“They put a spell on me, baby!”

Spiritual warfare

The following article contains data that BIC has come across from a number of different sources.  Given the church’s propensity for dirty tricks and reprehensible conduct when it comes to waging war on its enemies, it’s perhaps not inconceivable they would engage in the “spiritual warfare” described in this story.     


“They put a spell on me, baby!”

 I’d like to share a story.

I’ve told this story to a few people, to a mostly sceptical response. I’m sceptical myself, and yet these facts are true for me.

Due to my own personal disillusionment with non-optimum situations prevailing in the church, I left Corporate Scientology years ago. For personal reasons I am still under the radar, however this should not detract from the credibility of this story.

I still apply a number of aspects of Scientology to my daily life, though to be honest I regard these tools more as natural laws of life than religious dogma.

Over the last few years I noticed my work flow was slowly drying up with me occasionally doing conditions and seeing an improvement, but a steady roller-coaster emergency condition. I found all sorts of reasons and justifications for this situation but must admit at the back of my mind I wondered if all these allegations were true about “things going wrong in life”, “not doing well”, even “cancer”  etc when one is no longer “connected to source”. It did enough to keep me anxious and worried to the point of making occasional overtures to the org in desperation to change my condition.

I have sniffed around various Indy practices and liked what I saw of the actual tech, but was put off by ‘conspiracy theories’ – and one in particular. I was told that at Flag they get solo NOTs auditors in session in order to perform Black Dianetics on those who’ve left the church. I really didn’t get all the data on this as I frankly didn’t believe it and saw no reason to enquire further. However, I’ve heard from people doing solo auditing outside of the church that they’ve experienced such incidents.

Earlier this year things got pretty tough. I managed to keep the wolf from the door by making extraordinary solutions. But during one memorable 10-day period my phone literally never rang and absolutely no work came in. It dawned on me – this was completely unnatural. Whenever I had applied conditions in the past it had changed – but now it wasn’t budging. What struck me the most was how much effort was required to pull in the smallest bit of work, whereas previously it just rolled in of its own accord.

I realized this couldn’t carry on and I grabbed my e-meter, got my ‘Act 1’ in, sort of got my TRs in, and sternly enquired “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Well, I got something.

About a year and a half ago a Class 9 auditor arrived at my office with his e-meter and, despite me initially refusing to go on the cans, I believed I had nothing to apologise for, so I capitulated.  It was just a meaningless DofP and I wondered why he’d gone to so much trouble. But this is what now came up in my session!

I handled the charge accordingly and within an hour I had the first work come in.

Now, I’m not one for claiming my income 10X’d itself after such and such run-down, and that hasn’t happened. But what I’ve without doubt observed since that session (and a few others I gave myself in succeeding days) is that the unnaturalness has disappeared, my flows quite definitely changed with conditions now working as expected, particularly outflow equals inflow.

Possibly there was nothing to the original incident. Possibly I imagined it all in session. I neither know nor care, really. All I do know is that it delivered the result I was looking for. Almost every day since I’ve been having work flow in, and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of outflowing. Actions taken now perform as expected, no miracles – but previously they didn’t. The heavy effort has vanished.

As a further illustration, as soon as I’d finished a first draft of this article and saved it for later review, I checked my emails and there was a request for some work from a new company that had been referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. This is how I used to get all my work in the past – yet until that moment, it hadn’t happened in 18 months.

I may be regarded by Corporate Scientology as a ‘squirrel’, but I have no doubt LRH in the same situation would have similarly grabbed his e-meter and enquired of it: “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Dr. Mac


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  1. WELL DONE, ALL I CAN SAY TO YOU IS that auditing works, and the technology is the MAGIC WAND!
    Will you allow me to post your win in my blog? It would be my honor to do so!
    I am running my Blog as a winning blog. I write up cognitions from sessions and wins of course. No politics or heavy debating.. Please let me know, thank you!
    Elizabeth Hamre, endlesstringofpearls@gmail. com

    • HI Elizabeth, you’re more than welcome to post this win. My purpose in writing it, notwithstanding the potential for some ridicule, is that others might have experienced the same thing and might now realise the tools are at hand to do something about it (to coin an abused phrase!)

      • dr mac. Hi thank you and I will post it today. I too promote and that is the reason for my blog. I been solo auditing since left the church and I KNOW the tech is THE ONLY TOOL with when used properly can handle any situation any item regardless what those are. In fact effects of the ”unwanted” when as-ised are the miracles people looking for…oh they can be had and your win is on attestation.
        Thank you for sharing.
        PS: if you care to add something to your win please e-mail.

    • I am UTR and working my condition formulas – so to speak. Does anyone else feel responsible that a BLOW of EPIC proportion needs to be delivered to the out ethics Criminal Corporation of Scientology INC? People are getting hurt – really bad. Don’t we have a responsibility to take it down – until it is a DONE? What does LRH say about that? I am really serious – want to know how others feel please?

      • Hi…we are in a condition.. all of us… I believe the first step is to clean up -clean out our own PTS’ nes and when that is done ..comes the next step. 🙂 but not until than.

      • I M I dont feel “a blow” as such, we couldnt kill it off any quicker than it is killing itself off. I would like to see the church and its rights remain in place, just to see it get back on policy. Emphasizing such policies as “What we expect of a Scientologist” where the individuals dynamics and survival across his/her dynamics are the most important thing.

        No-one, over the long term, wants to be a part of something that destroys their dynamics, it is just not survival. So unless Scientology does that for the majority of people who get into it, it will just fade away, and what a tremendous shame that would be.

        I am not an OEC or FEBC grad, but I have never read a policy where LRH didnt assume orgs were being run otherwise than to get people up the Bridge and for the orgs publics own survival. Personally, if it was me as LRH, coming back to what is the scene now, the dark side of the moon would look would be a top place to vacation!

  2. PS to DR Mac I haven’t the clue of your identity, I hope that wont make any difference. Win is a win.. and yours is one!

  3. Dr. Mac, thanks for relating your experience. You might be interested in a forum that has a lot of information about what may have happened to you. The name of it is Spiritual Rescue Technology Forum, and it is run by David St. Lawrence. I’m sure David would be happy to talk to you about your experience, or you can just take a look at the forum posts and/or send him a PM (private message) there. His email address can be found there too. You will need to register and become a member, but that’s just a matter of giving a user name and your email address (which any forum or blog has access too anyway). Here’s the link: http://srtforum.info/index.php

    Well done to you on handling the situation!

    • Marildi why any one who is sitting in a fantastic win which he caused him self would care to have on explanation for that win? The info is good what you have given but the man used the Emeter, has session., cleared away unwanted communication MASS-energy while doing that most like had cognitions and yes David is good, but how another person could explain what is in your universe? that is beyond me!
      This is the reason I agree with MR Blacks comment. Any one who knows the Tech. and knows how to use it than can handle their own universe. That is called taking responsibility for self. Have you ever solo audited your self? Oh well, I know the answer, have a lovely evening!

    • Marildi….. When the person takes responsibility for self –that persons universe goes through great shifting- alterations.
      First of all the realization that he can control and that itself is not a small feat, second when taking responsibility for self the previously ESIGNED POWER to others is REGAINED and that alone, to know that is a astonishing to realise yes, I have the POWER to cause change, has significant meaning: I am good as anyone out there! Hehehe in fact better because the realization, that he can.
      To realise that learned knowledge really work and it is the very key to solve problems, to as-is items –masses of hindering considerations.. well, Marildi that too adds to the regained power.
      But this last one is about ‘’CONFRONT’’’ LRH’s greatest gift to us beside the Tech. he thought us how to stand up and confront-face our problems and by doing that weeeell , problems, arcb’s melt away.
      Taking responsibility for self is the first step on the Path of self-discovery, because only by confronting our own universe we can find out who and what we are.. and that never can happen by reading books or listen to tapes or sitting at the feet of some misguided guru.

      • Elizabeth: “…only by confronting our own universe we can find out who and what we are.”

        I don’t disagree with that, but what I had in mind was not just one’s own universe. but the universe of others. As everybody here knows, there are two triangles in Scientology – the ARC triangle and the KRC triangle. With the KRC triangle, LRH expressed that Knowledge together with Responsibility are necessary for Control. This would be true for all dynamics, not just the first. So in addition to taking Responsibility for self, a person needs to take Responsibility for the other dynamics – which is why Knowledge regarding those dynamics is also needed. This was what I was referring to in my comment.

        Without knowledge that act could not be done in the first place
        When that person have decided to act in that moment all falls into place regardless what label is hanged on that movement: Session- auditing-confronting-handling -ARC- KRC..or simply BS..
        Other dynamics are included in any “doing-ness” simply because SEPARATION-INDIVIDUALITY is a consideration a belief that we are individual but the same time we are in a Universe as Entities and in this universe where we operate distance time, dont exist and neither concepts “me-you-us-I -self “etc. Because those concepts are assumed valances in the first place.
        So Marildi the level of awareness do give-contain different reality that do not mean either is wrong or right but only different.
        trust me I know the dynamics and I know the Universe which is operated by Entities.. and that knowledge dont have label., since under labels have limited knowingness. Example: carpenter, taxi driver, dentist, farmer. etc..
        By the way.. control is needed and used when barriers are enforced.

      • The way I see it is that there are two main approaches to enlightenment or freedom – one is to concentrate on one’s own personal path, and the other is to focus on more than one dynamic.

        For example, there is the orthodox Buddhist sect of Theravadin, where the followers and monks spend virtually all their time meditating (or as much time as they can). But the more modern Buddhist sects are now requiring their monks to contribute to society in various ways – based on the belief that Nirvana will fully occur only when all beings have reached it. However, even the Buddhists that focus entirely on meditation believe that this will eventually free all beings. I get that his is similar to how you feel about auditing.

        In other words, people differ on which of these two basic paths they choose to follow. I believe both paths are valid and that no one should insist their path is the only valid one. So I would agree with you that different realities “do not mean either is wrong or right but only different.”

      • Yes Marildi … that is all ……there is no right or wrong no one is… we are just different experiencing different realities..

      • Elizabeth: “…there is no right or wrong no one is… we are just different experiencing different realities.”

        True. But my main point was that there are two different ways to go about achieving the same result. As an analogy, it would be something like housework: One person might want to concentrate first on just one room – vacuuming it, dusting, washing windows, etc. Another person prefers to work on more than one room at a time, or even on all of them at once – first vacuuming them all, then dusting all of them, then washing all the windows, etc. With either system, the house gets cleaned.

        Now, either one of these two people might think to herself that her system was actually the best one and the correct one, even though she doesn’t say so out loud to the other person – she only states out loud that the system one chooses is “just different realities.”

        So if that is what you are saying, I see it differently – because I think that point of view would be based on only having direct knowledge of the “system” one has experienced, but not having direct knowledge and experience on the other system.

      • Marildi…
        Elizabeth: “…there is no right or wrong no one is… we are just different experiencing different realities.”
        Aha…..but before the Entity get to that understanding have that awareness “why there is no right or wrong”, the Entity have to find out for self through ‘’experience’’: have to come to that conclusion, have to understand the details the specifics, the essential information which comes in the form of Cognitions why in the Realm of the Spiritual Universe: ideas –thoughts-thinking which has meanings don’t exist.
        As I said before: reading that stuff will never give the experience.
        The very reason ‘’right or wrong-ness’’ don’t exist because: thinking don’t exist either in the Realm where bodies don’t have any use or the need to use them as tools; by believing that they are life itself: we live while we have them.
        “Thinking having thoughts” is on implanted mechanism and these various “implants” contained compiled subjects on every imaginable and by now forgotten topics.
        One of the Major implanted subject is what is: SPIRITUALITY and how to attain that state… hehehe…. this manual even describe steps to be taken, there are levels need to be achieved before the person can continue onto the next ‘’levels’’. Great manual…. The manual how to use your washing machine has more use that that crap.
        There is a write up on E.Tolle in the Wiki and that summons it all: Not one guru ever said anything new they all echo the same thought-beliefs and Tolle is no different from other gurus of the previous ones who preached spread this implanted concepts.
        IF attainment of spiritual freedom could be achieved by the MANUAL OF MEDITATION ETC… than people would not be coming back and take on a new body over and over but by now “IF” THIS PROCESS- MANUAL WOULD BE WORKING freeing beings from the unwanted than BY NOW THIS PLANET WOULD BE CLEARED…… WOULD HAVE BEEN CLEARED LONG TIME BACK!
        But again to understand ‘’spirituality’’ what is: cannot be learned but have to be experienced for self and before that can be accomplished the basic house cleaning which is the ‘’occlusion-not being aware’’ of existence of other realities has to be eliminated.
        Purpose of the any implanted concept-material is to give the illusion: the very belief that no other truths exist: this is it, there is nothing outside of this truth- fact and the rest of other beliefs are lies!
        And with that in place the Entity is “ stuck” have been captured and controlled.
        Example: agreed on implanted beliefs: we are humans— we have a body—we were born— we live-have a life— we die—we need food— we cant walk through walls — we can’t levitate.. we are nothing without bodies— we need sleep— and meditation will free you— verbal way is the only way to communicate—- we need “eye” to see with and we need to learn order to know!
        Few million other concepts are in place from these electronically enforced implants.
        I have posted more than one post on my findings on implants.
        LRH well described them too but I have more experience gained in sessions than he had therefore my awareness grown about these enforced realities and that is extensive.
        BUT Only LRH’s auditing technology will give the desired results.

      • Elizabeth: “BUT Only LRH’s auditing technology will give the desired results.”

        You obviously do not believe there exists any being who has achieved enlightenment or has the same or greater spiritual awareness and ability as what can be achieved with the tech. And you try to convince other people of this because you want them to benefit from the tech as you have.

        I understand where you’re coming from. However, my perception is different and I believe there do exist beings who have achieved a state that is as high or higher than the tech is able to take a person. In any case, neither of our viewpoints can be proven – and repeating ourselves over and over doesn’t prove anything either.

        It is operating at the level of FORCE to keep trying to push one’s own viewpoint on others – and that is a relatively low level of operation no matter how “right” one is and how wrong everybody else is. And it isn’t a good demonstration of what one is trying to sell.

      • Marildi… cognitions dont contain force and I been on the other other side: been gurus and students hundreds of different occasions in many different life cycle.
        I am not forcing you to believe in anything and I would not do that even if I could.. I express reality on the same level as you express your reality… keep that in mind at all times …. I believe in the tech but so far no matter how many times I have written about it I haven’t cause stampede yet.. I haven converted any one yet! it seem that your presentation of LRH’s work is the only way to fly! pushing your beliefs… force ?? think this over… before putting my reality on lower level than yours—less valuable-less important.

        The HEADER THE MAIN POST at the present time is about the workability of the Auditing Technology… and that is the very proof that it works. !!!!!!!!!!!
        Even you have acknowledged dr mac’s win!
        I know you dont believe in the technology of LTH’s because of your belief and lack of trust you haven’t continued since you left the church but you put up the front that you know all about it and what you represent is the thing!
        I write because from experience I know the tech works if it would not have had countless sessions I would be in a wheelchair living as a lifeless dried old celery stalk: Not able to talk, walk, and function period, my back side would need to be whipped by the caregiver!
        So please tell me if your trusted great guru lately have caused any miracles?
        But those who have continued after leaving the church have continued because they KNOW that the tech works and no one holds the gun to these ex scientologist’s head. !!!
        Now tell me that I force my reality on others and what I do is a low level activity!

      • Marildi …. since the esteemed gurus or you haven’t walked the path of solo auditing.. gaining the experience -reality =cognitions from the processes not until you walked this path or those who believe they know it all..till than not one of you can say or know what can be gained by the use of LRH’s technology. And that is the fact.
        But those of us who have continued we all say the same: it works! 🙂

      • Marildi …..question for you… since you believe that auditing dont work… than what is the reason you recommend that people like dr mac talk to David St.Lawrence?

      • Elizabeth: “question for you… since you believe that auditing dont work… than what is the reason you recommend that people like dr mac talk to David St.Lawrence?”

        I never once said auditing doesn’t work, and, obviously, I do recommend it to people. Also, it isn’t true that I haven’t done auditing since I left the church, which you would have no way of knowing about.

        Read my post again. When I wrote that neither of our viewpoints can be proven, I was talking about your viewpoint that the ONLY valid path is auditing, and my viewpoint that there are other valid paths too.

        The bottom line is – you have your opinions and other people have theirs, and no one needs to tell others all the time that theirs is incorrect. Let’s just leave it at that.

      • as I said Marildi and we know this… when blogging we are allowed to comment on other persons posts: at the same time express our own beliefs: regardless these believes are liked, or not by those who read them.

      • Marildi.. it is most delightful when the person understand that others reality no matter how different they are cannot- will not effect out own reality.. example: your reality is not damaged in any ways-still stand firm and your posting in this blog or any other blog where you left your footprints are sitting there solidly. By now hundreds of people read them: and every one of these person had they own reality on those posts -evaluated them accordingly what they believe in… but not one of this have effected those posts or your personal space.
        This is the way I look at posting. I dont need to defend or attack those who have different views because if I would .aha.. cog! I cant attack.. illusions are what they are: shadows-holographs moving melting into each other, their boundaries overlapping…. they are conjured up images and that is all 🙂 You never been on enemy to me… and never will be.. 🙂

      • “…illusions are what they are: shadows-holographs moving melting into each other, their boundaries overlapping…. they are conjured up images and that is all”

        Now, that is one beautiful piece of writing. And a beautiful piece of insight.

        “You never been on enemy to me… and never will be.. ”

        Nicely said again, E. Cheers. 🙂

      • I was just thinking of you when your post appeared… it seem the telepathic communication is faster than the internet: I was thinking: the meaning of the true friendship: what ever is said was said; words surly were created in order to paint pictures–for enjoyment and to share that experience…but they melt away fast as they were born: but friendship well.. that last through the duration of the universe… and my dear friend that is on infinite! love ya!

      • NOT ALLOWING BEING-NESS…the reason behind that act.
        Dedicated to MARILDI…my friend Marilyna
        COGNITION  because of YOU! 
        Man has known to attack, destroy, eliminate eradicate each other with use of weapons whatever is and was available through the history of our track.
        Words are included in the category of weapons in fact “words as weapon” has more power than any other ever been designed.
        We attack those who oppose our beliefs and we mercilessly ruthlessly evaluate their belief and why is that?
        Hehehe…… for a simple reason: we have a belief so strongly imbedded implanted into our conscious by THE IMPLANT IT SELF that we must defend these implanted beliefs because we have: our survival depends on this belief. 
        IN FACT: IT IS NOT OUR OWN SURVIVAL WE DEFAND WHEN WE ATTACK OTHERS, KILL THEM OFF, ELIMINATE THEM, rub they beliefs their bodies off THE FACE OF THE EARTH BUT WHEN WE DEFAND our own BELIEFs WITH THAT WE ENSURE THE STANDING THE SOLIDITY THE CONTINIUM of OUR OWN IMPLANTED MATERIAL: we when attack –evaluate-invalidate or kill, with that act we want to erase the implant which is threatening our embedded crap.
        [PS: will be in my blog too]

      • Marildi… I been “thinking” about the content of your post.
        Knowledge is not new to the Entities-beings who are at the present time being stuck in the human body and the considerations which is the part of this parcel.
        LRH did not brought knowledge to this Planet, he has ”categorized’ re-labeled his own beliefs what they were and he has created product and for his product he created established a STORE -the church of scientology and one could BUY his packaged products but there were rules and heavy regulations and steep prices were attached to these products AND THE MAJOR COST WAS that the BUYER HAD TO GIVE UP HIS OR HER REALITY OTHERWISE the PRODUCTS COULD NOT BE BROUGHT.
        PLUSS A HUGE PLUSS was that the buyer had to hand -give this Store the control over his/or her life when bought the product!
        What has LRH given what was new and incredible valuable?
        The auditing technology…the manual and the understanding what confrontation can do.
        This knowledge is beyond price. but the rest, the labels the must and the must not do because it is not written by LRH… well my dear friend that is BS

      • “LRH did not brought knowledge to this Planet…”

        Of course not. And the “Knowledge” part of KRC is not limited to Scientology knowledge.

        My main point was that KRC needs to be applied on all dynamics – “not JUST the first” (quoting my comment) Yes, knowledge of the tech is invaluable, but it isn’t the only Knowledge needed.

        You have a different viewpoint, which is fine. But we’ve both expressed our views now, so I don’t think we need to keep repeating them.

      • Marildi.. I have the desire to share this reality with you.
        We… operate on all levels at all times… but the awareness if it is only in the narrow band of “SELF-I” than it seem the “Person” operates in only in the first dynamic. but that is only a consideration + agreed upon reality.
        As the awareness expands , that happens because in session the barriers, the restricting consideration are fallen away and of course new-different viewpoints take place and the awareness expands with every new realization..
        More and more considerations are as-ised well, the awareness of the Entity , I cant say grows, that is a wrong expression- the only way I can describe : becomes limitless, boundless, immeasurable…and the reality is that we all operate on all levels at one times: but in fact levels only exist within the restriction of implanted reality-beliefs.
        Thank you!

    • Sometimes, writing an article like this can be almost an auditing action in itself. Re-reading on a public blog what I’d written I’ve had arguably the biggest realisation of all – one which any trained auditor would have picked up on immediately as obvious.

      The ‘DofP’ which I referred to as “meaningless” I now recognise as far from meaningless. It is the usual way of setting up a person for an auditing action, and I now see that’s exactly what was happening. There is another area of my life – the body – which also started experiencing a long-term difficulty from roughly the same time, and which I hadn’t previously associated with this situation.

      Ok, where’s that meter…

      Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out!

      • dr mac …fantastic… yes, you got it right. 🙂 your win has been posted. 🙂

      • That’s great, dr mac. Looks to me like you are on a roll with finding answers. 🙂

      • Dr mac,

        Not only can they put a spell on you, they can put a spell on your body too! There are procedures to take off incorrect items, conditions, false operarating rules etc. fed to your body from evil intentioned sources BTW. Blasting them out of your space works temporarily at best, handling them properly is far better. Basically there is a brilliant procedure to zap the monster and all his critters too! If you need some help with this mail me.


      • Beings without body are same as you and I… they are spiritual beings….but these Entities who you call “MONSTER” these Entities are not monsters but beings who are stuck in a incident same as we all are.
        Marildi has given information about David St L. blog and David writes of these Beings who they are and I too feel the same as him about.
        We share this Universe, all of us: regardless we believe we have a body or we dont have one….need one…or want one….we like or dont like the reality of other entities that is beside the point: we are in the same boat and the paddles are the auditing tech!
        These wonderful Entities can be given sessions they cognate freely and with that cognition in place finally go where they need to go.
        and yes OT material do contain those processes and these processes are very simple easy to use and affective and available to down load from internet.

      • I meant “monsters” as as a metaphor, a way of describing malevolent entities dear Elizabeth ;). No insult intended to them or you. Fact is one can handle them, free them and communicate with them much like you can with a being using a flesh vehicle as a microphone. Its all the same really. But you get fascinating variences in both frameworks, you find the good, the bad, the funny and the sad and everything in between! Theta has kept very busy in its creative persuits.

        How crazy is the truth? Its so crazy it hasnt been talked about nearly enough. Glad we have started though. Consider that the flames have been suitably fanned.

        May the truth veld fire burn ever brighter!

  4. “I have no doubt LRH in the same situation would have similarly grabbed his e-meter and enquired of it: “Is anyone fucking with my case?””

    Yes, he would have. He believed the tech was for use, not cloistered in some Ivory Tower or within some hard chrome steel walls of orgs that have lost their way, impervious to understanding what compassion and KRC/ARC has to do with the whole game. Good on ya for applying the tech to better your condition in life. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your big win in handling counterintention!

    I’ve found that taking responsibility for one’s own case, no longer asking an auditor or a C/S for permission to look at one’s own mind, is a big step forward. What stops us in life is negative postulates, and it’s immaterial whether we make these ourselves or they come from another being. The handling comes down to looking and communication, either way.

      • Many thanks for that validation, Elizabeth. I like to think that more people are coming to agree on the essential points about taking responsibility for their own minds. As you said, “how another person could explain what is in your universe?”

      • hello David… my pleasure because it is joy on uplifting experience to read ”positive” comments.
        Best to you! Elizabeth.

  6. Official Scientology is degraded down to a level where in many quarters the motto “the ends justify the means” is used as a basic principle. The number of possible dirty tricks borders on infinity. So it is wise to be on the alert if you’ve had connections with The Church.

  7. Return of the Mac!!

    You make me feel hopeful! I will admit that I had my doubts about what seemed on the surface to be an acute case of fencitterlitis!! I knew there was counter intention to be sure, I hoped you would find a way around some of the issues as I knew you could. A very warm well done mate!

    Scn africa I have often wondered when the time to bring this phenomenon into the public arena would be? It is now. Because its relevant. Its all pervasive and it sucks a wet stinky bog if you dont have the tools to handle it!!

    My personal experience with this “psychic interference” problem Dr Mac refers to, is a subject in itself. I
    believe its the crux of omitted bridges. THE factor that gets in the way of normal bridge progress!!!! The monkey wrench, hidden influence, held down 7 x 7 maximus! If life feels odd and things suddenly went skew where they were peachy before? Check interference on your meter and prepare for yet another excursion into the unknown and get to know it better. Patterns emmerge and the flavour of this phenomenon becomes easier to spot. A training, drilling, experience point.

    It could very well be that LRH was bested by all this. I see how not knowing about it or not perhaps having a handle on it could lead to dispair. In his defence, knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about everything is a tall order indeed!

    • sheeplebane.. Hi.. Thank you for clearing that up…
      I go up in arms when I “read” Entities being miss-handled.
      Way to much misunderstanding is floating about our spiritual brothers.
      When I was on OT3 and read the material for the first time about BT’s Clusters the heart nearly jumped though the ribcage. My universe changed and intense happiness flooded my space… I felt no fear, since than I have given session to those who needed that session and there were many over these years because I have continued with solo auditing after I left the church.
      But I left the church because of them the Entities hehehe.. I continued with sessions but by then I attained full OT7 had NOTS+ Integrity Rundown which dealt with only O/W’s, I wanted that, had huge wins!
      I continued because I felt than there was more and yes I was right! And I told about my daily activity to someone and I was promptly reported and ordered to go to Flag!
      I did and were ‘checked” out what mess I put myself in because I did not use C/S and I run My own session as I felt it was benefited for me –us. But of course the auditor could only say all through those immense interrogative questions and to my answers “ you have on F/N” . I knew that along since my solo sessions were conducted by the rules of Auditors Code.
      After those useless“clean up sessions” at flag I WAS ORDERED BY THE C/S to ‘STOP- HALT” the sessions BECAUSE I WAS DISTURBING THE BTs and CLUSTERS and they will cause extreme harm, because they are bad, mean evil things! well….. I was blown away by this order because so far these sessions brought only huge wins case gain!
      I packed my bags and left I never set foot inside the church again.
      I knew than that those Entities were stuck in incident same as I was, and it was joy to hear their cognitions after the sessions and see them become bright as the brightest star in space.
      Some went away in silence just melted back into the fiber of space, some indicated that they were ready to return to those place which they known was home for them, but many asked: could they stay and learn! Of course…. I never denied that request.
      My space is on open space and this space I share but by now I know that it is I who have re-entered the Realm of Reality where bodies are not in need, or wanted so here I am.
      It has given me great joy to know with the use of LRH’s tech.. I could free-help those in need.. Therefore I serve.
      Best to you.

      • Understood Elizabeth and thank you. The freeing game is a good one, the rewards are worth it despite the rough times. It aint always easy to confront those things done to our spiritual brothers as you put it. But freeing them from their own shadows feels especially good!

  8. There is another aspect to this which warrants consideration.

    I don’t know if this story originates from here in South Africa (to say it’s on our blog) or just as likely from the US or elsewhere. But there are plenty OT7s and OT8s in the local field with the ability, knowledge of the victims and the ‘false purposes’ (read rock-slammers) to do this type of thing. It does not have to be done from Flag.

    We all know of several local OT8s (Robin Hogarth, Sally-Anne Cook and Ciaran Ryan jump to mind, but no doubt others) who had Severe Reality Adjustments either directly at the hands (fists?) of Miscavige, or from senior Africa management and who thereafter quite noticeably experienced a marked radicalisation in personality. Some of them are also closely linked to various people who have left Corporate Scientology and to who these individuals must be both a severe embarrassment to such Big Beings, and a definite block to their future Bridge progress. No doubt, following Flag or Ship ‘PTS handlings’, they would see it as their duty to ‘handle’ this situation. We all know CS management has huge attention on this and other blogs – far out of proportion to the impact of ex-members sharing experiences on a public forum.

    We also know some of these OTs have massive financial overts both against the Corbetts and other exes – you know, the ones LRH says a person can go to prison for (child trafficking, fraud, not repaying debts). Not the ‘crimes’ exes are usually charged with out of the Ethics book, such as ‘publicly disavowing Scientology’, ‘bringing Scientology into disrepute’, or heaven forbid ‘being a problem’.

    While these sorts of ‘theta’ attacks are obviously not provable in court, they are really not different and in fact far worse than a common assault. It could even go as far as murder. Cyber-crime was once probably seen in the same light.

  9. This stuff is real. It does happen. I believe it is happening right now here in Joburg. The same way you cannot see wind itself. You can only monitor it by the effect it creates. Leaves are crossing the road. Trees sway and your hair lands up in your face. Thus you see the effect and know the cause is there. This crap is the same. From time to time I see the effect and have to send out a great big NO. I guess one of the end results of achieving OT 7 and 8, and then staying in the xherch is to be able to go out and exercise some evil purposes on “fair game” people. Of course these OT’s are not supposed to have their own eV purps anymore so they must belong to management?

    • A.J…. “Of course these OT’s are not supposed to have their own eV purps anymore so they must belong to management?”
      What ever you know-understand and believe in to that extant is yours… regardless if that belief is good or bad=positive-negative…. you believe in its existence than it is your. Elizabeth.
      PS; what OT’s have or dont have what they should have or should not have again is the VIEWR’s reality-assumptions. I believe it is called having ”hidden standards'”

  10. Debbie Jones:
    “While these sorts of ‘theta’ attacks are obviously not provable in court, they are really not different and in fact far worse than a common assault. It could even go as far as murder. Cyber-crime was once probably seen in the same light.”
    A bit of drama… but as dr mac demonstrated all can be handled in session.. and when that is done to F/S cognitions happen and can be shared, I am looking forward reading yours in the future and I be happy to post them in my blog too.
    Have great sessions: sessions are the true adventures and in in them we learn about self and the universe we created!
    Elizabeth Hamre.

    Reply ↓

  11. Dear Dr. Mac,

    Thank you for bringing to the table. It is a delicate subject and I have only alluded to it once I think, on a forum thread. I did not want to put people into dark imaginings

    I have had a significant realization in the past month, about religion and perception. In this world with a peoples many of whom, have no interest in research or reading, I have seen an anti religious thread moving through societies. Not only with Scientology, although it spills there.

    When I look back over my life, there have been many times I noticed things that other people did not see. And the others did not “notice” until they were “told”, and thus they filed it under “belief”. Sometimes they even had to be “convinced”.

    I do not think anti religious people are wrong. I do not think religious people are wrong. I think and it is proven, that people have varying perceptions. Not everyone sitting in the same room is going to hear the same music at a recital.

    The power and purpose of a suppressor is to re stimulate. It is fairly obvious certain members of the Church have been selected to assume the identity of a suppressor or a reactive mind. And certain people have fallen onto that purpose line. This is black magic and those are black magic entities. Black magic is like tar, once to step into it, even if you can pull away, some of it sticks to the bottom of your shoe. Attracts like matter.

    The Church and it’s recruits for such dark dealings, is / are wallowing in black magic.

    I experienced myself, locating the presence of such a person, working to destroy me through the healing arts once available at the Scientology Organization. Issuing wrong items , wrong indications, and various other auditor code breaks. They do it overtly also, just look at the Freedom web site, the false reports and wrong indications spouted at major events, the back lines false reports through emails, the social media outlets connected to Scientology matters publishing half truths , rumors, opinions, slander, and weekly or daily crucifixions. it is rampant.

    It is also black magic. And black magic entities are stuck and clustered in purpose.

    When I verified it on the meter, I was able (depends on your experience with auditing or personla perception) to then locate the terminal. It was someone placed close to me in location. I was able to view the terminal, who oddly, did not notice they were being watched by me.

    Without wanting to engage with the tar baby, by doing the same thing back to that person, that they were doing to me, (that becomes a marriage if you get my drift), I simply redirected the purpose and intentions, and you can take that to mean whatever you want, back to it’s source. I then checked my own “head”, for wrong items and wrong indications and cleaned that up.

    Within weeks, the person engaged with “destroying me”, was in the middle of a very serious flap that made news headlines and fell back onto the church. I saw this person’s face in the newspaper, and recognized the person instantly. The person just became the effect of their own create. Which we know as, “Karma”.

    The life you create for others, is the life you find yourself in, eventually.

    It frightens me to see people who wallow in sadism full time with the purpose to destroy. It frightens me to know what a “future” they are building for themselves. The Church commands many of it’s adherents to wallow in this sadism and purpose, promising “freedom and everlasting immortality” in exchange. It is just plain wrong math. They are sending such people straight into a Hell called, “their future”.

    The most basic form of running black magic, is issuing ,

    wrong items,
    wrong indications,
    wrong whys,
    wrong whose.
    wrong whats.
    wrong wheres.

    You can see this is rampant in any hate group. The end result is confusion. The more confusion you have in your space the lower you sink in condition. “Scientology” is not an entity. “The Church of Scientology” is not an entity. These are designated names for corporate holdings. Hubbard has been dead for almost 30 years. You read some headlines and some communication and you realize how far south some have drifted into illusion and black magic.

    If you check the above item, or run any correction list , other’s interference can be detected. You can handle it from your space by spotting the source. If you can locate the source and just point to it, it will vanish. You can observe this on a meter. If it persists, you can date it to blow it.

    The way to tread through black magic and not have it stick to you, is to hate the ACT and NOT the BEING. If you find you are repelled.

    Love conquers hate. That is the math. You can help both parties and overcome the situation for both parties, yourself and the person ordered to destroy you, by keeping your love for the being in place.

    And this is really the only weapon Miscavige can not bear up against. You can see the many that have unleashed themselves from his black magic, by caring for themselves or someone else.

    Happy trails my friend.


    • oracle… I just wonder since it is in your power in the form of auditing technology why you haven’t given sessions to those who need that session so badly? Why have you just sent them away wrapped in that black cloud?
      when it comes to giving session, auditing others who’s bodies are in distance location have been proved very very successful, the PTS-ness of both parties blows and replaced with a grand cognitions and keyed out state!

      • Elizabeth, Have no idea why you are pushing this item on me that I refused or denied help to people. No idea whatsoever. Have no idea what you might know about my calendar, schedule, or how and why I use my time. I have never mentioned sending a “them” anywhere. Another wrong item. You have your way and means, and so do I. I am not discounting your path or you. I am rejecting these wrong items and wrong indications you are trying to wedge into my identity and purpose.

      • oracle…you have your views and I have mine, yours is the what you believe in therefore that is real to you…the same goes for me… you comment freely on the post of others and that comment reflects where you are at and the I do the same…freely comment on post and that reflects my reality: That is all what we do when blogging. and about you auditing me weeeell.. .. hehehe.. I dont think so… you could not help that needy soul you have encountered and that said it all where you are at.
        be well!.

      • Well Elizabeth, I do find it interesting that you sympathize with the black magic entity. And find fault with me for not contributing to it.

        I do not believe as you imply, that I need to go to qual (you) and get corrected because of it.

        That is a wrong indication.

        And no, this is does not define me. Another wrong indication.

      • oracle… I have given sessions to millions of Entities by now… there are no bad evil spiritual entities but they are sitting in implanted material, they are stuck in stimulation by that implant.
        What is the responsibility of the person who has the know how the TECH? To help those in need and not to send them away with on extra load put on by you than brag about your hahaha what I have done…
        We live in a Spiritual Universe…this Universe is a CO-OP and because of it we are effected -stimulated continually .
        But we have the technology and we know it works so why not use it and free a being from misery? CODE OF HONOR???? should kick in yes?
        just think……just think for a moment …. if every person on this planet who know how to handle the emeter -and would give a session and use these tools daily and audit their own mass they sitting in and the PTS conditions which exist between the ex members and them could be cleaned up.. there would be no nattering about Black magic entities but many free happy being would go about their daily whatever… Clearing the Planet starts with self!
        It seems, BLAME IS on the PLATE for many ex-es but responsibility and blame do not has the same meaning.
        My sympathy is not a sympathy but understanding what these BT’s Clusters are sitting in and how they are effected . This understanding do not incriminate …when help is needed it is simply given.. that is all and it is in my power to help because of the technology and it gives me great pleasure too, so to hear their cognitions and see them melt away..shiny–brilliant once more and happiness is my reward.
        oracle, since you have ARCb’s out Ruds about me, have a session and look over the track , look for O/W”blowing those keep one happy and smiling 🙂

      • oracle… when G. Isenes blog was active I posted there for years it is there I have met 🙂 Marildi…. that blog..in those posts we challenged each other reality.. let me tell you sparks and fur was flying.. We were free to say how we felt.. we all had a great time..fun time and we knew that we were learning expanding our awareness at the same time and we were grateful for G.Isene for allowing us to be free with communication!. But I still did not like that man… and I nattered.. was critical about him.. he could do no right in my ”eyes” So I decided to use the PTS formula.. I was PTS and I had no doubt about that..hehehe Had one session, than one more and 2 more… well, the track our association was long and very turbulent.. and I found in those sessions my O/W’s and plenty of them… +++++ had cognitions galore.. After that I continued with my posting and for few more years… How I felt about G.Isene…? Fine.. simply fine.. it still stands that those few years I posted there were tremendously helpful to gain understanding about the universe we live in..but mostly the understanding- reality I gained, how we gained the viewpoints -considerations that we are singular -separate entities but in fact we are not, mind you the same time I had daily sessions and in these sessions brought realizations-cognition which daily change the awareness-how I perceived others and the self created universe I believed existed made by others..hehehe that is the ”blaime” factor.. and when we blame others we assign power: they have power over us…. well, that is not a fact but a belief.. ..oracle..you are not attacked by me… ideas-belief are not you. just because you “Identify” with matter still not make you that mass of energy-considerations. Be well!

      • it seems difficult to understand that disagreement, not agreeing to the realities of others: is what is: not having the same view point on that subject.. by expressing deferent views on the matter is on indication of different beliefs -considerations.. this should be clear for those who post in open forums

      • And Elizabeth, as you are gung ho, I would think the Code of Honor written by Hubbard might also entertain your thoughts.

        8. Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it. (I did not desire to communicate with the black magic entity.)

        14. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.

        (Which are asking me to apologize for).

      • as I said oracle, when posting, we are free to express our thought-considerations-opinions-assumptions on any of the post..
        when our believes are posted there is no guaranty given that agreement will be given or any one would just love our reality.
        To some people the code… well they need it because they cant think for self what is right or wrong.. they need guide lines to go by, the same goes for you. enjoy its results.

    • Oracle –

      A lot of truth to what you say. Don’t see anything wrong with it. I’d just like to air that in my view religion is philosophy that has been packaged and marketed to the illiterate masses. There was printing in China B.C., but as far as I know, books and literacy were not widespread until sometime around 1600 – and in that century, the popular belief was that Earth is flat. You did have conditions in which the masses were much more concerned with keeping food on the table, and after the sun went down, they couldn’t switch on a good electric lamp, rest their weary bones and muscles in an easy-chair and read something like “Philosophy” that didn’t really connect immediately to how to keep locusts off crops, and mice away from grain. So to reach people, you had to have something that was quick and ready, and you had to have some form of gathering, some agreement, and in the absence of the specific science of Scientology, you had to have some kind of faith, some hope. It is still philosophy (much of it the best), and as you pointed out, a lot of that philosophy, simple as it seems to be, is still with us today, and is still the foundation of cultures and societies. And there are people, many people, who find great comfort and hope in religious texts. Some in the Co$ would do very, very well to read the Bible and listen, to consider Buddhist texts and teachings. Confucius comes to mind, as regards teachings of love and respect in the family.

      • Nickname, Thanks you for kind acknowledgement. At one time, religion and magic were considered one and same. It was called “magic” before it was called “religion”. And there are many tales of magic in the Bible.

        The bible recommended social policy where none existed except what had been enforced.

        That police was the ten commandments and all of our current laws are based on those ten commandments. Policy was laid down and cultures organized and developed based on those policies.

        Yes, policy does put control into any group. Is it bad not to steal, murder, bear false witness? I do not think that is bad.

        Long ago, most folk could not read. Most folk did not have a bible. Someone who could read, was sent out to meet up groups, to translate to the groups. These meet up places became “Churches”. The purpose was to translate and educate.

        I have no suspicions about religion or the purposes involved in it. I think religion matters to a lot of people, anyone who cares to live in a law abiding culture.

      • At one time Hubbard acknowledged the presence of God:

        “And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid Man

        To destroy his own kind.

        To destroy the sanity of another.

        To destroy or enslave another’s soul.

        To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.”

        I think in the beginning, Hubbard could do that and I even think he may have been channeling from a higher power with his early brilliant and relevant truths.

        I think when he decided he was source, he have himself a wrong item and a wrong indication. Anyway, it certainly went down hill after that didn’t it?

      • Oracle: “I think in the beginning, Hubbard could do that [acknowledge the presence of God] and I even think he may have been channeling from a higher power with his early brilliant and relevant truths.”

        I have had the same thought about him channeling from a higher power, or perhaps from his own higher self – because, as you so rightly said, there was such brilliance in his work.

        I also agree that Hubbard acknowledged the presence of God. That acknowledgement was even in his “Affirmations” – early on.

    • Lastly Elizabeth, You’re indication that I was / am, PTS, is a wrong indication. I did not mention ptsness or suppression in my post. I do not say I consider an op term a suppressor. You interjected all of this into your origination, against, my response to someone else.

      You are at the end of the day, arguing against your own mock ups. Not me.

      • Elizabeth, Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I have done you some wrong / disservice in some earlier place and time. You must be right. I have been conversing for some 15 years on the net, my purpose as a mediator. Maybe I get it right 60% of the time. I am very deficient in many ways. I apologize for any burden I have placed upon you that bought you ill will or discomfort. This is a very sincere apology. I do not recall any exchange and this in itself is evidence of my lack of care. I hope you can accept my apology. If I did care about you, I would now have responded to your claims of me. I do not like to brush people off or not is them as if they do not matter. Trust me when I tell you, I would rather carry the burden myself, than place it on you. I am very sorry if I have upset you in any way. I get blinded in storms. I have no ill will towards you.

  12. Good work Dr Mac.

    The brilliance of your handling lies in your knowing where to look

    I have to comment on your reference to using the conditions. I found the below interesting and useful, maybe you will too.

    The conditions are in fact dichotomous.
    Confusion (if confusion condition handled – would bring about) = Order.
    Treason (if treason condition handled – would bring about) = Trust
    Enemy (if enemy condition handled – would bring about) = Friend
    Doubt (if doubt condition handled – would bring about) = Certainty
    Liability (if liability condition handled – would bring about) = Asset
    Non-Existence (if Non-E condition handled – would bring about) = Existence
    Danger (if danger condition handled – would bring about) = Safety
    Emergency (if emergency condition handled – would bring about) = Stability
    Normal (if normal condition handled – would bring about) = Not normal
    Affluence (if affluence condition handled – would bring about) = Scarcity
    Power (if power condition handled – would bring about) = Weaknesses.

    Alan Walters

    The last three could be a reason why they are the most difficult to implement?

    • There are some interesting truths and obvious errors in this math. Some conditions need to be “handled”, while others are “created”. there is a line between those. There is an A=A in the equation above that delivers an underlying message of hopelessness. This causes the doctrine as a whole to be anti theta.

      • I appreciate that a correlation of data doesn’t means a causation but a closer inspection of the conditions can reveal some of their shortcomings.

        Dismissing the above as an A=A only displays a lack closer inspection, as does stating that there is an A=A in the equation which presents a message of hopelessness and thus an”anti-theta” doctrine.

        The truth of the matter is, all scientology orgs are run on statistics that will dictate which condition and formula must be implemented.

        The state of existence of all Orgs is directly related to these conditions. You can argue that management hasn’t implemented them correctly or that there are other factors but such an attitude would be seen as being ‘reasonable’.

        Scientology is failing, for many reasons and one of these reasons could be the Conditions.

    • Alan – That is interesting. It’s “obvious” when you look at it, but I’d never considered it before. Questions for you. Are there Conditions below Confusion? One Condition you don’t mention is Power Change. I’ve always thought that would be the most difficult one to get right. What do you do when you hand over the Power hat? Retire? How do you expand in accord with the activity? Do you diversify? There is some serious creation involved there. I’ve always been fascinated by “The Buck.” To me, it seems that is what happens above Power Change, or in Power Change, or in the activity to follow Power Change. It’s responsibility, I think. To go for the obvious linear analogy, you set out to make $100 billion (richest man in the world). So when you have that, what do you do? I don’t think “make more” is a good solution. I think you have to look at the original admin scale for that, and determine what you “really wanted” which would then be something above the achievement of $100 billion. Just an example – a lot of people don’t want $100 billion because they have other goals they consider more valuable, not finite material ones (e.g. you can’t have ALL the money, you kill the game). It’s the principle of achieving the goal, and coming up with something better to move into. And I think that involves some serious considerations of ethics and truth and life. What are the REALLY VALID and eternal Goals? Are these “finite” in the sense that one can achieve, and rest on laurels, or is there always something more? It seems to me there is a hierarchy of goals, and that many are interrelated or require concurrency (e.g. you need a certain amount of money in order to have a home, but the two are “different goals” in that you can have sufficient money, and next, you work on a home). Does an individual Power Change a hat to himself, like “a circuit to stir coffee” when he moves on to the next? What happens to a concluded action (the kids are through college)? Have more and more kids now because it worked the first time?

      Oracle – I see what you’re saying, but I don’t think Alan is proposing an action or activity or technical Formula for any Condition. It seems to me that in this instance here he’s simply observing something and pointing to it without necessarily stating it is exactly right – he ASKS – and I don’t see that he’s recommending anything. Identifying a Condition is part of the ballgame, and if one notices a scarcity in one or more Dynamics, then obviously that’s an indication that it’s not in a Condition of Affluence, so you could conceivably use the opposites to help narrow down to the correct Condition, and apply the correct Formula. I do take your point that some Conditions are created with positive “energy” (for lack of a better word), while others reflect a deficit of some sort. There’s no “change in tech” involved, just observations, and I think more observations are a good thing as long as they don’t get off into saying “the tech is wrong because the right way is that there are some thetans who are a different genetic line than other thetans and it goes back to the dinosaurs and evolution and LRH missed the evolutionary change” and other such self-important drivel. But someone could ask, “What is the relationship between auditing, and everyday life? Do you audit everyone you meet, really, if you observe a good comm cycle? Why do you need a session?” It invites consideration. I sometimes wonder if what I post is all some “I’m right, you’re wrong, I know everything, you don’t” stuff. A thetan is good at pointing out others’ mistakes, but there are mistakes. I guess the “trick” is pointing out the mistakes without making someone wrong.

      • Nickname: “One Condition you don’t mention is Power Change. I’ve always thought that would be the most difficult one to get right. What do you do when you hand over the Power hat?…A thetan is good at pointing out others’ mistakes…”

        I’d like to point out your mistake. 🙂 Or a POSSIBLE mistake.

        Power Change is applied by the person taking over a “post of power” – where “power” is a different definition than the definition of “power” in a Condition of Power.

        Here’s the definition that I believe fits Power Change:
        a : possession of control, authority, or influence over others
        b : one having such power

        And here’s the context for choosing the above definition (quoted from the Power Change issue):

        “What a joy it is to inherit a successful position, there is nothing to it. You just put on the successful hat and don’t have to do much. If the position was in Normal or above, which is the usual thing, or the predecessor wouldn’t have been promoted, you just don’t change anything.

        “So, if anybody wants something signed that your predecessor didn’t sign, don’t sign it. Keep your eyes open, learn the ropes. For a certain period of time you just observe how things are running and gradually you start to apply the Condition of Normal Operation to your post. When things worsen a bit you find why and repair it. When they improve you find why and strengthen it.”

      • “Old Timer ” is not Alan Walters. It was a quote from Alan Walters that he posted here is what I got?

        Handled: han·dle
        past tense: handled; past participle: handled
        feel or manipulate with the hands.
        “heavy paving slabs can be difficult to handle”
        synonyms: hold, pick up, grasp, grip, lift; More
        manage (a situation or problem).

        It could be just me, I do not consider normal, affluence or power conditions a problem, that would need to be “handled”.

        Not even emergency to be honest.

        I wake up in a danger condition.

        If Alan saw the higher conditions as things that need to be “handled”, I could not tell you why.

      • I have used the conditions formulas for Affluence, normal and power. I did not find the results to bring “not normal” “scarcity” and “weakness”.

      • Hi Marildi,

        I do see what you’re saying, but the Power Formula includes this:

        “3. The responsibility is write the thing up and get it into the hands of the guy who is going to take care of it.
        4. Do all you can to make the post occupiable.”

        I took that to be the other side of the Power Change formula.

      • Hi Nickname,

        Okay, I get it now. So you were actually talking about how to apply the Power formula.

        My mistake. 🙂

      • Nickname.

        The dichotomies are from Alan Walter.

        I believe their is a lower condition than confusion and that is the condition or practice of Absence.

        When absences is resolved , you get presence. It’s also a dichotomy.
        Moat people practice absence on many areas of their lives, the most obvious one is on their own spiritual presence.

        On power change. LRH said in his ” essay on power” in the ethics book ? That you need to have enough money stashed and enough dirty on your enemies, that they would be too scared to attack you. Then you could retire. But I may be wrong on this, it’s a long time ago that I read it.☺

      • Oracle –

        Sorry, I see my mistake re: Walters and Old Timer. Stupid of me. I do totally see that Normal, Affluence, and Power do not require a “handle” as in “a repair.” I think (**think**) I see some confusion about what he meant by “dichotomous.” IIRC, Alan can be a bit outspoken sometimes – I don’t know his thought. But I don’t take the “dichotomous” thing of Conditions to be any kind of flow-through result of applying a condition, or as being any kind of backlash or reverse vector thing either that results in an “=” (equality). More like a “not-equals” sign (which I don’t know how to produce on a blog) You wrote “I have used the conditions formulas for Affluence, normal and power. I did not find the results to bring “not normal” “scarcity” and “weakness”. I thought what he was saying is that the opposite of “affluence” is “scarcity”; the opposite of “normal” is “not normal”; and so on. It might be that some of the words could be changed.

        In an org, if you’re good, and in a standard measurable production, statistics can be used to determine a condition. Personally, I think it’s best done with a high volume situation to even out inevitable swings in production. You find that in manufacturing, and variants of it in cost accounting – you find it in a lot of places. But in one’s personal life, sometimes “product” is not so easy to identify or measure, and even if measurable, the extremely low volume makes some measurement irrelevant. I just thought that in that aspect, the opposite of what the Condition is, could have some usefulness in spotting what one’s own actual personal Condition might be, without getting introverted into whether or not one’s love-life is satisfactory, and if not, then what is the “why” that one needs to handle, and how does one “get one’s production up.” (That turned into a bad joke – maybe I’d better quit while I’m losing, here!) In writing, or any creative art, volume may be useful to some extent, but it isn’t necessarily a measure of quality or of achievement.

      • Old Timer,

        Sorry about my confusion, not noticing that you posted what Alan Walters said. It’s interesting that you pick “Absence” because someone else has done some work on conditions below confusion, and one of them is “substitute aesthetic.” The person gets so low on the production aspect that he goes off to find a substitute activity, and so is “absent.” One could extrapolate that to what many view as a degeneration of morality in our society, be that sex or drug use or minding one’s manners. I think the flow or viewpoint of flow may be different, between “substitute aesthetic” (flow 0) and “absent” (flow 2, mostly). I don’t know, just my guess. This is why LRH’s writing is so valuable – much greater certainty. But it’s still interesting to look.

        I got off on something recently, for some reason, on the general area of “failure”, specifically, what are the personal effects one experiences from an admitted failure? You try once, fail, try many times again, and still don’t get it right, and (possibly) admit “failure.” What charge builds up there? I think there may be something to that, to dissecting the anatomy of a failure and the effects on self. I don’t see how one picks up a GPM (goals problems mass) from success, but I see how one could easily pick up charge from failure. ARCx’s, self-inval,and some of the items Oracle wrote out – wrong why, wrong indications, wrong who’s, and so on. Probably worst is when one realizes much later that one failed big time, when he thought he was doing something “right.”

        Joking aside about “The Hazards of Success, and the Dangers of Retirement”, what I was looking at in my conception of Power Change in the sense of leaving a post (or an action, or an entire series of cycles of action) successfully, leaving it in Power as success, is the question about what one does next. Not so much about writing up the hat and retiring, but about creating a new activity, a new goal, a new admin scale, to succeed at a higher level. I really don’t know if I’m not saying it right, or if it’s a naive question, or if no one gets it? Personally, for example, one completes a Grade or Level, and moves on to the next Grade or Level, a new area, a new set of activities. Since we have a sub-thread on dichotomies, one way of putting it is the dichotomy of success and failure: failure is identifiable, often all too tangible, but “the next project” or “the next success” isn’t so easy, sometimes, and not so tangible, if it must be created.

      • What I have found to be true, in my life, is when applying the steps of emergency, it will bleed out into a comfortable “normal” condition.

        Applying the formula for normal, will unfold into an affluence which be MAINTAINED.

        Power? That is an interesting word. One would first need to have a PURPOSE to HAVE Power.

        I have no such purposes, or goals to be in a position of power.

        If you look at the awareness characteristics on the grade chart, one must be CLEAR, to even observe, notice feel or experience conditions. And I think Hubbard was very generous there.

        It makes no sense whatsoever to enforce conditions upon someone who is not at , at least clear.

        And I have known many clears and even OT’s, who were totally oblivious to conditions. This again, comes’ round to a perception.

      • The Oracle,

        you said:
        “If you look at the awareness characteristics on the grade chart, one must be CLEAR, to even observe, notice feel or experience conditions. And I think Hubbard was very generous there.”

        Perception is on a gradient scale of control which is not dependent on being CLEAR or above.You may also be conflating the term “conditions” with the WOG definition?

        And then:
        “It makes no sense whatsoever to enforce conditions upon someone who is not at , at least clear.”

        Firstly, all scientologists are aware of the conditions and formulas and can apply them , CLEAR or not.There is even a PE Course on the conditions as well as their inclusion in the Ethics Book.

        Secondly, all staff all drilled on the conditions as part of their basic training and Hats. Stats and conditions form the cornerstone of scientology management.All staff must know what conditions to apply and when.

        Thirdly, WISE attempts to sell these same conditions to non-scientology comapnys.

        All the above as per Hubbards instructions.

        Lastly, all staff and public are not CLEAR, or above. I think this is a self-evident statement 🙂

        Hubbard promoted the conditions to be used by all, not just Clears and OTs.

      • Hi, Old Timer. I would agree with you that “scientologists are aware of the conditions and formulas and can apply them, CLEAR or not.”

        To my understanding, the difference between being aware of the data about conditions (and their formulas) and being aware of “Conditions” as an Awareness Characteristic is that with the latter the person has a direct awareness/perception of the actual conditions around him, rather than just having the data about conditions.

        The genius of the conditions formulas is that they are based on statistics – which means that a person doesn’t need to already have the Awareness Characteristic of “Conditions” in order to raise conditions. The only thing needed is to keep statistics and then apply the appropriate formula.

      • Oracle – Think what you think, not what Hubbard or anyone else thinks. That’s the reason for Scn, to enable people to reason correctly. That’s Ethics, and Ethics is a HUGE subject. Hubbard put it as “reason and the contemplation of optimum survival” but that’s just a definition, and not the thing itself. The first page of the 2007 edition of ISE defines it as “… a personal thing.” That requires one’s own reason. You do get Clears and OT’s who seem to not know WTF they’re doing or supposed to be doing. You also get very, very acclaimed men and women who appear to know what they are doing, but their knowledge is limited to one lifetime. Btw, your piece (thought) linking philosophy and religion to social order was very good, thank you.

      • Hi Old Timer, You haven’t said anything untrue. I know staff are drilled on them. Asked to use them, and public too. Conditions run on all four flows. And there are many conditions not embraced in the ethics book.

        I take notice of what condition people are in towards me. Towards one another. Since I work in P.R., I need to think with these things to change conditions. It is what I do, and what every person is doing daily, changing conditions.

        I see what has become of the subject of ethics in the Church and how it has been used. I see people frequently that have departed from the Church too, and I do not see them embracing the subject of ethics or using or thinking with the conditions. Even though they were drilled on it and given a book and in most cases, hit with it in a way that bought them no pleasure.

        I see people in treason and enemy conditions and really, lodged in a lower condition with no curiosity or interest to move away from it. I do not see a broad understanding within the Scientology community about conditions or the ethics formulas. And some of the formulas are short sighted. On one, you are given a list to choose to choose from, and one of those items must become yours whether it was before or not.


        That is a very short list. My item was not on that list. These items are not everybody’s items.

        If one can take other knowledge from Hubbard and integrate it, one can manage to use these conditions with their own items according to the circumstances and conditions one finds themselves in.

        Ethics and conditions are a very magical dimension for me. Did you ever think about the fact that on solo nots, with the commands, you are actually bringing another being or former identity, out of a lower condition? That you are actually using ethics on these? As in, bringing them to find out who they really are? Which corresponds with the personal ethics formula of “find out who you really are”.

        I helped someone with a very long history of drug addicition, on and off of heroin for years, by sitting down with him and having him do a doubt formula, about “being a drug addict”. It had become his identity. He was able to pull himself out of the identity.

        I just don’t see many people using or thinking with the ethics formulas and conditions, although they were given the book and drilled.

        This is what leads me to my conclusions.

      • Marildi and The Oracle,

        The Conditions Formula are a one size fits all solution and yes, one the face of it, they can work. Its the degree of their effectiveness which I question, as The Oracle points out about one of the lower conditions: Harm, suppress or attack as a solution.

        Lets say you can’t make your mind up about um, The Mormons. After going through the lowers, you decided that the Mormons are bad and need to be attack. So you issued a blow to them and their organisation.

        Now, you have committed an overt against one group of people but another group will accept you because of your overt.( WTF?) This is a the flaw in the conditions.Or is it?

        Practicing scientology according to strict adherence to Hubbards policy results in a group of fundamentalist cult followers. I’m of the opinion that he was well aware of this fact.

        Its always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you two ladies. 🙂

      • Hi, Old Timer. Besides attack, harm or suppress, there is another choice – which is help. Here’s that step of the Doubt formula:

        3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

        Regarding the choices besides help – as an obvious example, it wouldn’t have been an overt to attack, harm or suppress Hitler, even if you were one of his officers who had once mistakenly supported him. We could also give the example of people who have left the CoS and are now attacking it (verbally). It’s all a matter of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, as per the formula itself.

        And it’s always a pleasure to exchange ideas with you too. 🙂

      • Old Timer, you are very keen on the math.

        “Lets say you can’t make your mind up about um, The Mormons. After going through the lowers, you decided that the Mormons are bad and need to be attack. So you issued a blow to them and their organisation.

        Now, you have committed an overt against one group of people but another group will accept you because of your overt.( WTF?) This is a the flaw in the conditions.Or is it?”

        You are right on 100%. I would even say, you said it better than I did.

      • Yes Marildi, you are right. I forgot about the help item in the list.

        But, try help The Salvation Army when you were in the Church. Tell the IAS reg that you cannot ungrade your status because you donated $$$$ to the SPCA or Doctors Without Borders.

        What condition will he put you in?

        I see the condition formulas as serving only one master.

      • “I see the condition formulas as serving only one master.”

        Old Timer, I would have expected that as an “old timer” you would know that the way the CoS operates is NOT Scientology. The organization and how it operates is not at all the same as the philosophy and tech – and that includes the admin tech, which they violate grossly.

        For example, there are only certain situations and posts where the person can assign ethics conditions. Furthermore, if you don’t agree with the assignment – policy states that you must not accept it. Per policy, ethics is supposed to be a personal thing – and when you apply condition formulas, it is supposed to be done based on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – YOUR dynamics.

        I don’t think the CoS would have ended up the way it did if us old timers had held our position and followed standard tech and policy – and understood what was standard in the first place. 😉

  13. The basis of a “spell” is your agreement. Any good Voodoo priest can tell you that (joke).

    Technically, the funny thing about games is that they are based on lies- technically. There is alter-is-ness there. There is a difference of course between playing a game by agreement, knowing you are agreeing to it, and playing a game by an involuntary or unknowing agreement. When it’s knowing agreement, you can as-is and quit at any time. When it’s unknowing, down on the CDEINR scale, getting out – if you can – involves some sort of loss. It’s no different from being cheated on a contract: you didn’t see the cheat, now you’re stuck with the agreement, and your “out” involves a loss.

    A lot of people have big losses on the Co$. But when you allow yourself to get stuck on a hatred or an opposition, then you can in fact become what you oppose. You haven’t as-is-ed, so you resort to hating it. You then become “involved in it”. You move in closer to it, and its own contra-survival weighs on YOU. You do have to as-is with some positive of your won. It was not Scn that was the alter-is-ness. And the loss is not a loss of Scn. The loss was a loss of agreements.

    The comfort of agreements is no substitute for the truth. The only justice you will have is forgiveness. That’s the “square one”. If you do that, understanding flows rather easily. Then you have an as-is-ness.

    I’m wondering if some of these “folks” who oppose Scn without looking at it at all, will wind down some day, actually look at it, and realize that it is an as-is-ness, then become interested.

    It’s no secret that thetans are “funny”. Look at it. You have a life form which/who cannot tell you what a life form is, or how it works. Go out and ask someone, “Hey man, what is life?” Some one very smart thetan has to tell a thetan, explain to a thetan at great length, what a thetan is and what life is all about. The wrong thing to do about it all is to get really angry and protest. You end up protesting yourself, really. The right thing to do is to look at it. “A man’s GOT to know his limitations!” (Movie line, “Dirty Harry.”) Look at it and start understanding, and arrive at as-is-ness, seeing things as they are.

    The thing about truth is that it doesn’t as-is. It’s already an as-is-ness. And for Chrissakes, you don’t “agree” to the truth! You SEE it. It is there, unchanged, whether you see it or not! Your “agreement” or “disagreement” isn’t going to change it.

    All of this is ethics. You can approach it from Conditions, or from admin scales. I think the admin scale precedes Conditions. You have to have some Goal and some Orders (activity), some VFP, before you can have Conditions. Focus on the VFP, and don’t allow yourself to get mired in the opposition. The operative qualifier in “black magic” is “black.” Don’t go into caves without a flashlight, matches, candles, lots of string, glow-sticks, huge white chalk markers, cookie crumbs, whatever and etc. – or make sure you have good echo-location skills.

    • Btw – I’m not trying to make the article wrong. It’s exactly right. You look at what’s happening, find the opposition or counter-effort, spot it, and then you as-is it. I’m just trying to add my viewpoint to it, look at it from a different angle. You use Scientology. It isn’t Scientology that “failed.” It was the lies about it, alter-is-ness of tech, misuse of tech, and agreements on those that resulted in failure. You try to push a wheelbarrow, and it won’t move for some reason. You have to find why. You discover you locked the wheel and forgot. You unlock the wheel. Now it moves. If you sit and hate the lock, it doesn’t accomplish much except stop you. The classic invitation to hate. People still-in know Scn works, but hate that “it doesn’t work”. Then ‘they’ get stuck in trying to force it, instead of finding the “why”.

      • Your words are well received and I am thankful for them. Many thanks! Often the simplicities are ignored because chasing down complexities seems more interesting. It aint.

  14. Well done Dr Mac, it is true that there are guys that practices black nots and have been doing so for many years unbeknown to the poor guys that had decided to leave the church. We are the lucky ones who have been able to escape the trap.
    Another handling is to just mock up a tennis racket or cricket bat and just keep hitting those evil bastards on the head, they soon go away. That way you can have a bit of fun!

  15. I too have encountered similar “case” to handle in session; the question “counter-intention” often brings up case to handle which affects many dynamics, including advancement of Scn.

  16. This happened to me also. As far as I can remember, I did ruds to handle. It took a while, but the person eventually stopped attacking. The main point is that it’s real, I was not looking for it.

  17. Dr Mac, you did an excellent job spotting the curse. We handle them routinely in Spiritual Rescue Technology which is all about teaching our students to locate upset entities and handle them with caring communication. A curse is usually a hostile intention held in place by an entity which keeps your attention on the person who cursed you.

    You can read about this at: http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?page_id=180

    If you need more help, call me for a free session.

  18. I don’t want to invalidate in any way Dr Mac’s win in handling his “hidden influence”. I mean, a win is a win, and if it brought about improvements in conditions in life, then it is something to celebrate and enjoy.

    Having said that , I think that many of us have been mislead by this alleged “hidden influence” phenomena that is being related to LRH’s NOTs and CBR’s NOTs (His Excalibur).

    To argument my point , I had a VERY similar situation as Dr. Mac had. In fact, almost identical, but mine had lasted for years. I had somehow lost my “luck” with work and money.

    I had been attempting some Solo-auditing for a few years (on and off, you know) in an attempt to recover the luck that I once possessed in work and money, and one that was very noticeable. I used to sit down , send out some promotion which included e-mails, fliers, and lot of call-in, and after a few days, or a few weeks at the most (2 , 3 maximum) , new contracts would start arriving. I’ve been in the construction business since several years ago.

    It was so easy for me to just get what I wanted in life. But some years ago, my luck started to decrease, and I found myself handling life with a LOT of effort. The promotional actions than once worked just fine, now wasn’t producing any results ; any response or interest. I was totally baffled, bewildered by it ; “what the hell happened with my luck ?” , what the “self-listing” question that I usually was unwittingly running in myself.

    I researched EVERY lecture, bulletin and book, where LRH talked about money and how to increase our havingness for it , and found a few processes from ACCs. One particular process is used at the Flag-only Prosperity RD that had been called the Havingness RD before. It consist of taking bills of any denomination, making balls with it using our hands, and throwing the balls away from you. Then picking the balls up, and throwing them away again, and so on. It is a sort of a “Reaching and Withdrawing” action to handle obsessive “stuck flows”.

    In the past, whenever I felt that my money flows were kind of stuck, I then resorted to that process to handle it, and it had worked just fine every time ; money cycles would suddenly begin to appear like magic.

    But then, it suddenly stopped working. I attempted many others that I have no time to explain what are they about. Even though , that I had many realizations with them, my havingness for money didn’t seem to change in any way. I became very frustrated and desperate.

    I did “Conditions by Dynamics” , “Exchange by Dynamics” , original “Clay Table Clearing” where our bafflements are translated in just ONE word that represents it, and then that word is represented in clay. Many great cogs, but no change in my physical universe situation.

    I then designed a Solo-program after long hours of research into the Grades processes, the Expanded DNs processes, and the Tech behind the Ls RDs. The reading terminals representing the area of difficulty were addressed with different versions of Help processes until flatten. I had many wins and radical changes in viewpoints like in the Ls.

    I had been very introverted into MEST, and had lost my “connection” with the physical universe. The MEST universe looked sort of flimsy to me ; like not really there. My ARC for it was rock-bottom. This had started after a very long unhandled Out-Int condition , even after I had done several repairs of it including the “End of Endless Int RD”. I found that several “reading” buttons had been bypassed , and just Solo-Ran them with a resulting huge key-out whose result that unstuck me from the engram that was keeping the condition continuously keyed-in. Suddenly , the MEST universe started to look comfortably solid and very much “there”. My ARC for it increased to such a degree that I begun to hear all noises around me , being able to differentiate them apart ,a very strange phenomena all by itself. MEST became an expression of art.

    BUT , my work and money sit STILL remained unchanged even while keeping all the physical universe steps in , the conditions , promo , etc. It all was VERY frustrating indeed ; I felt totally degraded and powerless as a being. I began to consider other possibilities among which was the “hidden influences” including the subject of “Curses”. I began to research the topic intensively in different sources.

    It all felt as if an entity (or more than one) , or more precisely , an very much aware spirit was teaching me a life lesson ; one that I just HAD to learn in order to move up. I ran many wonderful L&N processes similar to those of the Ls and Expanded DNs. Many realizations , many shifts in viewpoint , but still being totally stuck in the area of work and money. Nothing , absolutely nothing was making any sense. “what the hell happened to my ability to postulate that I once possessed to such a large degree” , was the constant thought that I couldn’t avoid.

    Then , I started researching the subject of “Cults” , and the consequences of being immersed in one. My long search led me to realize , that even thought that I had a very much free mind about knowledge , and that I had freed myself of many of LRH’s insidious indoctrinations and misguided ideas as regards to several of his policies ; I STILL was unwittingly under the influence of the cult(ish) nature of Scientology. Scn was actually a cult , and had always been so more or less since 1954. I am not talking about alterations of the “Tech” , nor about DM’s reign with all its suppressive handlings. I am talking of pure 100% unadulterated Scientology. As such , I found it to have ALL the characteristics of a cult. I had been ALL those past years actually “PTS” to Scientology as a subject ; to LRH’s insidious cult(ish) influence.

    Upon having cognited that , just like magic , everything in my life started to unsnarl , including work and money. I closed a project in the following week , with enough profit to support me at least for half a year with the promise of an immediate next project after it. Even before closing that project , I felt as if I had let go of a huge chain that I had been carrying around all my life as a Scientologist ( now VERY much an Ex-Scientologist). My outlook of life totally changed for the better , my havingness for people went through the roof , my understanding for others , my willingness to comm with anybody ; all of that fell in place again. I was free at last. Was a prisoner who didn’t even know that had been in jail for the past 30 years or do.

    the “Why” wasn’t “Entities” , it wasn’t “hidden influences like beings “monitoring” myself , it wasn’t “Black NOTs” , it wasn’t a curse , it wasn’t ANYTHING of that. It was just the consequences of a VERY destructive cult.

    I am not saying any of this to invalidate anybody , or to denigrate anybody’s wins with Scn. You are totally free to believe in whatever you want to believe. But my path towards self-revelation is as real and solid as MEST itself. I got myself a totally new life w/out even doing any Ls RD. A life full of hopes , full of new dreams. A life with a bright future ahead. I would never have been able to have that with the authoritarian way Scientology is designed. I am at last free of the cult.

    ARC ,

    • Peter, what you wrote is immensely interesting – though I think I am going to have to study it further to completely duplicate. Yet, I think what you say applies to many, many people including some I know and possibly even myself (hence I need to study it a bit more). Many exes I know obsess about Scientology even more than they did when they were in,and I’ve often had the thought one can almost see the self-made chains around them. They definitely have not left the CoS.

      It is why I began commenting on this and other blogs – it is an important aspect of exiting the CoS to put comments out there in the physical universe. I for one wish you would add more – some of the other tools you tried and what led up to this actual cognition.

      • Thanks for the comm, dear Dr. Mac. I’ve been busy these days, but I am writing down some answers for you. I’ll post them in the next 1-2 days. Take care, and much success.


      • Thanks for the comm and validation , dear Dr Mac. Here is what led me to my cognition :

        After I left the CofS almost 15 years ago (I went to International events from time to time) , I started researching Scn in detail, specially its materials from the ’51-’55 time period. My goal was back then, to become a “Theta Clear” as described in the PDC lectures. It has always been my goal since I got into Scn, to exteriorize at will, and to have a comm line with disembodied beings. I am not talking about the “aided by reads” sort of unreal NOTs type of comm, but about a REAL comm line just as is feels when one is talking with a human. Why I wanted that? To guide my love ones towards a better existence, and to establish a Comm Bridge to handle pain and confusion.

        I’ve never felt that I belonged to a human type of existence ; I never really fitted in. So I was looking to go back to where I felt that I really belonged. I read EVERYTHING that had to do with “Theta Clears” , specially the procedures to bring the state about ; the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) . The first detailed description of a Theta Clear and an SOP, is found at the PDC lectures which covers SOP III and SOP V. There is a comment from LRH in those lectures about the possibility of the SOP V being able of being self-audited by a trained auditor. So I took LRH’s comments VERY seriously , and started learning about ALL SOPs , specially V and VIII. SOP 8-C and 8-0 are extremely interesting in theory.

        The SOPs, specially III through VIII , have 7 steps , and the “pre-Theta Clear” is categorized by the first step that he can easily do. If he can easily do step I , then he is a “Step I” case. If he can only easily do step V , then he is a “Step V” case , and so on. Step I is basically, “Be three feet back of your head”. If he can easily do that, and is outside (even w/out full perception) , then one has the PC as a being to “move” gradiently to different parts of the room, and then you have him be at nice places, then in uncomfortable places in a gradient till he can be at the center of the Sun. And No, I am not kidding. Such a PC is called a “Step I”. If he can’t exteriorize, then one has him mock up his body in from of him, and unmock it, several times.

        Then we go back to Step I , and see if he now can do it. If can’t easily mock up his body in front of him, then Step III is attempted which consist in mocking up a ball in front of you and holding it still. If he can’t he goes to Step IV, which is “Give and Take Processing” (GITA) , that consist of many items to mock up, even if very vaguely so, and to “Waste them” and then “Accept them” all in mock up form. The idea was to cure the PC of his scarcities which was keeping in pinned to his body.

        The “Step V” case, which LRH has mentioned in several of his lectures and HCOBs (as the “Black Five” case and the Occluded case) , is the “No Mock-up” case. He can’t make mock-ups and see them. Actually, I don’t know anybody yet who is able to ; most people just can’t. Only Tesla allegedly had such an ability to mock-up, and to an incredible degree even enough to mock-up his own inventions before designing them.

        According to LRH, there isn’t such a thing as a “No Mock-ups” case ; there are only cases that can’t see their own mock-ups, he claimed, as the mock-ups that he does gets immediately vanish upon creation, so he never sees them , LRH alleged. “Step V” was designed to handle this inability to see mock-ups with various techniques.

        Actually, I have never heard of anybody who had this ability to mock-up anything (which is an actual image , not a copy of the MEST universe , created OUTSIDE of our minds right there in the space in front of you, in full color and 3 dimensions).

        Hundreds and hundreds of cases ran on “Mock-up Processing” during the ’52-’55 era, and yet I have not been able to locate any individual who could actually mock-up anything. According to LRH if one did enough hrs of “Self-Analysis” in mock-up form (basically using the SA lists not to recall the past, but to mock-up those scenes as an action in PT) , one would then, recover one’s ability to see our mock-ups , “guaranteed” , according to LRH (he was always uttering such exaggerated claims unsupported by empirical data). Well, I did HUNDREDS of hours of that, and I was never able to see not one single mock-up. Not even one , even though that I DID had lots of wins with that. Wins by far surpassing those of the Grades themselves.

        My “bank” (I was already Clear by Scn standards) never got “beefed up” , and I allegedly had already handled any Out-Int problems , the two alleged “barriers” that “Mock-up Processing” had , that prompted LRH to abandon its use. But a “Clear” isn’t supposed to have any bank to get beefed up as he can mock-up or unmock-up any Reactive Mind at will. And having ran the “End of Endless Int RD” already eliminated the possibility of the alleged case trouble resulting from having exteriorized in session. So , I was totally ready as a case , and with my Ruds FULLY in , not overwhelmed by either life nor auditing , so no Repair actions were needed.

        Hundreds of hours of SOP V and VIII , and never a stable exteriorization. Never could go to ANY country, let alone outside Earth. I tested every “remedy” as contained in the 1st , second, and third ACCs, and nothing. It was all pure hype, I am afraid. I tested an allegedly “foolproof” method of exteriorizing anybody that LRH researched in 1957. According to him, all past failures to exteriorize people were totally handled by this “incredible” process, even though that his attention now wasn’t at exteriorizing anybody.

        This method consisted in “holding your head with your hands, and keeping it from going away” , then grabbing your knees (I think) and keeping them from going away” , and to keep that up alternately. Well, it was all hype , AGAIN.

        All SOPs, Route One from the “Creation of Human Ability” , SOP 8-0 for alleged “OTs” , “Actual GPM running” , “Freed from overwhelm and with a returned ‘self-determinism’ OT III” , “Able to confront whole track OT II” , “Stably ‘exterior’ with ‘full perception’ L-12 completion” , “Able to recall whole track New OT VIII” , “Able to project intention original VII” , “Book one Clear” , etc ,et, ; were all just pure hype and incredible exaggerated claims. Scn is almost totally based on false claims. There are no actual Clears, and there are no actual OTs ; THAT is the correct claim.

        All was cleverly designed to keep one going and staying on the “Route to Nowhere” , the “Bridge to Nowhere” , while paying a LOT of money to do things that ANY properly trained and intelligent individual can do totally on his own, and even w/out an e-meter , and w/out needing any auditor at all. Scn was always a profit-seeking organization. LRH could have very easily written many “do-it-yourself” books intended for Self-processing, and the same results would have been obtained. And all for a very small fraction of the cost, and even for free. No, I am afraid that Scn was never a true religion. It is designed to create addiction for help, addiction for improvement. It is always about “handling our ruins” or the “next ruin” , in a never ending route to finally be “Free” , only problem being that the only “freedom” obtained is “freedom from self-determined knowledge, and from personal observation”.

        Scn is a route that create “Freedom addicts” ; individuals that actually confront life less, in a great percentage of cases. Individuals indoctrinated into thinking that there is always something awful wrong with them ; that they are not capable enough to cope with life fully unless they follow exactly LRH’s route to “Salvation”. Scn creates less self-determined individuals, willing to blindly trust in an authoritative “leader” , w/out actually inspecting anything by themselves.

        The reason for all of this is that Scn IS, IS a Cult, and has always been so since its early beginnings. It has ALL the characteristics of a cult. Just Google-search the subject of “Cults” , and read everything you can about it. An excellent website to start is about a group of international Cult experts that donate their time to help others recover from cults. They are called “International Cultic Studies Association” or ICSA for short.


        Two excellent books are :

        1. “Recovery from Cults : Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse” edited by Michael Langone.

        2. “Captive Hearts , Captive Minds : Freedom and Recovery from Cults and other Abusive Relationship” , by Medeleine Landau Tobias, Janja Lalich, and Michael Langone.

        I challenge anyone to do a full research in the subject of Cults, read those books, examine that website, and decide for yourselves whether or not Scn as a subject, not only the CofS, is a cult or not. I publicly challenge anyone to prove otherwise with sensible well-thought arguments backed up by empirical data ; a friendly debate w/out any HE&R. I would be very happy to lose the debate , as if I am wrong, it could only mean that hope is still possible with Scn. But be prepared to engage a worthy “opponent” who knows almost everything about Scn with a chronological historical context.
        I for sure am not a “BPCed Natterer Miss-whihholdy apostate” as the writings of LRH would attempt to claim with his “Critics of Scn” issues , where not even the most backed-up-by-evidence criticism is ever allowed and inspected. LRH made VERY sure so by claiming that ANY critic of Scn was just an individual full of crimes for which he could be incarcerated if found out. Scn was then, barred forever from proper and competent inspection. A VERY clever move from LRH, that would create robotized people totally willing to give up their ability to think for themselves, and to replace it with a blind Faith in an authoritative approach to knowledge.

        The choice is totally yours ; to inspect EVERY Scn datum on its own, unbiasedly testing it for constant workability, or to surrender your power of observation, and believe everything that LRH told you that Scn could do. I already made my choice.

        ARC ,

      • PETER.. I have read your post with interest.
        Exteriorization what is … well I would like to say what is not..
        But I am not really good with explanations… but exteriorization will never happen with those processes.
        Being IN…. or being OUTSIDE these concepts are considerations, I would like to share my findings if you would be interested: I been inside the Sun.. traveled California’s Fault line… visited inside volcanos, under the sea… inside animal… clouds… under Earth.. Name it I bee experiencing these different energy-masses… Hob of mine. I have written few posts on these experiences they are in my blog.
        Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
        Just had a new revelation: how the holographic images come about: we as Entities[ don’t attached to bodies] we always have SEEN have been only AWARE of the flow of energy: vibrations which by now labeled as sensations-feelings-aches-pains-pressures etc.
        What I have become aware over 25 years ago that sometimes I could SEE everything about on item but this happenings only occurred if I did not pay much attention to that subject: WHEN I WAS NOT USING THE EYS: FOR LOOKING!
        Example: [ I have mentioned this incident in on earlier post] : sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting, not doing much and become aware a woman walked front of me I could see through her and seen the baby inside her womb: EX-RAY vision.. this image lasted only for a second and but because I wanted to SEE more and with that I was concentrating on the EYES and of course the ‘’eyes ‘’ only could see the flat picture of a very pregnant woman in moving mode.
        I was in total awe… while I was in this blown out state and not really looking at anything special a skeleton walked by and that picture seeing only the moving bones brought me back “to looking with the eyes mode again” and the eyes of course only could see a young man n fully clothed walking away.
        To me this incident in the lobby of the hotel: seeing inside two different human forms was a memorable experience of formidable magnitude and this kind of incidents prompted me to continue with solo sessions: I WANTED MORE!
        Over the years I become aware that these incidents of me seeing ex-ray images just about any object have become frequent and I could see into anything I put my attention on, but these images lasted only for fraction of the second yet I had total understanding what they represented, what considerations they were made up from. Not only I have BECOME AWARE OF HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES: but FULL KNOWLEDGE: TOTAL UNDERSTANDING WAS MINE TOO.
        But not until this day I have connected, understood that there are no differences between these ex-ray images I become aware of and the holographic images, there are no differences between these, they are the same!
        It was only I who has put different labels on them because I did not realize their sameness.
        We can observe these holographic images there are always there but by now have been covered-hidden by those flat projected solid pictures we are stuck to: believing that is what we see, and that is the only thing existing.
        The thing is that we never ever lost any of our abilities, we only been ignoring them because we are always concentrating on ‘’seeing with the eyes’’ bit thing and but when as-ising the occlusions which has blocked out the awareness seeing as Entities… not using the eyes, our abilities are just there, we become aware of them again!
        Believing that few thousand hours or even 10 or 30 thousands of hours in sessions will as-is INFINITE AMOUND OF ACCUMULATED BELIEFS_CONSIDERATIONS_AGREEMENTS ..well that belief to be sure is disappointment.
        There are Two persons who have attained the Native State and each of them have well over 100 THOUSANDS OF AUDITING HOURS UNDER THEIR BELT.. and they both know that each day still brings them something new to confront to as-is.
        Awareness grows with each session and because of the expending awareness new-different realities need to be explored.
        Infinite is just that… we have infinite because we are aware of what is and what it contain.
        I am open for communication if so desired by you.

      • PETER, ONE MORE:
        MAJOR, MAJOR, Major COGNITION: How to Bake a LIFE!
        I just have seen a very interesting picture-implant when we were given the ‘’ability to SEE WITH THE EYES’’.
        PLEASE NOTE: I SAID ABILITY to SEE WITH THE EYES!!! This was a learned ability therefore not our original way to perceive, consequently this new ability has immediately restricted our own awareness.
        And after that we were shown the difference – dissimilarity between seeing as Entities[ no eyes needed]: since as Entities we do ‘’SEE’’ a holographic image, we ‘’see’’ become aware – observe – perceive the ‘’true image, the original: the real – shape – from -character ‘’ of the mock-up: The mock-up is made up from flowing – fluid vibrating energy: therefore IT IS NOT SOLID.
        Not only we become aware-observe this vibrating holographic image but we know instantly the consideration, the postulate which has created this image in the first place, so we know the why!
        And this mocked –up image have not altered in any way and can’t be altered.
        BUT…..HERE COMES THE BIG BUT: when we look through the photographic lenses of the bodies the ‘’eyes’’, these ‘’eyes instrument” cannot detect – sense – perceive- observe –recognise the dimensional moving vibration of the mocked –up images: which don’t have the brightness of the projected flat pictures from the lenses.
        And this is important to note: the difference between the bright flat images and the light faint coloration of the floating dimensional holographic images.
        WE AS IDIOTS, or uneducated Entities we enjoyed – loved the bright-ness of the flat pictures of course and these brightness made us agree that these pictures were better and with that we were trapped into implanted false- fabricated reality: part of this reality is that we no longer trusted the floating holographic faint images because they were no longer real to us, since they were no solid and not permanent and they did not have the most important factor which implanted material have: that the Holographic images don’t have continuum !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so they can’t be real, because they are not part of LIFE=implanted crap.
        But what the lenses ‘’see’’ is a colorful flat image-picture and to this: IMPORTANT COGNITION HERE: TO this flat image what the lenses ‘’see’’ we as Entities add our considerations which comes from instantaneous evaluation- assessment of the observed item and from all that we come to conclusion what we know: we give an identity to the item-subject.
        AND THESE ADDED ingredients=CONSIDERATIONS [good, bad, nice ..beautiful, dead, young, cold, distance, hard, soft, big, small etc….etc..etc..] added To the FLAT PICTURES which when in place MAKES US BELIEVE THAT THESE FLAT IMAGES ARE REAL…..THAT THEY ARE SOLID….. WHAT we OBSERVE [aware of] IS OUR LIFE because NOT ONLY WE ADD TO THESE FLAT ROLLING PICTURES LABOLS BUT WE ADD SENSATIONS TOO!
        So WE just baked a cake: we concluded that we have LIFE….. Solidity….. Continuum…. And what in reality we have? Shit… nothing… because even shit is only a consideration… so what we have is make-believe, on ILLUSION.
        HERE IS how one can bake life into a nice solid form: ingredients=
        Open eyes wide than observe the
        observe the Flat rolling projected pictures than
        Add: sensations…..aches..pains..big and small than ADD YOUR CONSIDERATIONS and by the time you have all those ingredients added: WHICH IS YOUR HAVINGNESS : you have LIFE! solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
        Our ability to recognise –assess, evaluate and to know: happens instantaneous as the flat picture comes into view.
        YOU ARE EXTERIOR TO ALL THESE rolling flat pictures AT ALL TIMES: you only have Considerations-believes that you are inside something.
        Being exterior means ENTETY DO NOT HAVE LOCATION, only objects do and you are not on object, never been one and never will be one.

    • TC ole buddy! Bingo! I can almost feel your release from the words you used so well in describing your experiences. Im happy for you mate, you sound like you have reached a personal milestone free from much external and internal restrictions! This is an epic win in every sense. Very well done!

      But..and this is a small but of course, I dont want people out there to simply dismiss the topic of interference out of hand and surplant it with a statement that its only because I subcribe to Scn or LRH or cult like phenomena it occurs! No way baby. Shit aint like that, not for me anyway. You may dismiss Scn or any other system, religion philosophy or whatever but CI is CI! If you spot the source, handle, blow charge and feel MUCH, MUCH better for it – its real alright.

      My point is that this article brought to public awareness something very close to many hearts about something that had hg

      • ..had made a huge impact which many were not talking about freely. It has now begun. It is relevant, it is vital and knowing about it gives one strength!

      • Dear Sheeplebane,

        Thanks for the comm. I got your point, my friend, and thanks for the validation.

        To be intellectually honest, I still haven’t checked the subject of interference, but I will , soon. But an E-meter read tells actually nothing. The ONLY thing certain about a read is that it read ; and absolutely nothing more. What read ? is a world of possibilities. So one can’t take any read as meaning any BT or any being is interfering with oneself. One only know something read.

        As to any direct theta comm with any such beings as a confirmation of the theory being true, I can only say that I have to research the subject myself before making any assessment. It might or not be true. It might or not be a proper handling. I for one, always had trouble digesting the NOTs explanation for difficulties in life. Having to rid onself of all the alleged BTs inhabiting our bodies , in order to be “Cause over life” doesn’t seems to follow the logic of the laws of life. The is something awful wrong with that.

        “Interference” just as NOTs phenomena is basically assigning Cause to other beingness different than ourselves. It basically assumes than an unknowing effect over a distance is possible which all by itself violates the basic axioms of life and livingness. According LRH , one can’t get aberrated unless we agree to it somehow , unless we allow it first. I mean, that’s what Scn is all about. Then he comes and says that “dormant” entities are the basis of “Case” ; that they allegedly causes illnesses, fixed behavior, odd ideas, fixed conditions, etc , etc , to such a degree that once we get rid of ALL of them, the result is “Cause ovef life” , Scn claims.

        Then CBR comes and says we are actually being “monitored” from a distance, sometimes even from a “hidden” orbiting ship. Both, LRH and CBR died insane with dramatizations of being “persecuted”. None of them with their alleged “Bridge to Freedom” , achieved any “Advance state” at all. The fact is that they were simple humans possessing no special powers or abilities. The facts, and how they died tell the whole story.

        So you are going to have to excuse me if I don’t take many of their claims as true. I think that subjects are taught by example of rehabilitated abilities, and not by exaggerated claims.

        Even if “interference” have some truth in it , having to handle all “interferences” to stay in shape , has some big alter-isness on it : the assumption that another’s postulate can affect ours or our state of beingness. For me, dear Sheeplebane, that can only occur if responsibility decreases ; so by increasing our willingness to assume full source and cause for the counter-efforts , it seems to me that no “interference” can be possible. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to life , cause all would be a hopeless scenario of having to be “careful” all tje time.

        That’s my viewpoint on all of this, but by all means, let’s discuss this subject and put it to the test. But let it stand the test of the scientific methodology first, of DOCUMENTED evidence , before making any general claims. Let’s not repeat the same mistake we did with LRH’s OT levels : assuming it all was all true just because it read. To my knowledge, there isn’t any individual who actually SAW inc I or II. That actually saw it as a past existence experience. Neither have I heard about anyone who saw the actual implants of OT II. They just trust it to be true just because it read.

        LRH alleged that one didn’t have to actual see those incs in order to get rid of their aberrative contents. He asked us for a blinded faith, with the promise that after OT VIII, our whole track recall would be totally rehabilitated , and then it all would be clear and understood. It was all pure hype, I am afraid. Most of Scn and most of CBR’s is just pure hype and nothing more.

        Having said all that ; I’ll put both theories to the test with a strict scientific methodology, but not the LRH way, nor the CBR way, but MY way ; the “let’s test it all” way.

        But hey, if it is helping you, then it is helping you , and I am not going to invalidate your wins or anyone else’s with either LRH’s or CBR’s. But me, I am not looking for wins, but just attempting to establish actual truth. When I do find it , I’ll broadly publish all my records with all details so that others can test it by themselves , and make their own decisions about it.

        Take care, my friend.


      • Groovy baby! Theta clear I got you on that, I understand what you mean. Your reasoning on causality and responsibility is very smart and sensible. Ultimately we do have to agree on whether or not to accept any inflow we receive from a source regardless of it being good or evil. On unwanted inflows or counter intentions, simply disagreeing can go a long way. Easier said than done when you are outnumbered of course.

        As for the emeter or the many “reads” one can get from using one as a philosophical discussion I wont go into that too much. If you use an emetre and value its use as a tool then it applies. If not, utterly worthless I guess. I try to rely on my own perception rather than a swing of the needle to verify everything. A being knows what he knows. Expecting ones tools to be self aware makes you one.

        Separation between someone’s case interfering with them in some way ie. BT’s, GPM’s engrams etc and interference from a church solo auditor or being/entitiy happening in present time should be made. The latter I see as a kind of psychic fight. They, him/her mean you harm in some way. They attack you not with a body using bullets, knives or clubs but with shall we say different means. Many out there know what I mean. It is no less real, far reaching and insidious all the same! In this game..shall we call it, the save our souls from MEST game if you will, which has its own barriers, opposition terminals and freedoms. Psychic interference is but one tool of those who would preserve the status quo. If peoples game with regards to this blog and a few others wasn’t something to do with the freeing/enslaving game there just wouldn’t be any interest here.

        As for handling interferences to stay in shape and the alter isness you mentioned as well as another’s postulate affecting one, look around, that’s everywhere! You do it all the time when you comment here, your postulates put in through you comm does that. It is transparent and completely in the open though. Unlike interference. We are all doing this continuously actually, placing postulates in via communication . The subject of interference brings to light yet another hidden postulate communication placed in a persons space to alter something. If you are not aware of it, you may experience some nasty effects. Who needs those? Maybe bored people.

        I respect you wanting to take the time to investigate everything for yourself. Use whatever tools you prefer. Have fun, have wins and lots of laughs along the way. You deserve it mate! Seriousness is for the concrete statues and they always get shat on 😉

      • Thanks for the comm, dear Sheeplebane.

        I think there is a difference between being the effect of a known postulate, like anyone being influenced by my posts and the intention behind them, and being the effect of a totally hidden postulate or intention as in “Interference”. In one case (being the effect of a known postulate) we agree to be influenced by it ; we consider it to be true, and therefore we become influenced by it. In the other case, one is not agreeing to anything. We don’t even know that anything is existing beyond our power to observe it. So there isn’t any agreement involved in this second case.

        I do not deny the possibility of being capable on getting influenced by “hidden influences” , be it a BT, a “monitor” , a past hidden postulate one once made, an engram, etc, etc. In fact, I have experienced those influences in the past. They DO exist.

        My point is that this concentration, this emphasis on getting rid of ANYTHING, doesn’t sound like basic truth to me. Having to handle ALL BTs in order to be “Cause over life” , Having to handle “Interferences” all the time , being constantly alert for “Monitoring actions” , can’t be a correct approach to life. There is something missing here. This all sound like when LRH said something around the line of “having to always be careful not to bump into anybody’s head, is not a senior law” ; or something like that. When “Help” was high, then the O/W mechanism allegedly dropped as a law. That sounded, and still DOES very much, like a very logical and truthful assertion.

        I think that the same analysis could be applied to this dilemma ; having to constantly , or for very long periods of time, get rid of other-determined barriers, doesn’t looks like a senior law at all. Ideally, one should achieve a state of beingness where ONLY our own postulates have any effect on our universes. Now, THAT does sound like a senior law, and even sounds like a “before 1962” Scn assertion.

        I mean, did you know that LRH always knew about the existence of “Entities” but had totally dismissed their influence ? He even stopped researching about them. There is even a lecture from 195-52 , that the CofS eliminated from publication, that essentially covers most of the NOTs materials. We are talking 1951-52 here. I have it saved somewhere if anyone is interested. It at least talks about the first 5-10 NOTs series.

        LRH totally discarded their importance in the route to Freedom. Then 28 years later (12 if we considers OT III BTs) he decides that now “Entities” (which are basically BTs) DO play a vital role in freedom ? Scn changed its approach from a “you are inherently Cause, and nothing can’t affect you w/out your consent” to a “you are totally the effect of your BTs to such a degree that “Case” is composed of them” , and you have to spend 5-7 years, sometimes even 10 , in order to achieve “Cause over life” and “Freedom from Case”. I mean, dear Sheeplebane, this is a 180° turn in viewpoint.

        I keep telling you guys and gals, there is something terrible wrong with that approach , but many of you doesn’t even want to inspect it, not even take a real look at it. Well, I guess that I still have a lot of work to do then.

        Within a year I will create a website devoted solely to research, where I will present my research data with all notes so that anyone can verify any of my claims presented in it. And this subject of “interference” and “NOTs” will be my first stop. So stay tuned. This will be correct research, based on scientific methodology with experiments verifiable by anyone. With claims supported by empirical data not kept hidden in some vaults, but totally at the reach of anyone.

        Take care.

        ARC, PETER

      • Eeee Calvin to be honest bru my mudda inlawfulness posted me some one smoldarring ringsting package that dey to make my favorourite chow an all. Nutting like hot n spicy food to get the blood pumping to ones brain eey lahnie?

        Heppy to heve you in my corna bru!

      • Theta clear your web site idea sounds interesting! Im happy to investigate anything. I think most ex scientologists are curious monkeys who love to question everything. Its the great why which drives us forward. I know that you think Im a great Hubbardite or CBRophyte and that I champion their causes pah rum-pa-
        pa-pum (drum beats) and choir singing etc. But no, I respect them sure but I trust myself enough to observe for meself by meself. The cult word is a buzz word now, overused to the point where a person who has never been in a cult perceive, that all cults are evil and ex cultists are more wacked out because they label just about any other religeous group cults too! Gets outta hand at times. Whats next the cult of labels? But if Scientology is a cult in the true sense of the word it was only so while inside COB’s house of pain. Outside his confines it hasnt been so, for me at least. I have found plenty to be thankful out in freedomland. I dont feel angry towards the church, Hubbard or sadistic execs or even COB much these days. Reading Mike Rinders regraded being makes one roar with laughter at the little mickey mouses antics. He really is pitiful- and hillarious!

        I hope we dont take things all too seriously and remember those simple virtues like gratitude, kindness, love and mutual understanding and keep finding more answers to lifes great questions, in whatever way that blows our collective kilts up.

      • Thanks for the comm, dear Sheeplebane. I got your points , thank you.

        See my post about my description of the characteristics of a cult. Argument against each one of its points with facts backed up by evidence that dead agent my assertions. Then , we’ll analyze if the word “cult” describes Scn or not, and was used or not correctly. But you got to prove your points, and not just appeal to emotion. Remember that I am scientists ; I deal in no emotions.

        I discussed 9 points on my post. I friendly challenge you or any other poster here, to present sensible arguments that counteract any one of them. My thesis is that Scn is a cult , and a very destructive one. I described 9 characteristics of cults and how each one applied to Scn. Why not discuss how I am not right in any of them ? If I am wrong, it should be pretty easy to “Dead Agent” me. And I love to be wrong, cause the times when I was wrong about basic principles, were the times when I evolved the most. So any volunteers ?

        ARC PETER

    • Peter. Great to see you painting these ‘pictures’, with your Magic Paint Brush, something that brings the end result, so vividly ‘to life’ 🙂

      It is quite easy for me to duplicate where you’re coming from, since I am a born artist, and readily get your viewpoint’s on all these items.

      AS an artist, one is, of course, imbued with the necessity to CREATE.

      This includes the means for producing ‘the big breakthrough’, such as you described, which has permitted you to once again prosper.

      For me, personally, that has included escaping the shackles necessitating that I have to follow a wrote formula (promulgated or insisted upon), for me to succeed. I agree with you entirely, Peter, that one needs to slither out of that confining ‘straight-jacket’ of cult-hold, in order to recognize, just how severely one can be held back thereby, from one’s ability in free creation.

      This has been made possible, through the free exchange of information, via honest and truly liberated individuals that I have come to meet and learn from, on the internet and blogs shared by Scn’s and Ex-‘es.
      I give due credit here, to Geir Isene, who has opened my eyes to what is attainable, when one become free enough to “be an explorer of free will”

      Exposing the lies, falsities, and bait & switch of the promises made (but not delivered) has disabused me of the un-attainable, leaving me with the grounded actuality, that “It’s all up to me, to build success, using the tools and talents, with which I am blessed and/or have at my disposal.”

      Finally, IMHO, there is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, that can substitute for extreme adversity, to bring out the very best, and strongest, of that in which you are most capable.

      But underneath it all, are two of the most liberating, yet at the same time, most humbling forces of all! — * LOVE & *GRATITUDE.

      “They” (**) free you, to just really embrace the JOY in simply living your life, for that sublime purpose. 🙂

      Best, ARC, Calvin.

      • Dear Calvin , thanks for the comm amd the validation ; most kind.

        I agree with all your statements. And yes, “Love and Gratitude” are excellent forces indeed. But I am afraid, dear Calvin, that Scn never really had those traits. Otherwise, it would never had lost itself. Actually, if it would have had those , all this mess would never have occurred in the first place. I am afraid that “love and gratitude” was only saved for loyal adherents to strict dogmas. Free thinkers, were heavily attacked and persecuted.

        I am just so happy of having freed myself of Scn, that in fact, this is the biggest win that I have experienced so far in my long, long track on the route to Truth. But I never threw the baby out with the bath-water. Now I am really free to use it as I see fit, that’s all.

        Thanks for the comm. Take care, and please send my regards to your family.

        ARC PETER

      • You got it, Peter!! “love & gratitude’, when mentioned in the totalitarian cult, (if ever!!) were/are merely lip service, used to grease the $$$$$$ extraction process, for even greater loot tally! DM (Disgusting Miscavige) is totally revolted at mere mention of the ‘two words’

        Fuck him! He hasn’t a clue at the underlying power of how these two concepts, when employed with heart & sincerity, can REALLY move mountains (of shit, hatred, poverty, disharmony, sickness and suffering.) Mother Theresa knew, and did. So did Buddha. So did Jesus. And so does the Dalai Lama. and millions of others who recognize this.

        So it happens across the board, when one is really in tune with the laws of Affinity (love) and Appreciation (gratitude) which govern Karma.

        It’s just too simple, for many to grasp the truth to this!

        IMHO, “IT” is this ‘fundamental’ which empowers us to stay strong, Peter. 🙂

      • You got that right , dear Calvin! ; those two precepts are a key to life andlivingness indeed.  Notice how Buddha  (per thehistorical records)  , Teresa , Dalai Lama , Gandhi , and others ,   were extremely inclusive in his dealings with others , instead ofexclusive and cult(ish). They were always trying to bring people together , andnot separated and segregated into individuated cliques as Scn alwaystried to do. They belonged to the people , specially to the marginated ones ,which all of them attempted to help. In Scn , we were thought that we needed tohelp the “able” first , as those were the ones upon which the societywas allegedly running. Actually , it was only an attempt to recruit those withenough money to pay  continuously intheir route on the “Bridge to Slavery of Reason”.   I remember having a strong disagreement with that misguided point of LRH’sfaulty philosophy of life , but was just too immersed in the cult(ish) natureof Scn to have any free will left to notice all the obvious out-points.   To me , any true philosophy of life , any true religion attempting to ridsociety of its many ills , MUST , MUST , MUST be as affordable as possible andeven free , or it is (or becomes) a profit-seeking organization. Having to paythousands to get “Free” (which even when LRH was running the lineswas proportionately as expensive) is just nonsense , and only shows lack of truehumanitarian objectives from  the group chargingfor that “Freedom”.   I see Scientologists willing to pay thousands even in the Field for the LsRDs for example , making only a good living for the auditor himself. Balderdash!!!  I have gotten the SAME exact resultsof the Ls ( not the alleged “stable” exteriorization of the L-12which I know of NO ONE who has it)  bySolo-auditing myself with tailor-made programs , and  obviously for free. The same exact results.   I am not sick , almost never get sick and if I do (mostly with colds every5-7 years) , I self-heal quite fast under 2 days most of those times. I amnever the unwanted effect of anyone , and the few rare occasions that  I am , I fully known that it is ME that iscausing the situation ; get my own Ruds in , flatten help on the terminal , andend of situation. Except for some difficulty that I was having with finances(which is almost handled by now)  , Ialmost always gets what I want that way I want it. I maintain greatrelationships with others , and always feel affectionate and responsible forothers. I have no enemies at all , not even the “mighty” COB. In fact, if I were to feel that I do have enemies , I would REALLY start to worryabout the condition of my 1D ; that’s how I feel about the subject of”enemies”. I am changing every day , becoming a more causative ,intelligent , responsible, affectionate , and able to enjoy life individual. Iwould say that I have absolutely NOTHING to envy from a Ls RDs completion ;absolutely nothing.

        So all this “let’s charge others large sums to ‘help’ them” , is forthe birds , really. I’ll be writing a book within the next two  years about techniques anybody can use to helpthemselves. Simple stuff , nothing risky or complex. All based on workable Scnprinciples. And it would be extremely affordable : It’ll be FREE. I for one ,will never get rich by helping others. That doesn’t work with me. I haveabsolutely nothing against having lots of money. It is frequently needed tocreate big effects that influence lots of people towards a much betterexistence. It is frequently needed to defend ourselves against the unduly. ButI won’t be making any money by helping others ; that I’ll do it for free or asmall  nominal fee to at least coverbasic expenses. But my emphasis will be in teaching others to help themselves ,and not on  a one-to-one therapy.   People can be taught to helpthemselves rather easily. That’s the direction Scn started to take but then ,totally deviated from it. Bk one was a very cheap book , anybody could buy ,read and start using it with a friend. I was a supervisor for the DNs Book onecourse for many years. And I taught dozens of people to co-audit themselveswith excellent wins with a $70 course !!! I taught many others as well how tohelp themselves with SA lists , drilled them on Solo-doing it , and maintaineda comm line with them to sort out their difficulties , Qs or doubts , and allfor free. I taught many others to use the “Handbook for Preclears” onthemselves with the same excellent results. I taught many others how toeffectively run assists on themselves. I myself can handle anything physicallywrong with me by running assists on myself. Gee , there is even an LRH refs onthat from the BC lectures almost no Scientologists knows about.   I DID this effectively on others for years!!! , dear Calvin , for years!  I ran a very effective Scn “Free AuditingCenter”. Not to sound presumptuous , but I was the best at it. Then themisguided pressure for “Thursday before 2pm stats” , ruined it all ,and I just left the whole thing never to come back again. I never identified myleaving Scn with its cult(ish) nature ; I just felt that something was terriblewrong , and that Orgs were not doing LRH. Actually they WERE doing LRH , I amafraid.   So I am not coming here with a “new fad” and “brilliant”idea to become well-known. I’ve been effectively doing this for years. I never”lost it” , I never needed any repair , I never needed any”Standard Tech” auditor to sort me out ; I always did it myself. Ihave absolutely nothing to envy a Solo-NOTs completion ,an Ls RDs completion,or an New OT VIII completion ; nothing at all. I can do ANYTHING they can do ,and even a LOT more. So , why all those thousands dollars paid ?  That would be another future post.    Take care , dear Calvin.

        ARC , Peter

  19. Dr Mac, thanks for your article. I started to read and felt having a BD and going upper tone. It was true for me! Yes, things are stopped to a degree there is CI’s, another name for a curse.This is simple PTS ness theory as stated in the lecture : “Briefing to review auditor”. Now, one could use a CS 79 to find the item.
    A good method also is PRPR 1A (from the Power) run on the antagonistic terminal. And many more as developped by LRH, and some other scientology researchers as David St Laurence or Bill Robertson.
    Theta Clear I admire your sharpness… Give me also a BD.
    I think at a certain point scientology process are overrun. You have the win once, and now surprise, something new must happen. Even to some degree life can be overrun… repetitivity. You mock up the win, and create it again. The cause point is boring. You want the “divine surprise”. To be effect of pleasure. The “cult”, is like the state, the government etc…. it’s boring, rackett, and finally goes to war!
    The sin of Hubbard is not scientology, this is his saving grace, no it was to remain human like any of us.
    Scientology is an old story and in another hand, I love it. Listening to Hubbard voice, always a pleasure. But the excitement is gone, less testosterone. Like making love with your wife that you love so much. No, the first little bitch must be more fun. But after 10 bitches, probably boring again. And a new bitch is after all a future wife!
    Sorry to you South Africans, maybe you are puritan…
    But to go back to what Dr Mac said, yes thoses bastered in the church might send us some evil purp, being happy if we fail or even die.
    They would say : “he blew and see what happened : cancer!”
    To be honest, some on the indy/blowy would say : “he stayed with the church, see… cancer.”
    So, we think they are PTS, and they think we are. All that is quite laughable.
    But one cannot discard the idea of “black scientology” or “black not’s”. Personnaly it cheers me up to blow the wall of shit.

    • fun to read…. thanks! yes PTS… show one person who is not on this planet … because we are here… that condition exists… being human is a condition: beliefs galore and nothing more.

    • Thanks for your comm , dear FG , and for your validation. I totally got your point. See my reply to Dr. Mac.

      My humble opinion is that if there is actually any truth in “Black NOTs” or about “Interference” , then the data on PTSness applies. And one can only go PTS to terminals one is taking no responsability for. I can’t honestly see how can an honest , responsible individual can go PTS to anything , even to the so mentioned “Curses”. I mean , to even think in that possibility violates almost EVERY Scn axiom that I know of , and it is TOTALLY contradictory with the premisses in which Scn is based upon : That any being is inherently Cause. Well ,he either is or he isn’t , what’s the answer to that ? If he really isn’t , then of course he can be affected by all kinds of other-determined actions and flows. If he is , then he only needs to be generally de-PTSed by increasing his responsibility level , and then ABSOLUTELY nothing would be able to shake him down , in theory. I am afraid that all is a very simple proposition.

      Why attempt to CONSTANTLY get rid of alleged “Interferences” with CBR’s NOTs , instead of making you “Interference proof” by increasing your responsibility level , and putting your ruds in in the subject of “entities” ? You see , dear FG ? , none of this even makes any sense. It is a series of contradictios after contradictions all the way up the “Bridge to Nowhere”. It is so un-scientific that I have no clue why I never saw it in all these past decades. Only by still being influenced by the cult(ish) nature of Scn , can anyone fails to see the truth behind all this. It is actually VERY easy to see once our willingness to observe is rehabilitated.

      Does this means that Scn is totally unworkable as a whole ? NO , it DOESN’T. But ONLY by inspecting and using one datum at a time , never again assuming it to be true just because one individual tells you so , and by unbiasedly testing the workability of it , no hypes allowed , can Scn then be used w/out any harm to others and to ourselves. That’s my main claim. Scn can only be used , from my perspective , by a totally free mind who NEVER surrenders to authoritative approaches to knowledge. In other words , by an individual who has freed himself from any cult(ish) approach to truth.


  20. What is amazing about this article is that it EXPOSES THE BIG SECRET!!
    the Church gets its members to run BLACK DIANETICS on those they see as
    rebels in some form – the uncontrollable – in other words the ENEMY!.

    I read about BLACK DIANETICS – BLACK NOTS some years ago!
    am I surprised? No!
    am I shocked? No!

    It’s just plain EVIL no fancy words – EVIL!!!

    There are fully trained auditors out in the INDI field WHO KNOW
    how to fully handle this type of Vicious Attack and I mean fully handle.
    They have all the data and actual procedure to counter it.

    I would never promote self-auditing of any kind and to do so is
    not the way to go but hey it’s your case!

    If you are a trained Solo Auditor you can check in your nearest Indi
    centre and get trained on the level which enables you deal with this

    OSA must be ……..themselves that the field now know their SECRET!

    love it!

    • Goldie…….
      I would like to give a bit of information on SELF AUDITING..
      Self-auditing is the willingness to confront to take responsibility for own self!
      and that is better, much better than none-confront or finding a reason, on excuse a justification for not continuing!
      The person who has taken the SOLO COURSE leans that the P/C and the Auditor is the same person but wears two different hats… That only can be achieved when the person keep to the Rules of Solo Auditing.
      That means knowing and keeping the Auditors code at all times!
      AT ST Hill the supervisor was the man Bert who has worked with LRH and he said: Elizabeth there is nothing to be afraid of, auditing is nothing more than asking the questions, waiting for the answer and looking over the pictures if there is one and scanning this over and over till you get on answer, and recognising when the same question should be asked or when to go and look for earlier incident. Knowing the needle movement is good, but listens to your gut feeling that is the real indicator: to trust self. And of course the cognition, to have one is the indicator that the session was susses and end of the session. The PC must have cognition VGI’s, just keep to the auditors code than all will be well in session.

      There is no magic in auditing, in sessions: just lot of hard work, the willingness to be there, confront the content, the very belief we have about self, others, and the Universe itself.
      I know two persons who have attained the NATIVE STATE and both these person have continued Solo Auditing after they have left the church.
      LRH had said: any auditing is better than no auditing… and that is a fact.
      Once the person knows the material can deliver the question, knows how to be there in session, and keeping to that Code, than can handle any situation arises.
      our Universes contain – hold- encompass – nothing more than our own beliefs and that is the fact and in session that is what person will find.
      Each person who agrees that the church has power with that agreement that person gives the power to the church and solidify that power make it enduring-permanent.
      Be well! Elizabeth

  21. I listened recently to some of the class VIII lectures, boys, it seems quite clever. The OTIII/NOTs case has to be measured for what it is.
    It looks to me as a tool of warfare. Maybe it looks like science fiction and God knows how LRH and CBR loved it.
    I had a recent session, we actually did a sec check, the whole track sec check, just to see if it would handle the “amnesia”! The question was “have you ever unslaved a population?” It reads… and I had difficulties to recover the actual signification (which discard the idea that it would be a mere fiction. When you create fiction, the mental phenomena is different, quite instant, it’s there or it’s not, also quite thrilling, but it doesn’t include comm lags, somatics, feelings, etc)… the incident revealed : I was apparently member of a crew who was to invade a planet and they would send hypnotised entities to the population to put them in the right state of mind with the invaders. No blood, no violence, a fantastic hidden mind control. The overt didn’t clean, there was a missing part. It was that I was a traitor, I was instilling in the system some revolutionnaries entities… Even thetans in covert mission who would whisper to population revolt against the invaders, a group which for millions of years would fight for total freedom, long term goal. So I was in overt against the suppressive group, and I could recognise my full beingness through the time track. And when I leave the church it’s because it fells into ennemies hands with the purpose to enslave population and to shut forever the attempt to free beings. COB might align with Staline, Hitler and Xemu… Whoah, this is to be a fondamentalist scientologist but it feels so good and the damn needle is certainly FNing.
    Yes, is this complete hubbardian mythology, fully suggested by the cult? From a “wog” standpoint, this is all crazyness, and if one feels so good with it (exterior, uptone, ready for an exciting life) it’s because he is under suggestion. Psychs !!! That is psychs viewpoint.
    They made it! After having destroyed scientology from the inside, they use the ex member to spread hatred. Members have been out listed, out inted, PTS, wrong indication etc… While Hubbard has created a formidable hope, it was crushed by exterior attacks and more vicious one on the inside… and the careful destruction of the tech.
    Yes this is what indicate me, and for sure what would LRH says if he would be here. I am not a cult membrer, quite the opposite. I have a huge spiritual and philosophic culture, and I can compare things… but the strength of Hubbard philosophy and tech has nothing comparable really. It had to be destroyed. And they won, tech is in danger of extinction. Oddly enough, I still hope the church will be saved. Maybe few courgeous sea org member remembering who they really are, will throw Miscavige through the window. Overboard!!! Sent naked in space from the spaceship in the cosmos. That certainly was the tradition.
    The liitle crook only retained the barbaric aspect. And Hubbard did the mistake to believe that human rights were not so important compared to the issu. But he didn’t realize that any barbaric policies would be used by his ennemies to cave in the group. Actually he did realized it with Ron journal 68.
    Yes Theta Clear, I am impregnated by the “cult” thoughts, it reads in my skin. Am I suggested, hypnotized by Hubbard? Only by him as nobody else ever, and certainly not in the “cult” ever instilled any thought in me! I am a mother fucking non believer! I have no respect for any religious belief! Never I would pay a reg for thursday 2 o’clock. I am a non member of anything but still my PC was sacred. And I read religiously the CS series and the Data Series before I go to sleep.
    I arrive at the end of my rant. I had so many things to say and I lost some of it. And thanks Dr Mac for what you wrote, there was a lot of truth to it and it brought again some hope…

    • FG: “Yes…I am impregnated by the ‘cult’ thoughts, it reads in my skin. Am I suggested, hypnotized by Hubbard? Only by him as nobody else ever, and certainly not in the “cult” [was] ever instilled any thought in me! I am a mother fucking non believer!”

      Awesome post , FG. Both poetic and ringing of truth. Wow.

    • I totally got you, dear FG. As I said before to dear Sheeplebane ; if it is helping you, then it is helping you. Help is totally subjective, and need not to be “proved” to anybody.

      I am not trying to turn “believers” into “non-believers” , or Scientologists into Ex(es) or “haters”. I am only trying to get others to OBSERVE, that’s all. To never surrender their power of observation , their willingness to think for themselves to ONE single individual, assigning a power or knowingness he actually never had in the first place. I only want others to stop this senseless blind faith in an authoritarian approach to knowledge.

      If you don’t have, or have never had, a cult(ish) approach to Scn, then good for you, my friend. But that you didn’t , doesn’t mean that Scn doesn’t have Cult characteristics because it should be plain obvious that it always had them right from the beginning. LRH is definitively not the Saint of my devotion. He just fooled all of us, that’s a very easily to prove fact. How others can’t see it , is something I fully understand, cause I was tbere myself for DECADES!!!

      I am afraid that your assertions of how Scn got “destroyed by others” doesn’t hold any ground at all. I mean, I can write a whole book just on exactly how many of LRH’s writings totally violates Human Rights. To come now and attempt to “tone all this down” making it less important than it really is, doesn’t make any justice at all to all the victims of the cult(ish) nature of Scn. It doesn’t make justice to all the ones that paid thosands of dollars to achieve alleged states that were never attainable with Scn. As an OT VIII completion you should know that. You know EXACTLY what I am talking about. We BOTH are trained enough.

      I have NO problem whatsoever with anyone practicing Scn or whatever the hell they wish to practice. I DO, however, have a HUGE problem with Scientologists , or anyone esle for that matter, putting on a pedestal a man whose misguided policies ruined thousands of families. THAT, I do have a problem with.

      And please, stop already quoting RJ 68. I have dozens of reliable witnesses that can attest that the Fair-gaming practices, the Disconnection practices, never really stopped. They just stopped being publiced, that’s all. I was right there, dear FG, you know? I WAS right there. Do I have memory of it all? No I don’t. But I have enough though. And I don’t even need any memory of it in the first place. The evidence is just overwhelming.

      To come and tell that Scn was destroyed by psychs, and that it had nothing to do with the “Tech” , is a VERY weak argument , very easily defeated. For years! , dear FG, LRH created these policies :

      1. Declaring you an SP for “publicly departing Scn”. That part of the “Scn SP acts list” is, all by itself , a totally cult(ish) act, and even a VERY criminal act.

      2. Forcing PTS individuals to disconnect from declared SPs or risk being declared themselves. This all by itself violates at least 3-4 Human Rights.

      3. Persecuting others for creating “splinter groups” to practice something they learned in books they bought is totally suppressive and senseless.

      4. Attempting to find alleged “crimes” in people who publicly disagreed with SCN or any of its parts or with LRH, to then attack those people is a cult(ish) act, and even a crime, and a violation of Human Rights.

      5. Declaring you an SP for ANY violation of ANY of the points of KSW#1, is not only the act of a cult, but a despicable act ; an authoritarian approach to knowledge.

      Shall I go on ?

      This may sound rude to you and others, dear FG, but individuals that justify the crime of others , are an accessory to the crimes themselves. By failing to expose those crimes, by making them “not so bad” , by looking for “reasons” why it was done, one agrees with them whether we committed them or not. And that, I can’t allow. LRH was criminal, and ALL evidence clearly points to that, period. Whether you are willing to see it or not, is an entirely different issue. The fact is that he is not worthy of any praise, of any admirarion. I do not condone criminal acts ; I do not justify criminal acts.

      Am I a Saint? NOT AT ALL. I have enough O/Ws to create an atom bomb with all its energy. But I don’t hide behind reasons why and justifications. I have the balls to confront them to DO something about it. I have the balls to realize I DID wrong, and that I should have done things differently. And I don’t need anyone to come and defend me. I defend myself pretty well all by myself.

      LRH a hero ? Come one, wake up and smell the coffee. Heroes doesn’t hide from government to avoid getting indicted. Heroes don’t abandon their wives, and let them take the fall alone for actions we HAD knowledge about (The Snow White operation). LRH just hid like a coward, and didn’t even visited Mary Sue in Jail. Changed his will leaving her with mere left-overs. She died alone and isolated. A hero doesn’t push his own kid to committ suicide by bringing upon him a misguided pressure to be Scn’s next leader at the time of his passing , and by having a denigrating attitude towards homosexuals. An alleged “OT 22” that couldn’t even confront the government head on. You know why? Because of all the O/Ws that he had accumumated on it.

      I strongly suggest that you DO read those books that I recommended, w/ced them, and then with the proper data, decide by yourself whether I am right or not. But just don’t brush it all off out of an HE&R(y) reaction to my comments. I am on your side, you know? The side of real truth.


      • Yes Peter, I was also ruined by the church. And even now I really didn’t recover. I don’t have to tell the story again, it’s similar to other.
        But in the seventies, I didn’t make debts, there was no IAS… You see all started in 82 for my observation. It was no longer the intention of scientology.
        Yes, you quote this policy of 1965, and few others. Those policies have a totalitarian viewpoint. Hubbard at this moment became a fascist. But can I quote you “an essay on management”, or “attitude and conduct of scientology”. The immense majority of his writing leans toward freedom. Yourself you know and apply tech, you could recognize it’s value.
        Of course, those ethics policies are a black spot. I can see you are tough with LRH. I also like your viewpoint, it’s needed to remember that none could mess with freedom even Hubbard.
        And I can think also that I may be reasonnable with him, and I may also have a kind of “hubbardish” mind (with the very first need to obliterate Miscavige). But I don’t buy any totalitarian issu.

      • “Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.” ~~Code of Honor

        FG, I am glad that you have not permitted your affinity for Hubbard to be alloyed. That is a point of personal integrity, no matter how “logical” it is to focus on his failings.

        Actually, the topic of this blog post is totally relevant, because we do not really know what sort of “spell” Hubbard fell under – whether it was his own case or there was some sort of “curse” put on him, even if the curse itself was related to his own case.

        I think Hubbard was right in the article “What is Greatness?” where he wrote:

        “…True greatness refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one — and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them.

        “He understands that they are all in the same trap — the generals, the street sweepers, the presidents, the insane. They act the way they do because they are all subject to the same cruel pressures of this universe. Some still go on doing their jobs. Others succumb to the pressures.”

      • Marildi : “Actually, the topic of this blog post is totally relevant, because we do not really know what sort of “spell” Hubbard fell under – whether it was his own case or there was some sort of “curse” put on him, even if the curse itself was related to his own case.”

        Really Marildi ? Gee, this is something new even for you. Your comments are only proving my point even more ; that Scn is a cult. I don’t want to sound rude dear, but are you listening to yourself ?

        Based on your “analysis” , Adolfo Hitler might not have been that bad after all, as he could have very easily as well been under a “spell” or a “curse” , or under the “influence” of his case. Even though that you quote Scn so much, you fail to quote the HCOB, “Justification” and the “State of Man” congress lectures to analyze LRH’s behavior. According to LRH’s OWN writings, he could only have gotten under the effect of his case, a curse, or another influence by having accumulated lots of O/Ws on the area of difficulty.

        You see my point dear ? If I remember it correctly, when I used Abraham Lincon as an example of a great man, a liberaror, you alleged that he had taken the country to war which resulted in lots of deaths. Why didn’t you use your same “logic” with him ? Why didn’t you look for “reasons” why he wasn’t so “wrong” about his decisions ?

        Yet, you come and defend LRH left and right, always trying to rationalize his conduct, even though that he himself taught you not to in his Data Series PLs. Don’t you find that intriguing ? I certainly do.

        ARC PETER

      • Marildi : ” Actually, the topic of this blog post is totally relevant, because we do not really know what sort of “spell” Hubbard fell under – whether it was his own case or there was some sort of “curse” put on him, even if the curse itself was related to his own case.”

        You mean than an alleged OT 22 ; the man who was “reaching and withdrawing” from the North and South poles as a being who after having been “snatched” from the “In Between Lives Area” , was able to easily escape and roam about on the implant stations as he wanted ; the man who was an L-12 completion stably exterior with full perception and not likely to become PTS to anybody or anything ; the man who allegdly had gotten rid of ALL his BTs ; the man who as a game communicated with disembodied spirits all the time (he was allegdly fully aware of any exterior being) ; the ONLY man to having crossed the “Walk of Fire” with ALL the details of Inc II (that almost took his life) ; the man who had whole track recall, so must had known all about “interference” and all kinds of traps ; the man who allegedly was a FULL Operating Thetan and “Cause over Life” ; was under the influence of “case” , “a spell” , or “a curse” ?

        I rest my case, dear. My point have been totally proved.

        ARC PETER

      • “Yes Peter, I was also ruined by the church. And even now I really didn’t recover. I don’t have to tell the story again, it’s similar to other.”

        TC : I understand, and am sorry that you had to go through all that.

        “But in the seventies, I didn’t make debts, there was no IAS… You see all started in 82 for my observation. It was no longer the intention of scientology.”

        TC : I agree it got worse after 1982 , but the trouble had already started since 1954 with the creation of the first church and with LRH’s article, “The Scientologist : A Manual on the Dissemination of Materials” , where the witch-hunt for “squirrels” and “critics of Scn” really started. You can Google search for it , and read it for yourself.

        “Yes, you quote this policy of 1965, and few others. Those policies have a totalitarian viewpoint. Hubbard at this moment became a fascist.”

        TC : What I’ve been trying to tell you, dear FG , in at least 8-10 past posts on this subject , is that your “time coincident” is wrong. You are assigning that Facist conduct a wrong time period. It didn’t end at 1965. I’ve been telling you that LRH never really cancelled “Disconnection” and “Fair-gaming” in practice , but either you don’t believe me, or don’t want to inspect it any further. There are a lot of witnesses that attested to the continuation of those policies at the Apollo long after 1965. Even if LRH allegedly cancelled “Fair Gaming” and “Disconnection” in his RJ 68 , he later reinstated Sec Checking and keeping the records of it. He never ever cancelled the PL on the “Suppressive Acts list” where most of the facism and absolutism is found. That PL was NEVER cancelled. And I have quoted you time after time the PL where LRH allegedly cancelled “Fair Gaming. Here it is again :

        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

        “HCO Policy Letter of 21 October 1968


        The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease.

        FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations.

        This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.

        LRH:ci:cden L. RON HUBBARD Copyright (c) 1968 Founder by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED”

        It clearly says “The practice of DECLARING (please w/c “declaring”) someone Fair Game will cease. It causes BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS”. He was just concerned about bad image and nothing more. I am properly “Dead Agenting” your asserions using LRH’s own tech on “Handling Black Propaganda”.

        I have very good friends, dear FG, very honest people who were THERE after 1965 , working directly where LRH was. And he KEPT those practices even if to a lesser degree. The witnesses of that are dozens , may be in the hundred. Are you going to dismiss now their testimony ? I mean, those were people who were heavily attacked for going public with all of this before LRH passed away. Why on hell would anyone want to be attacked and harrassed by Scn for telling a “lie” ? Some people underwent years!!! of harassment and many years in court, why lie about it ? No, I am afraid that your assessment doesn’t hold any ground here.

        If LRH would have been honest about his RJ 68 , as many allege, rest assure that those practices would have stopped , and he would have revised his policy on the “SP acts list” , which he didn’t ; he never revised it to eliminate anything. Many allege that the 1983 PL reinstating “Disconnection” as a valid handling wasn’t LRH authored, but then they fully believe and use the FPRD HCOBs which were written after that in 1984!!! , and other HCOBs from 1982-1985. So, what’s the deal here ? He either wrote absolutely nothing after 1982 (which by the way, includes the switch to the Grades first and then NED), or he DID wrore them. That he didn’t , is not based on ANY evidence at all.

        Then, you also have KSW#1, that even though was written in 1965 , it was revised by LRH several times, even after the ’70s , and that PL is VERY absolutist. So all this theory that the Facist period of LRH was just around 1965 and just 2-3 years afterwards, crumbles very easily. But I won’t keep on explaining the same thing over and over again. Your evidence is right there, if you have the willingness to look at it.

        FG : “But can I quote you “an essay on management”, or “attitude and conduct of scientology”. The immense majority of his writing leans toward freedom.”

        TC : Yeah, that might be the case as Scn is full of contradictions just as any cult is. The Bible is full of truths as well, most of its contents are sensible. But it also contain many crazy and suppressive shit which is enough to create havoc. You see, FG, one only needs ONE policy to mess everything up , just one is enough. Call me “absolutist” if you want, but the evidence is right under your nose.

        Scn is full of contradictions. In one hand you have the “Code of the Scientologist” and the “Creed of the Church” , but in the other hand you have KSW#1 and the “SP acts list” contradicting those. In one hand you have “What is true for you is what is true for you” , but is the other hand you have “Standard Tech is perfect and infallible just because I say so, and if you violate it we’ll have your head”. “You may have ‘personal integrity’ but you can’t disagree with Scn or LRH or you just have ‘hidden crimes’ to be found, and we need to attack you.”

        You see, dear FG, this is contradiction after contradiction. Not only that, but Scn is full of false claims, something you know quite well. No real Book one Clear, no real “whole track recall” recovered, no real stable exteriorization with full movility, no real OTs per definition. Shall I go on ?

        What does it matter if you have many policies and writings about Freedom and all that, to then be met with the suppression of other policies that totally invalidates those “liberating”ones ?

        FG : “Yourself you know and apply tech, you could recognize it’s value.”

        TC : Yes, that’s true. I research and apply the Tech every day.I have always made the clarification in every of my posts here and at other blogs, that Scn has many, many workabke and useful parts. Hundreds of them. That’s not the point. I am not trying to get others to totally dismiss Scn or stop using it. If that were the result of my posts, then my mission would be totally incomplete. Scn has many, many things that DOES, DOES help. But ONLY by freeing ourselves of its cult(ish) nature ; only by never again assuming that LRH was right about everything he wrote about ; only by being willing to inspect and test every procedure and process to determine its actual workability, can Scn be used safely for the mind and spirit.

        FG : “Of course, those ethics policies are a black spot. I can see you are tough with LRH.”

        TC : They are not only a “black spot” , they changed EVERYTHING. And I am only “tough” with him cause Scientologists keep on justifying him instead of taking responsibility for his actions, and indicating the correct BPC to others. Scientologists seems more concern about protecting their leader from harsh criticism than about helping those hundreds of people who have been wronged and suppressed by LRH’s policies. That’s what pissed me off. Because that is being cult(ish) about it, whether you want to see it or not , accept it or not.

        FG : ” I also like your viewpoint, it’s needed to remember that none could mess with freedom even Hubbard. And I can think also that I may be reasonnable with him, and I may also have a kind of “hubbardish” mind (with the very first need to obliterate Miscavige). But I don’t buy any totalitarian issu. ”

        TC : I am not attempting for others to assume any totalitarian viewpoint about LRH or Scn ; I am only trying to get others free from being cult(ish) about Scn and LRH, that’s all. If one learns ANYTHING, dear FG, with the viewpoint that such a researcher was right about all of his assertions. If one surrender our power of observation, our ability to think for ourselves, to blindly follow anybody, then I am afraid that one becomes a slave of Authority. And I am no slave of anybody, and certainly, I don’t want others to be as well.

        I can be called “absolutist” ; I can be called a “hater” of Scn and LRH ; I can be called a “BPCed miss-withholdy natterer”. I can be called a thousand misguided names by strict adherents of Hubbardian Tech. But the truth is that I am the freest Scientologist that you will ever met , because I am my OWN authority, and nobody is above me, and I am not above anybody as well.

        ARC PETER

    • FG……. “””””They made it! After having destroyed scientology from the inside, they use the ex member to spread hatred. Members have been out listed, out inted, PTS, wrong indication etc… While Hubbard has created a formidable hope, it was crushed by exterior attacks and more vicious one on the inside… and the careful destruction of the tech.
      Yes this is what indicate me, and for sure what would LRH says if he would be here. I am not a cult membrer, quite the opposite. I have a huge spiritual and philosophic “”””
      I thought I was the only one who realised the above! Yes they have destroyed the church from inside… Just read some of the blogs and by reading those posts you know who are the major players! They still have power same as they had while in the church… These people are highly trained “””RESPECTED”” because they are trained like CLASS 12 C/S as and auditor…. the poison this person pours out is like honey so sweet but so deadly!.
      Those who are negative spread negative reality.. those are the enemy they are the ones who want to keep this universe solid and believing in the existence of solidity is a form of enslavement.
      Example of negative: I have emailed this CL 12 person and asked if she would help with promoting Solo auditing: answer was short:” I am here to destroy the church.”
      this same person when I posted in her blog and asked why dont you write something positive about LRH, or wins people had using the tech?
      within few minutes I was notified that I was locked out of her blog ”’permanently![ of course my question was erased.]
      Few dare to speak out against these persons but it seems these persons the true ENEMY DONT HAVE PROBLEM to blacken the TECH twist it into unusable mas.. they spread the negative by simply implanting few words here and other blogs. Like: Tao is the only answer!.. bullshit.. if Buddhism or the teaching of Lao Tzu would hold the answers to regain the knowledge of what is true spirituality means than by now this planet would have been cleared.!!
      My answer to these madness that I Solo audit and I post cognitions in my blog.
      Yours would be most welcome!

      Best to you. Elizabeth

  22. Hi Elizabeth I understand.
    I prefer to have a fully trained C/s so if I
    was to encounter any trouble they are
    there to guide me and fully handle.

    • Yes… Goldie I understand your view….C/S is needed to guide the PC at first, but after the PC has learned how to solo Audit and knows the Auditors Code that PC is able to handle all items. You see, the only things, items are on your track or mine what you have or I have put there.
      Looking forward to read your wins! Best, be well! Elizabeth

  23. – BLACK NOTs

    These are related and/or overlapping phenomena that we all need to be aware of. As a matter of fact I believe a separate article should be written which gives a list of tech and/or handlings that people have discovered which have worked in combatting it. Tell your stories and tell us what worked and what didn’t! ScnAfrica, what do you think?

    • This has been a tremendously interesting thread and certainly very pertinent to our situation.
      Though I’m a bit late in commenting, I’d like to say that whoever found that feature picture hit a great find.

    • Treasonous F ask Scn africa to point you to the right place depending on your location. The internet while being invaluable cannot substitute experienced trainers in person ( skype shows huge potential however). The point is help is readily available and you can use it.
      Good luck!

  24. I wanted to expand my views about why I say that Scn is a cult, and has always been a cult. This isn’t just a cognition that I had in my sleep or something, or under the effects of drugs or alcohol, or out of ‘hidden crimes” that are prompting me to become critical to Scn and LRH. This is something that happened over several months of research and introspection (and no, introspection isn’t something necessarily bad as LRH wanted us to believe. INTROVERSION ? Now, that’s an entirely different issue, and one indicator of a decayed state).

    The insidiousness of this material, of Scn’s cult(ish) nature , isn’t something easily realized by most Scientologists because fully realizing about it can be quite painful and disheartening. I consider myself quite a strong individual, possessing a great confront ability, and even for me , it was something quite enturbulating and confusing.

    I am a good man who wish the best for everybody. I am a Human Rights protector ; I find a lot of happiness when I help others lead a happier and more fulfilling life. I don’t care about the practices and religions that others participate in. I only care about others having enough self-determinism and willingness to think for themselves so as to never lose themselves , and surrender to strict dogmas and authoritarian approaches to knowledge. That’s ALL what I care about : Free Will and Freedom of thought.

    So by writing this post, I am not trying to turn Scientologists into non-believers or haters. I am not trying to get others to stop using Scn or to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. I am only trying to make sure that the free will and self-determinism of others doesn’t get insidiously suppressed by ANY philosophy or by ANYBODY ; that’s all. Having clarified that, I will proceed to make my case. Please, read it with an unbiased attitude, and do research the refs that I will list, and then make an informed decision about it. But I warn you, don’t expect to not get enturbulated for a while. That would be the rare exception.

    Every cult share some specific characteristics regardless what the cult is about. Some cults are religious in nature, some are political, and others are pychotherapeutic like Scn. Actually, Scn could be classified as religious as well.

    I’ll be using the list presented at the website , “Let Us Reason” ( http://www.letusreason.org/culteac.htm). There are other websites that list the characteristics of a cult that you can research as well , and most of them list almost the same traits. I’ll make a summary of it in my own words. Their common characteristics are :

    1. They usually have a leader that is considered by the cult members as a kind of Messiah with god-like attributes. This leader is admired beyond belief, and never questioned in his motives. He is thought to be perfect, infallible. He has a very high control of the cult members, almost an hypnotic one. He is the “solution” to “salvation” ; he is going to “save us all”.

    Every Scientologist always thought that LRH was a god-like individual right about EVERYTHING he ever wrote about, and not to be ever questioned. His words were Truth personified. We were indoctrinated into believing that if LRH wrote it, then it must be true. We needed not to seek any additional knowledge from any other sources. We only had to look for the exact reference that applied to whatever area we were having any difficulty with, and apply that. An “viola” , everything would be fixed. We all were heavily indoctrinated into that way of thinking.

    It is just as with many Christians in relation to the Bible ; according to many of them , ALL answers to life and existence is contained in it , and are not to be questioned in any way. All cults has a charismatic leader, thought to be infallible and god-like. Every cult has some text or texts that are truth personified. Scn is no exception at all.

    LRH was always uttering such general and all-encompassing statements allegedly having been throughly “tested” in research, but w/out ever presenting any written records of such procedures. Excepting perhaps , “Mission into Time” , and only in a VERY, VERY minor degree, there are no available public records whatsoever supporting any of the claims of Scientology. We just always believed that LRH was telling us the truth. I mean , the proof of past lives (upon which I have 100% certainty) is one VERY easy to test for others, it is one very easy to document using only Earth incs. Exteriorization with full perception and movility is something that should be VERY easy to prove and document as well.

    The alleged “Book-1 Clear” with all its claimed abilities as listed in DMSMH ; abilities that LRH had allegedly throughly “tested” and recorded , was a mere fantasy. No records were ever presented by LRH. He just said he had them, quite a different thing , but I know of no Scientologist that has ever seen them. There are no records of “Theta Clears” , no records of “Operating Thetans” , no records of “Stably exterior L-12 completions” , no proof or record of “implant stations” , no proof or records of “past massive volcanic explosions on Earth” , no records of ANYTHING, in fact. It was only LRH’s word and nothing esle .

    Not ONE single individual, not one that I know of that has a full DNs recall of inc I , inc II, or the 36 days of “theater-like” implanting, or the OT II implants. Only “The Pilot” said he did, and he committed suicide after making a few posts about an alleged “psychic warfare” from the CofS that he was being the effect of, which sounded CBR like.

    2. To maintain the loyalty of the group and control its members, many methods are used : fear of rejection, punishment , losing our “salvation” , living in eternal pain , not going to a “heaven” , failing in life, etc.

    “Losing one’s Eternity” comes to mind. LRH was always bringing that point home, like in KSW#1. It was always a race against time to save human kind. Our time was allegedly running out, and only Scn would stop us from living in an “eternal darkness into total oblivion”. We had to abandon our dynamics , become staff or SO members , while hardly having enough to eat and live, to “Save the Planet” , while LRH was earning MILLIONS in royalty, and eating like a king, and living as a king (at least in relation to the rest of his “shipmates”).

    3. Weapons such as intimidation and accusation are frequently used to maintain devotion. Questioning “authority” is interpreted as rebellion and distrust, and one is labeled as “disaffected”. “Not with the Org” and “Against Scn” comes to mind.”

    Questioning LRH at anything was VERY frowned upon when I was on staff. One never dared to publicly dissent from LRH at ANYTHING. It all was a blind faith in Authority. Having doubts about LRH or Scn always meant our OWN O/Ws, and even alleged hidden “criminal” acts from us. There wasn’t any space to dissent from “Standard tech” , or to use any other routes to knowledge or salvation, as that was considered as “mixing practices” , “Squirreling” , or creating “Splinter groups” , all of which was heavily attacked and handled in Ethics.

    4.. They discourage critical thinking , even though that most of the time they make it appear just the opposite ; that they are in fact, fostering “Free will”. Just as Scn does with its creed and the “Code of a Scientologist” , but then in KSW#1 and the “SP acts list” , Scn actually forbid and suppress free will and self-determinism.

    We have the “We the Church believe” bullshit , like, “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others” point , except if what we are talking “freely” about is against LRH and/or Scn. If that’s the case , then the “free thinking” and “free speech right” is looked upon as “natter” and “disaffection”.

    5. They have a lot of command over the member’s intimate affairs. Who to talk to, to whom be connected to or not, what groups or individuals to avoid, are ways that its members are kept on line, and “free” from being negatively influenced by others. “SP declarations” , “Disconnection” , “Hatred for psychiatrists” , “Hatred for dissidents” , are examples of how this characteristic manifest in Scn.

    6. GROUP TRUST: Confession Sessions are used to build relationships. Full disclosure of all secret sins, thoughts, temptations, desires are expressed with those you know and may not know to build up your trusting them with your life. These can become a powerful tools to emotionally bond you to the leader or group. They later can be used to manipulate, or blackmail someone if and when they decide to leave.

    LRH used the Tech of Confessional to put in line whoever disagreed with “Standard Tech” or him. A lot of bad control is done through confessionals regardless of the value that they do have in helping others. Ok, next point. I’ll quote it directly :

    7. Isolation : “They cut off outside sources of information, especially if it is critical of the group. One is not allowed to read or converse with those who say these things or was once part of the group and left for whatever circumstances. Ties are severed with former friends and family and the circle becomes tighter as the only people you are exposed are them. One reads only their books and are discouraged or forbidden to read other books, especially if one opposes their views.”

    Not allowing Scientologist to Google-search Scn in the Net, comes to mind. The idea indoctrinated in all of us that LRH had discovered EVERYTHING that ever needed to be discovered , fits into this trait. . We didn’t have to look at any other sources except Scn to look and find ALL answers to existence. Pretty crazy shit , if one look at it closely.

    Next point quoted directly :

    8. “AN “US AGAINST THEM” ATTITUDE AND PHILOSOPHY: Anyone who challenges the cult’s doctrine is automatically branded as an enemy which is usually anyone who disagrees. The cultists feel that they are being persecuted unfairly.”

    For LRH, ANYONE who disagreed with Scn , or talked negatively about it was an “enemy” to ATTACK. ONLY by having “hidden crimes” was anyone capable of criticizing Scn as Scn was perfection in itself. Just this factor, all by itself, put Scn in the ranks of a cult. Just this factor alone, w/out any other point needed to be taking into consideration.
    Next point, quoted directly :

    9. “FOCUS ON AN IMAGINED ENEMY: The enemy can be seen to be the government, the IRS, the Illuminati, new world order, UFOs (or other conspirators) the Jews, Blacks (other ethnic groups if they are politically oriented) certain church denominations are considered the enemy. The focus shifts from inside and instead of truth and purpose, keeps the adherents busy towards something outside, It also stops them from looking in and really thinking things through.”

    Like Scn against the government and psychiatry ; its two big “enemies” it had to defeat. It was always the battle against them, specially Psychiatry. According to LRH, ALL psychiatrists were “pure evil” attempting to do everybody in , no exceptions. I mean, there are a LOT, LOT of psychiatrists that not only don’t medicate their patients, but also do not use any invasive type of treatment.

    Many of them are publicly against psychotropic drugs, and even testify in court against them. But we never found out about it because just as kids were indoctrinated into believing in the “Buggy Man” , we were indoctrinated into thinking that psychiatrists were evil people, crazy bastards to be eliminated. We were given thus, a “worthy” goal, a target to attack, a Mission to save planet Earth from those monsters.

    If anyone here care to search for this in the Web, you’ll find out how many good and honest therapists are out-there, not using any drugs, not using electro-shocks or brain surgery, not evaluating for their patients, not sexually violating their patients ; none of that. You’ll also be able to find out just how many of them are against psychotropic drugs.

    All those 9 points can be found at the website mentioned at the beginning of this post. You can find them, very similar, at many others websites. The “International Cultic Studies Association” (ICSA) also has many refs to read on the subject of cults. Google search for it, and read all you can.

    I am afraid that LRH could have helped thousands with “do it yourself” self-processing books. It is not difficult to do at all. But we were led into thinking that we always needed an auditor and C/S in order to “do it the right way”. There are quite a few cases that DO needs a hand, but this could have been solved by supervised co-audited sessions until the person was ready to do it by herself/himself , and all for a fraction of the cost.

    I know that this is very difficult to digest by most Scientologists even if they are what I call “Liberal Scientologists” , but this was all about Money and Power, I am afraid ; Money and Power. Those fixed “donations” , those thousands of dollars paid to achieve promised states that were not attainable even by LRH himself ; this “religion angle” that LRH devised, was all about money and power. Is was VERY, VERY hard for me to confront the truth , but I finally “saw the light” , and the result was incredible liberating.

    Scientology DO have many, many incredible workable principles, and many, many workable processes and procedures. But EACH one of them needs to be tested and inspected on its own for general workability , free from the “LRH was always right about everything” enslaving idea. Free from an authoritarian approach to knowledge. Free from the yokes of Authority. Only that way can Scn be used w/out harm to reason and free will. Only that way can you use whatever you find truthful and workable about it as you see fit.

    The choice is totally yours.


    • Yes Peter you are very right on this matter of cult.
      Actually it’s authoriarian. If you take an army, or the communist party it would have the 9 cults points. It’s a system of knowledge which is supposed to be perfect. It gives an enjoyement, a perfect system. It’s a sort of intellectual orgasm : a perfect system. People have a feeling of complete power. I don’t know if I tell it well. No more question, its so relaxing!
      Cultish attitude always arise when there is the creation of big ideologies. Big ideologies are for poor minds, the poorest, more cheerlfull about the “truth revealed”. In a an effort to stabilized the confusion.
      Now I have enjoyed to audit OTIII for exemple to the point of complete belief. It seems to work, I was exterior, I was so cause. It doesnt enter the right/ wrong question.
      You see, Peter?
      And for the tech to work you have to have to some degree the “cultish group”. Not to the point of COB, who is only interested with money and control. Any real “cultish mind” well endoctinated in PTS tech would say he is an SP.
      The cult members of the church are not scientologist any more, they have no longer any right to think by themselves. I have studied the Data Series, isn’t that a training not to be fooled?
      Never I would regret the gain I had with the tech before the arrival of Miscavige on the scene. (after I have had wh : I knew he was SP and couldn’t tell it!)
      No, many things could be said, but at 97, 5 % I love Hubbard.
      But I can recognize that some misguided policy he wrote destroyed the show and cost many their hope, health and financial soundness.

      • But I understand your point Peter. If you look at the result, it’s horrible : disconnection, financial disaster and that were not the supposed product of the tech. What they used to protect the church became the very tool of it’s destruction.
        The wins have vanished but the debts, lost frienship and family member, physical troubles, remained, the net result is below the line.
        But still the tech could repair it. I experienced it, but we need to be a group, otherwise the bank is stronger.
        But, until Miscavige is brought to justice, we are sort of outlaw… It’s a fantastic injustice that this guy continue to be here. He is not scientology.
        Hubbard with his flaw can be studied. Out dated and destructive issu should be labelled such. Scientology should be brought to PT, not to stay stuck in the time of the cold war!
        Have you seen the soviet hair cut of Miscavige? This guy look like an apparachick. Their communication looks like communist. Yes, same flow than communists in the sixities. And members are like good communists.
        I do have a deep hatred for this stupidity. The way they like COB like Russian liked Staline. I actually could scream if I hear them singing “we stand tall”. I have a feeling of shame and ridicule to be amongst such people.
        But I know that in order to blow a charge I have to go earlier/similar, and many other things of the tech.
        It’s strange to me, I have never understood how scientologists practicing Trs, comm cycle, a lot of intelligent things, could be on the other hand so gullible and childish.

    • Or if its traps you want to get out of, ironically Scientology offers very intetesting methods of freeing and enslaving. Ones intent is paramount. To simply say sweepingly Scientology is the ultimate trap to free yourself from seems unworkable in the extreme.

      Picking up the firebrand, joining the mob and setting ablaze everything Scn still leaves you in the same boat. Those freedoms you sought via Scn have not actualised. Then what? Attack Scn for its failed endeavours stated to all, or find another route to the promised land. Lastly give up on everthing. Throw in the towel. But you cannot. In some weird way you Alanzo are still so goddamned interested. That toe in the door is still there waiting..just in case. Well good on you for it!

  25. BIC and dr mac,

    Wonderful Itsa-Make article , and comments full of:

    Sturm und Drang
    Full of life in Play
    Seen through viewpoint’s eyes
    Cobbled with bits of their Way
    Would I say to look my way
    But, …..it’s gone already

  26. BIC moderators. I wish to publicly thank you for your continued efforts to permit truthful dialogue on this site. When dissenting views are given an airing, seins vengeful, hateful, or biased rhetoric, we all ultimately benefit! Though it may sometimes take a while to ‘sink in’.

    Permitting viewers to have / hold their owns views, is therefore not only democratic, but ultimately permits one to approach a better understanding, of where THEY’RE at, in relation to others.

    One point that wins the ‘lotto’ for me, at least, is the amount of positivity gathered from my own Scientology experience. ‘Cult’ branding aside, the workable tools have established their value (for me) in addressing the vast aberration present in living the human realities, we face.

    Now being attacked mercilessly, for all the harm he caused, (considerably more than most!)
    I am still amazed at the vast amount of helpful advice, broad spectrum of accurate knowledge, and underlying workable principles (ARC, KRC, Tone & other Scales, Pre-logics, Logics, Axioms, Communication formula, Auditing systems and tech, Code, etc, etc), that the Ol’ man ‘discovered’ (uncovered, explored, developed, popularized )

    Rather than repeating the old maxim — ‘glass half empty – or half-full’, I prefer to see the Scn experience as coming away with a wealth of tools and ‘magic’ tricks, which CAN equip one with the wisdom to DIFFERENTIATE and better understand the bigger picture;

    –The GAMES of life, with all their beauty, tragedy, fascination & complexities.

    — Calvin. 🙂

    • I wish to clarify what was meant by “living the human realities, we face” (third para., above)

      Has it ever occurred to you, just how MUCH of our ‘human’ attention, is fixated upon this ‘human’ role experience?

      Almost ALL ‘consuming’, it would appear to be! Healthy? -Nope, I think not!

      Horribly out of touch (with Nature) we become, when allowing our attention to become sooooo thus FIXATED, instead of giving ‘SWEEPING’, equal attention!

      per the Ol’man; “Attention becomes aberrated, by becoming too fixed, without sweeping, or sweeping too long, without fixing!

      Hullo! Are there any other fellow EARTHLINGS listening / reading??

      IMHO, ‘human’ aberration, has resumed it’s place as the most pressing of problems, to threaten all species of life on this planet, (without any doubt!)

      My contention here? — Check out the simplistic lifestyle of the Kalahari Bushmen (in it’s untampered with origins)
      — There you will find ‘human’ beings, TOTALLY in tune with nature, (very much in present time). living as a PARTICIPATING species, among their fellow earthlings, with a sense of ‘oneness’ with EARTH.

      Remarkably, among THIS human sector, you will find none of the ‘aberration’ mentioned above, which bedevils and threatens the future and natural balance of (other) life, on this exquisite planet we have come to regard as “OURS” ….

      Time to sweep our ‘attention’ a little wider, to see what other approaches / alternatives, there are to life, which obviate the aberration resulting from being at the ‘effect’ of embracing our ‘necessary’ way of life, perhaps?

      Planetary Kamikazi lemmings, ….or guardians of our ‘collective’ habitat?

      So to summarize, human ‘aberration’ remains the ‘glitch’ which winds us ALL up in the ditch!

      ………. Unless……… !!

  27. Dear posters,

    After I properly answer to any replies to me in this thread , I will stop posting at this blog. Not because I feel unwelcome in any way, as most posters here are incredible individuals possessing great virtues and values as friends. Not because I have been treated badly in any way by the dear BCI Admin, as he taught me more valuable life lessons than all that I learned in my whole track in the CofS ; something for which I’ll be eternally grateful. Not because I am ARC broken in any way. But just because posting here might just upset others and even shake their stable data w/out a proper replacement at hand.

    The name of this blog is “Scientologists Back in Comm” , and I can no longer be called a Scientologist even though that I have no problems whatsoever in using Scn Tech as I see fit. Many people here that I value a lot , keep a high praise and admiration for LRH, and I don’t. Therefore many of my comments might function as counter intention to their purposes. Whether I agree or not with such purposes is not the issue ; I am quite all right with letting others be. But what is an Ex-scientologist doing in a pro-LRH, pro-Scn blog ? I mean, I can only create Dev-T and unwittingly push others’ anchor points in.

    I think that I already have said all that I wanted to say, and have presented all that I wanted to present. To continue doing it at this platform might not be the best for the purpose of this blog. My new agenda requires a new platform, and a new blog or website. I can no longer support Scn as a philosophy of life ; not in its present state. Scn is something I can no longer disseminate to others even in the Independent Field. Not any longer. I see just too many people totally fixated, unwittingly and insidiously traped under the yoke of what I consider now, a very destructive cult. I see people with lots of hopes for states I know they won’t achieve as advertized by LRH, and that pisses me off.

    This might sound very strange to most of you, but I have a responsibility to all us this, and inherently so. And I can’t just escape that responsibility and forget about the whole thing. My mission is to put a stop to something I should have stopped a very long time ago. I wasn’t that strong then, but I am now.

    So I’ll do the proper thing , and find new safe-points from which to continue my work in a platform where others have a similar purpose than mine.

    Anyone wishing to communicate with me might do so by contacting the BIC Admin. I hearby authorize him to give my e-mail address to anyone who ask for it.

    I think BIC is doing an incredible job at exposing all the Human Rights abuses that the CofS is committing , and providing a safe space where Scientologists can “Get Back in Comm”. So I’ll just let them do their job.

    My best wishes to all ; flourish and prosper, and might each one of you find your own route to Salvation.


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