Joburg Org – PR ZERO Area Control

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PR Series 10-1: PRO Area Control:

“The extent of one’s PRO area control can be measured at once by counting up the points one is not controlling from the company or org viewpoint and the points one IS controlling.”

Joburg Org – the continental headquarters of Scientology in Africa, has been situated in it’s ideal premises in the suburb of Kensington since November 2003.

For a brief period before and after Joburg reached St Hill size in 2005, the org was involved in many community activities – Drug Free marches and other 3D campaigns were active – VM’s, WTH, Gung-Ho groups etc. The field & org staff had a great sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm in undertaking these projects. At that time, the church was recognised and appreciated for the role it took in community development and betterment.

But it was not to last.

As has been reported previously, by the time the basics were launched in 2007, Joburg org was all but bankrupt – both financially and terms of support from the field who were running for cover from the relentless regging and never-ending fundraising. With the emphasis on money, money and more money the community projects died a natural death. For the field, the org became an unfriendly place to be if one was not willing to constantly part with heaps of money.

By 2010 Joburg org’s community involvement had come to a standstill. Not only that, but they had seriously blotted their copy book with key community OL’s.  The annual Kensington Spring Fair organizers were scathing of the Church for demanding they be allowed to book a stand at the fair at the last minute – year in and year out.  Vicky Sampson – famous South African entertainer who personally performed her beautiful rendition of “My African Dream” at the 2003 opening was so badly handled by Church management she forbade the church from playing her music (not that this was ever heeded by the Church who continues playing the song she sang at the opening with arrogant impunity). Carol Milner,  Joburg City Councillor who spoke at the 2003 opening event also ended up at loggerheads with church management for constant violation of building codes during renovations of the SO berthing. A Way to Happiness project involving local police stations around Kensington & Joburg ended in utter disaster with misappropriation of funds, 1000’s of booklets (paid for by parishioners) being dumped and TV’s placed in Police Stations for looping WTH announcements either destroyed, stolen or purloined for some other purpose.  The VM cavalcades folded their tents and disappeared years ago. CCHR is non-existent. Criminon is hanging on by a thread. Narconon Joburg closed it doors years ago and despite rumours about new premises being bought miles away from Joburg org, nothing much seems to be happening on this front either.

Some excerpts from PR Series 41 “Creating Overwhelming Popularity”:

“PR is totally built on ARC”  …… “A favourable operating climate in which a Scientology organization can exist and expand is something you have to work for. It is not a passive thing which simply exists – that you are there has nothing guaranteed about at all. Simply being there is no guarantee of success. The organization has to add reality and affinity and then it can be there and communicate and raise its ARC with the environment out the roof.”

“One has to find out what would make the org valuable to the local community. This brings us to the subject of exchange. What does an organization offer the town or country? There must be a high value in having an organization there. And it must be a truth.”

With the above in mind, it would stand to reason that Joburg org (or any org for that matter) would be hard at work in (a) safeguarding & improving the environment in which it is operating and (b) exchanging with the community. This is, after all one of the tenets of WTH and any org worth its salt should be able to prove that they are actively doing this.  If the church claims to have “the only road out” and to be in possession of “the only workable solution for mankind’s ills” then surely they should be able to show at least some improvement in the immediate surrounds of an org after 12 years of being in the area?

So let’s take a look at how Joburg org is doing in terms of it’s PRO Area Control:

With the org heavily promoting its “good works” such as hundred of thousands of WTH booklets distributed, drug-free programs hosted and other community projects they’ve been involved in, one would minimally expect a decrease in crime and an increase in moral standards in the area.

The following graphs from Crime Stats South Africa show the crime statistics in the three police precincts immediately surrounding Joburg Org (Cleveland, Jeppe & Bedfordview). These are for the last 3 years.

Drug Crimes by Precinct

Drug-related Crimes Period 2012 – 2014

Murder Crimes by precinct

Murder – 2012 – 2014

Burglary Crimes by precinct

Burglary 2012 – 2014

Total crimes by precinct

Total selected crimes 2012 – 2014

We selected the above 3 crimes specifically as they are all supposed to be “handled” using Scientology programs – Drug Free World, Way to Happiness, Criminon and Narconon.

12 years on and it seems Joburg org has made ZERO impact whatsoever in establishing a safe environment for SCN to expand in Joburg – let alone the rest of the country or Africa for that matter.

Next up: It is a well known fact that the church is notorious for its fixation on the subject of SEX.  Thousands of Sea Org staff hit the RPF because of it. Masturbation is a BIG no-no in the Sea Org – as is heavy petting or any other kind of sexual activity if one is not married.  As a result, divorce & remarriage within the SO is rampant. OT levels are denied because of perceived “sexually perverted conduct”. Homosexuality is heavily frowned upon and anyone so engaged is deemed a miscreant by the church (regardless of their “PR” to the contrary).  The famed Joburg sec-check is peppered with 2D questions – including the now utterly defunct issue of multi-racial relationships. Staff and SO are expected to offer up every sexual act they’ve engaged in since birth in life histories – these are kept on file and ARE used against one – executive or HCO & CMO posts are denied for those deemed to be “promiscuous”. And if you speak out against the church, that life history can and in many cases has been publicized by the church.  The list goes on.

Bearing the church’s stance on this subject, it was with some shock when in 2011 a rather small, discreet sex shop called “Pleasuredome” opened just down the road from Joburg org. This was cause for much consternation and at the time mutterings were made (particularly by then LC JBG Sandra de Beer) about organising some kind of activity to rail against this most unwelcome incursion of depravity into the org’s area.  This of course went nowhere as the org was utterly preoccupied with its MAIN activity – fundraising.

It was with some amusement then that we received the following photographs from one of our BIC correspondents:


Pleasuredome – Queen Street, Kensington


Luv Land – Queen Street Kensington

Map - org to Queen Street

Map from Joburg Org to Queen Street

Yep, just 350 meters down the road from Joburg org, there are now TWO sex-shops open for business – literally across the road from each other.

In the last few weeks, Luv Land (formerly a large video store) opened its doors for business. Our correspondent  did a little legwork in the area and spoke to some locals – all of them report this establishment offers both products as well as “services”. As can be seen from the sheer size of the premises, this would certainly seem to be an “ideal” sex shop.

And to add insult to injury,  just down the road in Bez Valley (3 kms from the org) is yet another popular sex shop which has now expanded its business to an online shop offering courier & postal deliveries throughout South Africa.

And there you have it.

To end, we leave you with this:

PR Series 11R:


There are the three grades of PR:





Your thoughts?


59 thoughts on “Joburg Org – PR ZERO Area Control

  1. Lol! That’s so funny. An “Ideal” sex shop. Should be a lot easier to get people to attend their fundraisers I’m sure. Cool article. Thanks for the facts.

  2. An organization which is incapable of improving PRO does not deserve to exist.
    L. Ron Hubbard

    OK, he didn’t say that, but it is true.

  3. Ille hazard a guess that those two sex shops provide more “releases” in one week than the org makes in a single year! So if I wanted more bang for my buck, Queen st instead of bugger-me-man (cough) I mean Langerman drive, hits the G spot every time baby!

    For those poor public, staffers and sea orgers tip toeing past those sullied pits of temptation called sex shops fear not! Inside are shelves of tasty morsels of flesh, objects of vibrating carnal ecstacy and guess what? No HCO or Sandra De Beer! Wowwee! She wouldnt be caught dead in there, the sexual demons of sextopia would gobble her up instantly!! Safest place in the world!! Check it out, you know you want to.

      • Yip or Rogered like you will be at Langeman..;)

        Kensington the place in your space where sex shops have higher statuses than your local org for providing a needed and wanted service! A shame really as it wasnt always so. I remember a time when positive actions did occur. Yes really. The pain vs pleasure ratio was still below the -Im being tortured on a daily basis phase which became all too familiar later on!

        So much goodness and potential all wasted, all gone, all for naught in the end. Lessons learnt hopefully.

  4. I’ll bet the sex shops have a damn sight more bodies-in-the-shop too, and a damn sight more able-and-willing shop staff prepared to “give them a hand” with stress relief. Yes, I’m sure you’re expecting a LOT of such lame jokes! I’m sure the staff will bend over backwards…
    To this day, after all my 2D sex checks I’m still terrified to go into a sex shop just on the off chance I one day get back into auditing and have to confess to all my gross out-2D stuff. When you have to confess to looking at a woman’s cleavage, christ you know you’re a saint. I mean, what else do you do with cleavage!
    After doing multitudinous sec checks on the 2D I decided to enroll for the much-vaunted FPRD, and told my auditor (and yes, I AM a cretin) that I wanted any list but the 2D. No prizes for guessing what list I got. I really thought they might have looked at my folder instead of just assuming I obviously had things to hide on the 2D, To this day, I’ve had no lists other than 2D, ‘cepting of course for looking on the internet, though many would regard that as the same thing.
    Today, I would regard it as the lesser overt to splash out my money in a sex shop than to donate to an org. So, as far as I’m concerned these little shops of pleasure are raising the tone level of the community, albeit from a very low base.

    • After re-reading my comment above, I trust its understood my comment of ‘raising tone’ level is by comparison to fund raising!

      • That’s quite all right, dear Dr. MAC ; there is nothing wrong with sex shops. I am into “priesthood” myself, but not for any “moral” reason at all. It is more an individual choice having to do with the route to becoming “Not-Human” , but only a Free-Being , free from the routine of Human existence. That’s has always been my goal this life-time.

        Nobody should intervene in any way with the sex life of anybody save that a sexual conduct is affecting the well-being of another in any way. Sex is often used as a tool of degradation by “moralists” assholes that abound in all denominations. Scn is not the exception to the rule at all. In fact , it is as fixated on the 2D almost as much as psychoanalysis is. This is not only a “Church thing” ; it was also present when LRH was running the place, even though to a lot lesser degree.

        The ONLY “solution” to the 2D is just going OT, and handling all the implanted ideas from time immemorial down the whole-track. Wasting time in 2D stuff in Sec Checks is just for the birds. Besides making sure that no W/Hs as missed (according to the PC’s own reality on what he feels he is wihholding) , attempting to do a “search and find” for 2D stuff is just a “moralist fixation” on “proper” sex conduct.

        Most people fixated on this issue (being “moralists”) , when properly “assessed” , are found to be themselves full of 2D W/Hs which they are heavily withholding making them dramatize getting others to “behave”. A truly sane person does not care about silly “morality” , as he/she is sufficiently strong to have a self-determined view on correct conduct, which has nothing to do with “morality”. He/she can hold a good opinion of himself/herself regardless of his “aberrations” or past.

        I bet you all that dear COB is full of sexual “deviations” himself, which he has been heavily withholding himself from dramatazing. In fact, that’s his main case phenomena.

        He turned Scn into a “religion” fixated, as the old Chatolics “priests” were, in self-denial, self-abasement, and an attitude of hate towards ourselves. I see so many Scientologists concerned by their “sexual lives” , to be even worrisome. Heavily withholding themselves from having certain “thoughts” ; from having certain “attitudes”. This has all been created on purpose. That’s what many are failing to grasp. Make others guilty for having thought certain “discreditable” thoughts ; make them feel “dirty” and “wicked and evil” for being human, and you have them under your control and possesion every time.

        Fuck them all. Don’t let them do that to you. Love yourselves enough to recover your self-esteem and respect about it. Don’t let any “moralist” asshole decides for you what is right or wrong. It is YOUR life, not theirs.

        Women are works of art ; the representation of beauty itself. Nothing wrong in desiring them, in admiring their bodies. To “fight it” goes against nature itself. It is all designed to make us individuate and introvert. I said, fuck them all.

        As to the Church’s uses of PR tech, I can only say they are themselves their worse PRO (Public Relation Officer). Listen to LRH’s “It is PRO World” lecture from the FBC course, and you’ll understand.

        The biggests enemy of the CofS is the Church itself. They’ll fall just as Roma fell at the end, because they both violated the principles upon which they were built : Freedom, participation, and inclusion.

        Love to see you back, dear ScnAfrica.


  5. When the cat’s away the mice will play! After LRH departed from this world and new people got into control they instituted huge off policy solutions. During my last days in the SO at the FLB they did not do any Financial planning but sent the FBO to collect money from the tills whenever needed. I had to teach them how to do an FP.

    As for masturbation and sex, LRH never interfered in any persons 2D and even did a lecture on interfering in the second dynamic stating that civilizations have vanished when those in charge interfered in the 2D. Also stating it is a very powerful dynamic.

    I wonder what the stats look like on a world wide basis, are the trends up or down. Only that will tell you if Scientology is going up or down. I wonder if they even keep stats in the org’s.

    When I was sent on a mission to inspect the ship they wished to purchased I never went through any briefing nor given any money for my airfare and food until I asked for it.

    Even at the top they are way off policy.

    • Travers, the problem with looking at the stats is basically they are not necessarily true or accurate or meaningful . Anyone who has been on staff in recent years knows the shenanigans that go on from Wednesday to Thursday to suddenly try to get the stats up. Methods used are creative yet are basically false and misleading. But if one had an accurate stat to look at it would be very useful.

    • Travers, thanks for posting that data. Few people ever comment on the positive points with respect to any aspect of Scientology whatsoever – while many others repeat and sometimes embellish all the negative. This gives a false picture as opposed to the actual history and how things factually evolved – both when LRH was around and afterwards. Contrary to the opinion of the critics who feel that by emphasizing and exaggerating the negative, the way to evolve upwards is actually by knowing the full picture. IMHO

      • Correction on that last sentence where part of my thought was left out. It should read:

        Contrary to the opinion of the critics who feel that by emphasizing and exaggerating the negative IT WILL BE PREVENTED FROM HAPPENING AGAIN TO OTHERS – the way to evolve upwards is actually by knowing the full picture.

  6. Wow. How’s that for straight up and vertical expansion! Seriously though, that sex shop is an in-your-face eyesore. I’m a resident of Kensington and I’m shocked the Church apparently allowed this to happen right on their doorstep without a fight. There is a school just across the road too – in fact there are about 5 schools within walking distance of that shop. What the org & SO Mgmnt is really engaged in (besides endless fundraising) is Facebook policing, dirty OSA tricks, declaring upstat gung-ho SCN’s because they DARED speak their mind & running in circles to prevent haemorrhaging of leftover public as they are purportedly being disaffected by us BIG BAD SP’s. Sorry guys, but you’ve lost the plot entirely. After 12 years of ZERO expansion (the opposite in fact), enemy-PR products and false stats about how wonderful & dandy everything is, you failed to notice the very suburb you’re supposed to be establishing an island of sanity in is circling the drain with soaring crime rates, major drug problems and a giant SEX FOR SALE hypermarket 300 meters down the road. You’ve effectively rendered yourselves utterly incapable of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • Just think of all the inexpensive Sex Ed classes the local schools will get, all thanks to the Church of Scientology not being able to handle it’s PRO.

  7. This isn’t unprecedented, really. Chicago Org (not the crumbling site of the future Ideal Org) is less than 3km from Boystown, Chicago’s main gay neighborhood. Boystown is a very theta area, with thriving businesses and an incredible sense of community pride (no pun intended). The area around the org, though, is a little bit frumpy and dumpy and seems to be resisting gentrification. Makes you wonder.

  8. One should always try to see the good in whatever one is confronted with.

    I for one think these shops could alleviate some pain for the Org Public. They could stop in there and get some lube before they attend a fundraiser or go to see the registrar.

    • Kent you crack me up. Very well spotted. Also to balance the flows you can go get screwed at the Reg and then go to the sex shop and dish out some at home. Good plan and stress relief all in one. Assuming it’s still okay to see your wife naked. Sec check coming.

    • LOL Kent. Another positive side is if you’re feeling like you haven’t got enough overts to use up your money on account for a sec-check, you can pop into LUVLAND for a quick look at all the toys on display – maybe even test drive a few. And then have fun as you watch the auditor squirming while you give up all the gory details – blow by blow. 🙂

      • Hahaha Shelly Im sure that confession will test any GAT 2 cyborg trained COBphyte auditor to the max! Expect him to report to gold for a silver cert on his own, never mind his glossy mark Viii quality checks. The auditor may need a few circuits replaced!

        I just realised why GAT 1 & 2 became so essencial to COB. Only a robot like auditor could be used to attempt sessions while ignoring every tech violation under the sun, moon and stars! Other pre gat auditors were trained to obnose! What a danger to the COB! Welcome the golden age of grave yard expansion!

      • I had a student or intern auditor, struggling with his TRs once, when I answered “Hair in my mouth” to the question “What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘pubic hair’?”

      • Kent: “Hair in my mouth”


        For those who have charge in their 2Da, I suggest doing naked TR0 to 4 (with TR comm tailored to 2Da) with their significant one(s).

  9. My thoughts? I could go into considerable detail on the PR Series, and related issues, but it would likely be censored here.

    • Boggle, after censuring you for a period of time, we’ve taken the decision to give you another chance. Your views are welcome here – as long as they are in line with our mod policy and you can keep your manners in. At the first hint of you becoming bombastic, obnoxious, vexatious or confrontational and attempting to derail discussion topics, we will ban you permanently. Please keep it nice.

  10. Excellent article!
    I think cobb has a crashing Mu on what the ARC triangle is. It really is hard to fathom that someone who is supposedly an OEC/FEBC and the king OT of this sector of the universe doesn’t get this basic concept and it’s relationship to PR.
    One might get the idea that he purposely wants to sabotage the whole activity….

  11. How can this be?? The Org being in possession of the BEST Admin tech in the whole wide universe?? This should be impossible! Hell, they can’t Clear their own Org let alone a city block. Lol!!

  12. When I was last in the orgs Joburg Org was selling leatherbounds to build up a fund to do the biggest non-e campaign ever. They were almost there (they said)……. and yet all these years later, we hear less and less. PR? They are still not out of non-e — ten years (or is it longer?) after going Ideal and St Hill Size.

    • Yup Wendy. Still, what would you expect from the little dwarf jockey aboard his Trojan horse called “Ideal Morgue”?

      Firstly, the little prick mounted the thing Backwards, and thinks he can win a race called: “Saving The Planet ” by seeing how many punters he can con
      into putting ALL their money on his equine cadaver!!

      The little idiot took over from the original guy who specialized in “training”!!
      And he preferred to ride motorcycles just as a hobby, while he really did have a crack at “saving the planet”, having some promising success along the way — that is, till the little dwarf showed up — and has specialized in cleaning everyone out, ever since!!

  13. The whole topic of sex is an interesting one to me. The cult used it as a way they could make income by using something people feel introverted on and then making them more introverted on it and then “sell a solution”. That didn’t work by the way.

    LRH used the idea in the reference Second Dynamic Rules that the org shouldn’t intrude into the personal affairs of people. This wasn’t applied very much because the C/S’s loved to get involved into all of that.

    The idea that people somehow feel ashamed of having sex urges and manifesting sexual desire in different ways. I feel a lot of this stems from latent Christian prohibition on the subject as well as other things. I personally believe that Man is a combination of spirit and animal. He is at his best when he demonstrates the spirit side.

    I don’t think that it is a bad thing for a person to demonstrate his animal side unless he is doing things he is ashamed of as a spirit. Such as cheating on his wife or something like that.

    A person needs to be comfortable with both sides of this equation, being animal and spirit.

    Nobody has become OT yet. People have become more spiritual for sure. Personally I think it’s a good goal to be okay with the fact that we have both spirtual and animal urges and maybe acknowledging that those urges may never go away.

    Some religionists used to whip themselves in order to get rid of any sexual desire. I think people should just take a deep breath and ack the fact that they have a body. It’s okay.

    • Good post, Tony.

      You wrote: “I personally believe that Man is a combination of spirit and animal. He is at his best when he demonstrates the spirit side.”

      That’s thought provoking. Maybe there really isn’t a division of spirit side and animal side, since it’s possible for a person to experience everything as a spirit. I guess it just depends on tone level and considerations.

      • Thanks Marildi.

        I think trying to attain the unattainable can give a person a huge loss.

        I decided at some point to embrace my animal side as well as my spiritual nature.

        People get so worried about masturbating or other things more associated with the lower side of life. I don’t think that helps them much.

        What I did like about some of the Scientology philosophy was to be in ARC with all aspects of life and to grant beingness. You have to grant beingness to yourself too.

        Trying for this ultimate state of “OT”, at least how LRH describes it in the PDC tapes will just give people losses ultimately.

        I am sure there are many types of auditing that can lead a person to higher states as well as many other techniques. I no longer think that Scientology had the monopoly on help. That being said, I still think there is much value there.

        I realized that the cult in some ways use this idea of “making OT’s” as a means of justifying their heinous acts.

        If ANYONE could actually make true OT’s then I think almost any act could be justified to continue to create them.

        Since nobody is making OT’s, especially the cult, they cannot get away any longer pretending that all the money and mental manipulation is justifiable.

      • Tony: “What I did like about some of the Scientology philosophy was to be in ARC with all aspects of life and to grant beingness. You have to grant beingness to yourself too.”

        Well said again. Actually, as you know, ARC=theta. Only spirit can experience affinity and reality, and can communicate with intention. Less than spirit just won’t do it. And yes – the first dynamic counts too.

        Tony: “I am sure there are many types of auditing that can lead a person to higher states as well as many other techniques. I no longer think that Scientology had the monopoly on help. That being said, I still think there is much value there.”

        My sentiments exactly. It will be a shame if the reality of that gets lost because of the behavior of the CoS – or because of the backlash the CoS and its critics have brought about. That could create a whole new “reality” about auditing as well as all the other valuable pieces of tech. It doesn’t require being “full OT” to benefit greatly from things like study tech and TRs, etc. etc.

        “I realized that the cult in some ways use this idea of ‘making OT’s’ as a means of justifying their heinous acts.”

        I’m sure that’s true of some of them, but the majority of staff are convinced that the ends justify the means – for just the reason you said: “If ANYONE could actually make true OT’s then I think almost any act could be justified to continue to create them.”

        I’ve been of the staff mindset myself, and I know that the best of intentions can be behind it. But I hope you’re right that they can’t get away with it much longer.

      • It sounds so crude when you say “animal side”, Tony but I do understand where you are going with that statement.

        For me, I prefer: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual presence having a human experience.” Adapted from the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

        Part of the human experience is the subject of sex and when we decided to have a body, part of the allure was the want of sensation. Bodies do get to experience sensation and they are a good medium to experience the physical universe.

        I know Hubbard tried to make us all wrong with his Pain and Sex bulletin bullshit. He certainly convince SO members to suppress their sexual desires and convert those urges into productive scientology projects. It was all about manipulating others to do his bidding IMHO.

        Much of what Hubbard promoted, he could not accomplish, from the definition of “the clear” in DMSMH to the master of the physical universe in his PDCs, yet the yearnings for these states amoung his followers kept feeding his scientology engine and I think he knew that.This don’t mean that a state similar to OT cannot exist but rather that Hubbard couldn’t quite replicate it.

        Whilst on the topic of failures, the Jo’burg Org is demonstrating the death throes of an entity. In my 25 years of involvement in Orgs, I always witnessed a handful of true ardent believers who seemed to carry the whole organisation on their own bent, enthusiastic backs. It was their unquestioning belief in all things scientology which kept the doors ajar, sacrificing their own personal existence for a greater cause.

        As the membership dries up, so do these stalwarts potential replacements.

        A Ponzi scheme is dependent upon an expanding influx of new people. When the new numbers start heading south, the scheme comes apart at the seams and gets exposed for what it is.

        Globally,it appears that Scientology is currently facing this same dilemma.

      • Hey Old Timer,

        I also get what you mean when you say that my saying we have an animal side sounds “crude”.

        I meant it to be that way. It seems to me that some people have such a button that they have animal characteristics that they will do ANYTHING to try to evade that idea.

        Actually I think animals for the most part have a lot of class, maybe more than humans in some ways.

        I think it would be a better goal to try to become excellent humans. Start defining what a good human would be like and work towards that.

        All humans defecate just like animals, this will never change no matter how spiritual you become. Humans seem to like sex in all sorts of variety. Let each one decide how they want to manifest it. I think LRH did a disservice having all of us chasing this goal of OT. If he had us chasing the goal of being good humans and caring for the planet I think things could have been different.

        Personally I like law and order so I would never advocate being able to manifest violence. Even though there is a violent streak in the human race. I think it is evolving from being destructive animals which has been the case for the majority of the time into sentient peace loving animals/humans, whatever you want to call it.

        I don’t see anyone becoming this “super being” anytime soon. Let’s set the bar a little lower. We can be more realistic. Let’s set it a lot higher than where most people on Earth are at now but lower than OT and trying to become some disembodied super hero.

        I think we should “keep it real.”

      • Hi Tony,

        Great job with your latest round of salvos, man. You really are on a roll here, managing to certainly keep it all very real, that’s for sure! 🙂

        Nail on the head too, about striving to be a better human being, bro’.

        Although, the one thing I really liked about the ol’ man, was he certainly acted like one, very fitting with his era too! Lots of warts, foibles, and peccadilloes, typical of your ordinary common garden human ‘bean’, hey? LOL!

        Your current $cn leader (the mealie cob), is just way too ‘busy’ for that, since he is still wholly and completely consumed with his delusions and personalized version of ‘mein kamph’ (the co$)

        It is almost certain that he has absolutely no clue whatsoever, on what it feels like, to ‘be human’.

      • Tony the things you say resonate. Especially regarding the goals us spiritual beings having a human experience mentioned by old timer(great quote BTW) apply.

        Perhaps LRH was a dreamer, he envisioned things in a way none of us could see as actuality from initial conception. But look at it now. Mainstream medical science accepting prenatal experiences, past life occurrences showing more and more credibility. Pretty out there stuff. But look at how far we have come since the 50’s! Do I think Scn had something to do with that? Hell yes!

        As to LRH”s out gradient approach as you mentioned to full OT super being stuff to me was just an ideal scene statement. A more intermediate goal like super human rather than super being may have been a better goal I agree. However it goes without saying the bigger the goal, the bigger the gain or loss too!

        I speak for myself when I say that if it wasnt for the insparation of greater, higher states of beingness and abilities talked about by LRH. I would never have persued such endeavours with dogged persistence, delight and happiness! Instead I may have accepted mediocrity or fallen into ignorant stupor!

        The persuit of near lofty mythical “OT” states is a game worth fighting for because along the way you get some juicy glimpses of what could be.

    • Hi Sheeplebane,

      Thanks for your response.

      I get what you are talking about when you said : “I speak for myself when I say that if it wasn’t for the inspiration of greater, higher states of beingness and abilities talked about by LRH. I would never have pursued such endeavors with dogged persistence, delight and happiness! Instead I may have accepted mediocrity or fallen into ignorant stupor! ”

      There is merit to what you say there.

      First off, I think anyone before attempting to be a super human or “OT” or anything like that should attempt to be a good person. Part of my point was that with the excuse of becoming “OT” people in Scientology were willing to perpetrate some awful overts in the name of “forwarding the cause”, supporting “command intention”, you get what I mean?

      I think that is one of the liabilities of saying you are going for “OT”. I don’t think LRH was just sort of penciling in an ideal scene. I got that he was SURE about OT and in fact that he had achieved it to a very large degree. I no longer believe he even came close. I will say that the man did a lot of incredible things and he did write some excellent things and also some very workable technology.

      I did get some interesting OT phenomena and I think that’s great but I think these things could have been delivered without all the false PR and hype. I think it would have made for a much more rational group.

      Some people got some extraordinary gains and sort of OT experiences from living through the death camps in Nazi Germany. I wouldn’t recommend going through that program in order to go OT. I also wouldn’t recommend to people to go through the “Ideal Org” version of attaining “OT”. IF someone wants to go OT that is fine with me. I would like to be an OT the way LRH explains it. Who wouldn’t? But I feel the first pre-requisite towards super cool thetan power is to be a good person/human. See if you can accomplish that first. And any organization trying to sell OT let them prove that they are good people first. I believe in truth in advertising. Let me see an example of the product that you are selling first before I buy.

  14. Fabulous write up. How refreshing. Very witty. I could laugh for hours at the shock and horror Sea Org staff and many Scientologists display regarding sex. A good cartoonist could generate thousands of hours of laughter!

  15. Excellently put, most eloquent indeed! I appreciate your logic Tony and agree with most of your points.

    Have a question though. Do you think you became a better person after your Scn experience? Again speaking for myself once again, I feel I did. I used to be a sensational heidonist in my early 20’s who lusted for skirt, chemical highs and the next big party! I was selfish and arrogant and thought I could do whatever I wanted. Now Im a family man, businessman, philosopher, practitioner etc. My point? For me the idealistic goal of OT resonated so profoundly within, it set me and many others on a treasure hunt of sorts so great it civilized us! The idea of OT and its persuit did that! Pretty remarkable really. So looking back Id have to say it was, is and will be great I hope (Superman cloak with holes innit or no, lols)

  16. Part of my journey out of scientology has consisted of reading up other religions and learning that scn really isn’t anything special in terms of what it’s going through. Almost all religions are taken over by a ‘David Miscavige’. Christianity has almost nothing to do with Jesus (any more than scn will one day have to do with LRH), and everything to do with Paul and quite a few others in his wake – Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria and Origen. Many of the original gospels were never included in the bible because they either did not conform to the character and story then being synthesized of Jesus, nor of the religion’s new patron, the pagan Roman Empire. It wouldn’t have looked too good having their new god executed by the Romans themselves, so that was laid at the door of the Jews.
    Yet many gospels that have since been literally unearthed, had been excluded from the bible and which give a completely different perspective of Jesus and early Christianity. Of course, the vested interests inherent today in Christianity ensure that even today these opposing perspectives never get a look-in. Pertinent to this discussion, here’s a quote from Jesus, taken from the Gospel of Philip: “Fear not the flesh nor love it. If you fear it, it will gain mastery over you; If you love it, it will swallow and paralyse you.”
    There is plenty circumstantial evidence that as a rabbi, Jesus was required to be married and have children. As in scn, this is all suppressed and we were all required to become monks forbidden even to touch our own junk. For sooth, saith the lord, “it gaineth mastery over uth”.

  17. As a young man I was very much into Nature and the 5th dynamic. I saw Man as a vermin in Paradise, and told myself I would give up my own life if all of mankind were to disappear from the face of the Earth.

    When I started to do courses and read LRH books as well as having some auditing, my affinity for self and others increased. I started to think “to save Earth and all life on it, we first have to make man less destructive”. Also datum’s from my christian background started to make more sense. Like “Love others like you love yourself”. If you don’t love yourself how can you love others?

    My favorite book of all I have read is the little short story “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” by Richard Bach. It is basically about an angry young seagull rebel, who through his quest to achieve perfection in flying, goes OT. It is a story of personal integrity versus group think, of sacrificing comfort and security for a dream, of pushing oneself to the limit, of being met with hate and prejudice and of Love conquers all.

    Scientology could have been a similar thing, instead it reversed on itself and become the antithesis of what it was intended to be.

    Here is the book. It takes less than an hour to read:

    • Great sentiments, Kent. And thanks for sharing a portion of your early times. 🙂

      Being out of the ‘bubble’, as we are, does restore our capacity and willingness to revert to our child-like human gifts again. Natural, unbounded curiosity and viewing the world with genuine awe and fascination.

      Kent, I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that by finding out we DON’T “have all the answers”, ironically, permits us to actually discover some! And in an appreciative, refreshing openness to duplicate what and who we’re sharing our planet with. I mean duh? LOL!

      The author of “the Hidden Messages in Water”, Masaru Emoto, succeeds in laying bare, the simple secrets to the interconnectedness of ALL life, and ultimate happiness, when we manage to take on board what he calls “The Two Universal Laws” — Love and Gratitude. 🙂

      — Calvin.

  18. My 2 cents regarding Tony’s and related comments.

    Even though I think LRH wasn’t able to get close enough to his “OT” goal(s), I keep processing myself (almost every day) because of my own goals, which somehow are summarized in this article written by Ouran
    My strategy is to get as much as I can in this lifetime (instead of just complaining about the Co$’ – or LRH’s, etc. – failures).

    Being good, ethical, etc., only makes sense as related to the (agreed) rules (natural laws, etc.) governing this specific universe. In earlier or different universes with different (agreed) rules (natural laws, etc.) it may not make sense.
    This creates the free vs good problem: in order to be free of this universe, one also needs to get free of compulsively being good, ethical, etc.

    LRH pointed to this dilemma. He wrote a lot about ethics, justice and goodness (e.g.: the – highly misinterpreted and misused in the Co$ – optimum solution for all the dynamics, the Golden Rules, etc., etc.). But, he also wrote (I’m paraphrasing) that the goal is not to make good people but to free them, ethic is only to put the tech in, etc.

    According to LRH, an OT should be free and also highly ethical. But, why a being free of this universe (or a being in the process of freeing himself or herself) would self-deterministically choose to be “good” all the time in this universe?

    One way of resolving this dilemma is taking into account that in the earliest universe(s) the games were “win-win”. Win-win games in this universe translate to what we know as good, ethical, etc. So, usually, (if needed, I customize the process), I process myself (and my spiritual teammates) in a way that also will increase my own win-win ability (the Golden Rule belongs to win-win).

    • Fascinating link there f16! Got me thinking real good it did. I evaluated myself using those yardsticks and found myself wanting especially in the sleep department (that needs work), I fall into the “normal” zone there mostly. Easier to do what the body does in that time. In truth its time wastage, you could play around theta wise quite well instead of mixing pictures up and counting sheep while the body does its repair cycles!

      In other areas I fair better, much better and those areas have steadily improved with time too. So its a process, rubbing out the MEST universe sleep from ones eyes bit by bit. Either that or fall into slow slumber. What choice do we have?

      • I would be interested to know what progress f16 has made in this area.

        Have you managed to change your abilities when it comes to sleep and being exterior, or in any other way you consider a significant improvement?

        If we as Thetans are inter-dimensional beings, not bound by time and space, who use the body as an anchor-point in time and space, to play a game here and now, how competent or oriented would we be without the body?

        When I close my eyes I get the feeling of space and that I stand before a great vista – only that there is some kind of curtain that stops me from seeing in this realm.

      • Hey Sheeple! Nothing can replace adequate RESTORATIVE sleep, bro!

        As a former gym owner, personal trainer and coach, I can assure you that the well established triangle of Training, Nutrition, and Rest (recovery, sleep), would spell disaster for performance, if any one of the triad, (especially sleep) were compromised.

        Jut gotta get those zeeee’s, pal! 🙂

    • Kent,

      I (re-)started to process not long ago, and I’m unable to daily spend much time processing.

      So far, I have observed an increase in my ability to process other people telepathically and an increase in my ability to process myself.

      Ouran and a small group of people have been processing themselves for decades. You may ask them about their progress here:

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