Meet your new Ideal Org Whales

Duggan Family

Bob & Trish Duggan with 3 of their children
David, Dante and Diana

Meet the Duggans. Bob and Trish, pictured here with 3 of their 7 children – the latest South African Ideal Org Whales.

Having already donated a substantial amount of money to South African Ideal Orgs, they first started donating towards the end of 2012 to Pretoria, and now, according to an email being sent around by Philip Park, have just donated another R5 Million towards the purchase of the Joburg North ideal org building.

Bob Duggan was closed to donate to South African Ideal Orgs towards the latter half of 2012 after a meeting was coordinated between him and OT Committee members in conjunction with Charmaine Rodgers (daughter of Sadie Lurie).

They have just been featured in the latest Impact Magazine (Issue 140) as having achieved the IAS’ highest status of Diamond Maximus with Honours – an award expressly created for them. Prior to this award, the Duggans were reported as already having donated in excess of $20 Million (approx R200 Million) to the Church, making them the largest donors to the Church ever.

Diamond Maximus with Honours

The Diamond Maximus with Honours Trophy

Robert W. Duggan, the Church of Scientology’s biggest donor and the chief executive officer of Pharmacyclics Inc. (PCYC), which makes an experimental treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, has become a billionaire after the company’s shares tripled in a year.

According to Fierce Biotech “Pharmacyclics agreed to a deal worth up to $975 million under which it’ll split profits on Ibrutinib, marketed as Imbruvica, and excitement over the drug’s potential has sent the biotech’s shares soaring, making Duggan a billionaire on paper.

The end of the story is already well-told: The drug, ibrutinib, went on to snag three FDA breakthrough designations on its way to approvals for mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and now it’s slated to bring in about $1.3 billion a year at its peak

But here’s the kicker:

The drug produced by Bob Duggan’s company will be manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) – the same company that produces the psychiatric drug Risperidal – accused of using illegal marketing tactics and kickbacks to persuade physicians and pharmacists to prescribe Risperdal. The company paid $2.2 billion to settle the allegations in 2013.

Furthermore, the CCHR website site reports “Adverse Reaction Reports Filed with the US FDA: There have been 12,883 adverse reactions reported to the US FDA in connection with Risperdal (risperidone).”

More data on the drug Risperidal can be seen on the CCHR warning website here:

On yet another CCHR-linked website, the following excerpt appears:

“Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $2.2 billion in criminal and civil fines to settle allegations that it improperly marketed the antipyschotic drug Risperdal and two other drugs, including promoting them for uses they weren’t approved for and paying kickbacks to physicians and a large long-term care pharmacy provider, the Department of Justice announced Monday”.

In the same IAS Magazine, no fewer than nine articles appear reporting on the war against psychiatry and the damaging effects of the drugs they are busy peddling. The articles culminate in the awarding of an IAS Freedom Medal to ROSANNA FERNANDEZ DE CASTILLO as having “exposed psychiatric abuse across Mexico and spearheaded federal mental health reforms, thereby safeguarding the future for millions”.

The incongruity of this cannot be ignored. Bob and Trish Duggan receiving adulation and huge “made expressly for them”  trophies as a result of the funds he is making from dealing with the very companies that CCHR is allegedly fighting against?

Your thoughts are welcome.


43 thoughts on “Meet your new Ideal Org Whales

  1. The nature of this planet , bmw, Merc, hugo boss were all part of the negative side of world war 2, now the cars to have and the cloth to have on your back,
    Sounds like geting into bed with the real Sp s , and as for kick backs this needs to be hunted down,
    This is one inderviduals donations and he probably has a penny or 2 any way .
    If how ever this drug kicks back and law suits rain the church may percieve blood on there hands , it would be magic if they took the money and really expose the psychs ,

  2. A couple weeks back i had a call from a old scn freind.who is back on lines he said to me that the admin from Scnafrica in with the psychs, this is what the public are beening told. once again the overt doth speak loadest in accusation

    • I really need to get a better device to write with. just to make it clear i was told scnafrica is run buy guys with psych contacts.this is what i was told by a jhb public a couple weeks back.
      I dont believe that for a second!

  3. And what about all their children? Now that’s a whole other story. I know a few problem ones are there in South Africa. Being cared for by Scuentologists. Very strange set up.

  4. Typical of the sleaze balls you find at the top of the IAS Patron list like Brian Zwann of Digital Light Wave who created a splitter so the NSA could listen to your most private phone calls and Patron Matt Feschbach who shorted UA and AA stock just before their planes crashed into the Twin Towers and who could forget that Patron gang of thieves who made out like bandits when Patron Reed Slatkin ran that Ponzi Scam.
    As they say:
    “Scum always rises to the top”
    Especially in the “Church of Scientology” these days.

  5. Scn africa you said at the end if the post that our thoughts would be welcome. Hell, my thoughts have sublimated into projectile thermonuclear hostile intent towards these clowns! How does the church find these people I wonder? Open cheque book closed mind. Perfect zombie! Those smiles, giving it all away, such pleasure! Its really is enough to make one retch! Their donations are used to fight the good guys. Namely us. The peeps who have real good intent, who care etc.
    No wonder the church seemed happy to let the corbetts go, they had Oppenheimer/De Beer like gravy tanker to milk for what its worth!! The irony if it all is the BIG PHARMA connection! Hells bells! The paradox is just incredible!
    Please, please and one more please can we expose the living daylights out of all this and HOW??

  6. Most Scientologists have to give more than what they own. They mortgage their houses, use credit card limits and struggle in life.
    I want fairness, this guy has to give far more. Same with Tom Cruise and all other celebrities.
    What do you think about this? Problem is that such could help the cult to survive longer, what I do not want. Mhmmmm… tough.

  7. Well that makes sense why they were quick to kick the Corbett’s to the curb!
    One word to the Duggan’s.. Suckers!

  8. I don’t see a contradiction. Johnson & Johnson are simply the manufacturers. If you want to avoid useful products touched by companies that also sell psychiatric drugs, you will have a hard time, starting with plasters from Novartis and toothpaste from GlaxoSmithKline.
    Indeed, while all this is going on and the church advocates taking vitamins, were you aware that until 2003, Roche was the world’s leading vitamin producer? They sold the unit to a Dutch company ironically called DSM in 2003.
    So all this really demonstrates is something that has been known for a very long time. The Church of Scientology doesn’t mind where your money comes from or what was involved to get it, as long as it keeps coming.

  9. This family has now reached the TOP of “The Gullibility Scale”, having gone through the gradient scale of: Being Misinformed, Being Lied to, Being Coerced, Not Knowing, Naiveté, Stupidity and finally 100% GULLIBLE. And as a reward a very special, UBER FANTASTICAL trophy has been awarded them. And that´s the only exchange they ever got.
    The proof that they´ve reached the TOP of The Gullibility Scale is the amount they´ve donated combined with the fact that they are standing there completely enthusiastic about having let go of $20,000,000 to The Church of Lying, Cheating and Defrauding.
    Since the Church´s Primary Goal is to extract as much money out of gullible parishioners as possible without delivering anything in exchange other than fancy buildings owned by the church, this family has got to be the ultimate Success for the church.
    In RJ 37 Ron does warn people about this sort of thing: “Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe ANYTHING they´re told and that´s the reason the suppressive lies.”
    If this family ever WAKES UP, I predict it will have a MAJOR IMPACT!

    It is not known whether Bob Duggan is ashamed to be connected to Scientology as he studiously avoids the word in his website Bob Duggan the Philanthropist.
    Bob Duggan has likely given the *CHURCH* much much more than $20 million. The IAS is only one of the Church money extortion entities. He has vastly donated to Super Power, to Ideal orgs, BASICS,. FREEWINDS, for FSO services, the Ls etc etc etc.
    If Charmaine Rodgers is his Registrar, I can guess he has forked over $100 million in the last 35 years….
    So now he is funding Ideal Orgs South Africa.
    Miscavige ribbon cutting Photo Ops will boast that South Africa is booming out the roof hence the needs for vast new Real Estate. The truth being one whale cut the check.
    Now the question is ~~ what is Duggan’s new interest in South Africa ?
    Santa Barbara Org on State Street is a grotesque old building that radiates an odor or mustiness and an aging smell. It hits you as you enter. So this dinosaur building exists on Duggan’s door step, no money for Santa Barbara while he sends money to South Africa ? Hmmmmmmmm.

    • Very interesting Karen.
      Also think of this ” A Fool and his money shall soon part”.
      Wonder what Robert has done that keeps him trapped? Because Scientology will throw him under the bus as soon as he starts to question the things that don’t make sense.
      Imagine what they will write on his SP Declare should he ever decide to come to present time?
      If Duggan was proud of the money that got extorted out of him for Scientology – he would post it on his website. What is Robert hiding? Or was he under some serious mind control tactics whilst being regged?
      He may attribute his success to Scientology. If you are winning – it is because you did Scientology! If you are losing – it is because of YOU.
      What a mind f$@#!

      • I wouldn’t underestimate these whales.
        They donate money to the Church for leverage and to influence Organizational policy and actions just like rich donors and corporations use their money to pervert and corrupt the democratic process here in America.
        Interesting that Duggan lives in SB just down the street from the crumbling, decrepit and probably soon to be condemned SB Org. Yet contributes money to SA Orgs.
        From what I understand he’s contributed millions so far. Meaning he’s moving millions off shore away from various SEC investigators and the watchful eyes of the Treasury Department.
        Is this about philanthropy?
        Or more a carefully planned money laundering operation?

    • Does the words lusty greed describe Charmaine Rodgers? Im sure her eyes light up like lumanescent suacers everytime she harpoons a fat whale! The cheek of the woman and how she treated the Corbetts makes me ill! When the wheel turns let it be so in a way thats very public. It never fails to amaze me how her ilk think themselves above the law, ethics or reason. Sadie your mother still had some nice qualities Charmaine, when did you sell your soul for the almighty dollar I wonder?

  11. Thank you to the team at Scnafrica for this one! We were wondering where the Church was in lobbying with regard to the regulations gazetted in November 2013, with implementation date of 15 February 2014 ,to make it very difficult to access alternative natural health remedies in South Africa (See more here: ). Now we know – they do not care anymore, they do not care where the money comes from, dirty money is just fine, and it IS all about the MONEY, and only the MONEY now – they do not care who they get in bed with. The Co$ is an epic fail, redundant, with no value to society at all.

  12. Oh, I would like to add a question:
    What’s in it for Uber Whales? I doubt they appreciate the gaudy trophy, and applause and pawing must wear thin pretty fast. Is there any likelihood of them obtaining a financial gain or tangible influencial benefit?

    • Any large and profitable business corporation has accountants whose job it is to every year calculate how much money they need to donate to charities in order to reduce their tax liability. This is because if they don’t get rid of some of their money, they will be paying taxes at a higher rate. This is probably especially true if there is a large “windfall” profit as it sounds to be the case with Duggan and his new drug. This is the reason they “support” charitable causes. It is basically not for humanitarian reasons, but of course it does give them bragging rights about that, too.

      • In South Africa, there is not tax deduction for donating to property, even if it IS a church property. It’s a sore point. There is no tax benefit for The Whales in the slightest!

  13. “The Diamond Maximus with Honours Trophy” Oh my giddy aunt! Spectacular piece of glitz and bling! Where do people keep these horrendous trophies? And they are huge! It’s not like you can slide it out of view at the back of the cabinet. Any room featuring this thing would be disfigured. Do they keep them hidden, only to drag them out, dust them off when Charmaine pops in for a friendly visit?
    And Diamond Maximus…I read somewhere that one of their adopted children is called Diamond. Is that him in the picture? Or is he one of the children who is elsewhere….? Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. Oh I know these Whales and believe me they are not what they
    seem and it is true they farm their problem children out to other
    countries and the one I know really well just wants to be with
    his brothers and sisters who he really does miss – he wants to be
    part of his family!
    So now they have been recruited to handled Joburg North shows
    the field are not interested in funding another Org – good for them!
    Now the PR machine is kept in place with more lies!
    Low and behold they have not cognited the word is out!
    The field is congniting slowly but still cogniting.
    So now it will be interesting to see how they man up the Org and
    how many of the public actually do Services in the Org!
    The Lions stalk their prey and watch and wait!

  15. The incongruity of this cannot be ignored. Bob and Trish Duggan receiving adulation and huge “made expressly for them” trophies as a result of the funds he is making from dealing with the very companies that CCHR is allegedly fighting against?

    Outpoint is that CCHR should be fighting the offending psychiatric ‘Risperdal’ item, not the company, since not everything in Johnson & Johnson’s line-up is an overt product.

    • CCHR is fighting the drug – that point is clear, however the DRUG was not the issue, and was not what got Johnson & Johnson into hot water. It was their criminal business practices and civil breach of improper marketing and paying kickbacks to physicians. And not only for Risperdal, but two other drugs as well. It is not claimed that they produce ONLY overt products at all. The problem is that the company is corrupt, pays bribes and has clearly been exposed as being totally out-ethics in their business conduct.

      If Bob Duggan’s drug is the miracle its claimed to be, that’s great – but why would he get into bed with a company that has been found guilty of criminal business practices? How many physicians and pharmacy chains are they planning to give kickbacks to in order to maximise profits on ibrutinib sales?

      • Well, I guess we could add “criminal business practices and civil breach of improper marketing and paying kickbacks to physicians” to the No-No list, but this is likely beyond the scope of CCHR or Scientology. Furthermore, you’ll find most other pharmaceuticals guilty of similar acts, so ‘Johnson & Johnson’ is far from alone in any of this. Since I don’t have enough infos in respect to the general scene whom else Duggan could have gotten sponsorship from which was essential to his success, I can’t comment on it further.

  16. Duggan may be a smart guy in some ways but he is a DUPE and a cult member. It looks like he has money to burn and he is burning it by being connected with the devil cob and making other people’s life a living hell. He should be ashamed of himself if he had any brains.

  17. “improperly marketed the antipyschotic drug Risperdal and two other drugs, including promoting them for uses they weren’t approved for”
    Antipsychotics have the worst side effects. They treat schizoaffective disorder which is very hard to manage and a very extreme illness for those afflicted.
    This sleazebag makes his money from psyche meds which Scientology continually bashes. He also pushed the pills onto people who were NOT specified for this treatment. I know many mentally ill had awful reactions to risperdal. Duggan is not only lying, he is obviously does not care a bit about the patients who use this drug. Another narcissistic controlling lying Mi$cientologist.

  18. No ways he will feel ashamed. The Co $ have him convinced he is Flash Gordon: saviour of the universe! Can you imagine the shit Charmain is dripping with honey in his ear? I’ll bet you he’s been made to feel like a hero. But if he fails to give enough more, he will be made to feel guilty. And there will be hints of denial of further bridge actions… eligibility problems…

    • An SMS came around to non-attendees of the LRH birthday event and from the birthday event, saying that R1.7m more is needed to fully pay for the building (more will be needed, of course, for its renovations but later….). Want to guess who’s going to pay the balance? Our new Whales? I don’t think there’s anybody else left in SA willing to donate that kind of money anymore! The Duggans, with their South African connection here, one of their missing kids is here, makes them sitting ducks. Another one bites the dust and let’s face it, it’s probably peanuts for them anyway.

  19. In 2006, the Duggan family moved to Florida where the children all became involved with the Episcopal Church of the Ascension on a weekly basis. The lead minister, John Hiers, was often a guest speaker at St. Paul’s School where several of the Duggan children attended. Trish and her husband have studied the works of L. Ron Hubbard since 1975 and apply his Data Series Evaluators Course and his book Science of Survival to their lives on a daily basis.

  20. Trish has also been the President of the Santa Barbara Adoption Support Group which met monthly at Cottage Hospital. The group’s mission was to inform and encourage others to adopt both in the United States and abroad. Trish and her husband enjoy biological as well as adopted children.
    Also at

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  22. In my family, all of “problem children” were sent to live with me. I was only 19 when I had to take the first one. 21 when the second one arrived. It worked. Wherever someone was raising hell in their home town, once they got parked in the middle of New York City they calmed right down. It was a simple process I called “sink or swim”. I would pick them up from the airport or bus station, take them home with me, hand them a key to the apartment and say, “Sink or swim”. They would start swimming right away.

  23. Well Duggans gazillions will surely secure a 3rd ideal morgue for Gauteng! And perhaps they can send more of their cast off adopted children to staff them after they have completed a top South African Scientology education at ‘Kensington Kids’ or some similar fine establishment for brainwashing young minds!

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