Mission Statement

The mission of this blog is in its title: Back in Comm!

This blog is primarily about the Scientology community in South Africa. There are many other blogs that look at different aspects of Scientology and what is going on within the church. This one will focus on the local South African community and will seek to tell South African stories.

It is run by several Scientologists. We feel that efforts to address these matters internally have failed and we have been forced into a position to provide a platform outside the official structures of the church where ordinary Scientologists can communicate openly and freely.

It is a fundamental of Scientology that communication is the universal solvent. It is no secret that the Church and the entire subject of Scientology is in trouble. When there is trouble the wrong thing to do is to shut down channels of communication and try to control the flow of information. Yet this has become standard practice within the Scientology community. We have become afraid to discuss or put forward dissenting opinion or to even mention negative (entheta) occurrences.

If our community is BACK IN COMM we can begin to positively address the very real problems of our group.

This is an evolving platform so see the following two articles which further clarify our mission:

Why this blog?

Back in comm

Your participation is welcome!

19 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Well done, Gaye and Ernest, this took huge courage and confront. If it wasn’t for you I would not have been exposed to all the data that has now given me the (Real) and full picture of what is really going on.

  2. Congratulations to the originators of this website. It is clearly part of the inevitable renewal taking place worldwide. What is happening is not some ill-advised revolution by a bunch of misguided malcontents. It is a most natural response born out of the essence of “what” we are. Call it theta if you wish, I personally use the term consciousness. Anyway, consciousness (theta) is creation. Consciousness is present to the degree creation is taking place. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly creating the self we believe we are.

    Throughout history empires and civilizations have come and gone. In each case growth occurred as long as creation was prevalent. The point of decline started when “creation” was inhibited in one way or another. The Church of Scientology has gone the same route. In the simplest of terms, the promise and sense of creation inherent in Scientology organizations in earlier days – as experienced by individuals – have been subverted by a prescriptive and controlling system. In other words, that most essential aspect of consciousness (theta) – creation – has become a no no. This goes against the fundamental dynamics of existence and as such is destined to fail – renewal is inevitable. .

    Extreme buy-in into a collective mindset inevitably replaces individual creativity and contribution with ‘group think’. This is when individuals lose their personal sense of ownership and no longer take individual responsibility for prevailing circumstances. Consequently, humanity—the nation or group—is denied the unique creative perspective of the individual.

    We have too often seen that whenever large numbers of people hand over mind, body and soul to the Cause, the Faith or the Fuehrer, the outcome has been disastrous. Extreme herd mentality and a lack of personal accountability for prevailing circumstances are prominent features of the darkest chapters in human history.

    LRH was well aware of this threat, hence the reason for the Qual Division. I was fortunate enough to get the true sense of the intent behind Qual when personally hated by LRH at St Hill as Qual sec when Qual first appeared on the Org Board.

    In my various one on one discussions with LRH, while I was captain of the Athena and Apollo, I came to understand that the idea of standard tech was never meant to prevent further development and evolution of the tech and organization. Yes, there are periods when consolidation should be the priority, as was LRH’s intention in the last years of his life. But as we can see, the current COB – DM, has taken “consolidation” way beyond the time for renewal. I am not surprised at all by the latest developments within the Scientology community. . .

    Joe van Staden.

  3. I think that creating this site is very, very important, not only for the South African field, but actually for all of us being part of the morphic field called X-scientologists. There will be a wonderful exchange back and forth and everybody will benefit. As we slowly get the negative traits turned into positive in this field, it will expand and everyone will win.

    Why would I support this page except as from stated above, living here in the comfort of Denmark, far north from you people in SA? Many years ago, in the early seventies I worked in a small center here in Denmark with a South African Class VIII auditor trained by Ron. By being and working with her, I realized that I wanted to be an auditor, and I have been auditing ever since. Her name is Joan Schnehage. Unfortunately I have lost contact to her, she might have moved on, but I am sure that some of you people know her. She was a wonderful person and you have never heard anyone speak so lovingly about own country. (She grew up in Nathal, as far as remember). She created such a picture talking about it that one of my big wishes has been to visit there ever since. I will make it some time. She trained me and helped me get onto the SHSBC and in turn I have trained many auditors since then. She was another of what I would call “The Great South Africans”. The post right above this one (Joes) is written by another. And the “SA 18”. I admire you people greatly, and I want to support your getting back in comm, and when that happens, then there is no limit to what will occur IMHO.

    • yep, i knew her back in the JHB Org in the 80´s, she left to join David Mayo´s AAC in the mid eigthties i think it was.
      I believe she was LRH´s auditor had one stage, is this true Per?
      The sad thing about this i was in OSA then, she was under investigation… i was very saddened by this and really refused to carry on ………
      I know she as a TOP notch auditor, i believe she was even paid extra money to audite people, she it says like her, she as quite old then.
      It´s really sad i lost several good friends then to the AAC and believed the bullshit sold to me then………..
      i have became totally disconnected from the tech and Scientology due to the very bad way i was treated, it will be a blast when i tell my story………man do i have Charge!!

  4. Dear friends in Africa,

    This is Dani Lemberger writing to you from Dror Center of Haifa, Israel. You may have heard of our group, we left the CofS a year ago, on similar grounds that you have now left or been expelled. No difference between these flows, the result is the same.

    Our group has been booming since leaving. (Please see Mike Rinder’s blog: Dror Center – One Year Later, http://www.mikerindersblog.org/dror-center-one-year-later/)

    Scientology is again fun and easy to do, without the arbitraries and insanity introduced by DM and his stooges. The Tech is ours, a gift given by Ron to Mankind for use by all to achieve Spiritual Freedom. Ron would never allow it to be monopolized by persons of evil intent. We are abiding by Ron’s wishes, I am sure he’d be proud of us.

    Please let us know if we can be of help. You are welcome here for all services or any support you may need.

    Very well done to you and thank you for maintaining this vital blog. Best regards, Dani

  5. Hello SA Scientologists!
    I am very glad to have heard recently that the South African ‘Field’ is alive and well. Congratulations and I wish you all the best.
    I’ve met a good number of Scientologists from ‘your neck of the woods’ over the years including having worked with Enid Byrne (rip) at AOLA when I was a full time FSM, as well as Simon Hogarth, Rena Weinburg and others while doing PR work for ABLE Int. back in the ’90’s.
    (my favorite author is Wilbur Smith too)…so my affinity is high for all of you and am very very glad to see the sun is shining brightly in South Africa.
    I created the website http://www.Scientolipedia.org a couple years ago which has the mission to “broadly disseminating the wins and positive aspects of the subject of Scientology using state-of-the-art Internet technology”. It has been very successful and popular and I invite articles, success stories and listings of field practitioners. It’s a wiki (same software Wikipedia uses) so anyone can create and edit pages themselves. (the focus is on real Scientology, the subject, not the dysfunctional church)
    Again, I wish you all the best and congratulations on creating this very important communication line.
    David LaCroix

    • Hello David! Thank you for stopping by. Those are some stellar names of Scientology you mention. We hope Simon & Rena are ok. Thanks for the info, we will link to the website.

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  7. A half remembered paraphrase of what the man once said: What is your job? Your job is whatever is within your area of influence/perception that when you do it will lessen the confusion. Control=responsibility=ownership.

    Congratulations to the originators of this website. I agree with Van Staden, it is clearly part of the inevitable renewal taking place worldwide. Of the wide range of websites and groups now directly or indirectly related to Scientology, this group feels like the one to take direct action in behalf of LRH’s intentions as contained in policies, and other publications, and known by witnesses and people close to the heart of the operation. Also, take action in behalf of the entire field which sits in wonder of how the technology and application was usurped, and captured by government intelligence operation.

    Take the loftiest of the goals and purposes verbalized by LRH, and others, including social goals as well as training, auditing, and add them to the ‘Mission Statement.”

    1. Truth Commission. The complete truth must be known, and publish them. When I and some friends abandoned the church, we had a few weeks of ‘truth commission” in the form of “coffee shop clutches” to reveal all we saw and knew and the chatter was nearly interminable, but in the end, when all was exposed, we could move on, and went about our own tasks. Probably most declares, if not all, would be cancelled.

    2. Class Action. The next area is truth about the church, who owns it, who turned it over to government agencies, who is the real board of directors, who got rid of Mary Sue, and the other members of the family, and so on. It should restore the group as was originally intended. This may need to go as far as a class action suit to return the church to its members. I came in when all the income from the org, was to support that org. its staff, through the unit system, and some small management fees to a senior org.

    3. Create the new International association of auditors, and scn’s or whatever, and the new system, so all who feel associated with common purposes and intentions can operate free from threats or interference, for the intended purposes. You don’t fight a corrupt organization or government; you build a new system that works so well as to make the old one obsolete.

      • Brief Administrative comment: Posts moderation is a form of censorship. I know you don’t intend it so, but since I haven’t seen two other comments I posted over the last weeks, I assume it take a long time to read all the stuff sent in. Suggest you leave ‘moderation’ to readers, that is, they can vote something down, so it goes to the end of the readers’ pile, and can be ultimately ignored. I’m sure you also realize that you got a bigger job than you expected, if you are to expand your inherited job. That will obviously call for some better coordination/filing and storing of topics of interest…

        You might want to put together a development team to improve the design that will be required for broad use from everywhere in the world… And for discussion of import for current action, plans, etc.
        Good luck.

      • There is certain content we do not allow on this blog, hence we moderate each comment based on the mod policy (which are quite lenient on). Sorry, we haven’t seen any comments from you recently – perhaps they made it to the junk folder. Will check.

  8. I understand the purpose of back in com… now, we have to define when the EP of the mission has been achieve. I think it has been so achieve.
    In the mission statement says: We feel that efforts to address these matters internally have failed and we have been forced into a position to provide a platform outside the official structures of the church where ordinary Scientologists can communicate openly and freely.

    The platform also seems to have been put there; now what issues need to be taken up? And since the formal church will not take up any issues internally to change itself, barking up that tree is futile.

    So what are we interested in resolving? and why? And what is now our real EP?

    • Hello Boldhawk – welcome and thanks for stopping by. As long as the CoS continues its tyrannical oppression of good people, our job will not be done. BIC provides a valuable platform for those seeking the truth or answers to questions they dare not address within the confines of the church. Please feel free to familiarise yourself with the many issues we cover by having a look at our previous articles.

      • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
        To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
        ― R. Buckminster Fuller

        Right on abuse, etc. Bucky’s solution feels best…

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