Joburg Org – the road to nowhere

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In an effort to keep Joburg Org’s public abreast of its activities, an email promo called JOBURG BUZZ NEWSLETTER was concocted some years ago. Although intended to be a weekly issue, as the org diminished in resources and activity, so did the frequency of the newsletter which has dwindled to a sporadic now-and-again occurrence.

As is peculiar to the the world of corporate scientology, they live in a bubble of NOW – the ability to see their own dwindling spiral over time seems to be somewhat absent. This is probably attributed to a number of factors including the insanity of operating on a policy of ONLY THIS WEEK MATTERS,  ALWAYS promote unprecedented expansion despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary and NEVER admit there may be trouble in paradise.

More tragically though is those who continue glugging the koolaid – blindly believing everything spoon fed to them by the church. The inability of some to see or believe the truth of what is really going on is astounding. It would seem that for those still in, they’re intentionally having to dumb themselves down, keep their heads down and their eyes blindfolded. Why else would they stay?

Going back through our records of JOBURG BUZZ newsletters, this is the picture that unfolds:


In December 2012, this is an excerpt from the JOBURG BUZZ of the graduates, birthday game players and Dianetics Seminar graduates:

JBG Buzz Dec 2012


Graduates (notably most are OT Committee): 14

Birthday Game players (excluding kids):          7

Dianetics Seminar Graduates:                         12

Of special note is the widely disseminated Dianetics website and how this resulted in people pouring in for free Book1 sessions, moving onto the Dianetics Seminar and stating they were expecting a larger inflow of people in the future.


Moving along to 2013, and here are pictures from the 30 July edition:

JBG Buzz July 2013 Grads


JBG Buzz July 2013 Grads2


JBG Buzz July 2013 Bday Players

Birthday Game Players


Graduates                                                        15

Birthday Game players (excluding kids):          5

Dianetics Seminar Graduates:                        NR



Onto 2014, and we selected the April 2014 edition as this saw a marked increase due to the GAT2 flurry of activity with everybody routed onto the Purif & SRD:

Joburg Buzz April 2014 Grads


Joburg Buzz April 2014 Bday Game Players

Birthday Game Players


Graduates                                                         16

Birthday Game players (excluding kids):          18

Dianetics Seminar Graduates:                         NR

Not sure how 18 Birthday Game Players resulted in only 16 graduates, but these days donating huge sums of cash also qualifies one for a Birthday Game award – not that donations form any part of the stats for the Birthday Game.


And then we get to 2015.

By this point Joburg had given up trying to issue the JOBURG BUZZ weekly.   In the May 2015 edition, they proudly announce having won the International Birthday Game for that week (this is for all Class V orgs on the planet). This is what that week’s production looked like:

Joburg Buzz May 2013


Graduates                                                          7

Birthday Game players (excluding kids):          4

Dianetics Seminar Graduates:                         NR


In June there was no JOBURG BUZZ – possibly because of the MV Events which took precedence. During any major event, it is customary to cancel graduation at Joburg Org.

Below is the latest (July) edition. It’s important to note the pictures selected for these newsletters are THE BEST Joburg Org has to offer for that month.

Joburg Buzz July 2015



Graduates                                                          4

Birthday Game players (excluding kids):          1

Dianetics Seminar Graduates:                         NR

PE Course Graduates:                                     8


Of all these editions, July 2015 is by far the saddest and most pathetic to date.

Some points to consider:

  • Every graduate is a long-time Scientologist – not one new face to be seen (this applies to most of the other editions)
  • Only one report on Dianetics seminar graduates in two years. This despite promises about imminent major inflow of public – obviously never happened.
  • Winning the International Birthday game with 7 graduates is sad testament to the state of affairs on an international scale. If Joburg won the birthday game with this level of production, what are other orgs on the planet doing?
  • In the July newsletter, PE Seminar graduates are accompanied by OT8 Ciaran Ryan who looks woefully unhappy in this photo. He’s also holding a certificate – how many PE courses has this poor guy done in an attempt to boost stats? These “graduates” look like they were herded in purely on a stat-push and it’s guaranteed they will not appear in any future events.  In 2012 a briefing was given to public about Joburg Org having delivered the PE course to over 900 people – where are they?
  • The latest (July) edition has photos of the purif, courserooms, cafateria and auditing room utterly bereft of any public. Prophetic?

And to end off, our final coup de grace which leaves no doubt about the state of Joburg Org:

Below are two pictures of Joburg Org staff. The first was taken in 2011 and featured in all the 2011/2012 JOBURG BUZZ newsletters.  By 2013 so many staff had left or blown it became necessary to update the photo, and so another was taken circa 2013/2014.

By the end of 2014, the staff situation was so dire the staff photo was permanently removed from the newsletter.

The faces crossed out are those staff who are no longer in service due to having blown, got transferred, contracts ended, got declared or died.



JBG Staff 2011 & 2012 with NE


JBG Staff 2013

Our shout-out to Joburg Org:

“Hey Albert & Co – play the game and publish the current staff photo in the next JOBURG BUZZ – we would love to see how you guys are doing now”.

So much more can be said about this, but we’ll leave that for your comments. If you have any news on how your local org/s are doing, let us know.


22 thoughts on “Joburg Org – the road to nowhere

    • Yep, so glad not to be on beans and rice, in ethics and with failed purposes. Life is good, life is grand, I’ve still got my neighbour in my hand. Meanwhile, the CoS hasn’t got anyone, not even LRH on its side.

  1. On the first day, Hubbard created Dianetics.

    On the second day, he created Scientology.

    On the third day, he created the Sea Organization.

    On the fourth day, he created “RANK”. And then there were peacocks! Week ending musters with the Sea Org staff mustered in civilian clothes, and David Miscavige arriving with his entourage, dressed in a “Class A” uniform (full dress) to shock and awe like big f&*(^%g PEACOCK honking and attacking.

    His entourage, also a tribe of peacocks, trotting out behind him. He arranged for himself to have “stewards” (to compete with Buckingham palace?), messengers, (although there is no reference on messengers having messengers), private chef, custom wardrobe, custom gym, and many many other things that accompany the life of a real PEACOCK.

    His underlings, given uniforms and “rank”, also shape shifted into peacocks.

    When the Sea Organization had full become a nation of peacocks, customers were allowed to step into the game. Instead of “rank”, they were allowed “status”!

    And in the shadow of Hubbard’s death, Peacock Miscavige created “STATUS” on the fifth day!

    And while people shape shifted, as they were awarded “status” and sold “identities”, the peacock nation grew. And as people clamored the pecking order, it became necessary to create soldiers to protect the fabulous peacocks.

    And on the sixth day, Miscavige created domestic abuse and domestic terrorism! This was to preserve the peacocks and keep the hawks at bay.

    On the seventh day, Miscavige created beautiful palaces for all of the peacocks and all of peacocks helped.Because now EVERYONE had rank, status, some kind of certificate, skill and therefore, entry into the “privileged” class.

    Used to be slightly annoyed at the masquerade, the narcissism, the circus, the theater. It has come to spill out onto the street. Some peacock road kill or rejected peacock or just loose peacocks, honking and honking and fanning wings and,, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

    Hubbard wrote about all types of people but he left one item off the list of dangerous liaisons. PEACOCKS.

    You can’t even find an original book anymore, just , f%*(&^g peacock feathers everywhere!

    The problem isn’t SP’s or out ethics or big pharma or PTS’s or world governments or carpet toxins!!!

    The ruin of it all is f&(%*&g peacocks.

    AAAALLLLLLL the attacks on Marty because he pulled out a few peacock feathers, and pointed out the peacocks have some bugs under their feathers.

    So I ask myself, after watching this unusual magic, of people shape shifting into peacocks, even if only as “spiritually supreme”, can I applaud at this total theater? With such a wild, unexpected, twisty end? Scientology, the only game where everyone gets to be “royalty” for at least a moment of their life. Oh the things we we make of this world.

    Standing ovation! BRAVO!

  2. LRH created a movement in the 1950’s or thereabouts. It was a spiritual movement and people loved it and they flocked to St Hill from all quarters of the globe. It was a spiritual movement and sadly needed in the western world as religion declined and governments started outlawing religion in our institutions of learning. Scientology flourished for many years and after LRH left the rot set in and a decline of the movement started. With the introduction of ethics and the misuse of it, leaders of the movement wrongly thought that ethics can replace auditing. With it violence entered into the movement as harsh ethics is violence. Instead of a spiritual approach the opposite happened and materialism entered the movement.

    The opposite of spirituality is materialism and that is where Scientology is headed. There is a huge misunderstanding in our world about spirituality and religion. Even our world leaders are confused on the subject. They think religion and spirituality are the same so they outlaw both. When the leaders of Scientology realise that there is a difference the may wake up. But our world is headed in the same direction.

    • Travers,

      You are spot on about the deterioration, but to me, ethics is not the same at all as your definition. To me, ethics is indeed central to Scientology, but in the same “to me” breath, Miscavige has made a mockery of ethics, just as he has made a mockery of Scientology.

      There are ethics, in the classical sense, and those are studies concerning rational choices. The greatest minds and men to have ever walked placed ethics at the forefront of all. These are purely personal matters.

      Then there are a weak and shallow substitute for ethics, which take the form of organizational disciplines and morals. These are supposedly based on ethical principles, but can be so very far from ethical principles as to enforce slaughter. And so, these can be a mockery of ethics.

      The comfort of agreements is no substitute for truth.

      True ethics are principles. Love over hatred, forgiveness over revenge, communicating over withholding, understanding over confusion, courage over cowardice … in moderation, as Buddha preached, and as Aristotle spoke.

      To me, ethics are determined by admin scales – one’s own. Ethics are the BE-DO-HAVE of life, from the mundane to the farthest reaches of philosophy and knowledge of self and of others.

      After much hatred and much banging of my head against a massive granite wall, it became real to me, I saw the truth of this: the only justice you will ever have is forgiveness. Justice, equity, rightness, NOT “justice” as in punishment. Punishment is NOT “justice.” If you wish to go religious, then one might say truthfully that as one forgives, he himself may be forgiven. (Flow 0 is bit tough.)

      If a man can forgive completely, instantly, as Policy, he is free. By contrast, if he seeks revenge, he is stuck in the universe of the offender, and that is a nightmare. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) wrote of this very humorously, but oh so very clearly in his tale of Br’er Fox and the Tar Baby. So this is not new. I’m sure it dates back to well before Twain. It is one of the Laws of Life, one of the Axioms of Life.

      Ethics extend upwards, as well. Ethics is perhaps something like the Emotional Tone Scale: above 2.0, it is positive, and cannot be enforced. Below 2.0, there are no ethics, only a confusion of agreements. True ethics is individual, and it is not easy. It requires not just love, but also reason. The admin scale is, I still say, arguably the most powerful assemblage of a dozen or so words in any language. I am not sure LRH realized what he had done, when he wrote it. It’s right up there with, “Did anyone nearly find out?” and “What did they do that made you think they knew?”

      • Nickname, your passion for the subject (ethics) sets you quite apart from anyone I have ever come across. i do hope you manage to continue your exploration/s (of the subject), to then deliver it on a broader basis.

  3. I remember so well… My heart breaks for the poor staff. No DIANETICS?? Sies man!!
    Surely those that have been around can look back and SEE what has changed??

    • Dianetics! If an orgs true currency existed in the form of wins obtained through services, Dianetics delivered! Cheap to train auditors, cheap to deliver and wins a plenty! Pity Albert and company at best saw it as a possible resign major, nothing more! No money in it so why push it I guess. Armies of book one auditors could have created floods of new people into the orgs. They squashed it every time. In a way I’m glad they did, DM has enough minions as it is. Dianetics showed the layman he could do something about his mind and fix things that were bothering him better than just about anything else you could say. Many people observed this. Incredible how this fact has been lost after one has left the church for good. I wonder why?

      I have some of the best memories using Dianetics alone to help people. It was a thrilling education and sometimes I think back on how delivering it changed me.

      I still like the idea of wins obtained being the best form of currency though. Seems more valuable than our own S.African Rand is at the moment, pity our world is so fixated on the wrong things!

  4. The saddest thing is that whoever is still on staff is so new and inexperienced that they can’t even recognise the people who probably keep going whatever little is still going on. Ciaron Ryan is referred to in two photos – once with his correct name and once as ‘Ciara’. The two photos are of different men. BTW, I wouldn’t say Ciaron is looking bad – you guys at BIC obviously can’t recognise the ‘pouting look’ that is meant to demonstrate that steely determination to clear this fucking planet whether or not they want it cleared. David ‘Fuck You All’ Miscavige would be proud to be able to do that look – but it would probably mess his bouffant hairstyle to contort his ravaged face like that.

  5. This is sad. I well recall the early sixties when Vic Coward and I ran the Jhb academy. Students had to fight for a seat. We were not the greatest tech guys but reasonably well trained. However our intent to see individuals win and make gains using Ron’s Tech was high and we achieved good results. Fortunately good standard tech is still avaiable in the Freezone and independent field with much better supervision than existed in my day and plenty are getting good results. I have experienced it myself and witnessed the gains others are having. Miscavage will not be allowed to destroy Ron’s tech. He has certainly destroyed families with his stupid application of the disconnection policy. He is an evil sod and is already in a hell of his own creation. It will take a big being to have mercy on him in some future. time.

  6. This is great! I love to see corporate scientology doing such little damage to so few people! I notice that the only genuinely happy faces in the last pics are the cleaning and maintenance staff! Obviously they just been paid! Good for them.. the only people to get money out of Scientology!! is it me or are the Green and Habib family strangely absent these days…

  7. My gosh Joburg org is in a sorry state of emptiness. I am sure it is the case with all the orgs in SA, if not throughout the world. What else can we possibly think of to make use of these “Ideal Buildings”? Maybe we should talk to the Salvation Army….. I bet they could fill them up with the homeless but then they probably wouldn’t want to be associated with the current Church and its mad management , even if it was for free. Any other ideas guys, I am sure someone could come up with something useful.

    • Lol…and I thought I was sarcastic…

      Actually I do have an idea…how about DM gives the buildings to the local orgs…ya know the guys who actually paid for them…oh wait that would mean a fair exchange

  8. Independent Scientology (IS) grows stronger and delivers more – right here in the country. This is a precious organisation. No long periods off work, I don’t have to be away from my business for endless months, money is not extorted for off-Bridge activities in a foreign land. When I arrive for course I don’t go via the IAS or IO Fundraiser.

    I have excellent C/S’s, I am happily auditing away. I have no nervous tension about “will I get to OT?”. There is no heavy push. Auditing and Scientology is fun and non-intrusive to my life. I make daily progress up the Bridge and look forward to my counsel time. If I am out of town for a few days there is no requirement for a CSW, or a ‘make up your time on course’ just a ‘Hey there, off to the bush for a few days’.

    That is what IS has achieved. It is unstoppable. It has a full bridge. Roses go to the team that put it here for us, and those before them, who kept it available.

    • That’s what I call a “real why.” Not a “why things don’t work,” but the why things do work. You. The real (positive) why. And that’s an admin scale, and that’s real ethics.

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