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[Virtual: 1. almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition. 2. not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so]

The following promo has been distributed by the the “OT Ambassadors” of Africa who have come up with the bright idea of encouraging ALL Scientologists (including those living in other countries) to buy “virtual bricks” for  funding the rest of the Ideal Orgs in Africa. The reward for anyone making such a donation is that their name will appear on a “Virtual Wall of Fame”.

The promo piece clearly states that AOAF will be opening in 2015.

Here it is:

AOAF buy a brick promo

This is not a new concept. Way back in 2000 when fundraising for the new Joburg Org started, they were also selling bricks and the like – depending on the size of donation, one could own a door or even an entire auditing room.  This was just one of many fundraising games used to get Joburg Org funded.

14 years later, and again (or still)  the public are being asked to buy bricks for African orgs. For the AO to open every org has to be an ideal org. To put this into perspective, consider this:

  • When Joburg Org made the decision to move, the concept of Ideal Orgs had not yet been born. The move came about because of the necessity to get out of the crime ridden city centre.  None-the-less, it took 3 years to raise the money and renovate the building which finally opened its doors in November 2003.
  • It took a further two years after that for Joburg to achieve Saint Hill size in 2005. This status didn’t last very long and within two years (2007), the org was around the same size it was prior to the move.
  • In 2006 fundraising for the Braamfontein Test Centre commenced. 4 years later,  this building opened in March 2010. By August 2011 this building had been standing empty and unmanned for some months, and today is open for a few hours in the afternoons only and has a total of 5 students coming on course at sporadic times. See Joburg’s life improvement centre: A barren wasteland
  • Concurrent with Braamfontein, fundraising for Pretoria started as did the “retrofit” for Joburg. The ribbon-cutting (re-opening) of Joburg took place in August 2011 and, finally, Pretoria opened in February 2013. This org is not doing as well as would be expected from a R40 million building. See Pretoria – idling along
  • Fundraising for Joburg North was also taking place at the same time as Pretoria. This cycle has been in progress for more than 4 years. Unbeknownst to the public, all the money raised for Joburg North up to August 2013 was funneled over to handle the shortfall on Pretoria. 4 years later, Joburg North still has not bought a building, let alone started renovating it.
  • The building in Durban was demolished (Durban’s ideal empty lot) and then they reportedly sold the empty lot so there is no building. Port Elizabeth and of course Cape Town which was purchased 8 years ago and seems to be no closer to an Ideal Org than the day it was purchased, despite a team of 3 Sea Org members who were dispatched to Cape Town in February to get it wrapped up. See Ideal Org update
  • Lastly, the Zimbabwe Orgs – Bulawayo and Harare. These orgs are IAS funded but are standing empty and derelict with one of them having become brothel (Bulawayo ideal org building turned into a brothel). With the Millions sitting in the African IAS accounts (which cannot be sent overseas due to exchange control issues) one wonders why these orgs have not been renovated and opened years ago.

In other words, it’s taken 14 years to get Joburg, Braamfontein and Pretoria orgs opened and operating. There were 3402 days between the opening of Joburg and Pretoria Orgs. So far it has been 521 days since Pretoria Org opened and no renovations have even begun an any other building. There are 522 days until the end of 2015. The expectation of the above promo is that in the next 522 days another 5 orgs and 1 Advanced Org will be funded, renovated and opened for business.

Taking a leaf out of the green vol policies and working back from the end product: This requires a building be completed and opened every 87 days if one of those opened today.

When this target is missed, and it will be, there will be no outcry or inquiry. There will only be a new promo piece with a new date and a new game of virtual buildings.


18 thoughts on “Virtual Ideal Orgs

  1. Hi Renie, as one of the gung ho individuals who donated heavily at the VERY FIRST fundraiser (never to so much as receive even a virtual acknowledgement), of course I also want to be one of the first to donate to your honourable cause. Kindly text me your bank details at the following phone number: 082-EAT-SHIT!!!!!!!
    I smell a Messrs Cooke, Bruckmann or Ryan (our local experts in the proven business concept of using Other People’s Money – and never repaying them – to fund their activities). Who else would conceive of the idea that any foreigner would want to donate to someone else’s org when clearly fundraising around the world has slowed to a halt. Why don’t they simply rename Braamfontein Life Improvement Centre as Joburg North and ‘Bingo!’ one’s done. I’m sure it will make no difference to the volume of traffic through either one.

    • Love your comment, Sean! What a good idea about Joburb North.
      Anyone know what happened with regards their (Cooke, Bruckmann and Ryan) Comm Ev? Do they get to pay everyone back? Declared SP until they do?

      • They’re certainly still in good standing. I hear they had a very heavy time of it whatever that might mean, but don’t see anything in the physical universe to suggest anything has changed. I imagine they’re just doing lowered conditions – Ciaran Ryan for one spends a lot of his time at Joburg org running the GAT2 purif that is apparently better than all OT levels combined by a factor of 52.

    It is the truth and brilliant and well written!
    It is time for the field to be given the truth as the
    readers of the blog are well aware of what is actually going
    on in the Church.
    It is NOT an article moaning and groaning it is a piece of
    Education which somehow needs to be out there!

  3. Its not clear whether the funds are being raised to get the individual orgs to “ideal org” status (the AO was only going to be opened after they were all ideal). or whether it is for the AO itself. Cape Town, Joburg North, Durban, PE need at least R200 million between them, and now we hear that the AO itself has to be built because the castle cannot be used for anything other than residence or hotel. That’s another R100 mill just there – at least! Then there is Bulawayo and Harare…….This promo is proof that the local field is not financially positioned to support this programme. Let it go already!

    • This promo fortifies the delusion that there are “millions” of scientologists out there, and Africa is the only place floundering. They hope the “moneyed millions” out there will come to the rescue of Africa. Hah! If only they knew…..well, they are about to find out.

    • Hi Wendy, because of the public outcry when they found out that money for Joburg North had been siphoned off for Pretoria, they wised up and are now fundraising “for the pot” – in others words, the money you donate can be used at their discretion for any org they choose. So the virtual bricks are for “any and all” the ideal orgs. The Castle is supposed to be funded by the IAS once all the Ideal Orgs are done. This is a moot point though, because they are constantly fundraising for the IAS as well as Ideal Orgs – so ultimately the public will pay for the AO too.

      • Well that’s just it. For years we were told “YOU ARE THE IAS” I’m sure my daughter still has a sticker saying that on her mirror among the other stickers. So when the IAS buys something , actually YOU paid for it. Beware IAS AO AF fundraisers coming.

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  5. Little do they know…nor would they believe…that they are floundering worldwide. Even Flag is relatively deserted with a supposed 200 trained auditors ready and raring to do….nothing. Auditor training is virtually nil over the globe. And they no longer even report WDAH anywhere.

  6. Nomdeplume: well said!

    Even if fundraising was now twice as successful as any time previously, the target will not be met. And the good advice above about emailing it to the public (are there any left?) Is great except it is a factual account. There is no place for all these inconvenient facts in the church. It would have to be dead agented and keep OSA up all night. It’s actually like an IQ test question. “If it took 3 years to do one org, how do you do 5 more of them in 87 days each with less money?” I wonder how many sheeple will actually believe this?

    • If there is an email to the field from here won’t that be tantamount to saying, we have an org mailing list.

      So, for that you may be declared…. oh wait… you probably are 🙂

  7. so much of what scientology does is so ludicrous it needs no further comment.
    in fact the main thing most critical blogs do is merely highlight scientology’s own literature.
    it truly speaks for itself.

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