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For the last 5 weeks Pretoria org has been sending out a newsletter which offers some insight into how they are doing.  From the newsletter we are going to focus on the graduates since this encapsulates everything an org should be doing.

We have made the point before and we are making it again that the purpose of highlighting this is not to be critical for the sake of it. The fact that people are completing auditing and training is a good thing and we would certainly not deny those completions their gains. The purpose of bringing this up is to give the reality of the Ideal Org program against the constant PR of what Ideal Orgs do. The Pretoria Ideal Org is a R40 million project.

The graduates are all listed below. Every type of graduate is listed: Div 4, Div 6 (including extension courses), auditing and training as well as staff completions. It is EVERYTHING.

  • An average of 9 completions per week
  • The highest level of tech training completed in this time period is 1 Pro TRs course.
  • 3 Student Hat completions
  • 9 Purif completions (6 of which are re-dos)
  • A total of 44 public were serviced over this period (some did two or more cycles). This averages out to less than 9 people serviced per week.
  • Extension courses: 4, Basics Courses: 12, Div6 Service: 12, Staff Hatting: 7, Div4 Training: 5 and Div4 Processing 15.

18 June Newsletter: 17 Graduates

  • Adelaide Ngobeni                  Basic Study Manual
  • Pat von Fintel                        Purification Specialist Course
  • Gedeon Mwamba                  HAS Mini Hat
  • Sylvia Mkhothamo                 Dianetics Seminar
  • Juan Odendal                        Dianetics Seminar
  • Zbigniew Tyloch                     Personal efficiency Course
  • Moira du Plessis                     Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course
  • Anthony Prolad                       Self Analysis Course
  • Linda Handfield-Jones            Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
  • Roelof Lategan                       NED Drug Rundown
  • Stevens Mashilo                     Staff Status One
  • Sylvia Mkhothamo                  Basic Study Manual
  • Lezette Goosen                      Objectives Auditing
  • Anthonie Goosen                    Objectives Auditing
  • Mthandazo Ndlovu                  Student Hat
  • Ronald Palmer                        Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures
  • Stephan Zharare                     Estates Manager Mini Hat

23 June Newsletter: 5 Graduates

  • Shane Smith                     The Way to Happiness Course
  • Roxanne Knott                  Introduction to Scientology Ethics Course
  • Lezette Goosen                Survival Rundown
  • Zane Smith                       Purification Rundown
  • Sibongile Ntuli                  Student Hat

29 June Newsletter: 6 Graduates

  • Susan Kleijnhans – Fundamantals of Thought Course
  • Anthonie Goosen – Survival Rundown
  • Lezette Goosen – Scientology Drug Rundown
  • Ronald Palmer – Pro TRs Course
  • Mmagadi Mabiletsa – Fundamentals of Thought Course
  • Jayden Smith – Children’s Communication Course

7 July Newsletter: 11 Graduates

  • Susan Kleijnhans            Advanced Procedures and Axioms Extension Course
  • Marius Wessels              Dianetics, the Original Thesis Extension Course
  • Pat von Fintel                 Scientology 8-8008 Extension Course
  • Anthony Prolad               Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Director Mini Hat
  • George Prentice             Purification Rundown
  • Lee-Hazel de Bruyn       Philadelphia Doctorate Course Course
  • Stefan Combrinck          Science of Survival Extension Course
  • Rory Pimentel                Learning How to Learn Course
  • John Kabelo Makopo     How to get Motivated course
  • Paula de Freitas            Learning How to Learn Course
  • Irene Awuah Peasah      Purification Rundown

13 July Newsletter: 8 Graduates

  • Johan van der Merwe          Unification Congress
  • Mpho Makuwa                      Hubbard Dianetics Seminar
  • Phillemon Mathale                Hubbard Dianetics Seminar
  • Judy Coetzee                        Purification Rundown
  • Kim Lavender                        Purification Rundown
  • Ronald Palmer                      Upper Indoc TRs Course
  • Pat von Fintel                        Creation of Human Ability Course
  • Cristina Hammond                Purification Rundown

20 July Newsletter: 7 Graduates

  • Pat von Fintel – Dianetics 55! & Fundamentals of Thought Course
  • Paul Barter – Student Hat
  • Mark Cronwright – Purification Rundown
  • Mpho Gift Siphuma – Basic Study Manual
  • Pinky Boshielo – Staff Status One
  • Celia du Preez – Purification Rundown
  • Peter Hayward – Purification Rundown

In graph format, this is the picture:

Pretoria Graduates


This graph shows a dire situation. With this level of production it is patently clear Pretoria org is in big trouble. There is simply no way they are covering even a fraction of their overheads and operating costs.

In November 2013 Pretoria announced they had sold all their Leather-Bound DMSMH books for their “Non-Existence Campaign”. At a price of R4,000 per book, this means they raked in approximately R2 Million Rand. Nine months down the line there is very little evidence of a campaign underway.  Where is the money? Why is no-one taking this up with Management?

R40 Million for a beautiful big building, another R2 Million for a Non-Existence Campaign, and all of this to service approximately 9 public a week? Even if they managed by some miracle to 10x this production, they would still be on a slippery slope to oblivion.

The only straight up and vertical activity happening with Ideal Orgs is the ongoing hoodwinking of public into believing these lavish buildings are a necessity for the continued survival of Scientology.

How much longer is this going to carry on?




19 thoughts on “Pretoria Newsletter

  1. “The only straight up and vertical activity happening with Ideal Orgs is…”
    Seems to me that the tip of the bow is the only other thing going up, as the ‘ideal ship’ sinks stern first on it’s way to settling on the bottom.
    ‘Command intention’ seems to want all hands to go down with the ship, with no survivors. This is perhaps the saddest part of it.

  2. After perfect application of Investigations Tech from the Data Series, we’ve discovered that the local staff are the Real Why! We’ve enabled them to have an aesthetically massive and on-source building but yet they STILL can’t successfully recruit any staff in a country with 25% unemployment!! Furthermore, despite the indisputable fact that cob has an infinitely busy and infinitely important ecclesiatical schedule, he still took the time to de-flower this building in the Theta Universe! But yet Scientology still isn’t being delivered with any level of magnitude because THEY cannot get STAFF!! They need to either:
    1. Find the SP, and/or
    2. Find their correct condition and standardly apply the appropriate formula, and/or
    3. Write-up their O/Ws, and/or
    4. Clear their MUs
    Any campaign which originated from cob is infallible, so don’t dare even have a thought that it’s the campaign itself!!!

  3. Perhaps management believes one or two bigger thetans (thoroughly indoctrinated) will keep the show going for as long as possible while they fleece off as much as they can? I keep expecting the whole thing to come falling down like a building after being demolitioned! But it doesnt quite do that does it. So I must deduce thefore that something is propping it up so it just ticks over each day! Its not vampiric management helping thats for sure! Some poor thetan/s is shackled up to the RCS machine burning up his life’s energy to stop that ship from listing then finally swirling down into the depths of oblivion..
    If we could somehow break through to all these key player/slaves in the Class V org scene I believe the whole thing would fold up just like that – boom! Advanced orgs and finally Flag would bleed out not long thereafter. Yes its already happening but the hardcore stalwarts are doing their sorry best to man the bilge pumps, batton down the hatches and repair the leaks so to speak. So the long languish continues..

    • Sheeplebane.
      The indie scientology field exists because of the church of scientology. Most of the indie field is made up of ex-c of s. Postulating the end of the church will have the effect of destroying the indie field.
      I for one, would love to see the church flourish, increase its members and reach into the community. Inevitably, they will screw-up cases and mishandle public and it is these people who will find the indies and keep them in business.
      Here in South Africa, the church is doing a better job at promoting scientology towards new public than the indie field has ever done.
      You can bitch and moan about the negatives of the church but NOBODY in SA has implemented an alternative.

  4. I think everybody has woken up to the fact that the EP of scn as a whole and as currently delivered is not what is promised. People are therefore not even prepared to start on the Bridge. There are very definite wins – my own life has been massively changed for the better by the LRH brand of scn and I still wish those wins on other people. It is when you look beyond what a class 4 (or 5?) org can deliver that it gets problematic.
    I recently chatted to an OT7 just back from Flag. Of course, these people are hugely cagey about ANY hint of criticism or complaint – their problem is they have to go back – but I had noticed she was at Flag for her latest refresher an awful long time (more than 6 months) and this fact was as much as admitted – in between saying the OT refresher training (or whatever GAT2 for Solo is called) was “actually quite quick, I’m just a slow reader” (Ouch!). She had to read almost all the Basics books, while staying at Flag and of course earning no income. Redo the Metering course, simulator, etc, etc.
    Next I heard Sally-Anne has just gone to do her OT8 on the Unfreewinds and has to do the same line-up – not at home, not even at Flag but at the ruinous prices on the ship (of course, with her passport illegally detained so she can’t blow). Anyone who has watched Sally-Anne read the Basics books knows she’s in for a looong haul (unless she wisely completed them all here). But there’s still the rest of the line-up.
    What’s my point? Speak to an OT and it is the arduous mechanics of completing the level that you generally hear (mind you, carefully phrased to make it sound as though enduring the endless Dev-t is an OT win in itself) and not real OT wins. Anyone who has heard Sally-Anne’s wins know they consist of brown-nosing such as “You need to do this! Look at me! Hail COB!”

  5. Scn Africa – how many of those completions in PTA are staff members? I am not clued up as to who is on staff currently, but I do see quite a few names that were long time staff of PTA.
    Old Timer, as long as these guys carry on treating their public badly, they will continue to fail. I have mentioned this before – the EDs of JHB and PTA all still push the fundraising heavily with their public even though the evidence that the Ideal Org programme is a miserable failure is right under their noses! This is proof of their total lack of empathy and caring for the field. Who wants to be around people like that? Their promo to the public – new and old – is all based on lies.
    I don’t see the MO being changed and as far as I am concerned, their orgs deserve to die. If they were really just trying their best to get people up the bridge without all the fraud and lies, I would say they deserve some sympathy. But when you have someone look you in the eye and swear that THIS is the salvation of the planet, and he uses pressure and guilt to make you fork over money you can ill afford, I say they deserve to go down and stay there.
    My 2 bits for the day.

      • Thanks. I also noticed there that Paul Barter has just completed The Student hat. Wasn’t he a class 8? Or am I mixing it up with his OT level which is 8. Well, for now anyway. I wonder if he has re-done his objectives and purif yet…
        Come on Paul! Grow some balls and tell ‘em to fuck off! Do you really think it’s ok to have to retrain from the bottom up? Did you get so little out of your training and OT levels that you have absolutely no confront left at all? Are you happy to pay for it all again as well as all the ias, idle borgs etc donations? Does not seem worth the price to me… By now you should be certain of your eternity, not redoing the basic stuff so that you don’t get into trouble with the wanker running the church!
        Seriously, all you guys lurking…think about that!

  6. Thank you, Scientology Africa, for this exposé. These are hard, dry facts. Not very amenable to the euphoric exclamations on how amazing this all is.

  7. Wow! These stats show quite a rough scene. If I’m counting this correctly there is only one public who has done a GAT2 training course in recent times. That’s Paul Barter. The rest are all staff. Which means that there are massive course rooms standing empty. Staff get zero pay. And the ED going home with a massive headache every night called “how on earth do I pay the water and lights bill”. I suspect that COB will not be available to help the ED with that particular headache as he is too busy. Even though the number of scientologists in SA is the size of a small to medium sized school. And not much bigger in other areas of the world.

  8. This is dismal. If one deducts the Ext courses and staff hatting (which cannot be counted as BIS), then their BIS stat is hovering around the 40 to 50 mark. 18 months since their grand opening and this is all they are producing? They could have done exactly the same in their previous premises (which was fully owned and paid off, but then had to be sold and “donated” to Int for the current org). There are so many policy violations here it’s hard to know where to start. Dynamics of exchange for one – “give us R40 Million and we will do exactly the same or worse production we have been doing all along – rip off exchange”….. and the beans theory, wrong condition formula – on and on. A sixth-grader would be able to see the insanity and bad business here, and yet a bunch of theoretically “upper 10%” beings can’t or won’t look. It’s exactly this kind of behaviour that gives SCN such a bad name out there – we look like a bunch of palooka’s without one iota of business sense, and yet we claim to have all the answers to life??? Oh please.

  9. Draco:
    Please understand that Paul and his wife make their living from delivering Scientology services to their public, but under license from C of S. If they do not toe the line and get GAT2 certified then they lose their license to earn a living and pay the bills and buy food. This is the extent to which they are effect of the current regime. So short of a public departure and a FUCK YOU to the church they are stuck in this mess. While I believe they should tell the church to duck off I also understand the dilemma they are in. It really is like telling a doctor who is qualified and has been practising for 20 years that he now has to retrain and cannot earn a living while he does his Golden Age of Doctoring 2. What a fuck up.

  10. Sheeplebane, Draco and Old Timer.
    You all have valid points. How the he’ll they are not declared bankrupt or insolvent gets me. Int management must be bailing out regularly. However I feel that is a good thing as it would mean Sea Org reserves are being dug into. It must also mean that the amount raised in fundraising exceeds the management bail outs. Pretty soon fundraising earnings will dry up to the point where it is no longer viable for management to bail orgs out. This is an international situation. Despite GAT1 and GAT2 and Idle Morgues there is still a steady decline in church expansion, reach and sales. Even Flag is shrinking.
    As hinted at by SCNAFRICA there are certain movements afoot here and there which basically would ultimately make the Church irrelevant. The church is closed down? You want your bridge? No sweat… watch this space. Communist Russia failed to squash Christianity. It simply went underground and survived. Scientology is the same. You could close every org on the planet and people would still go up the bridge. The tech is there. Church or no Official Church.

  11. I’d like to know if there are any independent auditors in SA esp Cape Town. How does one go up the bridge without corporate CoS?

  12. I worked there as a Dir Comm and truth is all the well trained Scientologists are SPs, they do not listen to the staff needs all they worry and care about is the pubic.

    From what I have witnessed the public is doubtful of Scientology Pretoria Org, as there are many stories of Satanic practices and the church is not willing to enlighten the public on their questions.

    90% of the staff that were present during the opening day, have all blown, not due to MUs but due to harassment, racism, torture, over working and most importantly not pay at all.

    Of course at first we were told that we will only get pay when the Org is doing, so we all worked our asses off, and when things were booming, they forgot about us and paid us R80s.

    We were still struggling to find a place of residence, and they were over recruiting, and the resident place that we currently occupied was small and now over crowded.

    Regardless of that we stayed as we all had one dream, that is to see the Org thrive, and mind that we had to walk from Brooklyn to Arcadia everyday and night, we did day and foundation from 9am to 10pm, as time went by the staff refused to go to the course room due to hunger, and they would write us these nonsensical ethic chits of coming late and as a result many of the staff blew, and as they were not trained accordingly they even supported the Satanic rumours as way to get back at the church for not respecting them, and also know that Africans believe in esoteric things, metaphysical and some are into Christianity and Islam, so it was always going to be a battle of spiritual beliefs, as a large number of the staff know nothing about Scientology beliefs, they hired people who had done a few courses.

    The course room was a nightmare as in a week only two to five would attend and the rest would become hostile when you call them to come finish their courses.

    The problem lies with the management on top, the ED, FBO, etc, they are response for all the mess that is happening, and they refuse to listen, and the basic human instinct is survival before anything, even though Scientology say the 8 Dynamics level bullshit, of which it applies not to even them.

    In another country, on another day, Org would be in a healthy state, but not in South Africa, everyone has to survive in some way, regardless of being right or wrong, and the Org abused many ex-staff, I am busy with a documentary for that and the truth will come out, not publicly but within Scientology to learn from its deeply ignored errors.

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