Scientology on 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes interview with Marty Rathbun titled “The Defector” has just run in Australia.

You can watch it online here: 60 Minutes

The storm continues.


25 thoughts on “Scientology on 60 Minutes

  1. Interesting show , and the runway and a home in the sticks lrh would return to, very cool , would be nice to have him back with target 2 crew in tow.
    The church is so used to court and battles its like water off the back of a yak,

    • Nice nick 🙂

      So I popped over to ksw lions and hey! waddaya know! I’ve been outed!

      What a jerk – no way to comment on that blog and it’s not like I ever hid who I am. Been using that nick for years in all sorts of places. What Ciaran doesn’t know is what it means:

      splog = snarky pedantic lazy old git

      • I see KSW meouws have been busy exposing us poor malcontents. The spotlight is now upon us. I quake with fear. Although I somewhat enjoyed my psuedo identity I’m happy to be out of the virtual closet. Didnt I say one day ye too shall know our names?
        As to how ksw pussy cats came by our names the following possibilities come to mind:
        1. We believe them as to a double agent on Scn africa lines. Highly unlikely but I wont completely shut the door on ANY infiltration. It happened while LRH was around nog steets!
        2. Cyber war dirty tricks! These punks for all their professed piety have hacked Scn Africas site and gleaned info this way.
        3. Good old fashioned CIA style espionage. Stake outs, breaking and entering “operation snow white”methods used to the full.
        Fair game justifies all of it eh? But I suppose alls fair in love and war right ksw pussy cats? Just dont get caught now. See you in the ring m@#% f%@#kers!
        P.s. stop blaming the banker elite for all your woes. Corporate Scn exists today only because they control it. Ironically they are your masters now. You work for them baby!!

  2. I’m impressed with Monique for a few reasons. For one, being a non-scientologist and fighting back in a way that defies the odds against her. Secondly for not leaving Marty through the DM manufactured shitstorm. Yes, she sure comm lagged when asked if she wanted to get up and go through the worst of the harassment situations, but did not. Kudos to her for sticking it out and supporting her husband and then having the kahunas to take Toadie to court!
    My next question is how do we on the outside penetrate the church bubble. Exposing DM and the RCS has been happening for years now. Yes the works of Marty, Mike have had a massive impact world wide. For sure our blog, as young as it is, has caused ripple effects felt across all oceans themselves! But what about the cultees yet still trapped behind the lie curtain, filled to their brim with fixed ideas of greatness and lordly superiority complexes? Unless you don’t piss off a higher up by asking questions, don’t join staff or refuse to cough up all your life savings, life in the bubble has rewards. Otherwise most would outright leave. Yes I know it’s a little more complicated than that, but obviously it isn’t like being in a concentration camp – yet! I am far more interested in a united front of people who have pure intentions to actually clean up the church (destroy in necessary). Otherwise all this media exposure does is reaffirm to all and sundry how bad it is over there in Scientology tut tut.. What changes? DM finds more mules and whales and sharks to defend him in court et al. Fatally waiting for those on the inside to wizen up may take way too long for comfort dontcha think?
    But.. onna udda hand Darren.. who in their right mind would want to take on this jabberwocky of now monstrous proportions, alone? Many are simply content to just quietly decompress, take up scuba diving, toss back a few beers or whatever, as long as there is no regging life is again bliss! Others go underground and seek solace in indie land, pursuing the bridge outside with full vigour! Personally I like the freedom of doing ALL of the above at my own damn determinism dankie! (thank you). So why do I, despite having left the church years ago still get so caught up in the UNIVERSE OF SCIENTOLOGY?
    CAUSE its all so goddamn interesting that’s why! The game of seeking and freedom attainment is not a sure fire thing despite believing that COMPLETELY while still in the bubble. More than ever I see how the price of freedom is what it is..

    • I’m reading the book, Messiah or Madman. Read it. It’ll answer many of these questions for you. If you jump to Chapter 18, you’ll gain great undestanding, of that I can assure you. In fact, from Chapter 16 onwards, will be an eye opener.

      Reporting this organisation to the law is about the only method by which to derail it. It’ll take a lot of money and a lot of time. You see how the cob comes armed with twenty lawyers. It’ll take dedication.

      Marti Rathbun, in an ealier blog, said he was going to expose the true situationbehind the IRS granting the church tax exemption. He’s going to blow the lid off something huge. I reckon his life will be in danger.

      That’s the kind of action that’ll be needed to get TA and an F/N -a floating TA, if it’s seen through to EP.

    • For the most part, the answer is to continue. Don’t change anything, the TA is moving like crazy. This is a war with multiple fronts – and all these actions are contributing to the attrition of the church.
      This blog is having a huge effect. Congratulations are in order.
      There is a lot of inertia to overcome, so it will not happen instantly. It is a bit like digging a ditch. Just keep digging. We’ll get there. (And while your at it, enjoy the journey!)
      (And it also allows time for a few more to see the light and bail out before it is too late. It is not all wasted time.)
      Again, VWD on this blog!

    • Some names are rolling in kswpussys , were is my hard hat i better run for the hills, ok guys best you change your names every couple posts or we can just go with first and last

  3. Marty summed it all up in one word ” KARMA “. He openly admitted that he had developed the
    system, possibly with DM’s able assistance, so now he has to wear it. If you want to know what an SP looks and how it justifies it’s EVIL actions you got it all in this 60 Minute clip. This clip is so wide of the mark about the real ‘”Battle for Scientology ” that I found it quite boring. It was all about the spat between DM and Marty, two of the biggest SP’s on the planet having a go at each other. It’s also happening out there in a hundred different board rooms and governments around the world on a daily basis. If Marty really wants to be the good guy then he should be describing his actions –what he did and how he did it and to how many when he designed and built the system
    of squashing anyone who didn’t toe the line in Scientology. It used to be called TREASON in my days but maybe thats all changed now that you’ve got 60 Minutes to defend you.

    • Hey Roland, you bloody snob, you never bother to ack any of my comms, or acks to you. Guess that puts you on an equal SPee footing with Marty. 🙂
      Let it be known, that this “arrogance” won’t set you free for your eternity!
      Kidding aside, hope you’re doing ok over in Aus, and we miss your ready smile and quick humor bro.
      BTW, Dot sends her love anyway! 🙂
      Calvin B.Duffield

    • Roland – please do some more looking…you are missing some huge pieces of the puzzle that was covertly kept hidden from view!
      I will tell you this – just when you think it can’t get any worse (regarding the Church of Scientology) it does. There is a lot to know and so much more than you CAN know in the Church of Scientology, even with the tech!
      I found that stepping away from the entire subject and just looking at everything I could get my hands on – this took a long time – to gather it all up and evaluate it for myself gave me much relief.
      Truth is powerful. Truth is truth! I say this with kindness and compassion for everyone suffering from the side effects of Corporate Scientology and their evil tactics used to control for the best interests of the Organization! I am also sharing what has worked for me – after suffering far too long!

  4. If you want to make peace with your enemy,you have to work with your enemy.then he becomes your partner. madiba

  5. Personally I never trusted the Main Stream Media since a lot of it is controlled by major corporations and intelligence agencies.

    True there are some very independent investigative Journalists out there like for example the late Garry Web:

    But for the most part many want to keep their cozy relationship with the agency or corporations intact:

    Anyway that is my cynical view of the whole scene.

    You can disregard it if you wish.

  6. So LRH has been a little tardy on his return to his secret compound….. You just can’t make this stuff up


  7. May I say ~ “Don’t stand and bemoan the projection of the image on the screen once the movie is played, go after the source, take down the projector”. ~ D Icke.

    Marty is doing a great job of dismantling and dissecting the ‘cult-think’ in himself and others. I know there are people that say he ‘must spill all the beans’ to redeem himself and make peace with those that he persecuted in his time. Apparently the job is not yet done on all fronts to everyone’s satisfaction, but then again it is a hard task to be a man for all seasons all at the same time. Only time will tell what else he spills, and how many bridges he mends.

    Let no one be fooled. $cientology is a prison of the mind. It takes time to undo the harm without letting go of the good. But I will freely admit, that there are times, when I just want to put fireworks to the whole lot, as the harm done to my daughter – may NEVER be undone. It is terrifying to have witnessed, and to live with this ordeal each day.

  8. That interview has not done the cult any favors, thank goodness I am not a part of that group anymore and embarrassed to say I ever was!

    • Yes – I experienced “embarrassment” when I was in – but total shock and humiliation when I got out and looked at the ENTIRE SCENE! Cringe Cringe Cringe.
      We were not stupid – we were under heavy mind control tactics.
      It is hard to believe this Non Profit For Profit Business disguises itself with the “Religious Cloak”.
      Read and/or listen to Lawrence Brennan’s affidavit and find out how he helped structure the “Religious Cloak” and the real purpose for the “What Is Scientology” book.–ex-Scientologist-bigshot.html
      Then, if you have a copy handy of “WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY – look at the dates of the inside cover. You will see that this book has been revised again and again – after LRH died. I thought LRH wrote this book!
      David Miscavige spent our hard earned money to hire the best attorney’s to help him disguise his human trafficking prison for PROFIT behind the “Religious Cloak”. It is very clever and carefully masked and hidden from view of the members.
      Miscavige also hires the best attorney’s for the contracts everyone signs after they have money on account or have agreed to join staff w/o knowing the truth. All intended to keep you trapped and keep your money.

  9. Calvin Bloody Duffield !!!!!! It is so good to know you are still in there making waves, just like you used to in the old days. I never stop recalling DBN-Org and the amazing times we had back then.
    Both you and your beautiful wife, Dot were always making your presence felt.Personality Plus, Contact me on email and give me the goss on what, when and where with you two. Lots of ARC.

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