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This is a lengthy, comprehensive article – we felt it important to supply as much data as possible given the subject matter and the amount of importance and attention on GAT2 and it’s progress internationally. This report focuses mainly on Joburg org, but we have every reason to believe that things may well be similar elsewhere.

So settle in, get your coffee and read on:

Prior to the release of GAT2  in November 2013, amazing claims were being made about how THIS evolution was going to be THE solution to the whole bridge. Here are some of the statements made in emails sent to the field:

This is THE MOST EXCITING time in Scientology and we are all getting ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II!! Right now JBG Org has more staff training at Flag than ever in our history and the feedback from them is spectacular: Method I done in 1 1/2 to 2 days! Student Hat done in 1 week! Pro Metering done in 10 days!! And all with the full gains! And so it goes… Unbelievable!! – Albert de Beer 8 July 2013


My wife and two others are at Flag training for the new Golden Age of Tech phase II evolution. From what she has told me, and what data is presently publicly available, we are in for an even larger influx of people – old and new alike. – Ian Hammond 1 August 2013


As you may have heard, the release of The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is imminent. With this release will come an unstoppable surge of people rocketing up The Bridge! – Sebastian Howarth 17 September 2013


Seeing as Ideal Orgs are built to accomodate the Golden Age of Tech Phase II, they will be able to train huge numbers of auditors from there on out – giving it the capability of helping the multitudes of people coming to us for solutions to their ruins. Undoubtedly, Orgs that are not yet Ideal will help many people up The Bridge, through their Basics and on up to total freedom – but the point is “Orders of Magnitude”. Only an Org that is Ideal has the facilities and staff compliment necessary to be able to free men and women on the scale that is needed to Clear Mankind. – Sebastian Howarth 17 September 2013


With Golden Age of Tech Phase II, we are putting the Bridge there with 100% Standard Tech and KSW all the way! Yes, when this is released, it will be implemented in every org on the planet simultaneously. But what an Ideal Org will be able to deliver in terms of clearing and the creation of Auditors can’t be compared to a non-Ideal Org. They are two completely different worlds and completely different levels of Keeping Scientology Working. – Ken Krieger 20 September 2013




I have just come back from Flag where I attended an International Executive Directors Conference…. [GAT II] will positively affect every aspect of your life as a Scientologist. And I guarantee you that nothing will be the same again. It will rekindle every loss and every failed purpose you might every have had to go up The Bridge and to expand across your dynamics. This will exceed your wildest dreams of what you imagine Golden Age of Tech II to be…. Golden Age of Tech II will accelerate our expansion beyond anything you could ever imagine…. With Golden Age of Tech II it has been fully worked out that it will be viable to be on staff and that staff will go up The Bridge faster than ever before. – Albert de Beer 10 October 2013.

In the words of COB himself: “The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is not a ‘refinement’ of Golden Age of Tech – it’s a whole new world. No, it does not change the Gradation or Classification Levels. Yes, it does remove any and all arbitraries – in fact, it obliterates them.” – COB RTC

The above is important since our aim is not to belittle the progress that individuals make or the gains they have or even forward progress made by orgs. But we do want to judge the scene against their own claims of what this means. Without their claims and the incessant pleading for funds the progress made is actually ok. Viewed against the claims though, it is very poor.

In one of our earlier articles concerning GAT2, we felt it only fair to give the org/s at least a fighting chance to prove the miracles promised by GAT2.

Well, that time has come, and here is the data we have been able to glean:

Shortly following the release, an email was sent out detailing the length each level was expected to take – we have reproduced this here:


 Service                        Weeks to Complete                    Notes

Purification Rundown 3
Survival Rundown 4 The original schedule stated 1 week to completion, but this is highly unlikely as it states:125 Hours as Auditor,125 Hours as a PCUnlimited number of hoursTo full completion.We therefore doubt the 1 week and have added on another 3 weeks to be fair.
Student Hat 2
Professional TR’s 2
Professional Upper Indoc TR’s 1
Professional Metering Course 2
Method 1 Co-Audit 2
Academy Levels 0 – IV 10
NED (Class V) 3
Solo Part One(as a Gr IV or V Auditor) 1

GAT2 was launched during the weekend on 22nd/23rd November 2013. 6 months later,  (28 weeks to be exact), on the 23rd May 2014, Joburg Org hosted a graduation proudly displaying their “recent” GAT2 completions. The graduation was for both Joburg Day and FDN.

All of the following photos were taken from the Joburg Org’s facebook page which can be seen here.

Some of the photos (about 4 or 5) were indistinct and we couldn’t  make them out , so we omitted those – but the bulk of them shown here should give you an idea of the production of the two orgs in the last 6 months:

Purif Rundown: Purif Completions With the exception of one or two faces we are not familiar with, the majority of Purification Rundown completions were OT’s and other long-time Scientologists (Des Muller, Madeleine Moll, Isabella Ryan, Renie Habib, Pat Habib, Melissa Berman, Mark Berman, Sabina Laktianova, Carol Dell). One glaring outpoint among these pictures is that of Greg Richards who did a purif in 2008 – and then besides a couple of life-improvement courses, never did anything further in Scientology. Here he is again aged 21, redoing the purif.

Processing Completions: Processing Actions Of the processing actions completed, 4 PC’s are foreigners – not from Joburg Org public. Pictured as well is Scotty Spargo receiving his GRIII Expanded Certificate, but he was done with NED some time ago (pre GAT2), had left Joburg Org and attested to the state of Clear on the 28th February this year. We are not sure why or how he has been included in the “recent GAT2 completions” gallery.

For some reason, the photo gallery also displayed 2 “not so recent” Clears – neither of them South African public (although Corvin is a Joburg staff member), and of course as we cannot deliver the CCRD in this country, both of them had to travel overseas to complete this action. Most of the auditing these two received would have been pre-GAT2, so we are not sure why they are being claimed as “recent GAT2 completions”


2 Clears

Corvin Van Stone (Left) Gyorgy Zak (Right)


Training Completions

Training Completions

Of all the GAT2 promises made about lightning fast and obliteration of all training arbitraries, this is perhaps the saddest photo gallery of all.

Some special notes:

Ultric Coetzee (left picture, 2nd row down) and his brother were both making some good headway towards becoming auditors. They had completed Method 1 and Student Hat courses in 2011. And yet, here is a picture of Ultric having obviously redone both those courses GAT2 style.

Jenny White (right picture, 2nd row down) has been trying to become a field auditor for close on 5 years now. She took two years to get through her pro-metering course. Finally, in desperation, she went to Cape Town Org and got through this action with no problem. She then went to Saint Hill, but sadly had to return due to the ill-health and subsequent death of her husband. And here she is, proudly holding her Student Hat Certificate – she is back on the hamster wheel, 5 years worth of training and yet to take a PC into session.

Gillian Andersson – Joburg Org staff member, Class V Auditor and Joburg’s Lead C/S. Just completed her GAT2 version of Upper Indoc TR’s.

Isabella Ryan – qualified Course Supervisor and classed Auditor (level not known). She too, has just completed the new GAT2 Student Hat.

The majority of completions consisted of Student Hat, Pro-TR’s and Upper Indoc TR’s completions.

But perhaps the saddest story of all, and the one we left for last is that of Michiel De Mik. Michiel joined staff some time in 2006/7 and was put onto the TTC, At that time, the TTC was a team of some 14 members. He is the only survivor. It took him some time to get into the chair, but finally he made it and started auditing PC’s. In 2012, he became a Hubbard Advanced Auditor (equivalent to Class IV Auditor).

Enter GAT2, and Michiel is on the team that gets sent to Flag.

The result? We will let the following pictures speak for themselves:

Michiel - Advanced Auditor

Michiel receiving his Advanced Auditor Certificate (Class IV) September 2012

Michael de Mick - At Flag while on GAT2

Michiel at Flag during his GAT2 Training June 2013

Michiel - Certified Auditor

Michiel receiving his Certified Auditor Certificate (Class II) 23 May 2014

In other words, Michiel left Joburg as a Class IV Auditor, did his GAT2 Training, and returned back to Joburg as a Class II Auditor. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

There were a whole lot of other photos included in the “GAT2 recent completions” page, but the majority of these were basics courses, Life Improvement Courses and other ad-hoc cycles – none of them GAT2. In all, we counted about a dozen of these completions.

Of note, was that two people got certificates for having completed all their Basics – Madeleine Moll and Mike Stern.


  • A number of OT’s and long-term Scientologists have seemingly started at the bottom of the bridge by re-doing previous training already completed, repeating the purif and doing basics or Life Improvement Courses.
  • A handful of people (less than 12) attested to processing completions.
  • Only a few new faces were seen among all the photos – these people seem to be either Outer-Org Trainees, or new recruits onto staff.
  • Not ONE new auditor made in 27 weeks (bear in mind, the supposed training time to get an auditor up to Class V is supposed to be 30 weeks). The ONLY auditors pictured have gone backwards or have had to repeat their previous qualifications and training level.
  • Not one South African (i.e. local public) has made it to Clear – and Joburg org (or any other org in South Africa) are still not able to produce Clears.
  • Virtually no “brand new” Div6 public were featured

As for the other orgs in South Africa, very little news coming out of those areas, with the exception of this from Pretoria:

Willem & Marianna Purif

ED Pretoria Willem Jacobsz and his Wife Marianna (LC Pretoria) proudly displaying their Purification Rundown Certificates

The photo above was posted on the 9th May, and that was the last post on the page.

We do also know that Simone Licht, supposed to be training at Flag to be the Extension Course Sup has been there for a year now, with no news of her return. Willem’s son Thinus who was also sent to Flag for GAT2 training, is still there. He had a short trip home to spend Christmas with his family and returned to Flag in January – and has been there since.

We have unconfirmed reports that Pretoria org recently lost yet another Supervisor, and that their Tech Division is in serious trouble with only one Sup in the whole org.

If anyone out there has data on how the GAT2 evolution is going in other orgs in South Africa, please send it to us – we are very interested to hear from you!

As a parting gesture, we end with the picto-gram below which should explain it all.

Circular Scientology

The new Circular Bridge – GAT2 version.

53 thoughts on “GAT2 report back……..

  1. Excellent research, ScnAfrica! Well done and thanks for pulling the data together.
    GATII is indeed on the brink of a whole new universe and a whole new era …….. of something foreign to Scientology. The CoS has become a “no case gain” case. The only stat that might be up is “# of staff leaving”.
    ScnAfrica, your depiction of the circular bridge would be so f-g hilarious, if it wasn’t so sadly true.

    • “The only stat that might be up is…” also probably number of senior public Scientologists left, number expelled, and number of new public missing, (why did they build on that Div 6, I can’t remember….What was it for? Certainly not new public! An additional piece of real estate for the cob?), number of auditors not made. We could go to town on this, really.

  2. “The Golden Age of Tech Phase II is not a ‘refinement’ of Golden Age of Tech – it’s a whole new world. No, it does not change the Gradation or Classification Levels. Yes, it does remove any and all arbitraries – in fact, it obliterates them.” – COB RTC

    The keep talking about removing arbitraries repeatedly. That means they have been unsuccessful in doing so in all previous times.


    • Personally I think what they mean by “arbitrary” has been redefined as anything written in a Policy or HCOB or just plain ol’ common sense that is contrary to their Service Fac.

      • Back in the 60s, I had already spotted what you’ve pointed out…the huge SerFac. They simply *couldn’t* be wrong about anything. And, certainly, that hasn’t changed one damned bit. “The whole world is against us…but we’ll try to save them all anyway” seems to be their basis of operation.

        And can anyone who actually knew him thing, for an instant, that John Mac was an SP? One of the sweetest, kindest and gentlest people I have ever met. I had the pleasure of working directly with him for a time and admired him greatly.

      • Peter,

        The Church always had difficulty fessing up but it would at one time.

        I mean you had SO #1, the Petition PL, Review Boards and Amnesties issued from time to time.

        Now there is really no independent view of what Management does these days within the Organization.

        At least back in the day you had WW and the GO checking the depredations of the SO and vis versa less in the interest of actual justice and probably more likely due to turf battles existing within the Organization itself.

        Even so the structure was more workable then than it is now which is basically a dictatorship run by a failed auditor who has had virtually no administrative training whatsoever.

        As I’ve written before I think the biggest mistake Ron ever made was turning control of the Organization entirely over to the Sea Org under “Exec Strata”.

        I thought it was a bad idea back then and I am more than convinced that it was a bad idea now.

  3. Does these GAT II times for completion apply to already trained Scientologists, or to new public?

    Looks like all promo is directed toward existing Scientologists with failed purposes.

    • Hi Vinaire – GAT2 applies to everyone – new public as well as existing SCN’s. Hence the claims that they expect “droves of new people flooding the orgs” and an “unstoppable surge of people rocketing up the bridge”.

  4. My heart really bleeds for Michiel. In the first picture, his certificate has been nicely framed, and he looks SO proud of his achievement. In the next picture, he is barely managing to look half-pleased with just a plain certificate – no frame, and no fame. I hope he wakes up at some point and realises he’s on a hamster wheel……………..7 years of training, over and over and over again. By now he could have had a University qualification as a doctor or lawyer – and no chance of being hauled back to retrain “because we got it wrong so you have to start at the bottom again”.

  5. So unrelated to scn but am reminded of these lyrics

    What a waste! What a waste!
    Rock and roll don’t mind

  6. Yikes! Seeing those people I once knew still chasing that carrot! To think I very well may have been lost on that very boat, clutching my pass to oblivion! Preferable to be a bitter fringe apostate than an ass chasing for a reward that gets watered down every year it seems! I still shudder at the thought of me nearly being up there, holding my cert while pushing out a false smile knowing Ive been had!

    Just when I wanna lash out and tell them all just how incredibly dimwitted they are I remember that I was just the same – you cant fix stupid till stupid gets too painfull!

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  8. Great article. Not surprising as the AudMade stat has been a no interest stat for many many years now. It’s always been about the GI, GBS, PDC and BIS and even then they don’t feature at all. All we hear about in events now are “new” GATs, ideal orgs, fancy bricks and mortar and the Knights on horses who gallop away with your money.

    • Yes I remember Albert on the horse at Joburg Org for one Event. And there was a brick wall which a jeep drove through at another event. These are all LRH-approved planetary clearing methods…

  9. Thanks Scnafrica,

    I’m sure the situation is pretty much world wide.

    Here in LA which at one time was the center of the Scientology universe the Pac Base looks like a boom town that went bust, the Manor and CCI should be called the Haunted Mansion because it looks like its occupied by nothing but ghosts.

    Moving down Hollywood from Bronson. The HGB looks like it should be condemned and the HI even though it has a new facade looks like the abandoned set of some movie.

    Ah yes.

    The wonders of Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

    As far as I’m concerned Phase II is basically a mop up operation of any Scientology that might have survived phase I.

    The only public activity that is still functioning are the so called “OT Committees” who’s only purpose it seems is to reg money for “Ideal Orgs” headed by “OT VIIIs” who in reality should be called “case level 8” per the Time Track and Engram Running by Chains HCOBs because they seem only aware of their own personal evaluations and despite all evidence to the contrary believe that Scientology is poised toward world domination.

    Cognitive Dissonance and Self Deception seem to be the main qualification for the current state of “OT” these days in the organization.

    Who knows maybe running this sorry assed bunch of sycophantic morons on the purif and objectives again might not be a bad idea who like their fearless “leader” are nothing but a bunch of by passed cases.

    They could definitely use the original OT IV rundown which unfortunately isn’t offered these days by the Government Approved Tax Exempt Church of “Scientology” these days.

    • RM – Agreed 100%
      “As far as I’m concerned Phase II is basically a mop up operation of any Scientology that might have survived phase I.”

      Now that they have effectively done away with ALL the previous workable tech, they can safely rename themselves to “The Church of Miscavology”.

  10. I’m thinking if you were a College or a University and you took people’s good money and made graduated professionals out of them – Say an IT boffin and a doctor, then the shocker.

    You recall them all and tell them all they have got it all wrong, and need to train again the new way. Meantime, their certs are cancelled, and they may not practice. Oh, and by the way, the new training costs more than the old because it’s better and faster.

    Some of these guys just graduated 3 months ago, and they have to enroll again and do it all again.

    The outcome would be simple: there would be a spate of hundreds of people simultaneously suing the bastards – probably a class-action suit. End of University, or end of cert cancellation.

    Now: number of new students enrolling after this news went viral?

    They’re certainly lining up in droves at the orgs, aren’t they?
    The reg is running out of invoice paper, and the bank is creaking at the strain of all the deposits, right? Students are training out in the hallway because there is no more seating in the Academy. (Joburg, late 70’s) Some PC’s are being audited in a flat across the road because the HGC is full (Joburg, late 70’s)

    I think comparing GAT2 stats with GAT1 stats is not indicative in a broad sense. Compare rather the earlier works, being done by actual Scientologists, using actual LRH materials, actually written by the actual LRH himself.

    Some stats to compare those days to these, compliments of “friends of LRH” who compiled data from Auditor magazine issued by the church themselves:

    • Wow LMR great resource thanks and thanks to Scn Africa for putting this report together, it really spells out the scene at JBG. I would love to see opposite every ideal org a huge sign saying. “THE STATS IN EVERY IDEAL ORG ARE DOWN, NOT JUST YOURS AND COB IS THE WHY”. with a link to the “Friends of LRH” page on training when actual auditors were being produced in volume.

    • Thanks for this link, LMR! What a difference, wow!
      All we need now is for the mielie cob to change the VFPs of Class V orgs before some person wakes up from his stupor long enough to question why they’ve become obsolete!

  11. Thank you for such an excellent article and all the documentation to uphold everything you said. Good job. And loved the circular Bridge you made with the intensivs for looking at internet and intensivs to prove loyalty to DM. Very funny.

  12. It certainly is obvious that there seem to be fewer and fewer new people in the orgs. I think the PR on Scientology is now so bad that the general public just won’t touch the subject. I have had several non Scientologists tell me that they watched that TV program and how terrible it was to think that people could behave that way. It is apparent that the confusion created by the two major alterations of LRH tech, GAT and GAT11 that the production of auditors has ground to a halt.

  13. One symptom of GAT2 is that it appears very strange things happen to many of those who went for the GAT2 Flag training. You’ve reported Pta Org: we know they’ve lost some of their trained supervisors – well, completely denuded of them appears to be the reality. I now hear strange stories regarding Joburg Org’s supervisor Dane Ryan and wouldn’t be surprised to see him open his eyes and get off the lines some time soon. Total wheels off.

  14. ..What arbitaries were actually removed? Heard the FN swing had now been changed. Has any body else heard this. David

    • Hi David,
      You heard the 3 swing fn has been changed?
      That would be nice but Micavige can’t blame
      anyone for the 3 swing fn but himself.
      He really has no valid reason to change it because
      it would make him wrong.
      I doubt that is gonna happen.
      I hope you are right and I am wrong.
      Where did you hear this?

      • The origin of the “3 swings” FN was HBOB 21 July 1978, which states:
        “Floating Needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow even pace of the needle. That’s what an FN is. No other definition is correct.”
        The idea is that rhythmic is at least 3 swings.
        What do you think rhythmic means?
        It’s a terrible definition of an FN, I agree.
        But it’s also LRH tech, the last known definition from LRH, and “no other definition is correct.”

      • The altered definition we had to train on when on OT VI and VII after 1996 was this:

        “A Floating Needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow even pace of the needle, back and forth, back and forth. That’s what an FN is. No other definition is correct.”

        That phrase “back and forth, back and forth” is what made people think it had to be 3 swings to be rhythmic. But the church wouldn’t admit that it had to be three swings. When I said that the reference implied it had to be three swings or more, my OT VI Sup sent me to the Word Clearer who had me clear “rhythmic” and go into the Art Series book and tap out rhythms and clap etc, all to show that you don’t have rhythm unless it repeats so often. So even though they wouldn’t admit to “three swings” of the needle, you were led and coaxed into the definition by the way the word clearer attacked the problem with you. So what the church says and what it does in this instance are two different things.

      • Thanks for the reply. From someone who had recently had a SEC-CHECK. I will put the person in danger by giving more data. The person is not a tech terminal so was just looking to see if any one else had picked up anything. Regards David

      • BV I didn’t get the idea from that definition that a needle
        should swing three times before I call it.

        I have seen LRH on film solo auditing….camera facing the
        meter showing the back of his head. He called an fn and it surely did not swing 3 times… did swing twice, but not a sweeping dial wide fn by
        any means.

        I’m assuming your point being that LRH said that and that he must
        of ment that to be the only truth when it comes to calling fn’s.
        I don’t see that at all. I don’t need to define rhythmic to know what
        an fn is…..I’ve seen many. I’ve missed a few too and I certainly know
        the difference in pc indicators between calling an fn at the proper moment
        or failing to do so.

        One needs to parallel the mind and what is occurring in the mind when
        an fn is present. What in the world difference does it make to wait for it
        to swing three times to call? It already fn’ed once or twice. What is it about
        that third swing that makes the other two not viable? An fn can be
        fleeting (per LRH). You tell me what a fleeting three swing fn would look

      • Of course, BV Orts, “rhythmic” does imply more than one swing etc as you say. I just added the “back and forth, back and forth” in there because that was what was put in the “new’ definition of a Floating Needle by DM. It is just more proof of his alteration of tech.

      • Hi Potpie,
        LRH said, “No other definition is correct.”
        That was his final statement on FN.
        And it’s a terrible definition.
        It needn’t be rationalized. It’s just a lousy definition.

  15. As an aside, recently watched some GAT2 Scientologists proudly telling others of the record times in which they read individual books. Each one was eager to out do the other by reading a particular book in the shortest possible time.
    I couldn’t help by compare this mentality to my reading of Scientology books, when I first encountered them – that being the books of the 1950s – and I (as a newbie Scientologist, on my own) would usually spend weeks or months reading, re-reading, and, in general, just absorbing, the contents of certain books. I wore out two copies of Scientology 8-8008 – it was a little black book at the time (1968 edition), not artificially puffed up – by carrying it around, re-reading a little here, a little there. I re-read the explanation of the Axioms, in the now discontinued (1968) book, Phoenix Lectures, countless times. It fascinated me.
    As for the ridiculous hype: Miscavige is imitating LRH, who – listen to the Congresses – would routinely announce THIS IT IT!!! with great fanfare, but Miscavige is doing so with the same old stuff that’s been re-cycled.
    The honest approach would be to say, “We don’t have anything new, but what we do have we’re going to master, and use.”
    No hype.
    I wonder what would happen?

  16. Jenny white is such a beautiful person and my heart breaks for her. We had many conversations on the state of the org so I am very surprised she remains.

    My old mate Jenny, I am waiting..

  17. The idea of speed of particle flow has been totally
    misunderstood in my opinion.
    That phrase was never intended to be used when it came
    to training even though there are those that would disagree with me.

    I think the phrase it takes as long as it takes would more aptly
    apply to training. Not everyone assimilates the data and comes
    to an understanding at the same rate.

    One person can become an interned auditor faster than another
    but that does not mean that one is a better auditor than the other.

    I do understand some action should be taken when one is showing
    signs of trouble and taking a long time to work out some part of the data
    they are studying.

    But to imply all people will train at the same rate is a fantasy.
    Especially using the GAT II checksheets.

    • I was there when “fast flow training” began in the mid 1970s.
      From my vantage point as a student in the Scientology Academy at the time, it mostly consisted of emphasis on the e-meter, to confirm with an FN, that one was complete with a course action, and lots of (usually unnecessary) “Method 4 word clearing” while on course.
      It replaced meter-less “spot checks,” which judged by correctness of answer and com lag, and replaced written examinations at the end of a course.
      I liked the old system better.
      As for what’s going on now, everyone moves at a different pace. That won’t change, no matter what Miscavige wants.

  18. Those articles called Part 1 and 2 of GAT 1 experiences, at Possibly Helpful Advice, shown in the links in the comments, are absolutely essential reading.
    It gives the perfect back-story to this very well presented article by Scnafrica on the current state of GAT 2.
    If you go to Israel, and look at the ruins, and then dig a bit, you find earlier ruins, and dig some more, and more ruins are found from earlier times.
    It seems like this with GAT 2. Dig through GAT 2 and there you find the ruins of GAT 1. Then the bones of KTL and LOC. And earlier the amazing never-heard-of-before Esto tech, that slowly disappeared under the morass of management changes. Just before that, the OEC FEBC skeletons lie in tatters.
    I’m sure there are more than this. Underneath it all, we may find classic scientology, as it was supposedly meant to be. In those classic days there were many motivated people having all kinds of wins.
    There is no questioning the dedication of staff, in the main, from then until now. They tried to apply what was shipped down the lines. What unbelievable conditions and insane management direction these staff put up with. What insanity prevailed and the staff remained dedicated whilst trying and trying to get it all done. Amazing.
    The screw-up is absolute, pure, unadulterated, pathetically weak and ineffective management. That is, cob himself. He sets the pace. He claimed authorship of this “new” tech evolution. Forget LRH. He is not around. It is this one person who is driving the demise of this movement. That is why I suggest we are kind to Rena and others. It is not them. It is the cob.
    “Sir cob,” you do not have a clue. LRH would be, at the very least, embarrassed by the depth and extent of your incompetence.
    This great article documents the abject failure of what is being presented as scientology today.
    Scnafrica and collaborators, thank you for this article.

    • Thank you for this very accurate and erudite (hope I have the right word comment). Much appreciated. You are right we do need to be kind to people like Rena. May be a bit of a odd allegory but can’t help being reminded of Christ on the cross calling out: “forgive them father for they know not what they do.”

    • Fully agreed. I can personally testify to the kinds of wins available in the 60s and 70s. Fabulous, stunning, life changing. I observed them in others, as well.

      • The awkward questions is: With so many people having fabulous, stunning, life changing, wins, how is it that someone such as Miscavige became the absolute dictator of Scientology?
        I was there when the RTC did a tour and introduced themselves to the membership, in 1983, and, while some of us said “No thanks,” and soon left, and then participated in the emerging “Indie movement,” the vast majority of Scientologists, including Clears and OTs, stayed.
        When evaluating what happened, IMO, it’s necessary to consider that there may be something, in the teachings of Scientology, that inclines Scientologists to be sheepishly complaint.

      • And that was a spell check typo, and is supposed to be the word, COMPLIANT.
        And I wish Scientologists had complained, in 1983, but no one said a word.
        The question is “Why?”

      • BVO, I think that the ‘sheepishly compliant’ are all over society in general. (Look at what we accept for governments.)
        Davie has just taken advantage of this and pushed it to new lows. Other SP’s have done similar in other areas. They all need to be hoisted on their own petards, but davie is more vicious than most.

      • Hi 1984,
        Shouldn’t Clears and OTs be better off – and more perceptive, and more courageous – than “society in general.”
        The question remains: Why did so many 1960s and 1970s Clears and OTs sheepishly comply with Miscavige?
        I’m sorry, but that’s a question that can’t be brushed aside.
        Perhaps it can be further explored another time on another thread.

  19. B.V Orts – part of the explanation could be like this: ( I have seen this in myself and others).

    In the early days before the Sea Org, we just came and did Scientology and studied and attended lectures and worked hard. You had fairly scant training ( initially tech was dynamic and being developed and was constantly changing as LRH researched.)

    You read it or listened to the boss and then you faced your twin and did it. Right now. You were not perfect but you got good wins on the PC and had wins yourself. Later on things were more structured and you had a check sheet and a course pack and stuck to it but still you would study and just do it. You’d get crammed as you went but essentially you were giving and getting auditing and winning all the way. Perfection was something you would strive for on the internship.

    Unfortunately with the advent of the Sea Org and LRH starting to get heavy on the ethics and punishment for GAE’S , and other things: the element of fear entered Scientology. This is when the over boarding began, which I, at age seven enjoyed, as well as my mother and countless others including Ron’s own family. The fact that I could not swim did not enter into the equation. Then the Sea Org starts with sending out missions into orgs and other areas, spreading the fear.

    Your problem now is that you know Scn works. You have seen and gotten the wins and you want more. You see these missions chew up and spit out some good people, and you wonder what they did wrong and hope not to step out of line yourself. Because you really want more bridge and wins. Once in a while you hear of so-and-so getting busted (who had been on some of these destructive missions) and you feel there is hope for the future. And slowly over the years the insidious change takes place and you become inured to it and keep your head down.

    And you still want that bridge and those wins, perhaps at any cost.

    Looking back I can see clearly how Sea Org activity in orgs particularly , missions but also day to day “management” functions has been the most destructive thing working against orgs and Scientology progress that has ever happened. You are taught that Scn is the only hope. You repeatedly study KSW#1 And learn that no fucking around will be tolerated. You learn not to question the tech because that is Ron’s job and who are you to say otherwise?

    Strangely you find you cannot think for yourself on these issues and put your faith in those who “know better than you”. This should be the first flag to you that something is wrong, because it goes against the creed of scientology and the code of a scientologist. But of course these were only covered in the minister’s course and escaped the notice if most would-be auditors.

    Funnily enough, Joburg Org in Polly street had no Sea Org presence in the building. And we did some good work and made competent auditors. Compare to Main street and the current building where the Sea Org is rampant and totally entrenched by design. The stats speak for themselves.

    I am sad to say that if the Sea Org disappeared, the organisation would simply get on with selling and delivering Scientology and making auditors and happy PC’s. In other words, what the successful Indie field have been doing. They are free of Sea Org management and can do Scientology.

  20. Thanks for this. 🙂

    It all confirms to me that I have done the right thing in not continuing “up” the bridge in the C of S. I worked damn hard on all my courses and if someone had told me to re-do them all, I would have been super pissed off to say the least. I completed all my check sheets in pretty much the correct sheck sheet time, and had massive life gains just from courses like the Pro TRs. I’m really saddened to think that there are so many people being forced to do it all over again and being stripped of their dignity in the process. All of this GAT stuff is so full of bull &^%$!

    I do think that doing TRs every now and then to keep the skills fresh is a good thing, but being made to do it all over again, and being made to pay for it again is rubbish.

    I cannot even begin to express how angry this is making me.

    My very first thoughts were about the first few “success stories”/boasts about how quickly things were being done… HCO POLICY LETTER OF 17 JUNE 1970RB Technical Degrades, says that boasting about how quickly some training or process took was a big no no. Actually there are many parts of this HCO PL that strike me as apt.

    How long is DM the SP going to be left to do his bidding? Or is he even the real SP behind all this crap?

    So sad 😦

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