Leaked: South African Ideal Org videos

Two ideal org videos have been leaked online. The first, from 2010 and the other from 2012. Both are meant as promo videos for ideal orgs intended to help extract money from Scientologists.

South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #1 from Deez Nutz on Vimeo.

This is a 12 minute video which opens with Sally-Anne Cooke, the OT Committee Chairman, appealing to Scientologists to support Ideal Orgs. The following are some of the claims that are made in this video:

  • The claim is made that there are 188 orgs in the world and that the 8 Ideal Orgs that existed at the time out produced the other 180 orgs combined. Given the level of production in Joburg in 2010 this does not bode well for the level of production for the Scientology org network globally.
  • The Braamfontein Life Improvement Centre is the largest and most productive in the world.
  • The average number of new people onto the Bridge from the Life Improvement Centre is 20-30 per week. See our article on the current state of the Life Improvement Centre. If it ever was that productive it certainly isn’t now.
  • Bulawayo & Harare ideal orgs are fully funded and ground breaking is imminent. 3 1/2 years later and still nothing.
  • All African ideal orgs are 75% funded. Yet only one more ideal org has opened since then.

In our view, however, the most egregious bit of sleight of hand comes at 11.40 in the video. The following LRH quote is given:

“Your donation is supporting the greatest hope that man has ever had and the churches and people vital to its survival and increase.

“Your donation does what it takes to get the job done.”

This quote comes from a policy titled “What your Donations Buy”. This policy was originally called “What your Fees Buy”. The word “fee” was changed “donation” sometime in the 70s to make it more religious sounding. But the policy explicitly talks about donations for training and processing. Now the word “donation” is used so hey-presto, abracadabra and just like that: LRH sanctioned donations! It is truly revolting.

Here’s the second video:

South Africa Scientology Ideal Org Strategy #2 from Deez Nutz on Vimeo.

The four people featured are the EDs of Joburg Day, Foundation and North with the ED Pretoria conducting the tour for them through the construction site of the Pretoria building. There is a startling amount of joking and degrading. It’s mostly a lot of fluff but at 5.27 they are at an upstairs part of the building in a space with no wall. They look down over the edge and joke about how this is for the serious ethics particles. It’s a “too gruesome”. While obviously a joke it gives insight into the heavy ethics mindset.

19 thoughts on “Leaked: South African Ideal Org videos

  1. The fluff PR had been noted for some time, I grin and bared it as so many upstate and good sane people was doing,

    as for being tossed off the balcony, well As a saying goes , I KILL MY SELF , BEFORE I KILL YOU, lol. I can c the funny in it!!

    Surfs cooking soon got to prepare , 🙂

  2. I HATE Vimeo – never plays smoothly for me! I did get as far as 20-30 new public started on the bridge every week from the centre in Braamies! Really? Where are these people? Or does doing a personality test and having your name added to CF now count as “started on the bridge”?

    Sally-Anne is a really nice person, but she needs to look.

  3. . A panorama of infamy. It is simple math, millions in to no results = promised results and delivery missing.
    It used to be , that almost anyplace one went one ran into someone who was doing dianetics or scientology training or processing or someone who had a friend or friends who were. Today many months go by before a single one is seen on the horizon.
    Fraudulent promises and failure to deliver what is promised are both actions which demonstrate that personal integrity has gone out the window.

    Please note that the original Dianetics and Scientology were and are special and unique, they worked, thus they were worthy of capital letters.
    This squirrel stuff that is altered, modified, and made to serve different purposes is stuff that pursues “the flesh” and abandons the “spirit”.

    • Quench not the Spirit on:
      “””Please note that the original Dianetics and Scientology were and are special and unique, they worked, thus they were worthy of capital letters”””.
      Right you are…. But of course the auditing tech has to be used than the user would realise yes it works, I am having life changing cognitions…
      Those who spend great deal of time looking for what is not working in Dianetics and church of Scientology will find just that…negative… zilch…. nothing of value which can be used to free self from the PT’s -ness toward the MEST[ which was created by the self]
      And those person who understood the TECH its great value that its use will erase the BANK will look for a auditor since there are hundreds of them available and continue an the Path of Self-discovery making their dream a reality.
      Those who do not continue because they simply don’t want to and they find a very good excuse blaming the church that it is the churches fault that they can not continue… now that is a big amount of B.S. unfortunately there are many who feels the same way and that gives a collective agreement.
      Well no matter… if being a victim feels so good.. that to is having-ness.
      But… the tech works… and the effects of the BANK- MEST can be erased and the dream can be reality!!!…. One has the choice…

    • Unwittingly hypnotized! – by POD (prince of darkness, (no less!)), Alan!

      ….But then, you already knew that, too! Question remains, Al, HOW to wake the poor, pphuccker up from his somnambulant trance, agreed?

  4. Yep
    The ethics particles are making a joke about the
    public being ethics particles – Has a withhold been missed?
    No never they are up stat staff members who are just joking,
    having a bit of fun!

    In South Africa we all know it’s them and the field and their
    attitude has been F…the public!
    They will obey command intention.

    Off with their heads!
    Sorry we cannot do that against their human rights!
    Ok then we will declare them Suppressive and order these
    ethics particles to disconnect = we have ways and means
    to get rid of revolutionists!

    Sorry as that well known saying says
    We Come back!
    The South African revolutionists are here to expose you as the real Ethics

  5. Hello,
    I’m so sorry for the South-African public to see their relentless efforts during the last years treated like this.

    Here is a quote from a french site “http://scientologie-secte.org/” posted yesterday:
    “Quelques prédictions pour 2014
    L’Afrique du sud sera le premier pays au monde où la majorité des scientologues déclareront leur indépendance et quitteront officiellement l’église pour créer des groupes dissidents.”
    It means :
    Some predictions for 2014
    South-Africa will be the first country in the world where the majority of Scientologists will proclaim their independence and will quit the church officially to create dissidents groups.

    Reading you, dear friends, it sounds like it will be true!!!

    I give you all my support.
    Have a nice day, as I go sleeping…

    • “Some predictions for 2014
      South-Africa will be the first country in the world where the majority of Scientologists will proclaim their independence and will quit the church officially to create dissidents groups.”

      From your lips to God’s ears! South Africans can put up with a lot if they are convinced it’s for a good cause. But don’t mess with our families, friends and close relationships. Then we get pissed off – noisily!

  6. “First out” means that you are ahead of everyone else. It also means that over time, you have more experience. It is a lot of work, but the experience is worth it.
    (Check with Dani Lemberger at the Dror Center.)
    There is a hell of a lot of back-up in the field, just waiting to help.

  7. Hi, This post is not particular to this current blog entry. It is appropriate to the blog entry you did comparing the new “Basics” editions with the original (or previous) editions of the books.

    There is a really good, helpful and important P/L in the previous edition of “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” that has been completely removed from the “Basics” version. This is the P/L “First Dynamic Danger Formula Application”.

    Also, in the previous edition there is a picture of LRH and an LRH quote, before the “Table of Contents”, that has also been removed from the “Basics” version. This is a wonderful quote:

    “Tolerance, mercy, understanding and the actual handling of the individual by decent and effective ethics technology is a new hope for justice.”

    This is obviously not what Miscavige has in mind.

  8. Seems like the new handling for “ethics particles” AKA the public is to defenestrate them.


    Guess they weren’t expecting this to be leaked.

    Probably OSA’s going crazy trying to find the mole right now 😉

  9. Is there any body that can tell me what happened to the Norwood mission. I drove past there a veiw time and the mission board has been taken down.

  10. From what you have written here it is obvious that the church is now in a Condition of Confusion, having failed to accept and handle its Condition of Treason. If this remains unhandled the next step will be a Condition of Collapse and Total Oblivion.

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