Bulawayo Ideal Org building turned into a brothel

This article appeared yesterday in the Zimbabwe Daily News. The original article can be found here. On the plus side at least it’s not an empty building. It was purchased 8 years ago. Another solid investment.


This picture was borrowed from the Valley Ideal Org building.

Church of Scientology premises turned into a brothel

BULAWAYO – South Africa-based Church of Scientology is facing a crisis as their building in Bulawayo has been illegally invaded by sex workers, drunkards and street kids who are refusing to vacate the premises despite city council efforts to evict them.

In an interview with the Daily News, the church administrator, who identified himself as Chipere, confirmed the presence of illegal occupants who are resisting eviction.

“It is true that there are people living in our building and most of them are drunkards and street kids. We closed the flat after water supplies were cut,” Chipere said.

“The church never used the building but to our surprise people broke in and started using the premises without our permission. We reported the matter to the police and city council who have previously tried to evict people living there but they still come back, break in and continue living there.”

He said the illegal occupants have been living in their building for more than seven years now.

“The police are aware of this issue because there are cases of violence that are reported almost every day from the building. People, who live there abuse alcohol, use the rooms for sexual pleasures, they have destroyed the windows, doors and the place is very untidy now. I really don’t know how the situation can be dealt with,” he said.

Chipere said some of the people who live at Marvel Court along Joshua Nkomo Street are normal families and there was a time when they threatened him saying they have political support to forestall eviction.

“They threatened me, saying they are politically connected and since they have nowhere to stay they have no option but to occupy the building. The building will soon be renovated because we are still working on getting permission from border authorities to bring in material and renovate the building. It is still our building and we don’t want to use force on the people,” Chipere said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Mandlenkosi Moyo told the Daily News that he had not received any reports about the issue but police will look into the case and make sure that everything is resolved.

“I’m not aware of the issue myself but it is our duty to protect the lives of the people. Therefore, as police we will be there to escort whoever will come and report, to make sure no one is hurt during the eviction process,” Moyo said.

A source close to the city council revealed that they attempted evicting people living there but they kept coming back.

“At first we evicted them with the help of the police but they returned. The second time we gave them an ultimatum that they leave the premises in a certain period of time but up to date they are still there. We are not sure how to handle this case anymore,” he said.


46 thoughts on “Bulawayo Ideal Org building turned into a brothel

  1. Does the brothel keep stats?
    Bodies in the shop, New starts, Completions?
    Leave a building empty in Africa and people will find a use for it.
    At least this ideal building is providing better services than most ideal orgs by providing shelter to homeless people.
    Straight up and vertical? ( sorry, I couldn’t help myself!!!!!)

    • LOL! Brilliant comment.
      Sadly it’s pretty close to the truth. DM is to LRH’s tech what a prostitute is to a sane and prosurvival second dynamic… Or a better analogy: he’s doing to people’s 7th and 8th dynamic urges what a porn movie maker does to people’s 2nd dynamic urge – corrupting it entirely. So I have to say I’m not surprised by this latest use of an ideal org!!!

    • That is classic. I am still laughing. You forgot VSD and resign ups and of courses the ‘ what do you do drills’ just to make sure you dont get it wrong

    • Nah – miscavige loves to do all the screwing himself – he won’t like the competition! And then they would be declared Suppressive Prostitutes and would be accused of squirrel screwing and there we go again!!

      • OMG! You guys are hilarious.
        So instead of straight up and vertical, you have straight down and horizontal?
        This is fun!

  2. With all the crime and hazards KNOWN by the CoS at this property–and as a result of their negligence and intentional abandonment, sounds like someone should sue–whenever bad things happen. Even suits by the squatters!

  3. There are a lot of stories on buildings acquired. Even more on “Ideal Orgs”.
    Today I released a video called
    Scientology Inc ~ The priority of Real Estate acquisition but no humanity, staff pay or toilet paper.

  4. Brilliant article and comments.
    The sad truth is that the picturesque way in which DM and his cronies, squirrel and alter truth and the true tech of LRH, to pursue the flesh and the money for their own gratification, IS DEGRADATION. DMs management is so ineffectual that even the hookers see the gap to take.

  5. Who paid for the building? I can’t imagine there is a large OTC in Zimbabwe that did enough events to buy a building, the money had to come from South Africa, right? So the failure to do renos is also a failure for South African orgs.

      • Maybe they could pay for a bunch of staff to move there for the first few years, and also pay a bunch of publics to move to Zimbabwe to take courses, and they could pay local businesses to employ they publics so they have enough money to take courses.

    • I guess if DM considers the working girls VM’s it could be counted as a ״touch assist” so he can brag in the next event how the golden age of tech 2 has wonderful affluance in the new org even before it was renovated!

  6. I am sure DM knows very well what is happening there. He would not give a damm as he has bigger problems to deal with. He is busy stealing from LRH and having an operational building on the former Rhodesia where lrh has done the most powerful technical discovery is not his priority. It is not his money after all….appalling!

  7. This is from Impact 120. I don’t know the date. I always thought Zimbabwe expansion had something to do with LRH’s disaster in Rhodesia.



    Zimbabwe, formerly rhodesia, is a country where LrH lived and worked in the 1960s and whose people he cared for deeply. In recent years it has been one of the political hot spots of the planet with runaway inflation and one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the world, making it a flash point for an entire continent. Zimbabwe is in dire need of the full spectrum of LrH tech that can only be delivered by a Church of Scientology, which is exactly what the new IAS-sponsored Ideal Orgs of Harare and Bulawayo will deliver.


    The new Harare Ideal Org building is located in the center of the financial district, two blocks down from Parliament.

    Its 45,000 square-foot building combines traditional African with contemporary cosmopolitan style. Two floors of Public Information Displays will answer any questions about Dianetics and Scientology and include a section on LrH, giving the full story of his stay in the country.

    A special WISe unit providing LrH administrative tech will help jump-start domestic firms. VM and Book One facilities will likewise be extensive.

    Located in the southwest of zimbabwe, Bulawayo is the country’s industrial center and second largest city.

    Once known as the breadbasket of Africa, the nation has been crippled with economic crisis and its social structure is at the brink of collapse. This new Ideal Org will play a vital role in restoring prosperity by providing the full scope of LrH technology.

    Bulawayo was the first Church of Scientology to be established in zimbabwe and with its reopening as an Ideal Org there will be new hope for the entire country.


    • LRH came to zimbabwe, formerly called rhodesia, in March 1966 to search out an OT base in Africa.

    • Zimbabwe has become one of the most volatile countries on earth and recently one of the foremost political hot spots of this planet. Only LrH tech will reverse the dwindling spiral of this country.

    • These IAS-sponsored Ideal Orgs will fulfill the LrH dream for this nation.

    • “Disaster”?
      I wouldn’t say it was a “disaster”.
      Ron pretty much predicted what would happen if the Smith Regime didn’t introduce universal suffrage like Cassandra predicted the fall of Troy.
      And like Cassandra he become unpopular in certain political circles.
      He recorded a damn good lecture on his experiences there which is pretty much considered a classic among BC students.
      Regarding best Scientology Whore House in Zimbabwe.
      The irony is hard to escape.
      So much for Dave’s gang of “hard, cold as chrome” (which could be referring to his erection) efforts to get ethics in

  8. Maybe they should relocate several members of the newly arrived Sea Org mission from SA up to this building. If there is anything the Sea Org does well, its stopping fun!

  9. He said the illegal occupants have been living in their building for more than seven years now.
    Is that right? Well, my church has been occupied by an illegal thug regime for the last thirty years!

    • Ronnie, you are right about that. DM’s thug gang is soulless to say the least and needs to go. I think Judge Waldrip will handle the hell outta them. Thanks for posting!

      • I am so hoping to see Mosey’s suit against DM and the church produce some sort of tangible change in the relationship of the church to the Independent Scientologist community. I want to see some sort of precedent set that removes the church’s ability to persecute private citizens for the ‘crime’ of practicing their chosen religion. Such a precedent will open the door to the establishment of Independent Scientology orgs in America – then the world.

  10. Classic tweets , if I buy 12 intesives of heavy grade pump and jive do I get a rolling discount,
    as a experiment what would the odds of finding the leader of that building sqwat, take care of him , and get him to get dianetics done on all , then teach the kids and train a new bread of lrh clan

    Very funny posts love it, in a other universe we would just take them and DM and shoot or sink the boat they are put on,

    A magic application of the tec on the leaders could create a trend of buy a building wait for sqwaters then befriend the leader and you have your staff already there and you train them and use the tec to turn the situation around,

  11. What a tragic waste of funds. SO members earning a pittance whilst millions go into properties like this.
    This is a perfect example of how out of touch church management is with reality.
    Rod Keller, thanks for the contextual quotes.
    I ask, are there any folks in Zimbabwe reading this blog? If you are, give us a feel for what the scene is up there.
    It seems to be pretty much a dead scene. CLO finance staff have been grieve. A hat of property management that they are unskilled at. Screw-ups like this and Durban and Joburg North will continue to happen. As long as the current strategy is extant.

  12. Brothel or Ideal Org – what’s the difference?
    You pay to get screwed in both.
    And – blast, someone has already done the ‘straight up and vertical expansion’ comment.
    But seriously, the fact that this building was purchased and then left to rot for 7 years, tells us all we need to know about the true intentions of L’il Davey’s cult.
    Take money, deliver nothing of value.

  13. A wild guess, but DM might have had difficulty keeping his accumulated South African money in cash (because of tax laws) or extracting his money out of South Africa (exchange control) so he re-invested his SA accumulated cash in a building (now a brothel) to “store” the cash in SA? This purchase was done in 2007, which was at the height of the real estate boom in US and is also where much of the IAS donations came from in the US: the 2nd and 3rd mortgages on appreciated homes of American Scientologists to pay IAS!!

  14. It says that they have been squatting there for more than 7 years. I wonder if there are local laws which allow for acquired rights for squatters if they have been there past a certain period of time. (Might be interesting to check into.)

    • There could indeed be squatters rights. If they are black and the staff is white, Mugabe might feel like intervening anyway. He’s still throwing out the white farmers, why not the SO with their military uniforms which may restimulate the hell out of him. Lol!

  15. When I want a laugh, I read this particular blog. It’s so hilarious.
    Doesn’t it make sense, isn’t it practical that when you don’t have a roof over your head and you spy this absolutely empty builing no one is using it, to occupy it? Scientology in Bulawayo is inadvertently contributing to the fourth dynamic. AND they haven’t asked anybody for rent. This is a miracle.
    I think it’s wonderful and it can only have happened in Africa!

  16. I was recently in Bulawoo and had the privelege of visting this org. I blew a lot of charge, some of the female staffers had overts so I put ethics in on them pretty hard. After the sessions they felt very relaxed and we went out for some smokes.
    TC had just been and did a gangbang sec check on one staffer, it was pretty hard core from what I heard.

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