The Sea Org’s destruction of the family

By:  Ex-Sea-Org Member



My journey out of the church began in 2006/7. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the state of things and once I started acknowledging outpoints they became so much easier to see.

One of these was the seemingly intentional and habitual separation of Sea Org spouses from each other.  Either the husband or wife was sent on lengthy missions or one partner was transferred to a different post  (sometimes this could even mean a different geographical location). This resulted in minimal or no access to each other for weeks/months and in some cases, years at a time.

It is part of a persistent pattern in the Sea Org to undervalue the family unit. Sea Org members are routinely separated from their spouses and family. This has been done since almost the beginning:

Ken Krieger and Jeanie Ibert were sent on Garrison (permanent) mission to South Africa in 1984. It took 3 years to get their spouses to join them here. Pierre Till was sent to Flag while her husband remained in South Africa for a further 12-18 months. Rena and Brian Weinberg were separated for more than 5 years. My own family life was extremely fractured thanks to parents getting divorced, one joining the Sea Org and me being shuffled from one place to another in the process.

More recently, in 2010 Robert Bokelmann went to Cape Town on a recruit mission for AOAF Trainees. While there, he got onto the lines of a young newly-wed couple (he was South African, she was Russian and could barely speak English). The husband had taken LSD and therefore didnt qualify for the Sea Org, so Robert spent almost three weeks convincing the husband that it was the “greatest good” to let his wife go so that she could join the Sea Org. She was brought up to Ezulweni (the Sea-Org owned property in Midrand) and put onto the EPF with other recruits with whom she could barely communicate due to the language barrier. She cried herself to sleep every night, and eventually, after a month of grief and untenable loss, she bowed out and returned to her husband.

Husbands and wives are separated when one (or even both) are sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) such as the case now with Nikita & Luke Byrnes. The RPF is known to take up to 5 years or more to complete, all without being with one’s spouse. Spousal separation is so common within the Sea Org it is barely remarked on internally, and it has become acceptable to divorce a spouse if he/she lands up on the RPF.

A personal friend of mine was faced with being assigned to the RPF for the second time which he declined and opted instead to route out. He was immediately separated from his wife and they were allowed no contact while he was kicked out.   They were forbidden from discussing any possibility of a future together outside the Sea Org. It was traumatic and sad. They divorced after he left.

This, too, is not unique. The Sea Org do not want errant members tainting their husband’s or wives so they do not allow them to be a spouse – the one person you can lean on to receive succor and support.  If one leaves, divorce is almost definite.

In the late 90s it became acceptable to divorce a partner if one were being promoted to a higher org. Kerry Ibert (now the CO CMO IXU) divorced John Ibert as she wanted to go to “Int” and John was not qualified.

In early 2000 I became aware that Sea Org members were having to get permission from CMO to marry, particularly where one partner was in CMO. CMO personnel were heavily discouraged from starting relationships with people outside CMO and often marriages of such were disapproved. There are numerous accounts from former Int members that  Miscavige eventually banned all marriages at the Int Base.

At some point around 1998 – 2000 someone got the bright idea of recruiting anyone who had taken “fake LSD” – some arbitrary that if one hadn’t seen pink elephants while tripping out, then it was probably a fake version, thus qualifying them for the Sea Org. From South Africa, Marc Bentl, Hannes Nel, Louis & Rachel Welgemoed and Billy & Astrid Ashurst all qualified under this new rule. Billy and Astrid promptly joined ANZO, but eventually this arbitrary was cancelled, and all the “fake LSD” cases were booted – including Billy, but not his wife Astrid, as she had never taken LSD – fake or otherwise. She wanted to route out with Billy, but was prevented from doing so and they were put under a seperation order, where Billy was not allowed to see or speak to Astrid for almost 9 months. ANZO also destroyed Astrid’s Belgian Passsport to prevent her from fleeing the country. Billy told a close confidante that he had to threaten laying a charge of kidnapping with the Police before ANZO finally relented and allowed Astrid to route out and join her husband.

The targeted separation of spouses from each other was not the only interference in family affairs – many children were also adversely affected.

Initially, children of Sea Org members were left in the care of “nannies” and would often only get to see their parents for an hour a day, and perhaps 2 hours on a Sunday.

In the late 80s efforts were made to remove children from the Sea Org. Members who had children were sent to Class V churches for a period of 6 or 10 years.

In the late 90s children were finally totally forbidden with members being booted from the Sea Org if they had kids. This was not an LRH policy. The result was a culture that encouraged abortion for accidental pregnancies and some members deliberately falling pregnant in an effort to escape Sea Org life. In South Africa alone I am aware of 3 Sea Org members who had abortions to avoid leaving the Sea Org. I’m aware of 3 others that got pregnant in order to leave the Sea Org. Once again, the higher up the chain of command one was, the more one was “forcibly encouraged” to abort the child.

The very idea that Scientologists and Church Management have been encouraging abortions (and in some case forcibly so) beggars belief – especially considering how abhorrent LRH found this practice. “A society which suppresses sex as evil and which is so aberrated that any member of it will attempt an abortion, is a society which is dooming itself to ever-rising insanity” (DMSMH Page 161).

In the early 70’s the Church took a very heavy stance against abortion. The Religious Defence League in South Africa (a Church fronted group) successfully lobbied and prevented the passing of a bill to legalize on-demand abortions. It was only some twenty years later (early 90’s) that this law was finally overturned.

Perhaps one of the most prominent stories of the Sea-Org’s destruction of family life is the story of Jenna Miscavige Hill (DM’s niece) who released a tell-all book about her life and growing up in the Sea Org. It’s entitled “Beyond Belief – My secret life inside Scientology and my harrowing escape”. Her book attracted much media attention, and in many subsequent interviews she recounts how both her parents were sent on mission when she was just 4 years old. At age 6, she was sent to “The Ranch” which was essentially a “boarding school/berthing” for children of SO Execs. She signed a Sea Org contract at the age of 7.  Initially, they were allowed to see their parents once a week for 2 hours on a Sunday, but then her mother was sent on mission to handle the Freewinds project and her dad went somewhere else. She reports that for a six year period from age 12 to 18 years, she saw her mother twice and her father on four occasions – for less than an hour each time.

The family unit is the building block of society. The constant, cultural devaluation of the family within this environment enforces Sea Org control. It has become accepted that family is secondary to the group. It is so inherent that it has become part of the fiber of that group. A lone sea org member loses any possibility of strength when separated from their group AND their spouse.

It is this culture that makes it a simple matter to summarily disconnect from a mother, father, child or sibling who gets declared. And over time, elements of this culture filter through the ranks to all levels of Scientology. If family is easy to disconnect from, then friends stand no chance.

This is the modern day version of the infanticide that LRH speaks of in his policy on Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics “This gets so batty that in one of the South Pacific societies, infanticide became a ruling passion. There was a limited supply of food and they wanted to keep down the birthrate. They began using abortion and if this didn’t work, they killed the children. Their second dynamic folded up. That society has almost disappeared.”

And so has this one.


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  1. A profound article that touches me to the core. Even some gangsters hold family to be of high importance. Not so with the sea org any longer! They made the 3rd and 4th absolute and lost the rest just as fast – see the foldup occuring right now!

    Whats the point of having the tech if you cant follow it? Most of us have lost someone because of extremist church miscavology. It’s been said before but Ille say it again, no sub group in Scientology has suffered more than its SO trojans! They gave their hearts, minds and souls to a demon king who rules with no care or mercy!

    My thoughts go out to all those who have suffered under his yolk of tyranny. Thanks again Scn africa for this touching reminder of the importance of family and its sanctity!

  2. That’s so true, and so painful when we still hear about children being lured away from parents to work in the SO. Like being press-ganged aboard a leaky vessel liable to sink before long.
    “A lone sea org member loses any possibility of strength when separated from their group AND their spouse”. You’ve pointed out an important mechanism there: when a person feels weak , humiliated and alone they may be only too glad to accept slave-labour conditions just to be part of a group. It’s no accident that the SO treats its people in this way.
    Just now I was rereading the Dane Tops letter of 1983. He noted that the SO culture of unreasonableness was presented at tone 40 with a high aesthetic feeling. So aesthetic that it blinded all of us, at least a bit, to their out-ethics. He wrote “This is the mechanism through which heinous acts may be committed by good beings. Because the being is attached to the aesthetic he goes along with the rest of what went with that aesthetic and is actually blind to the actual consequences of his actions”.
    LRH said something similar in one of the PDC lectures about the high aesthetic used by the Nazis, even if it was an aesthetic of cruelty. It was part of their appeal to ignorant youths in 30s Europe, just as the SO’s tone 40 unreasonableness attracted punks like Mithoff, Yager and Miscavige in the 70s.

  3. Brilliant article.
    I was one of those children lured into the SO at 16.
    It was a destructive act across all the dynamics and was the beginning of the end of my family.

  4. These are all almost equally tragic stories of the ‘SO’ accepted, perpetrated policies of ‘disconnection’ that became used against the very families of it’s own staff complement.
    There is no point in denying that ‘disconnection’, ‘harsh ethics’, or ‘fair game’ originated
    squarely with the founder himself, since it is evidenced in those very LRH policies themselves, which direct their execution.
    What has happened, however, since the entry of David Miscavige into the movement over 35 years ago, has taken the implementation of those policies to an entirely unprecedented level of ‘acceptability’ (and insanity!) — clearly demonstrating levels of cruelty shunned by anyone with ‘conscience’. (now ‘standard practice’, expected of 3rd dynamic SO behavior)
    This is nothing more than ‘thought modification’, or ‘mind control’, as used by so many repressive dictators and their abhorrent regimes.
    All utilize the stock tools, or variations of:
    1) Ingratiation of acceptance of having ‘the final solution’.
    2)The identification of ‘the perceived ‘enemy’.
    3) Installation of fear.
    4) Isolation.
    5) Forcing into submission
    6) Domination through threats of / actual punishment and denial of ‘liberties’.
    7) Unthinking, robotic, obedient slavery.
    Fortunately though, mostly all of this can be conquered through unwavering confront and exposure of the perpetrators and their crimes — though this can be a lengthy test of one’s patience and fortitude in itself (no overstatement required here!) 🙂
    – Calvin. Durban.

    • Good points Calvin. To some it is very subtle manoeuvering – to others it has become about as subtle as a sledgehammer blow to the head. If only more would cognite – as you say it takes “unwavering confront and exposure of the perpetrators and their crimes.”

      • Thanks Wendy. Let’s face it though, we’re essentially the support base of the biggies – such as Marty, Mike, Steve, Karen DelaC, Tony Ortega, Janet Reitman, and a whole host of whistle blowers, including this very blog , and others, who have risked all to cut open the ‘can’ in exposing the overblown ‘little worm’ inside, who has / is causing so much havoc and rot to the contents (scientology). But hopefully, we’ll get him sealed back in a ‘can’ less to his liking, one of these fine days very soon, hey 🙂

  5. I agree with Sheeplebane, Ex-Sea-Org Member. This is a profound article. It makes it crystal clear what the Sea Org has done and is doing with the family. Not even in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia was it this bad. This extreme behavior by the Sea Org has to be unique in the history of the world. What a great “new civilization” to look forward to!

    • The article is very good and should be read by everyone who still supports CoS. However, I could not let this comment of Morris Adams go unmentioned: “Not even in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia was it this bad” ???
      Not only were families forcefully separated – they were killed!! Wholesale! Children were torn out of their mothers’ arms and sent to gas chambers. Twins had medical experiments performed on them. Woman has gynecological experiments performed on them and were raped and killed. That’s just the Nazis – go read up on what Stalin did. How is the Sea Org worse than that? And believe me – I think the Sea Org is an evil thing, but come on – let’s keep some perspective here!

      • You’re right Draco, but if RTC had the political power we would be put in camp for “rehab” purpose.
        Police would knock at your door one morning. Same than with the nazis or the communists. It would be for the “greatest good”.
        I think alter ised Hubbard doctrine can make an incredible totalitarian state. I have many friends who have disconnected from me with great sadness but “knowing it was the right thing to do”. At th time of Inquisition, the same good people would look at you burning “to save your immortal soul” knowing it’s the greatest good. They would look at you with compassion while you scream, burning. And they “Amen” when you become ashes.
        This is what cult is all about. So, closed friends who disconnected from me have accused me of inflicting them pain in forcing them to disconnect from me by my attitude against church’s abuse!
        Can you see? I was guilty of the disconnection!

      • Draco, and FG responding to you: You know, it’s just occurred to me, reading the many, many thought provoking posts occurring on this blog.
        …..We REALLY are “getting back in comm”…. And therein lies THE answer, (of course!)
        * The antidote to the ‘little worm’ that has created so much rot & destruction.
        * ‘Perspective’, allows one to put order into the chaos!
        * Newly ‘freed beings’ CAN begin to spot ‘out points’.
        * ‘Freedom’ is contagious, for those that can ‘have’ it. 🙂
        * ‘Slavery’ and it’s many by-products, cannot occur, in a liberated mind!
        * “Truth is built by those who have the breadth and balance to see also where they’re wrong.” — LRH Ability 153 Magazine.
        * ” An individual who cannot create, has to hold on to what he has. This leads him into holding on to what he has had.” — LRH The Creation Of Human Ability.
        * “Judge people by what they think of HELP. The ‘good’, can. The ‘bad’ won’t, or if they ‘do’, it is only to destroy.” — LRH.
        Many kudos to the wonderful bunch (scnafrica) who are doing a really fabulous job here of liberating people! (that’s REAL Scientology, IMHO!)
        – Calvin. 🙂

  6. Of all things that are wrong with RCS, the Sea Org is the elephant in the room.
    The Sea Org is a strange hybrid of pseudo-military, pseudo-religious, communistic dictatorship. It’s virtues include: “toughness” and “unreasonableness”, and as Tommy Davis likes to say “tough sonnabitches”. But, to the ordinary social person it is cold, heartless, threatening, vicious and menacing.
    As noted in this article, their viewpoints on the Second Dynamic can only be viewed as anti-social. It is this viewpoint or attitude, knowingly or unknowingly, that gets forced upon the Scn public. To a hardened Sea Org member, the public’s Second Dynamic is something that can be manipulated, sacrificed or even destroyed. Such actions adversely effect many individuals, and the lives of parents and children are forever changed. And after the damage is done, the offending Sea Org member will take no responsibility for their actions.
    How can such a person be considered a friend or ally?
    In my opinion, the Sea Org will be the undoing of organized Scn. Certainly the public does not need or want their destructive influences. So, if they are not wanted by the public they supposedly serve, why do they exist? Exactly who do they serve? And exactly what “brand” of Scn do they operate on? It appears to me their operational rules are 180 degrees opposite of the Scn philosophy that first attracted me.
    Don’t get me wrong, I admire dedication and commitment; and I have known many fine SO members over the years. It is when you approach them as a group, do you begin to experience the group bank and all its insanity.
    The Sea Org simply has no place in the modern world.

    • I like this Essay and the comments on this are really really good.
      Here’s Jenna Miscavige explaining more

      ML Karen

  7. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. Voltaire.
    It is an absurdity to buy into the belief that Scientology is the only way out for humanity – that unless you get onto “the bridge” your eternity is cancelled. In terms of C of S propaganda this translates into the complete disavowal of the first and second dynamics for the sake of perpetuating the “ultimate truth” of which the C of S is the sole custodian. It is this mindset which prevails amongst members of the church – the belief that they have the ultimate truth – that will obscure what is going on around them.
    My message to members of the C of S is this; truth is invariably context specific. A truth looses its validity the moment the context within which it is true expands or changes. Consequently the idea of an ultimate truth is highly overrated. A relied on truth can become bull s….. within seconds – a very disorienting experience. So actually I can’t blame you guys too much for hanging on to what you have, in spite of the absurdities being experienced daily.
    Since mindset is the only means in accordance with which we determine and experience what is real how do we know the beliefs and values – the truth – on which is based our prevailing mindset is valid and can be relied on? Here is the thing; on the one hand we have a functional mindset and on the other hand we have a dysfunctional mindset. The former keeps one in touch in an ever changing world and the latter puts one out of touch. Consequently the optimum measure of a truth is not whether it can be proven or not, since mindset will adapt, change or ignore any proof that does not assist the desired orientation. The only real measure of a truth’s value and validity is the extent to which it keeps us in touch in an ever changing world.
    Bottom line; the C of S is way “out of touch” and becoming more so by the day. In the simplest of terms; their inability to realize the backlash building up against them due to their absurd policies around the second dynamic says it all.

  8. We’ll said Calvin. Much has been written trying to put reason to why the Germans as a entire
    nation so willingly accepted Hitler and his Nazi doctrine that they were prepared murder those that opposed their philosophy or tried to stop them.
    Quite normal sane individuals who would not harm a fly were turned into raving monsters who
    set upon their fellow man without mercy.
    What SO staff are handing out to fellow SO staff is treatment that is every bit as evil and criminal as the Nazi top brass in its heyday, and you can bet that they don’t even miss a blink of sleep.
    Germans that I met after WW 2 in Germany all claimed complete innocence of any involvement
    as they ” had no idea this was happening “. Well the Gestapo never hid their intentions or how they went about their business. It was no secret what they were about and who was to be eliminated. It’s sad to think that a team of highly dedicated focused individuals in the SO would take it upon themselves to hand out the sort of treatment to their fellow man and at the same time subscribe to the teachings of Scientology. What a hoodwink. What utter blasphemy.
    The fact that they stay connected to the SO means that they fully condone their actions and those of other fellow SO amongst themselves. Hows that for Group Think !!!!! How has mankind debased themselves to such a degree that the only organization with an extensive fully written up Code of Ethics allows this sort of behavior amongst it’s own ranks. Tell me there is hope and this whole slimy stinking mess will go away. Don’t we have another Ron Hubbard amongst us or do we have to stand idly by and watch the collapse of a precious philosophy that should be saving the World ??????? Calvin give my kindest regard to the one and only DOT.

  9. In 2004, after more than 17 years in the SO, it was the callous disapproval of my request to see my mother for a few hours, that lead me to sit back and look at how the group I had joined, supported, protected, and enabled, no longer represented or practiced basic LRH principles.
    I had not seen my mother for 5 years, and she had travelled from Australia to the US and had asked to see me for just a few hours. I was not in ethics trouble, was getting my products out, and had followed all the standard lines to be able to have some time with my mother, but my request was refused.
    For me, it was the last straw. After being under security watch and having someone follow me everywhere for 2 days, I found a moment when my guard was not watching, and I ran for my life. When I met up with my mother the next day, I told her I was coming home. I did not want to be part of a group that destroys families – and this group had ordered me to divorce my husband twice, had physically separated us for over a year, had blocked and stopped written communications between us, and they were now going to undermine the relationship I had with my mother.
    The blatant disregard for the family unit, as a building block for the 3rd and 4th dynamics, will be the swan song of Corp Scientology. LRH had children, and a wife, and loved and cared for them. The idea that the 2nd dynamic is subservient to, or of lesser importance as a dynamic is false.
    Now that I have two healthy and happy children of my own, that I spend vast amounts of time with, my reality on the value children and the family unit bring to one’s life has changed even further. The road to OT is by building each dynamic up, and being at cause on each one — not by nullifying, denigrating or not-is’ing an entire dynamic.
    Back in 1995 I was told by my senior (another RTC staff member) that she had had a conversation with Shelly Miscavige (her direct senior at the time) about children. Apparently, Shelly had asked “Do you know why Dave and I never had children?”. No, was the reply. “Because you never know what you are going to get!”, said Shelly. “You could get an SP — or a anything”.
    Well that one statement says a lot about Shelly and David Miscavige. COB’s eternal fear that people are out to get him even extends to unborn children. And yes, the insane orders and restrictions and destructive actions on the 2D within the group come from this individual personally. He is truly psycho on that subject. Nothing a good sec check would not handle (however he has not been on the cans or had auditing by another since the mid 80s).

    • These stories about the ripping apart of families are just crazy. The Shelly/COB story wins the prize for “paranoia”, So much for being a “big being” who can’t deal with an “anything” baby. I wonder if it occurred to them where they might be if their parents had the same delusional fears. Oh wait….maybe there is something in what they say……LOL.
      Lana, I am so glad you are happy and that you escaped the the paranoia and madness that corp scn dramatizes. They take the best of people and rely on that which is good in them to agree to sacrifice themselves (and not to look at the pretty rocks on the way) for the so-called “greater good”. The only redeeming aspect of all this is that it is usually the best of people who cognite and get the hell out. There are still more though who should cognite and escape and we can only wait and help when that happens. I wish you joy and happiness in every minute of your motherhood, Lana.

    • Thanks for filling in some of the gaps, Lana. Well, as you said in your TV interview. ” Nobody can come between an Aussie girl and her mum!” 🙂

      But perhaps your optimism of THE DM ( “Nothing a good sec check would not handle”.) is a just a weeeee bit ‘misplaced, to say the LEAST!!! 🙂

      • Hi Calvin, Well that is the interesting thing about Scientology. It can even handle the no-case-gain black case.
        And it can correct itself (if applied).

      • LOL! Lana, IMHO, you’re way more optimistic than the Ol’man ever was! I betcha that if he had picked up today, where he had left off in ’86, he wouldn’t have hesitated to handle THE DMON with a far less ‘tolerant’ response! Probably ‘R-245′ would have been the ‘tool’ of choice! LOL 🙂

    • Lana – that is some story! I’m very happy to hear you’re out and thriving. You are so right about Shelly and Dave’s fear of the unborn. That is insane and paranoid thinking and shows they have no “cause over life”. However, I have actually heard this attitude before from a public whose done OT8 twice and has been in Scientology for many years. His wife wanted to adopt a child and he was against it because he said the exact same thing; the baby might be an SP. He was also worried that he didn’t know what prenatal engrams the child might have, so there could be a lot of insanity coming with the package, so to speak.
      This same person also believes that disabled people are “D.B’s” , who were serial killers or child rapists in their past lifetimes. I think this guy could use a little sec checking too, just like what you said about DM.

  10. I would like to add to my previous article however I am not going to mention any names of persons involved as they were all fabulous loving people some of whom I am still in contact with but you can make up your mind of who was behind it.
    I arrived on the ship, Avon River, after midnight in May 1968. After filling in forms as a new crew member I got to bed after 3:00 am and awoken at 5:15 by a young kid around 14 or 15 years old and told to stand quarter master watch. I was given an old pair of broken overalls to wear and given a guided tour and a few instructions. I was dead tired and could hardly keep awake. There were a few young female children also around 14 – 15 chipping the rust of the metal of the ship and the mostly half asleep apparently in low conditions.
    At 8 am a beautiful girl came up to me in an officers uniform and assigned me a condition of non-existence for wearing an old pair of overalls and was marched off to see the MAA (ethics officer). I was told that I must do the 24 hour penalty and told to paint the bridge of the ship which I spent the rest of the night and morning doing. The kid that gave me the overalls was also asigned a condition and had to spend the night painting the ship with me.
    After that ordeal I was allowed to catch up on my sleep. Later that morning I was assigned to the engine room and we sailed to another country. During the voyage the rings of one of the pistons broke and when we docked at the next port the engine crew were assigned a condition of of doubt and we had to work our way through the conditions. 48 hours continuous work without sleep followed by a further 24 hours for non-existence.
    Then the Flag ship arrived with LRH on board and he assigned the Chief engineer a condition of treason and brought him over to the flag ship for a comm-ev. I was assigned the post of chief engineer and asked by LRH when can I have the engine room back together as we had to sail very urgently to Greece. I did not have a clue what was going on in the engine room so I told LRH that he must send me someone that knows what is going on and maybe we can sail in a couple of days. So he sent back the chief engineer and we repaired the rings and sailed for Greece.
    That was my introduction to the Sea Org. It was insane. Now all the people I worked with on that ship were absolutely great and became great friends.
    Now the reader of this may also consider this as insane.
    So has anything changed in the sea org???

    • Hi Travers.
      Um, you state that your introduction into the so was insane.You imply that LRH was present.
      Was he responsible for creating this insanity which continues today?

      • “All men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” – to be precise.
        I’d like to see this in its entirety on this blog. Perhaps, it’s time for the blog’s moderation to be amended to support the growing truth and to realise that it is sometimes going to ‘offend’ but then it’s time to take heads out of the sand. Time to grow up in the Free Zone?

      • Perhaps. However as we see it now there are plenty forums already for this greater truth. It is our experience that opening the forum as you suggest would devolve the conversation and attract the people we don’t need to reach.

      • What I wrote was my first week on the ship. It was the days of heavy ethics conditions and penalties. These were all written by LRH. The chain locker, the overboards, the denial of sleep for extended periods.
        At the time we all went into that valence and applied the ethics and conditions for the slightest little thing to our juniors. I watched the terrified students being thrown overboard from the flag ship.
        It did not always stay that way but that period was quite insane.

  11. OK. It appears that you’d prefer that your readers not be exposed to LRH’s own words from 1952, or to the words of Hana Eltringham, former Deputy Commodore.
    I don’t think keeping them in the dark to that extent is going to help them, but it’s your call.
    Keep up the good work.

      • B V Orts is right. If they are LRH’s words they should be allowed. What is the purpose in ‘protecting’ from the truth? Isn’t this what this blog is about, inalien rights to an opinion and communicating such?
        If that is changing, we’re no better than the church.

      • Thanks. To reiterate it was not a specific post but rather the intent expressed over many posts which we have allowed but which are clearly not the same intent as this blog.

      • No. But he, along with everyone else visiting blog, comes knowing our views and general stance and we don’t believe his stance is in line with that. We have been open and consistent (and remarkably lenient) in the implementation of our policy.

      • Hear! Hear! scnafrica. You really aren’t obliged to keep spelling out your moderation policy, but some just never get the hint/s/s/s/s. Too bad! (taken both ways, eh! 🙂 )

      • I agree RIB,

        There are some who want to critique the entire subject of Scientology and point out how Davy just happens to be following in the Ol’man’s foot steps (which ironically is basically the same position that the Church and OSA try to present) etc.

        Then there are those who suck up any disinformation on the subject like a sponge and present it to us benighted as some kinda inner ken. As if none of here have never investigated these critical sites ourselves.

        One word:


        Would apply.

      • Scnafrica – true, and you have been doing a great job of it.
        It is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you.

      • Oh please CSAL,

        There are plenty of other blogs, DBs and MBs you can practice your *unalienable* right to twist and pervert what Ron says and in general act like what would be considered a troll on this blog.

        Besides discussing what Ron did or didn’t do in my opinion is totally irrelevant since we are discussing the Organization itself and what it is currently doing.

    • BV Orts.

      Why don’t you go back to ESMB or OCMB or ARS where you’d be more welcome and the haters there will accept anything uttered by Hanna as the gospel truth.

      You’re agenda seems to be in my opinion is to take anything written by Ron and post it completely out of context and thus somehow “prove” your point.

      Or take a quote from some ersatz issue like the several altered copies of “Attacks on Scientology” I’ve seen which only have a passing resemblance to the actual issue in the OEC Volumes in name only.

      Really I suggest you check your actual sources for provenance before posting them.

      That said there is no evidence that Ron was directly involved in breaking up the 2D of SO members or any staff prior to this. On the contrary if he couldn’t do it himself he’d have the LC send the mother of a new born child a basket of flowers and a congratulatory note.

      The whole operation against the 2D started in the late ’80’s after he was gone.

      I was there and I witnessed first hand.

      • Thank you Robin. That is true. It is DM that breaks up families. And there are several posters I can think of who should go back to other blogs and leave this one as they are not the intended audience for this blog. The moderator over at the South African blog won’t let people post stuff like that where anything that is said they twist it to bring it back to “how bad LRH was” or “none of the tech works.” You could say the grass is growing nicely in your back yard and that would be used to tie into their agenda of “Yes and about grass, did you know Ron was mean to grass and didn’t water it and was a rat bastard?” That South African moderator doesn’t let them post there. And I think these posers get satisfaction coming here and acting as agent provacateurs to us poor misguided people on Rinder’s blog. If they won’t leave then we should just ignore them. Maybe with no comm they’ll lose interest and leave.

      • Cindy,

        True some of us myself included have been guilty of feeding the trolls but their patronizing arrogance gets to us sometimes.

  12. It is in the cloak of a war that is being had that these things are being agreed with,
    when I look at the broad picture I am ashamed of my support for this group , I had a hand in agreeing and keeping these beings doing this monty piethon style crazy on each other,
    what did Luke and nakita do to end up in the rpf?

  13. Article 16. of ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’
    • (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
    • (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.
    • (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.
    Hubbard’s own statement from “The Individual and His Dynamics”:
    “By inspection of man himself, an individual seems to have a thrust in each one of these departments. In other words, an individual is interested in the survival of groups on parity with his own survival.
    As soon as you knock out one of these dynamics on a human being and you say “For this individual, this dynamic cannot possibly exist,” you get trouble, because they all get knocked out. They come down on the same level. In other words, if you cut out half of one dynamic, you have cut out half of the rest of the dynamics. This package of dynamics is very vital to the survival of an individual.”

  14. “This gets so batty that in one of the South Pacific societies, infanticide became a ruling passion. There was a limited supply of food and they wanted to keep down the birthrate. They began using abortion and if this didn’t work, they killed the children. Their second dynamic folded up. That society has almost disappeared.”
    Um, this isn’t true.

    • This is an LRH quote. I’ve seen it myself more than once – can’t remember where but it is his words, nonetheless.
      Perhaps Heidi has it or someone else can provide it.

      • Yes, it’s an LRH quote, but I meant what he said was a lie. Unfortunately, I can’t bring proof because there’s no historic or modern record of any South Pacific society falling apart like this, and I did quite a bit of research to find one. There is no record of any such society existing then falling apart because of their internal social relationships. Even if he’s speaking from another perspective on the time track, history and archeology has revealed no such society. It bothers the hell out of me that so many of Ron’s quotes are… similarly lacking in any physical proof. Really sorry I can’t bring you documents, but that’s because, again, I couldn’t find anything. I try to prove my suspicions wrong, but I never can, and it’s more depressing than COB the SOB, who isn’t even an OT.

    • From Wikipedia, article on infanticide section Modern Times/Oceania:
      “In November 2008 it was reported that in Agibu and Amosa villages of Gimi region of Eastern Highlands province of Papua New Guinea where tribal fighting in the region of Gimi has been going on since 1986 (many of the clashes arising over claims of sorcery women had agreed that if they stopped producing males, allowing only female babies to survive, their tribe’s stock of boys would go down and there would be no men in the future to fight. They agreed to have all newborn male babies killed. It is not known how many male babies were killed by being smothered, but it had reportedly happened to all males over a 10-year period and probably was still happening.”
      From the section Explanations for the practice/Population control:
      “For example, on the Melanesian island of Tikopia infanticide was used to keep a stable population in line with its resource base.”

    • I understand that my comment doesn’t fully answer your point. It only shows there is some basis for the first part of the LRH quote.
      I’ve seen many comments on blogs with examples of something LRH said and pointing out that he lied. I’m sure he said quite a few things he didn’t have documentation for, but it doesn’t mean we won’t find it if we look hard enough. Since reading the site, I’ve realized that there may be more instances of things reported as lies that were actually true.

  15. This is a brilliant article! Certainly a subject I always questioned but never dared to voice my thoughts. My heartfelt sympathies go out to the affected family members, but not to the willing SO members who so willingly cause such devastation on those they supposedly love.

  16. I was auditing at AO when they canceled “family time” for SO members which allowed them an extra hour at dinner to be with their families.
    Anyway many of us who were Non SO objected to this and said we’d cover for any SO member that wanted to take “family time”. At that time the stats in the HGC were in a screaming affluence so we got our way. Back then they still believed in protecting upstats or at least accommodating them so we covered for the SO staff when they went off to see their families without any affect on the overall stats.
    So basically it was nothing but a mean spirited arbitrary issued by a bunch of sadistic morons from the magic kingdom.

  17. This practice of family destruction is so horrific I can barely read the testimonies.
    $cientology makes a POINT of destroying families. No one can defend this practice, which has been going on for way too long. Cruise and Krusty and the Smiths are outright LYING when they deny the existence of forced family disconnection.
    The word family means parents and children and grandparents and aunts and cousins, all live together. There is NO religion on earth that believes children should be taken from their parents at an early age and given no nurturing, no guidance and no love.
    Scientology is disgusting.

  18. EXCELLENT article!
    Being an old timer I remember in the 80′s I visited the SO berthing
    and I was appalled how the Sea Org staff lived I had only respect and
    admiration for these beings total dedication.
    What a shock I had bare floor boards and minimum furniture no
    heating and the kids had very little space to play.
    No Nursery with pretty pictures etc so bare and I left so down tone.
    These guys were helping to clear the planet and their living quarters
    were really not acceptable not to mention the beans and rice meals.
    I also used to insist they have family time and I would help cover for
    after all I must be hung up on mest!
    One thing for sure all the money put aside by DM was not used to help
    improve their living quarters unlike his quarters he abodes in today!
    Staff would insist they did not need to have leave time as they did not have
    a good time being in the real world now I wonder if they had families to
    go to.
    One thing that does put a smile on my face was when I wrote to Ron in
    the good old days he would always ask about my family and I would
    tell him just like writing to my parents.
    He actually sent me a card for my daughters birth with a line from Ron
    saying little things mean a lot and it was from Ron and MarySue and
    he would always ask about my daughters progress!
    I notice that at one point the writing paper changed and it now
    had a triangles symbols printed on the letter head and I stopped
    writing I did not feel his input on these letters.
    I personally feel he would be very unhappy that the 2nd dynamic has
    ceased to exist in the SO as he always talked fondly of his children.
    DM i feel has distorted this dynamic.
    All dynamics have to align as one goes out it brings the others down.
    I consider DM fits into the same category as Hitler! and I will never
    underestimate what this evil being is capable of doing to others
    in the name of the brainwashing command for the greatest good!

  19. Google is your friend/fiend… whatever
    The Second Dynamic[edit]
    In Hubbard’s original Dynamics, “Sex” was the Second Dynamic, representing both the sexual act and the family unit.[1][2] According to Reuters: “The second dynamic includes all creative activity, including sex, procreating and the raising of children.”[1]
    In the Life Orientation Course (written in 1979 before Hubbard’s death but published after in 1990), the definition replaced “Sex” with “Creativity”. This new definition was later used in compiled materials such as the 1998 Introduction to Scientology Ethics. According to a statement made by the Church of Scientology to MSNBC, pre-marital sex is prohibited for Scientologists who are members of the organization’s elite order, the Sea Org.[3]
    Pain and Sex[edit]
    Read an old book with the definition for yourself, post ktl/loc they gave the SO the 2nd as creativity, not sex

      • Wow – thanks for posting these refs. Changing the 2D to the Creativity dynamic, with sex/family as a small incidental part of the 2D, is incredibly evil. I see how it can be used to suppress staff and public. After all, if your spouse/family is only an insignificant tiny piece of the “Creativity” dynamic, why should they get any consideration? And conversely, any sex you have is a huge overt, because you spent valuable time doing a perverted lower-level action. Great way to force people to cut out all 2D activity or connections altogether, because they can still “participate” in the dynamic by doing whatever someone else thinks is important. I’m guessing this datum is sitting there stuck and unspoken in anyone attempting to enforce suppressive 2D regulations on other people.
        The LOC issue (telling people their hat in life has to be their current post) is just as evil if not more so. Gives someone a horrendous out list. Your own self-determined purpose in life is top-level important. Screwing around with that is going to cause major upset.

  20. Well well well – the name Billy Ashurst pops up in an article. He happens to be my step son, and I dug him out of a life of drugs, occult dabbling and other non-survival activities by introducing him to SCN. I also saved him from a psychotic father. I helped and supported him until he moved away from JBG and met his future wife Astrid – both of them later joining ANZO. The accounts in this article about how they finally had to flee ANZO and Australia are true, as he personally told me this story.

    What astounded me, was after all he had experienced and the way he had been treated, he allowed his adopted daughters (also his nieces – long story) to join the Sea Org. I believe the oldest one, Azelia (married to Alex Falas) recently blew CMO AF.

    Billy phoned me last year, baited me into discussing my ARC break with the Church by first originating how upset HE was, thus luring me into a mutual out-ruds comm cycle. He kept telling me how utterly safe our comm line was. Imagine my shock when I was confronted by the comm-ev Committee with a report from Billy revealing everything I had told him. This was the ONLY report they tried to take up with me, as the only other reports (3 of them) contained data that didn’t even contain a misdemeanour let alone a crime. Billy also carefully omitted all the nattering he did. His report was dated 3 days AFTER the date of the Bill of Particulars has already been issued, meaning the Committee had absolutely ZERO evidence against me to warrant comm-ev’ng me in the first place. (Witch-hunt much?). The whole cycle reeked of OSA and Sandra De Beer who had been trying to nail me for more than a year after I submitted a lengthy report to IJC/RTC about what was going on at Joburg Org.

    What Billy failed to mention in his report was that he and Astrid had been smoking dagga while working on a major WTH Campaign with OT8 Alet Ollemans and the local SAPS in Plettenberg Bay. I guess his report was part of an “ethics handling” or an “effective blow to the enemy”. (The enemy being the one person in his life that had saved and only ever helped him).

    Yet another example of how the Church can and does turn otherwise good people against their own friends and family with threats, black ops and the like. I hope Billy sleeps well at night…………. Karma is SUCH a bitch. 🙂

  21. Over centuries, the Christian Church successfully demonized all non-procreative sexual activity, making punishments and penances worse and worse as time went on. By the early 13th Century, they succeeded, and what I guess you’d call a Second Dynamic Engram still exists today and is creating abominations such as Uganda’s and Nigeria’s anti-gay laws (bravo to South Africa for being the exception on the continent).
    Of course, Davey has to do them one better. He’s not only demonized all non-procreative sexual activity, he’s demonized all procreative sexual activity as well. In creatures that operate in a hive society, there’s a name for what he sees as the Ideal Sea Org member: drones. All drones do is work and attend to their leader with unwavering devotion, a collective of neuter creatures with no capability to mate and reproduce.
    Does anyone really believe that LRH’s ultimate goal for the Sea Org was to become a human termite colony?

  22. Moderator I support your role 100% and appreciate your fairly lax censorship. Many a lively debate has ensued and we are all richer and wiser for it. I do feel however that their are a certain few who who either have fear that clouds their judgement or a burning desire under the banner of “truth” to see everything scientology burn!
    I appreciate peoples differences, respective decompression periods and the like but hate mongering against LRH and the tech is to me senseless! If you feel hard done by, abused or victimised by corporate Scn by all means take positive action. Blaming LRH for all and sundry wont solve jack I’m afraid and neither believing he is the messiah either. We all have to walk our own paths using and applying the wisdom of the great sages and philosphers. I use LRH cause it works for me, doesnt mean I dont take into account other ideas or expressions. Its not fixed, its a more fluid affair I guess.
    This blog for me is a special place for those of us that are interested in confonting the ills of corporate scientology, uniting the freezone and perhaps a mass healing of sorts. Let not the troll detract us!

  23. This is an excellently written post. Seems a majority of x staff have similar suppression on the 2nd dynamic (the original definition). Here is mine (short form).
    – a month or so after joining LA SO in 1977 my husband phoned me from Portland and let me know he was not coming back – did not want to be in SO. I did not know he was told not to speak to me about it prior (per Leaving and Leaves FO).
    – 2 years later I was told my oldest son would have to be placed outside the SO or I would need to leave. I sent him to live with his father so I could stay separating him from his brother.
    – I ended up getting married to a guy who was forced to marry or return to Canada (not a reason I agreed to).
    – I was assigned to the RPF by the Finance Police and then put on PRFs RPF at 6 months PG chipping paint (lead) and sleeping on cardboard in the PAC boiler room.
    – This husband was mentally and physically abusive and even thou I put this on the correct lines my stories were not believed until one day when I was 7 months PG he tried to strangle me and knocked me out. He then was removed from staff by RPF MAA. I myself declared him on the 2D complete with goldenrod and approved by myself.
    – In his A to E it turned out this man had attempted to suffocate our 2nd child (told in his own writing). This is in addition to locking his 2 girls in a closet for part of a day and sticking the older daughters face in her poopy diaper then flushing it off in the toilet. He did some other things to son #2 from the man who had left. The church did NOTHING to help with this even when I reported properly that he had debited accounts to get commission $ to leave with. The church did not help with Chaplin attempts to get child support.
    – When my father was dying (’83) I was willing to spend the 3 months he was given to live with him. He told me no and that I needed to continue my work for mankind. This did not make sense and it was not until just 2 months ago I found out from my brother that the church had contacted my father and told him to ‘lay off me’.
    – While on the RPF I crossed paths with my husband and we kissed. For this I was assigned to the RPFs RPF. [physically dragged there by my arms and legs]
    – Late ’85 I got a phone call my oldest son had killed himself (the one ordered to leave). When I checked his PC folder for auditing he had received prior to leaving he left mid a major action by a new auditor.
    – My Grandpa came to visit and I was only allowed 2 hours to see him – I had to drive to San Diego
    and be on post at 1pm.
    – In 1996 I was kicked off staff and no extended LOA was approved by ED INT. Reason – I was on a shortened schedule handling parent responsibilities (from the earlier abused children).
    – My husband was told to divorce me many times but refused and for 11 years continued to do his job and live with me off base (while I supported the kids and him to a large degree).
    – In 2003 a Scientologist molested a daughter. In the chaplains court I was awarded 15K when the amount of fine would have been more like 45K taking inflation into account then had to sell property we joint owned rather then forcing him to sell his part to me at cost.
    – I decided not to return to staff and not being able to speak about this instead divorced this husband of 23 years.
    – I left the church and last July this X husband along with OSA got 2 of my children to disconnect from me.

    So yes, I agree with this post and the 2D suppression in the SO. Part of healing and being able to let it go and move on takes understanding fully all responsibilities involved. It’s getting better ~ I think this is pretty much in order and I didn’t cry writing it!

    Thank you for your OP. I think it is therapeutic for many to have this all in the open.

  24. I am a bit confused about LRH. To say the least. I understand that there are HUGE differences in opinion among the No Longer In Scientology crowd.

    But… I have read first person encounters time and time again that attest to some pretty horrific acts by Mr. Hubbard towards his wife, his family and scientologists.

    I understand the man is separate from his writings, but his behavior at times is despicable. Degas also did some unforgivable acts but he was a visual artist. No a religious leader.

    How is it possible to separate the Man LRH from the Writer of the Tech?

  25. Thank you Ex-Sea Org Member for this article detailing this aspect of the culture within the SO.
    I was never in the SO but as a long term public in LA at PAC Base, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to make my own observations from the late 1980′s to the last several years. I’ve seen many couples separated for years at a time on a mission or posted at other orgs across the U.S. I remember seeing children wandering around the base too, wanting to see their parents or just needing attention and care. Generally, the kids were being contained somewhere but it would not be unusual to see them walking about outside the base or inside the orgs. It was pretty sad to see because these children often had an unkempt look about them.
    This uncaring attitude and practice towards the family unit trickles down to the public, who copies and dramatizes it too. I have seen some wonderful, loving families in Scientology but I have seen some very neglectful parents too, who have no time for their children or their homes and spend all their time at the org or going away to Flag for months at a time doing their Bridge as though it was the only thing that truly mattered.
    There are certain types of public who think that putting their kids in the Sea Org under the age of 18 is a great thing to do because then they don’t have to “worry about them” anymore. I think they just don’t want the responsibility of raising their teens and justify this with “The Sea Org is the safest place for them”. I have actually heard this many times from public and always wanted to ask people who say this why isn’t their HOME the safest place for their son or daughter?

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