Anyone seen this ad?

See the below mailer from the IAS. It states this ad is running in South Africa which is helping to reach tens of millions. Has anyone seen it on our local channels?




The Scientology global dissemination campaign is introducing Scientology to the billions of Earth and is funded by grants from the IAS.

The Scientology Spiritual Technology ad has aired on all major U.S. networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, The CW and FOX. It has run during dozens of major prime time shows, the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics.

In Canada, South Africa, Mexico City, Milano, Padova, Rome, Madrid, Melbourne and Taiwan, the TV ad is reaching tens of millions of people.

The ad runs on both TV and the Internet, and invites viewers to go to where they can find the answer to the question, “What is Scientology?”

On the 27th of February, the ad played at the top of the YouTube homepage for 24 hours. During that time over 19 million people visited the YouTube home page. As a result, the average number of people visiting per hour increased by 15 times.

IAS support is making it possible for people to discover the road to freedom at whole new orders of magnitude. Since the ad has been running, there have been over 3 million visits to, or about 1 visit every 1 ½ seconds. Here is what just a few of these visitors to have to say:

“Hi there. I am a lawyer and I live in London. I am very eager to join your Church. Please can you give me an appointment to come over to your Church in London and enroll?” England

“I want to learn more about Scientology as a means for changing my life. I would like to know how I can become involved. I feel like I need rescuing.” Australia

“Hello. I came across this great online course and I am delighted to be a partaker. I have already created an account and my areas of interest are public relations and communicating. I feel good about the courses. Thanks!” Nigeria

“I am living in Islamabad. I need to know if there is a Dianetics Centre located in Islamabad. If not, then tell me how I can do the courses like ‘Communication.’ Thanks.” Pakistan

“Just took the personality test. I’m wondering if you can e-mail the results since I live here in Anchorage.” Alaska, U.S.A.

“I would like more info on how to become a Scientologist and what is involved in it.” Ireland

“I have completed the reading of Dianetics. I am convinced this is the path to continue my studies in the human mind and its uncovered capabilities. I have used many of the topics covered in the book. Please allow me entrance into the folds of a wonderful concept.” Georgia, U.S.A.

“Please make an appointment as soon as possible! This is the answer I’ve been looking for!! Thank you guys very much. I appreciate it.”California, U.S.A.

“Hello, I am just a little girl from Canada and I like Scientology. How do I become a Scientologist?” Canada

“Hi, I know Scientologists do a great deal of work for people like me, who are feeling trapped and lost. I walked past your building once, and saw the grand bright windows and warmth and I wished I would have walked in. I would love to hear from you about what my options in life are.” Oregon, U.S.A.

People everywhere are looking for answers. Help invite them to the world of Scientology with your support of the IAS. Make a donation to the IAS today.

34 thoughts on “Anyone seen this ad?

  1. No. Haven’t seen it in SA. Interesting to note though that Scientology’s website has more or less 11 000 followers. Which is a lot more than I thought it would have. But then to put that into perspective. Trevor Noah who is a local South African comedian has about 122 000 followers of his Youtube channel. That’s a guy who does have some international fans but mostly South African. Scientology is considered a world wide religion. The numbers never ad up when the Church of Scientology puts out PR crap.

  2. I have not seen this ad. Tens of millions of people? And yet, Flag is Empty. This is the latest Mike Rinder blog. It’s worth a read and the comments, too. Most informative.
    Flag is Empty – I’m not surprised. If no auditing is occuring in the Class V orgs, where does DM think the public to Flag was coming from? He didn’t think this one through properly, it seems. Well, he’s not applying policy so he’s doomed to failure and all of Scientology. The other AOs must be feeling the pinch as well.

  3. Are those the BEST quotes of folks to their website? Because if they are real ones, they re -define the word “lame.” Yeah, there’s a Dianetics Center in Islamabad ….. ha ha ha. And the creepy term “Spiritual Technology” ….

  4. Nope never seen it in South Africa. What ever data comes from the church i never no what is true and more especially stats and followers, as we have been fed so many lies.

  5. “Hi. I want to learn more about how Scientology can change my life. I feel I have too little challenge in life and would like to change that. Can you help me.. money of course is no object. Can I send my bank details so that you can see I’m not a chancer? I would really like to know if I qualify.” Idiot in South Africa

  6. No I haven’t seen the ad. Domenique did send out an SMS asking if we’d seen an ad on eTV a couple of weeks ago, mind you.
    Mike Rinder’s latest blog is called Flag is Empty. If the Class V orgs are not auditing, where will Flag or any AO get their pcs from? DM obviously hasn’t thought that one through.
    I’m feeling for the Flag staff, many heads are surely rolling. As they are here?

  7. Very interesting – There is no mention on what
    channel it is being aired on In South Africa and what the time slot is
    it could be 3 0′clock in the morning for all we know!
    What is the date this AD started and how long for
    a day, a week a month!.
    If it was on E I am surprised the Church here has not
    let the entire field know – informing them of this amazing AD
    which is being seen by millions of South African’s!
    Plus you have to subscribe to M -Net to get the E channel
    come on guys that is not the local channel – I smell a RAT!

  8. Nope have not seen it. Which channel would you think it would run on – the paid for Mnet- channel ? Those people must be targets as ‘making the able (to pay) more able’. Surely not hoping to ‘drive people in’ via the SOWETO channel. IMO – if those 19 million people looked that the $$$ home page – then by the mean average of such ‘cold canvassing’ efforts – then at least 2% of those would have signed up by now – which will be 380,000 new people signed up in one shot. Go figure – they would be falling over themselves with no one to deliver services.

  9. Yes – I saw it once about a month or so ago. It was on ETV (Local TV station – you don’t pay for it). It was sandwiched between the end of the news and the weather. I only caught the tail end of it as I was busy reading Mike’s blog at the time 😉
    The only other time I have seen a scn ad was very late at night, when they run all the “sms xxx for hot, sticky sex” ads. Didn’t think it was great placement, but I’m sure it was the cheapest rate and they could then truthfully say they had run ads. Reaching millions? Not so much.

  10. It has definitely not been aired on any of the main TV stations (M-Net, DSTV) that I know of. I pretty much have my TV on all the time, and I have never seen it. As Draco said, it aired on ETV, and then again in-amongst the late night phone-for-sex ads. Typical. This is precisely what they did many years ago with the Dianetics Ad which was narrated by Neal Singh – slotted it in between the “phone Honey for a good time at xxxxx”.

    Which reminds me – Pretoria Org boasted about having sold all their leather-bound books in November 2013 already, which means they should be full-swing into their “Non-E” campaign. I have seen absolutely NO evidence of bus shelter, street pole and billboard ads – what’s happening with that? Where is the R2Million plus they have raised for this?

  11. No worries!

    Even if Scientology puts out ads – the educated consumer today LOOKS at the internet first because they want to know what others are saying about a product or service or religion that operates like a business raking in millions and ruining lives.

    Once they click on the mouse – it is all over! There is so much information about what Scientology is and what it is not – a person could literally spend years looking at all of the horror stories of destroyed lives, smashed families and financially ruined members that have left.

    They don’t have to buy Scientology – it is free on the net. All of the confidential materials are available to read and no one gets sick or dies unless they believe that implanted, hypnotic suggestion. I have not been sick ONCE since I left the cult. When I was in – I was sick all the time. Prior to Scientology – I never got sick. LRH says…all illnesses, mistakes and foul-ups are always because of a PTS condtion – connected to an SP. It is true – and Scientology today is one of the most nastiest, evil SP’s on the planet disguising itself as a religion that helps people.

    Flag, ASHO and AOLA will continue to sit empty because they have not been friendly in the past and have cannibalized all of their members. People are afraid to go back – they have been fleeced beyond belief.

    The EP of Scientology today is either people still in are in hiding or getting declared SP’s so the truth does not infect the clubbed seals. (The real definition of an SP if Scientology deems you one – special people that know the truth and are no longer afraid).

    You all should be very proud to be called a SP by Scientology. It means you are sane, can see and think freely and are no longer living in fear from the religious cult of Scientology. It means the exact opposite of what Scientology trains its members to think about it.

    The cult has self destructed itself. You all helped expose its crimes.

  12. Nope. Haven’t seen it. So must have flighted briefly on a chap channel at some bad time. Therefore not reaching any good target market. If your demographic was “people who are awake after midnight watching the porn channel” then they hit it just right.

  13. So according to this promo piece, “On the 27th of February, the ad played at the top of the YouTube homepage for 24 hours. During that time over 19 million people visited the YouTube home page. As a result, the average number of people visiting per hour increased by 15 times.”
    Yet the total number of views ever on the Scientology youtube channel is 11,551,975, meaning every view of every video on that channel, not just the home page clicks. The youtube channel has existed since 19 Sept 2006.
    So they’re claiming 19 million views from this ad alone, which was just released a couple of months ago, when the total youtube channel views since 2006 are 11.5 million.
    Contrary facts anyone? Do they really still think no one is ever going to fact check any of their PR? Do they even know that there is a thing called truth and that some people even care about it?

      • How Funny !
        “19 million people visited the YouTube home page”
        In those 24 Hours 19 millions people visited the “You Tube Home Page” not any Scientology page,and as they have an average of perhaps 100 visitors on per day, on this special day they perhaps had 15x more and that would mean 1500 visitors.
        They really can Pr and some people buy it ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Yes but how many square inches of computer screen is viewed by the public?
        And how many exclamation points? (Lets keep this “straight up an vertigo”.)

  14. It is always baffling that the “Church” lies, even when it does not *NEED* to lie. In this case it is only to beat on the chest like a Tarzan for more *GLORY*.
    A few years ago at an Int Event, lots of seats were empty, and to make the image look good, in the subsequent promo they shooped in heads of people to make the hall look full. However, it was a bad job of shooping and some heads missing (body but no head) and some were the same replicated head in the same dress over and over and over. The deception went all over the internet. What an embarrassment

    • Exactly Karen,
      Good ol’ Arnie got a lotta milage on that one 😉
      Wonder if the idiots who photoshopped those images are still on the RPF?
      That was the Millennium event where our glorious management was so scared that the rumors about the end being near were true that they held it a week before January and probably caught a flight to Pretrolia or Trementina to hide in some vault afterward leaving the public as possible radiation bait.

      • Actually, they were not scared as you state, Too busy handling legal stuff – the Lisa McPherson civil and and were mostly in Clearwater, between the events. Never seen anyone run to CST to hide.

      • Just kidding Sinar 😉
        Though ya gotta admit when you hold an event 1 week before a supposed Armageddon people begin to wonder what’s up?

  15. This is what the still-ins WISH the public’s reaction would be to their organization of ill repute. But they know people in the street cringe at the mention of the “S” word. Why not find out why.

  16. Wrong person to ask scnaf.
    I’ve only got Roku and use add block on my browser 😉
    However those so called “testimonials” look to me about as phony as a thee dollar bill.
    They probably some little OSA troll sitting up all night writing them.
    Just my opinion.

    • IM the definition of Scientology was rather broad and included anyone who was “improving conditions” in some way using some aspect of Scientology which couldn’t be anything more than an estimate not the IRS approved one meaning a member of a Church of Scientology which can be accurately tabulated by finding out who are actually members of the Church.

  17. Saw it a few times in Melbourne on prime time TV. I noted it has an Australian voice over, not the usual American. Found it on YouTube:

  18. I Googled this and you can too:
    South African TV Ads Scientology
    Nothing came up in current news….
    Thanks to the Internet this BS can be easily investigated and proven to be BS.

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