Group Engram

By Mark Shreffler

I am engulfed by responses from my recent post on this blog titled “War and Revolution.”  I intended my simple offering would provide for many a stable datum that would allow them to move through whatever difficulties they are having and then re-engage with their lives.

My suggestion that we continue with our enhancement includes not just auditing and training to resolve Case, but the ethics and admin tech as well.  Without these one cannot correctly evaluate what has happened and thus remove its harmful effect.

No one argues the fact that our group suffered an engram, and no one (in our group) disagrees with the fact that this needs to be resolved.  Resolving this trauma is what LRH addresses in Notes on the Lectures when he says the following:

“The clearing of such a moment of turbulence is done simply by exposing all facets of it to the general view of all the individuals who compose the group. Time itself suppresses the turbulent area—that is, lack of time in which events can be explained and discussed. There is actual pain to the group here, since the ideals and ethics of the group have been infiltrated by MEST. Should such moments of emergency remain unexplained, they are not analytically understood by other members of the group and so, as engrams, distort the ideals and ethics and rationale of the group.”

“This effort at processing will be utterly defeated should the auditor to the group pay any atten­tion whatsoever to the consideration the public or other groups may have for the group, to the reputa­tion of any individual involved in the moment of emer­gency, or to any idea that members of the group itself may grossly be upset by the discovery of certain facts about its members.

“The characteristic point of this turmoil or turbulence, the engram of the group, is that it contains suppressed or out-of-sight information. If at any moment the auditor to the group suppresses information or colors it in any way, some of that engram is going to remain, and actually a situation is entered here where the engram is left in a state of restimulation where it can do more damage than it could have had it never been run.

“The auditor to the group must be composed of persons fully schooled in the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group, and whose integrities are not questioned by the group. The whole key-note of the group auditor is honesty and truth—uncolored, unvarnished and unsuppressed data.

“In this way a good auditing job can be done. The auditor of the group is discovering what has been done to the group and is running it. There is no need of going over and over one of these engrams beyond exposing the information thoroughly and competently to the view of all, and permitting all members of the group to discuss that information as they wish. The group itself may then decide upon certain actions, but so long as the group itself is doing the deciding and not an individual or a few.

“Action taken by one individual or a few individuals of the group of a punitive character without the under­standing or direction and consent of the other members of the group will create a lock or an engram.

“The toughness and resilience of the ideals, ethic and rationale of a group—that is to say, the group itself—is enormous and should not be underestimated in any degree. Any group can embark on the most arduous enterprises which would seem to be fraught with all possibilities of creating moments of pain; but so long as it is understood that whenever an emergency status occurs and a selected member of the group issues arbi­trary orders to take care of compressed time emergency situations, and it is understood that this issuance of orders must be scouted down in an effort to find and run the engram, the group can then under no circum­stances suffer any enduring harm, save only whatever harm may have been done in the actual conflict itself, and this harm would not be to ideals and ethics but to individuals and MEST in the group.”

It is my view that continuing to put attention on current events in the church distracts us from the task of actually blowing the basic engram, and adds locks on to the chain. Of course there has been a chain of engrams as many of us can attest, but the Basic-Basic holding them in place needs be resolved.

I would be very interested, for example, to know what ACTUALLY transpired in the storied meeting with DM and the IRS that resulted in his “War is Over!” declaration back in the 80’s.  From a huge stage well-framed in characteristics of fanfare that became his hallmark, he fanned through all the documents that suggested our liberation from IRS intervention.  This talk, and the parade of adoring attorneys collecting their accolades and praising “their leader,” established DM as “The Savior of Scientology.”

In truth, that “victory” marked the time when all church MAAs became IRS enforcers to ensure everyone was paying their individual taxes “to keep our religious status” as a church. You would be sec-checked if you didn’t file.

In fact, the war WAS over, but the hidden information in that incident was that the church lost that war and DM sided with the enemy, long entrenched. All manner of PR was then utilized to cover this fact. People supporting DM both inside and outside of the church turned their attention to maintaining the illusion of victory to an innocent and enthusiastic  congregation. This continues to this day.

Was this “War is Over” event the Basic engram on this chain?  I believe for our congregation it was a significant moment, but I would suggest that the earlier event announcing LRH’s departure was both emotionally traumatic and puzzling as it left us wondering, “What now?” The arbitraries laid in at that time were certainly impactful, and I’m sure there is more to know about that event and what led to it.

LRH told us for years about those who were intent on taking over the church:  The IRS and the CIA to name two.  Of course these agencies answer to their own masters, who LRH also mentioned, but in my gut they were the actual “renovators” of this house.  My opinion. Do any of you have evidence of this?

DM did not pull this off without a lot of help.  The tech and policy arbitraries count in the thousands from the bottom of the bridge to the top.  All the basics were altered. How could this massive amount of work be done by a failed case with no tech or admin training to speak of and therefore no senior grasp on exactly which fundamentals would destroy the effectiveness of our technologies?  Outpoints abound.

As a working hypothesis, I would suggest an analogy:

One builds a house and then puts on it’s roof a “lightening rod” to attract the anger of storms and funnel it to the ground – allowing the house to remain.  DM was allowed by these “renovators” to rise as the “front man” to attract the ire of the storm. He was well suited to the task as he is quite charismatic, blinded by his own avarice and a sociopath. Because he is not himself trained in Scientology he is the perfect “Lee Harvey Oswald” of the renovation, with the obvious difference that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy, where DM pulled the trigger on many for years – and yet remains free to operate.

It’s an old story.  Who believes that the President of the United States is chosen “by the people” and does not answer to higher authorities?  Even the Pope (the Catholic version) is on somebody’s leash.

One can argue that if DM was hit by a bus the church would return to it’s “default settings.”  I believe LRH’s observations were realized: the church is now owned by people who remain out of view and whose intentions are in opposition with our own.

I also believe that it serves these “renovators” very well to hold out-of-view their hand in this takeover as it maintains the grip of this unresolved engram, and keeps our group in a state of electrification.  The ONLY objective they have is to see to it that the real OT levels are not delivered. Yes, they KNOW Scientology works and that these levels and the other training in Scientology technologies would prove their undoing.  As long as everyone remains stirred up, they are winning. Their creed is “Don’t let them get the OT Levels. Don’t let them train on Standard Scientology”

What better way to deal with this than to flourish and prosper and to continue with our enhancement while we get to the bottom of this?

It is not about “blaming it on the reactive mind.”  It is about applying ALL of our technology – ethics, tech and admin – to the end of resolving the problems we face as we move forward.

People should tell their stories and publish their Doubt announcements.  This is an essential action to one’s progress up the conditions. They get back in comm and we are here to listen and to understand, but we do ourselves no service by sharing the understandable out-ruds and “piling on”, adding more to the chain.  The auditor’s job is not to sympathize with the pc but to be effective.  The third dynamic aspect must be resolved through the application of our technologies.  Otherwise, many will leave Scientology, thinking that “it doesn’t work” when, in fact, it has not been correctly applied.

LRH comments in HCO POLICY LETTER OF 17 MARCH 1965 Issue III ADMINISTERING JUSTICE:  “In a session you would keep a burglar from bursting in the room and disturbing the preclear. In Scientology you keep offenders out so we can get on with our session with society.”

The church is a sinking ship.  As people jump off, show those who reach out to us the entire incident and let them blow the charge and join again the game they intended to play in the first place. Welcome them back to Scientology.

Focus on DM has not and does not blow the engram or quell the storm.  There is yet hidden information about this, and I’d be very interested in that discovery – and our conversation about it.

Who can shed more light on what actually happened in the beginning?

Let’s BLOW this engram and get on with our lives!

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  1. Thank you Mark. It actually is exciting to think of the future with pure tech outside of the church. This tech will blow so much for us all!!! Only the brave will be able to find this pure tech and go for it. Good luck to one and all!!!!! Go for it!!!!

  2. Mark,
    “Focus on DM has not and does not blow the engram or quell the storm. There is yet hidden information about this, and I’d be very interested in that discovery – and our conversation about it.”
    A very astute observation.
    Some time back I came to the conclusion or cognition if you will that Miscavige was nothing but an aberated stable datum, a safe solution or a walking ser fac being used to stave off a prior confusion.
    I remember way back in late ’70′s early ’80′s there were efforts to run the 3D Engram caused by the recent FBI raids and the later indictments of our most senior executives at the time.
    There was a lot of talk but no full postmortem on what actually happened of what could be considered our “Bay of Pigs”.
    That is a major intelligence failure on the part of the GO.
    No comm-eves, no B of I, not even an ethics order explaining what happened.
    Just a sudden change in Management (what I call the coup) which over time became worse than the Management we already had.
    You mention the CIA.
    Personally I don’t know if the CIA are currently involved but back then the reason that the FOIA lawsuit against various Government Agencies did not prevail was it was dismissed for “reasons of ‘National Security’” and this probably had something to do with the then highly classified Remote Viewing project which involved several high profile Scientologists.
    Thus preventing the GO from achieving its objective of obtaining the information that was in the files “by any legal means” per the Snow White Program, Project Hunter and set them on the dangerous course outlined in GO 1361.
    That is to acquire the intelligence by illegal means which included espionage.
    Much of this is covered in Omar Garrison’s excellent book “Playing Dirty; The Secret War Against Beliefs”
    Sure people will say this all happened in the past and the GO was eventually abolished.
    Yet in my opinion it was replaced with an even more malicious entity called the Office of Special Affairs that is now totally under the control of the Sea Org which in turn is under the virtual dictatorship of a psychotic lunatic who falsely proclaims himself as the “Pope of Scientology” because he happens the be the “Chairman” of from my observation a nonexistent “Board” since there are no other members ever mentioned of RTC which isn’t even the most senior Organization in Scientology’s Organizational pyramid.
    The most senior entity happens to be the Church of Spiritual Technology which is one of the Church’s best kept secrets under “Pope” David.
    In fact so secret is this relationship that Miscavige neglected to mention it in all his bloviations about his “victory” over the IRS.
    But I digress.
    The fact is that history does and will continue to influence current events in the outside world and within the Church of Scientology.

    • Remoteviewed, thank you for this post and for your link. I’m happy to be able to respond directly now that I have sorted out a tangle in my passwords with WordPress! Please continue with these insightful posts!

  3. Oh Shreffie, you have my full agreement on this. I have from the start believed that DM is a puppet and the puppet masters are not visible.
    My research so far shows some interesting facts and for a simple summary from the plethora of information I have so far gathered, I have used one specific article to illustrate how right you are. The place to begin is why was the US Governments interest in Scientology. Here is an insert from a story by Elizabeth Walker called “Federal Cover-Up Of Scientology In Military Intel”
    “The timeline of events documents that an employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. Harold Puthoff, infiltrated Scientology, completed its confidential upper-level courses, and almost immediately secured a top-secret contract with the Central Intelligence Agency to set up the CIA-initiated “remote-viewing” intelligence program. The evidence is that the program secretly utilized Scientology techniques–intellectual property of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard–without Hubbard’s or any Scientology organization’s knowledge or permission, and without compensation.”
    From what I read into this, the objective here was to use the upper level material to achieve :remote Viewing” to be used in espionage. It is interesting to note that the Russians were also researching “remote viewing” at the same time. This concept was in my opinion brought to fact by LRH’s research into the upper levels.
    If we look at the people surrounding LRH at the time of his death, one can see that there is definitely an outside contingent that had ties to the IRS and other agencies. From my research I found the following:
    The article goes on to say: “The study also shows that Scientology’s Guardian’s Office (GO)–headed by Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue–had province over the intellectual properties being illegally used by the federal government.
    The GO became embroiled in protracted litigation, via the churches, of numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits against NSA, the CIA, the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Defence, the Secret Service, and other Executive Branch departments and agencies.
    The FOIA suits sought the release of documents related to Scientology and to L. Ron Hubbard that were known to exist, but were being withheld by the federal intelligence agencies and the Defence Department, among others, on grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY.”
    Now lets face it, the US government agencies were definitely embroiled in Scientology and this is not an hypothesis, this is a fact. So how did this play out?
    ” In an EXCLUSIVE 1997 STORY, the PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION reported that Meade Emory–former Assistant to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and former Legislation Attorney, Joint Committee on Taxation–had been a co-founder of CST, Scientology’s most senior corporation. That corporation now controls the copyrights for all of L. Ron Hubbard’s intellectual properties, once valued at close to $100 million. CST also enjoys ultimate authority over all Scientology-related trademarks, including even the name “L. Ron Hubbard.”
    But the discovery of Emory, a non-Scientologist, in such an unusual position raised red flags, since Emory’s involvement in setting up the corporation had been hidden for fifteen years.
    Then it was learned that Emory had been Assistant to Commissioner of IRS Donald C. Alexander from 1975 through 1977. Strangely, those were the very years that an IRS employee, Gerald Wolfe, was supposedly a Scientology “double agent” guilty of numerous thefts of IRS documents for Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian’s Office–leading to the arrests and convictions.”
    And…Other oddities also surfaced:
    “1. According to a U.S. Claims Court ruling, none of the founders of CST but one had any religious connection with Scientology. They were non-Scientologist tax and probate attorneys.
    2. The October 1993 IRS tax-exemption for CST was granted in a then-secret Closing Agreement only after a final round-up of every intellectual property ever produced by L. Ron Hubbard had been completed.
    3. On November 29, 1993, scarcely two months after CST had been granted tax exemption by IRS in a secret Closing Agreement, all 7,730 of L. Ron Hubbard{s copyrights were quietly transferred to CST.”
    All this resulted in:
    “The IRS Closing Agreement, once released, revealed that it had been the final step in the United States government’s 20-year campaign to secretly get L. Ron Hubbard’s copyrighted technologies and techniques–being illegally used by federal agencies in strategic intelligence–firmly under secret federal government control. Putting the copyrights in a 501(c)(3) corporation bypassed the separation clause of the Constitution, because CST, despite its name, is not a church.
    So certain was the IRS that the secret agreement would never be exposed that it included a “Continued Conspiracy Clause,” requiring all signatories to agree in collusion to protect Meade Emory and all other “current or former” employees of IRS and the United States government against any and all claims of their having been involved in a “continued conspiracy.” Yet it was just such a “continued conspiracy” that apparently had brought the secret Closing Agreement into being.
    The federal government further secured its position by secretly setting up an illegal and unconstitutional “Church Tax Compliance Committee” to enforce Treasury regulations on the structure and function of the various Scientology organizations, including permanent installations of “Tax Compliance Officers” in each organization.
    Senator Roth’s inaction on the Executive Summary regarding Meade Emory’s involvement with the creation of Scientology’s most senior corporation has now raised questions whether the Legislative Branch has been involved in the cover-up as well.”
    I know this is a long response, but you opened up the can of worms I am working on as I feel that the only way to undo the current strangle hold on the church is to expose the power behind the throne. Maybe then, someone with the money and the perseverance can bring the US Government to task, close down the current operation and have all of LRH’s works given back to its flock to avail oneself of it as the old man intended us to do.
    It is vital to understand that the puppet masters cannot afford to allow LRH’s tech to be used as it was intended to be used, for the good of mankind and for our spiritual freedom as this will render their purpose for the tech ineffective against us, and ultimately mankind. It is the one system that will prevent mankind to becoming the slaves the Governments of today want us to become.

      • “The church is a sinking ship. As people jump off, show those who reach out to us the entire incident and let them blow the charge and join again the game they intended to play in the first place. Welcome them back to Scientology.” Mark I agree. And I am with you that we need to form a group outside Scn so that the tech lives and so that people leaving it can continue on their Bridges outside the church.

      • Hi Cindy,
        Thank you for post. I think we have a number of people who agree with us. Let’s start a group – or join throw our shoulders the wheel of those that already exist!

    • A few points don’t add up for me.
      1. The church was infiltrated in order to gain upper level materials – that is more or less believable but it wasn’t in the least necessary. See last part of point 3 below.
      2. DM needed help. I completely agree but not the kind of help that could be given by outsiders. What could they contribute? He was already in the best position to know who needed to be taken out and how to get them out. He had the help of senior execs within the church.
      3. The IRS in cahoots with other agencies made a deal with the church in order to secure the IP of LRH? Nah. Not very likely. Since when has any government had the remotest consideration that it must act within the law? They can and do just seize anything they want whenever they want.

      • Hello Interested Party,
        Thank you for the post. I think if you google Harold “Hal” Puthoff from NSA and Ingo Swann from the UN you’ll find answers to these questions. Sub-text “remote viewing”.

    • There are “puppet masters” who need to stop Scientology because it means spiritual freedom for mankind? So LRH could never truly be cause or DM either …… blame their failures on the shadowy “puppet masters” …. none dare call it responsibility I guess.

      • Yeah well someone’s got to balance out the lone Ron or Miscavige theories out there.
        As if they were gods.
        Plus the no responsibility cases and their Nuremberg defense about following orders and all that while blaming it on Ron or Dave.
        The irony is someone like that lecturing us on “responsibility”.

  4. Brilliant Mark, we have been played and we are fighting amongst ourselves and its time it stopped! Enlightening responses already!
    I would also really like to hear from anyone in the intelligence community monitoring this site with any relevant information? An anonymous post with data that could be verified by one of us would be helpful to a group that has been pounded from pillar to post! We really don’t deserve what we have gone through!

  5. Plans within plans..within yet more plans! The morass of entanglement, subterfuge, mis-information and sordid tricks abound! No wonder some victims thus vexed throw up there hands in the air and say, LRH made it all up ,the whole thing! Then walk away..There is no easy way out of this maze, one sure step at a time is the best to hope for while stacking up more wins than losses! But dont give up -EVER!

  6. If you are interested in what happened with the IRS and Miscavige and LRH, read Marty Rathbun’s books. Read his blog. Watch the videos we did together.
    I can tell you from my perspective, it gets tired writing and rewriting what happened, only to have people come along and pose these same questions “there is something we don’t know and I sure wish there was a way of finding out.”
    Well, you do. You just need to read it. It has been laid out by him (and to a lesser extent me). We were there from the very beginning and at each meeting with the IRS all the way through to exemption. There is no mystery. It has been very well described. So too the ascent of Miscavige and death of LRH.
    This long quote boils down to a simple thing — make the truth known. That is what we have been attempting to do for years. You apparently don’t acknowledge anything that Marty has written or said because he is in your eyes a squirrel and you have disconnected from him. But I don’t know where you hope to find the real story…
    The only other people present for the IRS were Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Heber Jentzsch and the lawyers Monique Yingling, Jerry Feffer, Tom Spring and Bill Walsh.
    The only other people that know more about LRH’s death are Pat and Annie Broeker, Ray Mithoff and Earle Cooley.
    This is exactly why we have spent thousands of hours doing blogs, doing media interviews, shooting videos and writing books.

    • Hello Mike,
      Thank you for your post. I appreciate your point of view, but I’d like to discover what was happening earlier on the chain than is covered in these writings you mentioned. I wish you no offense, and welcome any light you can throw on this “construct” that actually put Miscavige in place. As Ron said in my post, “The clearing of such a moment of turbulence is done simply by exposing all facets of it to the general view of all the individuals who compose the group.” I think there is more to know, and our group has earned the right to see “all facets.” I think it’s healthy that everyone “weigh in” with discoveries they have made in their own searches rather than rely on the accounts of one or two viewpoints.

      • Mark — how do you propose to accomplish your earned right to know? Just by saying you have a right to know doesn’t accomplish anything. Who are you expecting to “weigh in”?
        Sarge (Steve Pfauth) is another one who has weighed in, and he was there. On the rise of Miscavige and death of LRH far more intimately than me. And concerning the death of LRH, far more intimately than anyone else left alive on earth (the only two people that knew more than him were LRH and Annie).
        But it seems his picture does not match what people want to believe so it gets rejected. It’s covered in Marty’s book and on his blog. So too John Brousseau. He had some pretty intimate knowledge. Claire Headley has weighed in. Jeff Hawkins. Marc Headley. Amy Scobee. Mark Fisher. David Mayo. Sinar Parman. The “Gang of 5″. Tom DeVocht. These people were all there. This is not “one or two viewpoints.”
        Who are you waiting for? Pat Broeker? If so, how do you propose to accomplish getting him to talk – a lot of people have tried. Or is there some other magic person you think is going to spring forth with the information you have a right to know?
        What is the great mystery you feel entitled to know the answer to?
        The implication that there is some secret that you are being prevented from knowing is how conspiracy theorists try to paper over facts that don’t match their conclusions “of course it doesnt make sense, there is information that is being kept secret from us.”
        One thing that helps nobody is to foment “mystery” with generalized statements “there are things we don’t know and we have a right to know them” while ignoring the information that does exist that gives a very clear picture of what is supposedly so mysterious. It is disingenuous to do so.
        Why don’t you go and read all the information that IS available and then if you still have questions pose the actual questions, not simply a generality of “we don’t know and we have a right to know.” That’s a trap. No matter how eloquently you phrase it and make it seem appropriate by attaching it to an LRH quote.

      • Mike, personally I really appreciate what all you whistle blowers have come forward to clear up, it has helped a lot. As regards to Marty I appreciate what he has done and said too. But for me his blog is now mostly just critical of LRH, very little if any praise for what the ole man did, so his data is tainted! Right now he is exposing GO strategies when dealing with enemies. Strategies that may be needed in the future. Strategies that are a disgusting practice when used on those who dont deserve it, but for me, right on the money when dealing with agencies who do.
        As regards Dave, I think Ive got it, if I were a government agency wanting to get rid of Scn, I would leave him there too. All of those agencies put together couldn’t do the destruction that guy has done.
        As regards Sarge, well, LRH trying to off himself with an e meter, really, thats just outpointy in so many ways. Ive seen normal non Scios dying with more dignity than Sarge portrayed of LRH. I simply dont believe it! But LRH had a body, it got sick, as bodies do, and it died. LRH coming back? To this frigging shitstorm, I know I wouldnt, target 2 would look awfully attractive compared to whats going on here. He gave us the tech, told us what to do, man Id be sick and tired of changing our diapers too.
        So for me, the next stage to handling this 3rd dynamic engram, as Mark has said, as I do believe the government has involved itself in our affairs, is the whys, whens, details and the whos and this is something it seems you and Marty and the other guys you mentioned dont have any info on as it probably is before your time or info you werent privy to as you guys were relatively green at the time, late 70s early 80s.
        My viewpoint!

    • Mike – thanks for laying it on the line. I am also sick of the conspiracy theorists still on about what, when, how and why it all went “wrong”. As you correctly stated – it’s been laid out ad-nauseum in Marty’s books and blog, the hours of video interviews and of course on your blog too. In my view, the problem is not that they’re not reading/watching or looking, they are just refusing to duplicate – because they LIKE the idea of regurgitating and adding to the conspiracy theories – and will do so until the cows come home. Well, let them get on with the Psychosis of living in the past while we continue to expose the CURRENT insanities and crimes of the Church.

      • Really, so you dont believe in basic basic then,. You dont believe it taking it back all the way. You dont believe in as ising something so it disappears. Oh well, I guess thats your choice.

      • “Why don’t you go and read all the information that IS available and then if you still have questions pose the actual questions, not simply a generality of “we don’t know and we have a right to know.” That’s a trap.”
        This is all very well Mr. Rinder, but would you really answer openly any Qs posed on the subject ? Cause that’s not the impression I got when I tried to get your help with a “conscientization strategy” I was working on. I actually felt dismissed as a mere scientologist from the middle of nowhere trying to handle things he dreams he could understand and handle. Why I am to believe now that out of your good heart you’ll answer any Qs posed on this subject in the open forum for the benefit of all of us ?

    • Hey Mike,
      What is wrong with an alternative view about what happened to the Church?
      I mean this is what running the 3D engram is all about.
      Regarding the IRS deal.
      Well actually I personally communicated with Marty about how the deal went down before I was 86ed from his blog.
      There’s some old saying I think it was Bismarck who said “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made. ”
      Same in particular applies to the IRS Secret Closing Agreement, which was kept secret from the laity in general till the WSJ blew the cover on it and exposed what a sell out this so called “victory” really was by creating an Tax Compliance section in every Org and an over all Church Tax Compliance Committee that enforced the IRC.
      Fact is no other 501Ciii Organization has to ensure that their donors have to comply with the Tax Codes.
      Why were the Church of Scientology and the Church of God who were given the same shabby deal. Singled out?
      Could it be that many of their laity viewed the IRS as nothing but a bunch of “Tax Cruds” and not as “friends”.
      Funny how after that deal they handed CATs their burn notice and pulled the plug on any funding for an alternative tax system.
      Yeah sure in my opinion if they had applied the HCOB on Tax Reform instead of directly threatening all the bureaucrats at the IRS with a sales tax we might have gotten a better deal and as a bonus a reformed Tax Code but instead the powers that be in the Church at the time went for something much worse than the status quo as noted above which basically came down to the Church of Scientology becoming a *Tax Enforcement Agency* by coming up with this cock eyed Sales Tax idea based on some mythical letter that the Ol’man posted to the other Ron.
      You know Ronnie Reagan.
      Personally I doubt with all the shit that was going down at the time. What with the *In* Justice Department looking for a way to indict the Ol’man for Snow White and the Flynn suit led by his former name sake NKA Ron De Wolf who wanted Daddy’s ranch and “all we gotta do is allege” Jerry the mole Armstrong that Ron had time had the time or the inclination to write a nice “Dear Mr. President” letter about eliminating the IRS with a sales tax.
      But as they say that’s history.
      Yet as anyone knows who’s read DMSMH that history which is composed of locks, secondaries and engrams has this nasty habit of influencing present time.
      You don’t believe me.
      Well take a look at the current scene with Persia NKA Iran and the US.
      I mean why do they think that we are the Great Satan?
      Could it be at the behest of BP that MI6 with the help of CIA undermined their democratically elected Government and replaced it with a repressive regime that used their secret police known as SAVAK to keep the populace in line that was then replaced by a fanatical theocracy.
      The CIA even developed a new term to describe what happened.
      “Blow Back”
      I mean even “wogs” are aware this *fact*.
      Yet many Indie Scientologists and ex Scientologist as far as I can see are stuck in PT continually whining and moaning about Miscavige instead of looking how the situation came about.
      I mean how did a NCG who in my opinion is a completely incompetent moron rise through the ranks to falsely claim leadership of the Church?
      Yeah sure you admitted that you helped him reach this stratospheric position but he had help from the media as well.
      Two examples I can think of are Nightline and the former SP Times KNA Tampa Bay Times puff piece entitled “The Man Behind Scientology”. Not to mention the fact that the IRS made him their lead Revenoo Agent in the Church by appointing him as the Chairman of the CTCC.
      You mention Marty’s book.
      Yeah I started reading it sometime back and lost interest when he said that there was no evidence that rat Michael Meisner was a plant. Just disillusioned is all.
      Uh huh.
      Yet he was the author of GO1361 which was written in total violation of Project Hunter and Program Snow White.
      To me this looks like the action of an Agent Provocateur. Especially since both he and former deep cover agent “Silver” Gerald Wolfe who amazingly got a job in the IRS during a hiring freeze both got off with light slap on the wrist while all the others of the “Scientology Eleven” did hard time despite the fact that both of them were the ones that did the deed. That is obtained intelligence by illegal means.
      Ironic since the Intel acquired was information that should have been made available to the Church through FOIA yet was blocked due to “Reasons of National Security”.
      But that’s neither here nor there.
      The question enquiring minds what to know is how would Marty know that it just another disillusioned staff member going off the rez and not a mole or informant or plant?
      I mean former ED Int Bill Franks admitted that he was on national radio on Democracy Now!.
      Yet no body till Franks admitted it even suspected that he was.
      So what makes Marty so sure that Meisner wasn’t?
      Yeah I understand the effort to evade “conspiracy theories” and all that because it requires research and actual documentation. Hard work and study.
      Something many “Scientologists” and former “Scientologists” would like to avoid like they avoided auditor training and actually gaining an understanding of the subject even though many had been in the Church for decades they remain as ignorant of the subject as they were when they first got in.
      I ask you with the level of ignorance out there about the actual subject. Does anyone outside or in know what they’re defending or attacking?
      Personally I think Mark here is performing a service by posting this and actually applying the tech to situation instead of doing nothing but natter about the current scene and thus endlessly venting what is basically the by product of BPC.
      If you want to participate Mike.
      If not.
      Your are totally entitled to your own opinion. Now let us have ours.

      • Thank you, remote viewed. I am interested in reading accounts written by people who have distance from the “blast zone.” Documentation speaks loudly to me. I certainly feel for the people who were close to the blast, but that was their personal incident to be handled as they will. For the 3 D I appreciate all of these viewpoints, but want to see more time, place, form and event documented. I feel that I can view these more dispassionately and with a greater view to objectivity. Maybe this is incorrect, but it seems right to me, and it seems that it would have a higher value to those who’s only crime was to trust in “management.” If they are going to look for themselves at what happened, better that it be from a perspective that includes “all facets.” Thanks again for your remote view!

      • Robin, I am not going to engage in a debate about your opinions or anyone else’s. You are entitled to them. I am attempting to talk FACTS, not opinions and conclusions.
        You seem stuck on what Marty said about Meisner. His opinion is that there is no evidence he was a plant. Your opinion is that he was. This is useless speculation. If you or anyone else feels entitled to know about Meisner, go for it. Track him down. But to “lose interest” in the information he has to impart because you disagree with his conclusion is a classic case of cutting off your nose in spite of your face.
        My point was that the “actual tech” Mark is “applying” is to get the truth known. I was attempting to point out sources of actual facts from people who know. People who were there. Not just speculation. Not just “posing questions that we all have the right to know the answers to.”
        If you think that what I am doing is “doing nothing but natter about the current scene and thus endlessly venting” then I understand where you are coming from. You can go on speculating about your conspiracy theories forever.
        But what neither you nor Mark seem to care about is trying to help those people who are still being abused inside the cult. You would rather “keep your eye on the ball.”
        Different strokes for different folks I guess.
        Shreffler got a lot of people into the vulture culture. But doesn’t appear interested in assuming any responsibility for that but instead wants to focus on what is really important. If I were a conspiracy theory nut, I would conclude that angle only benefits the church of Miscavige. Thus,Shreffler is likely an OSA agent provocateur. Of course I don’t think he is, but I think his efforts to get people to ignore what is really going on are destructive to the lives of a lot more people than the good he will do by focusing on eradicating the reactive mind of those he is presumably auditing (though I have no idea if he is or isn’t, but he implies he is).

      • Mike,
        I didn’t say you were nattering.
        Maybe I should have been more specific by specifying commenters or comments
        In fact I believe you are performing a valuable service by exposing the truth.
        Regarding Marty.
        Well yeah you are correct that tossing the book aside because I didn’t agree with his assessment of Meisner may have been rash and I probably should read the book which is probably Scientology’s version of Albert Speer’s Inside the Third Reich
        So I’ve put it on my reading list.
        That said.
        I know you and Marty were up there running with the big dogs but there still is a lot of information those of us who were lower on the totem pole can bring to the table.
        That you at the top may not have been aware of which is the reason why we had a multiple viewpoint system.

      • Well said mate! Exposure is the way to go and in order to do this we must keep looking for the exact documentation that will expose the bastards. Only then will we get the church back, only then will Scientology be safe.

    • Dear Mike,
      I love the passion you have about this!
      You and Marty are damn near heroes to me. The way I see it is that you guys took a huge leap of faith by giving us The Truth Rundown and did what you knew was the right thing to do KNOWING FULL WELL that an onslaught of attacks would be brought upon you and that your reputations would be Black PR’d to the max. I’m sure things are much easier now and that you have a great life these days, but back then you guys were virtually by yourselves and that had to be an incredibly stressful and difficult period of your lives. May the rest of us never forget Marty and Mike’s courage for doing this (as well as Tom and Amy’s). Nobody can truly feel free if it isn’t safe for them to freely communicate, and you guys have indisputably made it safer for all of us to do just that.
      In my eyes Marty Rathbun is no squirrel, he’s a pioneer and truth-seeker to the max. He has the courage to go against the grain in the pursuit of his truth (and potential universal truth). I say we let him do so and support him in his effort. His work, not unlike LRH’s work, is a work-in-progress. As far as him being critical of LRH, don’t forget that Marty used to fiercely defend LRH. Also don’t forget that the greater the ARC on a comm line, the greater the ARCX. I believe that Marty might be ARCX with LRH and might not totally understand why LRH created some policies that he did (which Marty is now the adverse effect of). If he is ARCX, let him communicate it out without judging him. You best believe that the root of any criticalness that Marty may have about LRH, is actually LOVE. Marty is a guy who helps people and doesn’t charge fixed rates, he allows the people he helps to pay what they can afford and what they decide his services were worth after they’ve received those services. In other words, he freely grants causation to others and simultaneously allows them a high havingness of control. This is a guy whose rationality was senior to group agreement and still is. He was #2 in the SO…he gave up that high status, which is of DIRE importance to the great majority of people, and he left…by HIMSELF. Now if that isn’t someone who deserves our respect and admiration, then I don’t know who is.
      That being said, Mike I would bet everything I own that there is key data which is not yet known in regards to the events leading up to 24 January 1986. And no I do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories I’ve read in regards to LRH’s death, but there are definitely some things which simply do not add up when you take some known data and “follow the money.” DM had PIs watching Pat Broeker’s every move for 24 years. Do you really think this had anything to do with a measly $1.8 million or “missing” OT Levels? I acknowledge that looking for missing OT Levels is believable, but would such a thing really fixate DM’s attention for 24 years? I simply do not accept that this is the real why.
      So then what do we know about DM’s operating basis since the 1980s? Who has he most looked out for? *******. Exactly! This allows us to attempt to figure out why he had Pat tracked for 24 years. I would bet everything I own that Pat has incriminating information against DM which he cannot reveal without also incriminating himself and this is the apparent catch-22 that he’s trapped in. Pat, just like the rest of us, needs to feel safe before he can communicate. He seemed to be willing to talk to Robert Vaughn Young in the past and I believe the main reason for this was simply because there was ARC on that comm line. I don’t think any of us could know what it’s like to be in Pat’s shoes, he may have made a terrible mistake (which the great majority of people in the same position would have made), and this mistake (if it exists) may have haunted him for the past 28+ years.
      Closely inspect the 10 May 1982 Will with the 23 January 1986 Will. Closely inspect the documents which created Author’s Family Trust against those which created Author’s Family Trust-B. Compare their differences and the significance of those differences. Look at what is known in regards to what LRH wrote to David Mayo in that 20-page telex in April 1982 where he was obviously planning for the interim between his death and his planned return (this was just weeks before the May 1982 Will). Be aware of the fact that LRH made no changes at all to that May 1982 Will as of 14 November 1983 (the date the no autopsy clause was added and which specifically states “In all other respects I confirm and republish my Will, dated May 10, 1982”). 10 May 1982 to 14 November 1983 is over 18 months, which is plenty of time to make any tweaks (and we all know that LRH was a perfectionist). And so here’s a basic timeline:
      April 1982 – LRH’s 20-page Telex to David Mayo where he passes his Technical Hats to him for 20-25 years after he drops the body. This is the amount of time LRH estimated it would take him to return, or more likely, remember who he had been. Reference: Scientology The Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter “The Parts of Man” under “The Body”:
      “Some facts, however, are completely known…
      The fourth of these is that the thetan does not care to remember the life which he has just lived, after he has parted from the body and the mind.”
      Obviously Ron knew this and this may have been why he estimated 20-25 years in the first place. Attacks on Mayo began shortly after he received this Telex in April 1982. Coincidence?
      10 May 1982 – LRH’s “second-to-”Last Will and Testament. Pat Broeker is both the Executor of the Will as well as the Trustee of Author’s Family Trust. Norman Starkey is listed as the #2 alternate, behind Lyman Spurlock, LRH’s Accountant.
      14 November 1983 – Codicil (Addition) to the May 1982 Will where LRH adds the no autopsy clause and specifically states “In all other respects I confirm and republish my Will, dated May 10, 1982.”
      Late August 1984 – LRH orders a Sec Check of DM. Jesse Prince administers it. LRH’s Knowingness and distrust of DM’s behavior comes to the surface.
      “As 1985 came to a close” – To quote Marty Rathbun in Chapter 23 of Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior: “Miscavige was having an increasing number of meetings in the office next to mine, with Lyman Spurlock – ASI’s corporate director and Ron’s accountant. I overheard a lot of serious talk about modifications in Ron’s last will and testament. Miscavige took on a haunted, deeply contemplative mien. Ray Mithoff, the Senior Case Supervisor International and highest technical expert in Scientology, was spending most of his time at ASI. He was also having subdued, confidential meetings with Miscavige.” The definition of “mien” is “bearing or manner, especially as it reveals an inner state of mind.” Let’s take another look at Marty’s astute observation: “I overheard a lot of serious talk about modifications in Ron’s last will and testament. Miscavige took on a haunted, deeply contemplative mien.” BULLS-EYE MARTY!
      16 January 1986 – LRH suffers a stroke and is now in a very vulnerable state.
      19 January 1986 – Flag Order 3879 “The Sea Org & The Future” is written and names Pat Broeker as “Loyal Officer #1,” Annie Broeker as “Loyal Officer #2” and retires the rank of “Commodore” (making Loyal Officer #1 the highest active post in the SO). This was then issued by DM in March 1986 and later cancelled by DM in April 1988, stating it was not written by LRH but was fabricated by Pat Broeker.
      24 January 1986 – LRH drops the body…but the previous day:
      23 January 1986 – LRH signs a new Will. Was he in his right state of mind? Could he even speak? Did he know about ALL of the changes which were made, namely giving up ALL of his copyrights and creating the new legal entity Author’s Family Trust-B (which cancelled and replaced the original Author’s Family Trust)? And WHAT WERE LRH’S INTENTIONS FOR THESE COPYRIGHTS BEFORE THIS? REMEMBER THAT HE PLANNED TO RETURN IN 20-25 YEARS. WOULD HE WANT TO RETURN COMPLETELY BROKE?? Also remember what he supposedly wrote in OTVIII about returning as a politician, the “Required Beingness” for what he said needed to be done. Would LRH not want to have any money for his supposedly intended political campaigns?

      • Mike, I dont agree with you. I think that finding the truth and exposing it will help every person who has ever come into Scientology as well as prevent new people from being duped. I am, currently doing much research and am finding documentation that goes deeper than what people around at the time might have been aware of. There definitely was government infiltration into Scientology and LRH was taken out. This made it possible for the total control of the church to pass into the hands of the IRS. Why the IRS? Simple. They are the collection agents for the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is owned by!!! Yes you guessed it, the international bankers. Why Scientology. If you are going to have technology that can be used against man and reduce him to the slave level you want him to be, then you have to prevent them from ever really knowing how it works. Don’t you think that the way the tech has been altered, changed, aberated and decimated that it now has been achieved! The tech through the church does not work! and that is the bottom line. So sit back and expose the current situation, we need this to happen all the time, but those who wish to find out and get evidence of the fraud and the puppet masters, give them the support they need and herald them for the work they do as both avenues are vital if one is to see Scientology survive in its truest form – the way LRH intended.

      • Mike, no reason to be aggressive or sarcastic about Mark’s efforts. I don’t think you have a right to say he doesn’t care about those who are still inside. Different people, different hats. You are doing a fantastic job at what you are doing. It is highly valued. Mark is wearing a different hat. All are needed.

  7. Interesting take.
    When you say the OT levels work, what does that mean exactly? I don’t think anyone has ever achieved what LRH said would occur as a full OT. Operate exterior, move MEST with intention, etc. At least I have never met anyone who had these abilities.
    The idea that some people took over the cult in order to prevent the OT levels from being delivered seems unlikely in my opinion.
    I think gains are available from the OT levels. I did up through OT7, and I am sure more could be gotten from them if done outside of the cult. I just don’t believe that they take you all the way out.
    Also per the information that I have there are no OT levels above 8.

    • Thank you, Tony. I agree that it seems unlikely, but constant alertness demands – in my opinion – a closer look. I have myself experienced things on the OT levels that I would earlier thought highly unlikely, but which nevertheless I found to be true after my own inspection. What lies ahead? I don’t know. But I want to find out.

      • I also got things from auditing and the OT levels that were unexpected gains. I also am not saying that the goals set out by LRH are not obtainable. I just haven’t observed anyone having the loftiest ones described by him. Therefore to assume someone is taking action to stop them seems unreal.
        If anyone possessed these attributes, then I would think that LRH would have achieved them. If he had, then I doubt that he would have deserted his game which he seems to have done for all intents and purposes.

    • Hi Tony,
      I see your point, and respect the fact that you are staying within the reality of what you have observed for yourself. My own track before I got in Scientology exposed me to people who did things that were completely unexplainable (by me) and which were quite OT. These events inspired me to discover how in the world these things could happen. Scientology allowed me the tools to understand how these things could could occur, and even gave me a glimpse in my own auditing of the abilities I have that, relative to my own reality, are miraculous. I continue with my discoveries on that line, and hope you will, too!

    • Tony,
      I do not think the Ol’man abandoned or “deserted” us.
      As far as I was concerned he pretty much said goodbye in RJ 39.
      Regarding the original OT levels which are actual OT levels since they deal with a Thetan operating exterior.
      I agree with Mark that to an extent the IC saw these abilities as an existential threat after Pat Price and Ingo Swann were able to locate their super secret NSA satellite interrogation facility in Sugar Grove that very few even in CIA knew existed which much have sent a quiver up their spine. Not to mention the paranoia they might have felt when Pat started rattling off highly classified code names like “Haystack”, “Cueball” etc.
      Of course there is no direct evidence that this was done since those involved in espionage don’t write a lot of what they do down or if they do they usually burn it after reading.
      But it seems that after this and a lot of research on Remote Viewing that the original OT levels mysteriously vanished.
      Which begs the question that as some say Scientology as it is is so much hokum and nothing but a money making racket why would they remove these levels only and not make them available to the public?
      I mean if they didn’t do what they were supposed to do and were basically a harmless exercise in delusion then why not continue to sell them?
      Questions, questions.

      • It’s all good to say that people have attained it, (full OT) but I haven’t seen it. Some glimpse of it from time to time, yes. Consistent and stable, no.
        My point is if LRH had all the full power of an OT (stably) I really don’t think he would have left things in the shape that they are now in. Just my opinion.
        I am not trying to discourage anyone from continuing in that direction. I like seeing the tech continue on. As I have said many times, I enjoy auditing when done in a helpful fashion. I think it offers a lot to the world.
        I believe that LRH said on the level 0 tapes that as long as the tone arm is moving then the case is advancing. I feel that other people are also capable of developing processes if they understand Scientology and if those processes get tone arm action then the case will advance. At least that is what LRH theorized.

      • That’s exactly right. What people were achieving through the OT levels when LRH was on the lines does no longer happen. Why!!! In order to do remote viewing one has to be stably exterior at will for any length of time with full perception and in PT. How many OT’s do you know who can do this today?

      • Tony,
        When did the Ol’man ever say that he achieved OT ability stably?
        I personally seen and experienced some incredible things which could only be assigned to the paranormal. Enough to know that there is something beyond what scientists call the 5 senses.
        Even in a MEST U context Ron discovered an additional 45 perceptions that go beyond simple sight, sound, tactile, smell and taste.
        But I digress.
        OT abilities just like anything else have to be practiced.
        As an analogy.
        It would be idiotic to assume just because some kid can play chop sticks they should also be able to play the Moon Light Sonata.
        Like these so called “skeptics” do in regard to psychic ability.
        You know the same guys who are waiting for a UFO to land on the White House lawn before they’re convinced that UFOs exist.
        You want to see some incredible results of applied OT ability. Just compare the targets drawn by practiced remote viewers compared to the actual targets that where remotely reviewed. What is called the “8 Martini” result.
        All you have to do is pick up the book Mind Reach by Puthoff and Targ.

      • Hate to disappoint you, Remoteviewed, but RJ 38 was not by Ron and IMO it is highly questionable whether RJ 39 is. It’s spoken in that same weird deep voice which is different from Ron’s normal voice.

    • Tony. Hi…. I have also attained full OT7. and after I left the church I continued solo auditing on my own… that was in 76 when I left,since than not one day passed when I did not had a session.
      After I was running out of the ‘introversions; looking at self, my interest has expanded. By now I have long forgotten what self is, what’ ‘I. or Me ” is or was since I have gained reality beyond what LRH was talking about..
      There is much more to what LRH put on the chart. You see Tony, He was building on empire, on army but little old me here all I ever wanted is to KNOW what is the universe is about.
      I have attained the realities, the abilities beyond human understanding since long as one is a human and have those realities cant comprehend what really is like not having thoughts, memory, no machinery support, any beliefs which holds the spirit to the MEST.
      Hard to believe? Yes.. for those who have not attained those goals because they stopped using the Tech..
      LRH was not wrong.. One can attain it all, but one need to willing to work.. there is no magic wand. Tony I have a blog, but this blog don’t contain politics of any kind but it is the journey of a solo auditor on the path of self-discovery. It contains 220 basic-basic cognitions..
      I am not here to promote self, or the blog, since I already had those cognitions and there is no ”self” that is a valance. But I would like to inspire those who have stopped to continue. Best to you. Elizabeth
      PS… walking through walls? any time you like, but first you need to remove the barriers which you put there your self
      how about having ability which allows one to see not only the outside of any item but the inside too?
      how about looking at a plant and one can see the root system bellow the ground and seeing the whole thing as holographic picture?
      How about watching a man walking and see nothing more than a skeleton moving?
      How about picking up a item holding and see the first postulate which created that item and see it till it will end and the particles will return into their original shape?
      What LRH mentioned EXTERIORIZATION is not the way he has described it. that is a human viewpoint which has reality on what is inside or what is outside. He was talking about solidity.
      Spirit do not exteriorise just changes view point by putting the attention on the inside of the wall or the outside of the wall. The spirit do not have location therefore can not be inside or outside. but at will can view anything it desires.
      You guys should pick up the cans and go for the most incredible adventure any one can have in this whole incredible universe which we have created.

      • This is highly interesting and, amongst all the “there’s no one there who’s OT” a viewpoint that’s very much appreciated

    • Tony, your last comment about LRH himself and those promised OT attributes is an extremely important point in this whole discussion … maybe THE point.

  8. Mark…. “”It is not about “blaming it on the reactive mind.” It is about applying ALL of our technology – ethics, tech and admin – to the end of resolving the problems we face as we move forward.
    You are totally right. After I have left the church I have handled as a solo auditor all the ARC-B’s I have had and I focused on agreements with the group.. The ARC-B’s origin was of course buried deeply on the track. There were dozens of them which is understandable since we are not new to this Universe. The tech is there and can handle any problem and ARC-B’s.
    PS: the main items were found when the O/W questions were asked… Any one who believes that we are victims should look into what we have done to others where we were in power.. and that was before we have assigned that power. Thank you.

  9. More than 10 years ago, I stumbled, unwittingly, on a heavy implant which happened eons ago. Judging by the commands in the implant, it’s clear to me that LRH’s writings, including the non-confidential materials, are bound to reestimulate these commands prompting (with all kind of justifications because the conscious mind has no clue of what’s happening) to try to destroy the workability of his, similar FZ techs, and whatever tech which has workability toward attaining spiritual freedom. It’s also clear to me (judging by the commands) that (almost?) everybody on this planet has this or similar implants. So, for me, it came to no surprise to find out the current state of $cn/Scn.
    Kudos for people like Erzsébet (Elizabeth), Ouran, etc, who keep processing themselves, in spite of all the difficulties.

  10. Hi Shreffy,
    Thank you for your AWSOME posts!!
    I find this quote very fitting to the situation
    “Truth is an all-freeing mechanism. If it is not all-freeing, then the truth, to some degree, must be limited—either limited in its conception or limited in its reception or limited in its application.
    “So that you can say that anything you were worried about must have a falsehood connected with it. There is always a lie connected with anything that you are having a hard time with.”
    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Excerpted from the lecture What You Are Auditing delivered on 17 October 1963. This can be found in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures.

  11. The implausible theory that Meade Emory and the CIA secretly conspired to take over of the Church has long been discredited. Meade Emory was hired for the exact same reason David Miscavige hired Gerry Feffer, Monique Yingling, and now Wallace Jefferson, the former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.
    David Miscavige pays for the best non-Scientology top lawyers who have connections.
    That’s it.
    The only reason the Church hired Meade Emory was because Emory had credibility with the IRS and the Church did not. Meade Emory was retired IRS official who earned great money as a lawyer specializing in complex IRS matters. Emory was a paid tax consultant who knew nothing about the Tech and did not care to know anything. He knew the labyrinthine US tax code and how to navigate the very dense IRS bureaucracy. That is why Church lawyers working on tax exemption hired him.
    The same applies to Miscavige being sued in Texas by Monique Rathbun. In order to ensure that the appeals court will read his laughable Writ of Mandamus, Miscavige hired former Texas Supreme Court Justice Wallace Jefferson to put his name on it.
    Monique Yingling is Wallace Jefferson is Meade Emory is Eric Lieberman is Lawrence Heller is Sherman Lenske – which is to say they are all considerably talented legal whores for the Church of Scientology.
    The Church originally lost tax exemption in 1967 due to the IRS finding inurement on the part of LRH. Thereafter, the Church refused to file tax returns. LRH was funneling money into his personal offshore accounts under the name of a sham company called the Religious Research Foundation (RRF)
    The American agency most concerned with the Church was the FBI. The FBI conducted their raid on July 8, 1977. That is when eleven top insiders went to prison including Mary Sue Hubbard. LRH blamed Mary Sue and the GO for sabotaging both the Church and himself. If you want a group engram, I suggest you look at LRH’s conduct and actions in that period of time.
    LRH ordered Operation Snow White and this led to the burglaries and wiretapping by the GO. These GO criminal activities led to the FBI raid in 1977. LRH was forced into hiding due to the fallout from Operation Snow White and various lawsuits against the Church that named him as a defendant. Various litigants wanted to depose LRH and he did not want to deposed anymore than Miscavige wants to be deposed. Moreover, in 1978 LRH was convicted of fraud in absentia in France and was given a four year prison sentence.
    There was a power vacuum created following the collapse of MSH and the GO. Add to this LRH going into hiding and the power vacuum became larger. David Miscavige filled the power vacuum when he rose to power as the LRH-appointed Action Chief
    LRH ordered the exile of MSH, the destruction of the GO, and the destruction of the Mission Holders. As Action Chief, Miscavige carried out these orders with ruthless efficiency. Meade Emory and the CIA had nothing to do with these matters.
    The CIA remote viewing hypothesis is absurd. Leaks over the decades have shown that the CIA prefer spies, bribes, covert ops, NSA spying, and drones to remote viewing. Remote viewing is so impractical that the CIA dropped the Puthoff’s research program in the early 1990′s Google “Operation Star Gate” and read all about it.
    The Church of Scientology is inherently self-destructive and has always been perfectly capable of inflicting harm on itself.
    The Church has never needed outside help to act as its own executioner.

    • J Swift,
      No one here has said that CIA or IRS secretly conspired to take over the Church.
      Actually it was Mary Sue who wrote up “Operation” Snow White and it wasn’t that program but the Guardian’s Order 1361 written by Meisner and approved by Kember which led to the raids.
      Miscavige was not Ron’s Action Chief. He was Mission i/c of the “Special Project” AKA MAC for Mission All Clear.
      Also Ron didn’t abolish the GO as he included in the Exec Strata. This was done by the new management based on the false premise that the GO’s objective was to seize control of the Organization.
      The mission fiasco in Frisco was just a power grab and an effort to extort the Mission Holders into paying tribute to the new management beyond the 10% outlined in their Franchise Charters. This is evident in the transcripts of the conference.
      Regarding the CIA.
      As we know or should know spies are professional liars. Their less than objective report conducted by AIR has since been disputed.
      Swift you say a lot of Hubbard did this and Hubbard did that yet you don’t back it up with any docs.
      However I do agree that currently Scientology is doing more damage to itself than anyone else can.

      • Robin — last comment. I just hate to have people left with false information that IS relevant to the truth being known. Somehow you make yourself sound like an expert on these matters, and that’s unfortunate, because people believe what you say and that’s not healthy. Because you audited some GO staff and were involved in NWC does not make you expert on all things.
        Just for starters, DM most certainly was Action Chief CMO Int. For MANY years. It was where he gained the trust of LRH and LRH started calling him “Misc” and addressing despatches to him that way. One of the few people that LRH addressed on despatches with cc’s to their nickname. Miscavige was NOT Mission IC of “Special Project”, Terri Gamboa was. Miscavige was “Special Pjt Ops” (as in Mission Operator).
        Ron absolutely abolished the GO. The Exec Strata was formed and the issues written about it before the formation of OSA. I had personal conversations with LRH about the disbandment of the GO and his desire to see it eradicated entirely as it had become a liability. You do not think that the GO was disbanded without his knowledge and Guardian PL canceled etc etc etc. Where are the docs? They don’t exist, remember, LRH was trying to avoid being connected in any way tot he actions of the GO or Mary Sue, he was an unindicted co-conspirator. Nothing was in writing. And though he had expressed a LOT of disgust about the GO during the “Confront of Evil” period and the formation of the Office of Evaluation and Execution, where it came up routinely that GO staff were employing org staff in their personal business, the reason for disbanding the GO was that they were not protecting him from criminal and civil liability. He considered they had betrayed him (inclusive of Mary Sue).
        The idea that he knew nothing about Snow White and the illegal acts that were ongoing is tantamount to saying L. Ron Hubbard was blind, unaware and incapable of spotting an outpoint. That was NOT the case. He was briefed by Mary Sue every single day at lunch during the heyday of the GO Ops — in detail. If she didnt tell him “Joe Blow infiltrated the IRS and got documents” she told him what they knew (if you don’t believe he expected to be briefed about everything the GO was doing, then you also give him less credit than he deserved, he was not one not to be curious) and he would have figured it out. Believe me, the programs and actions written to implement Snow White WERE know and authorized all the way to the top.
        LRH directed exactly what was to be done at the Mission Holders Conference in SFO following the one in Clearwater. The whole thing was recorded so it could be sent to him. He listened to it, sent Miscavige and the others commendations and ordered that the entire transcript be published.
        All of this information has been broadly published before. Just read Marty Rathbun’s books and blog and numerous other sources.

      • I did. I said it and it is true. Meade Emory was involved with the church since 1971/2. Miscavige was only – how old? oh thats right, 11 or twelve. LRH was off the lines since 1979 and was not heard from personally in any format except RJ67 from 1981. The incorporation of CST only took place later, once Miscavige had taken over and was wearing LRH’s crown.

      • Mike,
        I never said I was an expert.
        Actually I’ve done a lot more in Scientology than audit a few GO staff and work at NWC but this no time for CV.
        As you know Mike there is an old maxim in Scientology (that is the actual Religion of Scientology as opposed to the IRS’ bastardization known as the “Scientology Religion”) from the HCOPL The Hidden Data Line:
        “If it isn’t written it isn’t true.”
        As you say Ron may have said it but but if it was never put in writing anywhere then he violated his own policy.
        Making what Mark here is attempting to do even more vital and making contribution to this process by people like you even more important.
        Since we are not just dealing with arbitratries from management but those from the Ol’man as well. If this is the case.
        However I have a few questions you may be able to answer since what you say seems to be contrary to fact.
        First if the Ol’man personally wanted to abolish the GO then why did he include the GO in his RED on the New Exec Strata?
        (I have a copy of it in the old LRHED packs they used publish before the organization went totally squirrel.)
        Secondly why did he not issue a policy per HCOPL Policy, The Source of and the HCOPL The Seniority of Orders which says:
        “This is therefore a High Crime policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or “abolishes” (quotations in the actual PL) anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs, including the downgrade of “that is out of date” or “that’s been canceled” without showing the HCO PL or HCOB which revises or cancels.”
        He then goes on to say:
        “HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the*senior data* (emphasis mine) on which we operate.”
        So Mike the question is why would the Ol’man issue a verbal order to abolish the GO and not follow it with a policy canceling HCOPL 1 March 66 since it was not just contrary to his own policy but also a High Crime?
        Not to mention the policy on Orders Illegal and Cross.
        (BTW the fact that it was omitted from the more current set of OEC Vols does not cut it since an omitted PL or HCOB is not the same as a *canceled* PL or HCOB.)
        Moving on.
        I never said that Ron was unaware of what the GO was doing. Please read my response to J. Swift.
        What I said that he never *ordered* it.
        You know and I know that the GO that put the operation in play was not Program Snow White nor Project Hunter both written by Mary Sue to handle the flap that occurred with OTL but GO 1361 written by Michael Meisner who was AGI of FCDC and approved by Jane Kember the Guardian at the time.
        I’m pretty sure that MS kept Ron apprised what was happening on the legal front after Meisner and Wolfe were busted by the FBI for carrying false flags saying they were FBI employes.
        (The incongruity here is that Wolfe had a valid ID but decided to use a false one to access the Library ostensibly so wouldn’t have a record of his entry.
        Amazing how these incompetent spies were able to photo copy stacks of the IRS’ internal memos related to Scientology on the IRS’ photo copier.
        Either they were as I suspect agent provocateurs or being set up or god was on their side.)
        Speaking of god Mike.
        Is that why you and management followed Ron’s order to take down the Franchise Network?
        Because you thought the Ol’man was God and none of his orders inviolate even though they were contrary to his own policies?
        The one that comes to mind is Franchise and Ethics.
        As far as Action Chief. I personally didn’t know such a post existed at the level of CMO as the only AC listed on the Org Board is in FCB.
        And yes I am familiar with the signed declaration to the judge at Riverside saying that Miscavige is a “trusted friend”. I was subjected to that piece of arcana when I was ordered to the “Truth RD”.
        My discussions with Marty on this point was the declaration had to be written this way in order to be accepted by the presiding Judge.
        Like “Trust B” (which was written and signed the night before Ron departed his mortal coil) I question its validity.
        Not that I question the validity of CST which is covered in the original trust.
        Final question Mike.
        Why would Ol’man make that drunkin’ sailor Norman Starkey executor of the estate?

  12. Hey Shreff, very glad to see you ‘actin up’!
    For me, the Mission Holder Massacre of ’82 was ‘strike three’ in this group engram. (Fair game and sanctioning illegal activities as in Snow White we strikes one and two respectively)
    A gang of thugs had recently ascended to absolute power over the organization AND the OT levels, and their first target was some of the greatest entrepreneurs the church or anyone else had ever produced.
    The very heart of Scientology, an awesome dissemination engine never seen before or since, was gutted.
    Taking them out left a hulk with no soul.
    IMO, everything after was merely epilogue to a great Shakespeareanesque tragedy.
    My hard won lesson in all this is to look for those who attack, shun or attempt to nullify dissemination activities and you will find you bad hats.


    • I agree with you Dave.
      Jeff Hawkins and CMU was the only thing that was saving their ass from grass after they’re *hit* on the Mission Network which took out they’re key Dissem lines to new public. Yet the idiots took him out as well.

    • Hi David,
      Well, old friend, that was actually not my intention – to act up. I’d rather be flyfishing! But I take your points on this posting and thank you very much for making them.

  13. Thank you Mike Rinder and J. Swift. Although the truth hurts – the truth heals – if one can have it! Marty Rathbun tells the truth. You may not like what he is saying about Hubbard – but read it for yourself and decide. Don’t be afraid of the truth!! It stands on its own. I have found his Biography the Church puts out was mostly lies. What else was a lie? Find out – LOOK!

  14. I read Marty’s website, Mike’s website, the Underground Bunker, ESMB, Possibly Helpful Advice, this site, and others. There have been all kinds of viewpoints and stories to evaluate against my 30+ years of experience
    These sites are fantastic for those who want to understand more about what was happening behind the scenes.
    They have not been good for Miscavige. And neither have they been good for those who would like to preserve the stable datum that Ron was pretty much always right. They would have preferred that we not learn of LRH’s last days from Steve Pfauth. They would rather that we didn’t feel free to read Jefferson Hawkin’s fascinating dissection of the ethics book. But I love reading whatever makes sense to me, whether it’s positive or negative.
    The church secretly expels anyone they find who uses these websites. I believe that Mark Scheffler and others are also attempting to stop people reading about what has happened/is happening by saying that as a group we should ignore both Miscavige and LRH’s abuses so that we can keep auditing and training. Their disingenuous method of encouraging others to avoid the truth is to say that whilst they want the truth, it is wrapped in unsolvable conspiracy theories. These theories all tend to conveniently move culpability away from the beatific LRH and even from the naif puppet, DM.
    How much of the good of Scientology can be salvaged? I think it has to be an individual matter. Mark Scheffler tries addressing the readership as a group who should and shouldn’t do certain things. But even though we were both members of the Church of Scientology, and even though we contribute to the same message boards, I am not in his group (even if it may be a well-intentioned one). I’m with those who really do want the truth and really do want the stealing of money and breaking up of families to stop.

    • I am with you Archie. Don’t say all the truth needs to be exposed when you refuse to LOOK at ALL the information there. And don’t pretend all the drama started in the 80s or later. Go back to the early 50s and find out what really happened in the world of Dn and Scn. Go look at the “Non church” history of lrh as a teenager and young man and then you can make your choice about what to believe or not. As long as your view is one-sided, you will not be able to make an informed decision.

      • Oh please Draco.
        What should matter to anyone studying Scientology is whether it works or not.
        Not whether Ron used to tie tin cans onto some cat’s tail when he was a kid.
        Get real.

      • Thank you, Draco.
        RV: That’s a straw man argument. Of course LRH attacking a cat as a child isn’t important.
        Instead, I gave two examples of important truths.
        1. The clear evidence of and testimony of LRH’s severe decline in his later years, despite all his breakthroughs and OT research, is important.
        When I look at what Scientology has become around the world, I can see that quite a lot of his methodology just hasn’t worked and has been destructive of people’s lives. I think my life has benefited, but that was only because I’ve mainly kept the orgs at arms length for decades. Tell me, in which decade were the church staff treated well?
        2. It was also illuminating to me to read the Jefferson Hawkins series about the Justice system (links at the bottom of each new Tony Ortega post). This helped show the flaws that Ron laid in (for various reasons) and that helped lead to the current situation.
        I think there is a lot of good about Scientology. But it is booby-trapped! You have to read the stuff that is out there. Just continuing on with training and auditing and ignoring all the truths about the problems is quixotic in the extreme.

      • Not really a Straw Man A10 since his argument is based on determining a subjects validity on the author’s checkered past.
        Another thing is I’ve read what others have said was the “truth” which seem to be a permutable variable in many cases depending on who’s saying it.
        As far as I’m concerned the only truths that have any value are the ones that one can personally observe.

  15. @ J. Swift a rather reasonable well written synopsis from your point of view. I liked your arguments overall, for me there was some as isness on some issues. Although more research needs to be done Im sure
    @Mike Rinder. Mike, judging from your recent posts directed at Mark there is some “stuff” to be handled. While I appreciate your arduous role in the churches expose’ & respect you for putting your soul on the line I must say this.. Not everybody is a Marine or soldier wanting to topple the despot or bring about change through revolution. Others prefer a more subtle approach of the less attacking kind. Dont get me wrong now, I feel your pain and betrayal. I too supoorted the regime, helped others become ensared. I see your passion in burning out the cancer, but Mark is not the target. Yes it does seem like you blame him for something. Without inval I will loosely quote LRH. That which we fight against and loose, we then become. There is still much light left in this world, even in Scientology as a subject. I would hate to see a great man such as yourself end up a cynic. Love to you and your wife.
    @Mark. Mark I appreciate your sane and sensible perspective. I feel your good intentions and appreciate the fact that you are attempting to bring together a fractured aftermath of collective ex-scios under one umbrella. Even if this is in thought agreement only. Bold endeavour indeed! Expect to hear shots fired and the occational “fire in the hole” exclamations! There is much TA to blow down yet! After all being there and communicating is a crime not yet abolished in this universe.
    Lets continue using this blog for that which its creators intended, talking, debating, healing but not loosing sight of the mountain. I still get angry, we all do. I just dont want the end product to be anti- LRH, anti -DM anti- everything because we have BPC, out RUDs and betrayal dangling out all over the place.

  16. Generally I don’t comment much. Out here in SA I think we’ve always considered ourselves on the outskirts probably why we get on with the Aussies. I’ve never commented on any other blog feeling out of my depth. I am forever grateful for their data and have a deep respect for Mike, Marty, Pat and others who were at the scene and have spoken up on blogs and books – I’ve read a few. “Shreffie” has a special place in my heart for his personal contribution in SA although I may not know him well personally I know his lectures and I’m keen to hear what he has to say. Since quietly leaving I’m tolerant of differing views and hope to just find the truth knowing that one incident can have multiple viewpoints. BackInComm – could we perhaps have a section with a timeline to pertinent questions as has been brought up now with links to their answers? I don’t always have the time to search and this blog is home for me. I want current news but I find I want to read and re-read the data on answers to the past. What the church has put out in WIS? gives the PR. I want the actual accounts of those who were close and who’ve had the courage to speak up. Lively debate – while I cringed from it in the past I am willing to learn from it now and expand my own view.

  17. Thanks, Mike, for visiting out blog and making some very good points. On this recommendation, I will read Marti’s books.

    Cotch, it’s not about what we believe at all, unfortunately. Belief has little to do with what happened. It is what it is and it wasn’t all hunky-dory. We believe it should have been but it wasn’t. It isn’t.

    Tony, I tend to agree with you. If the OT levels are what they’re purported to be, the state of LRHA at his death, his refusal to have an autopsy, and the general unpleasantness around it, the need for a cover up, etc, doesn’t gel. LRH didn’t have his matters in order either. It doens’t make sense unless you look further than your nose.

    As for Target 2? Mmm….

    • Oh please Good Choice,
      Do you have any insider knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Ron’s death?
      Where you there?
      True one should look beyond their nose but while doing that they should also take their blinders off as well.
      What I’ve read from many so called critics is like Miscavige, Ron allegedly did this and that and that everybody else were nothing but hapless, helpless pawns.

  18. Good morning, you all!
    Well, the guys running this Blog has spoken up. Thank you.
    I’m reminded of the times when Europe threw off the yoke of the Roman Empire, and with that threw out everything the Romans had brought in. Their administrative systems, their civil engineering, their legal system. And that they bathed their bodies daily. To this day, the French hate bathing more than once a week. What a group engram!
    So, guys, don’t throw out the baby with the dishwater, please. Focus on what you find useful, and keep that close to you. The technology of LRH to assist you to discover what’s at the other end of whatever you’re looking for, is good for me, and for most of you. Keep that. Loosing focus by all these silly demands of evidence of our recent past that is not discoverable at this time, is fruitless.
    For myself, I did not LOOK, and compromised my integrity shortly after when I joined the CoS. All the symptoms were there, but I was so eager to attain a better life and ability to handle it, that I did not look. And having eventually resigned from the CoS, and looking back, I can see my outpoints. And I’ve handled them. And being pissed off with the CoS is a sign that I’ve not dealt with the BPC.
    When an auditor takes on a pc, will he do it only if that pc’s hands are all clean? No – that’s what he’s now going to do, and do it with ARC. When a criminal enrolls in a Criminon program, he’s accepted because he is a criminal. Ditto for Narconon. Nowhere do I hear any of you lambasting the pc, or criminal! Why? Please read LRH’s essay on Greatness – and have the same compassion for those who have wronged us, and yes, including DM. And rise to exhibit the greatness that is in you.
    We have the tech – they don’t. Use that tech LRH gave you – whether it is all or part of – to help you on your road you have mapped out for yourself. And this means future looking – not so much past, my friends.
    Shreffie is one of the greatest disseminators of the admin tech, and his view that this group engram has to be handled is correct. Otherwise we won’t bathe anymore . . . . . And in order to as is it, one needs to read ALL of the available data on what happened. And read source data – from those who were there at the time. Reading fiction novels sprinkled with 5% truth doesn’t help. And listen to David Mayo’s talk on Disillusionment and see if you can spot any rancour in David. And what was done to you is far, far, less.
    So, let’s continue going up the Bridge. And let’s talk facts.

  19. Just one question to validate or not conspiracy theory. What’s your opinion, RJ38, “The Proof” (which validate RTC in new year 1984) was said by Hubbard or is it a forgery said by an actor playing LRH?

    • FG,
      Yeah I remember back in the day that the FZ was all over the ‘net with their “analysis” of RJ38 with voice recognition software claiming it was a “fake”.
      This from the same people who came up with the “two Ron’s theory”.
      (You know the one where Ron was replaced by some of kind ringer.
      As if Mary Sue wouldn’t have noticed.)
      That said.
      This shouldn’t discredit all possible conspiracy theories. There is documented evidence that several Scientologists did work for CIA and that Hal Puthoff the founder of SRI’s RV project did indeed work for the NSA.
      RJ38 was issued about the time Ron had moved from La quinta to Creston where he was even more out of touch with management or as I call them “the coup”.
      Not to mention the fact that he was mobile or a moving target as well in his Motor Home Bluebird wrapping up OT VIII, working on his Magnum Opus Mission Earth and dodging the FBI, IRS and a suit filed by Flynn and Assoc. filed by his estranged son Ron De Wolfe.
      You could say the Ol’man was pretty busy.
      IMHO he probably was overoptimistic about how well the management was doing and had nothing but “stats” (probably some of them not too accurate as in probably false) to base his opinion on.
      If you listen to the RJ you will hear him giving undue credit to management for an increase in books sold.
      Books sold had been up trending since 1978 and had nothing to do with the new management.
      Services delivered.
      Again really had nothing to do with the new management and probably more to do with a decision to drop the over inflated prices caused by the Solution to Inflation RED.
      Yeah they managed to get an injunction against CADA true but they were back in business again within 90 days
      This so called “clean team” had also given the Ol’man the false impression that the GO was trying to seize Scientology with the help of the Franchise Network which as far as I’m concerned was complete BS.
      Fact is after the FBI raids in DC, Cedars and the Manor’s top floor followed by the indictments never mind the fact that Bill Franks followed by Kerry Gleason and a CMOI mission had crashed GOWW and other continental AG offices using virtually the same tactics the FBI had used the GO was virtually decimated.
      Not likely to form a coup of any kind any time soon.
      The Franchise network.
      Are you kidding?
      They liked things the way they were.
      Many missions like Riverside, West Wood, Stevens Creek were bigger than most orgs and they were still only paying 10% Franchise fees which they were turning over to the GO who at this point were making money for nothing.
      (Even though the mission network had been turned over to them after WW was dissolved they pretty much handled them with benign neglect.)
      What brought them into a state of virtual revolt was basically the heavy handed hussar actions used by RTC to handle Kingsley Wimbush.
      Yeah Ol’ Kingsley was a squirrel extraordinare with his “de-dinging” thang but there was also the policy on Franchise and Ethics which was totally ignored.
      Again IMHO the new management saw that there would be pretty of money to be made by taking over the Franchise Network from the GO.
      So they probably looked at Kingsley as a way of creating the emergency they needed to take over then went whining to the Ol’man what a bunch of selfish ingrates the Mission Holders were when they objected to their fascist tactics.
      At least that’s the way *I* saw it though Mike may get around to disputing *my* POV on what I call the actual coup.
      But I digress.
      As far as I can see Ron being pretty much off the lines at this point was getting his intel cherry picked by the coconspirators Broeker and Miscavige who were giving him a rosier picture of what management then was actually occurring.
      (Seems they neglected to tell him about the biggest security breach of Advanced Course materials in Scientology’s history.)
      And a darker picture of what was happening to the Franchise Network and the GO then was actually happening.
      Plus taking credit for a bunch of uptrends that they weren’t responsible for.
      But what would expect from a bunch of disingenuous assholes who bet the farm on a complete power hungry moron who was able to threaten Mary Sue into stepping down?
      That is again *in my opinion* is the background music to RJ38.

      • Thanks for your input, Remoteview.
        One of those two documents is a forgery :
        1/ RJ 38 (basically if you really listen to it, LRH has a real unusual voice)
        2/ “Smash the squirrels”, supposed to have been written by Miscavige. But if it is a forgery, just it’s a better work than RJ38. Really looks like DM style. And name in it are just right. And when I listen first to RJ38 at Christmas 83, I thought it was not the old mann.
        Look at that :

      • Hey you’re welcome FG.
        Smash the Squirrels is obviously something conceived by the less than nimble little mind of Miscavige.
        Ron said what he pretty much wanted to say about Squirrels and how to handle them in RED Project Squirrel issued to the GO’s Branch V which later became B1.
        Which was basically live and let live unless they attack you or pillage your CF which was basically what Jack Horner did when he started Amprinistics
        (First time I’d ever read an issue where the Ol’man was pissed off enough to recommend reverse processing to anyone other than a Psychiatrist )
        I know RTC was big in to busting squirrels in the beginning.
        Obviously they lost big time ’cause it seems they’ve gone into their valence since they wouldn’t know what Standard Tech was if it bit ‘em on the ass.
        Now they just attack anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with that mentally incompetent failed auditor who claims to be the Chairman of their Board.

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