Joburg Org – the road to nowhere

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In an effort to keep Joburg Org’s public abreast of its activities, an email promo called JOBURG BUZZ NEWSLETTER was concocted some years ago. Although intended to be a weekly issue, as the org diminished in resources and activity, so did the frequency of the newsletter which has dwindled to a sporadic now-and-again occurrence.

As is peculiar to the the world of corporate scientology, they live in a bubble of NOW – the ability to see their own dwindling spiral over time seems to be somewhat absent. This is probably attributed to a number of factors including the insanity of operating on a policy of ONLY THIS WEEK MATTERS,  ALWAYS promote unprecedented expansion despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary and NEVER admit there may be trouble in paradise.

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Joburg Org – PR ZERO Area Control

Sex Shop1


PR Series 10-1: PRO Area Control:

“The extent of one’s PRO area control can be measured at once by counting up the points one is not controlling from the company or org viewpoint and the points one IS controlling.”

Joburg Org – the continental headquarters of Scientology in Africa, has been situated in it’s ideal premises in the suburb of Kensington since November 2003.

For a brief period before and after Joburg reached St Hill size in 2005, the org was involved in many community activities – Drug Free marches and other 3D campaigns were active – VM’s, WTH, Gung-Ho groups etc. The field & org staff had a great sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm in undertaking these projects. At that time, the church was recognised and appreciated for the role it took in community development and betterment.

But it was not to last.

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Pretoria Org – Still in trouble

Deserted Church


Since opening it’s ideal doors in 2013, Pretoria org has made a valiant effort in keeping up the facade of a thriving and expanding Ideal Org.  BIC published several reports which clearly revealed Pretoria to be in deep trouble long before it opened for business in its new location.

For those new to this blog, the links below will give you an idea of the history of Pretoria org.

The building of an Ideal Org – Pretoria

Pretoria – idling along

Pretoria – straight up and vertically in debt

Not that this should be surprising to anyone. Pretoria, like most orgs in South Africa, has been a small struggling concern for years.

As has been stated on this and many other blogs, the act of putting up huge lavish buildings and expecting formerly struggling orgs to suddenly expand and flourish is pure lunacy. But when you’re playing with other people’s money, anything goes.

Recent news would indicate nothing has changed for Pretoria.

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Storm clouds gathering – Idle Orgs Africa

Storm clouds over church


BIC has periodically updated readers on the dismal status-quo of Ideal Orgs Africa.

This continent is not unique – it’s a worldwide phenomena. Mike Rinder recently published an article on Nashville Ideal Org, which he followed up a day later with this update. Same story, different continent.

With Joburg’s grand opening in 2003 and fundraising for this project having started around 2000, South African scientologists have now been in fundraising mode for 15 years. In that time, only 2 Ideal Orgs have opened for business, both of them now bankrupt. Joburg Org was in serious financial trouble within 3 years of their grand opening and Pretoria was in the red BEFORE they opened their doors for business.

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Wacky Wednesday Report

Wacky Money


Our apologies – this is a day late. A gremlin got into our publishing schedule, but we figured it’s still Wednesday somewhere on the planet, so we’re good to go  🙂

We present this week’s weird ‘n wacky collection, this time focusing on an assortment of Idle Morgues campaigns.

First up is this oddity – a promo piece which landed in the email of a South African Scientologist who has never put his foot anywhere near the UK. Really odd positioning of two Roman/Greek columns accompanied by the question “What do you Get?”.

Whatever the message was, we didn’t get it.

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Durban Idle Org – Find out where they are – UPDATED

Church Lost1


An Estate Agent from Durban just contacted our correspondent with a strange tale: Some time ago Cameron Wade (SCN from PE but not sure if he’s joined the SO) approached the agency re selling the Durban Ideal Parking lot (this after we heard Elmien was boasting the Church had sold the property for double what they paid – we knew this was bunk at the time).  

Selling price was discussed, and a value of R7 Million was affixed, with a maximum of R10 Million owing to the corner stand.  Cameron then disappeared and the estate agent has battled to get hold of anyone since. Our contact told him to contact Elmien Lochner with a caution that he will be messed around somewhat.  

For those new to this blog and as a bit of background, we published an article in October 2013 called “Durban’s Ideal Empty Lot” revealing the story of how the Church had paid R16 Million for a building, a further R2 Million for Phase 1 (architect plans, consultant fees etc) and then decided the building was unsuitable for an Ideal Org and demolished it in 2010.

As stated in that article, “Scientology in South Africa owns the most expensive parking lot in the country and possibly the world at a grand value of R18 Million Rand”.

Interestingly, after the announcement of Joburg North finally purchasing a building, Africa claimed to be “done” and positioned themselves as the “actual 1st Ideal Continent”.

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The Great Divide

Great Divide2

 by ‘Special Correspondent’

(Editor Comment: Many thanks to SC for this highly informative and comprehensive article. We recommend this as a valuable resource for everyone – whether already out of the church, those who are just looking for answers  or people who wish to offer support and help to friends and loved ones still stuck in the church). 



This may be of interest to those who are outside but still in, and looking, or it may be of interest to those who have left and may want to continue the game of disseminating and delivering Scientology.

To the “we want to close it all down” group, this article is just another sign of how things are.

A lot of this may have been covered before in various forums, but it is a worthwhile summary.

It seems as if we have three great sides to this tragedy.

  • Current members or the field on one side
  • The Church is in the middle
  • Potential new public on the other side

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