Who’s Declared?

Since late October last year many Scientologists have been declared suppressive. The initial 18 caused a huge uproar. Since then declares are strictly by rumour only. We are keeping this page updated so it is known who is declared. We must not lose sight of the enormity of what has been done. The church hopes that by trickling out the declares and issuing them by rumour it won’t be as disruptive as the first 18. The reality though is that this has been and continues to be incredibly destructive to Scientology.

This list includes those known to be declared and about whom rumours have circulated that they are declared.

If you know of anyone who is not on this list please forward to us. If you know someone on the list that is NOT declared, please let us know as well.

[update: We have decided to take this list back to 2010 to include the ‘early adopters’ who left and have been ex-communicated]

[Further update: By request we are including all known declares and their approximate date]

Let us not forget.

  • Tyler Hogarth – March 2014
  • Jean Viljoen – March 2014
  • Kirsty Viljoen – March 2014
  • Melissa Hogarth – December 2013
  • Gaye Corbett – 22 October 2013
  • Ernest Corbett – 22 October 2013
  • Tracy Henley – 22 October 2013
  • Guy Henley – 22 October 2013
  • Lisa Goosen – 22 October 2013
  • Warwick Goosen – 22 October 2013
  • Dave Jelley – 22 October 2013
  • Molly Jelley – 22 October 2013
  • Wendy Bowman – 22 October 2013
  • Alan Bowman – November 2013
  • Shirley Wartski – 22 October 2013
  • Craig Howarth – 22 October 2013
  • Cameron Wannenberg – 22 October 2013
  • Carol Krieger – 22 October 2013
  • Karl Kroeger – 22 October 2013
  • Sandy Kroeger – 22 October 2013
  • Kim Downing – 22 October 2013
  • Rodney Corbett – 22 October 2013
  • Ueli Gostelli – 22 October 2013
  • Ryan Hogarth – 29 November 2013
  • Andrew Jackson – December 2013
  • Shelley Ashurst – December 2013
  • Lawrence Retief – December 2013
  • Jenny Retief – December 2013
  • Sophy Thlabadira – December 2013
  • Francois Groenewald – December 2013
  • Kelly Groenewald – December 2013
  • Candice Mitton – December 2013
  • Ettienne Mitton – December 2013
  • Margaret Corbett – December 2013
  • Paige Dennis – 2013
  • Kerryn McKay – 2013
  • Wendy Munro – September 2012
  • Harold van den Berg 2012
  • Dorothy Duffield – 2012
  • Calvin Duffield – 2012
  • Gordon Mackay – 2012
  • Liz Human – 2012
  • Raplph Madiera – 2010
  • Michelle Babich – 2010
  • Sonja Botha – 2010
  • Robert Berrington – 2010
  • Zane Bowers – 2009
  • Robert Horn – 2008
  • Lind Horn – 2008
  • Calum Hudson – 2005
  • Tatum de Sousa – 2005
  • Martin Foster – 2002
  • Dave Nothnagel – 2000
  • Carol Nothnagel – 2000
  • Mark Andersson – 2000
  • Jill Hamilton – 1999
  • Elizabeth Veldsman – 1999
  • George Veldsman – 1996
  • Kim Baker – 1995


  • Joe van Staden
  • Travers Harris
  • Jack Parkhouse
  • Herbie Parkhouse
  • John McMaster
  • Jenny Parkhouse
  • Malcolm Nothling
  • Preston Israelson
  • Alison Parkhouse
  • Leon Swart

33 thoughts on “Who’s Declared?

  1. KERRYN MCKKAY (AOAF) and PAIGE DENNIS (AOAF) Both leaft as they felt that AOAF and Robert Bockelman were the biggest joke and lie ever invented!!! Neither care about the declared status, both still use the tech, declared or not…

  2. Me too. Wendy Munro. i was declared in/around September 2012. Terry & Dave Atkins informed someone I know that they have seen the declare – and then they promptly disconnected from my relatives for not disconnecting from me. Corne Loringett and Sharon Frankenhauser also disconnected. I don’t hear from lots of others anymore…..

  3. I was alerted to this blog by an email I received a month and a half ago – not knowing at the time who it was. It turned out to be a Pretoria Scientologist group mailing incognito – using scnafrica@gmail.com and the Pta ED’s wife, Marianne and Ciaran Ryan are behind it.
    So, there I was – perfectly unhappy with my Church and it’s policies, but thinking I was the only nut around who thought so. I must have an overt on it . . . .
    So, I read this site, and Debbie Cooke’s letter. And I blow as must charge as to be gained from a full OT intensive! I am not nuts!! I am perfectly sane – and there is a whole world of Scientologists who have identical views to mine on the CoS.
    My thanks to the Pretoria Scientologists!
    I and my wife Elma officially resigned from the Church of Scientology last week – having had our eyes opened finally after five years of being in disagreement and then doubt with our observations of the church’s management.
    Debbie Cooke’s letter was the final straw – and since then I have read many, many similar letters by previously very high ranking members in the church. I can recommend this blog: http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/.
    To quote Pierre:
    Does it strike you as odd that 38 out of 50 staff members from the last organization that L. Ron Hubbard personally ran himself in St Hill, England (known as “Old Saint Hill”) have been declared “suppressive persons” by David Miscavige and kicked out of Scientology forever? LRH said 2 1/2 percent of the population is suppressive. But according to David Miscavige, demonstrated by his own actual statistics, 76% of the population is suppressive. I used to wonder why so many senior Scientologists got declared.
    I, Frik Blaauw, don’t wonder anymore.
    Every single person alive who could possibly utter “that is not what Ron said to me personally”, or who wrote up Ron’s notes, has been declared. And so that DM can alter the tech – as he has done already.
    I have created the rank of SP – Scientology Praetorian – to those who have left voluntary, and to those declared by the real suppressives, and who will now fight to regain our technology as bequeathed to us by LRH and recognizing him as the only Source of that tech. And I pin this medal on the 18 plus named above in their honour.
    They are my heroes.
    To those who find that hiding behind non de plumes be the best current course of action – I can only tell you of the great liberating release of coming out of the closet – so to speak! As is your situation – as is it. It’s great to be free as a result of doing that!
    Disconnection? Having the full realisation of being around for some 76 trillion years or so with a fair share of siblings, parents, children and friends, this lifetime’s brief moment in my future is only of consequence if it is to be wasted being the effect of other’s cause.
    I reached out to Scientology a decade and a half ago as I too desired to see a new world – sane, without war, criminality. And that means having one’s attention on the future. Not the past.
    Finding out what David Miscavige and his cohorts have been doing, and the damages done across the world is there. Fact. Having all that attention on it is wasteful, my friends. Above all that – way above – is the thanks I have of that which LRH gave me and you! And in this brief moment we have been betrayed, yes. So what. So what. Compared to some incidents on my track, this betrayal’s effect is small.
    So, my fellow Scientology Praetorians – SPs – let’s get busy and build a better world.
    Frik Blaauw

    • Frik to you I send BUCKET loads of ARC, theta and VVW Dones! Welcome to the zone of actual freedom to be, do and have as YOU see fit. Enjoy it thoroughly!

    • Welcome to the authentic journey to spiritual freedom for better world and better tomorrow. A lot of ARC from Pierre Ethier.
      A link to found memories from Pierre’s last trip and his auditing room delivering standard tech auditing and the whole bridge in South Africa:

      Communicator for Pierre Ethier

    • Frik Blaauw, is it possible to contact you by e-mail? Please provide me your e-mail address, i want to contact about going up my bridge, Thank you for your tremendous courage.

  4. How do I get myself declared? I am very tired of all the scientollogy junk mail and hope that being declared might put a stop to it as it is an awful waste of paper. Also Bare faced messiah seems like a far more credible account of events than the official party line to me.

      • While you are at it, ask for all records the Church is holding on you to be turned over to you (especially PC and ethics folders) as you no longer entrust them to hold this information on you.
        This is in accordance with Data Protection Legislation of SA – laws they profess they have to follow.

    • Hi Andre, Getting yourself declared doesn’t seem to help… I’m still getting mail from Pta Org. Just 2 days ago I was invited to the Pretoria Ideal Org Anniversary Event. They must really be getting desperate for confirms!

  5. Let us not forget another great contributor, whose sacrifices on the alter of the poison dwarf are astounding: Michelle Babich. The good she has done and the crap she endured leaves one stunned.

  6. In Durban myself Harold van den berg was ED Criminon KZN and was declared 2 years ago as were Dorothy Duffield my star Criminon sup and her husband Calvin. Also Gordon Mackay and his 2D Liz Human were declared. Never seen anything in writing but was advised verbally.

  7. As requested before, please take me off this mailing list. While I’m saying ‘adios’ again, I see that this blog represents ‘friends of our enemies are our friends’ think. The guys with objections who need to do A to E steps are suddenly aligning with people who never really grasped the subject in the first place!
    “Pat on shoulder (chuckle) – yeah mate welcome to the club I always hated them too, nothing to do with my own actions,,,”
    Pu – lease!! take me off this mailing list.

    • Georgie..you always struck me as a decent enough guy and yet you refuse to see the scam being perpetrated in the name of LRH. You only have to open one eye and only half way at that and the incredible corruption of LRH policy and tech is right in front of that eye.Read the first line of the Ideal Org policy.It says that an Ideal Org is an ACTIVITY (not a building).There are many many more examples.Scientology is to make you more aware, not blind and a slave!! Go check how many auditors have been made recently.Visit a few (empty)Ideal Orgs.The extent of the betrayal is frightening.

    • Georgie sorry to interrupt your kip boet! Go back to sleep, hear, see and do nothing. The church believes in you completely, you are a good boy so whatever happens dont look- EVER! Way too dangerous! In the meantime the damage incorporated keeps up with their pauperising, lying and indoc. Remember you had your chance to check it out but didnt zzzzzz zzzz

    • Its an interesting fact that one actually need to have the ability to look at data and apply it to your own life to really understand something. If one reads about what is actually going on in the church and then not look at your own life with that data in mind, one wouldn’t get it. It takes an ability to learn to really get it. Which is why one now suddenly finds the absolute cream of the crop outside the church. And sadly those that don’t apply Scientology left in.

  8. Wow. I am not sure which names triggered the reaction of two of the people here.
    A complete list of all people Declared in South Africa is necessary to build a complete picture. Some of the names may be offensive to others, but it is a basic principle of data integrity. It is honest reporting, something the Church is incapable of.
    It has been fascinating over the years to see how groups of people come out of the Church in waves. Each wave thinks it is the first, and responds to injustices perpetuated itself. Some consider the waves before them as true SPs, whose Declares were just. That reflects “you can take some people out of the Church, but you cannot take the Church out of some people”. For those people objecting to whichever names on this list, not sure if you are up to considering this, but will put it here anyway:
    The current people most recently Declared are being Black PRd to the max. And the people still inside are believing the black PR.
    But did you ever consider that the *same* thing happened to the people before, who were demonized and Black PRd by the Church in the exact same way? And you believed the Church’s version and thus considered the DP Declares just. Did you ever think to hear their side of the story? The recent people Declared and Black PRd here have the opportunity to give their side of the story. The people in the past never had that chance. So to consider that some people deserved their SP Declares without first attempting to find out what actually happened, demonstrates a failure to examine all the data before condemning people.
    The VERY thing this Blog is about overcoming. That is why it is called “Back in Comm”. This Blog is, commendably, about Truth and Reconciliation, not perpetuating hatred and division.

  9. Great posting Phoenix and so true. I think Joe van Staden opened my eyes when he said the church uses declares as a political move and the guys that a went before us were pushed out and black PRed the same as we have been. People in the church right now look upon the 18 as really evil and are saying ” look how evil they are” I can remember the same thing being said about David Mayo. He was my CS and my hero when I did my CC on the ship and I bought all the BS that was fed to me by the church. Only now can I look back and realize that it was all political nonsense. If the church didn’t carry out their smear campaign then the whole thing would come down like a pack of cards in a matter of days.
    However one day they will push out just one too many and it will end the game. Then we can get on with cleaning up the mess and clearing beings.

  10. May I recommend all my fellow SPs read Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun’s book “Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior”.
    Miscavige has been doing what he’s currently doing since early 1980 – the use of declares, the dirty tricks of the Guardian’s Office and Office of Special Affairs who took over from GO when it was disbanded to provide the image of going clean.
    I found Marty’s accounts of the early history of Scientology, LRH, and all the early executives and characters, and the actions behind the scenes, very informative. And unemotional. I checked up on some of the facts – all true.
    Marty comes clean. And yes, he participated in many illegal actions and crimes – which makes the accounts all the more real.
    All throughout, he supports the Scientology technology as a workable spiritual improvement system. But clearly, because it works, it also means it can make money. And that’s where the flies come in. And the US (and other) government’s strong attention on it is understandable – I could exteriorise, go into an enemy’s camp, obtain their secret data, and leave, without them knowing about it (as I have done!). So between the political interests, and the money interests, the attacks on the Church and LRH are understandable.
    There are no facts available of exactly what DM communicated to LRH in those days about these attacks (LRH was kept incommunicado as a protection action), and he, DM, was the only conduit, but LRH did react in some uncharacteristic fashions on an increasing number of occasions towards the latter days of his life.
    Then the public announcement event in LA of LRH dropping his body, and Broeker’s announcement there that they have safely tucked away the upper OT levels – OT IX, X, XI and so on. And that they (he and DM) would see to their release soon. Marty says there are no levels past OTVIII.
    Tie this up with Pierre Ettier’s analysis that what is currently being dished up as OTVIII, is only the last step of three major actions. And that the other two actions would be presented as OTIX and OTX later on by DM & Co. Pierre says that LRH said that the OTVIII cycle was ‘a long one’ – and currently this takes three weeks on the Freewinds.
    Back to our earlier Church history: I see there are a number of books on the subject – but mostly authored by absentees. Marty was there – he created some of that history. And as Ron always said – read source.
    I’m starting his next book “What is Wrong with Scientology” tomorrow – I’ll let you know.
    Have a super wet weekend . . . my SPs.

  11. 21 hours later, and I’ve finished “What is Wrong with Scientology” by Rathbun.
    I wonder why I’m keyed-out? . . mmm. . . . . . could be that I’ve walked much of that path he describes. . . . . and then there’s the clear, clear cognitions. Again . . I’m not nuts! There’s this urge to giggle – it’s coming up from a very deep well.
    I highly recommend reading this book for all SPs. (And that’s Scientology Praetorian, for you Pretoria clubbed seals.)
    Exactly where and how Der Fuerher has perverted our tech is laid out well and in non-scientologese language. It was done so simple! Just reverse the vectors in Dianetics . . . . .exactly how Ron wrote it up as a warning.
    Marty Rathbun’s (first) two books are available on eBay – eBook is cheap, and instantly on your PC or tablet.
    Doing this eBay trick reminded me of the suggestion by SP Ryan Hogarth that our tech should all be on the internet and downloadable. Inexpensive, fast, and open to everyone.
    And now I’m making a cuppa, and still giggling . . . .

  12. I hear on the grapevine…whispers in the wind… that others have been declared.. but no issues… nothing formal. A new era of management… stormtrooper Blitzkrieg Justice

  13. Herbie and Jennie Parkhouse are not South Africans – they’ve always lived in Britain. Jack was/is married to Alison who probably should be on the list too. Also myself (Leon Swart) and various other Freezoners who saw the writing on the wall back in the early 1980’s.

    A story here – the earlier schism in the CofS was date co-incident with the delivery of the original Happiness Rundown. That rundown restored self determinism and stripped out CofS brainwashing like no other has ever done. This is why it was one of the first things that was changed once Miscavige took over.- it was made unworkable by the introduction of “standard tech” by people who knew too little of Scio and how it works,

    • Thanks Leon – we will add you and Alison. Originally the list was started with the declares that happened since last year, and then it grew from there. If you know of anyone else, please let us know and we will add them.

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