, dear Sheeplebane, the surely have been missed. Welcome back ! I was beginning to feel homeless already. :-)))

      Congratulations to all the graduates, and a very big validation for having made that traning possible. Keep the torch of Freedom lit !!!


    • Peter, Ive been so busy with life lately without BIC and company to offer some welcome distraction that I turned to Game of thrones! The mayhem and plot surprises therin kept me entertained for a short time at least!

      P.s. down in our section of the dark continent we have had some spectacular wins too! Great time for S.african
      independants it seems, keep up the good work friends! Up up and away!

  3. While it is interesting and necessary maybe to follow the current cherch news, “the adventures of Davy” etc. It is still so nice to get this good news coming through as well. Thanks BIC. It was a great graduation reminiscent of days of old. And weird at first to see those who have come in who have never seen an Ideal Org and have no engrams on Ideal Orgs, IAS, fund raising none of that. Just wins with the tech and free to use it or not at will. Free will? Entitled to own opinions? Entitled to have questions and ask them with impunity? Just really awesome.

  4. You’re back!! yay!! I click here everyday and clicked away immediately expecting the Pretoria heading. lol Down with expectations! Wish you the very best as well.

  5. Welcome back, BIC!

    So great to hear that people are winning on just the “simple” tech. Starting with things like TRs and study tech – life-changing in themselves. I am convinced that LRH’s core tech and the basic principles of Scientology will be “discovered” one day by the world at large.

  6. What is noteworthy is that you bunch of squirrels, DBs ans SPs were able to get close to a hundred people to attend a scientology event.

    The local Orgs in SA can barely convince a dozen people to give up their free time to attend “official” scientology gatherings.


  7. Yes, that’s for sure – it’s certainly great to see you up and running again. We all missed you.

    And as for the Graduation event, it certainly was just wonderful to see so many achieving such life changing wins; and most especially great to see so many new people reaching for LRH’s superb tech.

    Love to you from Wendy B

  8. Good to see you back. I attended it was great. It was fabulous to see guys and dolls truly winning. The tech is all that is needed. Stay strong do well. David

  9. I’m so glad I attended – it was a lovely event. I was amazed at some of the faces I saw. Lots of hugging, enthusiastic chatter and catching up with friends – the good ones I have come to love and trust. What was especially poignant for me was this happened a year to the day my mom departed. How wonderful that a year later, we were all together again – celebrating livingness, awesome wins and major progress in the South African Indy field. I just know that somewhere, my mom was laughing and doing her happy dance. 🙂

    • Ah….!!! This is the VERY best news in a loooooong while!!! A hearty welcome back – INTO – Comm, dear BIC! 🙂 And thanks for putting the mystery to bed at last. I knew it would only be a question of time and, of course, patience!! LOL.

      Wonderful indeed, to see the wheels are back on the wagon, with people resuming progress upward on their respective journeys and wins, as formerly delivered in an LRH based, uptone, & friendly environment.

      The best though, is that things are looking increasingly positive for the resumption of authentic, REAL Scientology again, reminiscent of the good old ‘fun’ days past.

      Cheers, Calvin. 🙂

    • Oops, my bad, Shelley! The above comment was not intended to appear as a direct reply to you! 🙂 Never the less, great seeing you on the page and just too wonderful that your mom was able to join in too! 🙂

      We regularly have Dot’s mom pop in for her usual quota of mischief in the bigger family. Make no mistake, operating without a body, has some definite advantages over the MEST-bound version. LOL!!

      Cheers, Calvin. 🙂

  10. Good to see you back, BIC. For a minute there, I thought we’d have to put out an ‘all points bulletin’ and organize a search party to find you! 🙂

    Love the good news about your SA training camp. Someone’s got to do it, ’cause the orgs sure aren’t. Very uplifting!

    • Thanks Ronnie – and everyone else on this thread – for the warm words of welcome & encouragement. It’s heartening to see our BIC family (and by that we mean everyone who visits & engages on this blog) reacting so favourably.

      • 🙂
        I’m sure lots of persons are reading that don’t comment much. Thank you scnafrica for your hard work.

  11. Looking at those pictures, and comparing them with pictures from inside shows that the Church of Scientology is in deep trouble. No event pics I’ve seen posted in the last two years from inside have had half as many people, even when you include the Sea Org. If anyone shows these to David Miscavige he’ll have a fit.

    Glad to see you back, Back In Comm, can’t wait to hear the reasons in due course!

  12. Sorry to put a downer on all the welcomes back, but one article does not mean you’re back, any more than ‘one swallow makes a summer’. When this blog started there was an article a day and a lively debate. Even before the latest sabbatical the number of articles had fallen to one a week and was noticeably slowing – so one in six weeks didn’t seem out of order. For me, the jury’s still out on whether or not BIC is back.

    • Pehaps you should cut them some slack, dear Maven. Running a blog with so many people with widely different viewpoints about things, is not an easy thing indeed.

      You try handling dozens of individuals while keeping a sane balance into things, and moderaring while making sure that everyone has a say , and see how well you do at it.

      Then having the Church constantly on your back trying to mess everything up , is enough to drive anybody crazy.

      God! , I wouldn’t have lasted 3 months myself. This BIC Admin is my hero. My hat off to him for the wonderful job he/them has done so far.

      Let’s grant some beingness here, would you ?

      ARC, Peter

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