Joburg “Non-E” campaign about to launch?


On the 3rd of November 2013 we wrote an article titled The Great Dissemination Ripoff.

This gives some background on the selling of leather bound books for dissemination campaigns. Simply stated each Ideal Org that opens receives 500 copies of a leather bound Dianetics book that is personalised for that org. The idea is that the money made from these “limited edition” books will fund a dissemination campaign for that org to “get them out of Non-Existence”.

At the time we wrote the above article Pretoria had just 66 more to sell and then their dissemination campaign could launch. By December they had sold the remaining books. 3 months later and still no campaign that is driving volumes of new people into that org.

Below is an email from the Bookstore Officer Joburg hoping to sell the last remaining Joburg Ideal Org leather bound Dianetics books. In this mail no number is given of how many have yet to be sold. As of November last year only 220 had been sold. We assume that figure has improved but we can’t know for sure.

There is always just a little (or a lot) more money needed. Get us closer. It’s going to be huge.

Yet nothing results. No campaign. Just a bunch more money disappearing somewhere.

The books cost R5450 each. If Joburg does sell all 500 and with Pretoria done on theirs it means there will have been R5.5 million raised and sitting there waiting to be used.

Planetary Dissemination Briefing

Johannesburg Ideal Org Non-E Campaign Ready to Launch!

Johannesburg’s Non-Existence Campaign is ready to launch, promoting the new org and its services to the entire community of Johannesburg! All that is needed to launch this campaign is the completion of funds raised through the sales of your” Ideal Org Leatherbound!  So in aid of LRH’s birthday this week Thursday – I call upon all Scientologist to help us complete this campaign and get our Org’S BOOMING with public.

Own a piece of history and contribute to driving hundreds of new public into the org and onto The Bridge to Total Freedom!

Recent Successes from Orgs Now Running Their Campaigns


Since the launch of Inglewood’s Non-Existence Campaign in April, the org has had over 300 people come in from the campaign. This is approximately 40 new people per week!


Tampa recently launched their Non-Existence Campaign. Since then, they have had an increase of people walking into the org interested in service. Also, the ratio of sign-ups from testing is higher than in previous weeks. Due to the campaign, new people are coming into the org to find out about Scientology and to start on their first services.

A couple came in after seeing one of Tampa’s Scientology billboards. After the wife signed up for four courses and purchased two books, they returned to the org for the PE Course and the husband signed up for four courses himself, in addition to purchasing the Beginning Books package.


Cincinnati has launched their Non-Existence Campaign. This includes ads on buses traveling on major routes throughout the city.   Here is just one story from their campaign: A group of 21 people arrived at the org, who were from the Church of Christ. They are a Bible study group, and the wife of the pastor had heard the Cincinnati Org’s radio ad daily. Every day after hearing the ad, she would say to her husband, “What is the Church of Scientology? We have to go there and find out!” They then decided to come into the org. They received a tour, and watched the information panel on LRH.  A staff member from the org had this to say about the Non-E Campaign: “I have never seen so many people walk in, and the Non-E Campaign definitely makes a difference in promoting the church in this area.”



What will you contribute to LRH’s Birthday this week? Call me up today


Rene Ann Rhoda
Bookstore Officer – Jo Burg Day
Org No) 0871506514
Cell)  079 059 3099

The Better educated you are as a PC, The Better your auditing goes. Understanding and handling life – The Basics create a partnership for going clear.


7 thoughts on “Joburg “Non-E” campaign about to launch?

  1. Wasn’t there a movie once called “Never Ending Story”? Well, this non-E campaign thing reminds me of that.
    I didn’t realise when they said they wanted to do a massive Non-E campaign what they actually meant was they wanted to CREATE a condition of non-E by upsetting the field with the purging of key OT’s and holding witch-hunt comm-ev’s!

    Since the launch of Inglewood’s Non-Existence Campaign in April, the org has had over 300 people come in from the campaign. This is approximately 40 new people per week!”
    This one needs to go back to basics on Maths! April was 11 months ago, 400 new people + 36 per MONTH, just over 1 per day.
    Even that I find hard to believe. 21 Christians came to check the place out? They came in a group because there is safety in numbers. No mention of how many stuck around…
    These Non-E campaigns are all supposed to be tailor made for each area with buttons surveyed on 10s of thousands in your area. Then how come the same TV ad is used everywhere in the world? (Which I have seen exactly 2x on SA TV) Did they really find that the same buttons apply to Americans who watch the Super Bowl and say, a rural SA family? Or the lady who cleans your house or office? After all – this is going to Clear the Planet (yet again), so the Ideal Orgs should have something for everyone…
    Ja right!

  3. Analyze these statistics. They say that these “non-ex” campaigns had almost no actual effect on public inflow of any kind. One person here, one person there. None of these successes give any indication that the non-ex campaign actually did anything. And if one or two people coming in are the kind of stats these staff member are crowing about, then it just confirms the pathetic rate of inflow into their establishments. Any fast food place has a hundred times greater results just from putting some coupons in the local newspaper. I am thoroughly unimpressed. But then again, I know a little bit more than your average person about what these Non-Ex campaigns are all about. More shenanigans from RCS management pulling a fast one on the public to rip them off.

    • Chris: I know this will sound contrarian but my observations are from places like Phoenix, who were lucky to get one walk-in every two weeks. So getting one-a-day for the month following their grand opening would have been a screaming affluence. Of course, Phoenix never got anywhere even near one-a-day, even after grand opening.
      And you have to be aware, I’m sure, that the carefully worded promo says they got people in to watch video panels. There’s absolutely NO good news about service starts. Otherwise they would have said so.

  4. Its a surprising admission. NON E. Doesn’t that mean non viable? Where is this straight up and vertical. NON E? This is a program that in its very nature tell you that the orgs are done. If there is a state of emergency all staff lose privileges. NON E means you have failed over and over. If I were reporting this campaign I would have at least the balls to call it Non E Expanded.
    Read those stories of success and look at the real data. Its fake PR, no one that has ever studied LRH with real admin tech would buy this FAKE PR.
    Tampa: An increase from previous weeks. What? you mean from one to two? I was on services in Tampa. Its a ghost town. Staff are rude and stand offish. An increase. Not one specific item.
    Thats not a stat report its a GENERALITY.
    Inglewood.Since April. Thats a year ago. 40 new walkins a week? How many new bridge starts? LRH doesn’t count walkins as a stat. The real LRH stat? Not walk ins. Its service completions.
    Yea read the OEC. This is not a stat report. Its a GENERALITY.
    Cincinnati: OK I’ll tell you this. No god fearing christian in the USA is ever setting foot in a Church of Scientology EVER. Scientology here is regarded as the work of the devil. I have attended a christian church.
    There is not a report of a first start. Can you smell the bullshit? ONCE AGAIN ITS A GENERALITY.
    This is the new COS. False reports. Generalities. LIES.
    My stat while on post in the SO was first starts on the bridge for the entire USA in any org and mission and clears to AOLA. I can tell you now that in 2005 it was less than 10 per week first starts and less than 10 clears to AOLA per month. The entire clears produced in the entire USA was less than 5 per month on a regular basis.
    End of rant

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