Run Forest, run!


By Lisa Goosen

While some may know me by my maiden name and family reputation let me enlighten you as to whom I am. I am one of the first 18 declared in the South African purge and am the daughter of Ernest and Gaye Corbett. My name is Lisa Goosen married to Warwick Goosen, also one of the 18 declared.

The subject I wanted to talk to you all about is that of “Disconnection” although the church vehemently says that it does not enforce this on any members of the church it is without a doubt being enforced. It’s quiet cleverly done actually; it is completely your own decision – “Either you disconnect from “A, B & C” or you lose your eternity, your choice!” wow – Thank you C of S for giving me my freedom of choice.

But enough of that, I want to convey to you some of my experiences of late with regards to disconnection. I have had what I have called a Scientologist week! Let’s start with walking into Brenda Petrie at Lonehill Shopping centre. I waved and said Hi. She could have broken the SA gold record running from me across the mall. I find this disgusting. The background of her connection to my family is that they asked us for help with their son Duncan who was completely aimless and purposeless. To help them we took him on as a trainee at our safari lodge, spent a good few years training him in tourism and guiding only to have him leave as fast as he could and for the family to shun us like we are the devil incarnated. It’s quite ridiculous!

Then there is the Mugg and Bean story of sitting happily with friends and family and Gillian Andersson and Tomas Pagenkopf sat a few tables away. Everyone knows the trauma Gillian’s family went through and I do not have to explain the degree of support my family gave to her and her mother but boy did they bolt. First they moved tables, then oops they actually blew the Mugg and Bean completely. “Run Forest Run!”

Now we get to Vanessa Ryan and Isabella Ryan. When Vanessa left staff she came to us for a job, she worked for us for some time and then left to have a baby. Isabella had all her training and most of her bridge paid for by my sister but when I walked into them at our local hairdresser Isabella ran. Vanessa had the courtesy to greet me and when I spoke more I saw her cringing and thinking “oh my gosh, what do I do” but if you know me at all, I am not one to withhold communication. So I kept talking to her. When I left she must have texted Isabella because as I drove out she drove back in! Another “run  Forest run” moment.

Then there is the drive by of Ryan Woodley who ignored me flat, but a few months ago tried hard to sell us many products!

Then there is Ines Parks who politely greeted me in passing, after she worked for my parents through most of my childhood!

Then there is the letter from Shani Waldbuam, a childhood friend who is “giving her group the benefit of the doubt.”

Then there is Kwesi Bhengu, an auditor whom I on many occasions sponsored personally. He too is sorry but will never talk to me again. But I suppose I should be thankful he too at least wrote to me to say “cheers.”

You know the one and only hurtful disconnection for me is the one that has been a lifelong and probably lifetimes long connection, it’s that of my God mother, Lynda Bruwer. In protection of her “eternity” she has stopped communicating to me, not even the courtesy of a letter to say she will always love me or that she is sorry she will miss out on the adventure of seeing my amazing children grow and do well in life. She will miss it all, what a pity. My late God father Ray would be “pissed” to say the least.

There are those few who have stuck by us, those very few whom have had the courage to really know their own decisions and make them for themselves, to those people I want to fully acknowledge you and validate you. Thank you! For the other members of the Corporate Church of Scientology seeing differences and similarities, is not an option it is not their choice to do. They do not have the luxury of being able to judge on stats and personal opinion or even knowingness, determining definite worth of any person in or out of the group is not their privilege to do themselves. For those of you who run like Forest Gump – keep going, life is too much fun and too full of new adventures and surprises for me to worry about the weak! You my dear old friends have no place in my life, my home or my family’s future! Run Forest Run!

51 thoughts on “Run Forest, run!

  1. Lisa my heart goes out to you. I feel your pain, your dissapointment and seething anger. I know most of the terminals you mentioned. Some I had ARC for, others not at all. Irrespective of this, their behavior is dispicable on every level. Social betrayal bites one in a particularly harsh way! Especially when these same people were helped by you and your family. Now they turn their backs on you as if you are a lepper messiah! Take small comfort in this. Know that in some small recess of their weazle brains, is a minute vestige of virtue telling them what they are doing is flat WRONG! Pity the brain wash is so good it prevents them from shining the light of truth in that dark place! One day Lisa you will see those very souls after they realise what they have been doing. It will be a tough time for them.
    To Kwezi I say this. I was there at your entrance. I helped facilitate your experience. I gave you a chance to look, you refused and now actively contribute to the destruction of souls. Shame on you!
    To Isabella Ryan stay where you are. You belong in the lie. So does your family. Your trap is lined ever more complicated than most. Should you venture out but a little, the threat of loosing those most closest to you will yank you back faster than you can say David Miscarriage! You have my pity.

  2. You have the power to make Scientologists flee before you and you didn’t even have to wear your “Scientologists Fear Me” tee-shirt! 🙂
    I think you will have happier days ahead without the presence of mindless cult members. Your continued success and prosperity is the best retort to those who would shun you.
    If there is any assistance I can provide, just let me know.
    David St Lawrence

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences with those whom you considered life time friends. It just shows how fickle, ‘user-friendly’ – and shallow these connections were…. Wogs named such people ‘Good-weather-friends’. It never cease to amaze that $cientologists are so utterly devoid of a functioning conscience – when it comes to their fellow man. My grandson had a recent disconnection letter from his grandmother at FLAG. It shows how the machine-within-the-machine spreads rumours and then everyone believes such – instead of having a shred of integrity intact. I do not pity these trapped souls – they have compromised their own integrity along the way – and the only way out – is crawling out through one’s own A-hole. No short cuts. One must be entirely DELUSIONAL to believe that one’s ‘eternity can be taken away’ – by anyone…… especially if it means that one is keeping one’s OWN integrity intact. Instead they love the **mushroom tech. (**being kept in the dark and fed on bullsh*t)

    • The irony is that those that remain inside are the ones who will lose/are losing their eternity. It’s the price they will pay for being chicken-hearted cowards not be willing to confront what they are seeing, what is right in front of their noses.

  4. well, I feel your anguish, but clearly you are a much bigger being than those who do not have the confront or size to push back against the threat of their eternal freedom (which the Church cannot deliver in anycase) being taken away…More power to you.

  5. Hi Lisa
    You and your family helped me while I was living in South Africa which I am truly greatful for and from my own observations I soon learnt that you helped anybody, anyway you could, certainly not an SP trait in my opinion!
    When I left the church I sent Renie Habib, a close friend of mine an email to tell her that I was pregnant and briefly mentioned we had decided to leave the church. I never got a response, to say I was crushed was an understatement. Both my husband and I were dumped by the entire Habib family on facebook. We thought of them all as family and Pat and Renie stood by our side at our very private wedding at their home, which we shared with them.
    Then I told my dearest friends Monique and Perry Anderson, they also disconnected from me. Monique atleast had a brief discussion over text and basically said, “how can we be friends now”. I am still heart broken, I feel like I have been ripped in half and have lost my sister. I tried on many ocassions to contact her pleading with her to not let the church come between us and she never replied. We both have children now and always wanted them to grow up together, now they will never know each other, that breaks my heart.
    Disconnection is real, disgusting and really does break families up, no matter what bull shit KSW Lions say on the subject.
    Thanks again Lisa for the kindness your family showed me.

    • The Habib family were a nice tight nit group. You could feel the care and love they had for their kids, good tilled earth and beautiful plants! Pat from his discussions with me was NOT happy with a number of key Joburg terminals! Critcal would be putting it nice. I was pretty surprised but his arguments were sound, I found this out later on the hard way!
      My analysis is that the Habib family were caught between a rock & diamond hard place! Their kids being on staff, them being ex SO plus the massive fiancial burdons Pat had to contend with forced his hand. You guys or their family was no easy choice, but what options did he have? The church has a nasty habit of using their best leverage- declarations and loss of family etc against one. Most of us in this here blog carry the scars of this awefull legacy!
      I know with cool certainty that Pat is internally seething with anger with being suppressed and prevented from breaking out! Who knows, it may yet happen and another family can break free from this ugly bondage.

      • SB I agree, I also heard major upsets from Renie and to go against the church would mean losing her children. Alicia often had a few things to say and I remember one that really disgusted me. Here I was thinking writing things up was a responsible thing to do, she told me Albert instructed her to put KR’s in the dead file.. Funny how people will complain about the church but too shit scared to stand up and say anything, wouldn’t want to lose your freedom, hmmm whose free here????

      • *Sigh* Poor Albert. Some individuals will have more karma than others to contend with. I once caught him in the HGC flipping through a staff members pc folder. I asked him what he was doing. He didnt take kindly to this and sent Dianne Cooke to explain to me why it was ok for an ED to look through pc folders. I didnt buy it. My next comm ev wasn’t too far in waiting ha ha! Scientology is the ultimate double edged sword! Use it to free or use it to dominate, enslave and control others! Its our choice.

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks for your lucid post. I remember you as a toddler in Durban Org, when my wife Dorothy became the first NED trained auditor,(1978) following the David Mayo tour of S.Africa to promote the release & training of the breakthrough level. My kids were a little older than you, but you guys all used to play together in the back yard, and do a whole bunch of coloring-in, clay-demos, and generally give the ‘kid’s-minder’, a hard time 🙂
    Your mom & dad had been among the very first, to do the marvelous L’s, and I vividly recall their success stories on returning to share them with us.
    It was a long while back, and that period was sadly, the beginning of the demise of Scientology, as we remember it.
    Through the utmost cunning, a little midget sociopath, used the most convincing guile imaginable, to usurp control of the hitherto successful COS and transform it into a pure mind control, Ponzi operation, the CO$, with one aim… and one aim only…SELF enrichment, and power, from the blood, sweat, tears, and fortunes of the unsuspecting “faithful’ sheeple, otherwise referred to as “sheeple farming” – Miscavige style!
    Well, all of us now ‘out’, are so, merely because we were DETERMINED to find out the truth to the rumors, that were doing the rounds. To hell with the consequences! Fear should play no part, in one’s obligation to find out for oneself, but in the case of those still trapped, unfortunately, FEAR, is the ONLY thing that does! (keep them trapped!… and incidentally is the entire purpose of mind-control, anyway.)
    Lose your ETERNITY??? Whaaat? Can you believe that it is ‘this’ threat, that keeps an IMMORTAL being…. entrapped in a so called ‘church’???.
    Well done on ‘surviving’ the ‘disconnection’, Lisa 🙂 …. At least, you manage to RE-connect with your freedom. I made that trade off over two years ago… thanks to the internet!
    Calvin B. Duffield, Durban.

    • Go Calvin go. Good on ya and a warm Aussie greeting from Down Under.
      One good thing about this whole mess is that i met and appreciated you and
      Dot and the whole Corbett Clan and so many great people including Ray Bruwer.
      Cant take that away from me. Roland G.

  7. Lisa, thank you for your story. As much as the Cof$ proclaims disconnection does not occur, or as per KSW Lions; the “myth of disconnection”. Disconnection is rife in the Cof$. My family has too felt the pain and betrayal of disconnection first hand. When Teresa and I decided to leave the Cof$, we informed those closest to us and “still in” of our decision. No details were provided, simply that we loved them and respected “their” choice in religion and conveyed our hope that we could remain close. The response; DISCONNECTION. No handling, no communication, nothing! It is absolute cowardice behaviour. Shame on them all!

    • The church lies and if you’ve been in it you’ve learnt to lie too. You have to in order to survive. It’s the only way to remain in the church. Either that or lose your soul completely together with your identity and integrity. And you do it all the while smiling while your face is cracking.

  8. I have had the same questions around this whole issue. It’s a pretty big ARC X that keeps on rolling. At some times I have thought to hell with them and at others I’ve been convinced that as their friend I needed to do more to help them out of their stupid condition. But trying to talk to them often caused more arc breaks.
    The best resolution I’ve found is LRH’s advice in What Is Greatness. I just say to myself they are still my friends and one day they will come to their senses and seek me out.
    That works best for me because any other approach reminds me that for 30 years while I was in the Church I saw plenty of disconnection and other unsavoury practices and did nothing about it. In spite of that I was not beyond redemption and I don’t think they are either.

  9. All those words about “how to shatter suppression” penned and enshrined, when in practice the “handling” is so succinctly summed up in “Run, Forest, Run”. Perfect analogy, Lisa! Dichotomous followers are dichotomous.

  10. I tried reading the Killing Scientology Willfully Lions blog entry on this and couldn’t even get through two paragraphs; it’s such b.s! Oh, and two comments on an entry? Saaaaad. Thanks for posting such a brilliant response to their lies (only read by each other and the occasional amused reader of THIS blog).

  11. Beautifully expressed Lisa.
    It is obvious that the cult does enforce disconnection. The parishioner does have a choice. They can stick to their integrity and stay connected or they can throw it out the window for different reasons.
    1. They are afraid they will lose their eternity. (whatever that means) Like if they stuck with their friend the time track would stop. Or by sticking with a friend they know to be good they will never be allowed to do any more bridge.
    2. Stick with the cult because they have personal issues that make them feel confused and they have elected the cult to be the only source of handling these problems.
    3. Fear of losing money. They might have a bunch of connections that are all in the cult and if they were declared then their income would drop. I guess in this case it’s better to dump a friend then to lose money. This does make it hard to “go up the Bridge” doesn’t it? If you are willing to dump your principals for money. Isn’t going up the Bridge supposed to make you more whole?
    4.They actually don’t have the ability to observe, decide and act on their own. They need someone else to make the tough calls in life for them. You go here and sit. You give us money. You pick up the cans. You feel good now. You sell books. You disconnect.
    5. May be afraid to stick to their guns because of what the cult knows about them. They may have gotten it off in auditing or an ethics handling. But they may fear blackmail, since the cult has used personal information to try to retaliate.
    6. The person may have been helped earlier from the tech and now are doing an A=A. The tech helped them before so now I must stick by the side of them even if they are wrong about my friend. This sounds sort of good, but really again is just another lack of ability to see what is going on around them. “Ideal Orgs” dead, wasting people’s money, enforced loyalty, low production. These are all out-points that should be visible to a normal person.
    The leaders of the cult sit back and smile while they say that disconnection isn’t enforced that it is a personal choice because they know they have a lot of people right where they want them.
    Good luck Lisa. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders and are part of a great family. I think you will be able to really flourish now that you have this suppression off of your lines.

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I did the Purif way back with the Corbetts. The gains I got then still stand me in good stead. Good guys all. The behaviour of many Scientologists shows their lack of personal integrity and any vestige of ‘values’. Further, with only superficial knowledge of Ethics and Justice tech they are like illiterate uneducated people who any rumor-mongerer can divert, misdirect and manipulate. The K of KRC is invisible. Take heart the company you are in is most definitely that of the real upstats.
    Those who run away merely show their stupidity, inability to confront and the degree to which they have been brainwashed.
    I am proud to know the Corbetts and have always considered them friends. A major part of the culture of the Corbetts in general is their steady and continuing efforts to use and apply standard LRH Tech, exactly the opposite of the Miscavige regime who has blocked the bridge, diverted the public from true Scientology tech and has betrayed the peoples of the planet Earth. People have a knowingness of truth. The time is soon coming when this will all recoil on them.
    In the meanwhile it is great to see you holding your head up high.
    This blog knows who I am, they are free to inform you if you ask.
    One of the definitions of power – is the ability to hold a position. The Corbetts hold a position , they hold a position for Ron and the actual tech. Those running away are simply confused – the condition of confusion comes to mind, I guess they have to find out where they are. The common factor of those declared is that they are good guys who are of the same culture and beliefs as the Corbetts. Great guys all.

  13. This is INSANE!
    I was warned some months ago that I should be “careful’”about who I was associated with..on facebook..MY very own facebook page!!Am I missing something here!!???.It was at that very point that I looked at this disconnection thing and ,it took me about 10 seconds,decided that it was absolute bullshit!Do that if you are one that has heard this command….Just decide that its bullshit…you know it is…there is something that is not being confronted here behind this evil and destructive “command”!!.Make no mistake…it IS a command…much like the ones that good ,strong ,serving German soldiers of the Wehrmacht were ultimately made to obey ,in the worst way…the greengrocer down the street,the librarian ,the butcher ,your best friend…shun them,hate them,avoid them..because they do not see things from the same perspective any longer….Well,its YOU who needs to change your perspective because it has no place in a sane and just society.Just decide that its bullshit,cos it is….and go from there.You will feel much, much better.!

  14. Hi lisa
    i made my choice to not support the scientology church as soon as i learned of the 18declares ,

    For me the very tip of the spear was being removedthe Corbetts,

    Now why would they run probably been told by the church, what ever you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, we dont have a lawyer for u as they are all in texas., it is one of the most bizare things the church has let happen ever.

  15. Lisa ~
    Thank you for sharing this heartfelt communication.
    The *church* repeats over and over

    • Well actually two faced Tommy admitted there was such a thing as disconnection but that it was “voluntary” . You know like income tax or some mugger saying “your money or life” which I guess is what they consider a “voluntary” transaction these days in the Church.
      Just as they consider that giving them money for nothing but false promises about empty buildings known as “Ideal Orgs” “clearing the planet” somehow as some form of “exchange”.

  16. Lisa, thank you for sharing these disgusting examples of disconnection from the very people you loved and helped tremendously. I hope that by sharing it,the world will know the church of Scn is lying completely about it being voluntary. Ha!
    A friend of 30 years that I coaudited for a year with found out I was under investigation covertly by the AOLA MAA’s office (I was never told I was under investigation outright…. just hear it on the rumor line from a friend) because I had read the Debbie Cook letter and passed it on to one person. So she called me to say she loved me but she was going to disconnect from me because, “If they come for you, they’ll come for me by being connected to you, and I don’t want to lose my son and grandkids.” So she disconnected and then to bolster her own church PR, she went to our mutual friend and told her, “I disconnected from Cindy because she is disaffected and I don’t want that on my lines.” Ha! SHE is the one who sent Debbie Cook an email saying she was behind her all the way and believed her. And SHE was the one who told me that she wished that “DM was dead for what he did to our church.” And SHE was the one who came and took my laptop and erased every email to and from her so that the email admitting support of Debbie Cook would never be seen by the church. This is how out integrity she was and how she threw me under the bus.
    I have other disconnection stories, but wont’ overrun everyone here with them. The evidence of disconnection mounts up like the massive graves with mountains of dead bodies in the Nazi Holocaust. Hard to ignore once the bodies start piling up.

    • Yes indeed, Cindy! The big difference is that the disconnected bodies in this case, (us) are the only ones with any real ‘life’ in them (theta)!
      Sadly, the view from ‘outside’ the CO$, is that the ‘dead’ bodies(devoid of ‘life’) almost reduced to zombies, are collectively all those, still entrapped in the DMented dictator’s ‘church’ of mind-controlled sheeple!
      Fortunately, the time is not far off, when they WILL come to their senses.

  17. Lisa — I enjoyed your humor. I also understand your pain and disappointment.
    But look on the bright side — you now have super powers and you didn’t have to pay a penny or raise your status again in the IAS or buy more useless property for non-existent “Ideal orgs.”
    Just by being you and not wavering from your family, you can now control the masters of the universe by doing nothing other than being there. Those people who claim OT abilities, confront unlike anyone on earth, and the ability to communicate on any subject at any time — yes, those fundamentalist Scientologists — they are powerless in your presence.
    Give yourself a pat on the back. You have attained the highest state available in corporate scientology total cause over corporate scientologists.
    Good on you for speaking your mind and letting the world know that there is something very wrong with this organization that crows about its humanitarian works, championing human rights and bringing families together. THAT is really amusing.
    In that light, I would like to nominate “Liar, liar” for a place of honor alongside “Forrest Gump” in the RCS movie awards.

    • Well at least they both beat the hell outa Revolta’s movie adaption of “Battlefailed Earth” 😉
      Allow me to add “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” because looks like you got the pod types really screamin’ when you came by Lisa 🙂

  18. He everyone. I will not reply to each indivially but want to thank each and everyone of you who have read and acknowledged my notes above. I feel so liberated. I know how much support I do have and I know my family is as incredible as mentioned by you all. The view point of the $ church of disconnection being my fault is so hilarious. I am not the one running!!! I will most certainly flourish and prosper and am thrilled at the prospects of all our free futures!!! thank you

  19. Dear Lisa,
    It was great to see your post and while I feel your pain, I had such a different experience. I had so little “R” with most of the Scientologists I met in my 10+ years on the bridge that I had almost no real friends. My true friends (and family) were elated when I told them I had left the church. Because they are true friends, they never discouraged me or judged me for my choice to study and audit but the relief was great when I left.
    The ONLY disconnection that concerned me was your family. I knew that (1) you would eventually LOOK and (2) you would cognite when you did. So, I was not concerned for the long term but I hoped like hell the comm lag wouldn’t be too long. Fortunately, it wasn’t and I am so happy for all of you.
    It was wonderful seeing your parents in Paris last night. I look forward to creating lots more memories with your wonderful family. All the best to Warick and your beautiful children.

  20. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the feedback. These guys run from shadows, like that study reference of the shadow driving the fish closer to the shore, where they are subsequently caught. Fishy, the lot of them.
    I suppose Philip Park and Lesley Holmes and the like would respond the same. No actual integrity.

  21. Lisa, this is inbelievable. I just don’t get it. I guess it’s the way some of us are wired but I can’t believe close friends that KNOW the people that they disconnect from are GOOD people. I could never and never did disconnect from anyone who I knew was a good person. It’s flabbergasting to me for anyone to do otherwise.
    It must feel really weird to see your “friends” RUN FOREST RUN.

  22. Hi Lisa, so very sad! Once this group was our group, now they are forced to feel contempt and loathing for people who have done them personally no harm and who still hold their religion in esteem. Instead of granting beingness, they just go into a not isness of us. Well, if they are able to cut the ties without self examination, it makes you wonder whether they ever felt connected to you in the first place. It casts a disparaging light on their sincerity and their integrity. I am so proud to have never allowed my ARC to be dampened and that I hold my own as you do and as your family does. It has always been a matter of pride to know that your family is amongst the people I most admire and respect. You have lost nothing as it is questionable whether there really was something there other than the ability to use your influence and position to better their own. Without you and your family they are poorer for it. Keep shining girl, cause your light shines very bright.

    • Problem is that they believe they are right and their integrity is in for disconnecting. They believe they are protecting their church. Remember they have been told bad things about you and it may be that they now think that they didn’t really know you at all.
      It’s the church’s practice to deamonise you. You have no idea at all what rumours the church is spreading.

      • So true. I have heard some of what is being said about us. It is unreal!!!!!

  23. An old Italian saying (in english), ” You are lucky if you can count your good friends on the fingres of one hand and even then if you squeaze hard enough the shit will ooze through”

  24. Thank you for this, Lisa.
    I have a solution for all these people who run – please run all the way out of South Africa, so that we can establish the new civilization that Ron wrote about.

    • I don’t believe the bs about a new civilisation here. On what basis? It’s another bs story.
      There is no Scientology here, nor anywhere. It’s a dying movement and won’t be resurrected. I believe we’ve been hoodwinked again. It’s just another marketing strategy. Let’s get real about it.

  25. In all honesty….for those of us who have been in Scientology for many years, we are all guilty of disconnecting from so-called “SPs” at one or other time in our career within the cult. So maybe it is just karma that we now get to experience the same after having been labeled the same.
    And in reality what do you now have in common with people that are still “in”? Does it really matter that they don’t want to associate with you now that you are considered pond-scum within the hallowed walls of the cult?
    Just a thought.

    You have been very discreet and not mentioned your Aunt
    Margaret Corbett-Brown and I know her very well AND THE
    FULL FORCE – She refused to disconnect from you and her family
    The Corbetts –
    She is a Gold Patron Meritorious and I am sure a
    huge embarrassment to the Church – She refused to disconnect
    firstly against her Human Rights and Secondly would never ever
    disconnect from Gaye and Ernest and her daughters and GRANDCHILDREN!
    What ever is on her declare is made up LIES as she has not even been informed
    or seen the declare but it is there!
    Her husband Tony Brown sent his flight delails to come out to South Africa on the
    25th November and on the 29th November he called her from the UK to say he
    She was absolutely devastated and your family – all of you picked up the
    pieces and bit by bit she has come to terms she will never be with her
    husband again!
    She has also lost good friends of 30 years and believe me she
    knows who her true friends are -who refuse to disconnect!
    Then she has had to confront non-Scientology family and friends
    as it is totally unreal that a rock solid marriage can be destroyed this
    Your family have given her all support and love to carry on.
    Thank you.
    Felt this needed to be communicated as she would never put this
    out so OSA I am exposing this for her

  27. You are quite right. What has happened to my aunt has been unreal. It’s a bit like a movie!!! Fortunately the flourish and prosper rule is being applied fully. She is doing well and as a family we are a very strong force to be reckoned with. We maintain that South Africans are resilient, resourceful and the concept of a new civilization anywhere in this world will only come from the application if true technology and the brave who keep their integrity in!!!

  28. Dear Lisa,
    Please do not worry. The way it is going these same people may get declared too. They will want to get back in communication with you then.
    Enlightenment cannot be forced. It will come.
    They are trapped and they do not know. This trap is like an onion. Layers will come off one by one. This trap goes beyond the Church of Scientology actually
    Here is my gift to you… a lovely story… beautifully narrated. You’ll learn about more layers of the trap here.

    • “Enlightenment cannot be forced. It will come.
      “They are trapped and they do not know. This trap is like an onion. Layers will come off one by one.”
      Very well put, Vinaire. A good thing to remember. I’m sure it was like this for all of us who’ve finally seen the light with regards to the corruption of the church.

  29. What a wonderful letter! It is SO refreshing to hear something so disgusting as disconnection described so clearly and honestly.
    These runners are weak, cowardly. disrespectful, hypocritical and ‘ethnocentric’. You provide tremendous aid to their family members and the next day they flee because you are having COFFEE in a nearby table?
    They are afraid to put love over orders. This is unforgivable.
    “You my dear old friends have no place in my life, my home or my family’s future! Run Forest Run!”
    A very brave and wise statement. Congratulations. Life is short. There is no time for idiots.

  30. But, wait! Disconnection has been around in the Church of Scientology for much longer than Miscavige has been COB, right? Was it not a policy written by LRH?

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