Why Contribution is important

Corbett commmend

This is a commendation written on Ernest & Gaye in March 2009. We are posting it as a reminder that no matter who you are and what you have done for Miscavige’s church, when the time comes that you dissent or disagree, you will be discarded without so much as a phone call.

NO ONE has ethics protection.

Any person who toes the line and contributes will be lionized, loved, fawned, caressed, given priority parking & front-row seating. But only so long as you continue and no further.

An environment like this breeds corruption, as we have seen. It breeds an environment where those in power know they can do as they please, as they have.  It creates a place where people and relationships are cheap and disposable, as it has.

The Church is currently running a major marketing campaign in the USA – billboards and Public Service Announcements running the tag line “Think for Yourself”. For those already inside the Church, thinking for oneself is a dangerous thing to do.

Walk the bridge to freedom and self determinism! Just don’t display any.

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