“They put a spell on me, baby!”

Spiritual warfare

The following article contains data that BIC has come across from a number of different sources.  Given the church’s propensity for dirty tricks and reprehensible conduct when it comes to waging war on its enemies, it’s perhaps not inconceivable they would engage in the “spiritual warfare” described in this story.     


“They put a spell on me, baby!”

 I’d like to share a story.

I’ve told this story to a few people, to a mostly sceptical response. I’m sceptical myself, and yet these facts are true for me.

Due to my own personal disillusionment with non-optimum situations prevailing in the church, I left Corporate Scientology years ago. For personal reasons I am still under the radar, however this should not detract from the credibility of this story.

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Joburg Org – the road to nowhere

Image of a glossy highway sign on blue sky

In an effort to keep Joburg Org’s public abreast of its activities, an email promo called JOBURG BUZZ NEWSLETTER was concocted some years ago. Although intended to be a weekly issue, as the org diminished in resources and activity, so did the frequency of the newsletter which has dwindled to a sporadic now-and-again occurrence.

As is peculiar to the the world of corporate scientology, they live in a bubble of NOW – the ability to see their own dwindling spiral over time seems to be somewhat absent. This is probably attributed to a number of factors including the insanity of operating on a policy of ONLY THIS WEEK MATTERS,  ALWAYS promote unprecedented expansion despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary and NEVER admit there may be trouble in paradise.

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Joburg Org – PR ZERO Area Control

Sex Shop1


PR Series 10-1: PRO Area Control:

“The extent of one’s PRO area control can be measured at once by counting up the points one is not controlling from the company or org viewpoint and the points one IS controlling.”

Joburg Org – the continental headquarters of Scientology in Africa, has been situated in it’s ideal premises in the suburb of Kensington since November 2003.

For a brief period before and after Joburg reached St Hill size in 2005, the org was involved in many community activities – Drug Free marches and other 3D campaigns were active – VM’s, WTH, Gung-Ho groups etc. The field & org staff had a great sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm in undertaking these projects. At that time, the church was recognised and appreciated for the role it took in community development and betterment.

But it was not to last.

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We’re back & kicking off with good news!


BIC has returned from a lengthy sabbatical , the reasons for which will become known in due course.

To celebrate our return, we’re kicking off with some great news – another first for South African independents.

This last Saturday 20th June 2015, a graduation event was hosted by a Joburg group to celebrate those who have either embarked on their journey for the first time or those who have continued with their journey outside of corporate scientology.

Most impressive was that over 95 people arrived to congratulate the 46 recipients of certificates for varying completions of life skill courses and other personal spiritual milestones. Continue reading

Pretoria Org – Still in trouble

Deserted Church


Since opening it’s ideal doors in 2013, Pretoria org has made a valiant effort in keeping up the facade of a thriving and expanding Ideal Org.  BIC published several reports which clearly revealed Pretoria to be in deep trouble long before it opened for business in its new location.

For those new to this blog, the links below will give you an idea of the history of Pretoria org.

The building of an Ideal Org – Pretoria

Pretoria – idling along

Pretoria – straight up and vertically in debt

Not that this should be surprising to anyone. Pretoria, like most orgs in South Africa, has been a small struggling concern for years.

As has been stated on this and many other blogs, the act of putting up huge lavish buildings and expecting formerly struggling orgs to suddenly expand and flourish is pure lunacy. But when you’re playing with other people’s money, anything goes.

Recent news would indicate nothing has changed for Pretoria.

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WARNING: OSA trolls are at it again


Troll:  (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Disinformation intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. (Wikipedia).

OSA Trolls,  Disinformation & Scaremongers Par Excellence 

In recent weeks BIC has been alerted to a number of strange incidents which seem to indicate yet another wave of OSA skulduggery is underway.

The people being targeted are the church-labeled “SPs” and many UTR public who have seemingly been singled out or flagged as potential threats or risk to the church.

Many years ago at the time of the Anonymous protests/attacks and the Marty/Mike big reveal, it became practice for orgs to categorize their public into different groups:

  • Public who are regularly on service, attend org events and are supporting (financially) org activities. These guys are considered safe and fully on board with “Command Intention”.


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Co$ – Masters of the bandwagon


(Editor Comment: Our apologies for the recent glitches resulting in delays of new articles and comment moderation. We are happy to report that normal programming has resumed).   



Bandwagon meaning: “An activity or cause that has suddenly become fashionable or popular”.

It’s no secret the church is notorious for seizing fundraising and PR opportunities when tragedies result in human suffering and misery. As Tom Cruise famously stated in the leaked IAS video “because being a Scientologist……you know you’re the only one that can help”.

Although using such situations for PR purposes has been a long-standing strategy of the church, it was steeply increased following the tragedy of 9/11. The church acknowledged this in numerous self-generated press releases such as this one which states: “The work of these volunteers at Ground Zero New York inspired a movement that now circles the globe—Scientology Volunteer Minister Disaster Response teams on call 24/7 in times of disaster”. 

The press release further blows the church’s horn with: “They served in the aftermath of the 2004 South Asian tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2011 Japan tsunami and hundreds of disasters great and small in countries around the world”.

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Storm clouds gathering – Idle Orgs Africa

Storm clouds over church


BIC has periodically updated readers on the dismal status-quo of Ideal Orgs Africa.

This continent is not unique – it’s a worldwide phenomena. Mike Rinder recently published an article on Nashville Ideal Org, which he followed up a day later with this update. Same story, different continent.

With Joburg’s grand opening in 2003 and fundraising for this project having started around 2000, South African scientologists have now been in fundraising mode for 15 years. In that time, only 2 Ideal Orgs have opened for business, both of them now bankrupt. Joburg Org was in serious financial trouble within 3 years of their grand opening and Pretoria was in the red BEFORE they opened their doors for business.

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Why you can’t get case gain in the church


Article by Morris Adams



Probably the most telling failure of RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) or what is today laughably still called the “Church of Scientology”, is that a person cannot get any significant case gain while he or she is a part of it.

Tremendous gain is available from doing Scientology – beyond your wildest dreams. But you can’t get it by receiving auditing or doing training as a member of the Church of Scientology. The best you can do there is get just a small taste of it.

Here are the reasons:

  • The church is being run by an SP. All staff are PTS, Sea Org most of all. If you are on lines at an org, you are, or soon will be, PTS. “And may you never be the same again.” This used to be a good thing, but today in the “church” it means you will never be yourself again.

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A bridge over troubled waters


Bridge over troubled water1


The build-up to the much anticipated documentary Going Clear which aired on HBO yesterday (29th March 2015) took on epic proportions. Now that the show has aired, the media feeding frenzy is in full swing.

Certainly this event deserves it’s place among other crucial milestones in “project expose RCS”  –  right up there with The Truth Rundown and Debbie Cook’s email.

BIC has, up until this point, not joined in the fray.

This has not been due to our indifference – conversely so. In view of how broadly and comprehensively this has been covered by numerous other blogs, facebook groups and other forums, we felt it not necessary to add our voice to the many out there who have done a wonderful job of keeping us updated. We acknowledge all the efforts in this regard.


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