Your new e-meter and why you should get one

By Frik Blaauw

Meter001I received this promo from my favorite clubbed seal at Joburg Day, telling about wins by
auditors who are using the new e‐meter.

Miracles with the new meter success –

“I had my first session on my e-meter! there was no need for setup of my body to the meter. Nothing! The cans warmed up by themselves! No false TA! Doing six sessions a day will be a piece of cake! There is zero bypassed charge. The meter reads on what I know it should read on in every session! It tells me what’s going on when I feel, think and cognite. now when I finish one session, I count the minutes until I can do another one! I will be completing this level in the appropriate time span. The miracles are enormous.” – CD


The superior E‐METER:‐

“This is a superior e-meter. It’s hard to explain, but the first thing I noticed is that this meter is totally quiet. Not that the quantum was noisy, but it’s a perception that I have of total silece while using the MARK ULTRA VIII. I have no attention whatsoever on the meter. Also, the promo talks about how much clearer the reads are. I am not an engineer, but there was no mistaking that, yes, these reads are definitely notably very clear. There is total certainty with this meter, even down to the TA, and because of that I can just zero in on what tech I need to apply. This is a far superior meter, no doubt.” – S.M.

Success with the new METER:

“The first time I used the MARK ULTRA VIII on a PC, I was seeing everything the promo describes: Total clarity of reads, nothing there on the needle but what the PC was generating, a complete lack of intervention between the PCs mind and what I was reading on the needle. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the meter itself enhance the session. The most important thing about this meter is that it tells you what the PC is doing with his mind. 50,000 times clearer isn’t just a phrase – it’s for real!” – B.T.

Now, if you would open one of these fabuloustic machines, they would resemble something like this:   (this one is actually Ken’s old Quantum VII – but much the same –these Japs who made the VIII reduced the wiring and cleaned up the printed circuit boards – all for a cost of $50.)

Meter002Now, just as I passed Electrics II at the school for the blind and deaf in Bloemies, they told me about wheatston bridges.  Afterall, I wanted to be a ship’s captain and needed to know how steering systems work. (That career didn’t go – our ship sank in dry dock).

Now, check out the battery pack – it’s at the top somewhere. heck the rating and then as Ndombo at the gadget repair shop if that battery will heat up a pair of soup cans with only lead to each… and duck as you ask, ‘cos Ndombo will moer you for being so stupid. But obviously they can if you have the intention there. I mean, here we have it straight from auditor C.D. The cans warmped up themselves! And this guy is on Solo NOTs!

But what I remember from school is that this thing could magnify signals, worked on DIRECT CURRENT. No vibrations, doll. Not even remotely, physically, Bloemis, possible, my china! but no: “I noticed that this meter is totally quiet”, says auditor # 2, Mr S.M. So, I took out my VIII, plugged it in, and all afternoon it just sat there – no noise. WTF?

Then along comes Ms. B.T.   (I knows this must be a lady  – because of what she now says): “The aesthetics of the meter itself enhance the session!”

That’s when I lost complete control of my muscle tone nearby where they removed my
appendix. After Elma cleaned up, she took me to casualty, re-stitched again, and where I’m writing this on my laptop.

Any offers on my Quantum VII?   It has high lifting dipsticks and double divorce pipes, and can switch off real fast.

And if I get hold of this B.T. lady we can make serious tom at NASA – they need
instruments/people that can read 50,000 times clearer on the returning signals from
a certain planet.  And then I can pay for my new Bridge!

I’ve got to do this GAT II, man.

24 thoughts on “Your new e-meter and why you should get one

  1. Frik, it is actually very sad.
    The church places the meter higher than the auditor or the preclear/pre-OT.It”s all about the meter.
    What happened to good old intuition – remember that ? Where are the really gifted auditors, you know the ones I am referring to, those auditors which are able to “get into your space”, those talented individuals who can “see” their pre-clears’ pictures? Oh, yes! I remember now, they are declared SP or busted down to menial org posts or they just quietly left the building.
    Hmmmm, the machine is mightier than the individual?
    Good luck to you all.

  2. My problem with the e-meter is the price. It does not cost more than a R100.00 maybe R200.00 to manufacture.. I do not know what the selling price is in South Africa but I heard something like R57,000.00. If this is the case it is a total rip off. R2,000.00 would be a respectable price maybe a bit less.

  3. I agree the E-meter is overpriced, MASSIVELY. But I’m not sure why we are allowing J&D and ridicule here, no matter what was done to us. Let’s be the better people in this disagreement with the Church. State the facts by all means but let’s keep own noses clean in doing so.

    • Seriously?
      No jokes? ….. wondering why ‘we are allowing’ joking?
      Seems to me – you that you are taking this far tooooo serious ‘Just me’ – and it makes you ever so slightly peeved that someone could spot the glaring outpoints and make fun of it. Or perhaps the confines that you find yourself in – just don’t allow for this much ‘freedom of expression.’ Or, that there is something like ‘humour’ – employed as a fine antidote, and remedy to counter sorrow…..
      If this criminal rip-off-Enterprise – parading as a ‘public benefit organisation’ – is not worth deriding and joking about to ease the sorrow – then I don’t know if you will ever pick up the confront to face any evil. The question is – what on earth will be of a suitable magnitude, to be considered worth ‘joking and degrading’ if it is not this criminal enterprise?
      Tell me, do you like your purple Cool-Aid served ice cold or at room temperature?

    • The point is, Just Me, that every single sentence in the above quoted promo is absolutely bull shit. Fact. Anyone who has done the most basic e-meter course and auditing will/should see that. The promos have been written by lowly staff with no training as auditors.
      And the sad part is that most sheeple don’t look beyond the written word of such promo and evaluate it. And so the Co$ train keeps on running, hooking newbies.
      Now this e-meter cost $50 each (FACT) ten years ago, and has been lying in storage since. Now there are numerous legal issues with selling to the public an electronic device that is ten years old, stored in normal air and temperature warehousing. Ugh! Practically, most of the internal connections are now suspect, the batteries are fucked, the plastic surrounds on the wiring is hardened, and so on, and so on.
      Is this the sort of ‘facts’ you welcome?
      Now I can be serious in tackling disagreements with the church as I have been, or in a topic such as this one, take the humorous road. Laughing at someone else’s statements can sometimes be more effective. I’m dismissive. Their claims are so far off the truth that they don’t deserve a serious analysis.
      Ultimately, I’m trying to stop another person buying one of these things. There are far better meters available at around R15,000. Brand new. And not from the Co$.

    • Hi Just Me. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard the term “thought stopping”, but accusing Frik or this blog of being J&D is a little unfair and a typical “thought stopping” remark.. IMO Frik was having a little fun – I found his article humorous, as did many other commenters here.
      The correct target of J&D is DM who had these meters mass-manufactured in the east at a cost of about $50 a piece and kept them in a warehouse for ten years before releasing them to the public as “state of the art latest-technology super-duper magnificent ultra meters”.
      The joke is that the innards of all the Flag meters were swapped out years ago with the “new spec” electronics, and no-one seemed to notice. Suddenly, because the components are now housed in their nice, shiny silver cases, the clubbed seals are falling over themselves in ignorant glee to spew out ridiculous hyperbole like cans warming themselves, the meter being very “quiet” (have YOU ever heard a meter humming before?) and other such ridiculous claims.
      No – the REAL joker is DM who has once again pulled a fast one on everyone and is laughing his ass off all the way to buying himself a nice new shiny BMW Superbike.
      As for degrading, the only people I see doing any degrading are those in the Church who have taken LRH’s tech, morphed it, twisted it, and used it to harass, harangue, attack and annihilate good people with instant declares, whispering campaigns and disgusting vitriolic websites containing data taken from people’s Ethics and PC Folders.
      And what about the “squirrel busting gang”? If you haven’t watched the Documentary “Scientologists at war” I highly suggest you do – OT8′s behaving like wild animals heckling and cackling like a bunch of hyenas at Marty and Mosey. I was utterly humiliated and shocked at seeing this, and the worse part is that the Church has admitted in a court of law that they were behind the whole thing – how more degrading can one get?

  4. Aah man! I enjoyed this one. Thanks Frik. Also enjoyed the SA humor. Funny how out of just over a thousand trainees at Flag not a single person noticed the difference. Nobody noticed that the meter was different. Now suddenly the difference is mind blowing!

  5. A sad testimony to the level of mind conditioning and proof of the fact that if something is repeated often enough long enough people will “know” it. People like to agree. Agreeing is easy. However, it has no place on the road to truth.

  6. “the cans warmed up by themselves…” – huhh?
    “there is zero BPC” – huh really, why should there be any?
    “this meter is totally quiet… it’s a perception I have… ” – REALLY?
    “complete lack of intervention” – intervention of what exactly???
    This meter is soo good, it’s not even necessary to go in session any more. You can just look at it and you’ll cognite even before starting. Then you can end your session before even having started it and go to the examiner to attest your grade.

  7. FRIK,


    You need to get a job as a comedy writer for the late night comedy shows on network TV.

    Like David Letterman and the like.


    • Thanks, Dio.
      But I haven’t passed my GAT II yet. . . and there’s less pictures in the e-meter books now. But I like DM’s photo.

  8. I’ve always said that DM is a psycho. I met many in my career in the SO and they made my life difficult. But the majority were good honest ethical people. Psycho’s seem to get to the top.
    We had an LRH on board mission to get rid of all the PTS’s on board the ship and send them home. After the mission was competed LRH commented that the ship was no better.
    He stated “Seems like all the PTS’s we got rid of were rounded up by the SP’s that they were PTS to, now we got too many SPs on board.
    There are still many descent people in the SO, why don’t they get rid of the money motivated sadistic leader, Why doesn’t Dianna, Arthur and Suzette try and get rid of him and take over themselves, they are good guys.

    • This is an interesting story Travers. In a lecture, an early ACC, LRH talks about how to win an argument and you do that by being more certain than the other guy, he quips that it helps if you are right too, but not essential.
      Most of the truly high positioned nuts Ive come across in the SO/Staff were very certain of their own rightness to the point where I would doubt myself on the mattet at hand.
      It took me looking at their stats regarding our disagreements for me to realise they werent right after all. I do wonder if being a nut and being certain, do sort of go hand in hand.

  9. I knew I had been missing something in my life and now I know.. one of these wonder machines.. Ugh.
    I was trained on the use of the emeter, one of those wonderful little wooden boxes at ST Hill. by a man Berth G. and who has worked with and trained by LRH.
    Berth has given a simple advise: Elizabeth don’t pay much attention to the meter since the needle action just gives a guide line and that needle only moves after the answer the energy stimulation has arrived.
    You ask the question and you get the answer all you have to do is to confront that answer.. After awhile you wont even need the meter because you will understand how confrontation goes, what happens and you will recognise all the signs what they are you will trust your knowing. Bert was right..

  10. “The aesthetics of the meter itself enhance the session!” – Well that’s the ideal org program in a nutshell. Nobody can get case gain when their surroundings aren’t pretty enough.

  11. When I read a few years ago that there was a new meter in a warehouse just waiting to be released I was skeptical. Surely keeping such a helpful tool in a warehouse for close on a decade would just be suppressive and would deny valuable gains. Well blow my socks off! It was true. I guess there is truth out here on the net.

  12. With Dianetics book one you dont even need a meter and you can run engrams just fine. Good auditors with compassion are what we need. Not a R57,000 E meter

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