The Church, PR & Lies……………..


(Many thanks to Karen De La Carriere for her collaboration in putting this article together) .

The following excerpt comes from the Scientology Handbook:

“Fundamentals of Public Relations : THE MISSING INGREDIENT” 

“The more lies you use in public relations the more likely it is that the PR will recoil.

Thus the law:


The trouble with public relations then was its lack of reality. A lie of course is a false reality. The trouble with PR was R!” ……….

“Any lie will either blunt the C (communication) or end the C off one day with revulsion.

So there is a technique known as public relations. And it has the high liability of abuse through lies and the degrade of its practitioner.

But if one strictly attends to the values of truth and affinity, he will be able to communicate and can stand up to the strain.”

End quote.

Bearing the above in mind, let’s inspect this in relation to the current “PR” activities of the Church of Scientology:

The Church claims:

  • Scientology has expanded faster in the last year than it has in 25 years ~~look at all the new Ideal orgs !
  • We have never enforced abortions
  • There is only a small handful of disgruntled apostates.
The truth?  2388 people have publicly spoken out against the Church:
The link can be found here.

The Church Claims:

  • There is no such thing as disconnection !
  • We respect Priest/Penitent privilege and never violate the *sanctity* of a session !
  • We have never used Session data !
  • Give us your money and we will make you into an advanced high level ethical spiritual being……

The truth? Have a look at the following video of an interview with Geir Isene from Karen De La Carriere’s series on “Surviving Scientology”:


WARNING:  This video contains a small segment consisting of an interview with Tommy Davis who is asked a question regarding OT data by a journalist. This data is not “new” and is freely available in the public domain. It should thus be viewed in context with the message of this article. If you feel you may be offended, you have the right not to watch it. 

The above examples of the Church “using lies in PR” are but a few – we would be very interested to hear about any others experienced by our readers.

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  1. The above examples of the Church “using lies in PR” are but a few – we would be very interested to hear about any others experienced by our readers.
    I have a few:

    “fastest growing religion”
    “COB is taller than Tom Cruise” Nah! I made this one up. 🙂

    • Old Timer,
      Your comment was moderated as it was off topic and did not relate to lies being told in PR by current Corporate Scientology.
      The items listed by you may very well be true for others, thus they are your opinion and therefore not necessarily lies.
      The technology of Scientology and ad-hominem on LRH are not up for discussion on this forum.

  2. Where to start?

    The Church has become nothing but a lie factory these days.

    For example expanded more in the last 5 years than in the previous 50.

    We stopped committing criminal acts when we got rid of the GO.

    Oh they got rid of the GO doncha know. I mean just ask OSA.

    RTC exists to maintain the purity of the tech.

    And still there’s Sgt Furry and his invisible ghost army of auditors that GAT was supposed to create.

    I think a harder exercise is actually noting down when they’ve said the truth these days.

  3. Interesting point on if you make anything THE most important thing, all manner of crimes and mayhem can be justified to protect that very thing!

    Its a swaying tight rope to walk across. If too many overts are committed to protect a good, prosurvival thing it becomes the sum of all those bad things! So what do you do? Let it get destroyed or protect it? Either way seems potentially disastrous! Perhaps it has been engineered so..

    • sheeplebane, “Either way seems potentially disastrous! Perhaps it has been engineered so.” – The mounting evidence does point in that direction.
      There is a method to their madness. When something is directed close to 100% over time, to the same conclusion, one has to come to the realization that that is the true intention.
      It might not be palatable, but it is what it is.



    Perhaps you misunderstood what the last line of the article said.

    “The above examples of the Church using lies in PR are but a few – we would be very interested to hear about any others experienced by our readers.”

    Instead of giving examples of LIES IN PR, you submitted a list of LRH quotes that you feel are untrue FOR YOU. This is denigrating of the the SUBJECT of Scientology and LRH, violates our moderation policy, and has nothing to do with he subject matter of the article.

    Please stay on topic.


  5. This is excellent as long as it concentrates on corporate Scientology being dishonest.
    MODERATOR COMMENT: Yes, that’s exactly what the article is about. LRH and the subject of the technology of Scientology are not up for discussion.

    Let’s keep it on topic, and we will be fine!

      • I agree, SilentMajority. What I’m thinking exactly.
        One doesn’t want to start feeling the same way around the church – that one must pussyfoot around.
        “Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”
        – Adyashanti.

      • a) trolls.

        The topic is truth in PR. So tell us what your reality is – what you believe in, what you hold as true, what you look up to – and maybe you’d get some good PR for yourself.

        I have yet to see a ‘critic’ offer anything of their own, or even state what their religious beliefs are. To a troll, that’s “being smart”, NEVER exposing your beliefs (your reality) as that might be seen as shallow, and ALWAYS make the other defend against your attacks. E.g. “Surely untruths anywhere are harmful” – and YOU speak “the truth”? Make me puke. You talk about freedom of speech as if you understood what that means, yet you conveniently overlook that WE have OUR right to freedom of speech without being interrupted by YOUR lies. Go to ESMB and find some company – there are plenty of people there who are big on hatred and assertions, name-calling, ridicule, and other such “redeeming human characteristics.”

  6. What is happening with the church is nothing new in today’s world of using PR to lie through your teeth. The “MEDICAL NUTRITIONAL INSTITUTE” for example have taken over the health industry and claim to have the answer to disease. THEY DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND DISEASE NEVER MIND CURING IT, BUT ARE USING A HUGE PR CAMPAIGN TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES AND THE PUBLIC ARE BUYING INTO IT.

    The “BIG FOOD INDUSTRY” are creating all sorts of disease in the public sector including diabetes, cancer, auto immune diseases and more. Many of these diseases are life threatening and have indeed killed thousands of people already yet everyone is buying their products, making themselves ill because of the fabulous PR campaign they have launched.

    What about the lies of your your government? But let me not go there.

    We live in a PR world and it seems that “anything goes”.

    So it appears that the “Church” has sunken to the same level of those mentioned above.

    • I agree Travers,

      In my opinion the Church of Scientology currently seems to be dramatizing as a group what has become the accepted practice of most corporations and Government.

      They have pretty much closed terminals with what Miscavige now calls his “friends”.

      Personally I used to feel at ease when the Church used to align itself with such agencies as the US State Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration and actually at one time worked toward getting GW’s endorsement of the Church actually thinking that this would be a PR Coup of some kind because he was such an “opinion leader”.

  7. I have got to a point in my voyage out of Scn where I find reading these blogs (this and Mike Rinder’s have been my staple diet for months now) counter-productive. I don’t mean that in a nasty way because BIC in particular has been of central importance in my journey out and its value cannot be under-estimated.
    Having said that, the GAT2 expose (sorry for being late with this comment) was confirmation in the most graphic form of something which has been hanging around in what’s left of my mind. Namely – scientology is already dead. Dead and buried, and I’m simply keeping it alive in my universe by an almost obsessive reading of these blogs. Two or three months ago I used to talk of nothing but scientology, and at that time I commented considerably and even wrote some articles under other nom de plumes. I also underwent some ‘wog counseling’ in which I outpoured an endless vomit of nonsense about how bad scientology was. It was nonetheless very cathartic and now I rarely talk about the subject except when some external issue comes up.
    I think I’ve moved on – with the single exception that I’ve never come out of the closet. I don’t see the need for it any more. Koolaid drinkers have already informally disconnected from me (no more than 2 or 3), and others I bump into are almost uniformly of the same mind as me. These things don’t matter any more and I don’t feel the need to take a stand against something which effectively no longer exists (at least in the form I knew it and would want it to still be).
    That was one realisation. Another was about why I originally came into scientology. I’ve often thought about it, and I suddenly realised how fricking serious I’d become while going up the Bridge. I never came in because of a ruin. I was nagged (8C’d) into coming in and persisted because and only because at that time it was fun. I enjoyed being on course more than anywhere else (which before that time consisted of such aesthetic activities as drinking and chasing girls). The wins were actually just a bonus – I just liked doing it! Hell, I arrived for my introductory lecture drunk. It became more serious trying to repeat those early wins, and buying the BS that I couldn’t because of my ‘out-ethics’. In fact, by that time I was eligible for sainthood.
    It is remoteviewed’s comments about how much fun it was in the ‘old days’ that brought about that realisation and I thank you. If I had a ruin it was inevitably the 2D and it STILL is dammit. But doing comm courses, Levels, auditing and especially the KTL/LOC were all fun and the courserooms were packed. I always preferred the training over processing. I don’t see scientology ever recapturing that, and even if it did I’m in a different stage of life now. There’s no going back.
    Why am I saying this? I’m signing off from blogs and I don’t want anyone who may notice the absence of any of my nom de plumes (though that’s unlikely as I regularly changed names to dodge HCO) to think I’ve gone to the other side. That’s also not to say I’m ‘disconnecting’ or anything like that, just getting my attention finally off scientology.
    Of course, I may change my mind (again) because you know what, I can do that now!

    • Thanks for communicating, maven. We appreciate your acknowledgment that this blog has been of value to you on your journey. We have obviously done our job well, and will continue in this vein.

      If you ever feel like stopping by and commenting again, you are welcome. We wish you the very best in the future.

    • All I can say Maven is I wish you the best in whatever life you chose to live and to remember that there are out here who are trying to keep the original concept of Scientology alive.


      • I agree RV (what a surprise! 😉 )

        To Maven I say godspeed and good luck out there! May this blog and those who populate it, ever be a sweeping lighthouse beam that reminds you of those who are of similiar mind and being!

        Go and have a ball, dont be good, be good at it! Thanks for your contributions, articles etc. Most welcome indeed. Bonvoyage!

      • Hi RV, I get what you’re saying and am already reviewing things. I think what I was actually trying to articulate is that I want to move on from mere commentary to creating something which recaptures the fun that scientology should be, done right.

      • Exactly.

        Many of us are working toward making Scientology fun again which means avoiding those stilted and morally constipated sour pusses within the Organization 😉

    • Congrats for obtaining the final EP of getting out – all the way out. I look forward to the day when I no longer have any attention on anything Scientology.

      Scientology is dead and done and it is because of blogs like these that helped speed up all of our recoveries out of the cult and it’s “think”.

      For most of us, we are still unraveling and decompressing and have no one to talk to about the cult….so we come to these blogs and vent to release the normal reactions and emotions we had to suppressed whilst in the cult.

      Thanks BIC – for your Blog and all of the other Blogs of Bitter Defrocked Apostate’s that had the guts to “do something about it”. It give us knowledge and that is what is needed and wanted to fully decompress.

      I can say that the internet was my ticket to full freedom of the implants I was sold by the Co$. Getting the correct Information is the key to recovery and w/o the internet, I can’t imagine what state I would be in….scary thought and my heart goes out to those that had to decompress w/o it.

      • You said: “I look forward to the day when I no longer have any attention on anything Scientology.”

        I’m almost there at that point myself and it’s a point I really needed to get to. Others might not need to get to that point themselves (we are all different) but the relief I felt when I got there was intense. How did I know when I had got there? I was willing to honestly look at myself, see I’d been deeply depressed for 10+ years and be willing to seek medical advice about it.

        To me, that’s the biggest lie of all out of the CoS – the venomous attacks on every other group on the planet that tries to help people whilst claiming that Scn is the only thing around with solutions. But can’t afford toilet paper???

        I met many many decent folks over the last many years and one day I’ll touch base with them again. I’m happy to lose the subject complete with all the PR lies, but individual people are actually quite cool. I won;t give up on people 😉


  8. It seems the Church have rather adopted the old PR maxim, used by Hitler among others
    “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it is the truth”

    As for the 2388 people who have spoken out against Scientology, I am sure the number is much greater. That only includes English comments. Be sure that a similar amount exists for the non-English speaking areas.

  9. Contrary to the claims of “poor, unemployed, bitter defrocked apostates on the fringe of the internet”, Etica e Verita (Ethics and Truth) has published the Truth (as the name of the blog implies) about Co$ stats, showing that they are continuously in affluence or normal.
    “Ecco la statistica cumulativa dei Clear fatti a Flag negli ultimi quattro anni: “
    Translation: Here are the statistics of cumulative Clear Flag made in the last four years:

    “Come si può vedere è in costante ascesa anno dopo anno. E la stessa cosa vale per i completamenti degli OT Preps su ben cinque anni:”
    Translation: As you can see is on the rise year after year. And the same thing goes for the completions of OT Preps of five years:

    Did you (reader) catch the deceptive PR (lie)?
    Non-Cumulative Stat is the right Stat for Scn Ethics Conditions. Cumulative Stat is not suitable for showing Scn Ethics Conditions: unless the Non-Cumulative Stat is zero, Cumulative Stat is always going up. (
    The above is an example of a sneaky PR (lie) in a web site sponsored or affiliated, etc. by the Co$.

  10. Thought provoking article. I wonder why the Church does not apply LRH? I have known this datum (don’t use lies in PR) for a long time, and was always astounded when faced with PR statements and claims by RCS that I knew were utterly exaggerated and/or not true:

    – Joburg Org has expanded more in the last 5 years than it did in the previous 30

    – “The reason we don’t let people see/have their declares (totally against LRH Policy) is because they land up on the internet”. If the declares contained irrefutable truth that would hold up in a court of law (as LRH says they should), what’s the problem with that? The REAL reason they don’t let people see or have their declares is because they know they are filled with LIES and would put the Church on very shaky ground legally.

    – South Africa will have all it’s Ideal Orgs DONE by 2014, and then the AO will open !!!

    – ALL the Psych hospitals in Holland have been closed down (said in an IAS event about 3 years ago)

    – Ron’s vision of a fully OT meter for all Scientologists now realized

    – The future has arrived (huh????)

    – Distribution of the TWTH booklets at the World Cup soccer in 2010 resulted in a reduction of crime by 90%.

    – We are on the threshold of a new universe………

    – “You honour, we admit that the Church followed, harassed and put the Rathbuns through hell with our “Squirrel Busters” ops, but this was NOT ordered by or done on the behest of Miscavige.

    – David Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology. He has nothing to do with the day-to-day running and Management of the Church.

  11. Shelly is doing well and she is safe. Really? Hasn’t been seen for years and she has been secluded and guarded for weeks on end.
    The greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics – usually means the greatest good for RTC stats and their interest.
    And on and on.

  12. “Anonymous is a terrorist organization in the pay of the Psychs and Big Pharma.” That’s what “Karin Pouw” told the press in 2008, and that’s the PR line they’ve kept up since. Obviously, for the past six years, I’ve somehow missed my marching orders to commit violent acts against “innocent” Scientologists, and, darn, my checks were probably lost in the mail. Yeah, that explains it.

    Anon hasn’t committed one violent act against any Scientologist. Meanwhile, there are a whole lot of videos on YouTube of Scientologists committing violent acts on peaceful protesters.

    • Great point Espiando – I was told a similar thing by the LC JBG – that Marty, Mike and “all the others out there” are on the payroll of Big Pharma and the media.

      My husband and I were also given a “secret” briefing by the ED about Anonymous and their ties to Pharma & the Psychs who were using them to try destroy SCN.

      Even though I was still very “in” when these things were stated, I knew they were utter BS, and I was somewhat insulted that they thought I would swallow such hogwash.

      • There are those who get into these vast over arching conspiracies like the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Masons, Jews, whatever.

        In the case of the Church these days it is currently Big Pharma.

        I was even told with a straight face by some SO member that the reason for the proliferation of Prozac was to make “illegal PCs”.

        An absurdly ridiculous assertion based on absolutely *no evidence*.

        Besides Prozac can be handled on a full DRD just like any other drug.

        Thus the real “conspiracy” here is not Big Pharma but the management’s ignorance of the Church’s own policies and the tech.

        I’m not saying that conspiracies don’t exist. They do of course and they always have but then there are other actions which have no “hidden hand” behind them like the indigenous student revolts during the Viet Nam War which Johnston insisted were orchestrated by Moscow or Anonymous which was basically started by a bunch of computer anarchists not some organized terrorist cell created by Big Pharma or Psychiatry.

        Then again there is the conspiracy theory here in the field that every action the Church does is orchestrated personally by Miscavige as if he was Scientology’s answer to Fleming’s arch villain Blofeld.

  13. The Statistics of the world tell the tale of the Official Church. The application of LRH Tech to the purpose of creating a better world… Clearing. One has but to look around and see the curtailment of reach is the product of the current regime and its masters. That is the curtailment of the bridge and freedom. Truth is not in sight from the Official Church. The evidence of lies is abundant. Thank you for this great article.

  14. Arguably the biggest LIE and “Ser Fac” of the *church* is THE GREATEST GOOD argument.
    +++ It is morally and ethically OK to be drained of your finance and give beyond level of sacrifice ~ It is the Greatest Good !
    +++ Office of Special Affairs closely mimicking distasteful *FAIR GAME*, malicious retaliation, anonymous hate mails, ~~ It is the Greatest Good !
    ++++Enforced disconnections done by Ethics officers setting family members against each other and devastating long term relationships and businesses ~~ It is the Greatest Good !
    ++++Publishing a private home tel no to advertise for blow jobs and sexual favors (Tory Christman (magoo) and Paulette Cooper by GO/OSA, justified ~ It is the Greatest Good !
    ++++Forcing all members to sign lengthy contracts and waivers that they will never sue the Church even if Church counseling drive them Type 3 (mental breakdown) and that they give up all rights ever to seek justice for paid services ~ It is the Greatest Good !

    Your turn on “greatest good” arguments made to you.

    • Karen,

      It used to be that the “greatest good” used to include the 1st and 2nd Dynamics as well however this is no longer true in the totalitarian “Mother Church”.

      All actions are for the good of the Church these days.

      Though they may need a refresher course on actual Scientology they seem to have Marxism down pretty well 😉

      • Long before Miscavige came along, the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics always worked out to be Scientology. After all, it was Scientology that was “the only hope for Mankind,” and it was Scientology that had the only tech that could “salvage this sector of the galaxy,” and “shift gears” on the entire universe, and reverse the “dwindling spiral,” and prevent the “dwindling spiral” from plunging all beings towards becoming “MEST.”
        One’s 1st and 2nd dynamics would not be doing very well if the 3rd and 4th dynamics were at “war, criminal, or insane,” and, if the 7th dynamic was absorbed into “MEST” that would definitely be a real bummer.
        By the time that the Sea Org was started, Scientologists, by way of their prior conditioning as members of corporate Scientology, were sitting ducks for the “group (that group being ‘the only hope’) above all” mindset of the Sea Organization.
        What was the untruth told by corporate Scientology? It was: That one’s survival and well being, and the survival and well being of Mankind, depended on Scientology.

    • Karen, I think Fair Game is one of scientology’s most despicable practices, and it is based on a lie. Fair gaming doesn’t stop criticism of scientology and cannot ‘save’ it from ‘attack’. The Inquisition used extreme fair game tactics (burning so-called heretics alive) and never managed to stamp out alternative beliefs. Christians were thrown to lions, and yet Christianity flourishes over two thousand years later. Not only does fair game not work, it makes things worse. If the church has merit it will be be able to stand on its own without fair game.

  15. Sir cob says, even if by implication:
    I am a competent leader
    I am OT
    I am trained
    I know more about red-on-white than everyone else on the planet
    These are lies.
    From this point downwards, the lies are bought by those who do not question or who do not look. The movement he heads up goes into toilet. Bit by bit, “release” by “release.”
    Put another way:
    Sir cob is:
    A grossly incompetent leader
    Not OT
    Not trained
    Hasn’t actually got a freaking clue
    He dramatizes his case state by executive CSing the entire scn community to his level of the bridge.
    Everything about him is a lie. Lies are completely inevitable.
    It is part of his DNA. He has set everything up so that he HAS to lie, constantly. His strategy, his claims of progress, his new releases, his botched-up superpower debacle, his radical changes of direction, pro Metering in the GAT 1 line-up, now the GAT 2 line-up.
    The man and his work, are a mess.

  16. This is the kind message I would want to leave here for the dictators perpetuating the lies of what is ‘real’ within the confines of the inner world of $cientology. The video link below is the kind of spirit I envisioned Scientology possessed when I first stumbled upon the subject matter. So much hope to change the conditions on this beloved planet, and its people. If I may I would like to place this link here as a reminder of why Scientology was important to me.

  17. You know that you can plot and organization on the Hubbart chart of attitudes ?

    Go find your chart and get to work ! It is in the Handbook for preclears , I know you all have the shiny new basic books! with hopefully an unadulterated chart …
    What i done is to take the church PR form GAT releases as well as what you will experience when you go into an organization and apply it to the Hubbart chart of attitudes. Some of these points goes down almost out the bottom .

    1. Survives — everything had better succumb but me

    2. Right — I’m right whenever I’m wrong, You’re wrong ,i don’t dare to be wrong

    3. Fully responsible — You’re responsible, How serious things are ,

    4. Owns All — I own people and destroy material ,I,m afraid to lose it ,I have to hide it

    5. Everyone— I’m somebody , i hate whatever threatens me

    6. Always — The present is bad

    7. Motion source — I’ll stop it when it threatens me and hurt it back

    8. Truth — All reality is perverted gossip , it better not be real , Lies are best

    9. Faith— I’ll betray

    10. I know — i cant know

    11. Cause — OBEY!

    12. I am — I’ll be if i have to destroy them , I’m important

  18. The biggest example of lies in PR, in my experience, and through my observation, has been the PR campaign running for more than 20 years now about ‘Command Intention”.

    “Command Intention” as a term, always referred to LRH intention, goals, purpose and orders. If, as a Sea Org member, staff member or as a public, you were told something was “Command Intention” it was from the Commodore — LRH, and was backed up by policies, evaluations, technical bulletins, LRH EDs or the like.

    Miscavige has changed that. Today the term “Command Intention” implies that it is LRH — but it is actually COB. It is COB orders, policies or programs — and they are routinely bastardizations, alterations, and violations of basic LRH policy and tech, passed off as being LRH and on-Source.

    This one campaign, running so heavily for years now, has OT VIIIs forcing through “Ideal Org” programs that bankrupt parishioners and create empty tombs for churches all under the guise of “command intention”. Golden Age of Tech (I and II) are the same. The Golden Age of Knowledge is the same. The New Era of Management was the same. Even the existing Bridge that is used and pushed by church falls into the same category, and LRH’s original OT 4, 5, 6 and 7 have not been delivered since the early 80’s, yet they were available in the 70’s.

    Command Intention, as a term, is a lie. It is a falsehood, that every Sea Org member, staff member and on-lines parishioner blindly follow without question. And there is one question that would resolve it, which is “show me the LRH order/policy in writing”.

    But people don’t ask this question. It rocks the stable datums too much for them, to find out how much of the existing church is built on lies, not LRH.

  19. I do not know what happened ? I posted a post and now its is gone !
    Lets do this again

    The Church PR & Lies !
    Let get some good data behind us , Use the tech ! Apply it and see where the church is and predict where it is probably heading and get the WHY !

    Like most of us I have the new and shiny basic books, i used the chart found in the Handbook for preclears. Hubbart chart of ATTITUDES. Hope the chart is unadulterated….

    It is very easy to plot the church…

    Lets start…

    “NEVER USE LIES IN PR” as pointed out above , lies are sold as truth

    8 .Truth — Lies are best

    The Church Claims:
    There is no such thing as disconnection !
    We respect Priest/Penitent privilege and never violate the *sanctity* of a session !
    We have never used Session data !
    Give us your money and we will make you into an advanced high level ethical spiritual being……

    9.Faith — I.ll betray , I’m betrayed

    I give you two points , but the rest is there, written almost like a omen , a prediction , a sad prediction.

    • Deo – your first post has been published – unless you’re talking about a different one which we have not received.

    • Hi Deo,
      “NEVER USE LIES IN PR” comes with a hidden asterisk, or fine print, attached – like the fine print under the magnifying glass atop this article.
      To understand the quirks of Scientology PR, it’s necessary to read all the information on the subject, and related to the subject.
      C’mon Moderator, at least let this post through.
      In the name of TRUTH, in this case TRUTH with no hidden asterisk and no fine print.

  20. lies about zenu and turns around and publicizes books covering space crews, bodies in pawn and body thetans…

    What’s in R&D Volume 10?
    LRH on the porch of his home at Camelback MountainLRH on the porch of his desert home at the foot of Camelback Mountain near Phoenix, Arizona

    Here we introduce what you will no doubt regard as the richest treasure of OT lore yet presented in that remarkable collection, the Research & Discovery Series.

    Volume 10, The Infinite Potential of Theta, is unsurpassed: Nowhere will you find more knowledge about the mysterious entities, also known as theta bodies, those inhabitants of every human being that talk to him, and lead him astray. Nowhere are you likely to find more concentrated data about the between-lives areas, and LRH’s eye-popping discovery of bodies in pawn.

    The Alcatraz Planet
    As a child, perhaps you saw films whereby desperate men risked all to escape some inhuman entrapment. They tunneled under, or climbed over, but how do you escape a prison planet?

    Ron explains in Volume 10,

    “You see, most of you are Crew One—MEST universe Crew One. And this is the final dumping ground. Earth’s a sort of a prison. You’ve been on the track for about 60 trillion years. You’ll find other crews mixed up here. These are designations to which people answer up, by the way, who have been here much shorter periods of time, like 3 trillion years, something like that.” – LRH
    Read the lecture entitled Technique 88 and the Whole Track—Part 1 and you’ll know how to escape this prison world.

    Symbological Processing, The Individual Track Map and Electropsychometric Auditing by L. Ron HunbbardSeveral new publications were released by Ron during the course of these lectures

    Technique 88
    The Technique 88 Lectures are released for the first time in Volume 10 and contain OT data never before released. What makes these lectures so incredible is that Ron laid aside ALL preconceived notions, and using an E-Meter, began to ferret out why we have bodies. What is the age of the universe? Do thetans commonly have other bodies elsewhere on the planet, or on other planets? What happens between lives?

    And thus, thanks to Technique 88, Volume 10 is a work steeped in revelation.

    In addition to the never-before-published Technique 88 Lectures, Volume 10 contains complete transcripts of the Time Track of Theta and The Route to Infinity Lectures.

    Bodies in Pawn
    Technique 88 revealed the phenomenon of bodies in pawn—a second body that you may have, living somewhere else, right in present time. But the second body is not under your direct control. You’ll not only find out how to handle this situation, but you’ll even witness several auditing demonstrations where LRH finds this situation and deals with it using Technique 88.

    Do YOU have a body in pawn? Read Volume 10, for once you know ALL about it, you won’t have to worry about nightmares, inexplicable somatics, disturbing visio images of cylindrical tanks, bodies floating in green fluid…

    The Composite You
    Handwritten Dianetics JinglesThe handwritten Dianetics Jingles are found in this volume (sample shown)
    (click image to enlarge)
    A body has millions of cells each with their own beingness, that collectively, you call “you.” And there are facsimiles and mental machinery, and these are also “you.”

    There are other things in a human being, namely the entities—separate theta bodies each with their own personality that are permanently incorporated into any human being. The entities are antipathetic toward you. In DMSMH, they were called “demons.” Discover the anatomy of YOU in Volume 10!

    Research & Discovery Series Volume 10 is a lens that brings into sharp focus the shadowy areas of man’s understanding.

    Page by page, the inexplicable becomes explicable: the history of man’s implants, why entheta makes a person gain weight, a staggering explanation of the entities, the map of the whole track, what was the universe before this one…

    You have collected here the answers you’ve yearned for, wished for, searched for, literally, billions of lifetimes. Don’t let any MEST reasons stand between you and this data. Purchase now The Infinite Potentials of Theta.

    Some Of What You Wll Find In R&D Volume 10:
    What happens to a thetan when he tries to leave Earth?
    Why does a thetan hold onto engrams?
    Why does a thetan hold onto a MEST body?
    What tone level makes you hold onto a body tighter and tighter?
    What is the main reward for a thetan in a body?
    What is beauty?
    What is the only thing a theta being ever gets from flowing to MEST?
    What is the only way to catch a thetan?
    What do you use to control a MEST body?
    What happened to the memories of your last life?

    that site will probably be taken down soon and all that will prove is they are still covering up the truth

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